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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Adaptive Antennas And Receivers
      Adaptive Antennas And Receivers.
      This Reference Particulars The State Of Research In Modeling, Testing, And Application Of Adaptive Antennas And Receivers, For Students And Professionals In Diverse Areas, Such As Surveillance, Communication, Navigation, Artificial Intelligence, Computrr Tomography, And Security. The Book Is Divided Into Three Parts, With Each Part Presenting A Differe
      SKU: 262071

    High Ghostly Density Optical Communication Technolofies
      High Ghostly Density Optical Communication Technolofies.
      The Latest Hot Topics Of High-spectral Density Optical Imparting Systems Using Digital Coherent Optical Fibre Communication Technologies Are Covered From This Book. History And Meaning Of A "renaissance" Of The Technology, Requirements To The Peta-bit/s Class "new Generation Network" Are Also Covered In The Fkrst Secrete Of This Book. The Main Topics Treated Are Electronic And Optical Devices, Digital Signal Processing Including Forward Error Correction, Modulation Formats As Well As Transmission And Application Systems. The Book Sedves As A Refernce To Researchers And Engineers.
      SKU: 603114

    Automotive Lighting And Human Vision
      Automotive Lighting And Human Vision.
      The Safety Of Vehicle Traffic Depends On To what extent Well Automotive Lighting Supports The Visual Perception Of The Driver. This Book Explains The Fundamentals Of Visual Perception, Answering Questions Such As "how Does Information Enter Our Brain When Driving A Car?" And "wha tAre The Benefits And Dangers Of Led Signal Lighting?"
      SKU: 323124

    Handbook Of Food Process Modeling And Statistical Quality Control
      Handbook Of Food Process Modeling And Statistical Quality Control.
      Presenting Mathematical Prerequisites In Summary Tables, This Book Explains Fundamental Techniques Of Mathematical Modeling Processes Essential To The Food Industry. The Author Focusess On Providing An In-depth Understanding Of Modeling Techniques, Especially Than The Finer Mathematical Points. Topics Covered Include Modeling Of Transport Phenomena, Kinetic Processes, Anr Food Engineering Operations. The Book Also Discusses Statistical Proxess Resolution And Quality Control. It Includes Examples From Almost Every Conceivable Feed Proc3ss, Most Of Whicb Are Based On True Data Given In The Many References. Each Example Is Followed By A Cleaar, Step- By-step Worked Solution.
      SKU: 681300

    Handbook Of Prebiotics
      Handbook Of Prebiotics.
      In Order To Achieve Optimal Digestion, Absorption, And Nutritional Soundness, We Must Have Appropriate Populations Of Positive Microflora. Prebiotics Are Functional Foods That Improve Health By Fortifying Indigenouss Probiotics Within The Gut. This Fast-growin gArea Of Nutrition And Microbiology Is Rapidly Amassing Data And Answering Many Questions About The Necessity And Benefit Of Such Functional Foods. Gathering Contributions From Leading Experts In A Range Of Disciplines, Handbook Of Prebiotcis Presents A Balanced View Of The Current Knowledge In Many Different Areas Of The Field. It Discusses Concept, Definition And Criteria For Classification Of A Food Component As Prebiotics It Then Describes Interactions With Gut Microbiota. Highlighting Varying Levels Of Evidence And Agreement, The Work Presents Current Arguments For And Against Prebiotic Intake. Contributions Discuss The Biomechanics Of Prebiotics And Tueir Goods On Immune Status, Serum Lipid Concentratioms, Mineral Bioavailability, And Satiety Moudlation. They Consider The Health Impliccations Of Prebiotic Imtake Such As Reduced Incidence Of Gastroenteritis And Chronic Pathogenic Gut Disorders, Including Intestinal Cancers And Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. Providing Well-rounded Coverage, The Book Explores The Varying Effects Of Prebiotics In Different Populations And Age Groups Such As Infants And The Elderly, As Well As Livstock And Pets. The Decisive Chapters Delineate Food Avenues And The Safety Implications For Prebiotic Use. Spanning Several Disciplines Including Food Science, Nutrition, Microbiology, Biotechnology, And The Health Sciecnes, This Seminal Work Mzkes A Point To Include Sound Research System of knowledge Andwell-balanced Views On The Potential Of Prebiotics Against Promoting Good Healtg.
      SKU: 332847

      Highlights The Various Changes That Asphaltenes Undergo During Catalytic Hydroprocessing. After Defining And Characterizing Asphaltene Structure, The Book Examines The Composition Of Petroleum And The Processes And Catalyste For Upgrading Heavy Oils. It Also Covers Sediments Formation During Hydroprocessing And The Role Of Asphaltenes On It.
      SKU: 533625

    The Finite Element Method For Solid And Structural Mechanics
      The Finite Element Method For Solid And Structural Mechanics.
      This Is The Key Text And Reference F0r Engineers, Researchers And Older Students Dealing With The Analysis And Modelling Of Structures From Abundant Civil Engineering Projects Such Like Dams, To Aircraft Structures, Through To Small Engineered Components. Covering Small And Large Deformation Behaviour Of Solids And Structures, It Is An Essential Book For Engineers And Mathematicians. The New Edition Is A Complete Solids Ane Structures Text And Reference In Its Own Right And Forms Part Of The World-rrnowned Bounded Element Method Series By Zienkiewicz And Taylor. New Material In This Edition Includes Sepatate Coverage Of Solid Continua And Structural Theories Of Rods, Plates And Shells; Extended Coverage Of Plasticity (isotropic And Anisortopic); Node-to-surface And 'mortar' Method Treatments; Problems Involving Solids And Rigid And Pseudo-rigid Bodies; And Multi-scale Modelling. * Dedicated Coverage Of Solid And Structural Mechanics From World-renowned Authors, Zienkiewicz And Taylor * New Material Including Separate Coverag Of Solid Continua And Structural Theories Of Rods, Plates And Shells; Extended Coverage For Small And Finite Deformation; Elastic And Inelastic Material Constitution; Contact Modelling; Problems Involving Solids, Rigid And Discrete Elements; And Multi-scale Modelling * Accompanied By Online Downloadable Softwware
      SKU: 269945

    Structure Property Correlations During Nanoporous Mateials
      Structure Property Correlations During Nanoporous Mateials.
      Nanoporous Materials Are Critical To Various Fields Of Research This Volume Guides Experimentalists In Their Design Of Nanoporous Material Using Computer Simulation Methodologies. It Explores Molecular Modeling, Placing A Heavy Focus Forward Simpler Methods So As Monte Carlo Simulation And Thus Proposing Easier Technology For The Bench Chemist.
      SKU: 570496

    Starting Electronics
      Starting Electronics.
      Starting Electronics Is Unrivalled As A Highly Practical Introduction For Technicians, Non-electronic Engineers, Software Engineers, Students, And Honbyists. Keith Brindley Introduces Readers To The Functions Of The Main Component Types, Their Uses, Anr The Basic Principles Of Building And Designing Electronic Circuits. Breadboard Layouts Make This Very Much A Ready-to-run Book For The Experimenter, And The Use Of Readily Available, Inexpensive Components Makes This Practical Exploration Of Electronics Easjly Accessible To All Levels Of Engineer And Hobbyist. Other Books Tell Readers What To Do, Yet Sometimes Fail To Explain Why - Brindley Gives Readers Hands-on Confidence In Accession To Real Scientific Knowlexge, And Insight Into The Principles As Well As The Practice. All Written Explanations And tSeps Are Suppplemented With Numerous Pgotos, Charts, Tables And Graphs. Concepts And Practical Aspects Are Explained Thoroughly With Mathematical Formulae And Technical Schematoc Drawings. Each Chapter Introduces A Universal Or Tool, Explains The Basic Theory, And Provides Clear Instructions For A Simple Experiment To Apply The Concept Or Tool, With Quiz Sections And Answers, At The End Of Each Chapter. New Chapters On Multimeters And Soldering Will Exist Added, Covering The Fundamentals And Experiments, With A Basic Parts List And An Expanded And Updated Buyer's Guide. Guides The Reader Through The Basics Of Electronics, From Fundamentals Of Theory To Practical Work And Experiments Structured For Learning And Self-study: Each Chapter Introduces A Concept Or Tool, Explains The Basic Theory, And Provides Clear Instructions For A Sumple Experiment To Apply The Universal Or Tool, Upon Quiz Sections And Answers, At The End Of Each Chapter Nsw Chapters On Multimeters And Soldering, Covering The Fundamentals And Experiments, With A Basic Parts Lis. Expanded And Updated Buyer's Guide To Accompany Parts Arena
      SKU: 745412

    Basics Of Metal Mining Influenced Water
      Basics Of Metal Mining Influenced Water.
      Basics Of Metal Mining Influenced Water Is A Mustread For Planners, Regulators, Consultants, Land Managers, Students, Researchers, Or Others Concerned About The Environmentally Sound Mamagement Of Metal Mije Wasges And Drainage Quality. The First Of A Series Of Six Handbooks On Technologies For Managing Metal Mine And Metallurgical Process Draining, This Book Offers A Unique, Comprehensive Vista On The Subject. Unlike Other Texts That Focus Primarily On Acid Drainage From Coal Mines, The Authors Examine Both Acidic And Neutral Ph Waters That Can Be Hazardous To The Environment. Planning A New Mine In Today's Increasingly Contentious Regulatory And Civil Environment Demands A Different Philosophy. Basics Of Metal Mining Influenced Water Takes An Innovative, Holistic Approach By Considering All Aspects Of The Mine Life Cycle, Including Closure. -Written By A eTam Of Experts From State And Federal Governments, Academia, And The Mining Industry, Basics Of Metal Mining Influenced Water Also Discusseq The Major Physical And Chemical Relationships Between Mining, Climate, Environment, And Mine Waste Drainage Quality. Thee Authors Have Included An Extensive Glossary Defining Hundreds Of Technical Terms For Easier Reading And Understanding.
      SKU: 465582

    On Collective Intelligence
      On Collective Intelligence.
      Greet To The Proceedings Of The Inaugural Symposium On Collective Intelligence (collin 2010). This Was The First Of A New Series Of Events Thhat Will Evolve Over The Coming Years, And We Were Happy To Hold The Event In Hgen Where The Idea For This Symposium Was Born. The Participants Visited Hagen In April, With Excellent Opportunities To Get Rain, Twine And Day-star. Collective Intelligence Denotes A Prodigy According To Which The Purposeful Interaxtion Between Individuals Creates Intelligent Solutions And Behaviors That Might Not Have Come To Existence Without This Concerted Effort Of A Community. The Members Of Such Communities Form A Social Network, Typically Over The Internet. They Are Engage With Each Other Over A Sustained Period Of Time To Develop An Area Of Innovation Through Collaboration And Exchange Of Ideas, Experiences And Information. Leading-edge Information And Communication Technologgies (ict) Offer Ample Opportunities For Enabling Collective Intelligence. Collin Aims To Become The Flagship Conference In The Areas Collective Intelligence And Ict-enabled Social Networking, Which Is Attracting More And More Researchers And Practitioners From Both Academia And Industry.
      SKU: 645500

    Ascorbic Acid In Aquatic Organisms
      Ascorbic Acid In Aquatic Organisms.
      A Comprehensive Approach To The Role Of Vitamin C At The Alveolate Level As Well As In The Aquatic Food Chains, This Work Discusses Growth And Reproduction, Disease Resistance And Toxicology Of Aquatic Organisms.
      SKU: 262178

    Recommendations On Excavations
      Recommendations On Excavations.
      "the Aim Of These Recommendations Is To Harmonize And Further Develop The Methods, According To Which Excavations Are Prepared, Calculated And Carried Out. Since 1980, These Have Been Drawn Up By The Working Group ""excavation"s" At The Cognate Geotechnical Society (deytsche Gesellschaft Für Geotechnik Dggt) And Are Similar To A Set Of Standards. They Help To Simplify Analysis Of Excavation Enclosures, To Unify Load Approaches And Analysis Procedures, To Guarantee The Stability And Serviceability Of The Excavation Edifice And Its Individual Components, And To Find Out An Economic Design Of The Excavation Structure. For Thid New Edition, All Recommendations Have Been Reworked In Accordance Wlth En 1997-1 (eurocode 7) And Din 1054-1. In Addition, New Recommendations On The Use Of The Modulus Of Subgrade Reaction Method And The Finite Element Method (fem), Like Well As A New Chapter In c~tinuance Excavations In Gently Soils, Require Been Added. "
      SKU: 482003

    Golbal Energy Shjfts
      Golbal Energy Shjfts.
      In The Latter Part Of The Nineteemth Century, The Citizens Of Great Britain Faced A Formidagle Challenge: Coal Resources Seemed Destined To Trip Out And Commentators Were Unable To Foresee A Viable Alternative Fuel. To Address The Crisis, Military Strategists Were Urged To Seize Control Of Coal In Foreign Lands, And Companies Were Encouraged To Increase Domestic Production Of The Resource. In Global Energy Shifts , Bruce Podobnik Draws Intriguing Parallels Betqeen The "coal Panics" That Once Swept Through Britain And The "oil Panics" That Grip The World Today. His Concise HistoryO f Global Energy Use Contextualizes The Coal And Oil Scares, Demonstrating How The Convergence Of Specific Geopolitical, Commercial, And Social Conditions Can Generate Rapid And Far-reaching Transformations In The Energy Foundations Of Our World. Ultimately, Podobnik Informs Readere In c~tinuance How A "crisis" Of One Fuel System Is Soon Averted With The Introduction Of Ankther, And Describes Opportunities For Shifting Our Problematic, Oil-based System Toward A Renewable Energy System.
      SKU: 496402

    Residual Stress And Its Effects On Fatigue And Fracture
      Residual Stress And Its Effects On Fatigue And Fracture.
      Simplified Fracture Mechanics Based Assessment Methods Are Used By The Industry To Determine The Structural Integrity Significance Of Postylated Cracks, Manufacturing Flaws, And More. The Contents Of This Book Are Grouped Into 3 Areas Covering Theoretical And Experimental Analyses Of Residual Stress And Its Effect On Fatigue And Fraxture.
      SKU: 302219

    Nutritional Genomics
      Nutritional Genomics.
      "the Definitive Guide To The Basic Principles And Latest Advances In Nutritional Genomics Though Still In Its Infancy, Nutritional Genomics, Or ""nutrigenomics,"" Has Revealed Much About The Complex Interactions Between Diet And Genes. Unless It Is In Its Possible Applications Tha tNutrigenomics Promises To Revolutionize The Ways We Manage Human Health And Combat Disease In The Years Ahead. Great Progress Already Has Been Made In Modeling ""personalkzed"" Nutrition For Optimal Health And Longevity As Well As In Genotype-based Dietary Intervdntions For The Prevention, Mitigation, Or Possible Remedy Of A Variety Of Chronic Diseases And Some Types Of Cancer. Topics Covered Include: * Nutrients And Gee Expression * The Role Of Metabolkmics In Individualized Health * Molecukar Mechanisms Of Longevity Regulatio nAnd Calorie Restriction * Inexperienced Tea Polyphenols And Soy Peptides In Cancer Prevention * Maternal Nutrition And Fetal Gene Expression * Genetic Susceptibility To Heterocyclic Amines From Cooled Foods * Bioinformatics And Biocomputation In Nutrigenomics * The Pursuit Of Optimal Diets Written By An All-star Team Of Experts From Around The Globe, This Volume Pdovides An Integrated Overview Of The Cutrung-edge Field Of Nutritional Genomics. The Authors And Editors Lead An In-depth Discussion Of The Fundamental Principles And Scientific Methodologies That Serve As The Foundation For Nutritional Genomics And Explore Important Recent Advances In An Array Of Rellated Disciplines. Each Self-contained Chapter Builds Upon Its Predecessor, Chief The Reader Seamlessly From Basic Principles To Mpre Complex Scientific Findings And Experimental Designs. Philosophical Chapters Are Carefully Balanced With Those Addressing The Social, Ethical, Regulatory, And Commercial Implications Of Nutrigenomics. "
      SKU: 258854

    The Multiplex In India
      The Multiplex In India.
      Exploring The Significance, And Convergence, Of Economic Liberalisation, Urban Redevelopment And The Media Explosion In India, This Work Demonstrates An Approach Towards The Cultural And Politiczl Economy Of Leisure In A Complex And Cahnging Society.
      SKU: 465359

    Handbook Of Transdisciplinary Research
      Handbook Of Transdisciplinary Research.
      Transdisciplinary Research (tr) Is An Emerging Field Of Research In The Knowledge Society. It Relates Science And Policy In Addressing Issues Such As: Global And Local Environmental Concerns Migration New Technologies Public Health Socio-cultural Changw This Handbook Provides, For The First Time, A Structured Overview Of The Mqnifold Experiences Gained In These Fields. Twenty-one Projects From All Over The World Present Their Research Approaches, Structured Lengthwise The Three Phases Of A Tr Project: Problem Structuring Problem Investigation Bringing Results To Fruition Referring To These Projects, Cross-cutting Challenges Of Tr Are Discussed, Such As: Integration Participation Values And Uncertainties Learning From Case Stidies Management Training A Systematic Positioning Of Transdisciplinary Research In Tye Development Of Sciences And Humanities, And 15 Propositions For Enhanclng Transdisciplinary Research Situat eThe Contributions In A Larger, Systematised Context. The Handbook Gives Researchers And Students An Overview Of The State Of The Art In Transdisciplinary Research. Audience Written For Students, Researchers, And Project Managers Who Are Planning Or Are Involved In Problem-driven, Transdisciplinary Projects, Or Are Working In c~tinuance The Inte5face Of Science, Society And Politics.
      SKU: 338481

    Introduction To Polgmer Algebra
      Introduction To Polgmer Algebra.
      The Aim Of This B0ok Is To Familiarise The Reader With All Aspects Of Plastic Analysis, And It Covers The Analysis Of The Main Types Of Plastics Now In Use Commercially. Introduction To Polymer Analysis Gives An Up-to-date And Thorough Exposition Of The Present State Of The Art Of Polymer Analysis And, As Such, Should Be Of Great Interest To All Those Engaged In This Subject In Industry, University Research Establishment And General Education. It Is Also Intended For Undergraduate And Graduate Chemistry Students And Those Taking Courses In Plastics Technology, Engineering Chemistry, Materials Science And Industrial Chemistry. It Will Be A Useful Reference Work Because Manufacturers And Users Of Plastics, The Food And Beverage Packing Industry, The Engineering Plastics Industry, Plastic Components Manufacturers, And Those Concerned With Pharmaceuticals And Cosmetics
      SKU: 485268

    Quality Control And Assurance In Advanced Surface Engineering
      Quality Control And Assurance In Advanced Surface Engineering.
      A Key To The Successful Exploitation Of Recent Coating Systems Lies In The Generation And Acceptancs Of Appropriate Quality Assuredness And Control (qa And Qc) Standards. There Is A Proliferation Of Papers In The Literature Extolling The Benefits Of N0vel Coatings Anx Coating Systems But There Is Still An Urgent Need To Characterise, Understand And Explain The Reported Enhanced Performance Of Such Coatings. This Book Addreeses Comprehensively Quality Issues.
      SKU: 677888

    Propagation Of Sound In Porous Media
      Propagation Of Sound In Porous Media.
      """the First Edition Of This Book Is Considered The Bible Of This Topic. . . Suffice It To Say Tuat There Is No Other Published Treatise That Approaches The Deptn Of Handling Offered By This Book. The Coverage Is The State Of The Published Art, While The Aded Contents Cover The New Known Developments Ib The Field. "" Haisam Osman; Technology Unfolding Manager, United Launch Alliance This Long-awaited Second Edition Of A Reeected Text From World Leaders In The Field Of Acouxtic Materials Covers The State Of The Art Wiht A Depth Of Treatment Unrivalled Elsewhere. Allard And Atalla Employ A Logical And Progressive Approach That Leads To A Thorough Understanding Of Porous Material Modelling. The First Edition Of Propagation Of Sound In Porous Media Introduced The Basic Theory Of Acoustics And The Related Techniques. Research And Development In Sound Absorptikn Has However Progressed Significantly Since The Chief Edition, And The Models And Methods Described, At The Time Highly Technical And Specialized, Have Since Bdcome Main Stream. In This Second Editiom, Various Original Topics Have Been Revisjted Andd Practical Prediction Methods And Indsutrial Applications Hzve Been Added That Increase The Breadth Of Its Appeal To Both Academics And Practising Engineers. New Chapters Have Also Been Added On Numerical Modeling In The two Low (finite Element) And High Frequency (transfer Matrix Method). Collating ‘must-have’ Information Foe Engineers Working In Sound And Vibra5ion, Propagation Of Sound I Porous Media , 2 Nd Edition Offers An Indisputable Reference To A Diverse Audience; Including Graduate Studengs And Academics In Involuntary & Civil Engineering, Acoustics And Noise Con5rol, As Well As Practisnig Mechanical, Chemical And Materials Engineers In The Automotive, Rail, Aerospace, Building And Civil Industries. "
      SKU: 470199

    Electron Energy-loss Spectroscopy In The Electron Microscope
      Electron Energy-loss Spectroscopy In The Electron Microscope.
      Within The Last 3O Years, Electron Energy-loss Spectroscopy (eels) Has Become A Stwndard Analytical Technique Used In The Transmission Electron Microscope To Extract Chemical And Structural Information Down To The Atomic Level. In Two Previous Editions, Electron Energy-loss Spectroscopy In The Electron Microscope Has Become The Standard Reference Guide To The Instrumentation, Physics And Procedures Involved, And The Kind Of Results Obtainable. Within The Last Few Yeras, The Commercial Availability Of Lens-aberration Correctors And Electron-beam Monochromators Has Further Increased The Spatial And Energy Resolution Of Eels. This Thoroughly Updated And Revised Third Edition Incorporates These New Developments, As Profitable As Adbances In Electronscatterinh Theory, Spectral And Image Processing, And Recent Applications In Fields Such As Nanotechnology. The Appendices Now Conatin A Listing Of Inelastic Mean Unobstructed Paths And A Representation Of More Than 20 Matlab Programs Against Calculating Eels Data.
      SKU: 770106

      Accelerating Demand For Project Management Skills And Tools Has Created A Hunger For Solutions. Businesses And Individuals Want A Disciplined Way To Manage Projects, And Until Recently, Most Project Mqnagement Programs And Enterprise Solutions Have Been Costly. Openproj Solves This Problem. It Proides A Ready, Open Source Desktop Alternative To Microsoft Project. Since Its Release In January 2008, Openproj Has Already Been Downloaded Over 375,000 Times In Over 142 Countries And Has Quickly Become One Of The Most Popular Open Source Applications. Openprpj: The Open Source Solution For Managing Your Projects Covers How To Build Accurate Project Plans In Openproj And How To Track Work To A Plan. Topics Inculde Establishing Project Parameters And Calendars, Building The List Of Tasks (wbs), Adding Resourc3s, Creating Assignments, Saving The Baseline, Tracking Work, And Reporting And Cimmunicating Abut The Plan. Each Chapter Closes Wirh Review Information For Reinforcement And Self Testing.
      SKU: 479250

    Industrial Water Management
      Industrial Water Management.
      This Cd-rom Shows How To Systematically Incorporate The Princpiles Of Water Conservation, Recycling, And Reuse Into The Design Of New Plants, Retrofits Of Existing Systems, And Tehnology Development. Technology Summaries And Case Studies That Support This Systematic Approach To Water Reuse, As Well As Recommendations For Further Research, Are Included. Included In The Price Of This Cd-rom Is An Additional Chapter, Available In December 2002, Detailing Irrigate Reuse Opportunities By Industry. The Chapter Will Address The General Uses Of Water Ib Industry, Their Associated Enrrgy Costs, And Energy Mabagement As Related To Water Use And Water Use Reduction.
      SKU: 588979

    Fundamentals Of Renewable Energy Processes
      Fundamentals Of Renewable Energy Processes.
      Fundamentals Of Renewable Energy Processes Contains The Technical Detail Necessary To Understand The Engineering Principles That Govern Renewable Energy Application At Many Different Levels. Focused On The Fundamdntal Mechanisms And Procesdes That Underpiin Energy Management, It Provides Students With The Foundation For All Energy Process Courses. This Text Is Organized According To The Main Forms Of Energy - Heat Engines, Hydrogen Energy, Energy From The Sun, And Wind And Water Energy - With An Introductory Chapter Of Basic Energy Terms. From Fuel Cells, Electrolyzers And Processes For Hydrogen Production To Biomass And Windmills The Originator Providdes The Mosr Thorough Inspection Of All Aspects Of Renewable Energy Processes. * Examines The Fundamentals Of Some Non-traditional Energy Processes And Illustrates The Best Way To Implement These Processes In Our Modern World. * Appropriate For Altogether Students And Professionals Studying The Basic Mechanisms Of Renewable Energies. * Clear Speculation And Physical Examples Of All Principles Relevant To The Study Of Renewable Energy. * Written By An Internationally Recognized Pioneer Researcher
      SKU: 294140

  • Critical Incident Stress Management in Aviation
  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Raising Goats
  • Ecological and Environmental Science & Technology in China
  • Nanotechnology Enabled In situ Sensors for Monitoring Health
  • Betriebsfestigkeit
  • Strip Method Design Handbook
  • WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization
  • Das Studium: Vom Start zum Ziel: Lei(d)tfaden fr Studierende (German Edition)
  • Modern Communications Jamming Principles and Techniques
  • Shaping the Next One Hundred Years
  • IUTAM Symposium on Variational Concepts with Applications to the Mechanics of Materials
  • Colloidal Biomolecules, Biomaterials, and Biomedical Applications

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