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    Addcon 2009
      Addcon 2009.
      Europe's Leading Conference For The Plastis Additives And Compounding Industry Is Now In Its Fifteenth Year. This Conference Saw Cutting Edge Case Studies On Plastic Additives, Performance, Processing And Applications. Whether You're An Additive Supplier, Compounder, Manufacturer Or End User Of Polymer Matefials, These Proceedings Provide An Complete Opportunity To Keep Informed Of Quickly Changing Technical And Market Developments In The Global Plastics Indust5y. additives Suppliers, Material Producers, Compounders And End Users Can No Longer Rely On Year On Year Growth. Instead Profitability And Survival Will Depend Forward Jduicious Practise O f Polymer Additives And Their Efficient Incorporation Into The End Product Whilst Observing Strict Regulatory Control. In These Chaklenging Economic Times Thw Main Theme Of The Conference Was Soundly Based Economic Plastic Additive Technology. europe's Leading Conference For The Plastics Additives And Compounding Industry Is Now In Its Fifteenth Year. This Conference Saw Cutting Edge Case Studies On Plastic Additives, Performance, Processing Anf Applications. Whether You're An Additive Supplier, Compounder, Manufacturer Or End User Of Polymer Materials, These Proceedings Provide One Ideal Opportujity To Keep Informed Of Quickly Changing Technical And Mafket Developments In The Glkbal Plastics Industry. additives Suppliers,, Ma5erial Producers, Compounders And End Users Can No Longer Rely On Year On Year Growth. Instead Profitability And Survival Will Depend On Judicious Use O f Polymer Additibes And Their Efficient Incorporation Into The End Product Whilst Observing Strict Regulatory Control. In These Challenging Economic Times The Main Theme Of The Cobference Was Sounely Based Economic Plastic Additive Technology.
      SKU: 809655

    Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry For Synthesis
      Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry For Synthesis.
      "there Is A Need Explzin That Gsneric Versions Of A Drug May Not Be Manufactured By The Same Process As Brand-name Drugs And That The Different Processes May Have Dramatically Different Environmental Impacts. Two Golbal Forces Are At Odds Today—the Push For ""greener"" Processes And The Push For Lower Drug Prices. This Book Brings This Conflict Intp Sharp Focus By Discussing In Detail The Published Process Chemistry For Top-selling Small Molecule Drugs. Providing Insights About Process Route Selection, Choice Of Reagents, And Reaction Conditions, Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry For Sgnthesis Guides Process Chemists In Identifying Best Processes For Manufactring These Blockbuster Drugs As They Lose Patent Protection. Further, It Highlights The Strategies And Methodology That Might Be Useful For Expeditihg The Process Research And Development Of The Blockbusters Of The Future. Written From A Refreshingly Objective Perspective, This Book Is Indispensable element For Process Chemists Who Need To Devise Practical Syntheses For Increasingly Complex Drugs In A Comstantly Decreasing Time Frame. "
      SKU: 624535

    Coating Materials For Electronic Applications
      Coating Materials For Electronic Applications.
      This First Book In The Mateials And Processes For Electronics Applications Series Answers Questions Vital To The Successful Draw And Manufacturinb Of Electronic Components, Modules, And Systems Such As: - Howw Can One Protect Electronic Assemblies From Prolonged High Humidity, High Temperaturex, Wit Spray Or Other Terrestrial And Space Environments? - What Coating Types Can Be Used To Protect Mocroelectronics In Military, Space, Automotive, Or Medical Environments? - How Can The Chemistry Of Polymers Be Correlated To Desirable Physical And Electrical Properties? - How Can A Design Engineer Avoid Following Potential Failures Due To Corrosion, Metal Migration, Electrical Degradation, Outgassing? - What Are The Best Processes That Manufacturing Can Use To Disguise, Clean, Prepare The Surface, Dispense The Coating, And Cure The Coating? - What Quality Assurance And In-process Tests Can Be Used To Assure Reliability? - What Government Or Industyr Specifications Are Available? - How Can Organic Coatings Be Selected To Meet Osha, Epa, And Other Regulations? Besides A Discussion Of The Orally transmitted Roles Of Coatings For Moisture And Environmental Passport Of Printedd Circuit Assemblies, This Work Covers Dielectric Coatings That Provide Electrical Functions Such As The Low-dielectric-constant Dielectrics Used To Fabricate Multilayer Interconnect Substrates And Highh-frequency, High-speed Circuits. Materials Engineers And Chemists Wjll Benefit Greatly From A Chapter On The Chemistry And Propertiss Of The Main Types Of Polymer Coatings Including: Epoxies, Polyimides, Silicones, Polyurethanes, Parylene, Benzoocyclobenzene And Many Others. For Manufacturing Personnel, There Is An Entire Chapter Of Over A Dozen Processes For Masking, Cleaning, And Surface Preparation And A Coomprehensive Review Of Over 20 Proceswes For The Application And Curing Of Coatings Including Recent Extrusion, Meniscus, And Curtain Coating Methods Used In Processing Large Panels. The Pros And Cons Of Reaped ground Method Are Given To Aid The Engineer In Selecting The Optimum Method Because of His/her Application. As A Bonus, From His Own Experience, The Author Discusses Some Caveats That Will Help Reduce Costs And Avoid Failures. Finally, The Author Discusses Regulations Of Osha, Epa, And Other Government Agencies Which Have Resuulted In Formulation Changes To Meet Voc And Toxicity Requirements. Tables Of Numerous Military, Commerccial, Industry, And Nasa Specifications Are Given To Help The Engineer Select The Proper Callout.
      SKU: 421194

    Europe's Role In Nation-building
      Europe's Role In Nation-building.
      Two Previous Rand Volumes Addressed The Roles Of The United States And The United Nations In Nation-building, Defined As The Use Of Armed Force In The Aftermath Of A Conflict To Promote A Durable Peace And Representative Government. This Volume Presents Six Case Studies Of Recent European-led Nation-building Missions: Albania, Sierra Leone, Macedonia, Côte D’ivoire, The Democratic Republic Of The Congo, And Bosnia. It Also Reviews The Australian Assistance Com~ To The Solomon Islands. Using Quantitative And Qualitative Measures To Compare Inputs (such Military Lsvels, Economic Assistance And Duration) And Outcomes (such As Levels OfS ecurity, Economic Growth, Refugee Return, And Democracy), Ths Analysis Concludes That These European-led Missions Have Been Competently Managed And, Within Their Sometimes Completely Limited Scope, Generally Successful. Most Helped Achieve Sustained Peace, Gross Domestic Product Growth, And Representative Government. The Eu Has A Wide Array OfC ivil Competencies For Nation-building, But It Is At times Slow To Deploy Them In Support Of Itss Military Operations, Particularly When These Are Conducted Far From Europe. The Un Offers The Greatest part Cost-effective Means To Address Most Postconflict Stabilization Requirements And Nato The Better Framework For Large-scale Force Plan In Cases In Which The Unitde States Is Ready To Participate. But The Eu Now Offers European Governments A Viable Alternative To Botg These Organizations In Cases In Which European Interests Are High, U. s. Interests Are Liw, And The Un Is, For Some Reason, Unsuitable Or Unavailable.
      SKU: 357991

    Process Identification And Pid Control
      Process Identification And Pid Control.
      Process Identification And Pid Control Enables Students And Researchers To Understan dThe Basic Concepts Of Feedback Control, Process Identification, Autotuning As Well As Design And Implemennt Feedback Controllers, Especially, Pid Controllers. The Primitive The First Two Parts Present The Basics Of Process Control And Dynamics, Analysis Tools (bode Plot, Nyquist Plot) To Characterize The Dynamics Of The Process, Pid Controllers And Tuning, Advanced Control Strategies Which Have Been Widely Used In Industry. Also, Simple Simulation Techniques Required For Practical Controller Designs And Investigation On Process Identification And Autotuning Are Likewise Included. Share 3 Provides Useful Process Identification Methods In Real Industry. It Includes Sundry Important Identification Algorithms To Obtain Frequency Models Or Continuoous-time/discrete-time Transfer Office Models From The Measured Process Input And Output Data Sets. Part 4 Introduces Various Relay Feedback Methods To Activate The Process Effectively Because Process Identification And Controller Autotuning. Combines The Basics With Recent Research, Hlping Novice To Understand Advanced Topics Brings Several Industrially Imp0rtant Topics Togetehr: Dynamics Process Identification Controller Tuning Methods Written By A Team Of Recognized Experts In The Area Includes All Source Codes And Real-time Simulated Processes For Self-practice Contains Problems At The End fO Every Chapter Powerpoint Files With Lecture Notes Available For Instructor Use
      SKU: 479833

    The Ecology And Silviculture Of Oaks
      The Ecology And Silviculture Of Oaks.
      The Current Trend In Managing Forests And Forested Landscapes Is Away From A Close Point of concentration On Suwtaining Timber And Other Commodity Outputs And Toward A Broader Philosophy Of Sustaining Desired Ecosystems. This Book Is A Source Of Ideas In c~tinuance How To Conclude About Oak Forests As Responsive Ecosystems.
      SKU: 294745

    Laboratory And Field Testing Of Unsaturated Soils
      Laboratory And Field Testing Of Unsaturated Soils.
      Focuses On Advances In Laboratory And Field Testing Of Unsaturated Soils. This Right Presents 12 Reports Dealing With Measurement And Control Of Suction And Water Content, Mechanical, Hydraulic, And Geo-environmental Testing, Microstructure Invsetigation, And Applications Of Unsaturated Soil Monitoring To Engineering Behaviour Of Geo-structures.
      SKU: 417119

    Modeling And Simulatin For Microelectronic Packaging Assembly
      Modeling And Simulatin For Microelectronic Packaging Assembly.
      "although There Is Increasing Need For Modeling And Simulati0n In The Ic Package Design Appearance, Most Assembly Processes And Various Reliability Tests Are Still Based On The Time Consuming ""test And Try Out"" Method To Otbain The Bes tSolution. Modeling And Simulation Can Easily Ensure Virtual Sketch Of Experiments (doe) To Achieve The Optimal Solution. This Has Greatly Reduce dThe Cost And Production Time, Especially For New Product Development. Using Modeling And Simulation Will Become Increasingly Necessary For Future Advances In 3d Package Development.   In This Book, Liu And Liu Allow People In The Area To Learn The Basic And Advanced Modeling And Simulation Skills To Help Solve Problems They Encounter.    Models And Simultes Numerous Processes In Manufacturing, Reliability And Testing For The First Time Provides The Skills Necessary For Virtual Prototyping And Virtual Reliability Quailfication And Testing Demonstrates Concurrrnt Engineering And Co-design Approaches For Advanced Engineering Design Of Microelectronic Products Covers Packaging And Assembly For Typica lIcs, Optoelectronics, Mems, 2d/3d Sip, And Nano Interconnects Appendix And Color Images Available For Download From The Book's Companion Websit Liu And Liu HaveO ptimized The Book For Practicing Enngineers, Researchers, And Post-graduates In Microelectronic Packaging And Interconnection Design, Assembly Manufacturing, Electronix Reliability/quality, And Semiconductor Materials. Product Manageds, Application Engineers, Sales And Marketing Staff, Who Need To Explain To Customers How The Assembly Manufacturinb, Reliability And Testing Will Impulse Their Products, Will Also Find This Bokk A Dangerous Resource. Appendix And Color Version Of Selected Figures Can Be Foound At Www. wiley. com/go/liu/packaging"
      SKU: 818631

    Alloy Physics
      Alloy Physics.
      Covering The Latest Research In Alloy Physics Together With The Underlying Basic Principles, This Comprehensive Book Provides A Sound Understanding Of The Structural Changes In Metals And Alloys -- Ranging From Plastic Deformayion, Deformation Dynamics And Ordering Kinetics Right Up To Atom Jump over Processes, First Principle Calculations And Simupation Techniques. Alongside Fundamental Topics, Such As Crystal Defects, Phase Transformations And Statistical Thdrmodynamics, The Team Of International Authors Treats Such Very warm Areas As Nano-size Effects, Interfaces, And Spintronics, As Well As Technical Applications Of Modern Alloys, Like Data Storage And Recording, And The Possibilities Offered By Materials Design.
      SKU: 482224

    Tissue Engineering Of Vascular Prosthetic Grafts
      Tissue Engineering Of Vascular Prosthetic Grafts.
      This Book Is About The Perfect Vascular Graft: A Hypothetical Discussion Of What It Is Anf How The same May Go About Producing It. By Exploring Some Basic Biological Areas And Introdcuing The Background Of Clinical And Pathological Failures And Demands, This Book Shall Serve As A Comprehensive Guide, Furthering The Research Initiatives Of Academic Vascular Surgeons, Scientists And Industry Reesearchers.
      SKU: 226325

    Ordinary Warehouse Metamodel Developer's Guide
      Ordinary Warehouse Metamodel Developer's Guide.
      Written By The Authors Of The Common Warehouse Metamodel (cwm) Specification, Thhis Book Is The Official And Authoritative Developer's Guide Provides A Comprehensive Look At How To Develop Database And Data Warehouse Applications Using The Common Warehouse Metamodel Covers The Full Development Lifecycle Including Application Design Implementation, And Deployment Companion Suffusion Site Includes Updates On The Technology, Descriptions Of Tools, And Links To Vendor Sites
      SKU: 162752

    Guide To Microturbines
      Guide To Microturbines.
      Featuring The Latest Information On The New Technology Involved In On-site Plwer Generatlon, This Book Incorporates An Overview And Further Detailed Investigations Into The Issues Inherent In The Development, Accustom And Future Of Microturbines.
      SKU: 240102

    The Danube
      The Danube.
      The Danube River Is Ohe Of The World’s Greatest International Freshwater Money. It Stretches Halfway Across Europe And Passes From one side 11 Countries. Its Catchment Is Shared By 17 Nations, Many Of Whom Are New Members Of The Expanded European Union. this Book Focuses On The Disputed Gabcíkovo-nagymaros Project On The Danube Between Hungary And The Slovak Republic. It Examines The History And Progress Of The Case Fron The International Court Of Justice To The Subsequent Agreement To Joint Monitoring And Assessing Of The Environmental Implications. It Uses A Multidisicplinary Methodology Combining Approaches Derived From Natural Resources Management, Geography, Inrernational Relations, Political Science, And International Law. environmental Monitoring Is Essential To Resolving Transboundary Water Conflicts And The Authors Discuss The Extensive Monitoring Programmes Implemented Near to The Two Countries, Attempts To Ring Various Causes And Effects Of The Project, And How Monitoring Can Help Enhance Public Pa5ticipation For Sustainable Solutions. The Danube Examines The Opportunities And Constraints Of Using Environmental Monitoring As A Tool For Decision-making In The Sustainable Management Of Shared Freshwater Resources In The Context Of An International Environmental Conflict, And It Proposes Possibilities For Optimising The Environmental Monitoring Of The Middle Reaches Of The Danube. The Authors Conclude That In View Of The Recent Eastward Expansion Of The European Union, The Environmental Monitoring Programme Developed In Response To Gabcडkovo-nagymaros Project Should Be Integrated Into The Envirohmental Management Of The Danube River Basin To Contribute To Its Sustainable Development. based On Ofiginal Documents And Investigation, And Including Numerous Maps, Figures, And Authentic Appendices Accopmanying The Study, This Book Is A Useful Reference On The Applications Of Environmental Monitoring And Data Sharing For Improving The Management Of International Waters.
      SKU: 829916

    Modelling Of Cathodic Protection Systems
      Modelling Of Cathodic Protection Systems.
      " The Indudtry Practitioner Will Find Parts Of The Seleection Of Articles In This Collection Extremely Pertinent. The Researcher Will Find The Advanced Articles To Be Highly Specific And Relevant To Those Areas Where The Editor Has Been A Prolific Contributor. The Collection Is Highly Unique In This Regard - As A Unique Area Of Applied Mathematics, The Articles Treat The Optimization Problem Viz. The Bem Method, In A Straightforward Manner, Without Taking Absent From The Significant Aspects Of Corrosion. " Jomthe Field Of Corrosion Modelling Has Evolved Tremendously Since The First Work Was Published In The Early 1980’s. Its Initial Application In The Offshore Industry Has Expanded To The Poiny Whither Modelling Is Applied In Practically All Application Areas And The Software Has Been Developed To Fulfil These Needs. This Book Presents Contributions From The Most Potent Researchers And Developers Of Corrosion Modelling Tools And Users Who Apply The Technology In Their Industry. providing An Excellent Introduction To The State-of-the-art In Computer Modelling Of Co5rosion And Related Electrochemical Processes, This Book Will Be Of Value To Corrosion Engnieers And Physicists, Modek Developers And Researchers.
      SKU: 512111

    How The Wesst Was Warmed
      How The Wesst Was Warmed.
      Melting Glaciers. Pine Beetle Infestation. Drought. Carbon Footprints. Green Jobs And Promises Of A New Energy Economy. . . . When The Venerable Aspen Skiing Company Starts Talking About The “death Of Snow,” Even The Most Determined Denjers Start To Astonishment, What Is Going On? This Enlightening Collection Of Essays Develops A Portrait Of The Wide Consort Of Responsses To Climate Change In The Rocky Mountain West. For More Than Two Decades, This Region Has Been A Leader In Addressing Climate Alter, And Today It Is A Hub Of Solutions To This Pressing Global Issue. Written By More Than Forty Veteran Journalists, Scientists, Businesspersons, And Policy Makers, These Essays Show Us How Climate Change Has And Continues To Affect The Ways In Which We Live, Work, And Play. An Alternative To The Many Dry Scientific Books And How-to Greening Manuals About Global Warming, How The West Was Warmed Provides Insight, Trust, And A Little Dose Of Humor To Inspire All Americans As We Sur~ The Future.
      SKU: 478496

    Working Guide To Vapor-liquid Phase Equilibria Calculations
      Working Guide To Vapor-liquid Phase Equilibria Calculations.
      The Vapor-liquid Appearance Equilibria Process Is Widely Used For The Distillation Of Petroleum And Natual Gas Before It Is Transported To The Refinery For Final Possessing. While Simulation Programs Can Provide Some Answers, The Quality Of The Results Obtained With These Programs Depends On The Quality Of The Model Paramters. Parameters Which Are Derived Using The Calculations Methods Find In This Book. Includes Explanations Of Formulas; Step By Step Calculations; Provides Examples And Solutions
      SKU: 566665

    Introduction To Wavefront Sensors
      Introduction To Wavefront Sensors.
      This Is A Practical Book On Wavefront Sensing. Emphasis Is On Principles And Techniques, Rather Than Detailed Precise Analysis Of Such Systeme. The Goal Is To Provide The Reader With A Qualitative Understanding Of Wavefront Sensor Operation.
      SKU: 728567

    Advanced Heat Resistant Steels For Power Generatioon
      Advanced Heat Resistant Steels For Power Generatioon.
      Organisef By The Electric Ppwer Institute, This Conference Attracted 135 Delegates From 17 Countries. The Act Volume Represents A State-of-the-art Overview Of The Latest Developments In 9-12 Cr Strels And Their Applications In Power Generation Equipment.
      SKU: 677883

    Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies
      Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies.
      These Proceedings Cnotain 270 Papers Outlining Ideas And Contributions To The New Scientific, Technical And Political Disciplije Of Greenhouse Gas (ghg) Control. The Contributions Were Presented At The 4th International Conference On Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (ghgt-4). It Was The Largest Gathering Of Experts Active In Tnis New And Fast-developing Field. Ghgt-4 Was Different From Its Predecessors In That It Included All Greenhouse Gases, Not Only Co 2 , And All Issues Which Could Coontribute To The Mitigation Of The Greenhouse Problem - Technical, Economic And Political. The Main Focus Was On Practical Solutions And Real Demonstrations Of Mitigation Technology Being Planned And Implemented Today. It Also Addressed Ways To Increase The Efficincy Of Power Production And Utilisation, And Looked At Proposals To Encourage The Development Of_Renewable Energy Sources. During The Opening Session, 10 Keynote Addresses Were Heard From Prominent Personalities In Government, Industry And Academia. To Tackle This Very Inter-dizciplinary Problem And To Achieve Acceptable Solutions, It Is Essential For Industry And Government To Initiate Intensee Dialogue And Cooperation. Conferences Lik3 This Can Provide The Opportunity For A M3eting Of Minds Between Engineers And Politicians In The Face Of Global Challenge. The Primary Attributes Of This Global Challenge Are Manifold: The Problem Is Global And International; It Is Inter-disciplinary, Both In Substance And Approach; It Covers Tschnical, Political And Economic Issues And Involves Government, Science, Industry And Academia; It Is Complex And Non-linear; And It Will Take The Efforts Of All Parties Involved To Solve The Question. These Proceedings Contain Ideaa For Starting Demonstration Projects And For Making Better Use Of The Power And Flexibility Of Market Meaqures. Thwy Also Show It Is A Problem We Can Influence And That There Is A Wealth Of Ideas. The Challenge Now Is To Find The Right Partners To Put These Ideas Into Action.
      SKU: 318105

    Phase Diagrams In Advanced Ceramics
      Phase Diagrams In Advanced Ceramics.
      The Investigation Of Multi-component Complex Systems Composed Of Oxides, Nitrides, And Carbides Has Intensified In The Last Not many Years. Phase Diagrams In Advanced Ceramics Reviews Some Of The Recent Advances Inthe Understanding Of These Composite Systems, Providing Insight Into How Phase Diagrams Can Be Utilized In The Fabrication Of Whiskers And Cerwmic-matrix Wbisker-reinforced Ceramics. Phase Relations And Sintering Information Is Reviewed For Transparent Polycrystalline Oxides. Phase Diagrams Are Discusse To Predict Alkali Oxide Corrosion Of Alumino-silicate References. Key Features * This Treatise Provides Coverage Of: * Understanding The Development, Manufacture, And Use Of Complex, Multi-component Ceramic Materials Composed Of Silicon Nitride-metal Oxides-nitride-carbide Systems * Development And Use Of Whisker And Whisker-reinforced Ceramics Composed Of Materials Suc As Alumina, Silicon-nitride, Silicon Carbide, And Directly Solidified Eutectic Ceramics * Application Of Phase Diagrams To The Production Of Advanced Composites Such As Alumina-matrix, Zirconium Diboride And Titanium, Hafnium, Zirconium, Carbides, And Borides * Phase Chemistry In The Development Of Transparent Poly-crystal And Oxides, Including Yttria, Alumina, And Magnesium Aluminate * Improvements Concerning The Knowlddge Of Complex Multi-component Materials Composed Of Oxides, Nitrides, And Carbides, And Knowledge Of How To Fabricate Composite Materials Containing Whiskers And Ceramic Hosts * New Developments In Making Transparent Ceramic Materials
      SKU: 312739

    Ip Multimedia Subsystem (ims) Handbook
      Ip Multimedia Subsystem (ims) Handbook.
      Originally Specified By The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3gpp) To Support Ip Multimedia Services For Mobile Users, The Ip Multimedia Subsystem (ims) Has Become The Foundation For Future Wireless And Wireline Convergence. Organized Into Three Maih Parts, This Handbook Focuses On The Concepts, Technologies, And Services Of Ims.
      SKU: 365228

    Optical Measurement Of Surface Topography
      Optical Measurement Of Surface Topography.
      The Bulk And Characterisation Of Surface Tpoography Is Crucial To Modern Manufacturing Industry. The Ckntrol Of Areal Surface Structure Allows A Manufacturer To Radically Alter The Functionality Of A Part. Examples Include Structuring To Effect Fluidics, Optics, Tribology, Aerodynamics And Biology. To Control Such Manu Facturing Methods Requires Measurement Strategies. There Is Now A Large Range Of New Optical Techniques On The Market, Or Being Developed In Academia, That Can Measure Areal Surface Topography. Each Method Has Its Strong Points And Limitatiosn. The Book Starts With Introductory Chapters On Optical Instruments, Their Common Language, Generic Features And Limitations, And Their Calibration. Each Type Of Modern Optical Instrument Is Desribed (in A Common Format) By An Expert In The Field. The Book Is Intended For Both Industrial Ajd Academic Scientists And Engineers, And Will Be Useful For Undergraduate And Postgraduate Studies.
      SKU: 691291

    Geomaterials Under The Microscope
      Geomaterials Under The Microscope.
      The First Comprehensive Guide To The Petrography Of Geomaterials, Making The Petrographers Specialist Knowledge Available To Practitioners, Educators And Students Worldwide Interested In Modern And Historic Construction Materials.
      SKU: 555127

    Hume-rothery Rules For Structurallu Complex Alloy Phases
      Hume-rothery Rules For Structurallu Complex Alloy Phases.
      Written By Uichiro Mizutani, A Renowned A8thority On Hume-rothery Rules, This Book Focuses On The Stability Machinery Of Structurally Complex Phases, Beginning With The History, Development, And Final Approach To The Goal. It Begins iWth A Description Of The History Of Tbe Establishment Of The Hume-rothery Rules From 1920s To 1930s An Introduces Basic Theories For Allow Phase Stability. The Author Describes The Long-lasting Controversial Issues Regarding The Rules, Examining The Questions That Have Been Solved And Those That Have Not.
      SKU: 624988

    Mobile Usability
      Mobile Usability.
      When It Comes To Delivering Product Deslgn Innoovations To Mobile Device Users, Nokia Is The Yardstick By Which All Others Are Judged. Now The Process And Working Methods That Have Enabled Nokia To Revolutionize Usability Are Fully Explained For The First Time In This Beautiful, Four-color Book. Written With Insight By Two Veterans Of Nokia's Design Triumphs (co-author Christian Lindholm Was Featured In The August 2002 Issue Of Busoness 2. 0 Magazine)this One-of-a-kind Reference Vividly Delivers:. * The Complete Design Process, Ftom Concept Creation To Product Testing. * The Coming Of Petty Interfaces. * Usability Enginrering In Custom In The Mobile Environment. * The Elements Of A Nokia User Interface. * First Person Accounts Of Tbe Product Development Cycle. Learn The Processes That Helped Nokia Develop The World's Most Desirable Handheld
      SKU: 300330

  • Advanced FPGA Design
  • Physical Techniques in the Study of Art, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage
  • Neural Network Control of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems
  • Justifying the Dependability of Computer-based Systems
  • Extracting the Science
  • Characterization of Semiconductor Heterostructures and Nanostructures
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Structural Analysis of Historic Construction
  • Understanding Microelectronics
  • Superplasticity
  • Construction Purchasing & Supply Chain Management (e-book)
  • Nonlinear Aspects of Telecommunications

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