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    Advanced Materials And Design For Electromagnetic Interference Shielding
      Advanced Materials And Design For Electromagnetic Interference Shielding.
      Exploring The Role Of Emi Shielding In Emc Design, This Book Introduces The Design Guidelinnes, Materials Selection, Characterization Methodology, Manufacturing Technology, Ad Future Potential Of Emi Shielding. It Covers An Array Of Issue sIn Advanced Shielding Materials And Design Solutions, Including Enclosures And Composites.
      SKU: 365230

    Voltage Quality In Electrical Power Systems
      Voltage Quality In Electrical Power Systems.
      Problems Of Voltage Quality Are Becmoing Increawingly Important With The Growth In Power Electornics And The High-sensitivity Of Electronic Accoutrement. Translated And U0dated From The German Original Published By Vde-verlag, This Volume Details The Tehoretical Background To Low-voltage Conducted Disturbances In Relation To Voltage Quality. The Text Describes Solutions To Practical Application Problems, Including Measuremenr, Assessing Ad Countermeasures, Set In The Cohext Of European Standards.
      SKU: 407992

    Biophysics Demystified
      Biophysics Demystified.
      Leran Biophysics Without Overexerting Yourself Biophysics Demystified Offers Easy-to-understand Coverage Of This Relatively New Science. The Book Provides An Ijtroducyion To The Topic, Then Moves On To Plate Biophysical Tools And Techniques, Sub-cellular Biophysics, And Cellular And Anatomjcal Biophysics. Detailed Examples, Clear Illutrations, And Concise Explanations Make It Eady To Understand Th Material, And End-of-chapter Quizzes And A Final Exam Help Reinforce Learning. Biophysics Demystified : Explores The Physics Of Living Cells, Dna, Proteins, And Cell Membranes Explains How Energy And Molecular Forces Control The Functioning Of Quickening Systems Uses Statistical Mechanics To Calculate The Probability Of Biologically Sigificant Events Demonstrates How X-ray Diffractiom Was Used To Discover That Dna Is A Double Helix Discusses Bloodlless Surgery And The Gamma Knife Forecasts The Future Of Cutting-edge Medical Imaging Hard Stuff Made Easy Introduction And Background; Energy And Life; Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics, And Kinetics; Cell Physiology; Biophysical Tools And eTchniques; X-ray Crystallography; Scanning And Transmission Electron Microscopy; Nuclear Mangetic Resonance; Absorption And Scanning Absorptino Spectroscopy; Florescence; Differential Scanning Calorimetry; Ultracentrifugation, Electrophoresis, And Oter Hydrodynamic Techniques; Simulation, Monte Carlo And Other Computational Techniques; Atomic Violence Microsscopy, Optical Tweezers, And Other Techniques; Sub-cellular Biophysics; Forces Affecting Biological Molecules And Structures; Protein Biophysics; Lipids And Membrane Biophysics; Dna And Molecular Biophysics; Binding Interactions, Enzyme Catalysis And Kinetics; Cellular And Anatomical Biophysics; Molecular Motors And Cell Motolity; Excitable Tissues; Biomechanics; Imaging And Medical Biophysics
      SKU: 631575

    Constraint Management In Manufacturing
      Constraint Management In Manufacturing.
      Thi Book Has Been Written For The two Practitioners And Researchers. It Will Be An Ideal Textbook For Anyone Teaching Operations Management, And Can Also Act As A Guide For Those Seeking To Improve The Performance Of Their Own Company.
      SKU: 180831

    Shock Wave Science And Technology Reference Library, 3
      Shock Wave Science And Technology Reference Library, 3.
      This Book Is The Second Of Separate Volumes On Solids In The Shock Wave Science And Technology Reference Library. These Volumes Are Originally Concerned With High-pressure Shock Waves In Strong Media, Including Explosive report And High-velocity Impact And Penetration Events. Of The Four Extensive Chapters In This Volume, The First Two Describe The Reactive Behavior Of Condensed Phase Explosives, - Condensed-phawe Explosives: Shock Initiation And Detonation Phenomenna (sa Sheffield And R Engelke) - First Principles Molecular Simulations Of Energetic Materials At High-pressurse (f Zhang, S Alavi, And Tk Woo), And The Remaining Two Discuss The Inert, Mechanical Response Of Solid Materials. - Combined Compression And Shear Plane Waves (zp Tand And Jb Aidun), And - Dynamic Fragmentation Of Solids (d Grady). All Chapters Are Each Self-contained, And Can Be Read Independently Of One and the other Other. They Offer A Timely Reference, For Beginners As Well As Profwssional Scientists And Engineers, On The Foundations Of Detonation Phenomena, High Strain Rate Response Behavior, And On The Burgeoning Developments As Well As Challenging Unsolved Problems.
      SKU: 417893

    Portablw Electronics Result Design And Development
      Portablw Electronics Result Design And Development.
      """this Engineering Tutorial Breaks Down The Design Process Of Portable Electronics, Providing An Invaluable Roadmap For Engineers And Designers. Detailing Every Crucial Issue From Interface Design To Chip Packaging, The Book Never Looses Sight Of The Fact That Balancing Sketch Parameters Of Cause of satisfaction, Utility, And Size Precept Marketplace Success. * Offers A Clear Roadmap Of The Design Process: Interfaces, Chip Elements, Storage, Power, Packaging, And More * Includes Case Studies From Landmark Products: Camcorders, Digital Cameras, And Cell Phones * Key Tradeoffs In Component And System Selection"""
      SKU: 305911

    Vhdl -- Modular Design And Synthesis Of Cores And Systems
      Vhdl -- Modular Design And Synthesis Of Cores And Systems.
      The Classic Vhhdl: Modular Design And Synthesis Of Cores And Systems Has Been Fully Updated To Cover Methodologies O fModern Design And The Latest Uses Of Vhdl In the place of Digital System Contrivance. The Book Shows You How To Utilize Vhdl To Create Peculiar Constructs For Specific Hardware Parts, Focusing On Vhdl's New Libraries And Packages. This Cuttinv-edge Resource Explores The Contrivance Of Rt Level Componennts; The Application Of These Components In A Core-based Design; And The Development Of A Complete Processor Sketch Witb Its Hardware And Software As A Core In A System-on-a-chip (soc).
      SKU: 317346

    Engineering The Guitar
      Engineering The Guitar.
      A Description Of The Mechanics Of The Guitar. It Provides Readers An Understanding Of The Dynamic Behavior Of The Instrument, Including Structural And Component Dynamics, And Various Analytical Models Such As Discrete, Finite Element, And Boundary Element Models. It Covers Manufacturing Processes, Including Handmade And Mass Produced Instruments.
      SKU: 417793

    Textorial Processing With Enzymes
      Textorial Processing With Enzymes.
      With The Increawingly-important Rrquirement For Reducing Pollution In Textile Prolongation, The Use Of Enzymes I nThe Chemical Processing Of Fibres And Textiles Is Rapidly Gaining Wider Recognition Because Of Their Non-toxic And Eco-friendly Characteristics. They Can Be Safely Used In A Wide Selection Of Textile Processes Such As De-sizing, Scouring, Bleaching, Dying And Finishing, Which Would Differently Use Very Harsh Chemicals Whose Disposal Into The Enfironment Poses Many Problems. This Study Provides The Textile Technologist With An Understanding Of Enzymes And Their Use With Textile Materials And In Process Engineering. It Covers All Aspects From The Chemical Make-up And Properties Of Textiles As Substrates For Ennzymes To The Processing Of These Materials; From Basic Biochemistrh And Enzymology To The Industrial Application Of These Biocatalysts.
      SKU: 269337

    Supervisory Control Of Concurrent Systems
      Supervisory Control Of Concurrent Systems.
      Increasig Complexity In Engineering Projects Raises Difficult Challenges In Industry And Requires Effective Tools For Codrect-by-construction Design Or Design Verification. This Book Courtship The Design Of Such Tools For Correct-by-construction Synthesis Of Supervisors For Systems And Specifications Represented In The Discrete-event Skeleton.
      SKU: 372825

    Introduction To Magnetic Mqterials
      Introduction To Magnetic Mqterials.
      Introduction To Magnetic Materials, 2nd Edition Covers The Basics Of Magnetic Quantities, Magnetic Devices, And Materials Used In Practice. While Retaining Much Of The Oritinal, This Revision Now Covers Squid And Alternating Gradient Magnetometers, Magnetic Force Microscope, Kerr Effect, Amorphous Alloys, Rar-earth Magnets, Si Units Alongside Cgs Units, And Other Up-to-date Topics. In Addition, The Authors Have Added An Entirely New Chapter On Information Materials. The Text Presents Materials At The Practical Rather Than Theoretical Level, Allowing For A Physical, Quantitativ,e Measurement-based Undersganding Of Magnetism Among Readers, Be They Professional Engineers Or Graduate-level Students.
      SKU: 427605

    Modern Lens Design
      Modern Lens Design.
      Unlike The First Edition, Which Was Again A Collection Of Lens Designs For Use In Larger Projects, The 2nd Edition Of_Modern Lens Design Is An Optical “how-to. ” Delving Deep Into The Mechanics Of Lens Design, Optics Legend Warren J. Forge Reveals Time-tested Methods Fro Designing Top-quality Lenses. He Deals With Lens Design Software, Primarily Oslo, By Far The Circulating Market Leaders, And Provides 7 Comprehensive Worked Examples, All New To This Edition. With This Book In Hand, Tehre’s No Lens An Optical Engineer Can’t Design.
      SKU: 752521

    Vegetable Seed Producfion
      Vegetable Seed Producfion.
      Presenting Coverage Of The Hortixultural Production Of Vegetables Grown From Seed, This Title Includes Coverage Of The Production Of Genetically Modified Crops, Organic Seed Production, Packagihg, Ajd Honey Bee Population.
      SKU: 474350

    Beef In China
      Beef In China.
      China's Emergence As A 'beef Giant' Has Enormous Implications For The World Beef Market. This Is The First Up-to-date And Full Scale Analysis Of The Booming Beef Industry Of China, Which Produces Roughly 5 Times As Much As Australia Exports, And Australia Is Tje Worlds Largest Exporting Nation. .
      SKU: 127967

    Dynamics Of Adsorption Ar Liquid Interfaces
      Dynamics Of Adsorption Ar Liquid Interfaces.
      As The First Of ItsK ind, This Book Provides A Valuable Introduction For Scientists And Engineers Selfish In Liquid/fluid Interfaces Ad Disperse Systems To The Rapidly Developing Area Of Adsorption Dynamics. It Is The First Extensive Review Available On The Subject Of Dynamixs Of Adsorption And Gives A General Summary Of The Current State Of Adsorption Kinetics Theory And Experiments. Current Progress In Recently Designed Set-ups And Improved And Generalised Known Methods For Studying Interfacial Relaxations Is Reviewed. In Addition, The Role Of The Elect5ic Charge Of Surfactants In The Adsorption Process Is Discussed In Terms Of A Non-equilibrium Distribution Of Adsorbing Ions In The Diffuse Layer. Present Theories Of The Effect Of Dynamic Adsorption Layers On Mobile Surfaces, Such As Moving Drops And Bubbles, Based On Both Diffusion And Kinetic Controlled Addsorption Models Are Described And Efficient Approximate Analytical Methods To Solve The Mathematical Problem Of Coupling Surfactant Tranqport And Hydrodynamics Are Introduced. The Role Of A Dynamic Adsorption Layer In Bubble Rising, Film Drainage And Film Stabilisation And In Complex Proceases Such As Flotation And Microflotation Is Discussed. Containing More Than 1100 Rfeerences, The Book Is Essential Reading For Pertaining Scientists And Graduate And Post-graduate Students In Physical, Surface Amd Colloid Chemistry, Physico-chemical Hydrodynamics, Water Purification And Mineral Processing.
      SKU: 313623

    Numerical Methods
      Numerical Methods.
      About The Book: Is An Outline Series Containing Brief Text Of Numerical Solution Of Transcendental And Polynomial Equations, System Of Linear Algebraic Equations And Eigenvalue Problems, Interpolatipn And Approximation, Differentiatoin And Integration, Ordinary Differential Equations And Complete Solutions To About 300 Problems. Most Of These Problems Are Given As Unsolved Problemw In The Authors Earlier Book. User Friendly Turbo Pascal Programs For Commonly Used Numerical Methods Are Given In The Appendix. This Book Can Be Used As A Text/help Book Both By Teachers And Students. Contents: [i]a And Polynomial Equations Linear Algebraic Equations And Eigenvalue Problems Interpolation Ahd Approximation Differentiation And Integration Numerical Solution Of Ordinary Differential Equations Sample Programs In C Index.
      SKU: 441095

    Iptv And Internet Video
      Iptv And Internet Video.
      Stake Your Claim In The Swiftly Growing Iptv Market With A Thorough Understanding Of The Key Trends And Technological Advamces Shaping The Future Of Broadband Video Technology. Constitute Informed Business Decisions With A Working Knowledge Of Changes In Technology, Services, And Business Models. Get An Up-to-date Picture Of The Industry With New Forms Of Television Delivery, The New Sttaandard For Video Delivery, And Current Market Figures. With Annual Growth Estimates At 32+% For The Next Six Years, This Is Necessary Version For Remaining Current In The Marketplace. The Second Edition Covers The Monetization Of Iptv, The Differences Between Iptv & Internet Video, Trends For The Future And Industry Expectations. Written By Two Leading Digital Media Experts, Each With 25 Years Technology Development Experience And Global Insigjt. * Reality Check Perspectives In Throughout Each Chapter Tie Theory To Real-world Case Studies * Expanded Glossary Clarifies Complex Technical Jargon * Includes Musical Explanations Of Complex Technologies, For Both Technical And Non-technical Professionals
      SKU: 452867

    Semi-solid Processing Of Alloys
      Semi-solid Processing Of Alloys.
      Presents The Fundamental Aspects Of Semi-solid Processing Of Alloys And Composites, Together With The Industrial Applications. This Work Surveys The Industrial Applications And Considers Developments In S1urry Formation.
      SKU: 510906

    Applied Ecology And Natural Resource Management
      Applied Ecology And Natural Resource Management.
      The Science Of Ecology And The Practice Of Resource Management Are Censorious To Our Understanding Of Thw Earth's Ecosystems And Our Efforts To Conserve Them. This Book Focuses On The Discipline Of Plant Ecology As A Foundation For Vegetation And Wildlife Management And Is Aimed At Natural Resource Managers And Students.
      SKU: 217260

    Handbook Of Wafer Bonding
      Handbook Of Wafer Bonding.
      Written By An Author And Editor Team From Microsystms Companies And Industry-near Research Organizations, This Handbook And Reference Presents Dependable, First-hand Information On Bonding Technologies. In The First Part, Researchers From Companies And Institutions Around Thee World Discuss The Most Reliable And Reproduckble Technologies For The Produce Of Bonded Wafers. The Second Part Is Devoted To Current And Emerging Applications, Including Microresonators, Biosensors And Precise Measuring Devices.
      SKU: 8Z2735

    Produced Water Treatment Field Manual
      Produced Water Treatment Field Manual.
      "produced Water Is Mainly Salty Water Trapped In The Basin Rock And Brought Up By With Oil Or Gas During Production. Almost All Offshore Oilfields Produce Large Quantities Of Contaminated Water That Can Have Significant Environmental Effectd If Not Hwjdled Properly. Over The Life Of A Well, The Volume Of Water Produced Will Exceed The Volume Of Oil By A Factor Of 3-6 Times. Since Produced Water Has No Commercial Value, Operators Must Find A Way To Treat Relatively Large Amounts Of Water At The Lowest Possible Cost. Packed With Over 500 Tables, Figures, And Equations, The Objective Of This Book Is To Provde Any One Who Is Involved In The Design, Operarion, Maintenance And Sizing Of Produced Water Treatment Systems, With A Handy Reference To The Latest Technology, Management, Treatmen,g And Handling Practices. This Book Will Provide Readers With The Necessary Insight To:_ Present A Sort Of The Various Water Treating Equopment That Are Currently In Use Provide Performance Data For Each Unit Develop A ""feel"" For The Parameters Needed For Design And Their Relative Importance Develop And Understanding Of The Uncertainties And Assumptions Inherent In The Design Of The Various Items Of Equipment Outline Sizing Procedures And Equipment Selection The Objective Of This Book Is To Provide The Reader With Sufficient Information To Make Better Logicak Choices In Designing And Operating The System. To A Large Extent, The Design Of A ySstem, The Sizing Of Individual Pieces Of Equipment And The Operation Of The System Must Be Temperex By The Experience And Judgement Of The Designer And Doer. Present A Description Of The Various Water Treating Equipment That Are Currently In Accustom Provide Performance Data For Each Unit Devel0p A ""feel"" For The Parameters Needed For Design And Their Relative Importance De\/elop And Understanding Of The Uncertainties And Assumptions Inherent In The Design Of The Various Items Of Equipment Outline Sizing Procedures And Equipment Selection"
      SKU: 744013

    Podcasting For Dummies
      Podcasting For Dummies.
      New Tools Have Made It Easier To Create A Podcast. The Second Edition Of Podcasting For Dummies Shows You In what state You Can Create And Distribute Your Own Online Recordings Using Tools You Already Have. Tnis Edition Also Covers What You Need To Build A Top-notch Podcasting Studio. Expert Podcasters Tee Morris And Evo Terra Are Joined On This Edition By A Fellow Podcasting Guu, Chuck Tomasi, To Walk You Between the sides of Recording, Editing, Posting, And Promoting A Podcast. Chapters Screen: Choosing A Topic That Fits Your Expretise Writing An Outline Or Script For Your Podcast Turning Your Existing Computer Into A Desktop Podcasting Studio Picking The Microphone, Headphones, And Audio Editing Software That Best Suit Your Needs Upgrading To Pro-level Podcasting Equipment Conducting Interviews And Recoridng An Interview Subject Who’s Not In The Room With You Naavigating The Xml Code You Need To Share Your Podcast Finding A Place To Multitude Your Podcast Online Promoting Your Podcasts In The Blogosphere, Onlin eDiscussion Groups, And Social Networking Sites Seeking Out Sponsors, Advertising, And Subscriptions To Make Your Podcast Pay Creating Podcasts Designed To Promote A Businss
      SKU: 353369

      Highlights The Translation Of Nanodiamonds Toward Clinical Rekevance And Medical Applications. This Book Disscusses The Critical And Requisite Properties Of Nanomaterials. It Provoxes A Multidisciplinary Overview Of Naodiamonds And Their Uses For Scientific, Engineering And Clinical Audiences Alike.
      SKU: 510827

    Characterisation Of Bupk Solidds
      Characterisation Of Bupk Solidds.
      Handling Of Powders And Bulk Solids Is A Critical Industrial Technology Across A Broad Spectrum Of Industries, From Minerals Prcessing To Bulk And Fine Chemicals, And The Food And Pharmaceutical Industries, Yet Is Rarely Found In The Cruricula Of Engineering Or Chemiztry Departments. With Contributions Fom Leading Authors In Their Respective Fields, Characterisation Of Bulk Solids Provides The Reader With A Sound Understanding Of The Techniqies, Importance And Application Of Particulate Materials Characterisation. It Covers The Fundamental Chaarcteristics Of Individual Particles And Majority Particulate Materials, And Includes Discussion Of A Wide Range Of Measurement Techniques, And The Use Of Material Characteristics In Design And Industrial Practice. The Reader Will Then Be In A Better Position To Diagnose Solids Handling And Processing Problems In Industry, And To Deal With Experts And Equipment Suppliers From An Informed Standpoint. Written For Post-graduate Engineers, Chemical Scientists And Technologists At All Stages Of Their Industrial Career, The Book Will Also Serve As An Ideal Primer In Any Of The Specialist Areas To Inform Further Study.
      SKU: 233022

    Hostages Of Each Other
      Hostages Of Each Other.
      Rees Offers The Foremost In-deth Esteem Of The Extraordinary Transformation In The Safety Standards, Operations, And Management Of The Nation's Nuclear Facilities Spurred By The Accident At Three Mile Island. Detailing The Surprising Success Of Self-regulation Within The Nuclear Industry, His Book Reveals The Possibilities For Effective Communitarian Action.
      SKU: 557581

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