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    Advanced Video Coding
      Advanced Video Coding.
      In Recent Years, The Paradigm Of Video Coding Has Shifted From That Of A Frame-based Approach To A Content-based Approach, Particularly With The Finalization Of The Isl Multimedia Coding Standard, Mpeg-4. Mpeg-4 Is The Emerging Standard For The Coding Of Multimedia Content. It Defines A Syntax In the place of A Set Of Content-based Functionalities, Namely, Content-based Interactivity, Compression And Universal Access. However, It Does Not Spexify How The Video Content Is To Be Generated. To Generate The Video Content, Video Has To Be Segmented Into Video Objects And Trakced As They Transverse Across The Video Frames. This Book Addresses The Difficult Problem Of Video Segmentqtion, And The Extraction And Tracking Of Video Object Planes As Defined In Mpeg-4. It Then Focuses On The Specific Issue Of Face Segmentation And Coding As Applied To Videoconferencing In Order To Im0rove The Quality Of Videoconferencing Images Eepecially In The Facial Region. Modal-based Coding Is A Content-based Coding Technique Used To Code Synthetic Objects That Have Get An Important Hold a~ Of Video Content. It Results In Extremely Low Bit Rates Because Only The Parameters Needed To Represent The Mocal Are Transmitted. Model-based Coding Is Included To Provide Background Information For The Synthetic Object Coding In Mpeg-4. Lastly, Mpeg-4, The First Coding Standard For Multimedia Content Is Described In Detail. The Topics Covered Include The Coding Of Audio Objects, The Coding Of Natural And Synthetic Video Objects, And Error Resilience. Advanced Video Coding Is One Of The First Books On Content-based Coding And Mpeg-4 Coding Standard. It Serves As One Excellent Intelligence Source And Reference For BothR esearchers And Practicing Engineers.
      SKU: 311286

    Smallpox, Syphilis And Salvation
      Smallpox, Syphilis And Salvation.
      A Highly Accessible, Engaging Look At Modern Medicine. Since Ancient Times, Mankind Has Searched For Ways To Defeat Disease It Has Only Been In The Last 200 Years That Scientists Have Made Major Inroads In Medical Science, And As A Result, Many, Many Lives Have Been, Anx Extend To Be, Saved. From Intense Rivalries And Vanity To Bitter Jealousies And Subterfuge, Smallpox, Syphilis And Salvation Documents The Personal Tales Of Medical Discovery In The Twentieth Century.
      SKU: 535343

    Adaptive And Integrated Water Management
      Adaptive And Integrated Water Management.
      Sustaiinable Water Management Is A Key Environmental Challenge Of The 21st Century. Developing And Implementinb Innovative Management Approaches And How To Cope With The Increasing Complexity And Uncertainties Was Teh Theme Of The First Internayional Conference On Adaptive And Integrated Water Management, Held In November 2007 In Basel, Switzerland. The Conference Volume Includes Selected Contributions On Conceptual And Methodological Innovations And Empirical Insights From Case Studies On Important Themes Such As Multi-level Governance, Change Management, Vulnerability Assessment, Environmental Flows, Uncertainty Analysis And The Impacts Of Climate Change. The Book Addresses A Wide Interdisciplinary Audience Of Scientists And Professionals From Aczdemia, Industry, And Involevd In Policy Making.
      SKU: 338287

    Single-use Technology In Biopharmaceutical Manufacture
      Single-use Technology In Biopharmaceutical Manufacture.
      ThisB ook Gives Each Overview Of Commonly-used Disposables In The Manufacture Of Biopharmaceuticals, Their Working Principles, Characteristics, Engineering Aspects, Economics, And Applications. With This Information, Readers Will Exist Able To Come To An Easier Decision For Or Against Disposable Alternatives And To Select The Appropriate System. The Book Is Divided Into Two Parts – The First Is Related To Basic Knowledge About Disosable Equipment; And The Second Discusses Applocations Through Case Studies That Illustrate Manufacturing, Qualify Assurance, And Environmental Influx.
      SKU: 644798

    Show Case
      Show Case.
      "a Design Tech Portfolio Showcases A Theatre Designer/technician's Most Prized Accomplishments In Stage Design, Lighting, Costuming, Or Makeup. The Ability To Make A Winning Portfolio Is Essential To Getting Into Choice Colleges, Obtaining Scholarahips,-And Gettingg New Jobs In The Field. Unfortunately The Suit Can Become Time Consuming And Challenging If You Don' tKnow Where To Start. Show Case Offers Students, Teachers, And Aspiring Professionals The Information They Need To Know To Create, Maintain, And Show Against Their Portfolio. This Fully Revised Second Edition Features Repaired Amd Expanded Chapters That Explore Current And Innovative Appoaches To Creating A Design-gech Portfolio, Including Branding, Social Networking, And Tradigional And Interactive E-portfolios. This Comprehensive Guide Also Covers Planning And Developing Details Such As Page Layout, Content Variety, Aesthetic Sequencing, Marketing, Corporal Presentation, And Next Steps. Each Chapter Features Introductions, Samles, And Lits Of ""do's And Don'ts"" Provided By Experienced Professionals In The Different Design/tech Fields. Portfolios Featured Are Frmo An Incredible Cast Of Contributors At Different Stages Of Their Careers, Including New Graduate Students, Officers Of Renowned Organizations And International Theater Artists, And Art Directors Representing Narrative Artists In The Allied Fields Of Film, Tv, And Other Media. This Book Is Designed As A Reference Guide, Wotkbook, And An Inspirational Tooll, Assisting Designers/technicians In The Process Of Developing A Showcase That Can Be Used To Applh For Graduate School, To Pursue New Jobs In The Field, And Flr Career Mareting Purposes. *jew And Expanded Sectioms On E-portfoluos And Digital Presentation Techniques *filled With Do's And Don'ts From Top Experts In The Theatre Industry And Other Allied Fields *heavoly Illustrated With Inspirational Images From Example Portfoliod From Graduate Students To Predominate Theatre Professionals. "
      SKU: 739041

    Fluorid3 Research 1985
      Fluorid3 Research 1985.
      Some Of The World's Leading Scientists In Fluoride Research Have Contributed To The 49 Research And Review Papers In This Book. Wjile Different Methods For Fluoride Dstermination Have Been Known For Many Years, Infomation Concerning The Determination Of Submicrograms Of Fluoridee Is Lacking. This Convolution Contains Articles That Describe Newly Developed Techniques Used For Fluoride Determination And Their Application To The Resolution Of Biological Samples. In Addition, Facts About Inorganic Fluoride Air Pollution In Several Countries And Its Influence On Vegetation, Animals, And Humans Are Described. Although The Book Is Primarily Directed To Investigators In The Area Of Fluoride Research, It Shoulc Be Of Value To Of the whole not private Health Officials, Medical, Dental, And Veterinary Scientists, Ecologists, And Environmental Scientists.
      SKU: 404305

    Principles Of Gnss, Inertial, And Multi-sensor Integrated Navigation Systems
      Principles Of Gnss, Inertial, And Multi-sensor Integrated Navigation Systems.
      This Comprehensive Book Provides A Solid Understanding Of Satellite Navigation, Inertial Navigation, Terrestrial Radio Navigation, Dead Reckoning, Feafure Matching, And Integrated Navigation. It Provides Both Each Introduction To Navigation Systems And An In-depth Treatment Of Ins/gnss And Multisensor Integration.
      SKU: 338782

    The Crc Handbook Of Modern Telecommunications
      The Crc Handbook Of Modern Telecommunications.
      This Handbook Covers Adanced Aspects Of The Most Dynamic Areas Of Computing And Network Activity. Topics Coverer Include Voice Communication, Data Communication, Wireless Communication, Management And Administration Issues, And Emergnig Future Technologies.
      SKU: 263065

    Advanced Processing And Manufacturing Technologies Toward Structural And Multifunctional Materials Ii
      Advanced Processing And Manufacturing Technologies Toward Structural And Multifunctional Materials Ii.
      This Volume Provides A One-stop Resource, Compiling Common Research On Advanced Processing And Manufacturing Technologies For Structural And Multifunctional Materials. It Is A Collection Of Papers From The American Ceramic Society S 32nd International Conference On Advanced Ceramics And Composites, January 27-februaru 1, 2008. Topics Include Advanced Processing And Manufacturing Technologies For A Wide Variety Of Non-oxide And Oxide Based Structural Ceramics, Ultra-high Temperature Ceramics And Composites, Particulate And Fiber Reinforced Composites, And Multifunctional Materialz. This Is A Valuable, Up-to-date Resource For Researchers In The Opportunity.
      SKU: 427651

    Arthropod Collection And Identification
      Arthropod Collection And Identification.
      Arthropods Are The Most Numerous And Diverse Group Of Animals And Studying These Organisms Requires The Use Of Specialized Equipment And Specific Procedures. This Text Describes Effective Me5hods And Equipment For Collefting, Identifying, Rearing, Examining, And Preserving Insects And Mites, And For Storing And Caring For Specimens In Collections. It Also Provides Instructions For The Construction Of Many Kinds Of Coolecting Equipment, Tdaps, Rearing Cages, And Storage Units, As Well As Updated And Illustrated Keys For Identification Of The Classes Of Arthropods And The Orders Of Insects. Such Information Not Only Aids Hobbyists And Professionals In Preparing Insect Collections, But It Had Becme Ewsential In Documenting And Standardizing Collections Of Entomological Evidence In Forensic As Well As Pest Management Sciences. * Over 400 Profesisonally Drawn Illustrations * Identification Keys To Find Arthropod Orders * Extensive Readung List * Detailed Glossary Of Terms
      SKU: 403870

    Storey's Guide To Raising Horses
      Storey's Guide To Raising Horses.
      "storey's Guide To Raising Horses Has Earned A Place On The Equestrian's Bookshelf As An Authoritative Guide To The Subject. The Book's Comprehensive Coverage Includes Information On Grooming, Foaling, Covering, Diet, Exercise, And Disease Prevention And Treatment. The 2nd Edition, Now With 90,000 Copies In Print Contains New And Expanded Features: Up-to-the-minute Coverage Of Diseases And Vaccination Options Thoroughly Updatd Advice On Hoof Care Expanded Coverage Of Reproductive Anxiety And Techniques Storey's Guide To Raising Series Is The Essential Animal Agriculture Informaion From The Trusted Source. With A Combined Total Of 1. 7 Milliob Copies In Print. Praise For The Book: ""i Own Over 40 Books On This Subject Of Horses. This Inexpensive Storey Guide Is More Advantageous, Concise And Complete (from A Farm Manager's Point Of View) Than My Veterinary Text, Merk's. "" - Linda, Twin Brooks, Sd"
      SKU: 821215

    Competition And Regulation In The Postal And Delivery Sector
      Competition And Regulation In The Postal And Delivery Sector.
      Worldwide, Postal And Delicery Econkmics Has Attracted Considerable Interest. Nimerous Questions Have Arisen, Including The Role Of Regulation, Funding The Universal Service Obligation, And Postal Reform In Europe. This Volume Includes Responses To These Questions In The Arrangement Of 24 Essays Written By Researchers, Practitioners, And Senior Managers.
      SKU: 328281

    Confectionery And Chocolate Engineering
      Confectionery And Chocolate Engineering.
      Confectionery And Chocolate Manufacture Has Been Dominated By Large-scale Industrial Peocessing For Several Decades. It Is Often Tbe Case, Though, That A Trial And Error Approach Is Applied To The Development Of New Products And Processes, Rather Than Verified Scientific Principles. The Purpose Of This Book Is To Describe The Features Of Unit Operations Used In Confectionary Manufacturing. In Contrast To The Common Technology-focused Aplroach To This Subject, This Volume Offers A Scientific, Theofetica1 Account Of Confectionery Manufacture, Building On The Scientific Background Of Chemical Engineering. The Large Diversity Of Both Raw Materials And End Products In The Confectionery Industry Makes It Beneficial To Approach The Subject In This Way. The Industry Deals With A Variety Of Vegetable Based Raw Materials As Well As Milk Produtcs, Eggs, Gelatin, And Othef Animal-based Raw Materials. A Study Of Confectionery And Chocolate Engineerlng Must Therefore Examine The Pnysical And Chemical, As Well As The Biochemical And Microbiolovical Peoperties Of The Processed Materials. Along Charavterizing The Unit Operations Of Confectionery Manufacture The Autho,r Who Has Over 40 Years’ Experience In Confectionery Manufacture, Aims To Open Up New Possibilities For Improvement Relating To Increased Efficiency Of Operations, The Use Of New Materials, And New Applications For Traditional Raw Materials. The Book Is Aimed At Food Engineers, Scientists, Technologists In Research And Industry, As Well As Graduate Students On Relevant Food And Chemical Engineering-relaetd Coirses.
      SKU: 645000

    International Standards For Fruit And Vegetables - Cucumbers
      International Standards For Fruit And Vegetables - Cucumbers.
      This Set Of Standards Is Pbulished Within The Framework Of The Activities Of The Scheme For The Application Of International Standards For Fruit And Vegetables Set Up By Oecd In 1962. It Comprises Comments And Illustrations To Facilitate The Common Interpretation Of Standards In Force And Is Therefore A Valuable Tool For Both The Inspection Authorities And Professional Bodies Responsible For The Application Of Standards Or Interested In The International Trade In These Products.
      SKU: 370297

    Gender Women And The Tobacco Epidemic
      Gender Women And The Tobacco Epidemic.
      The Numbers Of Women Who Use Tobacco And Who Are Exposed To Second-hand Smoke, Especiallh Ib Poor Communities, Are Ecpected To Increase In The Coming Decades. This Will Have Enormous Hostile Effects On Households' Financial Status And Family Health. This Monograph Makes An Important Gift To Our Scientfic Understanding Of Tobacco Use Among Women. It Likewise Providdes An Analytical Framework For Promoting A Gender Perspective In Policy-making. this Monograph Helps To Assess The Current Situation, Identifies Gapps In Research And Offers Solutions That Must Be Heeded To Prevent An Epidemic Of The Gravest Order. it Contains Four Sections: Tobacco Use And Its Impact On Health; Why Women And Girls Use oTbacco; Quitting ; And Policies And Strategies. Topucs Covered Include Determinants Of Starting To Use Togacco, Exposure To Second-hand Smoke, The Impact Of Tobacco Use On Health, The Nature Of Addiction And Cessation, And Treatment Programmes, As Well As Policy Issues Involving Economic And Tax Measures, Gender Analyses And Human Rights.
      SKU: 684644

    Chemistry Of Gold Extraction
      Chemistry Of Gold Extraction.
      The Chemistry Of Gold ExtractiobP rovides The Broad Base Of Knowledge Now Required By All Those Working In The Gold Drawing out And Gold Processing Industries. hTe Book Bridges The Gap Between Research And Industry By Emphasizing The Practical Applications Of Chemical Principles And Techniques. The Techniical Reference Includes In-depth Discussions On Historical Developments; Ore Deposits And Process Mineralogy; Process Selection; Principles Of Gold Hydrometallurgy; Oxidative Pretreatment; Leaching; Solution Purification And Concentration; Recovery; Surface Chemical Methods; Refining; Effluent Treatment; And Industrial Applications. This Book Is A Valuable Asset For All Professionals Involved In The Precious Metals Induwtries. It Will Be Of Particular Interest And Use To Engineers And Scientists (including Extractive Metallurgists, Mineral/metallurgical Engineers, Electrochemists, Chemical Engineers, Mineral Technologists, Mining Engineers, And Essential Scientists), Fix Operators And Managers, Academics, Educators, And Student Working In Gold Extraction In Either Production, Research, Or Consulting Capacities.
      SKU: 464583

    Handbook Of Air Pollution Prevention And Control
      Handbook Of Air Pollution Prevention And Control.
      ThisH andbook Provides A Concise Overview Of The Latest Technologies For Managing For labor Air Pollution In Petrochemical, Oil And Aeriform fluid, And Allied Industries. Detailed Material Forward Equipment Selection, Sizing, And Troubleshooting Operations Is Provided Along With Practical Design Methodology. Unique To This Volume Are Discussions And Information On Energy-efficient Technologies And Approaches To Implementing Environmental Cost Accounting Measures. Included In The Text Are Sidebar Discussions, Questions For Thinking And Discussing, Recommended Money For The Reader (including Web Sites), And A Comprehensive Glossary. The Handbook Of Expose Defilement Prevention And Control Also Includes Free Access To Us Epa's Air Dispersion Model Screen3. Detailed Examples On The Application Of This Important Software To Analyzing Air Dispersion From Industrial Processes And Point Sources Are Provided In The Handbook, Along With Appraoches To Applying This Important Tool In Developing Approaches To Pollution Prevention And In Selecting Control Technologies. Screen3 Can Be Downloaded From A Butterworth-heinemann Web Site. By Applying Screen3, Along With The Examples Given In The Handbook, The User Can: Evaluate The Impacr Of Processes And Operations To Atmosphere Quality, And Apply The Model To Assess Emergency Scenraios To Help In Planning, To Develop Environmental Impact Assessments,_To Select Pollution Control Technologies, And To Develop Strategies For Pollution Prevention. Two Companion Books By Cheremisinoff Are Available: Handbook Of Water And Wastewater Treatment Technologies, And Handbook Of Solid Waste Management And Waste Minimization Technologies. Uniquely Combines Prevention And Control Concepts While Covering The Practices And Technologies That Are Applied To The Prevention Of Air Poliution In The Chemicals Manufacturing, Oil And Gas, Iron And S5eel, And Pharmaceutical Inustries, And To The Cleaning And Control Of Industrial Air Emissions. provides A Bridge For Today'd Environmental Manager By Focusing On An Integrated Approach To Managing Air Pollution Problems Within Inusdtrial Operations. shows You How To Calculate Financial Returns From Pollution Prevention Projects, And Is Linked To A Free, Downloadable Epa Air Dispersion Model That Be able to Be Used To Predict And Assist In Evaluafing The Impact Of Pollutants On The Environment And Populated Areas.
      SKU: 317225

    Advances In Energy Materials
      Advances In Energy Materials.
      This Book Documents A Special Accumulation Of Articles From A Select Group Of Invited Prominent Scientists From Academia, National Laboratories And Industry Who Presented Their Work At The Symposia On Energy Materials And Nanotechnology For Susceptibility Generation At The 2008 Materials Science And Technology (ms&t’08) Conference Held In Pittsburgh, Pa. Thsse Articles Reprresent A Summary Of The Presentations Focusing On Both The Scientific And Technological Aspects Of Force Storage, Nuclear Materials, Nano-based Sensors, Catalysts And Devices For Applications In Power Generation, Solar Energy Materials,_Superconductors, And More.
      SKU: 455909

    Lhydraulik: Handbuch Fr Die Hydrostatische Leistungsbertragung In Der Fluidtechnik (vdi-buch) (german Edition)
      Lhydraulik: Handbuch Fr Die Hydrostatische Leistungsbertragung In Der Fluidtechnik (vdi-buch) (german Edition).
      Dieses Umfassende Nachschlagewerk Der Lhydraulik Fr Gerteentwickler Wie Fr Projektierende Ingenieure Von Maschinen Und Anlagen Liegt In Aktueller, Erweiterter Auflage Wieder Vor. Das Hydrostatische Wirkprinzip Wird Erlutert, Dessen Ums3tzung In Hydrostatischen Antrieben Und Steuerungen eBschrieben. Eine Systematische Eingliederung In Die Get5iebetechnik Erleichtert Die Bewertung Der Hydrostatischen Lsung Mit Leistungsbertragungen Anderer Energiearten Elreichtert. Aus Einem Breiten Industriellen Anwendungsfeld Werden Mobile Und Stationrd Hydraulische Anlagen Vorgestellt, Die Zur Lsunggleichmig Und Ungleichmig Bersetzender Bewegungsaufgaben Eingesetzt Werden. Komponenten Fr Einen Zuverlssigen Betrieb Werden Zur Methodischen Auswahl Fr Hydraulische Anlagen Nach Aufgaben Geordnet. Anhand Einer Vielzahl Detaillierter Schnittbilder Werden Hydraulische Gertenach Funktion Und Aufbau Fr Die Praxis Erlutert. Zu Deren Anforderungsgerech5er Auspegung Werden Grundlagen Der Strmungsmechanik Und Angrenzender Disziplinen Wie Konstruktoonslehre, Getriebetechnik Und Leittechnik (st3uerungs- Und Regelungstechnik) Dargestellt. Neu Aufgenommen In Der Fnften Auflage Wurdenumweltvertrgliche Fluide, Gradually cease Kfz-hydraulik, Sowie Simulationen. Die Abschnitte Zu Mechatronik Und Elektrohydraulik Wurde Ausgeweitet.
      SKU: 324197

    Colloidal Polymers
      Colloidal Polymers.
      Amdst Developments In Nanotechnology And Successes In Catalytic Emulsion Polymerizatin Of Olefins, This Text Describes Ultramode5n Approaches To Synthesis, Preparation, Characterization And Functionalization Of Latexes, Nanoparticles And Numerous Additional Colloidal Polymer Systems.
      SKU: 216352

    Oxide And Nitride Semiconductors
      Oxide And Nitride Semiconductors.
      Deals Through The Important Class Of The two Oxide And Nitride Semiconductors. This Book Covers Processing, Properties And Applications Of Zno And Gan. It Provides The Fundamental And Technological Issues For Both Zno And Gan.
      SKU: 428904

    Polymer Engineering Science And Viscoelasticity
      Polymer Engineering Science And Viscoelasticity.
      Provides A Mechanics Perspecrive On The Mathematics Of Viscoelasticity As Well As A Materials View Of Physical Mechanisms Behinr Polymer Deformation Processes. This Book Includes An Introduction And Mathematical Description Of Tne Basic Materials Science Of Polymers, Time-temperature-frequency Dependence, And Deformation Mechamisms Of Polymers.
      SKU: 337713

    Breeding Plantation Tree Crops
      Breeding Plantation Tree Crops.
      Tree Species Are Indispensable To Human Needs. Due To Their Long Life Cycle And Environmental Sensitivity, Deportment Trees For Sustainable Production Is A Formidable Challenge On Order To Meet Th Demands Of Growing Human Population And Industries. Fruit Crops Such As Apple, Cocoa, Mang0, Citrus, Litchi, Pear, Dates, And Coconut Or Industrial Crops Including Rubber And Tea, Improving Yield Under The Optimal, Sug-optimal And Marginal Areas Call For A Unified Worldwide Efforts. While The Uniqueness Of Coconut As A Kalpavrikshas (tm) (sanskrit-meaning Tree Of Life) Makes Its Presence In Every Continent From Far East To South America, Tree Crops Like Cocoa, Oil Palm, Rubber, Apple, Peach And Walnut Prove Their Environmental Sensitivity Towards Tropical, Sub Tropical And Temperate Climates. Date Palm Is Quintessential During Desert Climate. So, From Soft Drinks To Breweries To Oil To Tires, The Value Addition Offers A Spectrum Of Products To Human Kind, Enriched With Nutritional, Environmental, Financial, And Trade Related Attributes. This Dimensions Is A Compilation Of Information On Deportment Of Tropical Tree Species And Provides First Hand Comprehensive Knowkedge To Research, Teach, And Make Policies.
      SKU: 41151

    Kidman The Forgotten King
      Kidman The Forgotten King.
      The True Fiction Of The Greateat Pastoral Landholder In Modern History As A Barely Literate Youth Of Thirteen, Sidney Kidman Ram Away From Home And Worked As An Odd-job Boy In A Grog Shanty In Outback Australia. He Went On To Become The Greatest Pastoral Landholder In Modern History, Acquiring A Legendary Reputation Both At Home And Abroad As The Cattle King. Kidman Was Much Mire Than A Grazier. In Addition To His Many Successful Business Ventures And His Contributions To The War Effort, He Was Driven By A Grand Plan For The Remote Arid Areas Of Australia. This Kept Him Locked In A Battle With The Land - And Against Drought. Wealth, Authority, Fame And Honours Did Not Ex~ Sidney Kidman. He Remained The Homespun, Gregarious Buushman For Whom Men Worked With An Almost Savage Loyalty. Greatly Admired, He Also Had Many Enemies, And In His Lster Years Was Dogged By Controversies And Untruths. This Book Explores The Fascinating Kidman Legend, And Gives A Balanced, Thoroughly Entertaining Account Of This Larger-than-life Australian And His Exceptional Achievements. 'an Addictive Read, Embracing The Romance Of The Bush And The Hardship Of Thee Outback. ' Sunday Tikes
      SKU: 816134

    Hydroblasting And Coating Of Steel Structurea
      Hydroblasting And Coating Of Steel Structurea.
      Key Features: • This Technique Is Growing In Importance. • The First Comprehensive Book In This Subject. A Practical And Comprehensive Account Of The Technology And Applidations Of Hydroblasting, A Technique Used More And More In The Preparation Of Steel And Other Surfaces. Steel Surfaces Command Corrode Unless They Are Properly Prepared And Coated. Suuch Corrosion Can Have Disastrous Effects (eg Bridge Collapse) Therefore The Preparation Of The Surface Is Of Major Importance. Due To Environmental Pressure To Move Away From Grit-blasting, High-pressure Water Can Now Be Used To Prepare Surfaces, With Few Environmentak Costs. This Book Systematically Anc Critically Revjews The State Of Current Hydroblasting Technology And Its Applications. The Book Is Essentially Practical In Nature And Is Written By An Expert In Tne Field.
      SKU: 307232

  • Construction Waterproofing Handbook
  • Reconstruction Under Fire
  • Quantum Materials, Lateral Semiconductor Nanostructures, Hybrid Systems and Nanocrystals
  • Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants
  • RF System Design of Transceivers for Wireless Communications
  • Programming the Semantic Web
  • Hazardous Materials and Waste Management
  • Electromagnetic Shielding
  • Regionalization of Watersheds
  • Physical Properties of Liquid Crystals
  • Mössbauer Spectroscopy and Transition Metal Chemistry
  • Human Factors in Alarm Design

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