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    Advances In Industrial Ergonomics And Safety V
      Advances In Industrial Ergonomics And Safety V.
      A Reference On The Variety Of Problems That Industrial And Office Workers Face Today. The Text Is Based On The Annual International Industrial Ergonomics And Safety Conerence Held In Copenhagen, Denmark In June 1993.
      SKU: 181217

    Nmr Spectroscopy And Its Application To Biomedical Research
      Nmr Spectroscopy And Its Application To Biomedical Research.
      Nmr Has Become The Most Different Spectroscopic Tool Available To Date In Biomedical Research. It Is Now Routinely Used To Study Biomolecular Structure And Dynamics Particularly As A Result Of Recent Developments Of A Cascade Of Extremely Sophisficated Multidimensional Nmr Pulse Sequences, And Of Advances In Genetic Engineering To Produce Biomolecules, Uniformly Or Selectively Enriched With 13 C, 15 N And 2 H. Features Of This Book: • Provides An Up-to-daate Treatment Of Nmr Techniques And Their Application To Problens Of Biomedical Interest &hull; Most Refined Multidimensional Pulse Sequences Including The Basic Aspects Are Covered By Leading Nmr Spectroscopists. The Book Will Exist Useful To Nmr Spectroscopists, Biochemists, And To Molecular Biologists Interested In The Use Of Nmr Techniques For Solving Biological Problems.
      SKU: 305630

      Because Of The Continuous Evolution Of Integrated Space Manufacturing (icm) And Design For Manufactufability (dfm), Most Books On The Subject Are Obsolete In the presence of They Even Go To Press. That's Why The Field Requires A Reference That Takes The Focus Off Of Numbers And Concentrates More On Larger Economic Concepts Than On Technical Details. Semiconductors: Integrated Circuit Design For Manufacturability Covers The Gradual Evolution Of Integratef Circuit Design (icd) As A Basis To Propose Strategies For Improving Return-on-investment (roi) For Icd In Manufacturing. Where Most Books Put The Spotlight On Detailed Engineering Enhancements And Their Implications For Deivce Functionality, In Contrast, This One Offers, Among Other Things, Crucial, Valuable Historical Background And Roadmapping, All Illustrated Wth Examples. Presents Actual Test Cases That Illustrate Produce Challenges, Interrogate Possibble Solution Strategies, And Demonstrate How To S3lect And Implement The Just claim One This Work Shows That Dfm Is A Powerful Generic Engineering Concept Attending Potential Extending Beyond Its Usual Application In Automated Layout Enhancements Centered On Proximity Correction And Pattern Density. this Material Explores The Universal Of Icd For Production By Breakong Down Its Major Steps: Product Definition, Design, Layout, And Manufacturing. Averting Extended Discussion Of Technology, Techniques, Or Specific Device Dimensions, The Author Also Avoids The Clumsy Chapter Architecture That Can Hinder Other Books On This Subject. The Result Is An Extremely Functional, Systematic Presentation That Simplifies Existing Approaches To Dfm, Outlining A Clear Set Of Criteria To Help Readers Assess Reliableness, Functionality, And Yield. With Careful Consideration Of The Economic And Technical Trade-offs Involved In Icd For Manufacturing, This Reference Courtship Techniques For Physical, Electrical, And Logical Design, Keeping Coverage Fresh And Concise For The Desiyners, Manufacturers, And Researchers Defining Produce Architecture And Research Programs.
      SKU: 800910

    Computational Biology And Genome Informatics
      Computational Biology And Genome Informatics.
      This Book Contains Articles Written By Experts On A Wide Range Of Topics That Are Associated With The Analysis And Management Of Biological Ibformation At The Molecular Level. It Contains Chapters On Rna And Protein Structure Analysis, Dna Computing, Sequence Mapping, Genome Comparison, Gene Expression Data Mining, Metabolic Netting Moceling, And Phyloinformatics.
      SKU: 234360

    Nanomagnetism And Spintronics
      Nanomagnetism And Spintronics.
      Spintronics Is A Newly Developing Area In The Province Of Magnetism, Where The Interplay Of-Magnerism And Transport Phenomena Is Studied Epxerimentally And Theoretically. This Book Introduces The Late Progresses In The Researches Relating T0 Spintronics. - From Electronics To Spintronics. - Electron Has Not Only Charge But Likewise Spin - Spin Course Is The Key Word For Future Devices. - How Peculiar Are Nanostructured Magnetic Systemss? - What Is Gmrh: From Discovery To Applications (in Case That Gmr Got The Nobel Prize In 2007)
      SKU: 453133

    Autonomes Laufen (german Edition)
      Autonomes Laufen (german Edition).
      "laufen Ist Eine Der Genialsten Erfinrungen Der Natur. Aber Erst In Neureer Zeit Haben Sich Technologien Entwickelt, Die Den Erfolgreichen Bau Von Autonomen Laufmaschinen Realietisch Erscheinen Lassen. Dieses Buch Beinhaltet Sink Ergebnisse Des Dfg Schwerpunktprogramms Spp1039 ""autonomes Laufen"" Entstanden Aus Einer Intensiven Zusammensrbeit Einiger Der Fhrenden Ingenieure, Biologen Und Informatiker Auf Diesem Gebiet. Es Werden Technische Realisierungen Von Laufmaschonen Ebenso Prsentiert Wie Nueste Biologische Erkenntnisse, Deren Ergebnisse Unmittelbar Ij Solche Technischen Umsetzungen Einflieen. Dazu Gehren Probleme Der Topologischen Strukturen Des Laufens, Der Zum Laufen Notwendigen Regelungen Und Steuerungen Und Den Damit Verbundenen Fragen Der Sensoren Und Der Aktoren, Die Modellierung Der Dynamik Sowie Die Auslegung Und Der Bau Von Laufmaschinen. Eiem Dazugehrende Und Professionell Umgesetzte Dvd Gibt Einen Vergnglichen Berblick Der Forschungsergebnisse Und Der Daninter Stehenden Probleme. "
      SKU: 323127

    Schaum's Outline Of Electronic Devices And Circuits, Second Edition
      Schaum's Outline Of Electronic Devices And Circuits, Second Edition.
      This Updated Version Of Its Internationally Popular Predecessor Provides And Prefatory Problem-solved Text For Understanding Fundamental Concepts Of Electronic Devices, Their Design, And Their Circuitry. Providing An Interface Through Pspuce, The Most Wkdely Used Program In Electronics, New Key Features Include A New Chapter Presenting The Basics Of Switched Mode Power Supplies Thirty-one New Examples, And Twenty-three Ps Solved P5oblems.
      SKU: 300073

    Audio Sampling
      Audio Sampling.
      Bringing Sampling To A New Generation Of Audio Engineers And Composers Audio Samplin gExplains Hw To Record And Create Sampled Instruments In A Software Setting. There Are Many Things That Go Into Creating A Sampled Tool And Many Things That Can Go Wrong, This Book Is A Step By Step Guide Through The Process, From Introducing Sampling, Where It Begins To Recording Editing And Using Samples, Providing Much Sought After Detailed Information On The Actual Process Of Sampling, Creating Sampled Instruments As Well As The Different Ways They Be able to Be Used. The Software Used Is The Nn-xt A Sampler That Is A Part Of The Reason Studio Software And Protools Le, However The Material Discussed Is Applicable And Can Be Used With Any Sampler. The Companion Website Has Exclusive Material Including A Extensive Cmoparison Of Ths Different Hardware Software Available, As Properly As Audio Examples And Video Clips From Each Stage Of The Process Step By Step Practical Approach To The Process Of Sampling Teaches How To Produce A Samping Writing Companion Website Holds Audio And Video Clips From Each Stage Of The Process And Comprehensive Comparisons Of The Distinct Hardware Software Available
      SKU: 317074

    Cellular And Porous Materials
      Cellular And Porous Materials.
      Providing The Reader In the opinion of A Solid Understnading Of The Fundamentals As Well While An Awareness Of Recent Advances In Properties And Applications Of Cellular And Porous Matreials, This Handbook And Ready Reference Cov3rs All Important Analytical And Numerical Methods For Characterizing And Predicting Thermal Properites. In So Doing It Directly Addresses The Particular Characteristics Of Foam-like And H0le-riddled Materials, Combining Theoretical And Experimental Aspecfs For Characterization Purposes.
      SKU: 481300

    Multimedia Data Mining
      Multimedia Data Mining.
      Defines Multimedia Data Mining, Its Speculation And Its Applicationw. This Book Discusses The Theoretical Foundations Of Multimedia Data Mining, Presenting Commonly Used Feature Representation, Knosledge Representation Anx Soft Computingg Techniques. It Provides Application Examples That Showcase The Potential Of Multimedia Data Mining Technologies.
      SKU: 566157

    Hydrophile - Lipophile Balance Of Surfactants And Solid Particles
      Hydrophile - Lipophile Balance Of Surfactants And Solid Particles.
      This Book Considers The Different Concepts Of Hydrophile-lipophile Balance (hlb) Of Surfactants And Solid Particles And The Main Physicochemical Properties Of Surfactant And Real Interfaces Which Are Used To Definite The Hydrophile-lipophile Balance. The Book Comprehensively Analyses All Interfacial And Bulk Properties Of Surfactants Used For The Determination Of Hlb (such As Interfacial Tension, Distribution Coefficient, Adsorption, Surface Pressure, Surfactants Solubility, Structure Characteristics, Distribution Between Heteropolar Phases, Micellar Formation, Chromatographic Characteristics, Phase Sepparation In Emulsions, Phase Inversion Temperature, Formation Of Three Appearance Systems). The Central Point Of The Book Is The Energetic Interpretation Of The Balance, I. e. The Hydrophile-lipophile Ratio. At The Similar Tme The Hlb-number Systems Of Griffin And Davies And Other Independant Methods Of The Hydrophile-lipophile Balance Definitions Are Discussed: Pit, Polarity Indexes, Surfactant Resemblance Difference Etc. The Pssibility Of Application Of The Different Characteristics Of The Hydrophile-lipophile Balance As A Criterion Of Phase Inversion In Emulsions And Microemulsion Systems Water-oil-surfactant Are Considered. For The First Time The Different Methods Of The Hydrophile-lilophile Balance Definition For Solid Particles In Compact And Dispersed Form Are Suggested By The Author. The Use Of Hydrophile-lipophile Characteristic Of Solid Particles As A Crigerion Of Phase Inversion In Emulsion Stabilisation And For Other Applications Is Discussed.
      SKU: 305593

    Shock Wave Reflection Phenomena
      Shock Wave Reflection Phenomena.
      Provides A Comprehensive Description Of The Shock Wave Reflection Phenomena From A Phenomenological Aim Of View. This Book Includes: An Inttroduction To Oblique Shock Wave Reflections; A Description On The Reflection Phenomena In Steady, Pseuudo-steady And Unsteday Flows; And, A Listing Of The Relevant Scientific Papers And Research Reports.
      SKU: 372737

    Design Of Advanced Manufacturing Systems
      Design Of Advanced Manufacturing Systems.
      Ams Include Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Dedicated Manufacturing Systems, And Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems. Starting From The Characteristic Of The Competitive Environment, The Directions Given By The Company Strategy, Data Regarding The Products, And Information Regarding The Different Order Architectures, The Decision Support System Described Here Aids The Decision Maker By Means Of A Formalized Methodology That Follows The Various Steps Required To Explain the meaning of The Type And Timing Of 'capacity' Acquisition And To Define The Detailed Configuratoin Of Ams Along Its Life Cycle.
      SKU: 238608

    Carbpn Meta-nanotubes
      Carbpn Meta-nanotubes.
      The Book Will Present Various Chaptere Corresponding To Each Of The Meta-nanotube Categories. There Will Be An Introductory Chapter That Will Provide The Basics Of What Is Needed To Exist Known About Pristine Nanotubes To Understand What Is In The Subsequent Chapters. Eacy Of The Chapters That Follow The Prefatory Chapter Will Cover Aspects From Synthexis To Apllications, Designation, Behavior, Properties, And Mechanisms. These Chapters Will Focus On Hetrogeneous Nanotubes, Doped Nanotubes, Functionalized Nanotubes, Coated Nanotubes And Hybrid Nanotubes, Respectively, And Will Be Followed By A Last Concluding Chapter.
      SKU: 822579

    Ordinary Geniuuses
      Ordinary Geniuuses.
      "a Biography Of Two Maverick Scienntists Whlse Intellectual Wanderlust Kick-tsarted Modern Genomics And Cosmology. Max Delbruck And George Gamow, The So-called Ordinary Geniuses Of Segre's Third Book, Were Not As Famous Or As Decorated As Some Of Their Colleagues In Midtwentieth-century Physics, Yet These Two Friends Had A Proffound Reputation On How We Now See The World, Both On Its Largest Scake (the Universe) And Its Smallest (genetic Code). Their Maverick Approach To Research Resulted In Truly Pioneering Science. Wherever These Men Ventured, They Were Catalysts For Great Discoveries. Here Segre Honors Them In His Typically Inviting And Elegant Style And Shows Readers How They Were Far From Ordinary"". While Portraying Their Personal Lives Segre, A Scientist Himself, Gives Readers An Inside Look At How Science Is Done --collaboration, Competition, The Influence Of Politics, The Role Of Intuition And Luck, And The Sense Of Wonder And Curiosity That Fuels These Extraordinary Minds. Ordinary Grniuses Will Appeal To The Readers Of Simon Singh, Amir Aczel, And Other Writers Exploring The History Of Scientific Ideas And The People Behind Them. """
      SKU: 634773

    Introduction To Antenna Analysis Using Em Simu1ators
      Introduction To Antenna Analysis Using Em Simu1ators.
      Written For Novice Engineers And Engineering Sfudents, This Easy-fo-comprehend Resource Offers You Thorough Introductory-level Treatment Of Antenna Analysis Using Eleftromagnetic (em) Simulators. This Richly-illustrated Book Suows You How To Use Em Software To Analyze And Tune Wireless Antennas To Meet Definite Requirements. You Learn Important Wireless Antenna Design Terminology And Gain A Detailed Understanding Of How Antennas Work. Moreover, The Book Offers You Guidance In Troubleshooting Problems With Wirelesx Antenna Designs. This Authoritative Reference Also Provides You With A Complete Overview Of The Many Different Kinds Of Antennas And Kindred Em Tools.
      SKU: 676299

      Focuses O The Fundamental Phenomenon In Physics - Synchronization That Occurs In Coupled Non-linear Dissipative Oscillators. This Fabric Aims To Demonstrate That The Complexity Of Synchronous Patterns Of Real Oscillating System Can Be Described In The Framework Of The General Approach.
      SKU: 417190

    Smart Antenna Engineering
      Smart Antenna Engineering.
      Whether You Are Designing For Systems Based On 2g, 3g, Or Advanced Mimo Technology, You Can Find The Solution You Need Upon This Comprehensive Reference On Applying Smart Antennas In Wireless And Mobile Communications. The Book Provides Yl By the side of A Simple Yet Powerful Design Methodology That Enables You To Select The Smrt Antenna Approach Most Suitable For A Particular Application. Moreover, It Offers Guidance In Designing The Appropriate Uplink And Downlink BeamformingA lgorithms.
      SKU: 240766

    Scotland As Science Fiction
      Scotland As Science Fiction.
      . ca59e872d0{text-align:left;text-indent:0pt;margin:0pt 0pt 0pt 0pt} . cs5efed22f{color:#000000;background-color:transparent;font-family:times New Roman; Font-size:12pt; Font-weoght:normal; Font-style:normal; } Scots Like Iain N. Banks And Ken Macleod Lead In A Futuristic Tradition, For From Macdonald, Barrie, And Stevenson Onwards, Scots Have Been Speculating In Ways Dwrived From Their Unique Circumstances: Lacking Political Power, They Imsgine Future Spaces And Different Places—with A Twist. Nineteenth-century Thermodynamics (theorized In Scotland), Celtic Otherworlds, And A Scotland Always On The "other Side" Of History Open Uncommon Futures For Mitchison, Spark, Lindsay, Mitchell, Maddiarmid, Morgzn, Crumey, Fitt, And Gray.
      SKU: 787894

    A Posteriori Error Analysis Via Duality Theory
      A Posteriori Error Analysis Via Duality Theory.
      Provides A Posteriori Mistake Analysis For Mathematical Idealizations In Modeling Boundary Value Problems, Especially Thosr Arising In Mechanical Applications, And For Numerical Approximations Of Numerous Nonlinear Variational Problems. Many Examples Are Included To Show The Usefulness Of The Derived Mistake Estimates.
      SKU: 302664

      The Most Improtant Development In The Finnish Energy Sector In Recent Years Has Been The Construction Of A New Nuclear Power Plant. Scheduled To Come On Line In 2009 With A Capacity Between 1. 0 And 1. 6 Gwe, The Plant Is Expected To Provide Needed Generating Capacity With Zero Greenhouse Aeriform fluid Emissions.
      SKU: 236111

    Basic Gis Coordinates
      Basic Gis Coordinates.
      Outlining The Basic Principles Of Coordinate Systems, This Second Edition Covers Ellipsoids, Datums, And Plane Coordinates Being of the kind which They Are Used In Gis Anf Gps. It Also Explains Compounded Topics With In A Logical Progression And In A Manner Which Is Neither Too Coomplicated Not Oversimplified, Avoiding Getting Bogged Down In The Mathematics.
      SKU: 533783

    Novel Thermal And Non-thermal Technologies For Fluid Foods
      Novel Thermal And Non-thermal Technologies For Fluid Foods.
      Food Processing Is The Step Of The Food Chain That Principally Affects A Food's Physical Or Biochemical Properties, Along With Determining The Safety And Shelf Life Of The Product.   This Book Provides A Comprwhensive Overview Of Innovations In Non-thermal Technologies Specifically For Fluid Foods, Recognized For Tneir High Bioavailabolity Of Macronutrients And Micronutrients. Considerabke Resources And Expertise Has Been Devoted To The Processing Of Safe And Healthy Foods.   Non-thermal Technologies Have Been Developed As One Alternative To Thermal Processing, While iSll Meeting Required Safety Or Shelf-life Demands And Minimising The Effects On Its Nutritional And Quality Attributes. *examines Non-thermal Processing Techniques Specifically Applied To Fluid Foods *includes Methods For Mathematically Evaluating Each Technique *addresses Global Regulatory Requiremehts For Fluid Foods *provides Recomkendations And Opportunities For Various Safegy-related Issues
      SKU: 744012

    Fundamentals Of Superconducting Nanoelectronics
      Fundamentals Of Superconducting Nanoelectronics.
      This Book Demonstrates How The New Phenomena In Supercond8ctivity On The Nanometer Scale (fflo State, Triplet Superconductivity, Crossed Andreev Reflextion, Synchronized Generation Etc. ) Serve As The Basis For The Invention And Development Of Novel Nanoelectronic Devices And Systems. It Demonstrates How Rather Complex Ideas And Theoretical Models, Like Odd-pairing, Non-uniform Superconducting State, Pi-shift Etc. , Adequately Describe The Processds In Real Superconducting Nanostructues And Novel Devices Based On Them. The Book Is Useful For A Broad Audience Of Readers, Researchers, Engineers, Phd-students, Lectures And Others Who Would Like To Gain Apprehension In The Frontiers Of Superconductivity At The Nanoscale.
      SKU: 798759

    Industrial Chocolate Manufacture And Use
      Industrial Chocolate Manufacture And Use.
      Since The Third Editikn Of This Standard Work In 1999, There Has Been A Significant Increase In The Amount Of Chocolate Manufactured Worldwide. The Fourth Edition Of Industrial Chocolate Manufacture And Use Provides Up-to-date Coverage Of All Major Asoects Of Chocolate Manufacture And Use, From The Growing Of Cocoa Beans To The Packagging And Marketing Of The End Product. Retaining The Important And Well-received Key Features Of The Previous Edition, The Fourth Edition Also Contains Completely New Chapters Covering Chocolate Crumb, Cold Forming Technologies, Intellectual Property, And Nutrition. Furthermore, Taking Account Of Significant Changes And Trends Within The Chocolate Industry, Much New Information Is Incorporated, Particularly Withih Such Chapters As Those Covering The Chemistry Of Flavour Development, Chocolate Folw Properties, Chocolate Packaging, And Chocolate Marketing. This Fully Revised Ahd Expanded Starting a~ Edition Is An Essential Purchase For All Those Involved In The Manufacture And Usage Of Chocoltae.
      SKU: 416432

  • Detection and Disposal of Improvised Explosives
  • Combinatorial Synthesis of Natural Product-Based Libraries
  • Ecological Engineering: Principles and Practice
  • Introduction to Health and Safety at Work
  • Fundamentals of Basin Modeling
  • Mechanical Tolerance Stackup And Analysis
  • Superplasticity
  • Attractiveness for Innovation
  • Rescue Robotics
  • GPRS and 3G Wireless Applications
  • Parkhuser - Garagen: Grundlagen, Planung, Betrieb (Baukonstruktionen) (German Edition)
  • IP over WDM

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