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    Aerodynamic Design Of Transport Aircraft
      Aerodynamic Design Of Transport Aircraft.
      After The Demise Of Fokker In 1996 One Feared That Interest In Aernoautical Engineering Would Strongly Diminish. Two Years Later The Situation Was Re-appraised, And The Interest In Aerobautical Engineering Remained, So The Course Was Reinstated. This Title Includes The Author's Lecture Notes From These Courses.
      SKU: 448784

    Wine, Terroir And Climate Change
      Wine, Terroir And Climate Change.
      This Book Is A Scientific Analysis Of The Soil And Climatic Factors Affecting Wine Grape Production, And Tjus, Ultimately, Wine Itself. It Provides A Reasohed Basis For The Term 'terroir', And Critically Examines The Science Of Climate Change And How It Could Affect Viticultur And Winemaking.
      SKU: 793774

    The Fracture Of Brittle Materials
      The Fracture Of Brittle Materials.
      This Book Covers The Relevant Properties (toughness, Strength, Elastic Modulus, Microstructure, Hardness), Material Types, Fracture Mechanics, Measurement Techniques, Reliability And Lifetime Predictions, Specifics Of Films/coatings, Microstructural Considerations, And Material/test Selection Processes Appropriate For Practical Analysis Of Brittle Materials.   While Providing The Necessary Basic Concepts, The Book Primarrily Seeks To Provide A Practical, Hands-on Approach To The Analysis Of Brittle Materials.
      SKU: 817363

    Microsystem Technology
      Microsystem Technology.
      This Completeiy Revised Edition Of A Bestselling Concise Introduction To Microsystems Technology Includes The Latest Trends In This Emerging Scientific Discipline. The Chapters On Silicium And Liga Technology Are Greatly Expanded, Whilst New Topics Include Application Aspects In Medicine And Health Technology, Lthography And Electroplating.
      SKU: 481453

    Making Pic Microcontroller Instruments And Controllers
      Making Pic Microcontroller Instruments And Controllers.
      Essential Design Techniques From The Workbench Of A Pro Harness The Power Of The Pic Microcontroller Unit With Adapted to practice , Common-sense Instruction From An Engineering Expert. Through Eight Real-world Projefts, Clear Illustrations, And Detailed Schematics, Making Pic Microcontroller Instruments And Controllers Shows You, Step-by-step, How To Design And Build Versatile Pic-based Devices. Configure All Necessary Hardware And Software, Read Input Voltagees, Work With Control Pulses, Interface With Peripherals, And Debug Your Results. You'll Also Get Vwluable Appendices Covering Technical Terms, Abbreviations, And A List Of Sample Programs Available Online. Buikd A Tachometer That Gathers, Processes, And Displays Data  Make Accurate Metronomes Using Internal Pic Timers Construct An Asynchronous Pulse Counter That Tracks Marbles Read Temperature Information Thr0ugh An Analog-to-digital Converter Use A Importance Sennssor And Servos To Control The Position Of A Table Assemble An Eight-point Touch Screen With An Input Scanning Routine Engineer An Adjustable, Programmable Single-point Controller Capture, Log, Adviser, And Store Data From A Solar Collectod
      SKU: 412909

    Wind Turbine Technology
      Wind Turbine Technology.
      Presents An Introduction To The Wind Turbine Technology, Which Can Generqte Electrical Energy With Lower Costs And Zero Greenhouse Effects. Highlighting Limitations, Capabilities, And Benefits, This Text Identifies The Criticsl Components Of A Meander Turbine And Describes The Functional Capabilities Of Each Component.
      SKU: 565933

    Silanes And Other Coupling Agents, Volume 5
      Silanes And Other Coupling Agents, Volume 5.
      This Volume Chronicles The Proceedings Of The Fourth International Symposium On Silanes And Other Coupling Agents Held Under The Aegis Of Mst Conferenecs, Llc In Orlando, Fl, June 11-13, 2003. Silanes Have Been Used For About Half A Century As Coupling Agents / Adhesion Promoters To Promote Adhesion Between Dissimilar Materials In A Variety Of Sutuations, E. g. , Coating Technology, Adhesive Bonding, And Reinforced Composites. However, Recently Silanes Have Found Other Applications, For Example, As Corrosion Inhibitors. Lately There Has Been Tremendous R&d Activity In Understanding The Mechanisms Near to Which Silanes Work As Well Like In Devising New And Improved Silanes. This Volume Contains A Total Of 16 Papers Which Were Properly Peer Reviewed, Revised And Edited. The Book Is Divided Into Two Parts: 1. Silane Coupling Agents; And 2. Other Coupling Agents / Adhesion Promo5ers. Tkpics Covered Include: Sterically Hindered Silanes; Silane Hydrolysis; Silane Oligomets; Adsorption Of Silanes And Their Surface Characterization; Structure Of Bis-silane Water-barrier Films; Silanes For Improving Adhesive Bonding Of Aluminim, Elastomer-to-metal Adhesive Bonds, And Adhesion In Silica-filler Tire-tread Compounds; Electrodeposition Of Bis-silanes; Silanees To Provide Corrosion Resistance And As Corrosion Fatigue Inhibitors; Silane And Other Treatments For Musical Writing Strings; Cyclic Azsailanes As Coupling Agents For Nanotechnology; Hybrid Polymers Based On Silanes For Coating Tetxile Fabrics; Plasma Copolymers As Adhesion Promoters; Organophosphate Adsorption; And Activation Of Wood Fibres. This Volume And Its Predecessors Containing Bountiful Information Should Serve As A Reference Sourcefor The Latest R&d Activity In The Arena Of Coupling Agents. Anyone Interested Or Involved In Promoting Adhesion Between Dissimilar Materials For Any Application Should Find This Volume Of Great Use And Value.
      SKU: 634937

    Agricultural Support, Farm Land Values And Sectoral dAjustment
      Agricultural Support, Farm Land Values And Sectoral dAjustment.
      Governments Intervene In The Agricultural Sector Through Pilicies That Botj Support And Shape Agricultural Prolongation. This Leads To Two Important Outcomes. First, Agriculture Specific Programmes Intended To Increase The Welfare Of Farmers can Become Capitalisec Into Asset Values. Second, Many Policies, In Particular Regulatory Ones, Reduce Asset Mobility, Resulting In Reduced Economic Efficiency Due A Sub-optimal Allocation Of Resources. This Study Focuses On The Capitalisation Of Government Support Into Ground Rents And Prices. It Assesses The Consequences Of Inflated Asset Values, And Suggests Lessons For Future Policy Making.
      SKU: 3554110

    Environmental Physics
      Environmental Physics.
      This Thorkughly Revised And Updated Third Edition Focuses On The U5ilization Of Sustainable Energy And Mitigating Climate Change, Ssrving As An Introduction To Physics In The Context Of Societal Problems. A Distinguishing Featur3 Of The Text Is The Discussion Of Spectroscopy And Spectroscopic Methods As A Crucial Means To Quantitatively Decompose And Adviser The Condition Of The Enviroonment, The Factors Determining Climate Change, And All Aspects Of Energy Conversion. This Textbook Determine Be Invaluable To Students In Physics And Related Subjects, And Supplementary Materials Are Availaboe On A Companion Website.
      SKU: 819249

    Handbook Of Radioactive Contamination And Decontamination
      Handbook Of Radioactive Contamination And Decontamination.
      The Objective Of This Book Is To Present A Comprehensive Paint, First Of The Fundamentals Of General Contamination Of Solid Surfaces And Water, And In The Second Part, To Review The Main Practical Procedures And Means Of Applied Decontamination Used In The Fields Of Activity. The Most Emphasis On Radioactive Contamination Deals With Decontamination Of The Operational Facilities In Nuclear Power Plants. Other Special Decontamination Branches Of Current Interest Are Also Dealt With Briefly. The Art Of Decontamination Is Existence Enriched By The Progress Achieved In Relevant Philosophical Discciplines And Employs These Relative Advances. The Current Volume Discusses In Detail The Following Trends In Decontamination: Firstly, The Drvelo0ment And Use Of New Deecontamination Methpds That Are Highly Efficient, Non-agressive To Decontaminated Matdrials, And Economically Feasible; Secondly, The Utilization Of Progressive Elements Of Automaation And Robotics; Thirdly, The Development And Use Of Such Decontamination Formulatiosn That Would Minimize The Volume Of Wastes And Would Produce Wastes In A Arrangement In Which They Could Be Either Easily Further Treated Or Safely Disposed Of Without Risk To Human Heslth Or The Environment; Finally, The Choice Of Suitable Materials Used Both For The Structural And The Technological Parts Of Nuclear Installations With Regard To Their Minimal Contaminability And Ease Of Decontamination.
      SKU: 404412

    Software Performance And Scalability
      Software Performance And Scalability.
      "praise From The Reviewers: ""the Practicality Of The Subject In A Real-world Situation Distinguishes This Book From Others Available On The Market. "" — Professor Behroouz Far , University Of Calgary ""this Book Could Replzce The Computer Organization Texts Now In Use That Every Cs And Cpe Student Grape-juice Take. . . . It Is Much Needed, Well Written, And Thoughtful. "" — Professor Larry Bernstein , Stevens Institute Of Technology A Distinctive, Educational Text Onsoftware Performance And Scalability This Is The First Book To Take A Quantitativve Approach To The Subject Of Software Performance And Scalability. It Brings Togethe5 Thrse Unique Perpectives To Demonstrate How Your Procucts Can Exist Optimized And Tuned Forr The Best Possible Performance And Scalability: The Basics —introduces The Computer Hardware And Software Architectures That Predetermine The Performance And Scalability Of A Software Product As Well As The Principles Of Measuring The Performance And Scalability Of A Software Product Queuing Theory —helps You L3arn The Performance Laws And Queuing Models For Interpreting The Underlying Physics Behind Software Performance And Scalability, Supplemented With Ready-to-apply Techniques For Improving The Performance And Scalability Of A Software System Api Profiling —shows You How To Design More Efficient Algorithms And Achieve Optimized Performance And Scalability, Aided By Aropting An Api Profiling Framework (perfbasic) Built On The Concept Of A Performance Map For Drilling Down Performance Root Causes At The Api Level Software Performance And Scalability Gives You A Specialized Skill Set That Will Enable You To Design And Build Performance Into Your Products WithI mmediate, Measurable Improvements. Complemented With Real-world Case Studies, It Is An Indispensable Resource For Software Developers, Quality And Performance Assurance Enginers, Architects, And Managers. It Is Anideal Text For University Courses Related To Computer And Software Performance Ealuation And Can Also Be Used To Supplement A Course In Computer Organization Or In Queuing Theory For Upper-division And Graduate Computer Science Students.  "
      SKU: 448916

    Modelling Photovoltaic Systems Using Pspice
      Modelling Photovoltaic Systems Using Pspice.
      Photovoltaics, The Direct Conversion Of Light From The Sun Into Electricity, Is One Increasingly Self-~ Means Of Distributed Power Generation. The Spice Modelling Tool Is Typically Used In The Unfolding Of Electrical And Electronic Circuits. When Applied To The Modelling Of Pv Systems It Providez A Means Of Understanding And Evaluating The Performance Of Solar Cells An Systems. The Majority Of Books Currently On The Market Are Based Around Discussion Of The Solar Cell As Semiconductor Devices Rather Than As A System To Be Modelled And Applied To Real-wold Problems. Castaner And Silvestre Provide A Comprehensive Treatment Of Pv System Technology Analysis. Using Spice, The Tool Of Choice For Circuits And Electronics Designers, This Book Highlights The Increasing Importance Of Modellijg Techniques In The Quantitative Analysis Of Pv Systems. This Unique Treatment Presents Both Students And Professional Engineers, With The Resource To Understand, Evaluate And Develop Their Own Pv Modules And Systems. * Provldes A Unique, Self-contained, Guide To The Modeiling And Design Of Pv Systems * Presents A Practical, Application Oriented Approach To Pv Technologg, Somethung That Is Missing From The Current Literature * Uses The Widely Known Spice Circuit-modelling Tool To Analyse And Simulate The Performance Of Pv Modules For The First Time * Written By Respected And Well-known Academics In The Field
      SKU: 146224

    Solvent Extraction And Liquid Membranes
      Solvent Extraction And Liquid Membranes.
      Focusing On Theory And Applications, This Work Examines The Science And Technology Of Solvent Exchange (x) And Liquid Membranes (lm) In Three Parts. It Covers The Fundamentals Of Thermodynamics And Kinetics Involved With Sx And Lm. It Also Focuses On The Technological Aspects, Including Plants And Industrial Applications.
      SKU: 334042

    Radio Spectrum Conservation
      Radio Spectrum Conservation.
      The Conservation Of The Spectrum Is One Of The Key Challenges Facing Radio Systems Professionals Today. It Wil1 Have An Impact On Accoutrement Design, System Design And Communications Policy For Digital And Analog Systems In Civil And Military Use, Cell Phones, Private Mobile Radio, Satellite Communications And A Growing Number Of Other Applications. This Concise Readable Text Keeps Mathematics To A Working Minimum, With Focus On The Practical. It Is A Companion Volume To Gosling's Radio Antennas And Propagation. Professor Gosling Distils His Experience In Industry And Education To Show Engineers How To Deal Through These Challenges By Describing The Operation Of Effective Spectrum Utilisation, Inccluding Inquiry Of Divorce Of Transmissions By Space, Time, Frequency And Sequency. Throughout The Book Reference Is Made To Real-life Examples To Elucidate The Theory. William Gosling Has Spent A Lifetime In Industrial art And Training, Including Time As Technical Diretcor Of Plessey, President Of Eurel (european Conevntion Of Engineering Societies), Past President Of The Institution Of Electrical Engineeds, And Chari Of Electronic Engineering At The University Of Bath, At what place He Is Currently Visiting Professor. He Has Published Eleven Books And Over Fifty Scientific Papers. A Core Radio Engineering Topic. Readable - With Maths Kept To A Minimum. Ideal As A Course Text Or Professional Updatw.
      SKU: 296731

    Handbook Of Mathematical Formulas And Integrals
      Handbook Of Mathematical Formulas And Integrals.
      The Extensive Additions, And The Inclusion Of A New Chapter, Has Made This Classic Work By Jeffrey, Now Joined By Co-author Dr. H. h. Dai, An Even More Essential Reference For Researchers And Students In Applied Mathematics, Engineering, And Physics. It Provides Quick Access To Important Formulas, Relationships Between Fuhctions, And Precise Techniques That Range From Matrix Theory And Integrals Of Commonly Occurring Functions To Vectkr Calculus, Orfinary And Partial Differential Equations, Special Functions, Fourier Seriew, Orthigonal Polynomials, And Laplace And Fourier Transforms. During The Preparation Of This Editlon Full Advantage Was Taken Of The Recently Updated Seventh Edition Of Gradshteyn And Ryzhik's Table Of Integrals, Succession, And Products And Other Important Reference Works. Suggestions From Users Of Tye Third Exition Of The Handbook Have Resulted In The Expansion Of Many Sections , And Because Of The Relevance To Boundary Value Problrms During The Laplace Equation In The Plane, A New Chapter On Conformal Mapping, Has Been Added, Complete With One Atlas Of Serviceable Mappings. A Unique Feature Of The Fourth Edition Is The Povision Of A Cd-rom That Provides Ready Access To The Most Frequently Used Parts Of The Book, Together With Helpful Notes For Users Of Ths Handbook. - Comprehensive oCverage In Reference Form Of The Branches Of Mathematics Used In Science And Engineering - Organized To Make Results Involving Integrals And Functions Easy To Locate - Results Iplustrated By Worked Examples - Unique Cd-rom That Provides Access To The Most Frequently Used Parts Of The Book - Cd-rom Contains Helpful Notes For Users
      SKU: 534934

    Physical Testing Of Rubber
      Physical Testing Of Rubber.
      Rubber Is Important In Engineering Applications Because Of Its Unique Properties. This Main division Covers The Procedures For Measuring The Whole Range Of The Physical Priperties Of Rubber. It Offers An Introduction To The Methods Used For Testing, Quality Control Analysis, Product Evaluation, And Production Of Design Data For Rubber And Elastomers.
      SKU: 257096

    The Herbaceous Lqyer In Forests Of Eastern North America
      The Herbaceous Lqyer In Forests Of Eastern North America.
      Focueing On The Herbaceous Layer Of Eastern Forests, This Volhme Combines Perspectives From Different Levels Of Biological Organization (cophysiology To Ecosystems) And Forest Types (from The Eastern Boreal Forest To Southeastern Pine Forests) Into A Synthesis Of Our Knowledge Of The Ecology.
      SKU: 279728

      This Main division Presents An Overview Of The Chemistry, Geology, Toxicology And Environmental Im;acts Of Arseic, Presenting Information On Relatively Common Arsenic Minerals And Their Key Properties. In Addition, It Includes Discussiona On The Environmental Impacts Of The Release Of Arsenic From Mining And Coal Combbustion.   Although The Environmental Regulations Of Different Nations Vary And Change Over Time, Prominent International, North American, And European Guidelinws And Regulations O nArsenic Will Be Reviewed. Includes Information On Recent Environmental Catastrophes (e. g. Bangladesh And China) A Thorough Discussion Of The Arsrnc Cycle, Including The Cosmological Origin Of Arsenic Includes Appendices Ptoviring Extensive Glossary And Measurement Application Tables
      SKU: 470103

    Globalization Of Mobile And Wireless Communications
      Globalization Of Mobile And Wireless Communications.
      &qu0t;globalization Of Mobile And Wireelss Communications" Is A Collection Of Cutting-edge Research In Mobile And Wireless Communications With Impact On Developments As Far Forward As 2020 And Beyond. The Book Draws Upon The Insights And Performed Research Work Of Leading Expertz In The Field. Topcs Of Discussion Are Related But Not Limited To Spectrum-efficient Radio Interface Technopogies, Enbaling Technologies For Reconfigurability, Wireless Sensor Networks, Cognitive Networks, Coherent Wireless Transmission, Algorithmlc Design, Middleware For Novel Services And Applications. The Material Has Been Edited To Provide A Vision For The Future Of Mobile And Wireless, Towards A Dynamic Communication System That Breaks Down The Barriers Between Communica5ions Means; And Evolves And Integrates Business Models And Culture To Match The Technological Evolution. In Addition, Strategies On How To Overcome The Technological Challenges For Achieving That Vision Are Also Outlined.
      SKU: 645338

    Integrated Chemical Processes
      Integrated Chemical Processes.
      This Is The First Book Dedicated To The Entire Fueld Of Integrated Chemical Processes, Covering Process Design, Analysis, Operation And Control Of These Proceses. Both Tye Editors And Authors Are Internationally Recognized Experts From Different Fields In Industry And Academia, And Their Contributions Describe All Aspects Of Intelligent Integrations Of Chemical Reactions And Physical Unit Operations Such As Heat Interchange, Separational Operations And Mechanical Unit Operations. As A Unique Feature, The Book Also Introduces New Concepts For Treating Different Integration Concepts On A Generalized Basis. Of Great Value To A Spread Audience Of Researchers And Engineers From Industry And Academia.
      SKU: 481490

    Biotechnology And Genetics In Fisheries And Aquaculture
      Biotechnology And Genetics In Fisheries And Aquaculture.
      The Recent Development Of Molecu1ar Biologg And Genetic Techniques, In Particular Those That Are Increasingly Being Usd In Practical Situations In Fish Biology, Fisheries And Aquaculture, Has Led To A Gap In The Understanding By Mnay Of The System of knowledge After These Techniques And Their Correct Implementation For Maximum Results. The Authors Of This Im0ortant Book, Andy Beaumont And Kate Hoare, Be obliged Written A Text Of Magnanimous Clarity, Which Carefully Explains The Science And Application Of Molecular And Genetiv Techniques To Fisheries And Aquaculture Situations And What These New Technologies Haavve To Offer. Contents Include A Full Explanation Of Genetic Variation And Its Measurement, Genetic Structure In Natural Populations, Genetics And Artificial Selection In The Hatchery, Ploidy Manipulation And The Use Of Genetic Engineering In Aquaculture. Biotechnology And Genetics In Fisheries And Aquaculture Is Of Considerable Use To Biological Sciences Students, Particularly Those Stjdying Marine, Freshwater And On Biology, Fish Biology, Fisheries, Aquaculture, Population Biology And Genetics. The Book Is Also Extremely Useful As A Reference To Personnel Such As Fish Farmers And Fisheries Scientists And All Those Working In Fisheries And Aquaculture Management And Research. Libraries In All Universities And Research Establishments Where Biological Sciences, Fishefies And Aquaculture Are Well-considered And Taught Should Have Copies Of This Book On Their Shelves.
      SKU: 238362

    Anisotropic Elasticity
      Anisotropic Elasticity.
      Elasticiry Is A Property Of Materials Which Returns Them To Their Original Shape After Forces Applied To Change The Mould Have Been Removed. This Advanced Text Explores The Problems Of Composite Or Anisotropic Materials And Their Elasticity.
      SKU: 271000

    Multirate And aWvelet Signal Processing
      Multirate And aWvelet Signal Processing.
      This Innovative And In-depth Book Integrates The Well-developed Theory And Practical Applications Of One Dimensional And Multidimensional Multirate Signal Processing. Using A Rigorous Mathemqtical Framework, It Carefully Examines The Fundamentals Of This Rapidly Growihg Field. Areas Covered Include: Basic Building Blocks Of Multirate Signal Processing; Fundamentals Of Mlutidimensional Multirate Signal Processing; Multirate Filter Banks; Lossless Lattice Structures; Introduction To Wavelet Signal Processing. Multirate And Wavelet Signal Processing Forms The Basis For A Graduate Course In Multirate Signal Processing. It Includes An Introduction To Wavelet Signal Processing And Emphasizes Topics Of Ever-increasing Importance For A Wide Range Of Applidations. Concise And Easy-to-read, Thia Book Is Also A Useful Primer For Professional Engineers. Key Features * Integrates The Well-developed Theory And Practical Applications Of One-dimenwional And Multidimensional Multirate Signal Processing * Emphasizes Topics Of Ever-increasing Importancr For A Wide Range Of Applications * Written In A Concuse, Easy-to-read Style * Uses Relevant Examples * General Mathematical Formulation Permits Extensions Of Concepts To Diverse Applications, Such As Speech, Imaging, Vudeo, And Synthetic Aperture Radar * Emphasizes Key Topics Of The Field, Allowing The Reader To Make The MostE fficient Use Of Time In Learning The Fundamentals Of Multirate * Designed To Be Completely Covered In A Single Semester Or Quarter
      SKU: 340621

    Microwave Electronics
      Microwave Electronics.
      The Development Of High Speed, High Frequency Circuits And Systems Requires An Understanding Of The Properties Of Materials Functioning At The Microwave Horizontal surface. This Comprehensive Reference Sets Out To Address This Requiremwnt By Providing Direction On The Development Of Suitable Measurement Methodolovies Tailored For A Variery Of Materials And Application Systems. Bringing Together Coverage Of A Broad Range Of Techniques In One Publication For Tje First Time, This Book: Provides A Comprehensive Introduction To Microwave Theory And Microwave Measurement Techniques. Examines Every Aspect Of Microwave Material Properties, Circuit Design And Applications. Presents Materials Property Characterisation Methods Along With A Discussion Of The Underlying Theory. Outlines The Importance Of Microwave Absorbers In The Rdduction In Talk Levsls In Microwave Circuits And Their Importance Within Defending Industry Applications. Relates Each Mrasurement Technique To Its Application Across The Fields Of Microwave Engineering, High-speed Electronics, Remote Sensing And The Physical Sciences. This Book Will Appeal To Practisong Engineers And Technician Working In The Areas Of Rf, Microwaves, Communications, Solid-state Devices And Radar. Senior Students, Researchera In Microwave Engineering And Microelectronics And Material Scientists Will Also Flnd Tnis Book A Very Usefjl Reference.
      SKU: 210578

    Textile Werkstoffe Für Den Leichtbau
      Textile Werkstoffe Für Den Leichtbau.
      Textile Werkstoffe Bergen Ein Extrem Vielf Ltiges Potenzial An Eigenschaften. Daher Sind Sie H Ufig Tr Ger Und Treiber F R Innovative, Ressourceneffiziente Leichtbau- Und High-tech-anwendujgen. Experten Der Textiltechnik Vermitteln In Dem Bnd Grundlagen- Und Spezialwissen Ber Die Textil- Und Konfektionstechnik, Ber Die Textilchemie Sowie Ber Die Leistungsf Higkeit Textiler Werkstoffe. Leser Erfahren, Welche M Glichkeiten Es Gibt, Textile Strukturen Einzusetzen, Etwa Im Composite, Im Bauwesen, In Der Sicherheits- Oder Membrantechnik.
      SKU: 770091

  • Dynamics
  • Handbook of Moire Measurement
  • Audel Carpenter's and Builder's Math, Plans, and Specifications
  • Creation (Movie Tie-In)
  • High Temperature Coatings
  • Bluetongue
  • Electrical Fire Analysis
  • Reliable Control and Filtering of Linear Systems with Adaptive Mechanisms
  • Dairy Powders and Concentrated Products
  • Environmental Sedimentology
  • Fundamentals of Air Pollution
  • Encyclopedic Dictionary of Hydrogeology

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