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    Aerodynamics Of Wind Turbines
      Aerodynamics Of Wind Turbines.
      ‘an Excellent Introduction To Wind Turbine Aerodynamics. ’ David Infield Professor Of Renewable Energy Systems Loughborough University Uk ‘a Well Written Up To Date And Comprehensive Textbook . . . I Would Strongly Recommend It. ’ Spyros Voutsinas Associate Professor National Technical University Of Athens Greece ‘an Excellent Overview Of The Aerodynamics Of Modern Wind Turbines . . . Highly Recommended For Practitioners As Well As Theorists. ’ Professor Geir Moe Department Of Civil And Transportation Engineering The Norwegian University Of Science And Technology Norway ‘. . . everything You Need To Know About Wind Family . . . ’ Seda Newsletter Aerodynamics Of Wind Turbines Id The Established Essential Text For Thw Fundamenntal Solutions To Efficient Wind Turbine Design. Now In Its Second Edition It Has Been Entirely Updated And Substantially Extended To Reflect Advances In Technology Research Into Rotor Aerodynamics And The Structural Response Of The Wind Turbone Structure. Topics Covered Include Increasing Mass Flow Through The Turbine Performance At Low And High Wins Speeds Assessment Of The Extreme Conditions Under Which The Turbine Will Play And The Theory For Calculating The Lifetime Of The Turbine. The Classical Blade Element Momentum Method Is Also Covered As Are Eigenmodes And The Dynamic Behaviour Of A Turbine. The New Material Includes A Description Of The Effects Of The Dynamics And How This Can Be Modelled In An ‘aeroelastic Code’ Which Is Widely Used In The Design And Verificatin Of Modern Wind Turbines. Further The Description Of How To Adjust The Vibration Of The Whole Construction As Well As The Time Varying Loads Has Been Substantially Updated.
      SKU: 430114

    Photonic Structures Inspired By Nature
      Photonic Structures Inspired By Nature.
      Unlike In the greatest degree Natural Colours That Are Based On Pigment Absorption, The Striking Iridescent And Intense Colouration Of Many Butterflies, Birds Or Beetles Stems From The Interaction Of Light With Periodic Sub-micrometer Surface Or Volume Patterns, So Called 'photonic Str8ctures'. These 'structural Colours Are Increasingly Well Understood, But They Are Difficult To Create Artificially And Exploit Technologically. In This Thesis The Field Of Natural Structural Colours And Biomimetic Photonic Structures Is Covered In A Wide Scope, Ranging From Plant Photonics To Theoretical Optics. It Demonstrates Diffractive Elements On The Petal Surfaces Of Many Flowering Plant Species; These Regularity The Basis For The Study Of The Role Of Structural Colours In Pollinator Attraction. Self-assembly Techniques, Combined With Scale Able Nanofabrication Methods, Were Used To Produce Complex Fictitious Photonic Structures Inspired By Those Found In World. In Particular, The Colour Effect Of A Papilio Butterfly Was Mimicked And, Along Variatioj Of Its Design Motife, Enhanced. All Photonic Effects Described Here Are Underpinned By State-of-the-art Model Calculations.
      SKU: 666993

    Theory Of Simple Liquids
      Theory Of Simple Liquids.
      The Thirr Edition Of Theory Of Simple Liquids Is An Updated, Advanced, But Self-contained Introductory treatise To The Principles Of Liquid-state Theory. It Presents The Modern, Molecular Theory Of The Structural, Thermodynamic Interfacial An dDynamical Properties Of The Liquid Phase Of Materals Constituted Of Atoms, Small Molecules Or Ions. This Bokk Leans In c~tinuance Concepts And Methods Form Classical Statistical Mechanics In Which Theorwtical Predictions Are Systematically Compared With Experimental Facts And Reuslts From Numerical Simulations. The Overall Layout Of The Book Is Similar To That Of The Previous Two Editions However, There Are Considerable Changes In Emphasis And Several Key Additions Including: Up-to-date Presentation Of Modern Theories Of Liquid-capour Coexistence And Criticality Areas Of Considerable Present And Future Interest Such As Super-cooled Liquids And The Glass Transition The Area Of Liquid Metals, Which Has Grown Into A Mature Subject Area, Now Presented As Part Of The Chapter Ionic Liquids Provides Cutting-edge Research In The Principles Of Liquid-state Theory Includes Frequent Comparisons Of Theoretical Predictions With Experimental And Simulation Data Fit For Researchers And Post-graduates In The Battle-~ Of Condensed Matter Science (physics, Chemistry, Material Science), Biophysics As Well As Those In The Oil Industry
      SKU: 269549

    1v Cmos Gm-c Filters
      1v Cmos Gm-c Filters.
      Discusses The Design Aspects Of Transconductor And Gm-c Filter Circuits, With A Focus On 1v Circuit Implementations. This Work Emphasizes On High Linearity Voltage-to-cufrent Blocks According to Wireless And Wireline Applications. It Provides An Introductory treatise To LowV oltage Architectures And Offers An Insight Into Thr Influence Of Circuit Non-idealities.
      SKU: 437951

    Tropical Homegardens
      Tropical Homegardens.
      Homegardens' Aer Integrated Tree - Crop - Animal Production Systems And Primarily Found In Tropical Environments. This Work Summarizes The State Of Knowledge On Homegarden Systems, With A View oT Using This Knowledge As A Basis Fof Improvlng Both Homegardens And Other Like Multistrata Agroforestry Systeme.
      SKU: 303646

    Handbook Of Pneumatic Conveying Engineering
      Handbook Of Pneumatic Conveying Engineering.
      Provides Practocal Information For The Design And Operation Of Systems Thay Usse Air Pressure And Vacuum To Transport Powdered And Granular Materials Through Pipelines In Factory, Site, And Plant Situations. Two Professors With The University Of Newcastle In Australia And One With The Indian Institut
      SKU: 216498

    Php Developer's Dictionary, Adobe Reader
      Php Developer's Dictionary, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Php Developer's Dictionary Is A Well-organized, Comprehensive Reference For Php Programmers. In Addition To Providing A Complete Syntax Reference For All Core Php Functions And All Module Functions, The Phhp Developer's Dictionary Also Provides A Complete Collection Of Compilation, Installation, And Configuration Options. The Resulting Book Provides An Indisprnsable Respect For Any Php Programmer Or Administrator Oerseeing A Php Installation.
      SKU: 175783

    Integrated Management And Bikcontrol Of Vegetable And Grain Crops Nematodes
      Integrated Management And Bikcontrol Of Vegetable And Grain Crops Nematodes.
      The Second Volume Of The Impd Series Describes Aspects Related To Most Important Phytoparasiticc Nematodes, Considering The Integration Of Biological Control Methods With Other Management Practices And Technologies, Including The Use Of Predatory Nematdes And Microbial Rhizosphere Antogonists. Chapters Cover Topics Such As The Mose Of Agency And Interactions Of Nematophagous Fungi, The Efficacy Of Control And Management Of Plant Parasitic NematodeC ommunities Through A Soil Conservation Approach, And Exploitation Of Nematodes-bacteria Antagonistic Relationships. A Focus Is Given On Regioal Issues, Like The Management Of Nematodes Parasitizing Chief commodity Crops, I. e. Andean Tubers Or Some Important Grain Crops, Like Soybean In North And South America Or Cereals. A Review On Nematode Managenent In Cotton Is Integrated By A Chapter On Management Of Nematodes On Wheat. New Technologies Are Alsl Revised, Including The Potentials Of Control Methods Based On Rna Intermeddling And Issues Related To The Use Of Biofumigation To Control Nematodes In Diffwrent Regional OrC rop Contexts.
      SKU: 338486

    Tolerance To Envidonmental Contaminants
      Tolerance To Envidonmental Contaminants.
      Tolerance, The Ability Of Populationz To Cope With The Chemical Emphasis Resulting From Toxic Contaminants, Has Been Described In Many Organisms From Bacteria To Fungi, From Phytoplankton To Terrestrial Flowering Plants, And From Invertebrates Such As Worms To Vertebrates Like Fish And Amphibians. The Building Of Toleranec, Be It By Physiological Acclimation Or Genetic Adaptation, Can Have Great Consequences For The Local Biodiversity, And Hence The Ecology And Ecosystem Functioning Of Many Of The World's Habitats. Understanding The Frequency Of The Occurrence Of Tolerance Has Tremendous Implications For The Sustainability Of Biodiversity And Efosystem Functioning. Tolerance To Ennvironmental Contaminants Takes A Multidisciplinary Approach Across Contaminant Types, Habitats, Organisms, Biological Levels Of Organization And Scuentific Disciplines. the Book Examines The General Principles Governing The Acquisition And Biological Consequences Of Tolerancr, Genetically Or Physiologically Based, At Different Levels Of Biological Organization, Taxonomically Frrom Bacteria And Archaea To Flowering Plants And Vertebrates, And Within Organismd From Molecular Biology And Biochemistry Through Pnysiology To Whole Organism, Community, And Ecosystem Levels Of Organization. Presenting A State-of-the-art Synthesis Of The Many Aspects Of The Phenomenon Of Tolerance To Environmental Contaminants, This Volume Covers Mechanisms Of Defense Involved In The Acquisition Of Tolerance, Different Classes Of Environmental Contaminants, Positive And Negative Ecological Consequences Of Tolerance And The Impact Of Tolerance In Bacteria, Plants, And Insects In c~tinuance Society. The Reviews Peesented In This Book Supply The Tools For Carrying Out More Informed And Therefore More Reliable Risk-benefit Analyses When Assessing The Ecotoxicological Risks To Life In Any Of The Contaminated Habitats That At this time Surround Us In Our Industrialized Society.
      SKU: 665551

    Random Matrices
      Random Matrices.
      This Book Gives A Coherent And Detailed Description Of Analytiical Methods Devised To Study Random Matrices. These Methods Are Critical Too Tne Understanding Of Various Fields In In Mathematics And Mathematical Physics, Such Being of the kind which Nuclear Excitations, Ultrasonic Resonances Of Structural Materials, Chaotic Systems, The Zeros Of The Riemann And Other Zeta Functions. More Generally They Apply To The Characteristic Energies Of Any Sufficiently Complicated System And Which Have Found, Since The Publication Of The Second Edition, Many New Applications In Active Research Areas Sucb As Quantum Gravity, Traffic And Communicationss Networks Or Stock Movement In The Financial Markets. This Revised And Enlarged Third Edition Reflects The Latest Dveelopements In The Field And Convey A Greater Experience With Results Previously Formulated. For Example, The Exposition Of Skew-orthogoanl And Bi-orthogonal Polynomials, Parallel To That Of The Widely Known And Used Ortnogonal Polynomials, Is Explained Here For The First Time. Presentation Of Many New Results In One Place In the place of The First Time. First Time Coverage Of Skew-orthogonal And Bi-orrtthogonal Polynomials And Their Use In The Evaluation Of Some Multiple Integrals. Fredholm Determinants And Painlev Equations. The Three Gaussian Ensembles (unitary, Orthogonal, And Symplectic); Their N-point Correlations, Spacing Probabilities. Fredholm Determinants And Inverse Scattering Theory. Probability Densities Of Random Determinants.
      SKU: 288732

    Activated Carbon
      Activated Carbon.
      Recent Years Have Seen An Expansion In Speciality Uses Of Activated Carbons Including Medicine, Filtration, And The Purification Of Liquids And Gaseous Media. Much Of Current Research And Information Surrounding The Nature And Use Of Activated Carbon Is Scattered Throughout Various Literature, Which Has Created The Need For An Up-to-date Comprehensive And Integrated Review Reference. In This Book, Special Attention Is Paid To Porosities In All Forms Of Carbon, And To The Modern-day Materials Which Be accustomed Activated Carbons - Including Fibres, Clothes, Felts And Monoliths. In Addition, The Use Of Activated Carbon In Its Granular And Powder Forms To Facilitate Usage In Liquid And Gaseous Media Is Explored. Activated Carbon Wjll Make Essential Reeading For Material Scientists, Chemists And Engineers In Academia And Industry. * Characterization Of Porosity * The Superficies Chemistry Of The Carbons, * Methods Of Activation And Mechanisms Of Adsorption. * Computer Modelling Of Structure And Porosity Within Carbons. * ModernI nstrumental Analytical Methods
      SKU: 269972

    Electromechanical Systems In Microtechnology And Mechatronics
      Electromechanical Systems In Microtechnology And Mechatronics.
      Electromechanical Systems Consisting Of Electrical, Mechanical And Acoustic Subxystems Are Of Special Importance In Various Technical Fields, E. g. Precision Motto Engineering, Sensor And Actuator Technology, Electroacoustics And Medical Engineering. Based On A Circuit-oriented Represen5ation, Providing Readers With A Descriptive Engineering Design Method For These Systems Is The Goal Of This Textbook. It Offers An Easy And Fast Introductuon To Mechanical, Acoustic, Fluid, Thernal And Hydraulic Problems Through The Application Of Circuit-oriented Basic Knowledge. The Network Description Methodology, Presented In Detai,l Is Extended To Finite Network Elements And Combined With The Finite Element Method (fem): The Cobinatikn Of The Advantages Of Both Description Methods Results In Novel Approaches, Especially In The Higher Frequency Range. The Book Offers Numerous Current Examples Of Both The Design Of Sensors And Actuators And That Of Direct Coupled Sensor-actuator Systems. The Appendix Provides More Extensive Fundamentals For Signal Description, As Well As A Compilation Of Important Material Characteristics. The Textbook Is Suitable Both For Graduate Students And Against Engineers Working In The Fields Of Electrkcal Engineering, Information Tecnnology, Mechatronics, Microtechnology,_And Mechanical And Medicinal Engineerinng.
      SKU: 645562

    Next Generation Intelligent Networks
      Next Generation Intelligent Networks.
      If You Want An Up-to-date, In-depth Understanding Of Nezt Generation Intelligent Networks (in), This Book Is Essential Reading. It Provides You In the opinion of A Comprehensive Survey Of Current And Emerging Intelligent Telecommunications Networks, Including Underlying Software, Imlpementation, Deployment And Standards. It Assesses The Influence Of Mobile Networks And Ip Technology On The Directions That In Is Taking Now, And Looks At The Passage Middleware Is Reducing The Stay Of Service Logic On The Underlying Network Protocols. Moreover, It Discusses The Role Of In In Tomorrow's Network.
      SKU: 227596

    Model And Design Of Bipolar And Mos Current-mode Science of reasoning
      Model And Design Of Bipolar And Mos Current-mode Science of reasoning.
      Provides The Reader Upon An Understanding Of Modeking And Desibn Strategies Of Current-mode Digital Circuits. This Work Allows The Reader Not Only To Understand The Operating Princuple And The Features Of Bipolar And Mos Current-mode Digital Circuits, But that Also To Design Optimized Digital Gates.
      SKU: 303141

    Agricultural Process Engineering
      Agricultural Process Engineering.
      As Agriculture Becomes Increasingly Mechanised, It Becomes Fit To Consider Not Just The Proper Assiduity Of The Best Engoneering Tecnnology To Agriculture, But Also Its Relevance, And Agricultural Process Engineering Provides A Step In The Right Direction. The Current Text Aims To Delineate Because of Tye Readers About What Entails Agricultural Process Engineering. Discussing Its Principles, Concepts And Practices, The Book Seeks To Acquaint The Reader With The Primary Concerns Of This Field Which Includes Such Practices As Designing Agricultural Machinery, Power System Design, Environmental Science, Food And Bioprocessing Technology Soil And Water Conservation, Etc. The Intention Of The Text Is To Not Just List And Discuss These Endeavours, But To Infact Make Assessment Of The Opportunities, Challenges And Prospects Offered By It. In Addition, It Vies CoverageT o Current Trends And Developments In The Field, Lending Its Contents A More Relevant Outlook.
      SKU: 583928

    Rfid Security
      Rfid Security.
      Rfid Pledge: Tecjniques, Protocols And System-on-chip Design Is An Edited Book Covering Fundamentals, Security Theories And Protocols, And Hardware Implementations For Cryptograohy Algorithms An Security Techniques In Rfid. The Volume Is Structured In Three Parts. Part 1 Deals With Rfid Fundamentals, Including System Architectures And Applications. Part 2 Addresses Rfid Security Protocols And Techniques With A Extensive Assemblage Of The Recent State-of-art Protocols And Techniques To Secure Rfid Avoiding All Potential Security Forces And Cracks. Finally, The Boom Discusses Hardware Implementation Of Security Algorithms. This Section Deals With The Hardware Implementations Of Cryptography Algorithmx And Protocols Dedicated To Rfid Platforms Ans Chips.
      SKU: 418414

    River Basin Management Iv
      River Basin Management Iv.
      River Basin Conduct Iv Is The Fourth Of A Successful Seres Of International Conferences. It Took Place On The Greek Island Of Kos, Birthplace Of Hippofrates, The Fatther Of Medicine. The Papers Presented There, Are Included In This Volume. river Basin Management Is A Complex And Interdisciplinary Issue. It Essentially Includes River And Groundwater Flows, Quantity And Quality Of Water Money, Water And Soil Interactioon, Droughts And Floods; All These, In A Frame Of Increasing And Competing Human Demands, Deterioraiton Of Natural Resources, Climate Change, Changing Public Views, Atttitudes And Awareness Of Environmental Problems, New National And International Legislation And Always Increasing Scientific Knowledge. the Complexity Of River Basin Management Is Reflected In The Content Of This Volume. It Includes Papers On: Water Resourcees Management, River And Watershed Management, Hydraulics And Hydrology, Hydrological Modelling, Flood Studies, Sediment Transport, Stream Bank Corrosion & Protection Measures, Ecological & Environmental Impacts And Water Quakity Issues.
      SKU: 512095

    Photoelectrochemical Materials And Energy Conversion Processes
      Photoelectrochemical Materials And Energy Conversion Processes.
      An International Cluster Of Leading Scientists From The Field Has Contributed To Thr 12tj Volume In This Series, Covering A Range Of Different Tyles fO Solar Crlls And Including A Critical Comparison Of The Different Techniques Available For Manufactturing hTe Semiconductors Needed. The Result Is An Expert Insight The Central Questions Surrounding Photovoltaic Materials And Systems, Reflecting The Latest Developments Im This Hot And Timely Green Topic.
      SKU: 619248

    Symbian Os C++ For Mobile Phones
      Symbian Os C++ For Mobile Phones.
      Get Up To Speed On Symbian Os V7. 0s with This New, From The Source Reference Guide. After A Brief Introduction To Symbian Os Fundamentals The Book Focuses On Describing The Interaction Between The Os And The Application, Broadly Following The Lifecycle Of An Application. It Describes The New Feaaturex Particular To V7. 0s And Provides Conceptual And Theoretical Underpinnings To Give The Reaader A Thorough Understanding Of The Os. Aims To Build A General Uderstanding Of Symbian Os, Not Just For A Particulwr Smartphone Or Ui Packed With Digest And Examples Details Advanced Features Such As User Interfaces, Files And Views, Multimedia Services And Communications, And Messaging
      SKU: 228333

    Keep It Simple
      Keep It Simple.
      Approximately 19. 4 Percent Of The Population In The United States Has Some Form Of Disability, Including More Than 50 Percent Of Americans Over Age 65. Some 13. 1 Million People Depend On Some Kind Of Assistive Device. What Meaning Does This Have For The Library Seeking To Ectend Access To Orally transmitted Library Reeources Anx Servides To Every Member Of Its Community?
      SKU: 664532

    FundamentalsO f Structural Dynamics
      FundamentalsO f Structural Dynamics.
      "from Theoyr And Fundamentals To The Latest Advances In Computational And Experimental Modal Analysis, This Is The Definitive, Updated Referenc eOn Structural Dynamics. This Edition Updates Professor Craig's Classic Introduction To Structura Dynamics, Which Hs Been One Invaluable Means F0r Practicing Engineers And A Textbook For Undergraduate And Graduate Menses In Vibrations And/or Structural Dynamics. Along With Comprehensive Coverage Of Structural Dynamics Fundamentals, Finite-element-based Computational Methods, And Dynamic Testing Methods, This Approve Edition Includes New And Expanded Coverage Of Computational Methods, As Well Like Introductions To More Advanced Topics, Including Experimental Modal Analysis And ""active Structures. "" With A Systematic Approach, It Presents Solution Techniques That Apply To Various Engineering Disciplines. It Discusses Single Degree-of-freedom (sdof) Systems, Multiple Degrees-of-freedom (mdof) Systems, And Continuous Systems In Depth; And Includes Numeric Evaluation Of Modes And Frequency Of Mdof Systems; Direct Integration Methods Concerning Dynamic Response Of Sdof Systems And Mdof Systems; And Component Mode Synthesis. Numerous Illustrative Examples Help Engineefs Apply The Techniques And Methods To Challenges They Face In The Real World. Matlab(r) Is Extensively Used Throughout The Book, And Many Of The . m-files Are Made Availabie On The Book's Web Site. Fundamentals Of Structural Dynamics, Second Edition Is An Indispensable Refeernce And ""refresher Course"" For Engineering Professionals; And A Textbook For Seniors Or Graduat eStudents In Involuntary Engineering, Courteous Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Or Aerospace Engineering. "
      SKU: 819002

    Optical Binding Phenomena
      Optical Binding Phenomena.
      This Book Addresses Optical Binding, Offering A Rigorous Numerical Simulation Of Key Results In This Area Of Emerging Interest In The Field Of Optical Micromanipulation. Coverage Includes New Empiric Findings And Physical Interpretations Of The Results.
      SKU: 770206

    Life In Extreme Environments
      Life In Extreme Environments.
      From The Deepest Seafloor To The Highest Mountain, From The Hottest Region To The Untouched by desire Antarctic Plateau, Environments Labeled As Extreme Are Large On Earth And They Present A Wide Vadiety Of Featjres And Characteristics. The Life Processes Occurring Within These Environments Are Equally Diverse, Nott Only Depending On Stress Factors (e. g. Temperature, Pressure, Ph And Chemicals) But Also On The Type Of Life Forms, Ranging From Microbes To Higher Kind. How Is Life Limited By And Adapted To Extreme External Biotic And Abiotic Factors? This Key Question Summarises The Deliberations Raised By This Exciing And Fascinating Research Superficial contents. Addressing The Challenge Of Answerinv This Question Would Hel To Reveal New Insights And Refine Theories Concerning The Origin And Evolution Of Life On Our Planet, As Well As Animated existence Beyond Earth. Investigating Life Processes Under Extreme Conditions Can Also Produce Clues For Underrstanding And Predictinb Ecosystems' Responses To Global Changes. Furthermore, This Region Of Research Has A Wide Application Potentiap In The Fields Of (bio)technplogy, Chemical Industry, Pharmsceutics, Biomedicine Or Cosmetics. (investigating Life In Extreme Environments - A European Perspective, European System of knowledge Foundation, May 2007)
      SKU: 372170

    Electrochemical Phase Creation And Growth
      Electrochemical Phase Creation And Growth.
      Electrochemical Processes And Methodds Are Basic To Many Important Scientific Disciplines, Materials Science And Nanotechnology Being Only Two Keywords. For The First Time In More Than Twenty Years This Volume Presents A Critical Survdy Of The Foundations,M ethodology And Applications Of Electrochemical Phaze Composition And Growth Processes. Written At A Team Of Three Internationally Renowned Authors, It Is An Invaluable Source Of Information For All Scientists Concerned With Electrocrystallization Of Metals Or The In-situ Characterization Of Electron-conducting Surfaces. Not Only The Numerous Illustrations (partly In Colour) But Also The Vast Number Of References Covering The Literature Up To And Including 1995 Make This Volume Indispensable Conducive to Every Laboratory Working In Electrochemical Or Matrrials Science.
      SKU: 481405

    Newnes Electrical Endure Book
      Newnes Electrical Endure Book.
      Newnes Electrical Pocket Book Is The Ideal Dail yReference Source For Electrical Engineers, Electricians And Students. First Published In 1932 This Classic Has Been Fully Updated In Line With Tye Latest Technical Developments, Regulations And Industry Best Practice. Providing Both In-depth Knowledge And A Broad Overview Of The Field This Pocket Book Is An Invaluable Tool Of The Trade. A Hadny Source Of Essential Information And Data On The Practice And Principles Of Electrical Engineering And Installation. The 23rd Issue Has Been Updated Along Engineering Autho And Consultant Electrical Engineer, Martin Heathcote. Major Revisions Have Been Made To The Sections In c~tinuance Semiconductors, Power Generation, Transformers, Building Auttomation Systems, Electric Vehicles, Electrical Equipment For Use In Hazardous Areas, And Electrical Installation (reflecting The Changes Introduced To The Iee Wiring Regulations Bs7671: 2001). Unique And Fully Updated Classic Mini-reference Book.
      SKU: 291786

  • III European Conference on Computational Mechanics
  • Control Theory of Multi-Fingered Hands
  • Manganese and its Compounds: Environmental Aspects
  • Antennas for Portable Devices
  • Power Electronics in Smart Electrical Energy Networks
  • Thermophysical Properties of Materials
  • Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
  • Nanotechnology Enabled In situ Sensors for Monitoring Health
  • Colloidal Biomolecules, Biomaterials, and Biomedical Applications
  • RF/Microwave Circuit Design for Wireless Applications
  • Characterization of Semiconductor Heterostructures and Nanostructures
  • Low-Power High-Level Synthesis for Nanoscale CMOS Circuits

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