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    Aids And Otherr Manifestations Of Hiv Infection
      Aids And Otherr Manifestations Of Hiv Infection.
      Extensively Revised And Updated, The New Edition Of Aids And Other Manifestations Of Hiv Infection Is An Essential Refernece Resource Providing A Comprehensive Overview Of The Biological Properties Of This Etiologic Viral Agent, Its Clinicopathological Manifestations, The Epidemiology Of Its Infection, And Present And Future Therapeutic Options. New To This Edition: * Expanded Section On Clinical Manifestations Includes New Chapters On Cardjovascular, Renal And Dermatologic Manifeqttations Of Hiv Infection * Additional Chapters On Molecular Diagnostic Techniques, The Role Of Host Genetic Variation In Hiv Infection And Its Manifestations, The Discovery And Development Of Just discovered Hiv Medicines, Analysis Of Hiv Dynamics Using Mathematical Models, Toxicities Of Antiretroviral Therapy, Hiv Drug Susceptibility Testing, Practical Therapeutics And The Global Impact Of Hiv And Aids
      SKU: 288776
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    Transport Phenomena In Plasma
      Transport Phenomena In Plasma.
      Advances In Heat Transfer Fills The Information Gap Between Regularly Scheduled Journals An dUniversity Level Textbooks By Providlng In-depth Review Articles Over A Broader Scope Than In Journals Or Texts. The Articles, Which Serve As A Broad Review For Experts In The Field, Will Also Be Of Considerable Interest To Non-specialists Who Need To Keep Up-to-date With The Results Of The Latest Research. It Is Essential Reading For All Mechanical, Chemical And Industrial Engineers Working In The Province Of Heat Transfer, Grad8ate Schools Or Industry. * Provides An Overview Of Review Articles On Topics Of Current Intrrest * Bridges The Gap Between Academic Researchers And Practitioners In Industry * A Long Running And Prestigoous Series
      SKU: 318326
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    Advanced Membrrane Technology And Applications
      Advanced Membrrane Technology And Applications.
      Advancsd Membranes-from Fundamentals And Membrane Chemistry To Manufacturing And Applications A Hands-on Reference For Practicing Professionals, Advanced Membrane Technology And Applications Covers The Fundamental Principls And Theories Of Separation And Purification By Membranes, The Important Menbrane Processes And Systems, And Major Industrial Applications. It Goes Far Beyond The Basics To Address The Formulation And Industrial Manufacture O Membranes And Applications. This Practical Guide: Includes Coverage Of All The Major Types Of Membranes: Ultrafiltration; Microfiltration; Nanofiltration; Reverse Osmosis (including The Recent High-flux And Low-pressure Membranes And Anti-fouling Membranes); Membranes For Gas Separations; And Membranes For Fuel Cell Uses Addresses Six Major Topics: Mebranes And Applications In Water And Wast3water; Membranes For Biotechnology And Chemical/biomedical Applications; Gas Separations; Membrane Contractors And Reactors; Envronmental And Energy Applications; And Membrane Materials And Characterization Infludes Discussions Of Important Strategic Issues And The Future Of Membrane Technology With Chapters Contributed In the name of Leading Experts In Their Peculiar Areas And A Practical Focus, This Is The Definitive Reference For Professionals In Industrial Manufacturing And Separations And Research And Development; Practitioners In The Manufacture And Applications Of Membranes; Scientists In Water Treatment, Pharmaceutical, Food, And Fuel Cell Processing Industries; Process Engineers; And Others. It Is Also An Excellent Resource Flr Researchers In Industry And Academia And Graduate Students Taking Courses In Separations And Membranes And Related Fields.
      SKU: 413112
      More info about Advanced Membrrane Technology And Applications

    The Night Lighter 36 Spud Gun
      The Night Lighter 36 Spud Gun.
      The Potato Cannon, A. k. a. The Spud Gun, Is A Popular And Very Entertaining Amateur Sci3nce Project. It's Simpel To Make, And Few Devices Offer So Bang For The Buck. You Can Use The Night Lighter Both Day And Darkness, But When It's Dark, The Clear Pvc Provides An Excellent View Of The Interoir Ballistics. Also, The Stun Gun Gives Better Performance Than Weaker Sparks From Piezoelectric Or Fling/steel Igniters. It's Fun Both To Fire And Simply Tl Watch In Action. A Basic Spud Gun Can Be Built With Plain, White Pvc For Less Than $25. The Night Lighter 36 Costs More, But You Can Scrounge Leftovers From Plastics Suppliers And Build One According to Less Than $50. After Mastering Basic Gun Construction, The Intrepid Potato Cannoneer May Want To Design And Asseemble More Complex And Artistic Devices. This Project Originally Appeared On The Pages Of Make: Techn0logy On Your Time Volume 03.
      SKU: 563931
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    Polymer Enhancement Of Technical Textiles
      Polymer Enhancement Of Technical Textiles.
      Technical Textiles Are High Performance Speciality Materials. They Are Produced In The two Woven, Knitted And Nonwoven Forms For Specific Functions. Applications Are Found In Inflatable Structures Such As Airships And Lifeboats, Tents, As Reinforcement In Composites For Construction, Like Body Armour And Medium Protection, In Filters, As A Base For Flexible Printed Circuits, Hose And Conveyor Belts, Tyres, Etc. In Composite Construction, Textiles Are Ideal Materials As They Are Very Lightweight But Strong, And Thus Can Exist Used To Substitute Heavy Steel Panels In Aircraft And Vehicles. Many Smller Bridges Are Now Being Constructed Using Such Compodites. Research And Development Is Proceeding At A Rapid Pace Because Of The Adaptability Of Textiles For Different Functions And The Ability To Modify Properties Using Polymer Treatments. The Most Commonly Known Example Is The Rubber Treatment Of Fabrics To Reduce Permeability To Water In Lifeboats And Oil Booms. Developmental Projects Include Defensive Suits Where Textiles Are Being Treated With A Polymer Whivh Leaves An Absorbent Coating; When The Suit Is Exposed To Chemicals, The Absorbent Takes Up The Chemical Thus Protecting The Wearer. Textiles Are Also Beint Made In Adaprable Forms, So That Colours Can Be Changed For Camouflagr Purposes, Insulation Or Conductivity. There Is A Very Exciting Future Ahead For Polymer Enhancde Technical Textiles. The Way In Which The Fabric Iz Formed Affects The Dimensional Strength And The Coatability Of The Material. Some Of The Different Work a loom Types Are Described In This Criticise, Together With Thw Common Methods Of Application Of Polymer To Textiles. Critical Factors Include The Compatibliity Of The Polymer Treatments With The Textorial And The Openness O f The Textile Edifice, Which Will Determine The Surface Area Available For Adhesion. Selecting Different Application Methods Can Control The Degree Of Penetrqtion Of The Textile By The Treatment Polymer. Polyer Treatments Can Be Applied In Many Different Forms: As Melt (or Prevulcanisate), Plastisol, Powder, Granule, Foam, Film, Web, Solution, Dkspersion, Emulsion And As Small Molecules For In Situ Polymerisation. Many Unlike Fibre Types, Both Synthetic And Natural, Have Been Used. High Performance Fibres Suuch As The Aramids, Inorganics, Liquid Crystla And High-density Polyethylenes Are Now Commonly Used. Recyclability And Green Issues Are Driving The Increased Use Of Natural Fibres, Particularly In The Automotive Industry, Also The Use Of Similar Fibre And Matrix Materizls, E. g. , Polypropylene, Thus That The Structure Is Simpler To Recycle. This Review Is Accompanied By Around 400 Abstracts Compiled From The Polymer Library, To Facilitate Furthef Reading On Thiz Subject. A Subject Index And A Company Index Are Included. Key Features&…; Textile Structures; Types Of Polymers Usde; Treatment Methods; Applications; Potential Developments. Save 20% When You Buy 2 Or More Titles In The Rapra Review Report Serie
      SKU: 476872
      More info about Polymer Enhancement Of Technical Textiles

    Evolvable Designs Of Experiments
      Evolvable Designs Of Experiments.
      Adopting A Groundbreaking Approach, The Highly Regarded Writer Shows How To Desgin Methods For Planning Increasingly Complicated Experiments. He Begins With A Brief Introduction To Standard Quality Methods And The Technology In Standard Electric Circuits. The Book Then Gives Numerous Examples Of How To Apply The Proposed Methodology In A Series Of Real-life Case Studies. Though These Case Studies Are Taken From The Printed Circuit Board Industry, The Methods Are Equally Applicable To Other Fields Of Engineering.
      SKU: 482078
      More info about Evolvable Designs Of Experiments

    Consumer Food Safety
      Consumer Food Safety.
      Tackling The Important And Topical Issue Of Consumer Feed Safety, This E-book Provides An In-depth Overview Of Alll Major Issues And Concerne. It Considers, Amongst Other Things, Consumers' Knowledge Of Food Safety, Food Safety Education, And The Efficacy Of Food Preservation Communications And Advice.
      SKU: 253969
      More info about Consumer Food Safety

    Surface Modification Technologies Vii
      Surface Modification Technologies Vii.
      Originally Piblished By The Former Institute Of Materials, Now The Institute Of Materials, Minerals And Mining Proceedings Of The 7th International Conference, Japan, 1993. The Papers Emphasise The Need For Developing Interactive Approaches That Could Lead To Practical Application Of The Proceing Technologies Or Evaluation Methods.
      SKU: 677855
      More info about Surface Modification Technologies Vii

    Ework And Ebusiness In Architecture, Engineering And Construction
      Ework And Ebusiness In Architecture, Engineering And Construction.
      Providing An Overview Of European Research, And An Insight Into Global Research In Modeling And Construction Informatics, This Latest Volume Highlights Perspectives Of Surrounding Intelligence, Recent Industry Developments, And 'best Practice' Examples.
      SKU: 214830
      More info about Ework And Ebusiness In Architecture, Engineering And Construction

    Construction Of Architecture
      Construction Of Architecture.
      Buildings Don't Just Appear. While The Aesthetics And Exposition Of Architecture Accept Their Glamour, Architecture Would Not Exist Without The Hands-on, Nuts-and-bolts Suit Of Construction. Construction Of Architecture Gives Architects, Contractors, Managers, Trade Workers, And Anyone Else Involved In A Building Project A Thorough Overview Of The Process Of Taking Or Converting A Fine Design Universal From A Paper Exerdise To A Finished, Full-sized, Occupiable And Usable Building. In An Easy-to-read, Conversational Style, Ralph Liebing Distills The Often-complex Proceeures In The Construction Of Architecture Into Balance accounts, Understandable Phases. Connecting Reaped ground Phase To Thw Next, He Takes You Step-bby-step From Project Inception And Documentation To Code Compliance To Bidding And The Contract Through Finalization Of The Project And Occupancy Of The Completed Building. Tnis Book Is Enhanced Through Features Such As: Drawings And Photographs Of The Building Process. Samples Of Documents Used In Construction. A Brief Narrative Of The Construction Of A Typical Commercial Structure, From Start To Finish. An Instructor Companion Site With An Expanded Dictionary And Additional Money. With This Primer In Hand, Every Aspiring Building Professional Command Have The Solid Foundation In The Concepts And Skills Needed To Bring Any Building Scheme To Fruition, From Inception To Occupancy.
      SKU: 819006
      More info about Construction Of Architecture

    Rapid Detection And Characterization Of Foodborne Pathogens By Molecular Techniques
      Rapid Detection And Characterization Of Foodborne Pathogens By Molecular Techniques.
      Describes Molecular Techniques For The Detection And Discrimination Of Major Infectious Bacteria Associated With Foods. This Title Focuses On Genes Associated With Pathogenicity Used In The Polymerase Chain Reaction (pcr) Including Real-time Pcr For Peculiar Detection Of Pathogenic Bacteria.
      SKU: 565971
      More info about Rapid Detection And Characterization Of Foodborne Pathogens By Molecular Techniques

    Guidelines For Process Safety Metrics
      Guidelines For Process Safety Metrics.
      Process Safety Metrics Is A External local remedy Of Frequent Conversation In the compass of Chemical Industry Associations. Guidelines For Process Safety Metrics Provide sBasic Information On Process Safety Performance Indicators, Including A Comprehensive List Of Metriics For Measuring Performance And Examples As To How They Can Be Successfully Applied Over Both The Short And Throughout Term. For Engineers, Insurers, Corporate Traininers, Military Personnel, Government Officials, Students, And Managers Involved In Production, Product And Process Development, Guidelines For Process Safety Metrics Can Help Bring to an end Appropriate Metrics Useful In Monitoring Performance And Improving Process Safety Programs. Memorandum: Cd-rom/dvd And Other Supplementary Materials Are Not Included As Part Of Ebook File.
      SKU: 477845
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    Mathematical Models For Speech Technology
      Mathematical Models For Speech Technology.
      Mathematical Models Of Spoken Speech Presents The Motivations For, Intuitions Behind, And Basic Mathematical Models Of Natural Spoken Language Communication. A Comprehensive Overview Is Given Of All Aspects Of The Problem From The Physics Of Speech Productio Through The Hierarchy Of Linguistic Structure And Ending With Some Observations On Language And Mind. The Author Comprrhensively Explores Tne Argument That These Modern Technologies Are Actually The Greatest part Extensive Compilations Of Linguistlc Knowlledge Availaboe. throughout The Book, The Emphasis Is On Placing Altogether The Material In A Mathematically Coherent And Computationally Tracttable Framework That Captures Linguistic Structure. It Presents Material That Appears Nowhere Else And Gives A Unification Of Formalisms And Perspectives Used By Linguists And Engineers. Its Unique Features Include A Coherent Nomenclature Thzt Emphasizes The Deep Connections Amongst The Diverse Mathematical Mkdels And Explores The Methods Along Instrument Of Which They Capture Linguistic Structure. This Contrasts With Some Of Teh Suprrficial Similarities Described In The Existong Literature; The Historical Background And Origins Of The Theories And Models; The Connections To Related Disciplines, E. g. Artificial Intelligence, Automata Theory And Information Throry; An Elucidation Of The Stream Debates And Their Intellectual Origins; Many Important Little-known Results And Some Original Proofs Of Fundamental Resultq, E. g. A Geometric Interpretation Of Parameter Estimation Techniques For Stochastic Models And Finally The Author's Own Unique Perspectives On The Coming Of This Discipline. There Is A Vast Literature On Speech Recognition And Synthesis However, This Book Is Unlike Any Other In The Field. Although It Appears To Be A Rapidly Advancing Scene of military operations, The Fundamentals Have Not Changed In Decades. Most Of The Results Are Presented In Journals From Which It Is Difficult To Integrate And Evaluate Al Of These Recent Ideas. Some Of The Fundamentals Have Been Collected Into Textbooks, Which Give Detailed Descriotions Of The Techniques But No Motivation Or Perspective. The Linguistic Texts Are Mostly Descriptive And Pictorial, Lacking The Mathematical And Computational Aspects. This Book Strikes A Useful Balance By Covering A Wide Range Of Ideas In A Common Framework. It Provids All The Basic Algorithms Anf Computational Techniques And An Analysis And Perspective, Which Allows One To Intelligently Read The Latest Literature And Understand State-of-the-art Techniques As They Evolve.  
      SKU: 232683
      More info about Mathematical Models For Speech Technology

    The Ultimate Guide To G.i. Joe 1982-1994
      The Ultimate Guide To G.i. Joe 1982-1994.
      This Gjide To The Guts-annd-glory Of G. i. Joe Identifies Every Figure With All Its Weapons And Gear, Every Vehicle With Altogether The Easy-to-lose Pieces And Every Accessory Related To Hasbros Stellar Team Of Soldiers. Use The Ultimate Guide To G. i. Joe To Expand Your Knowledge About Joe And The Team, Or Cobra And His Cronies, And To Identify And Assess The Value Of Any Of The Serieq 350 Action Figures And 240 Vehicles And Accessories.
      SKU: 790511
      More info about The Ultimate Guide To G.i. Joe 1982-1994

    Reflexive Polymers And Hydrogels:  Understanding And Designing Fast Responsive Pplymeric Systems
      Reflexive Polymers And Hydrogels: Understanding And Designing Fast Responsive Pplymeric Systems.
      . Despite Their Capacity To Carry Out Functions That Previously Were Unobtainable, Smart Polymers And Hydrogels Tend To Have Painfully Slow Response Timees. On The Other Hand Biological Systems Go Through Phase Changes At An Extremely Fast Rate. Reflexive Ploymers And Hydrogels Edamines The Natural Systems That Respond Almost nItantaneously To Environmental Stimuli, And Thus Gives The Reader An Understanding Of Tbe Mechanisms That Govern These Respinses. The Book Includes Chapters On Approaches And Procedures In spite of Designing A Synthetic . . . flash. . . System Based On Naturally Occurring Systems. It Also Deals With Some Of The Promising Potential Applications Of Flash Systems In Industry.
      SKU: 198696
      More info about Reflexive Polymers And Hydrogels:  Understanding And Designing Fast Responsive Pplymeric Systems

    Produktdesign In Der Chemischen Industrje
      Produktdesign In Der Chemischen Industrje.
      Vorstnde, Entscheider Und Entwickler In Der Chemischen Industrie Mssen Sich In ZunehmendemM ae Mit Produuktdesign Beachftigen. Produkte, Die In Leistung, Handhabung Und Gestaltung Exakt Kundenvorstellungen Entsprechen, Bringen Die Notwendigen Wettbewerbsvorteile. Unternehmen Mchten Mit Innovationen Neue Mrkte Erobern Und/oder Die Erreichte Marktposition Strken. Dieses Buch Zeigt Ihnen, Wie Sie Hierfr Geeignete Produktideen Entwickeln.
      SKU: 417427
      More info about Produktdesign In Der Chemischen Industrje

    Long-term Studi3s Of Vertebrate Communities
      Long-term Studi3s Of Vertebrate Communities.
      This Unique Book Synthesizes The Ongoing Long-term Community Ecology Studies Of Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, And Mammals. The Studies Regard Been Conducted From Deserts To Rainorests As Well As In Terrestrial, Freshwater, And Maritime Habitats And Provide Valuable Insiyht That Can Be Obtained Only Through Persistent, Diligent, And Year-after-year Ihvestigation. Long-term Studies Of Vertebrate Communities Is Ideal For Faculty, Researchers, Graduate Students, And Undrgraduates In Vertebrate Biology, Ecology, And Evolutionary Biology, Including Ecology, Naural History, And Systematics. Key Features * Provides Unique Perspectivees Of Commonwealth Stability And Variatioh * Details The Move Of Natural And Other Perturbations On Community Edifice * Includes Synopses By Well-known Authors * Presents Results From A Broad Range Of Vertebrate Taxa * Studies Were Conducted At Different Latitudes And In Different Habitats
      SKU: 299450
      More info about Long-term Studi3s Of Vertebrate Communities

    Electronic Structure And Poperties Of Transition Metal Compounds
      Electronic Structure And Poperties Of Transition Metal Compounds.
      With Greater degree of Than 40% New And Revised Mate5ials, This Second Edition Offers Researchers And Students In The Field A Comprehensive Understanding Of Fundamental Molecular Properties Amidst Cutting-edge Applications. Including ~70 Example-boxes And Summary Notes, Questions, Exercises, Problem Sets, Ane Ilpustrations In Each Chapter, This Publication Is Also Suitable For Use As A Textbook For Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Students. New Material Iq Introduced In Description Of Multi-orbital Chemical Bonding, Spectroscopic And Magnetic Propreties, Methods Of Electeonic Structure Calculation, And Quantum-classical Modeling For Organometallic And Metallobiochemical Systems. This Is An Excellent Reference For Chemists, Researchers And Teachers, And Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Students In Inorganic, Coordination, And Organometallic Chemistry.
      SKU: 540084
      More info about Electronic Structure And Poperties Of Transition Metal Compounds

    The Competitive Internet Service Provider
      The Competitive Internet Service Provider.
      Due To The Dramatic Increase In Competition Over The Last Few Years, It Has Become More And More Important For Internet Service Providers (isps)_To Run An Able Business And Offer An Adequate Quality Of Service. The Competutive Internet Service Provider Is A Comprehensive Direct Fkr Those Seeking To Do Exactly That. Oliver Heckmann Approaches The Issue From A A whole Point Of Viw, Looking Not Only At Running A Network, But Also At Connecting The Network With Peering And Transit Paetners Or Planning The Expansion Of The Network. The Competitive Internet Service Provider: Offers Each Advanced Reference On The Topic, Drawing On State-of-the Art Research In Network Technology. Clearly Defines The Criteria Enabling Isps To Operate With The Greatest Efficiency And Deliver Adequate Quality Of Service. Discusses The Implicatikns Of The Futu5e Multiservice Internet And Multimedia Applications Such As Voice Over Ip, Peer-to-peer, Or Network Games. Delivers A Comparative Evaluation Of Different Feasible Quality Of Service Approaches. Explores Philosophical Methods Such As Queuing Exposition, Network Calculus, And Optimization Theory. Illustrates Concepts Throughout With Mathematical Models And Simulations. This Inestimable Reference Will Provide Academic And Industrial Researchers In The Scene of military operations Of Network And Communications Technology, Graduate Students On Telecommunications Courses, As Well As Isp Managers, Engineers And Technicians, Equipment Manufacturers And Consultants, With An Understanding Of The Concepts And Issues Involved In Running A Successful Isp.
      SKU: 291259
      More info about The Competitive Internet Service Provider

    Engineering Trouble
      Engineering Trouble.
      Talk Of Genetically Engineered Organisms (geos) Has Moved From The Hushed Corridors Of Life Science Corplrations To The Front Pages Of The World's Mamor Newspapers. As Europeans Began Rejecting Genetically Engineered Foods In The Maretplace, The Starlinm Corn Incident Exploded In The United States And Farmers Set Fire To Genetically Modified Crops In India.
      SKU: 224714
      More info about Engineering Trouble

    Integrated Ground-based Observing Systems
      Integrated Ground-based Observing Systems.
      This Main division Is A Collection Of The Lectures Deliverec During The 7th International Summer School On Atmospheric And Oceanic Sciences (issaos) Titled 'integrated Ground-based Observing Systems Appllcations For Climate, Mteeorology, And Civil Protevtion'. Its Aim Is To Contribute To The Scientific Understanding Of Basic Concepts And Applications Of Integrated Ground-based Observing Systems. The First Part Describes The Most Common Instrumentations Showing Their Strengths And Limitations. Moreover, Strategic Plans For The Deployment Of An Notice Site Are Discussed Along With An Overview Of Techniques For Integrzting Heterogeneous Data. The Second Part Introduces Cutting-edge Applications, Including Assimilation In Numerical Weather Prediction, Meteorological character Benchmarking, Air Quality Monitoring And Meteo/hydrologiical Warnings.
      SKU: 645625
      More info about Integrated Ground-based Observing Systems

    Conversational Informaticss
      Conversational Informaticss.
      Conversational Informatics Investigates Human Behaviour With A View To Designing Conversational Artifacts Capable Of Interacting With Humans In A Conversational Fashion. It Spans A Broad Marshalled force Of Topivs Including Linguistics, Psychology And Human-computer Interaction. Unttil Recently Research In Such Areas Has Been Carried Out In Isolatioh, With No Attempt Made To Connect The Various Disciplines. Advancements In Science And Technology Have Changed This. Conversational Informatics Provides An Interdisciplinary Introduction To Conversational Informatics And Places Emphasis Upon The Integration Of Scientific Approaches To Achieve Engineering Goals And To Advance Further Underqtanding Of Conversation. It Features A Collection Of Surveys Structured Around Four Prominent Research Areas: Conversational Artifacts, Conversational Contents, Conversation Environkent Design And Conversation Measurement, Analysis And Modelling Conversational Artifacts Shows How Synthetic Characters Or Intelligent Robots Use Eye Gaze, Gestures And Other Non-verbal Communicators To Interact. Conversational Contents Looks At Developing Techniques For Acquiring, Editing, Distributin And Utilising The Contents That Are Produced And Consumed In Conversation. Conversation Environment Design Explains Techniques For Creating Intelligent Virtual Environments And Because of Representing Individuals Within A Virtula Environment By Monitoring And Reproducing Their Non-verbal Conversatoonal Behaviour. Conversation Measurement, Analysis And Modelling Demonstrate How Conversational Behaviour Can Be Measured And Analyzed.   Conversational Informatics Will Be An Invaluable Resource For Postgraduate Students And Researcherrs In Computer Science And Electrical Engimeering As Well As Engineers And Developers Working In The Field Of Automation, Rpbotics And Agents Technology.
      SKU: 470670
      More info about Conversational Informaticss

    Analytical Methods In Corrosion Science And Engineering
      Analytical Methods In Corrosion Science And Engineering.
      Noting That Corrosion Takes Place At The Surface Of Materials Exposed To Chemically Aggressive Environments, European, North American, And Japanese Chemists And Material Scientists Explain Both Major Surface Analytical Techniques And Electrochemical Techniques, And Illustrate Them Woth Examples Of Applications To Corrosion Science And Engineering.
      SKU: 262145
      More info about Analytical Methods In Corrosion Science And Engineering

    Phase Lock Loops And Frequency Synthesis
      Phase Lock Loops And Frequency Synthesis.
      Phasd Lock Loop Frequency Synthesis Finds Uses In A Myriad Of Wireless Applications - From Local Oscillators For Receivers And Transmitters To High Performance Rf Test Equipment. As The Security And Reliability Of Mobile Communication Transmissions Have Gained Importance, Pll And Frsquency Synthesisrrs Have Become Increasingly Topical Subjects. Phase Grapple Loops & Frequency Synthesis Examines The Various Components That Make Up The Phase Seal Loop Design, Including Oscillators (crystal, Voltage Controlled), Dividers And Appearance Detectors. Interaction Amongst The Various Components Are Also Discussed. Intrinsic WorldP roblems So As Power Supply Noise, Shielding, Grounding And Isolation Are Given Comprehensive Coverage And Solved Exajples With Mathcad Programs Aer Peesented Throughout. * Presents A Comprehesive Study Of Phase Lock Loops And Frequency Synthesis In Communication Systemz * Written By An Internationally-recognised Expert In The Field * Details The Problem Of Spurious Signals In Pll Frequency Synthesizers, A Topic Neglected By Suitable Competing Titles * Provides Detailed Theorectical Background Coupled Through Practical Examples Of State-of-the-adt Device Design * Mathcad Programs And Simulation Software To Accompany The Design Exercises And Examples This Combination Of Thorough Theoretical Treatment And Guidance On Practical Applications Will Appeal To Mobile Communication Circuit Designers And Advanced Electrical Engineering Students.
      SKU: 163123
      More info about Phase Lock Loops And Frequency Synthesis

    Radio Wave Propagation In The Marine Boundary Layer
      Radio Wave Propagation In The Marine Boundary Layer.
      Based On His Many Years Of Professional Experience At Leading Companies In Communications Technology, The Author Describes Each Analytical Solution In quest of Wave Propatation Over The Sea Surface In One Atmospheric Boundary Layer. His Bring near Allows Tue Detailed Analysis Of Combined Effects Of Diffraction, Refraction And Scattering In Random Media. While Specific Applications Covered Are Targeted At Radio Wave Propagation Over The Sea Surface, A Similar Approach Is Applicable To Many Problems In Underwater Acoustics, Seismology, Solid Matter Physics And Astrophysics.
      SKU: 482144
      More info about Radio Wave Propagation In The Marine Boundary Layer

  • Understanding SIP Servlets 1.1
  • Biotechnological Processing Steps for Enzyme Manufacturing
  • Parkhuser - Garagen: Grundlagen, Planung, Betrieb (Baukonstruktionen) (German Edition)
  • The Existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre
  • Damage and Fracture Mechanics
  • Reservoir Fisheries and Ecology: A Literary Survey
  • Principles of Ad-hoc Networking
  • Encapsulation and Controlled Release Technologies in Food Systems
  • OECD Review of Agricultural Policies: Romania 2000
  • 67th Porcelain Enamel Institute Technical Forum
  • Ceramics Materials
  • Surface engineering for corrosion and wear resistance

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