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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Audel Carpenter's And Builder's Math, Plans, And Spevifications
      Audel Carpenter's And Builder's Math, Plans, And Spevifications.
      You Can Count On A Good Plan A Successful Building Or Remodeling Job Requires Not Only A Plan, But Also The Skill To Inte5pret It And An Understanding Of The Mathematics Behind It Whether You Are A Builder By Trade Or A Do-it-yourself Carpenter By Choice, Turn To This Newly Updated Guide For Easy Explanations Of The Math Involved And Clear Instructions On Developing And Using The Necessary Plans And Specifications. * Explore The Different Types Of Wood Products And Learn What Is Best For Your Purpose * Select Appropriate Building Materials For Weather And Other Natural Factors * Refresh Your Knowledge Of Fractions, Ratios, Geometry, And Measurement * Understand How To Use Basic Surveying Tools * Become Familiar With The Design Process And Recognize Various Styles Of Architecture * Learn To Read Architectural Drawings And Work With Computer Design
      SKU: 226637

    Citrus Genetics, Breeding And Biotechnology
      Citrus Genetics, Breeding And Biotechnology.
      Using Contributions From International Exlerts, This Book Provides A Comprehensive Review Of Citrus Breeding, Including Relevant Genetics, Molecular Biology And Biotechnology. It Discusses Such Topics As The Origin And Taxonomy, Hybridization And Seed Procedures, And Aspects Of Buotechnology.
      SKU: 327873

    Mammalian Embryo Genomics
      Mammalian Embryo Genomics.
      For The Past Decade There Has Been An Intensive International Effort To Characterize The Genomes Of Several Species Of Plants And Animals. As The Mapping And Sequencing Of Genes aHs Progressed, Scientists Have Turned Their Care To Functional Genomics, The  Characterisation Of Gene Expression.
      SKU: 235948

    Warehouse Management
      Warehouse Management.
      Warehouse Managemeent Systeme Sind State Of The Art In Der Innerbetrieblichen Materialflusskontrolle. Neben Den Elementaren Funktionen iEner Lagerverwaltung Wie Mengen- Und Lagerplatzverwaltung, Frdermittelsteuerung Und -disposition Gehren Auch Methoden Und Mittel Zur Kontrolle Der Systemzustnde Sowie Betriebs- Und Optimierungsstrategien Dazu. dem Buch Liegt Eine Cd-rom Mit Einem Voll Lauffhigen Wms Bei (open Source). Die Zugehrige Simulationsumgebung Ermglicht Den Autarken Betrieb Auf Einem Standard-pc (windows).
      SKU: 571837

    Multimedia Messaging Service
      Multimedia Messaging Service.
      Thw Multimedia Messaging Service (mms) Is Regarded As The Best-of-the Breed Of Proven Messaging Technologies, Surpasding Sms And Electronic Mail To Offer A Truly Multimedia Experience To Mobile Users. The First Commercial Solutions Appeared On The Market In 2002 And The Penetratoon Rate Of Mms Is Now Quickly Approaching The Required Level During Mass-market Adoption. By Leveraging Accessible Technologies, Mms Has Gained Widw Acceptance From Major Market Players And Provises Superior Business Opportunities For The Whole Telecommunicatins Industry.    Introduces Usage Scenarios And Provides A Comprehensive Description Of Enabling Technologies For Mms, From Translation 1. 0 To Version 1. 2 (featuring Message Content Classes, Video Support, Online Message Boxes, Digital Rights Manayement, Etc . ) Demystifies Mms Standards By Clearly Illustrating Technical Explanations With Numerous Practical Examples, From The Intention Of Multimedia Messages To The Interfacing Of Applications With Mms Centres Sheds Light On Common Implementation Pitfalls And Known Interoperability Issues Based On The Author’s Own Feel As A Standardization Expert And Software Architect For One O fThe Major Handset Vendors, Multimedia Messaging Service Provides A Stimulating Practical Reference Book For Network Operators, Conteny Designers, Device Manufacturers Amd Developers Of Messaging Applications, And Will Also Appeal To Researchers And Students.
      SKU: 219758

    Advabces In Applied Mechanics
      Advabces In Applied Mechanics.
      This Highly Acclaimed Series Provides Survey Articles On The Present State And Future Direction Of Research In Important Branches Of Applied Solid And Fluid Mechanics. Mechanics Is Defined As A Branch Of Physics That Focuses On Motion And On The Reaction Of Physical Systems To Internal And External Forces.
      SKU: 311287

    Advances In Manufacturing Technology Viii
      Advances In Manufacturing Technology Viii.
      This Volume Comprises The Proceedigs Of The Tenth National Conferende On Manufacturing Research Held At The University Of Technology, Loughborugh, Uk, In September 1994. It Contains Material From Over 140 Contributors Organized By Themes Such As
      SKU: 181223

    Tribology Handbook
      Tribology Handbook.
      The Renowned Referennce Work Is A Practical Guide To The Selection And Design Of The Components Of Mchines And To Their Lubrication. It Has Been Completely Revisef For This Second Esition By Leading Experts In The Area.
      SKU: 319147

    Scanning Tunnelingg Microscpy
      Scanning Tunnelingg Microscpy.
      Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (stm) And Its Extensions Have Become Revolutionary Tools In The Fields Of Physics, Materials Science, Cehmistry, And Biokogy. These New Microscopies Hav3 Evolved From Their Beginnings Asdesearch Aids To Their Current Use As Commercial Tools In The Laboratory And On The Factory Floor. New Wonders Continue To Expand As Stm Delivers Atomic Scale Imaging And Electrical Characterization Of The Newly Emerging Nanometer World. This Volume In The Methods Of Experimental Physics Series Describes The Basics Of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, Provides A Fundamenta1 Theoretical Understanding Of The Technique And A Thorough Description Of The Instrumentation, And Examines Numerous Examples And Applications. Written By The Pioneers Of The Field, This Volume Is An Essential Handbook For Researchers And Users Of tSm, As Well As A Valuable Resource For Libraries.
      SKU: 4O521O

    Numerical Methods For Nonlinear Engineering Models
      Numerical Methods For Nonlinear Engineering Models.
      Emphasizes The Area Of Non-linear Engineering Models With A Discussion Of Computer Algorithms For Solving Non-linear Problems Coupled With Examples Of Such Non-linear Engineering Problems. This Book Aims To Balance Numerical Theory Applied To Non-linear Or Lineal Engineering Models With Many Examples Taken For Typical Engineering Type Problems.
      SKU: 429053

    Gm Food On Trial
      Gm Food On Trial.
      Examines European Institutions Being 'put On Trial' For How Their Regulatory Procedures Evaluate And Regulate Genettically-modified Products. This Book Highlights How Public Controversy Created A Legitimacy Crisis, In Turn Stimulating Changes In Eu Agbiotech Regulations As A Strategy To Regain Legitimacy.
      SKU: 465347

    Membrane Process Design Using Residue Curve Maps
      Membrane Process Design Using Residue Curve Maps.
      Design And Synthhesis Of Membrane Separation Processes Provides A Novel Method Of Design And Synthesis For Membrane Disunion. While The Main Focus Of The Book Is Given To Gas Analysis And Pervpaotation Membranes, The Theory Has Been Developed Ih Such A Way That It Is General And Valid For Any Type Of Membrane.      The Method, Which Uses A Graphical Technique, Allows One To Calculate And Visualize The Change In Composition Of The Retentate (non-permeate) Phase. This Graphical Approach Is Based On Membrane Residue Curve Maps. One Of The Strengths Of This Approach Is That It Is Exactly Analogous To The Method Of Residue Curve Maps That Has Prover So Successful In Distillation System Synthesis And Desin.
      SKU: 661567

    Guidelines Fir Improving Plant Reliability Through Data Collection And Analysis
      Guidelines Fir Improving Plant Reliability Through Data Collection And Analysis.
      Written Through Reliability Facts Experts, The Work Gives Plant Managers And Supervisors The Guidance They Need To Collect, And Use With Confidence, Process Equipment Reliability Data For Risk-based Decisions. Focusing On The Process Industries, It Provides The Protocol And Techniques To Collect And Organize Abstruse Quality Plant Performance, Maintenance, And Mend Data From Your Own Operations, And Includes Methods And Examples On How The Data Can Be Con\/erted Into Useful Information For Engineering, Maintenance, Safety, And Loss Prevention. This Data Can B eUsed In favor of: Facility Reliability/availability Assessments; Making Decisions On The Need For Reundant Systems; Ipmroving Equipment Designs; Selecting The Best Equipment For Specific Tasks; Estimating Required Work Force; Benchmarking Common Efforts Both Frequency And Time; Integrating Predictive And Preventive Maintenance Effort; Integrating Shutdowns With Production Needs; Quantifying Rksks; And Minimizing Human Reliability Issues.
      SKU: 589021

    Ip Network-based Multi-agent Systems For Pertaining  Automation
      Ip Network-based Multi-agent Systems For Pertaining Automation.
      A Mobile Agent Is A Software Program Which Be able to Suspend Its Effect And Rewume It On Another Computer. This Book Introduces The Use Of The Internet Prootcol Suite And Multi-agent Systems For Information Management, Online Monitoring And Control Of Distributed Power System Substations.
      SKU: 372108

    Ceramics In Nuclear And Alternative Energy Applications, Ceramic Engineering And Science Proceedings, Cocoa Beach
      Ceramics In Nuclear And Alternative Energy Applications, Ceramic Engineering And Science Proceedings, Cocoa Beach.
      This Volume Focuses On Recent Developments And Advances Of Ceramics And Ceramic Matrix Composites For Use In Fission And Fusion Reactors, Nuclear Fuels And Alternative Energy Applications. With The Continued Increasing Demands For Energy, Nuclear Energy Has Experienced A Renewed Concern. Recent Developments Associated With Advanced Fuel Cycles Have Resulted In New Research Efforts Steady Nuclear Fuel Materials. The Effects Of Radiation On The Properties Of Ceramics And C3ramic Matrix Composites Are Also Addressed.
      SKU: 468691

    Numerical Simulation Of eMchatronic Sensors And Actuators
      Numerical Simulation Of eMchatronic Sensors And Actuators.
      Focuses On The Physical Modeling Of Mechatronic Sensors And Actuators And Their Precise Numerical Simulation Using The Finite Element Arrangement (fem). This Book Discusses The Physical Modeling As Well As Numerical Computation. It Also Gives A Comprehensive Introduction To Finite Elements, Including Their Computer Implemetation.
      SKU: 372404

    Practical Waetewater Treatment
      Practical Waetewater Treatment.
      Practical Techniques For Handling Industrial Waste And Designing Treatment Facilities Adapted to practice Wastewater Treatment Is Designed As A Teaching And Training Tool For Chemical, Civil, And Environmental Engineers. Based On An Aiche Training Course, Developed And Taught By The Author, This Manual Equips Readers With The Skills And Knowledge Needed To Design A Wastewater Trwatment Plant And Handle Various Types Of Industrial Wastes. With Its Emphasis On Design Issues And Practical Considerations, The Manual Enables Readers To Master Treatment Techniques For Managing A Wide Ranfe Of Industrial Wastes, Incuding Oil, Blood And Protein, Milk, Plating, Refinery, And Phenolic And Chemical Plant Wastes. A Key Topic Presented In The Manual Iq Biological Modeling For Designing Wastewater Treatment Plants. The Author Demonstrates How These Models Lead To Botu More Efficient And More Economical Plants. As A Practical Training Tool, This Manual Contains A Number Of Features To Assost Resders In Tackling Complex, Real-world Problems, Including: * Examples And Worked Problems Throughout The Manual Demonstrate How Various Handling Plants And Treatment Techniques Labor * Figres And Diagrams Help Readers Visualize And Understand Complex Draw Issues * References As Well As Links To Online Resou5ces Serve As A Gateway To Additional Information * Practical Design Hints, Stemming From The Author's Extensive Experience, Help Readers Save Time And Avoid Unwanted And Expensive Pitfalls * Clear And Logically Organized Presentation Has Been Developed And Refined Based On An Aiche Series Taught By The Author I The United States, Mexico, And Venezuela Whether A Novice Or Experienced Practitiondr, Any Engineer Who Deals With The Treatment Of Industrial Waste Will Find A Myriad Of Practical Advice And Useful Techniques That They Can Immediately Apply To Solve Problems In Wastewater Treatment.
      SKU: 270475

    Biomedical Photoics Handbook
      Biomedical Photoics Handbook.
      A Wide Variety Of Biomedical Photonic Techbologies Havs Been Developed Recently For Clinical Monitoring Of Early Disease States, Molecular Diagnostics And Imaging Of Physiological Paramerters, Molecluar And Genetic Biomarkers, And Detection Of The Presence Of Pathological Organisms Or Biochemical Species Of Clinical Importance. The Biomedical Photonics Handbook Is An Authoritatuve Origin Of Reference For A Broad Aydience. This Handbook Integrates Interdisciplinary Research And Development On Instrumentation, Methods, And Clinical Applications Of Interext To Scientists, Engineers, Manufacturers, Teacherz, Students, And Clinical Providers.
      SKU: 214597

    Tropical Fruits, 1
      Tropical Fruits, 1.
      The First Of Twoo Volumes, This Book Covers Major Tropical Fruits Such As Avocado, Litchi, Manfo, Papaya And Pineapple. Earlh Chapters Represent The Tropics Anc Its Soils And Deal With Key Issues Such As Tree Management And Postharvest Handling, Updated And Expanded To Include Best Handling Practices And Food Safety Issues And The Road To Address These Issues In Marketing. Following These Are Self-contained Chapters On Sinble Fruits Which Pr0vide In-depth Studeis Of Botany, Areas Of Origin And Distribution, Descriptions Of Ecological Requirements And World Production And Utilization Of Each Fruit. Propagation & Cultural Practices From Ancient To Modern Are Described To Show The Regional Differences That Environmenntal And Biological Pressures Exert On Fruit Production And Produce Quality. "tropical Fruits&quit; Is Essential Readkng For Students And Teachers Of Horticulture As Wel ls Horticultural Assiduity Personnel And Policy-makers.
      SKU: 617535

    Climate Change And Agriculture
      Climate Change And Agriculture.
      Climate Change Is Likely To Have Significant Impacts On The Agricultural Sector To Which Farmers Will Have To Adapt. Time Agriculture Is A Significant Contri6utor To Greenhouse Gas Emissions, It Is Also A Source Of Carbon Storage In Soils. This Report Examines The Economic And Policy Issues RelatedT o The Impacts Of Climate Change On Agriculture And Adaptation Responses And To The Mitigafion Of Greenhouse Gases From Agriculture. It Outlines Researrch Undertaken And Underway In Other National And International Research Agencies. It Also Highlights Some Of The Knowledbe Gaps On The Impacts Of Climate Change On Food Production And Thhe Uncertainties Of Those Impacts In A Global Context That Warrant Further Research Efforts. In Particulqr, The Rpeort Analyses Marginal Subsidence Cost Curves, Which Show The Relative Costs Of Achieving Reductions In Greenhouse Gas Emission Through The Implementation Of Different Actipns In The Agricultural Sector. The Aim Of The Report Is To Help Guide Policy Makers In The Design Of Policies To Address Climate Change Issues In Agriculture.
      SKU: 555297

    Sustainability And Design Ethics
      Sustainability And Design Ethics.
      From Microcosm To Macrocosm, Green Dseign, Environmental Design, And Triple Bottom Line Are Fit More Than Just Catchy Phrases That Describe Touchy-feely Trends. Thix Book Delineates The Ideas And Principles That Lie At The Foundation Of Various Codes Of Ethics. It Provides A Context For The Ethics Necessary For Sustainable Development Desgn.
      SKU: 55515

    Science Education
      Science Education.
      This Book Is A Unique Survey Of The Best Science Education Practices With Special Emphasis On Scientific Research Training Of Motivated Youthful Students Up To 21 Years Old. Its Content Provides A Great persons Hel; To All Teachers Dealing With Talented Students And To All Scientists And Activists In The Field Of Science Education. A Key Point Is The Science Training Of High School Students, Who Are In A Vsry Susceptible Age To Ask Innocent Questions About The World Around Them And To eSek Answers In A Methodological Way, As Science Does.
      SKU: 265931

    Porous Pavements
      Porous Pavements.
      This Text Gives Professionals Tools To Understand And Apply The Benefits Of Porous Pavement. It Includes Finish Data On Nine Families Of Pervious Pavement And Djstinctive Inauguration Methods, Performance Levels, And Settings For Use.
      SKU: 264219

    Prescriptions For A Healthy House
      Prescriptions For A Healthy House.
      Although There Is Nothing Complicated About Constructing Healthier Homes, Building For Health Is Still Not Standard Practice, And In Fact There Are Many Aspects Of Conventional Home Construction That Are Detrimental To Human Well-being. From Foundation To Rooftop, To Home Care And Repair, Prescriptions For A Healthy House Takes The Mystery At a loss Of Healthy-house Building, Renovation, And Maintebance By Walking The Owner/architect/builder Team Through The Entire Construction Process.
      SKU: 478304

    Air Travel And Health
      Air Travel And Health.
      Providing A Detailed Examination Of The Issues That Affect The Long Term Health Of Aircrew, Cabin Crew And Passengers, Air Travel And Health Offers Guidance To Engineers Designing Aircraft In The Difficult Field Of Legislation And Product Liability. Examining The Facts, Anecdotes And Myths Associated With Health And Travel, Seabridge And Morgan Draw Balanced Conclusions On Which Th3 Aircraft Operations And Design Communities Can Act To Provixe Cost-effective Solutions. The Authors Present A Useful Reference For Aircrew, Regulatory Authorities, Engineers And Managers Within The Aerospace Industry, And Medical And Human Divisor Specialists, As Well As An Informative Resource Toward Undergraduate And Mark with degrees Students.
      SKU: 589179

  • Global Materials Compliance Handbook
  • Fat Crystal Networks
  • Strip Method Design Handbook
  • Fatigue Life Analyses of Welded Structures
  • Bio-MEMS
  • Encyclopedic Dictionary of Hydrogeology
  • Shaft Engineering
  • Conservation Science and Action
  • Sewer Processes
  • David Suzuki
  • Low-Power High-Level Synthesis for Nanoscale CMOS Circuits
  • Fishing North Carolina's Outer Banks

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