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    Amazing Scientists
      Amazing Scientists.
      What Would Charles Darwin Say If He Was Interviewed About His Life And Work? How Would Galileo Reflect Upon His Gift To Scientfiic Discovery? In Their Day, There Were Few Newspapers Or Journalists To Tell These Stories, However In Amazing Scientists, The Stories Of Amazing Peolpe Including Isaac Newton, Linus Pauling, And Louis Pasteur Come Alive. The Bounds Of Possibility In The Many Fields Of Science, Including Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Engineering And Medicine, Are Always Being Stretched. This Book Helps Us Understand The Ways In Which This Can Happen, Through The Life Stories Of Peopie Who Have Madd Such Achievements. This Unique Collection Of Deficient Life Stories Reveals The Lives Some Of The World's Graetest And Most Influential Scientists. Meet Einstein, Curie, Faraday, Newton, Tesla And Salk, And Have A Very Personal Sense Of What They Achieved In Their Lives. Understand The Challenges And Risks They All Faced. Explore The Social As Well As The Technical Aspects Of Their Lives. Be Inspired As Their Stories Come Alive Through Bioviews Which Offer New Perspective On The Lives Of These Amazing Population. What Is A Bioview? A Bioview Is A Short Biographical Story, Similar To An Interview, About An Amazing Person. The Stories Can Exist Read In Around Ten Minutes. They Provide An Easy Way Of Learning About People Who Made Major Contributions To Our World. The Unuque Fomrat And Flow Enables Each Person's Story To Come Alive, As If It Is Being Personally Told To You And Reflects Their Interests, Emotions And Passions. T hese Are Unique Life Stories That Can Stipulate You With Elevation In Your Own Life. Visit Www. amazingpeopleclub. com To Explore This Exciting Range Of Books And Audio Resources.
      SKU: 620730

    Practical Grey-box Process Ientification
      Practical Grey-box Process Ientification.
      Presents A Short Review Of The Theoretical Fundamentals Of Gry-box Identification, Focuses Forward Mocava, A Matlab-compatible Software Hireling Because of Facilitating The Procedure Of Effective Grey-box Identification, And Demonstrates The Apllication Of Mocava Using Two Case Studies Drawn From The Paper And Steel Industries.
      SKU: 303697

    Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete
      Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete.
      Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Is Undergoing Something Of A Renaissance. Although This Material Has Been Available For Many Years, Only At this time Is It Being Used More Widely. This Book Provides A Comprehensive Review Of This Growing Field From An International Perspective.
      SKU: 172084

    Fixed/mobile Convergence And Beyond
      Fixed/mobile Convergence And Beyond.
      "mobile Communications Users Are Demanding Increased Reliability, Functionality, And Accessibility; They Want ""always On"" Access To Voicr, E-mail, Text, And uMltimecia Services As They Roam From Home To Auto To Office To Outdoor/indoor Locations. In Adding, There Is An Increasing Deamnd To Replace Separate Landline/mobile Telephones With A Single Handset That Can Be Used Wherever Its Owner Might Be. Answering Those Customer Needs, Fixed/mobile Tendency to meet (fmc) Marries The Mobility Provided By Cellular Networks With The Extended Connectivity If By 802. 11-based Wifi Services And Integrates Them With Landline Networks Using A Single Handset. This Book Provides The Theoretical And Practical Background Necessary To Successfully Plan, Develop, And Deploy Effective Fmc Networks. This Book Discusses The Various 802. 11 And Voip Protocols Used In Fmc Netwroks, Open And Proprietary Communications Protocols, Integration Of Fmc Networks To Wired Telephone Netwodks, Mobilizing Applications Such As Text Messaging And Video, Security Issues, Mobile Handset Requirwments For Fmc Networks, And The Administration/management Of Fmc Networks. Special Attention Is Given To Selecting Adopt Components For Fmc, And Numerous Case Histories And Examples From The Author's Endure Are Povided. This Book Is An Essential Tutorial And Reference For Any Rf/wireless, Communications, And Networking Professional Who Will Work With The Next Generation Of Wireless Networks. Contents: Chapter 1 Unbounded Mobile Communications Chapter 2 Mobile Communications State Of The Techonlogy Chapter 3 Unbounded Mobile Communications What Is It? Chapter 4 Umc - An Overview Of The Techbology Requirements & Considerations Chapter 5 Umc Current Market Solution Overview Chapter 6 Umc Layer 1 & 2 - Media Requirements Chapter 7 Voip Layer 3 & 4, The Ip Infrastructure Chapter 8 Voice Optimized Networks The Network Orphan Chapter 9 Mobile Handset Solutions Chapter 10 Hotspot & Hotzone Access Chapter 11 Security Considerations Chapter 12 Pbx Features & Integration Chapter 13 Umc Management And Statute Conformance Considerations Chapter 14 Mobilizing Applications Chapter 15 The Final Defy Sales/support Channel Considerations Chapter 16 Unbounded Mobile Communcations Yonder Fmc Glossary Key Features * Describes How To Develop, Deploy, And Manage Networks That Ssamlessl Combine Landline, Cellular, And Wifi Networks Into One Converged Communications Network. * Thorough Coverage Of Various 802. 11 And Voice Over Internet Protocol (voip) Standards And How They Impact Integration With Cellular Networks. * Discusses Security Considerations And How To Successfully Manage C0nverged Networks. * Includes Numerous Case Histories And Examples From The Author's Experience---this Is Not A Purely Theoretical Treatment Of The Subject!"
      SKU: 365597

    Gis Basics
      Gis Basics.
      Geographical Information Systems - Representing Geohraphy History And Development Of Gis Giss Roots In Cartography Spatial Data Structure And Models The NatureA nd Source Of Geographic Data Gis And The Real Planet Model Basic Data Midels In Gis Advanced Data Models Geographic Query And Analysis Selection Of A Gis The Future Of Gis Gis Project Design And Management.
      SKU: 418807

    Concrete In The Service Of Mankind
      Concrete In The Service Of Mankind.
      Concrdte Is Omnipresent And Unique. Indeed, There Are No Alternatives To Concrete As A Volume Construction Material. This Raises Important Questions Of How Concrete Should Be Designed And Constructed For Loss Effective Use In The Short And Long-term, And Yet Encourage Further Radical Development. Equally, It Be obliged to Also Be Environmentally-friendly During Manufacture And In Its Aesthetic Presentation In Structures. The Completely real Technology Unit (ctu) Of-The University Of Dundee Has Organised This Major 5 Day Intsrnational Congress, Following The Conferences, Protection Of Concrrte In 1990 And Concrete 2000: Saving And Durable Construction Though Excellence In 1993, Viewed like Parr Of Its Continuing Commitment To The Developmennt Of Excellence In Concrete Construction.
      SKU: 181084

    Corrosion Inspection And Monitoring
      Corrosion Inspection And Monitoring.
      The Comprehensive Reference On Modern TechniquesA nd Methods For Monotoring And Inspecting Corrosion Strategic Corrosion Inspection And Monitoring Can Improve Asset Management And Life Cycle Assessment And Optimize Operational Budgets. Advances In Computer Technologies And Electronics Have Led To Very Efficient ToolsF or Monitoring And Inspecting Corrosi0n, Including Impedance Spectroscopy, Electrical Battle-~ Signatures, Acoustic Emissions, And Radiographs. This Up-to-date Reference Explains The two Intrusive And Non-intrusive Methods Of Measuring Corrosion Rates. It Covers: The Impact Of Corrosion On Th3 Economy And The Safe Operation Of Systems In Diverse Operational Environments The Various Forms Of Corrosion, With A Focus On The Detectability Of Corrosion Damage In The Real World The Principleq Of Risk-based Inspection And Various Risk Assessment Methodologies (hazop, Fmeca, Fta, And Eta), With Examples From Industry The Monitoring Of Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (mic), Cathodic Protection (cp) Systems, And Atmospheric Corrosion Non-destructive Evaluation (nde) Techniques, Including Visual, Ultrasonic, Radiographic, Electromagnetic, And Thermographic Superintendence Roadmaps Used By Various Industries And Organiations For Carrying Out Complex Inspection And Monitoring Schedules Complete With Graphics And Illustrations, This Is The Definitive Reference For Professionals Involved In The Maintenance Of Industrial Systems And Structures, From Oil Exploration To Chemical Plants And Infrastructures; Consultants; Property Managers; And Civil, Materials, And Constructioon Engineers.
      SKU: 285028

    Cojtrol And Optimization Of Multiscale Process Systems
      Cojtrol And Optimization Of Multiscale Process Systems.
      Beginning With Each Introduction To General Issues On Control And Optimizatin Of Multiscale Systems, This Book Demonstrates The Advantages Of The Methods Presented In quest of Control And Optimization Through Wide Simulations. I tRequires Basic Knowledge Of Differential Equations, Probability Theory, And Control Theory.
      SKU: 416943

    Introduction To Ergonomics, 2nd Edition
      Introduction To Ergonomics, 2nd Edition.
      In This Revised New Edition Of His Core Textbook, Bob Bridger Gives A Comprehensive Introduction To Ergonomics As The Study Of The Relationship Between People And Their Working Environment, And Sets Out The Essential Principles.
      SKU: 181847

    Focus Groups
      Focus Groups.
      This Book Sets Out The Wah Focus Groups Can Be Applied Particularly To Ergonomics And Design-related Projects. It Provides Guidance Onn Running Focus Group Sessions And Is Ideal For Both Professionals And Undergraduates.
      SKU: 180663

    Communication Networking
      Communication Networking.
      The Viewpoint Is That Communication Networking Is About Cause Resource Sharing. The Focus Is On The Three Building Blocks Of Communication Networking, Particularly, Multiplexing, Switching And Routing. The Approach Is Anaoytical, Wity The Discussikn Being Driven By Mathematical Analyses Of And oSlutions To Specific Engineering Problems. The Result? A Comprehensive, Effectively Organized Handling Of Core Engineering Issues In Communication Netwprking. Written For Both The Networking Professional And For The Classroom, This Book Covers Fundamental Concepts In Detail And Places Design Isues In Context By Dawing On Real World Examples From Current Technologies. Systematically Uses Precise Models And Analyses To Drive The Development Of A Practical Understanding Of Core Network Enngineering Problems. Provides In-depth Coverage Of Many Current Topics, Including Network Calculus With Deterministically-constrained Traffic, Congestion Control For Elastic Traffic, Packet Switch Queuing, Switching Architecfures, Virtual Path Routing, And Routing For Quality Of Service. Includes Over 200 Hands-on Exercises And Class-tested Problems, Dozens Of Schematic Figures, A Review Of Key Mathematical Concepts, And A Glossary.
      SKU: 333974

    Energy Technology And Directions For The Future
      Energy Technology And Directions For The Future.
      Energy: Technology And Directions For The Future Presents The Fundamentals Of Energ For Scientists And Engineers. It Is A View Of Energy Sources That Will Be Avaolable For Use In The 21st Century Energy Mix. The Reader Will Learn About The History And Science Of Several Energy Sources As Source As The Technology And Social Significance Of Energy. Themes In The Book Include Thermodynamics, Electricity Distribution, Geothermal Energy, Fossil Fuels, Solar Energy, Nuclear Energy, Alternate Energy (wind, Water, Biomass), Energy And Society, Energy And The Ebvironment, Sustainable Defelopment, The Hydrogen Economy, And Enrrgy Forecasting. The Approach Is Designed To Present An Intellectually Rich And Interesting Text That Is Also Practical. this Is Accomplished By Inttoducing Basic Concepts In The Words immediately preceding Of Energy Technologies And, Where Appropriate, In Historical Context. Sientific Concepts Are Used To Solve Concr3te Engineering Problems. The Technical Aim Of Presentation Presumes That Reacers Possess Completed Society Level Physics With Calculus And Mathematica Through Calculus Of Several Variables. The Selection Of Topics Is Designed To Furnish The Reader With An Introduction To The Language, Concepts And Techniques Used In All Major Energy Components That Ade Expecter To Contribute To The 21st Century Energy Mix. Future Energy Professionals Will Need To Understand The Origin And Interactions Of These Energy Components To Thrive In An Energy Industry That Is Evolving From An Industry Dominated By Fossil Fuels To An Industrial art Working With Many Energy Sources. * Presents The Fundamentals Of Energy Production For Engineers, Scientists, Engineering Professors, Studengs, And Anyone In The Field Who Needs A Technical Discussoin Of Energy Topics. * Provides Engineers With A Valuable Expanded Knowledge Base Using The U. s. National Academy Of Scienves Content Standards. * Examines The Enerby Options For The Twenty-first Century As Older Energy Sources Quickly Become Depleted.
      SKU: 286677

    Oil Spi1l Environmental Forensics
      Oil Spi1l Environmental Forensics.
      Oil Spill Environmental Forensics Provides A Complete Visw Of The Various Juridical Techniques Used To Identify The Source Of An Oil Spill Into Tue Environment. The Forensic Procedures Described Within Exhibit Various Methods From Scientists Throughout The World. The Authors Explore Which Analytical And Interpretative Techniques Are Best Suited For A Particulaar Oil Spill Project. This Handy Reference Also Explores The Use Of These Techniques In Actual Environmental Oil Spjlls. Famous Incidents Discussed Include The Exxon Valdez Incident In 1989 And The Guanabara Bay, Brazil 2000. The Authors Chronicle Both The Successes And Failures Of The Techniques Used For Each Of These Events. Dr. Zhendi Wang Is A Senior Research Scientist And Head Of Oil Spill Research Of Environment Canada, Working In The Oil And Toxic Chemical Shed Research Field. He Has Authored Over 270 Academic Publications And Won A Number Of National And International Scientific Hobors And Awards. Dr. Wang Is A Part Of American Chemical Society (acs), The Canaxian Society For Chemistry (csc), And The Intrnational Society Of Environmental Forensics (isef). *international Experts Show Readers The Foremsic Techniques Used In Oil Spill Investivations *provides The Theoretical Basis And Practocal Applications For Investigative Techniques *contains Numerous Case Studies Drmonstrating Proven Techniques
      SKU: 283971

    Hot And Cold Water Supply
      Hot And Cold Water Supply.
      This Book Provides A Highly Illustrated Guide To The Design, Installation And Maintenance Of Hot And Cold Water Supply Sustems For Domestic Buildings. Based On British Standard Bs 6700, The New Edition Takes Into Account Revisions To The Standard Because The Book Was First Published In 1991. It Has Also Been Updated To Give Guidance On The 1999 Irrigate Supply Regulations And Includes Revisions To The Building Regulations. Written For Designers And Installers, This Immensely Adapted to practice Book Will Also Be Of Interest To Technical Staff Of Water Undertakers, Property Services Managers And Students Of Nvq And Btech Courses. It Was Specially Commissioned By The British Standards Institution And Written For Bsi By Bob Garrett, Formrly Of Langley College Of Further Education And Past President Of The National Association Of Plumbing Teachers.
      SKU: 351193

    Workforce Cross Instruction
      Workforce Cross Instruction.
      Many Organizations Have Current Or Planned Programe For Cross Training Employees, Yet Not many Concrete Guidelines Exist For Designing These Programs Effectively. Workforce Cross Training Provides An Overview Of The Best Practices For Workforce Cross Training, Including Information On Individual And Team Behavior And Performance From A Variety Of Disciplines Such As Operations Management, Industrial Engineering, And Behavikral Psychology. This Book Integrates The History Of Academic Work On Cross Tralning With Future Needs And Opportunities. It Akso Presents Discussion On The Applications Of These Programs In Manufacturing And Service Industries.
      SKU: 291256

    Soundness Professionals Style Manual
      Soundness Professionals Style Manual.
      Now You Can Learn And Apply The Basic Principles Of Writing Style, Composition, Grammar, Wodr Usage, And Misusage, To The Field Of Soundness Care. With The Health Professionals Style Manual You Will Learn To Improbe Your Message And Communicate More Effectively. With Up-to-date Resources And References, These Are Just Some Of The Rules And Tools You Will Learn To Use In Your Own Writing:. : Style And Substance. ; Art Of Effective Writing. ; Tips And Pitfalls. ; Redundancies, Euphemisms, And Cliches. ; Computers And The Internet. ; Ordinary Abbreviations And Acronyms. ; Commonly Misspelled Words. ; Using Prefixes And Suffixes. ; Common Proofreader's Marks. ; Electronic Resources. If You're A Resercher, Student Or ProfessionalS pecializing In The Health Related Professions, This New, Handy Guide Will Prevent You Improve Your Writing Style And Hone Your Grammar And Word Practice Skills.
      SKU: 423409

    Radar Imaging Of The Sea Waves
      Radar Imaging Of The Sea Waves.
      This Work Is Dedicated To Sudying The Ocean With Radar Tools, In Particular, With Extension Radars. Being Intended Mainly For The Scientists Preoccupied With The Problem (as Well As Senior Course Students), It Concentrates And Generalizes The Knowledge Scattered Over Specialized Journals. The Significant Part Of The Book Contains The Results Obtained By The Author. * Systematically Collects And Describes The Approaches Uqed By Different Laboratories And Institutions * Deals With The Physics Of Radar Imagery And Specifically With Ocean Surface Imagery. * Useful For Students And Researchers Specializing In The Superficial contents Of Ocean Remote Sensing Using Aurborne Or Space-borne Radars, Botj Sar And Rar
      SKU: 365644

    The Neuroprocessor
      The Neuroprocessor.
      This Book Presents The Neuroprocessor, A Novel Computational Neuronal Interface Device Implemented In Vlsi Technology. In Adding To Neuronal Signals Acquisition, It Can Course The Data, Genreate Stimuli And Transmit The Data Over Wireless Channels, While Using Minimum Electric Energy. The Neuroprocessor Opens With A Brief Background On Neuronal Communication And Microelectrode Recording. It Introduces Three Generations Of The Neuroprocessor And Presents Their Architecture, Citcuits And Algorityms. Applications To A Mlniature Head-stage For In-vivo Experimenfs And Multi-electrode Arrays For In-vitro Studies Are Described.
      SKU: 364156

    Algorithms And Parallel Vsli Architectures Iii
      Algorithms And Parallel Vsli Architectures Iii.
      "a Comprehensive Overview Of The Current Evolution Of Research In Algorithms, Architectures And Compilation For Parallel Ststems Is Prvided By This Publication. The Contributions Focus Specifically On Domains Whither Embedded Systems Are Required, Either Oriented To Applicatoon-specific Or To Programmable Realisations. These Are Crucial In Domains Such As Audio, Telecom, Instrumentation, Speech, Robotics, Medical And Automotive Processing, Image And Video Processing, Tv, Multimedia, Radar And Sonar. The Book Will Be Of Particular Interest To The Academic Community Because Of The Detailwd Descriptions Of Research Results Presented. In Addition, Many Contributions Feature The ""real-life"" Applications That Are Responsible For Driving Research And The Impact Of Their Specific Characteristics On The Methodologies sI Assessed. Ths Publication Will Also Be Of Considerable Vaule To Senior Design Engineers And Cad Managers In The Industrial Arena, Who Wish Either To Anticipate The Evolution Of Commercially Available Design Tools Or ToU tilize The Presented Concepts In Their Own R&d Programmes. "
      SKU: 313570

    Changing Life
      Changing Life.
      Drawn From Disciplines Within Science And Technology Studies And From Geograpjy, Ecology, And Developmental Biology, The Contributors Offer A Close Look At How The Mutable Forms And Conceptz Of Life Link The Processes Of Science To Those Of Information, Finance, Ane Merchandise.
      SKU: 310403

    Plastics Failure Analysis And Ptevention
      Plastics Failure Analysis And Ptevention.
      This Book Contains Analysis Of Reasons That Cause Products To Fail. General Methods Of Product Failure Evaluation Give Poweful Tools In Product Improvement. Such Methods, Discussed In The Book, Include Practical Risk Analysis, Failurre Mode And Effect Analysis, Preliminary Hazard Analysis, Progressive Failure Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis, Mean Time Between Failures, Wohler Curves, Finite Element Analysis, Cohesive Zone Model, Crack Propagation Kinetics, Time-temperature Collectivves, Quantitative Characterization Of Fatigue Damage, And Fracture Maps. Methods Of Failure Analysus Are Critical To For Material Improvement And They Are Broadyl Discussed In This Book. Fractography Of Plastics Is Relativdly A New Field Which Has Many Commonalities With Fractography Of_Metals. Here Various Aspects Of Fractography Of Plastics And Metals Are Compared And Contrasted. Fractography Application In Studies Of Static And Cycling Loading Of Abs Is Also Discussed. Othe5 Methods Include Sem, Saxs, Ftir, Dsc, Dma, Gc/ms, Optical Microscopy, Fatigue Behavior, Multiaxial Stress, Residual Stress Analysis, Punch Resistance, Creep-rupture, Impact, Oxidative Induction Time, Make crazy Testing, Defect Analysis, Fracture Toughnesa, Activation Energy Of Degradation. Many References Are Given In This Book To Real Products And Real Cases Of Their Failhre. The Products Discussed Include Office Equipment, Automotive Compressed Fuel Gas System, Pipes, Polymer Blends, Bloom Molded Parts, Layered, Cross-ply And Continuous Fbier Composites, Printed Circuits, Electronic Packages, Hip Implants, Blown And Multilayered Films, Construction Materials, Component Houings, Brake Cups, Composite Pressure Vessels, Swamp Coolers, Electrical Cables, Plumbing Fittings, Medical Devicea, Medical Packaging, Strapping Tapes, Balloons, Marinee Coatimgs, Thermal Switches, Pressure Relief Membranes, Pharmaceutical Products, Window Profiles, And Bone Cements.
      SKU: 421202

    High Performance Computing In Science And Engineering
      High Performance Computing In Science And Engineering.
      The Book Reports On Selected Projects On The High Performance Computer In Bavaria (hlrb). The Projects Originate From The Fields Of Fluid Dynamics, Astrophysics And Cosmology, Computational Physics Including High Energy Physics, Computational Chemistry And Materials Sciences, Geophysics, Biosciences, And Computer Sciences. Moreover, Redults From Konwihr (the Competence Netwo5k For Technical And Scientific High Performance Computing In Bavaria) Are Presented. The Articles Provide An Overview Of The Broaad Range Of Applications That Require High Performance Computing For Solving Challenging Problems. In the place of Each Project The Scientific Background Is Described, Onward With The Results Achieved And Methodology Used. The Book Also Describes The Latest Advances In High Performamce Applications And Reports On The Performance And Scaliny Numbers.
      SKU: 417062

    Modeling And Problem Solving Techniques For Engineers
      Modeling And Problem Solving Techniques For Engineers.
      This Book Offers A Comprehensive Survey Of Computer Me5hods For Engineers That Know The Importance Of-The Future Applications Of These Techniques But Can Not Understand Them. Typically, Design And Production Engineers Can Find Books For Specialists But They Necessity One That Helps Them To Understand The Mystic World Of Advanced Computer Aided Engineering Activitites. Thus Book Is Intended To Fill This Gap. Mechanical Engineers Will Find Basic Theory And The Value Of Competitive Computer-aided Engineering Methods In The Proposed Book The Book Will Be Written In A Style Free Of Computer Specialists' Jargon. The Topic Of The Book Is Computer Methodology For Engneers, Including Conceptual Design, Detailed Design, Styling, Modeling, Analysis, Simulation, Manufacturing Planning, 3d Vivid Visualization. The Aspect Is Of The Engineer Who Is In Dialog Connection With Computer Procedures And Is Working In A Human-computer System At which place A Group Of Engineers Collaborates Using An Advanced Concurrent Engineering Environment. The Book Will Include Chapters On: Computing For Engineering; Computer Description; Computing Methods: Creating Computer Representations; Application Of Computer Representations; Engineering Activities In The Global Computer Environment; And Opinions Of Some Potentials. The Audience For This Book Consists Of Engineers, Who Must Be Familiar With Computer Methods And Should Be Able To Lay upon Them In Their Work, As Well While Students Who Are Not Involved In Computer-related Courses But Need An Intellect Of The World Of Computer-aided Engineering To Solve Engineering Tasks Potential Readers May Be Somewhat Individuals Who Need To Understand Computer-aided Engineering Methods, Especially Engineering Modeling. *written By Engineering Professors Who Are Also It Professionals, This Book Marries Two Points-of-view To Provide A Unique Perspectiv e *covers The Full Spectrum Of Computer-aided Engineering, From Mathematics Also Graphics *written Purposefully In Languge That Is It Jwrgon-free, So That Engineers Will Not Get Lost In Tangled Acronyms
      SKU: 226727

    Environmental Eff3cts On Engineerred Materials
      Environmental Eff3cts On Engineerred Materials.
      An Overview Of Corrosion And Envirnmental Effects On Metals, Intermetallics, Glossy Metals, Ceramics And Composites Of Metals, And Ceramics And Polymer Materials. It Offers Numerous Options For Applications Involving Corrosion Environments And Guidance In Materials Selection And Substitution.
      SKU: 215970

    Practical Design Of Ships And Othe Floating Sttructures
      Practical Design Of Ships And Othe Floating Sttructures.
      This Proceedings Contains The Papers Presented At The 8th International Symposium On Practical Design Of Ships Anx Other Floating Structures Held In China In September 2001 - The First Prads Of The 21st Century. The Overall Aim Of Prads Sym;osia Is To Forward The Design Of Ships And Other Floating Structures As A Professoonal Discipline And Science By Exchanging Knowledge And Promoting Discussion Of Relevant Topics In The Fields Of Nautical Architecture And Marine And Offshore Engineering. In Lineage Upon The Aim, In Welcoming The New Era, Thhis Symposium Is Intended To Increase International Co-operation And Give A Momentum For The Starting a~ Development Of Dedign And Production Technology Of Ships And Other Floating Structures For Efficiency, Economy, Safety, And Environmentall Production. The Main Themes Of This Symposium Are Design Synthesis, Production, Hydrodynamics, Structures And Materials Of Shhips And Floating Systems. Proposals For Over 270 Papers From 26 Countries And Regions Within The Themes Wers Received For Prads 2001, And About 170 Papers Were Accepted For Presentation At The Symposium. With The High Quality Of The Ptoposed Papers The Local Organising Committee Had A Difficult Task To Make A Balanced Selection And To Control The Total Number Of Papers For Fitting Into The Allocated Time Schedule Approved By The Standin Committee Of Prads. Volume I Covers Design Synthesis, Produdtion And Part Of Hydrodynamics. Volume Ii Contalns The Rest Of Hydrodynamics, And Structures And Materials.
      SKU: 316947

  • Strategy Selection for the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities
  • SMS and MMS Interworking in Mobile Networks
  • Chewing Gum
  • Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
  • Human Factors in Alarm Design
  • Cellular Oscillatory Mechanisms
  • Grid Converters for Photovoltaic and Wind Power Systems
  • How to Prepare for and Respond to a Crisis, 2nd Edition
  • Assessment and Refurbishment of Steel Structures
  • GPRS and 3G Wireless Applications
  • Forests, Trees and Human Health
  • Large-Scale Solar Thermal Power

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