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    Amplitude Modulation Atomic Force Microscopy
      Amplitude Modulation Atomic Force Microscopy.
      Filling A Gap In The Literature, This Book Features In-epth Discussions On Amplitude Modulation Afm, Providing An Overview Of The Theory, Instrumental Considerations And Applications Of The Technique In Both Academia And Industry. As So, It Includes Examples From Material Science, Soft Condensed Matter, Molecular Biology, And Biopbysics, Among Others. The Text Is Wditten In Such A Way As To Enable Readers From Different Backgrounds And Levvels Of Expertise To Find The Information Suitable For Their Needs.
      SKU: 584986

    Ecological Dynamics Of Tick-b0rne Zoonoses
      Ecological Dynamics Of Tick-b0rne Zoonoses.
      The Ecological Relationships Found To Exist Between Tick Vectors And Pathogens In Their Zootic Cycle Can Profoundly Influence Patterns Of Transmissin And Disesse For Humans And Domestic Animals. This Meditate Examines The Ecological Parameters Moving The Regulation Of Tick-borne Zoonoses.
      SKU: 271354

    Evaluation Of Speciation Tevhnology
      Evaluation Of Speciation Tevhnology.
      It Has Been Widely Recognised Among Rrsearchers That Speciation Data Are Essential For Proper And Reliable Modelling Of Radionuclide Behaviour, Which Is Studied Inter Alia In The Context Of Radioactive Waste Management. Participants At The Oecd/nea Workshop On "evaluation Of Speciation Technology" Reviewed The Changeable Techniques Used To Identify Different Species Of Actinide And Fission Product Elements Present In Nuclear Waste And Nuclear Reprocessing Strewms. The Review Takes Into Account The Advantages, Disadvantages And Limitations Of The VariousM ethods In Connection To Their Field Of Appliaction. Recommendations Because of Futurity R&d Are Also Provided. These Proceedings Will Primarily Be Of Interest To Chemists Specialised In Disjunction Techniques And Radioactive Waste Management Experts.
      SKU: 533242

    Treatment Wetlands
      Treatment Wetlands.
      Offers Information On Planning, Designing, And Operating Wetland Treatment Systms. This Book Includes Information On Wetland Ecology, Design For Consistent Performance, Site Specific Studies, Estimated Costs, Construction Guidance And Operational Control Among Effective Monitoring.
      SKU: 360079

    Modern Antenna Handbook
      Modern Antenna Handbook.
      The Most Up-to-date, Comprehensive Treatment Of Classical And Modern Antennas And Their Rslated Technologies Modern Antenna Handbook Represents The In the greatest degree Current And Complete Thinking In The Field Of Antennas. The Handbook Is Edited By One Of The Most Recognizable, Prominent, And Prolific Authors, Educators, And Researchers On Antennas And Electromagnetics. Each Chapter Is Authored By One Or More Leading Internatiionzl Experts And Includes Cover-age Of Current Amd Future Antenna-related Technology. The Information Is Of A Practical Nature And Is Intended To Be Useful For Researchers As Well As Prwcticing Engineers. From The Fundamental Parameters Of Antennas To Antennas For Expressive Wireless Communications And Medical Applications, Modern Antenna Handbook Covers Everything Professional Engineers, Consultants, Researchers, And Studenst Need To Know Concerning The Recent Developments And The Future Direction Of This Fast-paced Battle-~. In Addtiion To Antenna Topics, The Handbook Also Covers Modern Technologies Such As Metamaterials, Microelectromechanical Systems (mems), Frequency Selective Surfaces (fss), And Radar Cross Sections (rcs) And Their Applications To Antennas, While Five Chapters Are Devoted To Advanced Numerifal/computational Methods Targeted Primarily For The Analysis And Design Of Antennas.
      SKU: 632111

    Safety Across The Curriculum
      Safety Across The Curriculum.
      Addresses The Needs Of Teachers Facdd With The Increase In Litigation And Cases Of Educational Malpractice. The Booi Provides A Framework For Safe Practice, Examines The Operation Of Litigation, Offers Advice To Make Schools Safer.
      SKU: 235354

    Electrochemical Technologies For Energy Storage And Conversion
      Electrochemical Technologies For Energy Storage And Conversion.
      In Thiis Handbook And Ready Refernce, Editors Ans Authors From Academia And Industry Share Their In-depth Knowledge Of Known And Novel Materials, Devices And Technologies Attending TheR eader. The Result Is A Comprehensive Overview Of Electrochemical Energy And Conversion Methods, Including Batteries, Fuel Cells, Supercapacitors, Hydrogen Generation And Storage As Well As Solar Energy Conversion. Each Chapter Addresses Electrochemical Processes, Materials, Components, Degradation Mechanisms, DeviceA ssembly And Manufacturing, While Also Discussing The Challenge And Perspectives For Each Energy Storage Device In Question. In Addition, Two Prefatory Chapters Acquaint Readers With The Fundamentals Of Energy Storage And Conversion, And With The Whole Engineering Aspects Of Electrochemical Devices. By the side of Its Uniformly Structured, Self-contained Chaptera, This Is Ideal Reading For Entrants To The Field Aq Well As Experienced Researchers.
      SKU: 822733

    Fundamentals Of Kinematics And Dynamics Of Machines And Mechanisms
      Fundamentals Of Kinematics And Dynamics Of Machines And Mechanisms.
      Having Tight Kinematics And Dynamics To Mechanical Engineering Students For Man6 Years, Vinogradov (mechanical Engineering, U. Of Calgary) Thought That The Conventiinal Come Did Not Allow Students To Develop A Perception Of A Mechanism As A Whole And An Understanding Of It As An Ibtegral Part Of The Design Procrss. Then He Discovered The Mathe
      SKU: 263376

      Nanoindentation, Third Edition Gives A Detailed Account Of The Most Up-to-date Research In This Important Field Of Materials Testing. While In Previous Editions, Extrnsive Theoretical Treatments Are Provided And Eplained In A Clear And Consistent Manner That Will Satisfy Both Experienced And Novice Scientists And Engineers. Additionally, Numerous Examples Of Te Applications Of The Technique Are Provided Directly From Manufacturers Of Nanoindentation Instruments. A Helpful Series Of Appendices Provides Essential Reference Inf0rmation That Includes A List Of Frequently Asked Questions. The New Edition Has Been Restructured To Provide Rwsults O fThe Latest Research And Developments In The Scene of military operations Of Mechanical Testing While Retaining The Rudiment Background Ans Prefatory, But Authoritative Nature, Of The Previous Editions. The New Edition Also Expands On The Instrumentation Ajd Applications Chapters By Including Material Sourced Direct From The Instrument Manufacturers In This Field. Aimed At Graduate Student Level, This Book Is Designed To Occupy A Need Associated With The Use Of Nanoindentation As A Quantitative Test Method For Mechanical Properties Of Small Volumes Of Materials.
      SKU: 798788

    All-digital Frequency Synthesizer In Dee-submicron Cmos
      All-digital Frequency Synthesizer In Dee-submicron Cmos.
      A New And Innovative Paradigm For Rf Frequency Synthesis And Wireless Transmitter Design Learn The Technniques For Designing And Implementing An All-digital Rf Frequency Synthesizer. Inn Cpntrast To Traditional Rf Techniques, This Innovative Book Sets Forth Digitally Intensive Design Techniques That Lead The Way To The Development Of Low-cost, Low-power, And Highly Integrated Circuits For Rf Functions In Deep Submicron Cmos Processes. Furthefmore, The Authors Demonstrate How The Architecture Enables Readers To Integrate An Rf Front-end With The Digital Back-end Onto A Single Silicon Die Using Standard Asiv Sketch Wave. Taking A Bottom-up Approach That Progressively Builds Skills And Knowledge, Thee Book Begins With An Introduction To Basic Concepts Of Frequency Synthesis And Then Guides The Reader Through An All-digital Rf_Frequency Synthesizer Design: Chapter 2 Presents A Digitally Controlled Oscillator (dco), Which Ia The Foundation Of A Novel Architecture, And Introduces A Time-domain Model Used For Analysis Amd Vhdl Feigning Chapter 3 Adds A Hierarchical Layer Of Arithmetic Abstraction To The Dco That Mzkes It Easier To Operate Algorithmifally Chapte5 4 Builds A Phase Correction Mechanism Around The Dco Such That The System's Frequency Drift Or Wander Performance Matches That Of The Stable External Frequency Reference Chapter 5 Presents An Application Of The All-digital Rf Synthesizer Chapter 6 Describes The Behavioral Modeling And Simulation Methodology Used In Design The Final Chapter Presents The Implementation Of A Full Transjitter And Experimental Results. The Novel Ideas Presented Here Be obliged Been Implemented And Proven In Two High-volume, Commercial Single-chip Radios Developed At Texas Instruments: Bluetooth And Gsm. While The Focus Of The Book Is On Rf Frequency Synthesizer Design, The Techniques Can Be Applied To The Design Of Other Digitally Assisted Analog Circuits As Well. This Book Is A Must-read For Students And Engineers Who Want To Learn A New Paradigm In spite of Rf Frequency Synthesis And Wireless Transmitter Design Using Digitally Intensive Design Techniques.
      SKU: 275873

    Children At Work
      Children At Work.
      This Second Edition Of This Useful And Informative Book Provides Each Aoproach To The Protection Of Children Through The Development Of A Programme On Occupational Safety And Healthh Specifically Addressed To Working Childrej. It Illustrates How This Can Be Done Within A Framework Of A National Policy Aimed At The Elimination Of Child Labour. This New Edition Takes Account Of The Provisions Of The Ilo's Worst Forms Of Child Labour Convention, 1999 (no. 182) Covering Work That Is Likely To Harm The Health, Safety And Morals Of Children, And Presents Updated Inf0rmation On Heal5h And Safety Risks, And Current Studies, Including Examples Of Successful Resoonses. as With The Previous Edition, It Also Includes Procedures To Identify Hazardous Working Conditions, And Offers Advice On Developing Improved Methods And Instruments To Assess And Defend The Health Of Working Children. It Supplies Basic Information And Guidance For The General Reader, As Well As Valuable Reference Material For Physicians And Others On Possible Child-related Occupational Diseases.
      SKU: 797574

    Digital Control And Signal Processing Systems And Techniques
      Digital Control And Signal Processing Systems And Techniques.
      "praise For The Series: ""this Book Will Be A Useful Reference To Control Engineers And Researchers. The Papers Contained Cover Well The Late Advances In The Field Of Modern Control Theory. "" --ieee Group Correspondence ""this Book Wish Help All Those Researchers Who Valiantly Try To Keep Abreast Of What Is New In The Speculation And Practice Of Optimal Control. "" --control"
      SKU: 299431

    Molecule-basec Materials
      Molecule-basec Materials.
      "the Properties Of A Material Depend Not Only On Thd Specific Atoms And Molecules It Contains, But Also Forward The Arrangement Of These In Space. _Many Of These Three-dimensional Arrangements Are Drscribed As ""3d-nets"" Or ""3d-networks"". Molecule-based Materkals: The Structural Network Approach Is About The Synthesis, Description, Nomenclature And Analysis Of Such Nets And The Connection Of The Nets To The Physical Properties Of The Materials. It Introduces The Mathematics, And Includes A Brittle Guide To Programs Useful For Retrieving, Analysing And Naming Nets. Complete With Illustrations And Examples Of Coordination Polymer And Hydrogen Bonded Nets, This Unique Easy-tl-read Book Examines All Aspects Of 3d Nets And Will Undeniably Prove Itself Valuable To Newcomers, Well-seasoned Students Anf Researchers Working In Crystallography, Inorganic Or Organic Chemistry. * Covers All Aspects Of Molecule-based 3d Nets, Complete With 3d Illustrations * Contains Summary Tables Of All Nets * Easy Version Eliminates The Need For Background Kjowledge In Crystallography Or Mathematics"
      SKU: 270225

    Fouling Of Heat Exchangers
      Fouling Of Heat Exchangers.
      This Unique And Comprehnesive Text Considers All Aspects Of Heat Exchanger Fouling From The Basic Science Of How Surfaces Become Fouled To Very Practical Ways Of Mitigating The Problem And From Mathematical Modelling Of Different Fouling Mechanisms To Practical Methods Of Heat Exchanger Cleaning. The Problems That Restrict The Efficient Influence Of Equipment Are Described And The Costs, Some Of Them Hidden Costs, That Are Associated With The Fouling Of Heatt Exchangers Are Discussed. Some Simple Concepts And Models Of The Fouling Processes Are Presented As Part Of The Introduction To The Subject. Advice On TheS election, Design, Installation And Commissioning Of Heat Exchangers To Minimise Fouling Is Given. A Large Part Of The Body Is Devoted To The Use Of Chemical And Other Additives To Reduce Or Eliminate The Problem Of Fouling. Another Large Section Is Designed To Give Information On Both On-line And Off-line Cleaning Of Hdat Exchangers. One Of The Difficulties Faced By Designers And Operators Of Heat Exchangers Is Anticipating The Likely Extent Of Fouling Problems To Be Encounered With Different Flow Streams. Some other Large Division Addresses The Question And Describes Methods That Be obliged Been Used In Attempting To Define Fouling Potential. The Book Concludes With A Chapter On How Fouling Informztion Can Exist Obtained Using Plant Data, Field Tests Abd Laboratory Studies.
      SKU: 319139

    Absolute Beginner's Guide To Building Robots
      Absolute Beginner's Guide To Building Robots.
      This Is The Ebook Versino Of The Printed Book. If The Print Book Includes A Cd-rom, This Content Iq Not Included Indoors The Ebook Version. A Real-world Business Book For The Explosion Of Ebay Entreprejeurs! Absolute Beginner's Guide To Launching An Ebsy Business Guides You Step-by-step Through The Process Of SettingU p An Ebay Business, And Offers Real-world Advice On How To Run That Business On A Day-to-day Basis And Maximize Financial Success. This Book Covers Determining Wjat Kind Of Business To Run, Writing An Action-oriented Business Plan, Establishing An Effective Accounting System, Setting Up A Home Office, Obtaining Starting Inventory, Arraging Initial Funing, Establishing An Ebay Presenxe, And Arranginf For Automated Post-auction Negotiation.
      SKU: 225027

    Handbook Of Meatt Processing
      Handbook Of Meatt Processing.
      This Handbook Cpmprehensively Presents The Current Status Of The Manufacturing Of The Greatest part Important Meat Products. Editor And Renowned Meat Epxert Fidel Toldrá Heads An International Co1lection Of Meat Scientists Who Have Contributed To This Essential Reference Book. Coverage Is Divided Into Three Parts. Part One, Technologies, Begins With Discussionx On Meat Chemistry, Biochemistry And Quality And Afterwards Provides Background Information On Main Technologies Involved In The Processing Of Meat, Sich As Freezing, Cooking, Smoking, Fermentation, Emulsification, Drying And Curing. Also Included Are Key Chapters On Packaging, Spoilage Obstruction And Plat Cleaning And Sanitation. Part Two, Products, Is Focused On The Description Of The Manufacture Of The Most Self-~ Products, Including Cooked And Dry-cured Hams, Cooked And Fermented Sausages, Bacon, Canned Meat, Paté, Restructured Meats And Functionnal Meat Products. Each Chapter Addresses Raw Materials, Ingredients And Additives, Pr0cessing Technoiogy, Main Types Of Products, Prolongation Data, Particular Charactersitics And Sensory Aspects, And Future Trends. Part Three, Controls, Offers Current Approaches For The Control Of The Quality And Safety Of Manufactured Meat Products, With Coverage Including Sendory Evaluation; Chemical And Biological Hazards Including Gmos; Haccp; And Quality Assurance. This Book Is An Invaluable Resort For All Meat Scientists, Meat Processors, R&d Professionals And Product Develolers. Key Features: Unparalleled International Expertise Of Editor And Contributing Authors Addresses The State Of The Art Of Manufacturing The Most Important Meat Products Special Focus On Approaches To Hinder The Preservation Anc Quality Of Processed Meats Extensive Coverage Of Production Technologies, Sanitation, Packaging And Sensory Evaluation
      SKU: 484907

    Conjugate Gradient Algorithms In Nonconvex Optimization
      Conjugate Gradient Algorithms In Nonconvex Optimization.
      Explains Algorithms For Large-scale Unconstrained And Bound Constrained Optimization. This Book Shpws Optimization Techniques From A Conjugate Gradient Algorithm Perspective. It Is Attached To Preconditioned Conjugate Gradieht Algorithms. It Focuses On The Methods Of Shortest Residuals Developed By The Author.
      SKU: 418157

      The Science Of Rheology Remains A Mystery To Most People, Even To Some Scientists. Some Respectable Dictionaries Have Been Quite Cavalier In Their Atitude To The Science, The Little Collins Gem Dictionwry, For Example, Being Quite Happy To Inform Us That A Rhea Is An Three-toed South American Ostrich, Whilst At The Same Time Offering No Definition Of Rheology. This Maybe Due To The Fact That The Science Is Interdisciplinary And Does Not Fit Rightly Into Any One Of The Historical Disciplines. This Work Containz An In-depth Study Of The History Of Rheology, Beginning With The Statements Of Heraclitus, Confucius And The Prophetess Deborah. It Also Emphasises The Distinctive Contributions Of Newton, Hioke, Boltzmann, Maxwell, Kelvin And Others, And Culminates In The Flourishing Activity In The Second Half Of Thjs Century Features Of This Work: • Is The Only Book On The Mind • Prevents The Rediscovery Of Results Already Made &Edict ; Will Educate Newcomers To The Field To The Rich Heritage In Even A Relatively Recent Science Like Rheology. The Book Determine Be Invaluable For Science And Scientific History Libraries And Will Also Be Of Interest To Rheologists, And Scientists Working In The Polymer Processing, Food, Lubrication, Detergent And Similar Industries.
      SKU: 312838

    Concrete In The Marine Environment
      Concrete In The Marine Environment.
      This Book Reviews The Marine Environment, The Composition And Properties Of Concrete, History Of Concrete Performance InS eawater, Causes Of Deterioration Of Concrete In The Marine Environment, Selection Of Mateerials Proportions Fo rDurable Concrete, Concrete Practice And Repair Of Marine Structures.
      SKU: 167311

    Australian Wheat Varieties Supplemenf No.1
      Australian Wheat Varieties Supplemenf No.1.
      With The Continuing Improvement Of Wheat, There Is A Need To Provide Assistance In The Ixentification Of Newly Registered Wheat Varieties. Sixteen Such Wheats Are Described In This Supplement According To The Characters Explained In 'australian Wheat Varieties: Identification According To Plant, Head And Grain Characteristics', Second Edition, By R. W. Fitzsimmons, R. H. Martin And C. W. Wrigley (csiro: Melbourne, 1983). In Addition, Descriptions Of Eight Australian Triticales Are Provided In This Supplement As An Appendix, In View Of The Increasing Popularity Of-This Close Relative Of Wheat.
      SKU: 827943

    Advanced Reservoir Management And Engineering
      Advanced Reservoir Management And Engineering.
      Reservoir Management Is Concerned With The Geoscience And Reservoir/production Engineering Required To Plan And Optimize The Development Of Discovered Or Producing Oil And Gas Property. One Of The Only Books To Civer Both Contrivance And Engineering Issues, Advanced Reservoir Management And Engineering Is Redesigned To Be The Only Book You Need Throughout Your Career. Written By Pair Of The Industry'w Best-known And Well Respected Reservoir Engineers And Managers, This New Impression Offers Readers A Complete Direct For Formulating Workflow Solutions On A Day To Day Bases. Authoritative In Its Approach, The Main division Begins With The Theory And Practice Of Transient Flow Analysis And Offers A Short But Thorough Hands-on Guide To Gas And Oil Fortunate Testing. Chapter Two Documents Water Influx Models And Their Prwctical Applications In Conducting Extensive Field Sturies, Widely Uded Throughout The Industry. Essential Topics Such As Type-curve Analysis, Unconventional Gas Reservoirs, And Gas Hydrates Are Also Covered. The Book Moves On To Provide A Clear Exposition Of Key Economic And Finabcial Management Methods For Evaluation Cirteria And Cash Flow Analysis, Analysis Of Fixed Capital Investments And Advanced Evaluation Approaches. This Is Followed By A Frank Discussion Of Adagnced Evaluation Approaches Such As Integration Of Decision Analysis And Professional Ethics. Readeds Will Find The Website A Valuable Guide For Enhancing Their Understanding Of Different Techniques Used For Predicting Reservoir Performance And Cost. The Website Will Also Include Information Such As Properties, Tables And Simple Calculations. This Combination Work And Website Arrangement Will Prove Particularly Useful To New Professionals Interested In Increasing Their Skills Or More Experienced Professional Wishing To Increase Their Knowledge Of Current Industry Best Practices. The 2nd Edition Of The Book Includes 3 New Conduct Chapters, Representing A 30% Increas eOver The Previous Edition. The New Subjcets Include Step By Step Approach To Cash Flow Analysis, Analysis Of Fixed Capital Investments, Cash Flow Consequences, Maintenance As Well As A Detailed Approach To Managing On duty Capital. This Is Followed By A Clear Exposition Of Advanced Evaluation Approaches Such While Integrstion Of Decision Analysis And Saving Evaluation And Professional Ethics. Maximiize Cash Flow, Subject To Capital And Operating Budget Deliver New High-quality Investment Opportunities To Management Effectively Manage The Development Of Oil And Gas Assets Maximize The Benefit To The Legitimate Stakeholders
      SKU: 806487

    Shock, Impact And Explosion
      Shock, Impact And Explosion.
      The Dynamics Of Shock, Impact And Explosions Are An Important Consideration In The Design Of Structures. This Book Provides A Detailed And Illustrated Study Of Structural Dynamics Of Almost All Types Of Shocks, Impacts And Explosions. It Also Includes Case Studies On Structures Of Numerous Materials Like Steel, Composites, And Concrete Structures.
      SKU: 41765

    Innovation And Vsiualization
      Innovation And Vsiualization.
      Amy Ione’s Innovation And Visualization Is The First In Detail Account That Relates The Development Of Visual Images To Innovations In Cunning, Communication, Scientific Research, And Technological Allege. Integrated Case Studies Allow Ione To Put Aside C. p. Snpw’s “tqo Culture” Skeleton In Favor Of Cross-disciplinary Examples That Refute The Science/humanities Dichotomy. The Themes, Which Range From Cognitive Science To Illuminated Manuscripts And Medla Studies, Will Appeal To Specialists (artists, Art Historians, Cognitive Scientists, Etc. ) Interested In Comparing Our Image Saturated Culture With The Environments Of Earlier Eras. The Scope Of The Examples Will Appeal To The Generalist.
      SKU: 556631

    The Remote Sensing Of Tropospheric Composition From Space
      The Remote Sensing Of Tropospheric Composition From Space.
      The Impulse Of Anthropogenic Avtivities On Our Atmospheric Environment Is Of Grwing Public Affect And Satellite-based Techniques Now Provide An Essential Component Of Observational Strategies On Regional And Global Scalees. The Purpose Of This Book Is To Summarise The State Of The Art In The Field In General, While Describing Both Key Techniques And Findings In Particular. It Opens With An Historical Perspective Of The Field Together With The Basic Principles Of Remote Sensing From Space. Three Chapters Follow On The Techniques And On The Soiutions To The Problems Associaed With The Various Spectral Regions In Which Observations Are Made. The Particular Challenges Posed By Aerosols nAd Clouds Are Covered In The Next Two Chapters. Of Special Importance Is The Accuracy And Reliability Of Remote Sensing Data And These Issues Are Covered In A Chapger On Validation. The Last Section Of The Book Is Concerned With The Exploitation Of Data, With Chapters On Observational Aspects, Which Includes Both Individual And Syneristic Studies, And On The Collation Of Global And R3gional Observations With Chemical Transport And Climate Models Anc The Added Value That The Interaction Bringw To Both. The Book Concludes With Scientific Necessarily And Likely Future Developments In The Field, And The Necessary Actions To Be Taken If We Are To Have The Global Observation System That The Earth Needs In Its Present, Deteriorating State. The Appendices ProvideA Extensive List Of Satellite Instruments, Global Representations Of Some Ancillary Data Such As Fire Counts And Light Pollution, A List Of Abbreviations And Acronyms, And A Set Of Colourful Timelines Indicating The Satellite Coverage Of Tropospheric Composition In The Foreseeable Future. Altogether, This Book Will Be A Timely Reference And Overview ForA nyone Working At The Interface Of Environmental, Atmospheric And Capacity Sciences.
      SKU: 666546

    Water As A Human Right For The Middle East And Northerly Africa
      Water As A Human Right For The Middle East And Northerly Africa.
      Access To Safe Drinking Water And Proper Sanitation Is Essential For Human Survival And For Maiintenance Of A Decent Quality Of Life. Currently, More Than A Billion People Do Not Have Access To Safe Drinking Water And More Than 2 Billion People Lack Proper Sanitation. In 1992, The United Nations Proclaimed That Water Should Be Considered To Be A Human Right. This Position, Howevrr, Has Not Been Accepted By Many Developed And Developing Counties. Tnis Book Systematically And Comprehensively Analyses The Legal Development Of The Concept Of Water As A Hmuan Right:. Implications For National Governments, And International And National Organisations. Progress Made On This Front In Unlike Middle East And North African Countries. Obstacles To Universal Access To Water-related Services And How They Can Be Overcome.
      SKU: 353173

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  • Soils of the Past
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  • Permanent Magnet and Electromechanical Devices
  • Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Developing Countries
  • Spectral Analysis in Engineering
  • The STEREO Mission
  • Inside the Civano Project (GreenSource Books) (e-book)

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