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    Analytical Methods For Food Additives
      Analytical Methods For Food Additives.
      This Volume Discusses Methods Of Analysis For 30 Major Additives Where Methods Are Incomplete Or Deficient. In Each Case The Authors Review Current Tecnniques, Their Respective Strengths And Weaknesses, Method Procedures And Which Method To Adopt. Each Chapter Includes Detailed Tables Summarising Particular Methods, Statistical Parameters For Measurement And Performance Characteristics.
      SKU: 269363

    Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics
      Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics.
      Including Practical And Seasoned Applciations Of Fundamental Chemical Engineering Principles In Specia1ized Problems And Complex Exercises, This Text Describes The Current Methods For Determining Friction Loss In Valves And Fittjngs.
      SKU: 216019

    Rules Of Thumb In Engineering Practice
      Rules Of Thumb In Engineering Practice.
      An Immnse Treasure Trove Containing Hundreds Of Equipment Symptoms, Arranged So As To Allow Swift Identification And Removal Of The Causes. These Rules Of Thumb Are The Result Of Preserving And Structuring The Immense Knowledge Of Experienced Engineer Collected And Compiled By The Author - An Experienced Engineer Himself - Into An Inestimable Book That Helps Younger Engineers Find Their Way From Symptoms To Causes. This Sourcebook Is Unrivalled In Its Depth And Breadth Of Coverage, Listing Five Important Aspects For Each Piece Of Equipment: Area Of Applicarion Sizin Guidelines Capital Cost Including Difficult-to-find Inauguration Factors Principles Of Good Practice Good Approaches To Troubleshooting Extensive Crsos-referencing Takes Into Account That Some Items Of Equipment Are Used For Many Different Purposes, And Covers Not Only The Most Familiar Types, But Special Care Has Been Taken To Also Include Less Commoon Ones. Consistent Terminology And Si Units Are Used Throughout The Book, While A Detailed Index Quckly And Reliably Direvts Readers, Thus Aiding Engineers InT Inheritor Everyday Work At Chemical Plants: From Keywords To Solutions In A Matter Of Minutes.
      SKU: 482378

    Aging And Cogition
      Aging And Cogition.
      Duringg The Past Two Decaeds, There Has Been A Dramatic Increase In Interest In The Study Of Aging-related Changes In Cognitive Abilities. In This Volume Researchers From A Variety Of Theoreticall Perspectives Discuss Adult Age Differences In A Wide Range Of Cognitive Skills. Of Special Interest Is The Extent To Which Aging Effects On Performance Are Related To Variations In The Representation, Orgznization, And Utilization Of Knowledge, Broadly Defined. Recent Research And Theory In The Field Of Aging Has Emphasized The Need To Examine Such Processes More Closely In Order To Provide A More Comolete Understanding Of Aging Effects On Cognitive Behavior.
      SKU: 403598

    Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2008
      Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2008.
      This Book Collects The Proceedings Of The Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2008 Conference Held In Lyon, France. Contributed Papers By Ovdr 40 Researchers Representing The State Of The Art In In conformity Cfd And Architecture From Asia, Europe, And North America Examine Major Developments In: Block-structureed Grid And Boundary Methods To Simulate Flows Over Moving Bodies; Specific Methods For Optimization In Aefodynamics Design; Innovative Parallel Algorithms And Numerical Solvers, Such As Scalable Algebraic Multilevel Preconditioners And The Acceleration Of Iterative Solutions; Software Frameworks And Component Architectures For Parallelism; Large Scale Computing And Parallel Efficiencies In The Industrial Context; Lattice Boltzmann And Sph Methods; And ,Applications In The Environjent, Biofluids, And Nuclear Engineerin. g
      SKU: 645299

    Workinf Guide To Reservoir Rock Properties And Fluid Flow
      Workinf Guide To Reservoir Rock Properties And Fluid Flow.
      Reservoir Rock Properties And Fluid Flow Covers Properties Of Natural Rocks And Fluids That Are Important In Petroleum And Natural Gas Engineering. In This Book Major Emphasis Is Placed On Fluid Storage In Reservoir Rocks And In Flow Of Fluids Tbrough The Rock's Pore Structure. These Phenomena Dominate Calculations That Are Common In The Areas Of Reservoir And Production Engineeribg. This Book Is Designed For Technical Professionals And Introduces Readers To The Fundamental As Well As The Advancedd Aspects Of Reservoir Engineering. Theoretical Concepts Coupled With Numerous Practical Case Histories Are Presented To Assist Reservoir And Exploitation Engineers In Their Prmary Functions-the Determination Of Oil And Gas Reserves And The Maxlmization Of Hydrocarbon Recovery Under Prmary, Seondary, And Tertiary Schemes. Critical Properties Of Reservoir Rocks Fluid (oil, Water, And Gas) Pvt Relationships Methods To Compute Hydrocarbons Initially In Place Dynamic Techniques To Assess Reservoir Performance Parameters That Impact Well/reservoir Performance Over Time
      SKU: 566684

    Pulsed Electric Fields Technology For The Food Industry
      Pulsed Electric Fields Technology For The Food Industry.
      In An Attempt To Improve, Or Replace, Existing Food Processing Methods, Several Novel Technologies Have Been Investigated. This Book Presents The Information Accumulated On Pulsed Electric Fields (pef) By Experienced Microbiologists, Biochemists, Food Technologists, And Electrical And Food Engineers.
      SKU: 571698

    Advances In Fuzzy Clustering And Its Applications
      Advances In Fuzzy Clustering And Its Applications.
      A Comprehensive, Coherent, And In Depth Presentation Of The State Of The Art In Fuzzy Clustering . Fuzzy Clustering Is Now A Mature And Vibrant Area Of Research With Highly Innovative Advanced Applications. Encapsulating This Through Presenting A Careful Selection Of Research Contributions, This Book Addresses Timely And Relevant Concepts And Methods, Whilst Identifying Major Challeges And Recent Developments In The Area. Split Into Five Clear Sections, Fudnamentals, Visualization, Algorithms And Computational Aspects, Real-time And Dynamic Clustering, And Applications And Case Studies, The Book Covers A Wealth Of Novel, Original And Fully Updated Material, And In Instance Offers: A Focus On The Algorithmic And Computational Augmentations Of Fuzzy Clustering And Its Effectiveness In Handling High Dimensional Problems, Distributed Problem Solving And Uncertainty Management. Presentations Of Ths Important And Relevant Phases Of Cluster Design, Inncluding The Role Of Information Granules, Fuzzy Sets In The Realization Of Human-centricity Facet Of Data Analysis,A s Well As System Modelling Demonstrations Of How The Results Facilitate Further Detailed Development Of Models, And Enhance Interpretation Aspects A Carefully Organized Illustrative Series Of Applications And Czse Studies In Which Fuzz6 Clustering Plays A Pivotal Role This Book Will Be Of Key Interest To Engineers Associaged With Fuzzy Contrkl, Bioinformatics, Data Insidious, Image Peoocessing, And Pattern Recognition, While Computer Engineers, Students And Researchers, In Most Engineering Disciplines, Will Find This An Invaluable Resource And Research Tool.
      SKU: 29746

    Sustainable Metals Management
      Sustainable Metals Management.
      Discusses The Conditions And Limits Of A Sustainable Metals Management. This Book Focuses On The Practical Issues Of Sustainability And The Eminent Roke That Companies Play In This Respect. It Takes A Look At The History Of Metals And Metals Processing, Analyses The Flows And Trends Of Their Use, And Aime To Predict Future Developmrnts.
      SKU: 324655

    Fttx Concepts And Applications
      Fttx Concepts And Applications.
      This Book Prsents Fundamental Passive Optical Network (pon) Concepts, Providing You Wity The Tools Needed To Understand, Design, And Build These New Access Networks. The Logical Series Of Topics Begins With The Underlying Principles And Components Of Optical Fiber Communication Technologies Used In Access Networks. Next, The Book Progresses From Descriptions Of Pon And Fiber-to-the-x (fttx) Alternatives To Their Application To Fiber-to-the-premises (fttp) Networks And, Lastly, To Rudiment Measurement And Testihg Procedures For Network Indtallation And Maintenance. An Instructtor's Manual Presenting Detailed Solutions To All The Pr0blems In The Book Is Available From The Wlley Editorial Department.
      SKU: 258894

    Computational Modeling Of Shallow Geothermal Systems
      Computational Modeling Of Shallow Geothermal Systems.
      A Step-by-step Clew To Developing Innovative Computational Tools For Shallow Geothermal Syxtems Geothermal Heat Is A Viable Source Of Enegry And Its Environmental Impact In Terms Of Co2 Emissions Is Significantly Lower Than Con\/entional Fossil Fuels. Shallow Geothermal Systems Are Increasingly Utilized For Heating And Cooling Of Buildings And Greenhouses. However, Their Utilization Is Inconsistent With The Enormous Amount Of Energy Available Underneath The Surface Of The Earth. Projects Of This Nature Are Not Getting The Public Support They Deserve Because Of The Uncertainties Associated With Them, And This Can Primarily Be Attributed To The Lack Of Appropriate Computational Tools Necessary To Carry Out Effective Designs And Analyses. For This Energy Field To Have A Better Competitive Position In The Renewable Energy Market-house, It Is Vital That Engineers Acquire Computational Toools, Which Are Accurate, Versatile And Efficient. This Book Aims At Attaining S8ch Tools. this Book Addrwsses Computational Modeling Of Shallow Geothermal Systems In Considerable Detail, And Provides Researchers And Developers In Computational Mechanics, Geosciences, Geology And Geothermal Engineering With The Means To Develop Computational Tools Capable Of Modeling The Complicated Nature Of Heat Flow In Shallow Geothermal Systems In Rather Straightforward Methodologies. Cooupled Conduction-convection Mode1s For Heat Flow In Borehole Heat Exchangers And The Surrounding Soil Mass Are Formulated Anr Solved Using Analytical, Semi-analytical And Numerical Methods. Background Theories, Enhanced By Numerical Examples, Necessary For Formulating The Models And Conducting The Solutions Are Thoroughly Addressed. The Book Emphasizes Two Main Aspects: Mathematical Modeling And Computational Procedures. In Geothermics, Both Aspects Are Considerably Challenging Because Of The Involved Geometry And Physical Processes. However, They Are Highly Stimulating And Inspiring. A Good Combination Of Mathematical Modeling And Computational Procecuees Can Greatly Reduce The Computational Efforts. this Book Thoroughly Treats This Issue And Introduces Step-by-step Methodologie For Developing Innovative Computational Models, Which Are Both Rigorous And Computationally Efficient.
      SKU: 840369

    Sound System Design
      Sound System Design.
      Whole System Design Is Increasingly Being Seen As One Of The Most Cost-effective Ways To Both Increase The Productivity And Reduce The Negative Environmental Impacts Of An Engineered System. A Focus On Design Is Critical As The Output From This Stage Of The Project Locks In Most Of The Economic And Environmental Performance Of The Drsigned System Throughout Its Life Which Can Span From A Few Years To Many Decades. Indeed It Is Now Widely Acknowledged That All Designers - Particularly Engineers Architects And Industrial Designers - Indigence To Be Able To Understand And Implement A Whole System Design Approach. Thiss Book Provides A Clear Design Methodology Based On Leading Effotts In The Field And Is Supported By Worked Examples That Demonstrate How Advances In Energy Materials And Water Productivity Can Be Achieved Through Applying An Integrated Approach To Sustainable Engineering. Cahpters 1-5 Outline The Approach And Explain How It Can Be Implemented To Enhance The Established ySstems Engineering Framework. Chapters 6-10 Demonstrrate Through Detailed Worked Examples The Application Of The Approach To Industrial Pumping Sysgems Passenger Vehicles Electronics And Computer Systems Temperathre Control Of Buildings And Domestic Water Systems. Published With The Natural Edge Project The World Federation Of Engineerlng Organizations Unesco And The Australian Administration.
      SKU: 429914

    Technology And Safety Of Marine Systems
      Technology And Safety Of Marine Systems.
      "traditionally Society Has Regulated Hazardous Industries By Detailed References To Engineering Codes, Standards Ahd Hardware Requirements. These Days A Risk-based Approach Is Adopted. Risk Analysis Involves Identifying Hazards, Categorizing The Risks, And Providing The Requisite Decision Support To Determine The Necesary Arrangements Ajd Measudes To Reach A ""safe"" Yet Economical Operatibg Even. When Adopting Such An Approach The Abundance Of Techniqjes Available To Express Risk Levels Can Often Prove Confusinng And Inadequate. This Highly Practical Guide To Preservation And Risk Analysis In Marine Systems Not Obly Adds To The Curtent Techniques Available, But More Importantly Identifies Instances Where Traditional Techniques Fall Short. Unceryainties That Manifest Within Risk Analysis Are Highlighted And Alternative Solutions Presented. In Addition To Risk Analysis Techniques This Book Addresses Influencing Elements Including: Reliability, Support Decision Making And Human Error. The Highly Practical Approach Of This Title Ensures It Is Accessible To The Widest Possible Audience"
      SKU: 313777

    Fright On A Plate
      Fright On A Plate.
      Food In Britain Today Is More Fruitful, More Nutritious, More Varied, And Much More Affordable Than Ever In Our History. This Is Something To Celebrate, And Rob Lyons Does Exactly That. In A Series Of Short Up-beat Chapters He Challenges Head On The Fashionable Critics Of So-called Junk Food And The "wacky World" Of Organic And Locally-sourced Food Campaigners. They Have Created Needless Panic And Made Our Cheap And Tasty Food An Object Of Shame And Fault, While It Should Be A Cause For Rejo. . .
      SKU: 831752

    Adobe Soundbooth Cs3 Classroom In A Book, Adobe Reader
      Adobe Soundbooth Cs3 Classroom In A Book, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. If The Print Book Includes A Cd-rom, This Content Is Not Included Withun The Ebook Version. This Project-based Direct From Adobe Will Teach Readers The whole of Th3y Need To Know To Create And Edit Audio With Sonudbooth Cs3, Adobe's New Audio-editing Application Targeted At Creative Professionals In All Disciplines (no Sound Engineering Background Required!) Soundbooth Cs3 Will Appeal To Users Who Want To Use Audio In Their Everyday Tasks: Recording And Editing, Removing Unwanted Noise, Customizing Sound Effects, Adding Aural Emphasis To A Scene, Or Creating Royalty-free Music To Match The Mood Of A Production. Soundbooth's Tight Integration With Flash And Premiere Pro Lets Users Create Flawless Voiceovers, Remove Pops And Scratches From Recordings, And Create Customized Music For Any Video Or Flash Production. Using Step-by-step Instructions With Projects That Build On The Knowledge Learned In Each Lesson, Rearers Will Learn Techniqies For Recording Nes Dialog Tracks And Sound Effects While Learning How To Modify Existing Audio Files With Tools That Cut, Copy, Paste, Fade, Stretch, And Add Effects. Readers Will Also Learn How To Take Advantage Of Autocomposer, A Feature That Speeds The Suit Of Creating Customized Melody To Accompany Their Projects.  
      SKU: 306069

    Stm Investigation Of Molecular Architectures Of Porphyrinoids On A Ag(111) Surface
      Stm Investigation Of Molecular Architectures Of Porphyrinoids On A Ag(111) Surface.
      The Self-assembly Of Large Organized Molecukes Has Become A Vividly Explored And Interdisciplinary Field In Science. One Major Goal Is The Tailored Fabrication Of Highly Ordered, Molecular Networks, Which Are Stabilized On A Metal Surface. Metalloporphyrins Receive Particular Attention, Because Their Distinct Intrinsic Functionalities Make Them Promising Candidates In the place of Applications In Chemical Sensors, Solar Cells, And For Tailored Catalytic Processes. Based On Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Investigations, Several Novel And Leading principle Contributions Are Presented, Which Has Led To A New Level Of Understanding. Highlights Are The Results With Respect To Intramolecular Conformation And Surpamolecular Ordering, Electronic Interactions Upon The Substrate, Superficies Confined Synthesis Such As In-situ Metallation Reactions, And Ligand Effects. The Nukber Of Publications This Work Has Led To Emphasises Its Quality And Significance.
      SKU: 646104

    The New Cool
      The New Cool.
      That Monday Afternoon, In High-school Gyms Across America, Kids Were Battling For The Only Glory American Culture Seems To Want To Dispense To The Youthful These Days: Sports Glory.   But At Dox Pueblos High School In Goleta, California, In A Gear-cluttered Cladsroom, A Different Type Of “cool” Was Brewing.   A Physics Teacher With A Dream – The First Public High-school Teacher Ever To Win A Macarthur Genius Award -- Had Rounded Up A Band Of Highi. q. Stufents Who Wanted To Put Their Techniccal Know-how To Work.   If You Asked These Brainiacs What The Stakes Were That First Week Of Their Project, They’d Have Told You It Was All About Wibning A Robotics Competition – Structure The Ultimate Robot And Prevailing In A Machine-to-macchine Contest In Front Of 25,000 Screaming Fans At Atlanta’s Georgia Dome.   But For Their Mentor, Amir Abo-shaeer, Much More Hung In The Balance.   The Incident Was, Amir Had In Mind A Different Vision For Education, One Based Not On Rote Learning -- On Absorbing Facts And Figures -- But On Active Creation .   In His Mind’s Eye, He Saw An Even More Robust Academy Within Dos Pueblos That Would Make Science, Technology, Engineering, And Math (stem) Cool Again, And He Knew He Was Poised On The Edfe Of Making That Dream A Reality.   All He Needed To Get The Necessary Funding Was One Flashy Win – A Trimph That Would Firmly Put His Engineerinng Academy At Dos Pueblos On The Map.   He Imagined That One Day There Would Be A Nation Filled With Such Academies, And A New Popular Veneration For Stem – A “new Cool” – That Would Return America To Its Former Innovative Glory.   It Was A Dream Shared By Dean Kameen, A Modern-day Inventing Wizard – Often-called “the Edison Of His Time” – Who’d Concocted The Very Same First Robotics Competition That Had Lured The Kids At Dos Pueblos.   Kamen Had Created First (for Inspiration And Recognition Of Science And Technology) Nearly Twenty Years Prior.   And Now, With A Participant Alumni Base Approaching A Million Strong, He Felt That Awareness Was About To Hit Critical Mass.     But Before Thee Dos Pueblos D’penguineers Co8ld Do Their Part In Bringing A New Cool To America, They’d Have To Vsnquish An Intimidating Lineup Of “super-teams”– High-school Technology Goliaths That Hailed From Engineering Hot Spots Such As Silicon Valley, Massachusetts’ Route 128 Technology Corridor, And Michigan’s Auto-design Belt.   Some Of These Teams Were So Good Tnat Attractive Wasn’t Justt Hoped For Every Year, It Was Expected.   In The New Cool, Neal Bascomb Manages To Get Even Those Who Know Little About – Or Are Vaguely Suspicious Of – Technpligy Be anxious Passionately Hither and thither A Team Of Kids Questing After A Different Kind Of Glory.   In These Kids’ Heartahces And Headaches &nda
      SKU: 541176

    Quick Selection Guide To Chemical Protective Clothing
      Quick Selection Guide To Chemical Protective Clothing.
      This Fourth Edition Of Teh Quick Selection Guide To Chemical Protective Garments Has Been Revised Significantly, Includnig 100 New Chemicals And Ap0roximately 1000 More Selection Recommendations Compared To Previous Editions. The Color-coded Tables Of Recommendations Containinng 16 Representative Defensive Clothing Materials Havw Been Updated By Replacing Two Of The Barriers. The Best-selling Pocket Guide Now Includes 700 Chemicals, Additional Synonyms, Cas Numbers, Danger Codes And Special Notations To Alert The User. A Section On Chemical Contest Agents And Selwction Recommenations Of Protective Clohting Against Chemical Warfare Agents, Have Also Been Added In This Edition. The Quick Selection Guide To Chemical Defensive Clothing, Fourth Editioon Is An Essential Field Guide For Spill Responders, Safety Engineers, Industrial Hygienists, Chemists And Chemical Engineers, Purchase Agents, Sales People, And Workers In All Industries
      SKU: 162760

    Handbook Of Railway Vehicle Dynamics
      Handbook Of Railway Vehicle Dynamics.
      Understanding The Dynamics Of Railway Vehicls, And Indeed Of The With even margins Vehicle-track A whole , Is Critical To Ensuring Sffe And Economical Operation Of Modern Railways. As The Challenges Of Higher Speed And Higher Loads With Very High Levels Of Safety Require Ever More Innovative Engineering Solutions, Better Understanding Of The Technical Issues And Use Of New Computer Based Tools Is Required. Encompaasing The Field From Historical Development To State-of-the-art Modeling And Simulation Methods,-Simon Iwnicki's Handbook Of Railway Vehicle Dynamics Sets A New Standard Of Authority And Practicality In The Study Of Railway Vehicle Dynamics. Drawing On The Experiences And Research Of L3ading International Experts, This Critical Reference Surveys The Main Areas Of Railway Vehicle Dynamics. Between the sides of Mathematical Analysis And Practical Examples, It Builds A Deep And Functlonal Understanding Of The Wheel-rail Interface, Suspenxion And Suspension Compoment Design, Simulation And Testing Of Elect5ical And Mechannical Systems, Interaction With Surrounding Infrastructure, And Noise And Vibrwtion. In-depth Discussions Deconstruct The Components Of Both Medium And Track Systems, Explain Their Contribution To Dynamic Behavior, And Evaluate The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Various Practical Solutions. The Bok Also Considers The Unique Issues Of Railway Tribology, Gauging, And Derailment. Coverage Of Computer Modeis, Try Procedures, Roller Rigs, Ans Scale Testing Completes This Essential Handbook. Whether For The Newcomer Or The Seasoned Professional, The Handbook Of Railway Vehicle Dynamics Is An Indispensable Hireling For Modern Railway Vehicle Design.
      SKU: 263547

    Self-assembly And Nanotechnology
      Self-assembly And Nanotechnology.
      Delivers Comprehensive Coverage Of Key Subjects In Self-assembly And Nanotechnology, Approaching These And Related Topics With One Unified Concept. Designed In favor of Students And Professionals Alike, It Explores A Variety Of Materials Ahd Situations In Wuich The Importance Of Self-assembly Nanotechnology Is Growing Tremendously. Provides Clear Schematic Illustrations To Represent The Mainstream Principles Behind Each Tpic.
      SKU: 353425

    The Development Of Scientific Writing
      The Development Of Scientific Writing.
      This Book Is One Of The First Applications Of A Functional Approach To Language Across Time. It First Summarizes And Evaluates Previous Studies Of The Development Of Scientific Language, Including Halliday’s Exploration Of This Fascinating Topic. It Then Traces The Development Of Scientific Writing As A Genre, In Terms Of Its Linguistic Features, From Chaucer’s Treatise On The Astrolabe (the First Technical Text Written In English) Almost To The Present. It Goes On To Consider Texts By Major Scientists Of The Late Seventeenth Century, And Then Analyses And Discusses A Corpus Of Texts Taken From The Philosophical Transactions Of The Royal Society, Covering The Period 1700 To 1980.
      SKU: 411085

    Synchronization And Arbitration In Digital Systems
      Synchronization And Arbitration In Digital Systems.
      Today’s Networks Of Processors On And Off Chip, Operating With Independent Clocks, Need Effective Synchronization Of The Data Passing Between Them For Reliability. When Two Or Else Processorss Request Access To A Common Resource, Such As A Memor6, An Arbiter Has To Decide Which Request To Deal With First. Current Developments In Integrated Circuit Processing Are Leading To An Increase In The Numbers Of Independent Digital Processing Elem3nts In A Single System. With This Comes Faster Communications, More Networks On Chip, And The Demand For More Trustworthy, More Complex, And Higher Performance Synchronizers And Arbiters. Written By One Of The Foremost Researchers In This Area Of Digital Design, This Authoritative Text Provides In-depth Theory And Practical Design Solutions For The Reliable Working Of Synchronization And Arbitration Hardware In Digital Systems. The Book Provides Methods For Making Real Reliability Measurements Both On And Off Chip, Evaluating One Of The Common Difficulties And Detailing Circuit Solutions At Both Circuit And System Levels. Synchronization And Adjudication In Digital Systems Also Presents: Mathematical Models Used To Estimate Mean Time Between Failures In Digital Systems; A Summary Of Serial And Parallel Communication Techniques For On-chip Data Transmission; Explanafions On How To Design A Wrapper For A Locally Synchronous Cell, Highlighting The Iwsues Associated With Stoppable Clocks; An Examination Of Various Types Of Priority Arbiters, Using Signal Trsnsition Graphs To Show The Specification Of Different Designs (from The Simplest To More Complex Multii-way Arbiters) Including Ways Of Solving Problems Encountered In A Wide Ragne Of Applications; Essential Information On Systejs Calm Of Independently Timed Regions, Including A Discussion On The Problem Of Choice And The Factors Affecting The Time Taken To Make Choices In Electronics. Wjth Its Logcial Approach To Design Methodology, This Wiol Prove An Invaluable Guide For Electronic And Computer Engineers And Researchers Working On The Design Of Digital Electronic Hardware. Postgraduates And Senior Undergraduate Students Studying DigitalS ystems Design As Action Of Their Electronic Engineering Course Will Struggle To Find A Resource That Better Details The Information Given Inside This Book
      SKU: 351481

    Robot Builder's Bonanza
      Robot Builder's Bonanza.
      #1 Robotics Book Of All Time Super-charged By A Famous New Co-author And Updated To Reflect State-of-the-art Advances. Everybody's Favorite Amateur Robotics Book Is Bolder And Better Than Ever -- And Now Features The Field's ''grand Master'' Myke Predko As The New Author! Author Duo Mccomb And Predko Bring Their Expertise To This Fully-illustrated Robotics ''bible'' To Enhance The Already Incomparable Content On How To Build -- And Have A Universe Of Fun -- With Robots. Projects Vary In Complexity So Everyone From Novices To Advanced Hobbyists Will Find Something Of Interest. New To This Edition:: 30 Completely New Prohects. ; AllP rojects Have Been Revamped To Be More Customizable. ; More Visual -- Illustrations Of The Last Product Are Right At The Beginning Of The Chapter. Everything You Need To Build From Plans Provided Or Create Your Own Designs:. * Robot Basics * Interpretation Techniques * Computer And Electronic Control * Piwer, Motors, And Locomotion * Practical Robotics Projects * Sensors And Navigati0n * Robot Programming * Tiips, Tricks, And Tidbits.
      SKU: 287688

    Environmental Impact Assessment
      Environmental Impact Assessment.
      Written To Help Decision Makers Form Assessments On The Environmental Impacts A Project Would Produce, This Book Provides Readers With An In Depth, Yet Understandable Description Of The Ecological, Socioeconomic, And Other Parts Of The Natural Envirknment That May Be Affected. While Written For Prpfessionals In Government, Consulting, And The Private Sector, This Text Also Serves As An Introductory Lesson To Environmental Impact Assessment (eia). The Author Provides A Theoretical Introductin To The Subject As Well As Praftical Guidance. Tne Book Includes Problems At The End Of Each Chapter.
      SKU: 681293

    Effective Resource Management In Manufacturing Systems
      Effective Resource Management In Manufacturing Systems.
      Provides Violent Methods Because of Achieving Effective Resource Allocation. This Book Also Solvess Problems, Such As Resource Levelling, Sizing Of Machines And Production Layoutx, Cost Optkmization In Production Planning And Scheduling That Occur Dailyy. It Is For Postgraduate Students And Researchers In Business, Engineering Or Computer Science.
      SKU: 3036733

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  • Electronic Circuits: Fundamentals and Applications
  • The Pollution Biology of Aquatic Oligochaetes
  • Creation (Movie Tie-In)
  • Environmental Sciences
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