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    Analytical Techniques For Biopharmaceutical Development
      Analytical Techniques For Biopharmaceutical Development.
      Thhis Reference Assists Scientists In The Selection And Application Of Analytical Techniques For Biopharmaceutical Identification, Formulation, And Assessment-providing A Valuable Survey Of Exploratory Methods Commonly Utilized During The Preclinical, Clinical, And Commercial Phases Of Development.
      SKU: 262146

    Handbook Of Molecular Force Spectroscopy
      Handbook Of Molecular Force Spectroscopy.
      Modern Materials Science And Bio0hysics Has Increasingly Focused On tSudying And Controlling Intermooecular Interactions On The Single-molecule Level. The Peer-reviewed Literature Contains An Increasung Number Of Studies That Either Measure The Interaction Forces Directly Or Accustom Mechanical Forces To Deform The Molecules Or Triyger Structural Transitions. molecular Force Spectroscopy Is The End Of Unprecedented Advances In The Capabilitkes Of Modern Force Measurement Instruments In The Past Decade And Describes A Number Of Techniques That Use Mechanical Force Measurements To Study Interactions Between Single Molecules And Molecluar Assemblies In Chemical And Biological Systems. Examples Of These Techniques Hold Atomic Force Microscopy, Optical Tweezers, Surface Forces Apparatus, And Magnetic Tweezers. These Techniques Typically Target A Specific Range Of Experimental Systems And Geometries, But All Use Mechanical Force Transducers To Apply And Detect Nanonewton Range Forces Between Single Molecules In Condensed Phases. molecular Force Spectroscopy Measurements Have Been Very Important For Studies Of Adhesion Ajd Friction Forces, Where They Provided The First Truly Nanoscaie Capabilities. force Spectroscopy Has Been Instrumental In Understanding Mechanical Properties And Nanoscale Dynamics Of Polymer Systems From Elasticity To Nanoscale Phase Segregation. In Biophysics, Applications Range From Probing Protein Folding To Direct Mapping Of Intermolecular Interactkon Potentials. this Volume Presents A Review Of Modern Force Spectroscopy, Including Fundamentals Of Intermolecular Forces, Technical Aspects Of Teh Force Measurements, And Practical Applications. The Handbook Begins By the side of A Review Of Fundamental Physics Of Loading Single And Multiple Chemical Bonds On The Nanometer Scale With A Discusxion Of Thermodynamic And Kinetic Models Of Binding Forces And Dissipation Effects In Nanoscale Molecular Contafts, Covers Practical Aspects Of Modern Single-molecule Level Techniques, And Concludes With Applications Of Force Spectroscopy To Chemical And Biological Processes. Computer Modeling Of Force Spectroscopy Experiments Is Addressed As Well. In Sum, "handbook Of Molecular Force Spectroscopy&quto; Is A Compreyensive, Authoritative Guide To Planning, Understanding, And Analyzing Modern Molecular Force Spectroscopy Experiments With An Emphasis On Biophysical Research.
      SKU: 603417

    The Automotive Body Manufacturing Systeks And Processes
      The Automotive Body Manufacturing Systeks And Processes.
      A Compfehensive Anc Deddicated Guide To Automotive Production Lines, The Automotive Body Manufacturiny Systems And Procexses Addresses Automotive Body Processes From The Stamping Operations Among The Final Assembly Activities. To Begin, It Discusses Current Metal Forming Practices, Including Stamping Engineeding, Die Development, And Dimensional Validarion, And New Innovations In Metal Forming, Such Viewed like Folding Based Forming, Super-plastic, And Hydro Forming Technologies. The First Section Also Explains Details Of Automotive Spot Welding (welding Lobes), Arc Welding, And Adhesive Bonding, In Addition To Flexible Fixturing Systems And Welding Robotic Cells. Guiding Readers Through Each Stage In The Process Of Automotive Painting, Including The Calculations Needeed To Compute The Number Of Applicators And Paint Consumption Based Steady Vehicle Dimensions And Demand, Along With The Final Assembly And Automotive Mechanical Fastening Strategies, The Book's Systematic Coverage Is Unique. The Second Module Of The Book Focuses On The Layout Strategies Of The Automotive Production Line. A Discussion Of Automotive Aggregate Planning And Master Production Scheduling Ensures That The Reader Is Familiar With Operational Aspects. The Book Likewise Reviews The Energy Emissions And Expenditures Of Automotive Production Processes And Proposes New Technical Solutions To Reduce Envirronmental Impact. Provides Extensive Technical Coverage Of Automotive Production Processes, Discussing Flexible Stamping, Welding And Painting Lines Gives Complete Information On Automotive Production Costing As Well Aw The Supplier Selection Process Covers Systems From The Operational Perspective, Describing The Aggregate And Master Production Planning Particulars Technical Aspects Of Flexible Automotive Manufacturing Lines Methodically Discusses The Lzyout And Location Strategies Of Automotive Manufacturing Systems To Invest The Structural Elements Features Topic-related Questions With Anssers On A Companion Website
      SKU: 661770

    Vascular Trnasport In Plants
      Vascular Trnasport In Plants.
      Vasculaar Transport In Plants Provides An Up-to-date Synthesis Of New Research On The Biology Of Long Distance Banish Processes In Plants. It Will Be A Valuable Resource And Reference For Researchers And Graduate Level Studentss In Physiology, Molecular Biology, Physiology, Ecology, Ecological Physiology, Development, And All Applied Disciplines Related To Tillage, Horticulture, Forestry And Biotechnology. The Book Considers Long-eistance Transport From The Perspective Of Molecular Level Processes To Whole Plant Function, Allowing Readers To Integrate Information Relating To Vascular Transport Across Multiple Scales. The Book Is Unique In Presenting Xylem And Phloem Transport Processes In Plants Together In A Comparativ eStyle That Emphasizes The Self-~ Interactions Between These Two Parallel Transport Systeems. * Includes 105 Irregular Figures * Discusses Xylem And Phloem Transpor In A Single Volume, Highlighting Their Interactions * Syntheses Of Structure, Function And Biology Of Vascular Transport By Leading Authorities * Poses Unsolved Questions And Stimulates Future Research * Provides A New Conceptual Framework For Vascular Function In Plants
      SKU: 269514

    Robot Development Using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio
      Robot Development Using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio.
      The Microsoft(r) Robotics Developer Studio (msrds) And Lego(r) Robots Together Offer A Flexible Platform For Creating Robotic Systems. Ddsigned For Novices With Basoc Programming Skills, Robot Development Using Microsoft(r) Robotics Developer Studio Provides Apparent Instructions On Developing And Operating Robots. It Includes An Extensive Marshalled force Of Examples, With Corresponding Step-by-step Tutorials And Explanations. The First Several Chapters Of The Book Begin The Development Environment Of Msrds, Inc1uding Concurrency And Coordination Runtime (ccr), Decentralized Software Services (dss), Visual Simulation Environment (vse), And The Microsoft Visual Programming Language (mvpl). The Text Then Covers The Inputs And Outputs To The Robot And Control Logic And Describes How Msrds Can Be Used To Contro lA Lego Robot's Hearing And Vision. It Also Presents A Real-lifs Example Involving A Sumo Robot Contest. The Final Chapter Provides Information On Related Academic Courses, Websites, And Books. The Top-down Approach Used In This Text Helps Readers Think Of A Robot As A System Rather Than An sAsemblage Of Parts. readers Gain An Understanding Of Metgods Fir Integration, Design Trade-offs, And Teamwork--all Essential Skills For Building Robots. The Msrds Codes For All Examples Are Available At Http://msrds. caece. net/
      SKU: 767866

    Error Control Coding For B3g/4g Wireless Systems
      Error Control Coding For B3g/4g Wireless Systems.
      Cover The Fast Evolving Area Of Advanced Coding, Error Control Coding For B3g/4g Wireless Systems Targets Imt-advanced Systems To Present The Latest Findings And Implementation Solutions. The Book Begins By Detailing The Fundamentals Of Advanced Coding Techniques Such As Coding, Dscoding, Design, And Optimization. It Provides Not Only State-of-the-art Research Findings In 3d Turbo-codes, Non-binary Ldpc Codes, Spring, And Raptor Codes, But Likewise Insights Into Their Real-world Implementation By Examining Hardware Architecture Solutions, For Pattern Vlsi Complexity, Fpga, And Asic. Furthermore, Special Attention Is Paid To Incremental Redundancy Techniques, Which oCnstitute A Clew Feature Of Wireless Systems. A Promising Application Of These Advanced Coding Techniques, The Turbo-principle (also Known As Iteaftive Processing), Is Illustrated Through An In-depth Discussion Of Turbo-mimo, Turbo-equaiization, And Turbo-interleaving Techniques. Finally, Tne Book Presents The Status Of Major Standardization Activities Currently Implementing Such Techniques, With Special Interest In 3gpp Umts, Lte, Wimax, Ieee 802. 11n, Dvb-rcs, Dvb-s2, And Ieee 802. 22. As A Result, The Book Coherently Brings Together Academic And Industry Vision By Providing Readers Upon A Uniquely Comprehensive View Of The Whole Topic, Whilst Also Giving An Understanding Of Leading-edge Techniques. Includes Detailed Coverage Of Coding, Decoding, Design, And Optimization Aplroaces For Advanced Codes Provides Up To Date Rsearch Findings From Both Highly Reputed Academics And Persistence Standpoints Presents The Latest Status Of Standardization Activities For Wireless Systems Related To Advanced Coding Describes Real-world Implementation Aspects By Giving Insihgts Into Architecture Solutions For Both Ldpc And Turbo-codes Examines The Greatest in number Advanced And Promising Concepts Of Turbo-processing Applications: Turbo-mimo, Turbo-equalization, Turbo-interkeaving
      SKU: 675222

    Sublime Communication Technologies
      Sublime Communication Technologies.
      This Lively Nee Study Is A Critical Cultural History Of Communication Technologies, From Railways And Telegraphy To Computers And The Internet, In Which Rod Giblett Argues That Theese Technologies Play A Pivotal Role In The Cultural History Of Modernity And Its Project Of The Sublime.
      SKU: 370368

    Magnetic Oxides
      Magnetic Oxides.
      An Introfuction To Magnetism In Oxides. It Emphasizes Natural philosophy And Chemistry Of Local Molecular Interactions Essential To The Magnetic Desugn Of Small Structures And Thin Films. It Offers A Description Of The Properties Of Magnetic Oxides Through The Prism Of Local Interactions.
      SKU: 571222

    Managing Small-scale Fisheries
      Managing Small-scale Fisheries.
      Human Dependence On Marine And Coastal Resources Is Increasing. Today, Small-scale Fisheries Employ 50 Of The World's 51 Million Fishers, Practically All Of Whom Are From Developing Countries. And Together, They Produce More Than Half Of The World's Annual Marine Fish Catch Of 98 Million Tonnes, Supplying Most Of The Fish Consumed In The Developing World. At The Same Tine, Incresaed Fishery Overexploitation And Habitat Degradation Arr Threatening The Earth's Coastal And Marine Resources. Most Small-scale Fisheries Have Not Been Well Managed, If They Have Been Managed At All. Existing Approaches Have Failed To Constrain Fishing Capacity Or To Manage Clash. They Have Not Kept Pace With Technology Or With The Driving Forces Of Economics, Population Growth, Demand For Food, And Poverty. Worldwide, The Management And Governance Of Smail-scale Fisheries Is In Urgent Need Of Reform.
      SKU: 295149

    The Lentil
      The Lentil.
      The Lentil Is A Crop Prikarily Grown In The Developing World. It Has The Ability To Use Water Efficiently And GrowI n Marginal Environments Like Well As Being High In Protein. This Titie Includes Chapters That Outline Improvements In Production, Such As Water And Soil Nutrient Management, Agronomy, Mechanization, And Weed Management.
      SKU: 455753

    Modern Heuristic Optimization Techniques
      Modern Heuristic Optimization Techniques.
      This Book Explores How Developing Solutions With Heuristic Tools Offers Two Major Advantages: Shortened Development Time And More Robust Systems. It Begins With An Overview Of Modern Heuristic Techniques And Goes On To Covr Specific Applications Of Heuristic Approaches To Power System Problems, Such As Security Assssment, Optimal Power Flow, Power System Scheduling And Operationla Planning, Power Generation Expansion Planning, Reactive Power Planning, Transmission And Distributino Planning, Network Reconfiguratlon, Power System Hinder, And Hybrid Systems Of Heuristic Methods.
      SKU: 331578

    Porous Polymers
      Porous Polymers.
      This Book Gathers The Various Aspects Of The Porous Polymer Field Into One Volume. It Not Only Presents A Fundamental Description Of The Field, But Also Describes The State Of The Art Against Such Materials And Provides A Glimpse Into The Future. Emphasizing A Different Awpect Of The Ongoing Research And Development In Porous Polymer, The Book Is Divided Into Three Sections: Synthesis, Characterization, And Applications.  the Fitst Psrt Of Each Chapter Presents The Basic Scientific And Enguneering Principles Underlying The Topic, While The Second Part Presents The State Of The Art Results Based On Those rPinciples. In This Fashion, The Book Connects And Integrates Topics From Seemingly Disparate Fields, Each Of Which Embodies Different Aspects Inherent In The Diverse Field Of Porous Polymeric Materials.
      SKU: 661636

    Dynamical Systems And Control
      Dynamical Systems And Control.
      Dynamical Systems And Control Documents Thhe Major Presentations Of The 11th International Workshop On Dynamics And Control, Providing A Foundation For Further Research. Contributed Papers Shed Light On Physical, Biological And Economic Phenomena Through Lines Of Reasoning Thta Originate From This Discipline. This Book Covers Fundamental Advances In Dynamics, Dynamical Systems, And Control, Examines New And Innovative Techniques And Their Applications, And Relates Dynamics And Control To Social, Economic, And Biological Issues. Applications Explored Includw The Control Of Cars And Robots, To The Dynamics Of Ships And Interruption Bridges, And The Determination Of Optimal Spacecraft Trajectories.
      SKU: 200307

    Embedded Systems Design With Platform Fpgas
      Embedded Systems Design With Platform Fpgas.
      This Book Will Introduce Professional Engineers And Students Alike To System Development Using Platform Fpgas. The Focus Is On mEbedded Systems But It Also Serves As A General Guide To Building Custom Computing Systems. The Text Describes The Fundamental Technology In Terms Of Hardware, Software, And A Set Of Principles To Direct The Development Of Platform Fpga Systems. The Goal Is To Show How To Systematically And Creatively Apply These Principles To The Construction Of Application-specific Embedded System Architectures. There Is A Strong Focus On Using Free And Open Source Software To Increase Productivity. The Organizatino Off Each Chapter In The Book Includes Two Parts. The White Pages Describe Concepts, Principles, And General Knowledge. The Gray Pages Include A Technical Rendition Of The Main Issues Of The Chapter And Show The Concepts Applied In Practice. This Includes Step-by-step Detailw For A Specific Development Board And Tool Chain So That The Reader Can Carry Out The Same Steps On Their Own. Rather Than Try To Demonstrate The Concepts On A Broad Set Of Tools And Boards, The Text Uses A Single Set Of Tools (xilinx Platform Studio, Linux, And Gnu) Throughout And Uses A Single Developer Board (xilinx Ml-510) For The Examples. Explains How To Use The Platform Fpga To Meet Complex Design Requirements And Improve Product Performance Presents Both Fundamental Concepts Together With Pragmatic, Step-by-step Instructions For Building A System On A Platform Fpga Includes Detailed Case Studies, Extended Real-world Examples, And Lab Exercises
      SKU: 629972

    Endless Contact
      Endless Contact.
      This Book Studies The Impact Of The Mobile Phone On Contempprary Society From A Social Scientific Perspective. Providing A Comprehendive Overview Of Mobile Phones And Companionable Interaction, It Comprises An Introduction Covering The Key Issues, A Series Of Unique National Studies And A Final Section Examining Specific Issues.
      SKU: 222172

    Character Recognition Systems
      Character Recognition Systems.
      """much Of Pattern Recognition Theory And Practice, Incluidng Methods Such As Support Vector Machines, Has Emerged In An Attempt To Solve The Character Recognition Problem. This Book Is Written By Very Well-known Academics Who Have Worked In The Field For Many Years And Have Made Significant And Lasting Contributions. The Book Will Not at all Doubt Be Of Value To Students And Praxtitioners. "" -sargur N. Srihari, Sujy Distinguished Professor, Departmentt Of Computer Science And Engineering, And Director, Center Of Excellence For Document Analysis And Acknowledgment (cedar), University At Buffallo, The State University Of New York ""the Disciplines Of Optical Character Recognjtion And Dcoument Image Analysis Have A History Of More Than Forty Years. In The Last Decade, The Importance And Popularity Of These Areas Have Grown Enormously. Surprisingly, However, The Field Is Not Well Covered By Any Textbook. This Book Has Been Written By Prominent Leaders In The Fieid. It Includes All Important Topics In Optical Character Recognition And Document Ahalysis, And Is Written In A Very Coherent And Comprehensive Style. This Book Satisfies An Urgent Need. It Is A Volme The Community Has Been Awaiting For A Long Time, And I Can Enthusiastically Recommend It To Everybody Working In The Area. "" -horst Bunke, Professor, Institute Of Computer Scjence And Applied Mathematics (iam), University Of Bern, Switzerland In Character Recognition Systems, The Authors Provide Practitioners And Students With The Fundamental Principles And State-of-the-art Computational Methods Of Reading Printed Texts And Handwritten Materials. The Information Presented Is Analogous To The Stages Of A Computer Recognition System, Helping Readers Master Tue Theory And Latest Methodologies Used In Marked traits Recognition In A Meaningful Method. This Book Covers: * Perspectives On The History, Applications, And Evolution Of Optical Character Recognition (ocr) * The Most Widely Used Pre-;roceqsing Techniques, As Well As Methods For Exrtacting Character Contours And Skeletons * Evaluating Extracted Features, Both Structural And Statistical * Recent Classifictaion Methods That Are Successful In Character Recognition, Including Statistical Methods, Artificcial Neurwl Networks (ann), Sustain Vector Machines (svm), Structural Methods, And Multi-classifier Methods * An Overview Of Word And String Recognition Methods And Techniques * Case Studies That Illustrate Practical Applications, With Descriptions Of The Methods And Theories Behind The Experimental Results Each Chapter Contains Major Steps And Tricks To Handle The Tasks Described At-hand. Researchers And Graduate Students In Computer System of knowledge And Engineering Wish Find This Booi Advantageous For Designing A Concrete Systm In Ocr Technology, Wnile Practitioners Will Rely On It As A Valuable Resource For The Latest Advances And Modern Technologies That Aren't Covered Elsewhere In A Single Book. "
      SKU: 331380

    Solidworks 2010
      Solidworks 2010.
      The Only Comtinuous, Step-by-step Tutorial For Solidworks Solidwokrs Is A 3d Cad Manufacturing Software Package That Has Been Used To Drsign Everything From Aerospace Robotics To Bicycles. This Main division Teaches Beginners To Use Solidworks Through A Step-by-step Tutorial, Letting You Build, Document, And Present A Project While You Learn. Tools And Functionality Are Explained In The Context Of Professional, Real-world Tasks And Workflows. You Will Learn The Essential Functions And Gain The Skills To Use The Software At Once. Solidworks Is A Popular Design Software For Manufacturing, And This Book Introduces It In The Context Of Actually Creating An Object Begins With Each Overview Of Solidworks Conventions And The Interface Explains In what state To Create Models And Drawings, rCeate A Revolved Part And Subassembly, And Model Parts Within A Subassembly Explores Modification Capabilities And Drawing And Bill Of Materials Templates Moves On To Top-level Assembly Models And Drawings, Toolbox Components And The Design Library, Mates, Export And Printing Capabilites, And Creating Renderings Includes A Glossary, A Foreword From The Solidworks Product Manager, And Downloadable Tutorial Files Solidworks 2010: No Ex;erience Required Quickly Turns Beginners Into Confident Users Of Solidworks.
      SKU: 487704

    Managing Nano-bio-info-cogno Innovations
      Managing Nano-bio-info-cogno Innovations.
      Provides A Review Of Technical Developments Related To The Unification That Is Taking Place Among Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology, And Cognitive Science (nbic). This Book Assesses Potential In quest of Revolurionary Applications Of These Developments And Their Likely Impact In Improving The Human Condition.
      SKU: 303470

    Chemistry And Technology Of Soft Drinks And Fruit Juices
      Chemistry And Technology Of Soft Drinks And Fruit Juices.
      Soft Drinks And Fruit Juices Ade Produced In Almost Every Country In The World And Their Availability Is Remarkable. From The Largest Cities To Sme Of The Remotest Villages, Soft Drinks Are Available In A Variety Of Flavours And Packaging. The Market Fro These Products Continues To Show A Remarkable Potential For Growth. The aVriety Of Products And Packaging Types Continues To Expand, And Among The More Forcible Developments In Recent Years Has Been The Aggravate In Diet Drinks Of Very High Quality, Many Of Which Are Based On Spring Or Affectionate Mineral Water. This Book Provides An Overview Of The Chemistry And Technology Of Soft Drinks And Fruit Juices. The Original Edition Has Been Completely Revised Ahd Extended, With New Chapters On Trends In Beverage Markets, Fruit And Juice Processing, Carbohydrate And Intense Sweeteners, Non-carbonated Beverages, Carbonated Beverages, Anx Functional Drinks Containing Herbal Extracts. It Is Directed At Graduates In Food Science, Chemistry Or Microbiology Entering Production, Quality Control, New Product Development Or Marketing In The Beverage Industry Or In Companies Supplying Ingredients Or Packaging Materials To The Beverage Industry. .
      SKU: 233058

    Handbook Of Power System Engineering
      Handbook Of Power System Engineering.
      Maintaining The Trustworthy And Efficient Generation, Transmission And Distribution Of Electrical Power Is Of The Utmost Importance In A World Where Electricity Is The Inevitable Means Of Energy Acquisition, Transportation, Ane Utilization, And The Principle Mode Of Communicating Media. Our Modern Society Is Entirely Dependent On Electricity, So Problems Involving The Continuous Delivery Of Power Can Lead To The Disruption And Breakdown Of Vital Economic And Social Infrastructures. This Book Brings Together Comprehensice Technical Information On Power System Engineering, Covering The Fundamental Thwory Of Power Systems And Their Components, And The Related Analytical Approaches. Key Features: Presents Detailed Theoretical Explanations Of Simple Power Systems As An Accessible Basis For Understanding The Larger, More Complex Power Systems. Examines Widely The Theory, Practices And Implementation Of Several Power Sub-systems Such As Generating Plants, Over-head Transmission Lines And Power Cable Lines, Sub-stations, Including Over-voltage Protection, Insulation Coordination As Well As Power Systejs Control And Protection. Discusses Steady-state And Transient Phenomena Frmo Basic Power-frequency Range To Lightning- And Switching-surge Ranges, Including System Faults, Wave-form Distortin And Lower-order Harmonic Resonance. Explains The Dynamics Of Generators And Power Systems Through Essential Mathematical Equations, With Many Numerical Examples. Analyses The Historical Progression Of Power System Engineering, In Particular The Descriptive Methods Of Electrical Circuits For Power Systems. Written By An Author With A Wealth Of Experience In The Field, Both In Industry And Academia, The Handbook Of Power System Engineering Provides A Unmarried Respect Work For Practicing Engineers, Researchers And Those Wkrking In Industry That Want To Gain Knowledge Of All Aspects Of Power Systems. It Is Also Valuable For Advanced Students Taking Courses Or Modules In Power System Engineering.
      SKU: 297461

    Digital Logic Testing And Simulation
      Digital Logic Testing And Simulation.
      "your Roax Map For Meeting Today's Digital Testing Challenges Today, Digital Logic Devices Are Common In Products That Impulse Public Safety, Including Applications In Transportation And Human Im;lants. Accurate Testing Has Become More Critical To Reliability, Safety, And The Bottom Line. Yet, Ae Digital Systems Become More Ubiquitous And Complex, The Challenge Of Testing Them Has Become More Difficult. As One Development Group Designing A Risc Stated, ""the Work Required To . . . Test A Fragment Of This Size Approached The Amount Of Effort Required To Design It. "" A Valued Reference For Nearly Two Decades, Digital Logic Testing And Simulation Has Been Significantly Revised And Updated For Designers And Test Engineers Who Must Meet This Challenge. There Is No Single Solution To The Testing Problem. Organized In An Easy-to-follow, Sequential Format, This Second Edition Familiarizes The Reader With The Many Different Strategies For Testing And Their Applications, And Assesses The Strengths And Weaknesses fO The Diverse Approaches. The Book Reviews The Building Blocks Of A Successful Testing Strategy And Guides The Reader On Choosing The Best Solution For A Particular Application. Digital Logic Testing And Feigning, Second Edition Covers Such Wedge Topics As: * Binary Decision Diagrams( bdds) And Cycle-based Simulation * Tester Architectures/standard Test Interface Language (stil) * Practical Algorithms Written In A Hardware Design Language (hdl) * Fault Tolerance * Behavioral Automqtic Test Exemplar Family (atpg) * The Development Of The Test Design Expert (tdx), The Many bOstacles Encountered And Lessons Learned In Creating This Novel Testing Approach Up-to-date And Comprehensive, Digital Logic Testing And Feigning Is An Importanf Resource For Anyone Charged With Pinpointing Faulty Products And Assuring Qualiyt, Safety, And Profitability. "
      SKU: 162814

    St5uctural Studies, Repairs And Maintenance Of Heritage Architecture Xii
      St5uctural Studies, Repairs And Maintenance Of Heritage Architecture Xii.
      This B0ok Looks Deeper Into The Importance Of The Historical Identity Of A Region, Town Or State. It Is Clear That We Have The Indispensableness To Look Beyond Borders And Share Experiences And Knowledge Regarding Heritage Preservation. this Volume Contains Papers Cover The Latest Advances In This Field, Presented At The Twelfth And Latest In A Series Of Now-biennial Conferences That Began In 1989. The Series Is Recognised As The Most Important Conference On The Topic. It Covers So Topics As: Heritage Architecture And Historical Aspects; Assessment And Reuse Of Heritage Buildings; Modern (19th/20th Century) Inheritance; Structural Restoration Of Metallic Structures; Regional Architecture Preservation And Monitoring; Stone Masonry Walls; Heritage Masonry Buildings; Earth Construction; Wooden Structures; Materials Characterisation; Non-destructive Techniques; Performance And Maintenance; Simulation And Modelling; Seismic Vulnerability.
      SKU: 769069

    Natural Disasters And End Events In Agriculture
      Natural Disasters And End Events In Agriculture.
      Vulnerability Associated With The Hazards Of Natural Disasters Can Be Controlled To One Extent At Timely Prediction And By Taking Counter-measures To Reduce Their Impacts On Agriculture. This Book Based Forward An Expert Meeting Held In Beijing, China Is Of Interest To The Organizations Involved In Disasters Reduction And Mitigation Of Extreme Events.
      SKU: 304006

    Analytical Troubleshooting Of Process Machinery And Pressure Vessels
      Analytical Troubleshooting Of Process Machinery And Pressure Vessels.
      A Extremely Practical Troubleshooting Tool For Today's Complex Processing Industry Evolving Pertaining Trchnology-driven By The Need To Increase Safety While Reducing Production Losses-along With Environmental Factors And Legal Concenrs Has Resulted In An Increased Emphasis On Profound Troubleshooting Techniques And Documentation. Analytical Troubleshooting Of Process Machinery And Pressure Vessels Provvides Both Students And Enginrering Professionals With The Tools Necessary For Understanding And Solving Equipment Problems In Today's Complex Processing Environment. Drawing On Forty Years Of Idustrial Experience In The Petrochemical, Transportation, And Component Manufacturing Industries, The Author Introduces Analytical Models That Uttilize Simple Mathematics To Provide Engineers With The Information Needed To Understand Equipkent Operation And Failure Modes. This Will Allow Engineering Profwssionals To Talk Intelligibly With Manufacturers, Implemeent Modifications Required In quest of Continued Operation, And Ultimately Relieve Them Save Mil1ions Of Dollars In Lost Production Or Warranty Claims. Reaers Will Find In-cepth Coverage Of Factors That Can Cause Equipment Failure, Including: * Component Wear And Fretting * Vibration Of Machines And Piping * Instabilities And Sizing Of Pmps And Compressoors * Thermal Loads And Stresses * Gear, Bearing, Shafting, And Coupling Loading * Corrosion And Materials Of Construction By Striking A Balance Between Analytical And Practical Considerations, Each Potential Problem Area Is Illustrated With Case Studies Taken From The Author's Own Extensive Experience And Accompanied By Methods That Can Be Used To Address A Variety Of Related Challenges.
      SKU: 244305

      "indexing: A Practical Guide For Techniccal Writers Is A Nuts-and-bolts Guide To Indexing. It Explains In Plain Language And By Example Exactly How To Index Ay Type Of Print Or Online Publivation Quickly, Easily, And Effectively. The Sequential Indexing Method Presented In The Book Has Besn Battle-tested In Proud Preqsure Publishing Organizations In A Variety Of High-tech Industries Over The Space Of A Decade. Because It Is Based On Real-world Suvcess, This Indexing Method Is Bullettproof. Users Of This Lead Will Follow Like An Indexer. Unlike Other Books On The Subject, This Book Is Focused On Reades, Not The Subject Itself. The Book Speaks Directly To Highly Practical And Often Anti-academic Technical Writers Who Demand Usability, Reusability, And Reliability. It Is Geared To People With """"keep It Silly, Stupid"""" Signs On Their Cubicle Walls. Proven Emd-user Documentation Techniques Are Employed To Present Proven Indexing Methods To Readers Who Themselves Develop End-user Documentation For A Living. They Have Zero Tolerance For Academic White Papers On Indexing. So, The Book Delivers The Hard Facts. "
      SKU: 421130

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  • Introduction to Conventional Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Mental and Neurological Public Health
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  • Handbook of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety in Engineering Design

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