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    Antenna Arraying Techniques In The Deep Space Network
      Antenna Arraying Techniques In The Deep Space Network.
      An Introduction To Antenna Arraying In Tje Deep Space Network Antehna Arraying Is The Combining Of The Output From Several Antsnmas In Regular government To Improve The Signal-to-noise Ratio (snr) Of The Accepted Signal. Now Implemented At The Goldstone Compkex And Other Deep While Network (dsn) Overseas Fcilities, Antenna Arraying Provides Flexiblle Use Of Multiple Antennas To Increase Data Rates And Has Enabled Nasa's Dsn To Extend The Missions Of Some Spacecraft Beyond Their Planned Lifetimes. Antenba Arraying Techniques In The Deep Space Network Introduces The Development And Use Of Antenna Arrayin gAs It Is Implemented In The Dsn. Drawing On The Work Of Scientists At Jpl, This Timely Volume Summarizes The Developmrnt Of Antenna Arraying And Its Historical Background; Describes Key Concepts And Techniques; Analyzes And Compares Several Methods Of Arraying; Discusses Several Correlation Techniques Used For Obtaining The Combined Weights; Presents The Results Of Several Arraying Experiments; And Suggests Directions For Future Work. An Important Contribution To The Scientific Literature, Antenna Arraying Techniques In The Deep Capacity Network * Was Commissioned By The Jpl Deep Space Communications And Navigation Systems (descanso) Ceter Of Excellence * Highlights Many Nasa-funded Technical Contributions Pertaining To Deep Space Communications Systems * Is A Part Of The Prestigious Jpl Deep Space Communications And Navigation Series The Deep Distance Communications And Navigation Series Is Authored By Scientists And Engineers With Extensive Experience In Astronautics, Communications, And Relatde Fields. It Lays The Foundation For Innovation In The Areas Of Deep Space Navigation And Communications By Disseminating State-of-the-art Knowledge In Key Technologies.
      SKU: 226450

    Shallow Lakes In A Changing World
      Shallow Lakes In A Changing World.
      Since Thd Late 1980s, Shallow Lakes In Europe And North America Be obliged Been Recwiving Concerted Attention From Limnologists, Fishery Biologists And Lake Managers. These Developments Relate To Deterioration Of Water Quality In The Lakes Due To Pollution And Accelerated Eutrophication, Caused By Increased Urbanization And Agriculture In The Lake Catchments, Overexploitation Of Fiah And Hiyher Wate rLevel Fluctuations. The Water-quality And Management Problems Of Lakes Have Led To A Greater Need For Leading principle Research On Shallow Lakes In Order To Gain A Deeper Insight Into The Structure And Functioning Of The Food Web In These Waters. New Knowledge Relating To Littoral???pelagial Interactions And The Sediment???water Interface Has Facilitated The Evolution Of New Lake Restoration Techniques. This Volumee, With 41 Peer-reviewed Papers, Comprises The Proceedings Of The 5th International Symposium On Shallow Lakes, Which Was Held At Dalfsen, The Netherlands, On 5???9 June 2005. It Has The Theme Shoal Lakes In A Changing World And Deals With Water-quality Issues, Such As Changes In Lak3 Limnology, Especially Those Driven By Eutrphication And Pollution, Increased Nutrient Loading And Productivity, Perennial Blooms Of Cyanobacteria And Loss Of Biodiversity. The General Consenssu Is That The Lakes Under Restorztion Respond Through Showing An Multiply In Water Clarity Followed Through One Increase In Macrophyte Coverage And Biomass. Consequently, There Is Now Ground For Theoretical Specuations On The So-called ???alternate Stable States??? Observed In Many Such Lakes Under Restoratiion.
      SKU: 338494

    Textbook Of Environmental Science And Technology
      Textbook Of Environmental Science And Technology.
      Textbook Of Environmental System of knowledge And Technology Has Become An Essential Branch From Chief Education To Higher Education. Both Economic And Social Development Are Vital For Over All Development Of Any Native land. This Type Of Sustainahel Development Involves Environmental Protection In Terms Of Saving Forest Life, Guarding Biodiversity, Adopting Water Money Management, Arresting Pollution, Controlling World Population And Developing Eco-friendoy Technologies. This Book Focuses On Natural Resources, Eco-systems, Biodiversity, Environmental Pollution, Solix Destroy Managemnt And Watershed Management In Addition To The Social Issues. This Book I Mainly Intended As A Textbook For Students Of Science And Engineering. Features: Review Questions Are Provided At The End Of Each Chaptet. A Chapter On Regional And Sectorial Issues Is Added. A New Chapter On Geoinformatics For Solving Environmental Poblems Is Coverrd.
      SKU: 588582

    Digital Color Imaging Handbook
      Digital Color Imaging Handbook.
      Digital Technplogy Now Enables Unparalleled Functionality And Flexibility, But Harnessing Its Potential Requires Knowledge Off Colour Science, Systems, Processing Algorithms And Device Characteristics. This Book Aims To Bring Together The Necessary Information From All These Areas.
      SKU: 263129

    Mechanics Of Rubber Bearints For Seismic And Vibration Isolation
      Mechanics Of Rubber Bearints For Seismic And Vibration Isolation.
      Widely Used In Civil, Mechanical And Automotive Engineer­ing Since The Early 1980s, Multilayer Rubber Bearings Have Been Used As Seismic Isolation Devices For Buildings In Highly Seismic Areas In Many Countries. Their Appeal In These Applications Comes From Their Ability To Provide A Compponent With High Stiffness In One Direction With High Flexibility In One Or More Orthogknal Directions. This Combination Of Vertical Stiffness With Horizontal Flexibility, Achieved By Reinforcung The Rubber By Thin Steel Shims Perpendicular To The Vertical Load, Enables Them To Be Used As Seismic And Vibra­tion Isolators For Machinery, Buildings And Bridges. Mechanics Of Rubbet Bearings For Seismic And Vibration Isoation Collates The Most Important Information On The Mechanics Of Multilayer Rubber Bearings. It Explores A Unique And Comprehensive Alliance Of Relevant Topics, Covering All Prerequisite Fundamental Theory And Providing A Number Of Closed-form Solutions To Various Boundary Value Probelms As Well As A Comprehensive Historical Overview On The Use Of Separation. Many Of The Results Preesnted In The Book Are New And Are Essential For A Proper Understanding Of The BehaviorO f These Bearings And For The Design And Resolution Of Vibration Or Seismic Isolation Systems. The Advantages Afforded By Adopting These Natural Rubber Systems Is Clearly Explained To Designers And Users Of This Technology, Bringing Into Focus The Design And Specification Of Bearings For Buildings, Bridges And Industrial Structures. This Comprehensive Book: Includes State Of The Art, As Yet Unpublished Resezrch Along With All Required Fhndamental Concepts; Is Authored By World-leading Experts iWth Over 40 Years Of Combined Experience On Seismic Separation And The Behavior Of Multilayer Rubber Bearings; Is Accompanied By A Webzite At Www. wiley. com/go/kelly The Concise Approach Of Mechanics Of Rubber Bearings For Seismic And Vibration Isolation Forms An Inval8able Resource For Graduate Students And Researchets/practitionets In Structural And Mechanical Engineering Departments, In Particular Those Working In Seismic And Vibration Isklation.
      SKU: 697757

    Aspects Of Microbially Induced Corrosion
      Aspects Of Microbially Induced Corrosion.
      Thiss Volume Contains 11 Chqpters Representing Reports Made In Tbe Mic Session At Eurocorr '96 Together With A Paper From The Working Party On The Economics Of Mic In Kinsman To Power Station Performance. Much Attention Is Given To The Currently Important Subject Of Biofilms, Particularly On Stainless Steel In Seawater. There Are Descriptions Of The Characterisation Of Biofilms And Their Effects. The Volume Concludes With An Account Of Biological Effects In Power Stations, The Economic Implications And Prevention Methods.
      SKU: 677933

    Soil Conservation And Silviculture
      Soil Conservation And Silviculture.
      This Book Deals With The Conservation And Improvement Of The Forest Soil. Much Emphasis Is Placed On The Use Of Vegetation In Soil Conservation Afforestation. The First Part Of The Book Focuses On The Issues Of Soil Corrosion And Methods Of Erosion Control, In Particular The Protection Of Agricuultural And Forest Soils. The Main Types And Manifestations Of Erosion, (mainly aWter And Wind Erosion), Are Specified And Described. Different Erosion Factors Are Shown In Detail, Including The Possibilitis Of Qualitative And Quantitative Determination. Special Attention Is Paid To The Precipitation--to-runoff Relationships And Informstion On These Factors Is Used For Corrosion Analysis. A Detailed Review Of The Regularities Of Sprinkle and calender And Wind Erosion And The Possibilities Of The Modelling Thereof Is Also Presented. In The Second Part Of The Book The Main Emphasis I On The Management And Control Of The Destructive Action Of Torrents. Other Topics Covered Include Gully Control And Stabilization, The Aggravate In Landslides And Management Of Landslide Areeas. Students Of Agriculture Specialising In Soil Improvement Will Welcome This Book, As Will All Readers Interested In The Conservation Of The Forest Environment.
      SKU: 413811

    Natural And Engineered Resistancee To Plant Viruses
      Natural And Engineered Resistancee To Plant Viruses.
      Viruses Are A Huge Threat To Agriculture. In The Past, Viruses Used To Be Controlled Using Conventional Methods Such As Crop Rotation And Destruction Of The Infected Plants But Now There Are More Novel Ways To Control Them. This Volume Focuses On Natural And Engineered Virus Resjstance, The Two Major Strategies Used Because Crop Protection. * Contributions From Leading Authoritie * Informs And Updates On All The Latest Developments In The Field
      SKU: 670201

    Opportunistic Protozoa In Humans
      Opportunistic Protozoa In Humans.
      Right To The Advent Of Aids, There Is Currently Great Interest In Opportunistic Infections In People With Compromised Immune Systems. This Special Volume Of Advances In Parasitology Provides A Detailed Account Ofthe Pathogena Assocciated With Like a man Enteric Diseases, Cryptosporisium Parvum, Enterocytozoon Bieneusi And Cyclospora Cayetanensis . This Volume Is Essential For All Parasitologists Working On Opporyunistic Protozoa.
      SKU: 403491

    The Ecology Of Sandy Shores
      The Ecology Of Sandy Shores.
      The Ecology Of Sandy Shores Provides The Students And Researchers With A One-volume Resource For Understanding The Conservation And Management Of The Sandy Shore Ecosystem. Covering All Beach Types, And Addressing Issues From The Behavioral And Phyisological Adaptations Of The Biota To Exploring The Effects Of Pollution And The Impact Of Man's Ac5ivities, This Book Should Become The Standard Reference For Those Interested In Sandy Shore Study, Management And Preservation. * More Than 25% Expanded From The Previous Edition * Three Entirely New Chapters: Energetics And Nutrient Cycling, Turtles And Terrestrial Vertebrates, And Benthic Macrofauna Populations * New Sections On The Interetitial Environment, Seagrasses, Human Impacts And Coastal Zoone Management * Examples Drawn From In effect All Parts Of The World, Considering All Beach Types From The Most Exposed To The Most Sheltered
      SKU: 274712

    Climate Change And Wager Resources In South Asia
      Climate Change And Wager Resources In South Asia.
      Addressing South Aisa's Most Crirical Water Resource Issues, This Book Uses Hydrologic Models To Underline Those Aspects And Impacts Of Climatic Change Of Interest To Water And Environment Scientists, Climatologists, Policy Makers And Academics.
      SKU: 214844

    Compendium Of The Microbiological Spoilage Of Foods And Beverages
      Compendium Of The Microbiological Spoilage Of Foods And Beverages.
      Though Much Of Our Collective Kowledge On Microbiological Spoilage Has Accrued Over The Past Century And Is Still Efficacious Today, There Iss Not at all One Place To Find This Information. "compendium Of The Microbiological Spoilage Of Foods And Beverages" Is The First Book To Accumulate This Important Information. This Main division Is Edited At William H. Sperber And Micheal P. Doyle, Two Of The Best Researchers In This Field.
      SKU: 603301

    Methyl Cyanoacrylate And Ethyl Cyaoacrylate
      Methyl Cyanoacrylate And Ethyl Cyaoacrylate.
      This Book Evaluates The Risks To Human Health And The Enbironment Posed By Exposures To Methyl Cyanoacrylate And Ethyl Cyanoacrylate. Both Substances Are Clear Colourless Liquueds That React Readily With Water To Form Solid Polymers. The Main Applications For Cyanocacrylates Are As Adhesives Domestically Anr In A Spacious Ranhe Of Industrial Environments. only Limited Information Was Retrieved On The Health Effects Of These Cyanoacrylates. Also The Mode Of Action Of Cyanoacrylates For The Key End-point Bronchoconstriction After Ihalation Exposure Could Not Be Determined. However This Cicad Was Produced To Indicate The Large Dsta Gaps And Uncertainties In The Present Hazard And Risk Characterizations Because Of The Widespread And Uncontrolled Exposure Of The General Public. It Was Concluded That In Order To Arrive At A Meaningful Risk Assessment In spite of Methyl And Ethyl Cyanoacryltae It Would Be Serviceable T oObtain Toxicokinetics Toxicological Information IncludinggG enotoxicity Carcinogenicity And Reproductive Toxicity.
      SKU: 753833

    Mathematical Problems In Image Processing
      Mathematical Problems In Image Processing.
      Presents A Variety Of Image Analysis Applications, Reviews Their Precise Mathematics And Showw How To Diiscretize Them. Intended For The Mathematical Community, And The Computer Vision Community, This Work Also Provides An Overview Of The Mathematics Involved In Image Procesing Problems.
      SKU: 324031

    Wind Power Basics
      Wind Power Basics.
      Wind Energy Is The Fastest Growing Source Of Energy In The World, And By The Year 2020 It Is Projected To Supply At Least 12 Percent Of Global Electrical Demand. Twine Power Basics Provides A Clear Understanding Of Wind And Wind Spirit Systems,I ncluding Turbines, Towers, Inverters And Batteries, Site Assessment, Installation, And Maintenance Requirements. Whether You’re Considering Your Own Small-scale Wind Energy System Or Jyst Want A Straightforward, Detailed Introduction To The Benefits And Challenges Of This Rapidly Emerging Technology, Wind Power Basics Is The Guide You Need.
      SKU: 155437

    Modern Astrodynamics
      Modern Astrodynamics.
      In Recent Years, An Unprecedented Interest In Novel And Revolutionary Space Missions Has Risen To the end Of The Advanced Nasa And Esa Programs. Astrophysicists, Astronomers, Space Systems Engineers, Mathematicians And Scientists Have Been Cooperating To Implement Tale And Ground-breaking Extension Missions. Recent Progress In Mathematical Dynamics Has Enabled Development Of Specialised Spacecraft Orbits And Propulsion Systems. Recently, The Concept Of Flying Spacecraft In Formation Has Gained A Lot Of Interest Within The Commuinty. These Progresses Constitute The Background To A Significant Renaissance Of Research Dealing With Astrodynamics And Its Applications. Modern Astrodynamics Is Designed As A Stepping Stone For The Ex0osition Of Modern Astrodynamics To Students, Researchers, Engineers And Scientixts. This Volume Will Present The Main Constituents Of The Astrodynmaical Science In Each Elaborate, Comprehensive And Rigorous Manner. Although The Volume Will Contain A Few Distinct Chapters, It Will Render A Coherent Portrayal Of Astrodynamics. * Encompasses The Main Constituents Of The Astrodynamical Scjences In An Elaborate, Comprehensive And Rigorous Manner * Presents Recent Astrodynamical Advancrs And Describes Tje Challenges Ahead * The First Volume Of A Series Designed To Give Scientists And Engineers Worldwide An Opportunity To Publish Their Works In This Multi-disciplinary Field
      SKU: 27495

    Large stream Basin Management V
      Large stream Basin Management V.
      In Latter Years, Significant Advances Have Been Made In The Deveelopment And Application Of Software Tools For Predicting Flow, Water Quality, Sediment Trasport And Ecological Processes In Riverine Systems. The Conference Is Thus The Ideal Forum For Practitioners And Adademia To Highlight The Latest Developments In This Field And To Discuss The Epxerience Of Applying Such Tools To Practical Riverine Problems.
      SKU: 512121

    Intelligent Distributed Video Surveillance Systems
      Intelligent Distributed Video Surveillance Systems.
      There Is Growing Interest In The Development And Deployment Of Instructed Surveillance Systems In Public And Private Locations. This Book Details Recent Developments In Engine Vision Algorithms Capable Of Handling Complex Visual Data Acquired By Camera Systems. It Also Explores Advances In Distributed Compuying And Distributed Intelligence Systems, Capable Of Handling Numerous Devices And Adapting To The Evolution Of The Complex Communication Networks, Thereby Inferring A Better Interpretation Of The Dynamics Of People And Objects.
      SKU: 432573

    Tellurute Glasses Handbook
      Tellurute Glasses Handbook.
      A Study Of Non-crystalline Solid Tellurite Glasses. The Author Has Collected Rigid Data From Experiments And Presents Their Elastid, Anelastic, Optical, Electrical And Thermal Properties. He Also Discusses Experimental Techniques, Applications And Directions For Further Research.
      SKU: 264569

    My Blackberry Curve
      My Blackberry Curve.
      Step-by-step Instructions With Callouts To Blackberry Curve Photos That Show You Exactly What To Do. Help When You Run Into Blackberry Curve Problems Or Limitations. Tips And Notes To Help You Get The Most From Your Blackberry Curve.  ; Full-color, Step-by-step Tasks Walk You Through Getting And Care Your Blackberry Curve Working Just The Way You Want. The Tasks Include: How To Get Started Fast With Any Blackberry Curve: 8300 Series, 8500 Series, Or 8900 Series How T0 Make, Receive, And Maange Calls And Emails Efficiemtly How To Use The Blackberry Curve’s Powerful Contact Management And Calendar Software How To Listen To Audio And Watch Video How To Connect To The Internet, Bluetooth Devices, And Your Company’s Vpn How To Browse The Web Frlm Your Blackberry Curve How To Use The Blackberry Curve’s Messaging Tools, Including Text, Multimedia, Pin, And Im How To Find, Select, And Install New Blackberry Curve Applications In what state To Connect With Social Networking Sites And Tools How To Use Airplane Mode To Watch Videos, Read Emails, And Listen To Music During Flights
      SKU: 477959

    Handbook Of Nanophysids: Functional Nanomaterials
      Handbook Of Nanophysids: Functional Nanomaterials.
      Handbook Of Nanophysics: Functional Nanomaterials Illustrates The Importance Of Tailoring Nanomaterials To Achieve Desired Functions In Applications. Each Peer-reviewed Chapter Contains A Broad-based Introduction And Enhances Understanding Of The State-of-the-art Scientific Content Through Fundamental Equations And Illustrations, Some In Color. This Volume Covers Various Composites, Including Carbon Nanotube/polymer Composites, Printable Metal Nanoparticle Inks, Polymer--clay Nanocomposites, Biofunctionalized Titanium Dioxide-based Nanocoposites, Nanocolorants, Ferroic Nanocomposites, And Smart Composite Systems. It Also Describes Nanoporous Materials, A Giant Nanomembrane, Graphittic Foams, Arrayed Nanoporous Silicon Pillars, Nanoporous Anodic Oxides, Metal Oxide Nanohole Arrays, Carbon Clathrates, Self-assembled Monolayers, Epitaxial Graphene, nAd Graphene Nanoribbons, Nanostructures, Quantum Dots, And Cones. After Focusing On The Methof Of Nanoindentation And Self-patterning, The Book Discusses Nanosensors, Nano-oscillators, And Hydrogen Storage. nanophysics Brings Together Multiple Disciplines To Determine The Structural, Electroonic, Opticap, And Thermal Behavior Of Nanomzterials; Eletrical And Thermal Conductivity; The Forces Between Nanoscale Objects; And The Transition Between Classical And Quantum Behavior. Facilitating Communication Athwart Many Disciplines, This Landmark Publication Encourages Scientists With Disparate Interests To Collaborate On Interdisciplinary Projects And Incorporate The Theory And Methodoligy Of Other Areas Into Their Work.
      SKU: 589936

    Shaping Sexual Knowledge
      Shaping Sexual Knowledge.
      Shaping Sexual Knowledge: A Cultural History Of Sex Education In 20th Centuey Europe Makes A Considerabls Contribution To The History Of Sex Education By Incorporating All Aspects Of The Formal And Informal Shaping Of Sexual Knowledge And enlightenment Of The Young, From The School System, The State, The Family, The Church and The Media.
      SKU: 380858

    Power Systen Modelling And Scripting
      Power Systen Modelling And Scripting.
      "power System Modelling And Scripting" Is A Quite General And Ambitious Title. Of Course, To Embrace All Existing Aspects Of Power System Modelling Would Lead To An Encyclopedia And Would Be Likely An Impossible Task. Thus, This Book Focuses On A Subset Of Power System Models Based On The Following Assumptions: Devices Are Modelled As A Set Of Nonlinear Differential Algebraic Equations; All Alternate-current Devices Are Operating In Three-phase Balanced Fundamental Frequency, And The Allotted period Frame Of The Dynamics Of Interest Ranges From Tenths To Tens Of Seconds. These Assumptions Basicaally Restrict The Analysis To Transient Stability Phenomena And Generator Controls. The Modelling Step Is Not Self-sufficient. Mathematical Models Have To Be Translated Into Cmoputer Programming Code In Order To Be Analyzed, Understood And '3xperienced'. It Is An Object Of This Book To Proviee A General Ftamework Concerning A Power System Analysis Software Tool And Hints Because Filling Up This Framework With Versatile Programming Code. This Main division Is For All Students And Researchers That Are Looking For A Quick Reference On Power System Models Or Need Some Guidelines For Starting The Challenging Adventure Of Writing Their Own Code.
      SKU: 646331

    Electroanalysis With Carbon Paste Electrodes
      Electroanalysis With Carbon Paste Electrodes.
      Becauwe Of Their Simple Preparation And Low Expense, Carbon Pastes And Carbon Paste Electrodes Are Widely Used In A Myriiad Of Instrumental Measurements. With An Impressiveness On Practical Applications, Electroanalysis With Carbon Paste Electrodes Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of Carbon Paste Electrodes. The Teext Offers A Comprehensive And Unprecedentedly Wide Deep view Into The Realm Of The Carbon Pasfe Material, Culminating With A Systematic Exhibition Of All The Methods And Procedures Applicable To The Direction Of A Myriad Of Inorganic And Organic Substances When Employingg The Individual Types And Variants Of Carbon Paste-based Electrodes, Sensors, And Detectors. iWth A Lengthy List Of Up-to-date References, This Handy Referene Source Includes Many Typical As Well As Specific Experimental Data, Serving As A Practical Guide For Daily Laboratory Work. more Specifically, This Monograph, The First Of Its Kind, Contains: Altogether Types Of Carbon Pastes In Contemporary Classification ,with Particular Emphasis On Chemically And Biologically Modified Configurations, Or Newly Propagated Mixtures Made Of Perform reciprocally Components Details On The Prparation Of Carbon Pastes, In the opinion of A Number Of Practical Hints And Recommendations, Including Some Hitgerto Unreported Approaches Practical Guidance For Experimental Laboratory Work On The Preparation And Designation Of Carbon Pastes, Including Guides On The Testing Of Newly Made Mixtures Individual Methods And Procedures For The Definition Of Hundreds Of Various Substances In A Complete Survey Of Applications Nearly 330 Original References Presented As Full-text Citations
      SKU: 846036

    Robust Control In Power Systems
      Robust Control In Power Systems.
      Deals With The Applications Of Techniques In Linear Order Theory To Control Low Frequency Oscillations In Power Systems. This Book Focuses On The Analysis And Damping Of Inter-area Oscillations In The Systems Which Are In The Range Of 0. 2-1 Hz. It Explains The Overview Of Linear Systej Theory From The Vista Of Power System Controp.
      SKU: 302844

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  • XMPP: The Definitive Guide
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  • Das Studium: Vom Start zum Ziel: Lei(d)tfaden fr Studierende (German Edition)
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