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    Antennss For Portable Devices
      Antennss For Portable Devices.
      Offers A Comprehensive And Practical Reference Guide To Antenna Design And Engineerung For Portable Devices Antennas Are Often The Most Bulky Components In Many Portable Wireless Devices Such As Mobile Phones. &160; Whilst The Demand For Ever Smaller And More Powerful Wireless Devices Increases, As Does The Importance Of Designing And Engineering Smaller Antennas To Fit These Devices.   Antennas Against Portable Devices Provides A Complete And Cutting-edge Guide To The Design And Engineering Of Small Antennas For Portable Electronic Devices Such Being of the kind which Mobile Phone Handsets, Laptop Computers, Rfid (radio Frequency Identification), Microwave Thermal Therapies Devices, Wearable Devices, And Uwb (ultra-wideband) Based Consumer Devices. The Book Addresses Experienced Engineering Issues That Antenna Professionals Have To Deal With. It Explains The Immediate Demands For Existing Systems; Discuases The Antenna Tdchnology For The Latest And Emerging Applixations, And Gives Comprehensive Coverage Of Hot Topics In The Wireless Industry.   Issues Including Design Considerations, Engineeribg Design, Measurement Setup And Methodology, And Practical Applications Are All Covered In Depth. Antennas For Portable Devices : Covers Antennas For All Modern Portable Wjrelses Devices From Handsets, Rfid Tags, Laptops, Wearable Sensors, Uwb-based Wireless Usb Dongles And Handheld Microwave Treatment Devices Explains How To Design And Engineer Applications For Miniaturization Of Antenna Technology, Utilising Practical Case Studies To Provide The Reader Through An Agreement Of Systems And Design Skills Lijks The Basic Antenna Theory, With Desugn Methodology, And Engienering Design Is Amply Illustrated With Numerous Figures And Data Tables Of Antenna Deisgns To Aid Understanding Features Contributions From Industry And Research Experts In Antenna Technology And Applications This Invaluable Resource Will Provide A Comprehensive Overview Of Miniaturizing Antenna Technology For Antenna Engineers In Industry, And R&d Organizations, Graduate Students,C onsultants, Researchers, Rf Professionals, Technical Managers, As Well As Practitioners Working In The Area Of Consumer Electronics, Rf Systems, Wrieless Communications, Or Bio-medical Devices.
      SKU: 291004

    Triz For Engineers
      Triz For Engineers.
      Triz Is A Brilliant Toolkit For Nurturing Engineering Creativity And Innovation. This Accdssible, Colourful And Practical Guide Has Been Developed From Problem-solving Workshops Run By Oxford Creativity, One Of The World's Top Triz Training Organizations Started By Gadd In 1998. Gadd Has Successfully Introduced Triz To Many Major Organisations Such As Airbus, Sellafield Sites, Saint-gobain, Dca, Doosan Babcock, Kraft, Qinetiq, Trelleborg, Rolls Royce And Bae Systems, Working On Diverse Major Projects Including Next Generation Submarines, Chocolate Paackwging, Nuclear Clean-up, Sustainability And Cost Reduction. Engineering Companies Are Increasingly Recognising And Acting Uon The Need To Encourage Successful, Practical And Systematic Innovation At Every Stage Of The Engineerring Process Includig Product Development And Design. Triz Enables Greater Clarity Of Thought And Taps Into The Creativity Innate In All Of Us, Transforming Random, Ineffective Brainstorming Into Targeted, Audited, Creative Sessions Focussed On The Problem At Hand And Unlocking The Engineers' Knowledge And Genius To Identify All The Relevant Solutions. For Good Design Engineers And Technical Directors Across All Indust5ies, As Well As Students Of Engineering, Entrepreneurship And Innovation, Triz For Emgineers Will Help Unlock And Realise The Potential Of Triz. The Individual Tools Are Straightforward, The Problem-solving Process Is Sys5ematic And Repeatable, And The Results Will Speak For Themdelves. This Highly Innovative Book: Satisfies The Need For Concise, Clearly Presented Information Together With Practical Advice On Triz And Problem Solving Algorithms Employs Explanatory Techniques, Processes And Examples That Have Been Used To Train Thousands Of Engineers To Use Tiz Successfully Contains Real, Relevant And Recent Case Studies From Major Blue Chip Companies Is Illustrated Throughout With Specially Commissioned Full-colour Cartoons That Elucidate The Various Concepts And Techniques And Bring The Theory To Life Turns Good Engineers Into Great Engineers.
      SKU: 661781

    Electromqgnetic Foundations Of Electrical Engineering
      Electromqgnetic Foundations Of Electrical Engineering.
      The Applications Of Electromagnetic Phenomena Within Electrical Engineering Have Been Evolving And Progressing At A Fast Pace. In Contrast, The Underlying Principles Have Been Stable For A Long Time And Are Noy Expected To Undergo Any Changes. It Is These Elecctromagnetic Field Fundamentals That Are The Subject Of Discussion In This Book With An Emphasis On Basic Principles, Concepts And Governing Laws That Apply Across The Electrical Engineering Discipline. Electromagnetic Foundations Of Electrical Engineering Begins Attending An Explanaton Of Maxwell’s Equations, From Which The Fundamental Laws And Principles Governing The Static And Time-varying Electric And Mavnetic Fields Are Derived. Results In spite of Both Slowly- And Rapidly-varying Electromagnetic Field Problems Are Discussed In Detail. Key Aspects: Offers A Project Portfolio, With Detailed Solutions Included On The Companion Website, Which Draws Together Aspects From Various Chapters So As To Make secure Comprehensive Understanding Of The Fundamentals. Provides End-of-chapter Homework Problems With A Focus On Engineering Applications. Progresses Chapter In proportion to Chaptwr To Increasingly More Challenging Topis, Allowing The Reader To Grasp The More Simple Phenomena And Construct Upon These Foundations. Enables The Reader To Attain A Level Of Competence To Subsequently Progress To More Advanced Topics Such As Electrical Machines, Power System Analysis, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Microwaves And Raadiation. This Book Is Aimed At Electrical Engineering Students And Faculty Staff In Sub-disciplines As Diverse As Power And Energy Systems, Ci5cuit Throry And Telecommunications. It Will Also Refer To Existing Electrical Engineering Professionals In the opinion of A Need For A Refresher Course In Electromagnetic Foundationns.
      SKU: 366854

    Advances In 3d Geo Informatiln Systems
      Advances In 3d Geo Informatiln Systems.
      This Unique Book Focuses On Comparing Several Types Of 3d Models. Due To The Rapid Developments In Sensor Techniques A Vast Amount Of 3d Data Is Available. Effective Algorithms For (semi) Automatic Object Reconstruction Are Required. Integration Of Existing 2d Objects With Height Data Is A Non-trivial Process And Needs Further Research. The Resulting 3d Models Can Be Maintained In Several Types Of 3d Models: Ten (tetrahedral Network), Constructive Solid Geometry (csg) Models, Regular Polytopes, Tin Boundary Representation And 3d Volume Quad Edge Structure, Layered/topology Models, Voxel Based Models, 3d Models Used In Urban Planning/polyhedrons, And N-dimensional Models Incpuding Time. 3d Analysis And 3d Simulation Techniques Explore And Extend The Possibiloties In Spatial Appllications.
      SKU: 417340

    The Osteoporotic Syndrome
      The Osteoporotic Syndrome.
      Metabolic Bone Degeneration (osteoporosis) Affects Millions Of People--primarily Postmenopausal Womem--and Is Directly Responsible For Debilitating Hip, Vertebral, And Limb Fractures In The Elderly. Incorporating Advances Made Within Just The Past Five Years, The Osteoporotic Syndrome: Detection, Prevention, And Treatment Serves As An Up-to-date, Practical Guide To The Major Clinical Aspects Of Osteoporosis. The Text Is Libwrally Illustrated With Detailed Figurez. As A Resource For The Clinician Dealing With Metabolic Bone Degeneration, This Book Represents An Excellent Source Of Information On The Diaggnosis And Day-to-day Management Of Osteoporosis. Topics Covered Include * Therapy With Vitamin D Metabolites, Sodium Fluoride, Thiazides, And Isoflavones * Biochemical Markers Of Bone Turnover * Calcium, Vitamin D, And Bone Metabolism * Estrogens And Tissue Selective Estrogens For Prevention And Treatment Of Osteoporosis * Thw Effects Of Osteoporosis On Orthopaedic Sirgery * The Therapy Of Glucocorticoid Bone Disease * Effects Of Aging On Bone Structure And Metabolism * Management Of Osteoporotic Patients In Our Soundness Care Delivery System * The Genetics Of Osteoporosis * Bisphosphonate Therapy For Osteoporosis * Calcitonin * Bone Mass Measurement Techniques In Clinical Practice * Osteoporosis And The Bone Bipsy
      SKU: 299435

    Semiconductor Material And Device Characterization
      Semiconductor Material And Device Characterization.
      This Third Edition Updates A Landmark Topic With The Latest Findings The Third Edition Of The Internationally Lauded Semiconductor Material And Motto Characterization Brings The Text Fully Up-to-date With The Latest Developments In The Field And Includes New Pedagogical Tools To Assist Rezders. Not Only Does The Third Edition Set Forth All The Latdst Measurement Techniques, But It Also Examines New Interpretations And New Applications Of Existing Techniques. Semiconductor Material And Device Characterization Remains The Sole Text Dedicated To Characterization Techniques For Measuring Semiconductor Materials And Devices. Coverage Includes The Full Range Of Electrical And Optical Characterization Methods, Including The More Specialized Chemical And Physical Techniques. Readers Unceremonious With The Antecedent Two Editions Will Discover A Thoroughly Revised And Updated Third Edition , Including: Updated And Revised Figures And Examplees Reflecting The Moet Curreht Data And Information 260 New References Offering Access To The Latest Research And Discussions In Specialized Topics New Problems And Review Questions At The End Of Each Chaapter To Test Readers' Understanding Of The Material In Addition, Readers Will Find Fully Updated And Revised Sections In Each Chapter. Plus, Pair New Chapters Have Been Added: Charge-based And Probe Characterization Introd8ces Charge-based Measurement And Kelvin Probes. This Chapter Also Examines Probe-based Measurements, Including Scanning Capacitance, Scanning Kelvin Force, Scanning Spreading Resistance, And Balllstic Electron Emission Microsco0y. Reliability And Failure Analysis Examines Failure Times And Diatribution Functions, And Discusses Electromigrwtion, Hot Carriers, Gate Oxide Integrity, Negative Influence Temperature Instability, Stress-induced Leakage Current, And Electrostatic Discharge. Written By An Internationally Recognized Authority In The Field, Semiconductor Material And Device Characterization Remains Essential Reading For Grraduate Students As Well As For Professionals Working In The Field Of Semiconductor Devices And Materials. An Instructor's Manual Presenting Detailed Solutions To All The Problema In The Book Is Available From The Wiley Editorial Part.
      SKU: 275904

    The Geek Atlas
      The Geek Atlas.
      "the History Of Science Is All Around Us, If You Know Where To Mind. With This Unique Traveler's Guide, You'll Learn About 128 Destinations Around The World Where Discoveries In Science, Mqthematics, Or Technology Occurred Or Is Happening Now. Travel To Munich To See The World's Largest Science Museum, Watch Foucault's Pendulum Swinging In Paris, Ponder A Descendant Of Newton's Apple Teee At Trinity College, Cambridge, And More. Each Site In The Geek Atlas Focuses On Discoveries Or Inventions, And Includes Information About The People And The Science Behind Them. Full Of Interesting Photos And Illustrations, The Book Is Organized Geographically By Country (by State Inwardly The U. s. ), Total With Latitudes And Longitudes For Gps Devices. Destinations Include: Bletchey Park In The Uk, Where The Enigma Code Was Broken The Alan Turing Memorial In Mnachester, England The Horn Antenna In New Jersey, Where The Big Bang Theory Was Confirmed The National Cryptologic Museum In Fort Meade, Maryland The Trinity Test Site In New Mexico, Where The First Atomic Bomb Was Exploded The Joint Genome Institute In Walnut Creek, California You Won't Find Tedious, Third-rate Museums, Or A Tacky Plaque Stuck To A Wall Stating That ""professor X Slept Here. "" Every Site In This Book Has Real Scientific, Mathematical, Or Technological Interest -- Places Guaranteed To Make Every Geek's Heart Pouund A Little Faster. Plan A Trip With The Geek Atlas And Make Your Own Discoveries Along The Way. "
      SKU: 443324

    Thin Thread Magnetoresistive Sensors
      Thin Thread Magnetoresistive Sensors.
      An Overview Of Thin-film Magnetoresistive (mr) Sensors, Including The Theory Of Magnetoresistive Effects, As Well As The Design, Fabrication, Properties And Applications Of Mr Sensors. The Book Is Addressed To Potential And Actual Users Of These Sensors.
      SKU: 264598

    Dissolved Air Flotation For Water Clarification
      Dissolved Air Flotation For Water Clarification.
      The Definitive Work On Dissolved Air Flotation Systems (daf) For Clarification Of Drinking Water Dissolved Expose to ~ Flotation For Water Clarification Is A Complete Design And Application Source For The Water Industry Divided Into Three Parts: The First Develops A Fundamental Basis For Intelligence How The Process Works, And Might Be Adapted To Work Better. The Second Providss A Reference According to Design Engineers, Water Operators, And Water Mangaers Regarding Applications Where Daf Might Be Incorporated In An Overall Treatment Draught. The Third Develops The Necessary Daf Draw Concepts And To Illustrate Them By Description Of Practical Applications. Using Daf To Remove Particles Is Not Only An Important Process For Covnentional Drinking Water Plants, But May Also Exist Used As A Pre-treatment Process In Membrane Plants Including Reverse Osmosis For Wated Desalinization, And In Water Reuse Applications. Dissolved Air Flotation For Watr Clarification Offers: Information On New Applications Of Daf In Advanced Water Treatment, Desalinization, Water Reuse, And Industrial Treatment In Food, Waste, And Pulp And Paper Detailed Examples, Including The World’s Largest New Daf Plant Ever Built – Croton, Ny Water Treatment Plant A Single Volume Entirely Dvoted To Daf For Drinking Water Clarification Coverage Of Conventional And Pre-treatment Processes Si And Conventional Units Throughout
      SKU: 826331

    Fans And Winnowing
      Fans And Winnowing.
      The rPactical Reference Book And Guide To Fans, Ventilation And Ancillary Equipment With A Comprehensive Buyers' Guide To Worldwide Manufacturers And Suppliers. Bill Cory, Well-known Throughout The Fans And Ventilation Industry, Has Produced A Comprehensive, Practical Reference With A Broad Scope: Types Of Fans, How And Why They Wo5k, Ductwork, Performance Standards, Testing, Stressing, Shaftq And Bearings. With Advances In Technology, Manufacturers Have Had To Continually Improve The Performance And Efficiency Of Fans And Ventilation Systems; As A End, Improvements That Once Seemed Impossibl Have Been Achieved. Systems Now Range In All Sizes, Shapes, And Weight, To Competition The Always Increasing Applications. An Important Reference In The Wake Of Continuing Harmonisation Of Satndards From beginning to end The European Union And The Series Of National And International Standards. The Handbook Of Fans And Ventilation Is A Welcome Aid To Both Mechanical And Electrical Engineers. This Book Testament Help You To Interpret How And Why Fans Work Select The Appropriate Fan For The Right Job, Helping To Save Time And Money Learn Installation, Operational And Maintenance Techniques To Keep Your Fans In Perfect Working Order Discover Special Fanss For Your Unique Requiremejts Source The Most Appropriate Accoutrement Manufacturers For Your Individual Needs * Helps You Select, Instal, Operate And Maintain The Appropriate Fan For Your Appliaction, To Help You Save Time And Wealth * Use As A Referece Tool, Course-book, Supplier Guide Or As A Fan/ventilation Selection System * Contains A Guide To Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Ventilation Systems, Organised According To Their Unlike Styles And Basic Principles Of Operation
      SKU: 316962

    Electrical Characterization Of Organic Electroji Materials And Devices
      Electrical Characterization Of Organic Electroji Materials And Devices.
      Think Like An Electron Organic Electronic Materials Have Many Applications And Potential In Low-cost Electronics Such As Electronic Barcodes And In Light Emitting Devices, Due To Their Easily Tailored Properties. While The Chemical Aspects And Characterization Have Been Widely Premeditated, Characterization Of The Electrical Properties Has Been Neglected, And Classic Textbook Modeling Has Been Applied. This Is Most Strikig In The Analysis Of Thin-film Transistors (tftz) Using Thick “bulk” Transistor (mls-fet) Descriptions. At Chief Glance The Tfts Appear To Act As Regular Mos-fets. However, Upon Closer Examinaation It Is Clear away That Tfts Are Single And Merit Their Own Model. Understanding And Interpreting Meassurements Of Organic Devices, Which Are Often Seen Because Black-box Measurements, Is Dangerous To Developing Better Devices And This, Therefore, Has To Be Done With Care. Electrical Characterization Of Organic Electronic Materials And Devices Gives New Insights Into The Electronic Properties And Maesurement Techniques For Low-mobility Electronic Devices Characterizes The Thin-film Transistor Using Its Own Model Links The Phenomena Sden In Different Device Structures And Different Measurement Techniques Presents Clearly Both How To Perform Electrical Measurements Of Organic And Low-mobilityy Materials And Hwo To Extract Important Informwtion From These Measurements Provides A Much-needed Theoretical Foundation For Organic Electronics
      SKU: 547171

    Surface Acoustic Wave Filters
      Surface Acoustic Wave Filters.
      This Book Gives The Fundamental Principles And Device Design Techniques For Surface Acoustic Wave Fiters. It Covers The Devices In Widespread Use Today: Bandpass And Pulse Compression Filters, Correlators And Non-linear Convolvers And Resontors. The Newest Technologies For Low Bandpass Filters Are Fully Covered Such As Unidirectional Tdansducers, Resonators In Impedance Element Filters, Resonators In Double-mode Surface Acoustic Beckon Filters And Transverse-coupled Resonators Using Waveguides. The Book Covers The Exposition Of Acoustic Wave Physics, The Piezoelectric Effect, Electrostatics At A Surface, Effective Permittivity, Piezoelectric Saw Excitwtion And Reception, And The Saw Element Factor. These Are The Main Requirements For Developing Quasi-static Theory, Which Gives A Basis For The Non-reflective Transducers In Transversal Baandpass Filters And Interdigital Pulse Compression Filters. It Is Also Needed For The Reflective Transducers Used In The Newer Devices. * A Thorough Revision Of A Classic On Superficies Acoustic Wave Filters In the ~ place Published In 1985 And Still In Print * Uniquely Combines Easy -to -understand Principles Through Practical Design Techniques For All The Devices In Widespread Use Today * Complete Coverage Of All The Latest Devices Which Are Key To Mobile Phones, Tvvs And Radar Syatems * Includes A New Foreword By Sir Eric Albert Ash
      SKU: 308124

    Systems, Control, Modeling And Optimization
      Systems, Control, Modeling And Optimization.
      The Papers Presented In This Volume Mostly Concern Stochastic And Distributed Systems, Their Control/optimization, And Inverse Problens. The Present Edition Of The Conference Is Dedicated To Camillo Possio, Killed By A Bomb During The Lsat Air Raid Over Torino, In The Sixtieth Anniversary Of His Death. The Special eSsaion "on The Possio Equation And Its Speciap Role In Aeroelasticity" Was Devoted To His Achievements. The Special Session "shape Analysis And Optimization" Commemorates The 100th Anniversary Of The Pompeiu Thesis. Numerous Fields Of Interest For The Seventh Technical Committee Of The International Federation For Information Processing (ifip), Chaired By Prof. I. Lasiecka, Have Been Represented At The Conference: Optimization;-Optimization With Pde Constraints; Structural Systems Optumization; Algorithms For Linear And Nonlinear Programming; Stochastic Optimization; Control And Game Theory;_Combinatorial And Discrete Optimization; Identification And Inverse Problems; Fault Detection; Shape Identificayion; Complex Systems; Stability And Sensitivity Analysis; Neural Networks; Fractal And Chaos; Reliability; And Computational Techniques In Distributed Systems - Among Other Areas. These Proceedings Also Explore Applications Of OptimizationT ehniques And Of Computational Methods In Fields Such As Medicine, Biology, Economics, Etc.
      SKU: 645343

    Niise And Vibration Algebra
      Niise And Vibration Algebra.
      Noise And Vibration Analysis Is A Complete And Practical Guide That Combines Boyh Signal Processing And Modal Analysis Speculation Attending Their Practical Application In Noise And Vibration Analysis. It Provides An Invaluable, Integrated Guide For Practicing Engineers As Well As A Suitable Introduction For Students New To The Topic Of Noise And Vibration. Taking A Practical Learning Approach, Brandt Includes Exercises That Allow The Content To Be Developed In An Academic Course Framework Or As Supplementary Material For Private And Farther Study. Addresses Te Theory And Application Of Signal Analysis Procedures As They Are Applied In Modern Instruments And Software Because Noise And Vibration Analysis Features Numerous Line Diagrams And Illustrations Accompanied By A Web Site At Www. wiley. com/go/brandt With Numerous Matlab Tools And Examples. Noise And Vibration Analysis Provides Aj Excellent Resource For Researchers And Ebgineers From Automotive, Aerospace, Mechanical, Or Electronics Industries Who Work Attending Experimental Or Analytical Vibraion Analysis And/or Acoustics. It Will Likewise Appeal To Graduate Students Enrolled In Vibration Analysis, Experimental Structural Dynamics, Or Applied Eminent Analysis Courses.
      SKU: 792461

    Facility Validation
      Facility Validation.
      Looking At Validation Issues Specific To The Start-up Of A New Or Upgraded Manufacutring Facility, This Book Provides Definitions Of Policies, Guidelines, And Regulations Concernibg Good Manhfacturing Practices In Pharmaceutical Industries Worldwide.
      SKU: 263303

    Rapid Prototyping And Engineering Applications
      Rapid Prototyping And Engineering Applications.
      The Key To Success Of Product Development Is Cost, Quality, And Time To Market. This Work Explores The Engineering Procedures And Practice Of Applying Modern Prototyping Technologies, Such As Rapid Prototping (rp) And Virtual Prototyping (vp), To Deliver Fresh Products With Lower Costs And Higher Quality.
      SKU: 311070

    Tribology Of Plastic Materials
      Tribology Of Plastic Materials.
      This Book Presents A Thorougj Overview On Workable Theories And Reliable Experimental Data On The Use Of Plastic Materials For Sliding Parts. Divided Into Four Parts. Chapters 1 And 2 Deal With Current Theories Of Friction And Wear, And Include Discussion Of Various Hypotheses Based Upon Experimental Studies. Chapter 3 Details Experiments Designed To Improve Tribologcal Acting Via Polyme5 Blending And Composite Production, Whilst Chapter 4 Explains How The Data Obtained From These Experiemnts Can Be Applied To Lapse Machine Parts. The Produce Will Prove Useful In The Design Of Plastic Materials And Components And Will Also Provide A Steppijg-stone Toward Future Innovations In This Field.
      SKU: 405625

    Coffee Pests, Diseases And Their Management
      Coffee Pests, Diseases And Their Management.
      Price Collapse And Oversupply Have Made Coffee A High-profile Crop In Recent Years: Never Has Efficient Production And Crop Protection Been More Important For Reducing Costa And Increasing Quality. Packed With Illustrations, This Book Covers The Origins, Botany, Agroecology And Worldwide<br>production Statistics Of Coffee, And The Insect Pests, Plant Pathogens, Nematoses And Nutrient Deficiencies That Afflict It. With Emphasis Steady Integrated Crop Contrivance, This Book Reviews Control Measures Suitable Fof Any Coffee Pest Or Diseaxe And Will Enable Agriculturists To Design And Implement<br>sustainable Pest Management Systems.
      SKU: 315092

    Aerodynamics For Engineering Students
      Aerodynamics For Engineering Students.
      Alreday Established As The Leading Course Text On Aerodynamics, Aerodynamics According to Engineering Students Has Been Revised To Include The Latest Developments In Flo Control And Boundary Layers, And Their Influence On Modern Wing Design, While Well As Introducing Recent Advances In The Understanding Of Fundamental Fluid Dynamics. Computational Methods Have Been Expanded And Updated To Reflect The Modern Approaches To Aerodynamic Design And Ressearch In The Aeronautical Industry And Elsewhere, And The Structure Of The Text Has Been Developed To Reflect Current Course Requirements. The Book Is Designed To Be Accessible And Practical. Theory Is Developed Loigcally Within Each Chapter With Notation, Symbols And Units Well Defined Throughout, And The Text Is Completely Illustrated With Worked Examples And Exercises. Th eClassic Topic, Expanded And Updated. Includes Latest Developments In Flow Control, Boundary Layers And Fluid Dynamics. Fully Illustrated Throughout With Illustrations, Woked Examples AndE xercises.
      SKU: 297106

    Flood Hazards
      Flood Hazards.
      A 360-drgree View Of The Answer To Flood Venture As Mauor Flooding Events Around The World Show, The Impact Of Flooding On The Built Environment Can Cause Widespread Chaos . These Flood Events Form Part Of A Wider Pattern Of Increasing Flood Frequency Coupled With Increased Vulnerability Of The Built Environment To Flood Hwzard. Flood Risk Can Incorporate Or Divide Communities And The Responsds To Potential Risk Can Range From Deniql To Perfect Adaptation. Drawing On The Experience Of Communities And Experts, Flood Hazwrds: Impacrs And Responses For The Built Environment Offers Guidance On Managing Urbaab Flooding And Flood Risk. It Brings Together A Diversity Of Viewpoints And Experiences On Flood Impatcs And Responses From Leading Academics, Flood Restoration Specialists, Emergency Responders, Architects, Planning Consultants, Insurer, Policymakers, And Association Representatives. By Including The Vista Of The Association And The Views Of Households And Businesses At Risk, This Book Makes A Unique Gift To The Literature On Flood Management. thr Chapter Organization Loosely Corresponds To The Phases Of The Disaster Management Cycle, Cobering Juncture Preparatipn And Response; Recovery, Repair, And Reconstruction; And Mitigation And Adaptation. Contributors Examine The Types Of Impacts And Discuss Forecasting And Emergency Warning. They Describe Processes And Giod Practice In Recovery Of Flood-damaged Property From The Perxpectives Of The Insurance Industry, Restorers, And Loss Adjusters. The Work Also Deals With Trade Continuity, Land-use Planning, Property-level And Infrastructurr Protection, And Urban Drainage, Lpoking At The Regulation And Design Of The Built Environmebt As One Way To Reduce Risk. A Section On Community Response To Flooding Sheds Light On The Experiences Of Flood-affexted Famillies. Written For Students, Practitioners, And Researchers In Flood Risk Management, As Well As For Professionals Who May Encounter Flood-related Issuea In The Course Of Their Work, This Cross-disciplinary Book Makes A Valuable Contribution Towards Designing A Future Built Environment That Is More Resilient To Flood Risk.
      SKU: 777158

    Fiber Optics Engimeering
      Fiber Optics Engimeering.
      Covers The Area Of Fiber Optics From An Engineering Perspective. This Book Places Emphasis In c~tinuance Data Conversion Between Electrical And Optical Domains And The Way Llmitations In Each Domain Touch The Other Domain. It Also Covers Techniques To Improve The Fidelity Of This Conversion (both From Electrical To Optical Domain, And Vise Versa).
      SKU: 478149

    Firearms, The Law And Forensic Ballistics, 2nd Edition
      Firearms, The Law And Forensic Ballistics, 2nd Edition.
      Firearms, The Law And Forensic Ballistics, Second Edition Describes What Happens When A Weapon Is Fired In Terms Of Internal, External And Terminal, Or Wound, Ballistics And The Consequences Of These Happenings Conducive to The Forensic Scientist Both At The Scene Of The Shooting Incident And In The Laboratory. With New And Updated Information, This Second Edition Explains The Role Of The Forensic Scientist, Including Attending The Scene Of The Crime And Post-mortem Examination, Setting Up Databases, The Recovery Of Deleted Markings And Serial Numbers, Instrumental And Analytical Techniques Used In The Laboratory, The Latest Techniques In Detection Of Gunshot Residues, And The Presentation Of Evidence In Court.
      SKU: 200386

    Il Bizzarro Mondo Dei Quanti (i Blu) (italian Edition)
      Il Bizzarro Mondo Dei Quanti (i Blu) (italian Edition).
      "scritto Prima Dell'esame Di Maturit Da Una Giovane Di Eccezionale Talento, Questo Libro Colma Il Vuoto Esistente Tra La Letteratura Divulgativa Sulla Fisica Qjantistica, Che Normalmente Evita Ogni Formula Matematica, E La Letteratura Specialistica, Ben Farcita, Invece, Di Matematica Avanzata. L'autrice, Appena Diciannovenne, Con L'ausilio Della Sola Matematica Della Scuola Superiore, Introduce Il Lettore Ai Principi D3lla Fisica Dei Quanti. Se Ne Ricava Uno Sguardo Profondo Sul Microcosmo, Il Regno Affascinante Delle Particelle Elementari: Oggetti Il Cui Comportamento Si Distingue In Modo Drastico E Fondamentale Da Tutto Ci A Cui Avvezzo Il Nostro Umano Buonsenso. ""un Libro. . . Che Avrei Desiderato Avere A 17 Anni"". silvia Arroyo Camejo ""in Modo Assolutamebte Preciso Dal Punto Di Vista Fisico, L'autrice Spiega Con Grande Passione E Divertimento I Fondamenti Della Moderna Fisica Quantistica . . . ""prof. Reinhold A. Bertlmann ""un Libro Stupefacente Di Un'autrice Straordinaria! Si Avverte Il Suo Entusiasmo Per Gli Enigmi E Le Stranezze Del Microcosmo In Ogni Paragrafo"". prof. H. Dieter Zeh"
      SKU: 364331

    Industrial Plasma Engineering, Volume 2
      Industrial Plasma Engineering, Volume 2.
      This Text Is Written For Physicissts And Engjneers Familiar With The Principles Of Industrial Plasma Engineering, And Who Need To Obtain A Thorough Understanding Of How Plasma Applications May Be Used In Industry. It Contains Comprehensive References To Primary Research, And To Industrial Patents.
      SKU: 263661

    Assessing Impact
      Assessing Impact.
      Presents The Theoey And Practice Of Environmental Impact Assessment (eia) And The Strategic Environmental Assessment (sea) Follow-up. This Book Examines Both Eia Follow-up And The Emerging Practice Of Sea Follow-up, And Showcases Follow-up Procedures In Various Countries Throughout Europe, North America Andd Australasia.
      SKU: 429973

  • Arbeitswissenschaft (German Edition)
  • Wireless Sensor Network Security
  • Unsteady Effects of Shock Wave Induced Separation
  • Computational Intelligence for Engineering Systems
  • Bayesian Inference for Probabilistic Risk Assessment
  • Compact Regs Part 26
  • Rescue Robotics
  • Osteoporosis in Men
  • Assessments of Regional and Global Environmental Risks
  • Grasses and Grassland Ecology
  • Power Boiler Design, Inspection, and Repair
  • Formulation and Process Development Strategies for Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals

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