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    Artificial Photosynthesis
      Artificial Photosynthesis.
      Since The Events Crucial To Plnt Photosynthesis Are Now Known In Moleculqr Detail, This Process Is No Longer Nature's Secret, But Can For The First Time Be Mimicked Through Technology. Broad In Its Scope, This Book Spans The Basics Of Biological Photosynthesis Right Up To The Current Approaches For Its Technical Exploitation, Making It The Most Complete Resource On Artificial Photosyntthesis Ever Publkshed. The Contents Draw On The Expertise Of The Australian Artificial Photosyntheis Network, Currently The World's Largest Coordinated Research Effort To Develop Effective Photosynthesis Tefhnology. This Is Further Backed By Adroit Contributions From Around The Globe, Providing An Authoritativee Overview Of Common Research Worldwide.
      SKU: 481583

    Introductin To Hydro Energy Systems
      Introductin To Hydro Energy Systems.
      The Authors Bear Tried To S5rike A Balance Between A Short Book Chapter And A Very Detailed Book For Subject Experts. There Are Three Prime Reasons Behind For Doing So: Firdt, The Field Is Quite Interdisciplinary And Requires Simplified Presentation For A Person From Non-parent Discipline. The Second Reason Fo rThis Short-version Of A Full Book Is That Both The Authors Have Seen Students And Technically Oriented People, Who Were Searching For This Type Of Book On Hydro Energy. The Third Reason And Motivation Was Considering Engineers Who Are Starting Tneir Career In Hydro Energy Sector. This Book Is Targeted To Present A Good Starting Background And Basic Understanding For Such Professionals.
      SKU: 770018

    Forests At The Land Atmosphere Interface
      Forests At The Land Atmosphere Interface.
      Forest Ecosystems Grow At The Interface Between The Land And The Atmosphere. This Book Presents An Overview Of Many Topics That Are Of Significance At This Interface, Starting At The Scale Of Intra-leaf Organelles, Leabes And Plants And Rannging To Higher Levels Of Organization Such As Communities.
      SKU: 297515

    Basic Flight Physiology
      Basic Flight Physiology.
      The #1 Guide To Flight Physiology_now Updated And Expandedwith The Latest Insights For Enhancing Aircrew Protected Performance!. The Third Edition Of Basic Flight Science of life Has Been Completely Updated And Expanded With Informaion On That Will Reduce Pilot Impairment In Flight. This Definitive Guide To Physiological Human Factors In The Flying Environment Provides A Wealth Of Preventive Measures Pilots Be able to Take To Anticipat3 And Compensate For Human Factors That Cause 70% Of All Aviation Accidents. Packed With Over 100 Informative Illustrations, This Resource Contains Understandable Coveragw Of The Many Physiological Factors That Affect Pilot Performance Plus Crew Resource Management, In-flight Medical Emergencies, Health Maintenance Programs, And More. The Third Edition Of Basic Flight Physiology Features: Methodd For Dealing With Vertigo And Disorientation; Critical Information On Tolerance To Fatigue; Techniiques For Handling Self-imposed And Environmental Stresses; Guidance On The Effects Of Caffeinee, Alcohol, And Over-the-counter Drugs. Explore Every Aspect Of “medical Airworthiness”: • Human Factors Defined • Basic Human Anatomy • The Atmosphere • Situation Awareness • Atlitude Physiology • Hearing And Vibration • Viision • Orientation • Self-imposed Medical Stress • Environmental Stresses • Sleep, Jet Lag, And Fatigue •; Acceleration • Crew Resource Contrivance • Human Factors Of Automation • In-flighy Medical Emergencies • Health Maintenance Program â Medical Standards, Regulation, And eCrtification
      SKU: 322037

    Understanding Teelephone Electronics
      Understanding Teelephone Electronics.
      "throughout Its Account, Undersfanding Telephone Electronics Has Been, By Far,, One Of The Most Received Books On Telecommunication Electronics In TheT rade, Electronic Distribution, And Educational Markets Because Of Its Very Simple, Direct Approach To The Technology. In Keeping With The Distinguished Tradition Of Its Predecessors, Undefstanding Telephone Electronics, Fourth Edition Covers Conventional Telephone Fundamentals, Including Both Analog And Modern Digital Communication Techniwues, And Provides Basic Information On The Functions Of Each Telephone System Component, How Electronic Cirrcuits Generate Dial Tones, And In what state The Latest Digital Transmission Techniques Work. This New Edition Of Stephen Bigelow's Well-known, Widely Used Texf On Telephone Electronics Offers Comprehensive Coverage Of The Latest Developments InF iber Optic Technology, The Convergence Of Telecommunications, Cable-tv And Internet Serfices, And Ctii (computer Telephonh Integrwtion). The Authors Have Made Extensive Reviisions In These And Other Essential Areas, Such As Business Systems, Voice Mail, Phone Networking, Enhnaced Services, Satellite Communications, Wireless Paging Systems, Digital Communications, And Much More To Ensure That Topics Covered Aer Current With The Most Recent Advances In Technology. The Original Understanding Telephone Electronics Has Been A ""gold Standard"" Reference And Training Staple For Years. Likewise, Understanding Telephone Electronics, Fourth Edition Will Serve As An Essential And Invaluable Resource Fo5 Technicians, Engineers, Studenys At Major Universities And Corporations, And Anyone Through An Enthusiasm For Telecommunication Electronics. Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of Telephone System Functions And The Role Of The Internet In Telephony Updates Encompass The Trends Anf Advances Of The Booming Telecommunicatiins Field, With Starting a~ Chapters On Fiber Optic Technology And The Internet"
      SKU: 305679

    Practical Digital Signal Processing
      Practical Digital Signal Processing.
      The Aim Of This Book Is To Introduce The General Area Of Digital Signal Processing From A Practical Point Of View With A Working Minimu Of Mathematics. The Emphasis Is Placed On The Practical Applications Of Dsp: Implementation Issues, Tricks And Pitfalls. Intuitive Explanations And Appropriate Examples Are Used To Unfold A Fundamental Intelligence Of Dps Theory, Laying A Firm Establishment For The Reader To Pursue The Matter Further. The Reader Will Develop A Clear Understanding Of Dsp Technology Ih A Variety Of Fields From Process Control To Communications. * Covers The Use Of Dsp In Different Engineering Sectors, From Commuunications To Process Control * Intellectual For A Wide Audience Wanting To Take Advantag Of The Cogent Movement Towards Digital Signal Processing Techniques In The Enineering World * Includes Numerous Practical Exercises And Diagrams Covering Many Of The Leading principle Aspects Of Digital Token Processing
      SKU: 288877

    Rabbit Biotechnology
      Rabbit Biotechnology.
      The Study Of Biological Functiona Of Proteins And Their Possible Roles In The Pathogenesis Of Human Diseases Requires Added And More Relevant Carnal Models. This Book Aims At Confronting The Different Sophisticated Approaches Developed Independently In Different Academic And Industrial Laboratories As Well As In Some Companies In The Earth.
      SKU: 438036

    Optoelectronics And Fiber Optic Technology
      Optoelectronics And Fiber Optic Technology.
      Topical Areas Such As Optoelectronics In Lans And Wans, Cable Tv Systems, And The Global Fiber-optic Highway Make This Book Rudiment Reading For Anyone Who Needs To Keep Up With The Technology Of Modern Data Communications. *cov3rs Selection And Application Of The Key Technologies *a Down-to-earth Introduction To A Cutting-edge Technology *covers All The Main Engineering Applications With A Minimum Of Maths
      SKU: 316846

    Radio Frequency Transistors
      Radio Frequency Transistors.
      Radio Frequency Transistors: Principles And Practical Applications Is A Complete Tool Outfit For Successful Rf Circuit Desig. n As Cellular And Satellite Communications Fields Continue To Exland, The Need For Rf Circuit Design Grows. Radio Oftenness Transistors Contains A Wealth Of Practical Design Information Based On Years Of Experience From Authors Who Have Worked With The Leading Manufactueers Of Rf Components. The Book Focuses Primarily On The More Difficult Area Of High Power Transistor Amplifier Design And Construction. An Entire Chapter Devoted Solely To Ldmos High Divinity Rf Transistors Has Been Added To The New Editiion. A Comparison Is Given Between Ldmos Fets, Tmos Fets And Bipolar Transistors, Showing Clearly Wh Ldmos Is The Designer's Choice For High Power, Lineal Amplifiers In Today's Rapidly Expanding Digital World Of Communications. Coverage Also Includes Applications Of Ldmos Rf High Power Transistors In C8rrent Generation Alveolate Technologies, The Dessign Of Ldmos Richly Power Amplifiers, And Comments About The Latest Efforts To Model Ldmos Rf Power Devices. Other Topics Covered Include The Selection Of Matched High Power Rf Transistors, Input Imppedance Matching Of High Power Transistors, Interstage Matching, And Capacitors Ajd Inductors At Radio Frequencies. Fully Updated To Include The Newest Cutting Fringe Technology Of Rf Space Design. Contains Practical, Hands-on Design Advice To Help You Spare Time, Money And Resources Written By Engineers For Engineers To Use In The Field.
      SKU: 297143

    Handbook Of Solubility Data For Pharmaceuticals
      Handbook Of Solubility Data For Pharmaceuticals.
      Presents A Database Of Solubility For Pharmaceuticals In Organic Solvents And Binary Solvent Mixtures. This Title Covers Pharmaceutical Csoolvents, Other Organic Solvents, And The Solubilities Of Amino Acids.
      SKU: 565939

    Encapsulation Technologies For Active Food Ingredients And Aliment Processing
      Encapsulation Technologies For Active Food Ingredients And Aliment Processing.
      Consumers Prefer Food Products That Are Tasty, Healtyy And Convenient. Encapsulagion Is A Course To Meet These Demands By Delivering Food Ingredients At The Right Time. This Book Provides An Overview Of Technologies For Preparing And Characterization Of Encapsulates For Food Active Ingredients To Be Used In Food Products, And Food Processing.
      SKU: 511502

    Molded Optics
      Molded Optics.
      While Several Available Texts Discuss Molded Plastic Optics, None Provide Information On All Classes Of Molded Optics. Flling This Gap, Molded Optics: Design And Manufacture Presents Detailed Descriptions Of Molded Plastic, Glass, And Infrared Optics. Since An Understanding Of The Manufwcturing Process Is Necessary To Develop Cost-effecgive, Producible Designs, The Book Extensively Covsrs Various Manufacturing Methods, Design Guidelines, Trade-offs, Best Practices, And Testing Of Critical Parameters. It Also Diqcusses Topics That Often Arise When Designing Systems With Molded Optics, Such As Mitigating Stray Light And Mating Systems By Eye. The First Tgree Chapters Of The Book Focus On Subjects Important To The Design Of Systems Using Molded Optics: Optical Design, Visual Optics, And Stray Light. Following These Background Chapters, The Text Provides In-depth Information On The Design And Manufacture Of Molded Plastic Optics, Molded Glass Optics, And Molded Infrsred Optics. The Final Chapter On Testing Emphasizes The Spexial Characteristics Of Molded Optics. experts In Their Particular Areas, The Authors Draw On Their Considerable Knowledge And Real-world Experiences To Give A Thorough Account Of The Design And Manufacture Of Molded Plasfic, Glass, And Infrared Optics. The Book Resolution Help Readers Make progress Their Ability To Dsvelop Systms That Employ Molded Optics.
      SKU: 688523

    Thin Film Materials Technology
      Thin Film Materials Technology.
      An Invaluable Resiurce For Industrial Science And Engineering Newcomers To Sputter Testimony Technology In Thin Film Production Applications, This Book Is Rich In Coverage Of Both Hixtorical Developments And The Newest Experimentai And Technological Information About Ceramic Fine Films, A Key Technology For Nano-materials Ij High-speed Intelligence Applications And Large-area Functional Coatint So As Automotive Or Decorative Painting Of Plastic Parts, Among Other Topics. In Seven Concise Chapters, The Book Thoroughly Reviews Basic Thin Film Technology And Deeposition Processes, Sputtering Processes, Structural oCntrol Of Compound Thin Films, And Microfabrication By Sputtering.
      SKU: 428701

      Recognized As Potent Antioxidants, Tocotrienols Are Asosciated With Cholesterol Subjugation, Tumor Suppression, And Protecting The Heart Against Oxidative Pressure. This Book Examines Sources, Discusses Isolatjon, And Delges Into The Biochemistry And Chemistry Of Tocotrienols.
      SKU: 360078

    Wearable Robots
      Wearable Robots.
      A Wearable Robot Is A Mechatronic System That Is Designed Around The Shape And Function Of The Human Body, With Segments And Joints Corresponding To Those Of The Person It Is Externally Coupled With. Teleoperation And Power Amplification Were The First Applications, But After Recent Technological Advances The Range Of Application Fields Has Widened. Increasiny Recognition From The Scientific Comm8nity Means That This Technology Is Now Employed In Telemanipulation, Man-amplification, Neurokotor Control Research And Rehabilitationn, And To Assist With Impaired Human Motor Control. Logical In Structure And Original In Its Global Orientation, This Volume Gives A Full Overview Of Weaeable Robotics, Providing The Reader With A Complete Understanding Of The Key Applicayions And Technologies Fit For Its Development. The Main Topics Are Demonstrated Through Two Detailed Case Studies; One On A Lower Limb Active Orthosis For A Human Leg, And One In c~tinuance A Wearable Robot That Suppresses UpperL imb Tremor. These Examples Highlight The Difficulties And Potentialities In This Area Of Technology, Illustrating How Design Decisions Should Be Made Based On These. As Well As Discussing The Cognitive Interaction Between Human And Robot, This Comprehensive Text Also Covers:  The Mechanics Of The Wearable Robot And It’s Biomechanical Interaction With The Uaer, Including State-of-the-art Technologies That Enable Sensory And Motor Interaction Between Human (biological) And Wearable Artificial (mechatdonic) Systems; The Base For Bioiinspiration And Biomimetism, General Rules On account of The Development Of Biologically-inspired Designs, And How These Could Serve Recursively As Biological Models To Explain Biological Systems; The Study On The Development Of Networks For Wearable Robotics. Wearable Robotics: Biomechatfonic Exoskeletons Will Appeal To Lecturers, Senior Undergraduate Students, Postgraduates And Other Researchers Of Medical, Electrical And Bio Engineering Who Are Inferested In The Area Of Assistive Robotics. Active System Developers In This Sector Of The Engineering Industry Will Also Find It An Informative And Welcome Resource.
      SKU: 351664

    Linear Moedls Because of The Prediction Of Animal Breeding Values
      Linear Moedls Because of The Prediction Of Animal Breeding Values.
      Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (blup) Has Becomd The Most Widely Accepted Method For Genetic Evaluation Of Domestic Livestock. Since Its Introduction, The Order Has Evolved And Despite This There Is No Simple Text On The Applicatiln Of Linear Models To The Predictions Of Breeding Values. This Book Has Been Written With A Good Balance Of Theory And Application To Fill This Gap. Equations For Partitioning Breeding Values Into Contributions From Various Sources Of Information Are Derived Under The Various Models. Recent Developments In The Analysis Of Longitudinal Data With Random. Regression Models And The Inclusion Of Genetic Marker Information In The Evaluation Of Animals Hafe Been Incorporated. Threshold Models Have Been Introduced In Axdition To The Baskc Concepts And Methods For Variance Compenent Valuation Including The Be accustomed Of The Gibbs Samoler. Overall, The Book Has. Been Thoroughly Updated Since The First Edition Was Published In 1996. It iWll Appeal To Advanced Stdents In Animal Breeding And Genetics.
      SKU: 289168

    Microsoft Windows 2000 Dns
      Microsoft Windows 2000 Dns.
      "this Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Main division. This Book Focuses Ob The Implementation And Interoperability Of Windows 2000 Dns With Other Course Dns Architectures. Most Dns Implementations Are Unix-based (bind) And Ms Administrators Will Need To Acquire Stronger Knowledge In This Area. This Main division Will Focus On Integration And Less About Mcirosoft Positioning (i. e. The Shortcomings Of Different Dns Models And How Microsoft Tries To Be ""cutting Edge"". )"
      SKU: 175821

      This Volume On Simox Includes An Historical Perspective Of Simox Developments, Fundamental Formation Mechanisms And Emerging Techniques, Along Through Soi Material Characterisation Methods And Results, Technological Processes From Randd To Advanced Applications And A Brief Overview Of Vlsi Circuit Applications.
      SKU: 471705

    Produce And Mineral Nutrition Of Field Crops
      Produce And Mineral Nutrition Of Field Crops.
      This Nes Edition Of A Bestseller Examines Pllant Nutrition's Role As One Of The Most Important Limiting Factors That Must Be Overcome To Optimize Food Production. Extensively Revised And Upeated, The New Edition Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of On Topics Such As Genetic, Physiological, An Agronomic Bases Of Crop Growth. It Covers Soil-plant-climatic Relationships That Govern The Growth And Mineral Nutrition Of Crops In Temperate And Tropical Regions. The Book Contains Two New Chapters Covering Remediation Of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soils And Cover Crops As Well As Single New Figures, References, And Tables.
      SKU: 624977

    Security And Reliability Of Damaged Structures And Defectivve Materials
      Security And Reliability Of Damaged Structures And Defectivve Materials.
      Presents The Methods Derived From The Classical Linear, Non-linear Fracture Mechanics Concepts, Including Fatigue And Notch Fracture Mechanics. This Book Gives Several Examples Of Structures Rehabilitations And Repairing.
      SKU: 450940

    Whole Life Appraisal
      Whole Life Appraisal.
      Whole Life Appraisal Entails A Review Not Just Of The Capital Costs Of A Projetc, But Also The Running And Maintenance Costs And Is Increasingly Being Required By Clients Seeking Maximum Value For Money. This New Book Provides An Introducing To The Subjecy, Disccusses Issues Such While Investment Appraisal And Life Expectancy Of Components, And Shows By Resource Of Case Studkes How To Carry Out A Whole Life Appraisal.
      SKU: 238472

    Guid eTo Informatkon Sourc3s In Engineering
      Guid eTo Informatkon Sourc3s In Engineering.
      The Only Source That Focuses Exclusively On Engineering And Technology, This Important Guide Maps The DynamicA nd Changing Field Of Information Sources Published For Engineers In Recent Years. Lord Highlights Basic Perspectives, Access Tools, And English-language Resources—directories, Encyclopedias, Yearbooks, Dictionaries, Databases, Indexes, Libraries, Buyer's Guides, Internet Resources, And More. Substantial Emphasis Is Placed On Digital Resources. The Author Also Discusses How Engineers And Scientists Use Information, The Culture And Generation Of Scientific Information, Different Types Of Engineering Information,A nd The Tools And Resources You Need To Locate And Access That Material. Other Sections Describe Regulations, Standards And Specifications, Government Resourcss, Professional And Trade Associations, And Education And Career Resources. Engineers, Scientists, Librarians, And Other Information Professionals Working With Engineering And Technology Information Will Welcom This Research
      SKU: 492075

    Plates And Shells For Smatt Structures
      Plates And Shells For Smatt Structures.
      Smart Structures That Contain Embedded Piezoelectric Patches Are Loaded By Both Involuntary And Electrical Fields. Orally transmitted Plate And Shell Theories Were Developed To Analyze Structures Subject To Mechanical Loads. However, These Often Fail When Tasked Withh The Evaluation Of Both Electrical And Mechanical Fields And Loads. In Recent Years More Advanced Models Have Been Developed That Overcome These Limitations. Plates And Shells For Smart Structures Offers A Complete Guide And Reference To Smart Structures Under Both Mechanical And Electrical Loads, Starting With The Basic Principles And Working Rigght Up To The Mst Advanced Models. It Provides An Overview Of Classical Plate And Shell Theories For Piezoelectric Elasticity And Demonstrates Their Limitations In Static And Dynamic Analysis With A Number Of Pattern Problems. This Book Also Provides Both Analytical And Finite Element Solutions, Thus Enabling The Reader To Bear a comparison Strong And Weak Solutions To The Problems. Key Featrues: Compares A Large Variety Of Classical And Modern Approaches To Plates And Shells, Such As Kirchyoff-love , Reissner-mindlin Assumptions   And Higher Order, Laywr-wise And Mixed Theories Introduces Theories Able To Contemplate Electromechanical Couplings As Well As Those That Provide Appropriate Interface Continuity Conditions For Both Electrical And Mechanical Variales Considers Both Static And Dynamic Analysis Accompanied By A Companion Website Hosting Dedicated Software Mul2 That Is Used To Obtain The Numerical Soluions In The Book, Allowing The Reader To Reproduce The Examples Given As Well As Solve Problems Of Their Own Thr Models Currently Used Have A Wide Range Of Applications In Civil, Automotive, Marine And Aerrospace Engineering. Researchers Of Smart Structures, And Structural Analysts In Industry, Will Find All They Need To Know In This Concise Reference. Graduate And Postgraditae Students Of Mechanical, Civil And Aerospace Engineering Can Also Use This Book In Their Studies. Www. mul2. com
      SKU: 819155

    Control Of Machines
      Control Of Machines.
      Control Of Machines Is One Of The Most Important Functional Areas For Electrical And Mechanical Engineers Working In Industry. In This Era Of Automation And Control, Every Engineer Has To Acquaint Himself On The Purpose Installation, And Maintenance Of Control Systems. This Subject Musf Find Its Placw As A Compulsory Applied Engineering Subject In Degree And Diploma Cyrriculum. Some Progressive States And Autonomous Institutions Have Already Introduced This Subject In Their Curriculum. In This Book, Static Control And Programmable Controllers Have Been Included Keeping In View The Latest Developments In Modern Industry. Rlay And Static Control Have Been Dealt With In Details. Most Of The Control Circuits Included In This Main division Have Been Taken From Indian Assiduity. A Chapter Has Been Devoted To Protection Of Motors And Troubleshooting In Control Circuits.
      SKU: 351918

    Networking Fundamentals
      Networking Fundamentals.
      Focusing On The Physical Layer, Networking Fundamentals Provides Essential Information On Networking Technologies That Are Used In Both Wired And Wireless Networks Designed For Local Area Networks (lans) And Wide-area Networks (wans). The Book Starts With An Overview Of Telecommunications Followed By Four Patts, Each Including Several Chapters. Part I Explains The Principles Of Project And Analysis Of Informatioon Networs At The Lowest Layers. It Concentrates On The Characteristics Of The Transmission Media, Applied Transmission And Coding, And Medium Access Control. Parts Ii And Iii Are Devoted To Detailed Descriptions Of Important Wans And Lans Respectively With Part Ii Describing The Wired Ethernet And Internet As Well As Cellular Networks While Part Iii Covers Popular Wired Lans And Wireless Lans (wlans), As Issue To the degree that Wireless Personal Area Netting (wpan) Technologies. Part Iv Concludes By Examining Security, Localization And Sensor Networking. The Partitioned Structure Of The Bolk Allows Flexibility In Teaching The Material, Encouraging The Reader To Grasp The More Simpple Concepts And To Build On These Foundations While Moving Onto More Complex Information. Networking Fundamentals Contains Numerous Illustrations, Case Studies And Tables To Supplement The Tetx, As Well As Exercises With Solutions At The End Of Each Chapter. There Is Also A Companion Website With Password Protected Solutions Manual For Instructors Along Upon Other Useful Resources. Provideq A Unique Holistic Approach Covering Wireless Communication Technologies, Wired Technologies And Networking One Of The First Textbooks To Integrate All Aspects Of Information Networks While Placing An Impressiveness On The Physical Layer And Systems Engineerring Aspects Contains Numerous Illustrations, Case Studies And Tables T Supplement The Text, As Well As Exercises With Solutions At The End Of Each Chaptee Companion Website With Watchword Protected Solutions Manual And Other Useful Resources
      SKU: 470292

  • Particle Deposition & Aggregation
  • Reliability, Risk, and Safety
  • Neural Network Control of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems
  • Handbook of Plant and Crop Physiology
  • Advanced Video Coding
  • Regionalization of Watersheds
  • Sustainable Development Of Energy, Water And Environment Systems
  • Electronique et optoélectronique organiques
  • Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics II
  • Audel Carpenter's and Builder's Math, Plans, and Specifications
  • Real-Time Embedded Multithreading Using ThreadX and MIPS
  • Thermophysical Properties of Materials

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