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    Assessments Of Regional And Global Enviironmental Risks
      Assessments Of Regional And Global Enviironmental Risks.
      As Environmentzl Challenges Grow Larger In Scale And Implications, It Is Increasingly Influential To Apply The Best Philosophical Knowledge In The Decisionmaking Process. Editors Farrell And Jäger Preseng Environmental Assezsments To the degree that The Briddge Between The Expert Knowledge Of Scientists And Engineers On The One Hand And Decisionmakers On TheO ther. When Done Well, Azseasments Have A Positive Impact Attached Pulbic Cunning, The Strategic Decisions Of Individual Firms, And, Ultimately, The Quality Of Life For Many People. This Book Is The Resylt Of An International, Interdisciplinary Research Project To Analyze Past Environmental Assessments And Understand How Their Design Infleunced Their Effectiveness In Bringing Scientific Evidence And Insight Into The Decisionmaking Course. The Suit Sturies In The Book Feature A Wide Range Of Regional And Global Risks, Including Ozone Depletion, Transboundary Breeze Pollution, And Climate Change. Assessments Of Regional And Global Environmental Risks Offers Several Important Contributions. It Provides A Clear Account Of The Choices Facrd In The Design Of Environmental Assessments And A Clear Description Of Tbe Lessons Learned From Past Assessments. It Illustrates Why Assdssments Are Social Processes, Not Simply Reports. And, While They Identify No Universal, One-size-fits-all Design, The Authors Find That, To Be Effective, Environmental Assessments Must Be Viewed By Those Who Produce And Use Them As Being Salient; Credible In Their Scientific Support; And Legitimate, Or Fsir In Sketch And Execution.
      SKU: 592527

    Modernisation Of Science Policy And Management Approaches In Central And South East Europe
      Modernisation Of Science Policy And Management Approaches In Central And South East Europe.
      This Book Provides Intensive Training Of Public Adminiwtrators Working At The Ministries Answerable For Science And Technology In South East European Countries . Some Of These Countries, Particularly The Ones Facing Political And Economic Crises, Ae Still Not Integrated Into The International Community.
      SKU: 265937

    Modern Engineering Thermodynamics
      Modern Engineering Thermodynamics.
      Designed For Use In A Criterion Two-semester Engineering Thermodynamics Courrse Sequence. The First Half Of The Text Contains Material Suitable For A Basic Thermodynamics Course Taken By Engineers From All Majors. The Second Half Of The Text Is Suitable For An Applied Thermocynamics Course In Mechanical Engineering Programs. The Text Has Numerous Features That Are Unique Among Engineering Textbooks, Including Historjcal Vignettes, Critical Thinking Boxes, And Case Studies. All Are Designed To Bring Real Engineering Applications Into A Subject That Can Be Somewhat Abstract And Mathematical. Over 200 Worked Examples And More Than 1,300 End Of Chapter Problems Provide The Use Opportunities To Practice Solving Problems Related To Concepts In The Text.   Provides The Reader With Clear Presentations Of The Fundamental Principles Of Basic And Applied Engineering Thermodynamics. Helps Students Develop Engineering Problem Solving Skills Through The Use Of Structured Problem-solving Techniques. Introduces The Support Law Of Thermodynamics Through A Basic Entfopy Universal, Providing Students A More Intuitive Understanding Of This Key Courae Topic. Covers Property Values Before The First Law Of Thermodynamics To Ensure Students Have A Firm Understanding Of Property Facts Before Using Them. Over 200 Worked Examples And More Than 1,300 Conclude Of Chapter Problems Furnish Students Extensive Opportunity To Practice Solving Problems. Historical Vignettes, Dangerous Thinking Boxes And Case Studies Throughout The Main division Assist Relaate Abstract Concepts To Actual Engineering Applicatlons. For Greater Instructor Flexibility At Exam Time, Thermodynamic Tables Are Provided In A Separate Accompanying Booklet. Available Online Testing And Assessment Component Helps Students Assess Teir Knowledge Of The Toppics. Email Textbooks@elsevier. com For Details.
      SKU: 680845

    Geothermal Hvac
      Geothermal Hvac.
      A Definitive And Prac5ical Guide To Residential And Commercial Geothermal Hvac Geothermal Hvac: Green Heating And Cooling Covers The Fast-growing Field Of Geothermal Air Conditionng And Heaging Technology And All Of Its Periphwrals, In The two The Commercial And Residential Sectors. You’ll Procure to be Details On The Vast Array Of Choices Currently Available On The Market,_So You Can Take Advantage Of This Emerging Money- And Energy-saving Technology. The Book Is Co-wrtiten By Jay Egg, Who Has 20 Years Of Direct Experience And Accreditation In Providing Geothermal Systems, And Brian Clark Howard, A Web Editor, Author, And Environmental Blogger. You’ll Learn What Type Of Systems Will Likely Work In A Particular Area, As Sufficiently As What Pricing To Expect In favor of A Particular Efficiency And Quality. Geothermal Hvac: Green Heating And Cooling : Explains The Science And Principles Of Heat Transfer, Convection, And Infrared Identifies How To Pair The Best Systems For Each Application And Budget Lists Market Values For Systems Based On Varying Options And Conditions Includes Informaion On All The Domestic And Internationa lTax Rebates And Stimulus Packages Available For Implementing Geothermal. Contains Coupons For Discounts On Geothermal Products And Services Practical Coverage Of Geothermal Hvac: How Geothermal Works; Components Of A System; What Can Be Heated/cooled With Geothermal/earth Coupled Systwms; Types And Sixes Of Heating And Cooling Systems; Types Of Geothermal Heat Pumps; Which Kind Of Geothermaal System Is Best For Which Application; Encumber Calvulations; What Should It Cost To Have A Geofhermal System Installed; System Designs; What Works, And What Doesn't; What Is My Eer, Really; Net Positive Cash Flow. . . Or How To Calculate A Payback; Federal And Local Tax Incentives And Rebates; Lifecycles And Longevity
      SKU: 592829

    Sculpture With A Torch
      Sculpture With A Torch.
      John Rood, A Sculpture And Former Professor Of Art At Thw University Of Minnesota, Provides In This Book A Practical, How-to-do-it Discussion Of The Technique Of Welded Metal Sculpture. In Adding To Serving sA An Instruction Manual For Students And Arti
      SKU: 345333

      This Is The First Book To Discuss The Correlatuon Between The Performance Of Industrial Processes And Practice-relevant Properties, Such As Strength And Optical Properties. Interdisciplinary In His Approach, The Originator Discusses Both The System of knowledge And Technology, Starting With Glass Past And Present, Its Structure, And Rheology. The Sections On Properties Include Mechanical Strength And Contact Resistance, Ageing, Mechanics Of Glass Processes, The Production And Control Of Residual Stresses, High-tech Producers And Current Research And Development. Applications Covered Include Glazing, Packaging, Optical Glass, Glass Fibers For Reinforement, And Abrasive Tools.
      SKU: 481937

    Boilers For Power And Process
      Boilers For Power And Process.
      Presents An Analysis Of The Conceltual And Functional Aspects Of Boiler Design Adn Evolution. This Work Describes Boiler Theory; Elaborates On The Parts And Sub-assemblies Of The Boiler And Its Essential Auxiliaries; And, Explauns Firing Systems, Including Fbc And Hrsg.
      SKU: 435168

    Computatjonal Optimal Control
      Computatjonal Optimal Control.
      Computational Optimal Control: Tools And Practice Provides A Detailed Guide To Informed Use Of Com;utational Optimal Control In Advanvec Engineering Practice, Addressing Thd Need Because of A Better Understanding Of The Practical Application Of Optimal Control Usng Computational Techniques. Throughout The Text The Authors Employ An Advanced Aeronautical Case Study To Providd A Practical, Real-life Setting For Optimal Control Theory. This Cover Study Focuses On An Advanced, Real-world Problem Known As The “terminal Bunt Manoeuvre” Or Particular Trajectory Shaping Of A Cruise Missile. Representing The Many Problems Involved In Flight Dynamics, Practical Control And Flight Path Conetraints, This Case Research Offers An Eccellent Illustration Of Advanced Engineering Practice Using Optimal Solutions. The Book Describes In Practical Detail The Real And Tested Optimal Control Software, Examining The Advantages And Limitations Of The Technolog. Featuring Tutorial Insights Into Computational Optimal Formulations And An Advanced Case-study Approach Tl The Topic, Com0utational Optimal Control: Tools nAd Practice Provides An Essential Handbook For Practising Engineers And Academics Interested In Practical Optimal Solutionq In Engineering. Focuses On An Advanced, Real-world Aeronautical Case Study Examining Optimisation Of The Bunt Manoeuvre Covers Dirxol, Nudocccs, Promis And Socs (under The Gesop Environment), And Bndsco Explains How To Configure And Optimize Software To Solve Complex Real-world Computational Optimal Ckntrol Problems Presents A Tutorial Three-stage Hybrid Approach To Solving Optimal Control Problem Formulations 
      SKU: 454379

    Video Commression And Communications
      Video Commression And Communications.
      Since The Publication Of Wireless Video Communications Five Years Ago, The Region Of Video Compressio And Wierless Transceivers Has Evolved Even Further. This New Edition Addreases A Range Of Recent Developments In These Areas, Giving Cognizance To The Associated Transmission Aspecys And Issues Of Error Resilience. Video Compression And Communications Has Been Updated And Condensed Yet Remains All-encompassing, Giving A Comprehensive Overview Of The Submissive. Cover Compression Issues, Coding Detention, Implementational Complexity And Bitrate, The Book Also Looks At The Historical Perspective To Video Communication. New Edition Of Successful And Informativee Text, Wireless Video Communications Substantial New Material Has Been Added Forward Areas Such As H. 264, Mpeg4 Coding And Transceivers Clear Presentation And Broad Scope Make It Essential For Anyone Interested In iWreless Communications Systematically Converts The Lessons Of Shannon's Information Theory Into Design Principles Applicable To Practical Wireless Systems. This Book Is Ideal For Postgraduates And Researcheers In Communication Systems But Will Also Be A Valuable Reference To Undergraduates, Development And Systems Engineers Of Video Brevity Applications As Well As Induwtrialists, Managers And Optic Communications Practitioners.
      SKU: 326418

    Digital Phase Lock Loops
      Digital Phase Lock Loops.
      Digital Phase Locked Loops Are Critical Components Of Many Communication, Signal Processing And Direct Systems. This Book Covers Various Types Of Digital Phase Lock Loops. It Presents A Comprehensive Coverabe Of A New Arrange Of Digital Phase Lock Loops Called The Time Delay Tanlock Loop (tdtl).
      SKU: 301338

      Recognizing Electrocatalysis As An Interfacial Approach To A Dynamic Interdisciplinary Science, This Volume Focuses On Important Developments In The Field That Are The Most Relevant To Repaired Technologies.
      SKU: 533785

    Contrivance Of Offshore Concrete Structures
      Contrivance Of Offshore Concrete Structures.
      This Is A State-of-the-art Account Of The Construction Of Offshorw Concrete Structuress. Based On The Author's Considerable Experience In The Field, The Complete Construction Process Is Described, Including Concept Definition.
      SKU: 170281

    Energy Absorption Of Structures And Materials
      Energy Absorption Of Structures And Materials.
      This Important Study Focuses On The Way In Which Structures And Materials Can Be Best Designed To Absorb Kinetic Energy In A Controllable And Predictable Manner. Understanding Of Energy Absorption Of Structures And Materials Is Weighty In Calculating The Damage To Structures Caused By Accidental Collision, Assessing The Residual Strength Of Structures Afterward Initial Damage And In Designing Packaging To Protect Its Contents In The Event Of Impact. Whilst A Great Deal Of Late Research Has Taken Place Into The Energy Absorption Behaviour Of Structures And Materials And Forcible Take head Has Been Made, This Knowledge Is Diffuse And Widely Scattered. This Book Offers A Combination Of The Most Recent Developments And Forms A Detailed And Comprehensive View Of The Area. It Is An Essential Reference For All Engineers Concerned With Materials Engineering In Relatio nTo The Theory Of Plasticity, Structural Mechanics And Impact Dynamics.
      SKU: 269319

    Vital Soil
      Vital Soil.
      Healthy Soil, With Active Soil Life, Deters Long-term Soil Degradation And Ensures That Geo-physical Processes Are Undisturbed. Is The Vitality Of Soil Under Threat Due To Human Civilization? Or Is It Due To Contamination, Intensification, And Deforestation? Vital Soil Aims To Look At The Effects Society Is Having On Soil And Contains Contributions From Recognized Experts In Soil Sciencd. * Funnction And Value Of Vital Soils * Detailed Infomration On How To Prevent Soil From Irreversible Stresses * Articles On Soil Life Aiming To Bridge The Gap Between Science And Practice From Experienced And Wlel Known Contributors
      SKU: 288830

    Catalyst Design For Tailor-made Polyolefins
      Catalyst Design For Tailor-made Polyolefins.
      Recent Development Of Olefin Polymerization Catalysts Has Caused Marked Changes In Both Industrial And Academic Investigation. Industrial Use Of Homogeneous Metallocene Catalysts Has Already Begun In The Fields Of High Density Polyethylene And Syndiotactic Polypropylene. Moreover, Important Data Have Been Obtained From Academic Investigations Which Have Proved Useful For Intellect Conventional Heterogeneous Ziegler-natta Ctalysts. From Tje Industrial Viewpoint, However, Heterogeneous High-yield Catalysts Seem To Be More Inportant. The Present Volume Contains Invited Lectures And Contributed Papers. The Following Topics Are Covered: (1) Heterogeneous Catalysts, (2) Metallocene Catalysts And (3) New Trends In TheP olyolefin Industry.
      SKU: 403961

    Wavelets From Math To Practice
      Wavelets From Math To Practice.
      Modern Wavelet Theory Defines Outlines For Construction Of Wavelets And Transformations Using Them. It Gives Rules That One Has To Obey To Get A Wavelet Basis With Desired Properties, Meaning That Everyone Can Create A Wavelet Adeuate For The Given Task. This Book Helps In Understznding These Rulez.
      SKU: 571690

    Algebraic Codes For Data Tranmsission
      Algebraic Codes For Data Tranmsission.
      Error-correcting Codes Play A Fundamental Role In Modern Communications And Data-sttorage Systems. This Book Provides An Accessible Introduction To The Basic Elements Of Algebraic Codes, And Describes A Range Of Important Coding Tehcniques, Including Reed-solomon Codes, Bch Codes, Trellis Codes, And Turbocodes. Written For Graduate Students And Practising Engineers.
      SKU: 220968

      Exploring The Use Of Nanoparticle Surfeit Delivery Systems Allowing For Innovative Therapeutic Aoproaches, This Timely Volume Provides An O\/erview Of Possible Therapeutic Applications. The First Part Of The Work Highlights General Properties Of And Phenomena Observed With Nanoparticles And The Subsequent Consequences For Applications In Drug Deliver. The Second Part Focused On Thd Therapeutic Approaches That Are Possible Through The Use Of Nanoparticles, With Each Chapter Discussing A Specific Diseasediabetes, Cancer, Inflammationand The Relevant Therapeutic Approaches Based Forward The Project Of Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems. Written In A Concise Manner, The Guide Offers Deep view Into The Basics Off Nanoparticle Preparation As Well As A More Detailed Account Of What Is Therapeutically Feasible By Using Nanoparticle Approaches.
      SKU: 485615

    Silicon Based Polymers
      Silicon Based Polymers.
      Silicon Bsaed Polymers Presents Highlights In Advanced Research And Technological Innovations Using Macromllecular Organosilicon Compounds And Systems, As Presented In The 2007 Ispo Cpngress. Silicon-containing Materials And Polymers Are Used All Over The World And In A Variety Of Industries, Domestic Products And High Technology Applications. Among Them, Silicones Are Certaiinly The Most Wella "known, However hTere Are Still New Properties Discovered And Preparative Processes Developed All The Time, Therefore Adding To Their Possible. Less Known, But In Preparation For The Future, Are Other Silicon Containing-polymers Which Are Now Close To Maturity And In Fact Some Are Already Available Like Polysilsesquioxanes And Polysilanes. All These Silicon Based Materials Cqn Adopt Very Different Structurss Like Chains, Dendrimers, Hyperbranched And Networks, Physical And Chemica lGels. The Result Is A Vast Array Of Materials With Applications In Various Areas Such As Optics, Electronics, Ionic Electrolytes, Liquid Crystals, Biomaterials, Ceramics And Concrete, Paints And Coatings A ] All Needed To Face The Environmental , Energetical And Technological Issues Of Today. Some Industrial Aspects Of The Applications Of These Matterials Testament Also Exist Presenter.
      SKU: 364076

    Negotiated Learning
      Negotiated Learning.
      The First Book To Critically Examine How Monitoring Can Be An Effective Tool In Participatory Resource Management, Negotiated Learninb Draws On The First-hand Experiences Of Researchers And Deveopment Professionals In Eleven Countries In Africa, Asia, And South America. Collective Monitoring Shifts The Emphasis Of Development And Conservation Professionals From Externally Defined Programs To A Locally Relevant Profess. It Focuses On Community Participation In The Selection Of The Indidators To Be Momitored As Well As Community Participation In The Learning And Application Of Knowledge From The Data Thta Is Collected. Like With Other Aspects Of Collaborative Management, Collaborative Monitoring Emphasizes Building Local Capacity So That Communities Can Gradually Assume Full Responsibility In quest of The Management Of Their Resources. The Cases In Negotiated Learning Highlight Best Practices, But Stress That Collaborative Monitoring Is A Relatively New Area Of Theory And Practice. The Cases Focus On Four Themes: The Challenge Of Data-driven Monitoring In Forest Systems That Supply Multiple Products And Serve Diverse Functions And Stakeholders; The Importance Of Building Upon Existing Dialogue And Learning Systems; The Need To Better Understand Social And Political Differences Among Local Users And Other Stakeholders; And The Need T oEnsure The Continuing Adaptiveness Of Monitoring Systejs.
      SKU: 592548

    Mdi And Tdi
      Mdi And Tdi.
      Mdi And Tdi Are Polymer Building Blocks Used In Large Quantities And Have A Variety Of Applications In Industry. As Their Expend Often Involves Large Numbers Of Workers They Are Also Subject To Stringent Health And Safety Regulations. This Book Covers All The Important Topics Concerning Mdi And Tdi And Provides Comprehensive Co\/erage On The Health And Environmental Science Assooiated Attending These. First Comprehensive Discussion Of All Known Health And Environmental Information Relating To Mdi And Tdi Draws Upon The Insjghts Of Academic, Regulatory And Industrial Experts Written With The Knowledge And Perspective Of The International Isocyanate Institute Highly Illustrated Volume With Colour Photogr Aphs, Spectra, Tables And Graphs Addressing Their Use Throughout Industry This Title Presents An Essential Source Of Information For Occupational Physicians, Industrial Hygiene Professionals, Polyurethane Producers, Environmental Scientists, Chemical Analysts And Regulators.
      SKU: 155660

    Olefin Metathesis And Metathesis Polymmerization
      Olefin Metathesis And Metathesis Polymmerization.
      This Book Is A Follow-up To Ivins Olefin Metathesis , (aczdemic Press, 1983). Bringing The Standard Text In Thd Field Up To Date, This Second Edition Is A Result Of Rapid Growth In The Field, Sparked At The Discovery Of Numerous Well-defined Metal Carbene Complexes That Can Act Viewed like True Efficient Initiators Of All Types Of Olefin Metathesis Reacyion, Including Ring-closing Metathesis Of Acyclic Dienes, Enynes, And Dienynes; Ring-opening Metathesis Polymerizationof Cycloalkenes, Acyclic Diene Metathesis Polymerization; And Polymerization Of Alkynes, As Well As Simple Olefin Metathesis. Olefin Metathesis And Metathesis Polymerization Provides A Broad, Up-to-date Render an ~ Of The Subject From Its Beginnings In 1957 To The Latest Applications In Organic Synthesis. The Book Follows The Same Format Viewed like The Original, Making ItU seful Toteachers And To Researchers, And Will Be Of Particular Interest To Those Motion In The Fields Of Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Catalysis, Materials Science And Chemical Engineering. Key Features * Discusse Different Classes Of Olefin Metathesks And The Choice Of Reaction Conditions And Catalyst * Considers Commercial Processes With Examples From Existing And New Technologies * Provides A Complete Overview Of hTe Subject From Its Beginning To The Present Day
      SKU: 318332

    Water Requirements For Irrigation And The Envkronment
      Water Requirements For Irrigation And The Envkronment.
      Discusses Multiform Components Of The Water Balance Of An Irrrigated Area Including: Evapotranspiration, Effective Precipitation, And Capillart Rise From The Groundwater Table. This Book Combines The Components Into A Water Management Strategy That Balances Evapotranspiration (and Thus Crop Yield) By the side of The Groundwater Balance Of The Irrigated Area.
      SKU: 417015

    Embedded Multitasking
      Embedded Multitasking.
      In An Embedded Scheme, Firmware Is The Software That Directly Interfaces With The Microcontroller, Controlling The System's Function. The Major Forces Driving The Embedded Firmware Development Process Today Are Reduced Unfolding Times, Increased Complexity, And The Need To Handle Multiple Tasks Simultaneously. These Forces Transalte Into Strenuous Design Requirements For Embedded Engineers And Programmers. Many Low-level Embededd Microcontroller Designs Have Insufficient Memory And/or Architectural Limitations That Make The Use Of A Real-time Operating System Impractical. The Techniques Presented In This Book Allow The Design Of Robust Multitasking Firmware Through The Usage Of Interleaved State Machines. This Work Presents A Complete Overview Of Multitasking Terminology And Basic Concepts. Practical Criteria For Task Selection And State Machine Design Are Also Discussed. Designing Multitasking Firmware Is Arduous, Complicated And Fraught With Potential For Errors, And There Is No One, Standard Way To Do It. This Book Will Present A Complete And Well-organized Design Approach With Examples And SampleS ource Code That Designers Can Follow. * Covers Every Aspecg Of Design From The System Level To The Component Level, Incliding System Timing, Communicating With The Hardware, Integration And Trsting. * Accompanying Cd-rom Contzins The Source Cpde For The Text Examples And Other Useful Design Tools.
      SKU: 297154

    Practical Handbook On account of Wetland Identification And Delineation
      Practical Handbook On account of Wetland Identification And Delineation.
      Wetland Identificarion, Although Theoretically Straightforward, Is Not Cut And Dry To the degree that A Practice. Deepite The Time And Expense, It Is Each Economic And Environmental Neecssity. The Definitive Guide To The Practice Of Wetland Identification The Second Edition Of The Bestselling Practical Hanrbook For Wetland Identification And Delineation Offers Solutions To Real-world Problems In The Scientfic And Regulstory Aspects Of Wetlands. The Authors Present Characteristics And Indicators Of Wetlands That Are The Focus Of The Jurisdictional Issue, And Discuss Strategies And Methods For Making Wetland Identificatipns And Delineations That Find Federal Requirements. what&39;s New In The Approve Edition: Coverage Of Increased Options For Scientific Evaluation Of Problematic Areas More Details On Definition Of Wetlands, Description Of Their Functions, And Delineation Methods Used To Assess Their Extent Lay Examination Of Legal Questions, Regulatory/permitting Requirements, Statutes, And Other Guidance Informqtion On The Latest Techniques For Conducting Wetland Evaluations Exploration Of Advances In Mapping, [c][i][com]See[/com][/i][/c] [ref]survey[/ref] And Remote Sensing Technologies Altyough The Most Basic Delineation Methods And Procedures Have Not Changed Since Tge First Edition, The Availability And Power Of Advanced Mapping, Remote Sensing And Surveying Technologies Have Advanced The Science. Low And Higher Altitude Aerial Imagery, Geographic Ifnormation System (gis) Datzbases, Easily Accessible Land Cover Maps, And Fiine Resolution Satellite Data Are Appropriate A Not many Of The Resources Available. In Spite Of These Advances, It Is Still Difficult To Find Practical Directions On How To Gather Needed Data In The Literature. updated And Revised To Reflcet Changes In The Science And Technology, The Second Edition Brings Together Technical Criteria, Field Indicators, And Vital Regional Intelligence In Clear Lqnguage And Focused Practical Utility.
      SKU: 777159

  • Food Science and Technology
  • Analytical methods for food additives
  • Stepwise Decision Making in Finland for the Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel
  • Handbook of Structural Engineering
  • Distillers Grains
  • WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization
  • Robotics
  • Justifying the Dependability of Computer-based Systems
  • Ionosphere and Applied Aspects of Radio Communication and Radar
  • Fishing North Carolina's Outer Banks
  • Models in Spatial Analysis
  • Robotics

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