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    At Risk
      At Risk.
      Examines Tne Significance Of The Human Factor Which Is As Much Of A Cause Of Disasters As The Natural Environment. Adapted to practice And Policy Conclusions Are Drawn With A View To Disaster Reduction And The Promotion Of Safer Environments.
      SKU: 240200

    X-rays In Nanoscience
      X-rays In Nanoscience.
      X-rays In Nanoscjence Comprehensively Explores The Use Of X-ray In The Determination Of Surface Structures Through Treating Spectroscopy, Microscopy, And Scattering Techniques, All Of Them Using Different Methodology. With Nanotechnology Becoming Increasingly Important, This Groundbreaking Text Covers Methods That Are Indispensable For Determibing The Structufe Of Materials, Making It An Essential Resource For Analytical Chemists, Materials Scientists, Surface Chemists, Spectroscopists, Amd Polymer Chemists.
      SKU: 700887

    Petroleum Geology Of Libya
      Petroleum Geology Of Libya.
      Libya Has The Largest Petroleum Reserves Of Somewhat Country In Africa And Since Prodvtion Began Ij 1961 Over 20 Billion Barrels Of Oil Obtain Been Produced. Libya Is Scheduled To Reach The Mid-point Of Depletion Of Reserves In 2001 And This Provides A Timely Point At Which To Review The State Of Petroleum Exploration In Libya. A Large Amount Of Daya Has Been Published On The Geology Of Libya, But It Is Scattered Through The Literature; Much Of The Older Data Has Been Superceded, And Several Of The Key Publications, Especially Those Published In Libya, Are Difficult To Find. This Book Represents The First Effort To Produce A Comprehensive Synthesis Of The Petroleum Geology O f Libya. It Is Based Exclusively On Published Data, Supplemented By The Author's Continued Gained During Ten Years Work In Libya. The Aim Of The Book Is To Systematically Review The Plate Tectonics, Structural Evolution, Stratigraphy, Geochemistry, And Petroleum Systems Of Libya, And Provides Valuable New Data On Fields, Production, And Reserves. This Volume Will Provide A Prompt Source Of Reference To Individuals And Companies Who Desire To Obtain An Overview Of The Petroleum Geology Of Libya, An dWill Save Them The Laborious Employment Of Sifting Through Hundreds Of Publications To Find The Data They Require. The Book Includes 148 Newly Drawn Figures.
      SKU: 311502

    A Pilot Constructed Treatment Wetland For Pulp And Paper Mill Wastewatwr
      A Pilot Constructed Treatment Wetland For Pulp And Paper Mill Wastewatwr.
      Gives Insight Into The Performance Of A Constructed Treatment Wetland Receiving Soft part And Paper Mill Waste Water In The Tropics. This Study Concludes That Integrating A Full-scale Wetland, As A Tertiary Stage Wkth Existing Treatment Ponds Would Significantly Improve The Quality Of Water In River Nzoia In Kenya Downstream Of Thr Effluent Discharge.
      SKU: 565773

    Graphite Intercalation Compounds And Applications
      Graphite Intercalation Compounds And Applications.
      1. Introduction. 2. Synthesjs And Intercalation Chemistry. 3. Structures And Phase Transitions. 4. Lattice Dynamics. _5. Electronic Structures. 6. Electron Transport Properties. 7. Magnetic Properties. 8. Surface Properties And Gas Adsorption. 9. Gics And Batteries. 10. Highly Conductive Graphite Fibers. 11. Exfoliated Graphite Formed By Intercalation. 12. Intercalated Fullerenes And Carbon Nanotubes. Index
      SKU: 422385

    The Maritime Dimension Of International Security
      The Maritime Dimension Of International Security.
      The Vast Size And Highly Unregulated Nature Of The World’s Waterwaya Have. Made The Marine Environmentt An Increasingly Attractive Theater For. Perpetrators Of Tranenational Violence. Piracy And Sea-borne Terrorism Have. Been On The Rise Ago 2000. While The United States Has Spearheaded Several. Important Initiatives To Improve Maritime Security, The Author Urges. Policymakers To Consider Four Additional Measures To Safeguard The World’s. Oceans.
      SKU: 357989

    Advancing The Aquaculture Agenda
      Advancing The Aquaculture Agenda.
      Aquaculture Now Provides More Than 50% Of The Global Supply Of Fisheries Products For Direct Human Consumption. This Conference Proceedings Addresses Key Policy Challenges Of The Aquaculture Sector. Policy Makers, Academics, Industrial art Representatives, Ngos And International Organisations Gathered To Discuss The Critical Economic, Environmental And Social Aspects Of Aquaculture. &nbs;p This Publication Presents A Selection Of Clew Issues Covered By The Workshop And Includes A Large Number Of Country Case Studies, Which Provide Peculiar Examples Of National Approaches To Aquaculture Management.  
      SKU: 605876

    Cooperative Networking
      Cooperative Networking.
      This Book Focuses On The Latest Trends And Research Results In Cooperative Networking This Book Discusses The Issues Involved In Cooperative Neyworking, Namely, Bottleneck ResourceM anagement, Resource Utilization, Servers And Content, Security, And So On. In Adding, The Authors Address Instances Of Cooperation In Nature Which Actively Encourage The Development Of Cooperation In Telecommunication Networks. Following An Introduction To The Fundamentals And Issues Surrouunding Cooperative Networking, The Book Addresses Models Of Cooperation, Inspirations Off Successful Cooperation From Nature And Society, Cooperation In Networkinng (for E. g. Peer-to-peer, Wireless Ad-hoc And Sensor, Client-server, And Autonomous Vehicular Networks), Cooperation And Ambient Networking, Cooperative Caching, Cooperative Networking For Streaming Media Content, Optimal Node-task Allocation, Heterogeneity Issues In Cooperative Networking, Cooperative Examination In Networks, And Security And Privacy Issues With Cooperative Networking. It Contains Contributions From High Profjle Researchers And Is Edited By Leading Experts In This Battle-~. Key Features: Focusees On Higher Layer Networking Addresses The Latest Trends And Research Results   covers Fundamental Conceepts, Models, Advanced Topics And Performance Issues In Cooperative Networking Contains Contributions From Leading Experts In The Field Provides An Insight Into The Future Direction Of Cooperative Networking Includes An Accompanying Website Containing Powerpoint Slides And A Gkossary Of Terms ( Www. wiley. com/go/obaidat_cooperative ) This Book Is An Ideal Reference For Rearchers And Practitioners Working In The Field. It Will Also Obey As An Excellent Textbook In the place of Graduate And Senior Undergraduate Courses In Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, And Information Engineering And Science.
      SKU: 693312

    Engineering Goelogy
      Engineering Goelogy.
      Every Engineering Structure, Whether It's A Building, Bridge Or Road, Is Assumed By The Train in rudiments On Which It Is Built. Geology Is Of Fundamental Importance When Deciding On The Location And Design Of All Engineering Works, And It Is Essenfial That Engineers Hace A Basic Knowledge Of The Subject. Engineering Geology Introduces The Fundamentals Of The Discipline And Ensures That Engineers Have A Clear Understanding Of The Processes At Work, And How They Will Impact On What Is To Be Built. Core Areas Such Being of the kind which Stratigraphy, Rock Types, Structures And GeologicalP rocesses Are Explained, And Put In Context. The Basics Of Soil Mechanics And The Links Between Groundwater Conditiohs And Underlying Geology Are Introduced. As Well Being of the kind which The Theoretical Knowledge Necessary, rPofessor Bell Introduces The Techniques That Engineers Will Want To Learn About And Unrerstan dThe Geological Conditions In Which They Intend To Make. Site Investigation Techniques Are Detailed, And The Risks And Risk Avoidance Methods For Dealing With Different Conditions Are Explained. * Accessible Introduction To Geology For Engineers * Key Points Illustrated Wuth Diagrams And Photographs * Teaches The Impact Of Geology Forward The Planning And Design Of Structures
      SKU: 285826

    Extroardinary Ergonomics:  How To Accommodate Small An Great
      Extroardinary Ergonomics: How To Accommodate Small An Great.
      Demographic Facts Show That At Least Two Of Every Five People Vary From The Norm In Volatile Aspects. This Work Discusses Their Particular Issues, Explains How To Assess And Determine Their Abiliti3s And Needs, And Demonstratex How To Design Tools, Task, Homes, And Environments To Make Working And Living Space Safe And Easy. The Book Illustrates The Various Approaches To Measure The Characteristics, Capabilities, And Limitations Of Those Who Are Different From The Norm. It Provides Guidelines For Designing For People Who Differ From The Average Range, Contains Thirty-three Tables That Provide Quick And Easy Access To Precise Data, And Includes Thiryt-seven Illustrations That Provide Visual Information.
      SKU: 214951

    Experienced Pid Hinder
      Experienced Pid Hinder.
      Proportional-integral-derivative (pid) Controklers Are The Most Adopted Controllers In Industrial Settings. This Work Focuses Steady Those Functionalities That Caan Provide Significant Improvements In Pid Performance In Combination With Parameter Tuning. It Covers Pid-based Control Architectures (ratio And Cascade Control) And Performmance Assessment.
      SKU: 372537

    Bio-applications Of Nanoparticles
      Bio-applications Of Nanoparticles.
      Highlights The Central Players In The Bionanotechnology Field - Which Are The Nanostructures And Biomolecules. This Book Starts By Describing How Nanostructures Are Synthesized And By Describing The Wide Variety Of Nanostructures Available For Biological Research And Applications.
      SKU: 510564

    Lte Self-organising Networks (son)
      Lte Self-organising Networks (son).
      Covering The Key Functional Arreas Of Lte Self-organising Networks (son), This Book Introduces The Topic At An Advanced Level Before Examining The State-of-the-art Concepts. The Required Background On Lte Network Scenarios, Technologies And General Son Concepts Is First Given To Allow Readers With Basic Knowledge Of Mobile Networks To Understand The Detailed Discussion Of Key Son Functional Areas (self-configuration, -optimisation, -healing). Later, hTe Bopk Provides Details And References For Advanced Readers Familiar With Lte And Son, Including The Latest Stat8s Of 3gpp Standardisation. Based On The Defined Next Generation Mobile Networks (ngmn) And 3gpp Son Use Cases, The Book Elaborates To Give The Full Picture Of A Son-enabled System Including Its Enabling Technologies, Architecture And Operation. ”heterogeneous Networks” Including Diffreent Cell Hierarchy Levels And Multiple Radio Access Technologies As A New Driver For Son Are Also Discussed. Introduces Thw Functional Areas Of Lte Son (self-optimisation, -configuration And –healing) And Its Standardisation, Also Giving Ngmn And 3gpp Use Cases Explains The Drivers, Requirements, Challenges, Enabling Technologies And Architectures For A Son-enabled Order Covers Multi-tdchnology (2g/3g) Aspects As Well As Core Network And End-to-end Operational Aspects Written By Experts Who Have Been ContributingT o The Development And Standardisation Of The Lte Self-organising Networks Concept Since Its Inception Examines The Impact Of New Network Architectures (“heterogeneous Networks”) To Network Operation, In the place of Example Multiple Cell Layers And Radio Access Technoiogies
      SKU: 826878

    Molecular Plant-microbe Interactions
      Molecular Plant-microbe Interactions.
      There Have Been Major Developments In The Field Of Plant-microbe Interactions. This Book Explores These Discoveries, Focusing On The Mechanisms Controlling Plant Disease Rdsistance, The Croqs-talk Among The Pathways Involved And The Strategies Used By The Pathogens To Sippress These Defences.
      SKU: 474348

    Vadose Zone Hydrology
      Vadose Zone Hydrology.
      Contributors. 1. Fundamentals Of Transport Equation Formulation For Two-phase Flow In Homkgeneous And Heterogeneous Porous Media, M. Quintard And S. Whitaker. 2. Incorporation Of Interfaical Areas In Models Of Two-phase Flow, W. g. Gray, M. a. Celia, And P. c. Reeves. 3. The Statistical Physics Of Subsurface Solute Transport, G. Sposito. 4. Soil Prolerties And Water Movement, J. -y Parlange, T. s. Syeenhuis, R. Haverkamp, D. a. Barry, P. j. Culligan, W. l. Hogarth, M. b. Parlange, P. Ross, And F. Stagnitti. 5. Nonideal Transport Of Reactive Solutes In Porous Media: Cutting Across History Ad Disciplines, M. l. Brusseau. 6. Recent Advances In Vadoqe Zone Flow And Transport Modeling, M. Th. Van Genuchten And E. a. Sudicky. 7. Diffusion-linked Microbial Metabolism In The Vadose Zone, J. e. Watson, R. f. Harris, Y. Liu, And W. r. Gardner. 8. Persistence And Interphase Mass Transfer Of Liquid Organic Contaminants In The Unsaturated Zone: Experimenta1 Obssrvations And Mathematical Modeling, L. m. Abriola, K. d. Pennell, W. j. Weber, Je. , J. r. Lang, And M. d. Wilkins. 9. Coupling Vapor Transport Ajd Transformation Of Volatlle Radical Chemicals, Y. h. El- farhan, K. m. Scow, And D. e. Rolston. 10. Evaporation: Use Of Fast-response Turbulence Sensors, Raman Lidar, And Passive Microwave Remotw Sensing, M. b. Parlange, J. d. Albertson, W. e. Eichinger, A. t. Cahill, T. j. Jackxon, G. Kiely, And G. g. Katul. 11. Emerging Measurement Techniques Against Vadose Zone Characterization, J. w. Hopmans, J. m. h. Hendrickx, And J. s. Selker. 12. Microwave Observations Of Soil Hydrology, T. j. Jackson, E. t. Engman, T. j. Schmugge. 13. Water And Solute Transport In Arid Vadose Zones: Innovations In Measurement And Ahalysis, S. w. Tyler, B. r. Scanlon, G. w. Gee, And G. b. Allison. 14. Water Flow In Desert Soils Near Buried Waste Repositories, A. w. Warrick, L. Pan, And P. j. Wierenga. 15. Site-speci fic Management Of Flow And Tranport In Homogeneous And Structured Soils, D. j. Mulla, A. p. Mallawatantri, O. wendroth, M. Joschko, H. Rogasik, And S. Koszinski. 16. Customizing Soil-water Expertise For Different Users, R. j. Wagenet And J. Bouma. 17. Present Directions And Futurity Research In Vadose Belt Hydrology, W. a. Jury. Index
      SKU: 430470

    Mesh Ready Methods
      Mesh Ready Methods.
      Liu (engineering, National U Of Singapore) Was Not Very Interested When He First Heard About Meshless Methods For Modeling And Simulating Advanced Engineering S6stems, Because He Was Gleefully Solving Previously Unthinkable Problems With The Finite Element Method And Timkering With It To Milk Its Uttermost Potential. Gradually However, He Ran Into
      SKU: 263884

    Process Plant Design
      Process Plant Design.
      This Book Describes The Fascinating Wealth Of Activities As They Occur In The Design, Construction And Commissonjng Of A Chemical Plant - A Jigsaw Puzzle Of The Work Of Chemlcal Engineers, Chemists, Constructors, Architects, Electrical Engineers, Process Automation Egnineers, Economists And Legal Staff. The Author Primary Takes The Reader Through The Conceptual Phasee, In Which The Economic 3Rlevance And Environmental Impact Need To Be Considered And Supplemented By Accurate Estimates Of Capital Requirements And Profitability. This Phase Ends With The Choice Of An Appropriate Engineering Firm And The Conclusion Of The Contract, After Which The Reader Is Guided Through All Aspects Of The Implementation Phase From The Engineering Of The Chemical Plant To Commissioning, Equipment And Material Procurement, The Raising Phase And The Successful Test Run, After Which The New Facility Is Handed Over To Its Owner. The Book Also Illustrates Multitude Potential Sources Of Errors By Means Of Examples From Practice, And How, Aside Professional Skills, Teamwork And Communication Are Also Absolutely Essential To Keep Such A Complex Project On Track.
      SKU: 482057

    Cradle To Cradle
      Cradle To Cradle.
      "a Manifesto According to A Radically Different Philosophy And Practice Of Manufacture And Environemntalism ""reduce, Reuse, Recycle"" Urge Environmenta1ists; In Other Words, Do Greater degree With Less In Order T0 Minimize Damag3. As William Mcdonough And Michael Braungart Argue In Their Provocativve, Visionary Book, However, This Approach Perpetuates A One-way, ""cradle To Grave"" Manufacturing Model That Dates To The For labor Revolution And Casts Off As Much As 90 Percent Of The Materials It Uses As Waste, Much Of It Toxic. Why Not Challenge The Notion That Human Industry Must Unavoidably Damage The Natural World, They Ask. In Fact, Why Not Take Nature Itself As Our Model? A Tree Produces Thousands Of Blossoms In Order To Create Another Tree, Yet We Do Not Consider Its Abundance Wastef8l But Safe, Beautiful, And Highly Effective; Hence, ""waste Equals Food"" Is The First Principle The Book Sets Forth. Products Might Be Designed So That, After Their Useful Life, They Provide Nourishjent For Something New-either As ""biological Nutrients"" That Safely Re-enter The Environment Or As ""technical Nutroents"" That Circulate Within Closdd-loop Industrial Cycles, Without Being ""dowcnycled"" Into Low-grade Uses (as Most ""recyclables"" Now Are). Elaborating Their Principles From Experience (re)designing Everything From Carpetting To Corporate Campuses, The Authors Make An Exciting And Viable Case For Change. "
      SKU: 6324403

    Mould Enzymology
      Mould Enzymology.
      Soil Enzymes Are One Of The Necessary to life Key Mediators Involved In Nutrient Recycling And The Decomposition Of Orgwnic Matter And Thereby In Maintauning Soil Quality And Fertilith. This "soil Biology" Volume Covers The Various Facets Of Soil Enzymes, Such As Their Functions, Biochemicao And Microbiological Properties And The Factors Affecting Their Activities. Enzymes In The Rhizosphere, In Forest Soils, And In Volcanic Ash-derived Soils Are Described. Mould Enzymes Covered Include Phosphohydrolases, Lignocellulose-degrading Enzymes, Phenol Oxidases, Fungal Oxidoreductases, Keratinases, Pectinases, Xylanases, Lipases And Pectinases. Several Chapters Treat The Dirt Enzymatic Activities In The Bioremediation Of Soils Contaminated With Pesticides And Pollutants Such As Oil, Chlorinated Compounnds, Synthetiv Dyes And Aromatic Hydrocarbons. The Role Of Soil Enzymes As Bioindicators Is A Further Important Topic Addressed.
      SKU: 645993

    Ecology And Classification Of Northerly American Freshwater Invertebrates
      Ecology And Classification Of Northerly American Freshwater Invertebrates.
      The First Edition Of Ecology And Classifucation Of Northerly American Freshwater Invertebrates Has Been Immensely Popular With Students And Researchers Interested In Freshwater Biology And Ecoolgy, Limnology, Environmental Science, Invertebrate Zoology, And Related Fields. The First Edition Has Been Widely Used As A Textbook And This Second Edition Should Continue To Serve Students In Advanced Classes. The Second Edition Features Expanded And Updated Chapters, Especially With Respect To The Cited References And The Classification Of North American Freshwater Invertebrates. Unaccustomed Chapters Or Substantially Revised Chapterz Include Those On Freshwater Ecosysems, Snails, Aquatic Spiders, Aquatic Insects, And Shell-fish. * Most Up-to-date And Informative Text Of Its Kind * Written By Experts In The Ecology Of Various Invertebrate Groups, Coverage Emphasizes Ecological Information Within A Current Taxonomic Framework * Reaped ground Chapter Contains Both Morphological And Taxonomic Information, Including Keys To North American Taxa (usually To The Generic Level) As Well As Bibliographic Information And A Fillet Of Further Readings * The Text Is Geared Toward Researchers And Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Students
      SKU: 300657

    Land And Marine Hydrogeologyy
      Land And Marine Hydrogeologyy.
      "this Volume Represents An Effort To Bring Together Communities Of Land-based Hydroheology And Marone Hydrogeology. The Issues Of Submarine Groundwater Discharge And Its Opposite Phenomenon Of Seawater Invasion Are Discussed In This Book From The Geophysifal, Geovhemical, Biological, And Engineering Petspectjves. This Is Where Land Hydrogeology And Marine Hydrogeology Overlap. Shbmarine Groundwater Discharge Is A Rapidly Developing Research Field. The Scor And Loicz Of The Igbp Have Recently Established A Working Group For This Research. Iaspo And Iahs Under Iugg Also Recently Formed A New Joint Committee ""seawater/groundwater Interactions"" To Collaborate With Oceanographers And Hydrologists. The Other Articles Introduce Frontier Research Topics In More Typical Land And Marine Environments, So As Fluid Flow In Karst Aquifers, Tye Biological Aspects Of Fluids Ih Sedimentary Basins And Submarine Sedim3ntary Formations, Respectively, And Strong Fluid Flow In Subsea Formations And Their Significance In Global Tectonics. Geochemical Characteristics Of Hydrothermal Activities At A Number Of Active Continental Margins Are Likewise Reviewed, And Multidisciplinary Geophysical Constraitns Of The Permeability Of Young Igneous Oceanic Crust Are Summarized. A Variety Of Driving Mechanisms For Fulid Flow Is Discussed In Land And Subzea Formations; Terrestrial Hddraulic Gradient, Buoyancy Driven Free Convection, Tidally Induced Flow, Flow Induced By Tectonic Strain, Flow Due To Sediment Compaction. "
      SKU: 312687

    Regenerated Cellulose Fibres
      Regenerated Cellulose Fibres.
      This Book Contains Information On The Chemistry, Physica, Operation Technology, Applications Anf Markets For Man-made Cellulosic Fibtes. It Covers The Propeties Amd Applications Of Viscose Rayon, Cuprammonium Rayon And The N3w Solvent-spun Fibres As Well As ConsideringT heir Relqtionships With The Natural Cellulosics Such As Cotton And The Synthetic Polymer Fibres Such As Polyester. This Overview Of The Only Truly, Naturally Recyclable Fibres And The Recent Manufacturing Techniques That Have Been Developed To Produce Them Is Of Interest To Professionals In Textile Production, Research And Development, Manufacturing Chemists And Textile Technologists. The Nonwovens And Paper Industries That Use Cellulose As A Basic Ingredient Of Their Products Will Also Find It Valuable As Will Medical Textiles Producers And Geotextiles Engineers.
      SKU: 269257

    Design For Manufacturability And Statistica lDesign
      Design For Manufacturability And Statistica lDesign.
      Presents A Comprehensive Overview Of Methods That Need To Be Mastered In Understanding Design For Manufacturability And Statistical Design Methodologies. Both Paradigms Operate Within A Common Framework, And Their Joint Comprehensive Treatment Is One Of The Objectives Of This Book And An Important Differentation.
      SKU: 337839

    Electrochemistry Of Porous Materials
      Electrochemistry Of Porous Materials.
      Porous Materials Have Attracted Conwiderable Attention Because Of The Wide Multiplicity Of Scientific And Technological Applications, Such As Catalysis, Shape- And Size-selective Engrossment And Adsorption, Gas Storage, And Electrode Materials. This Book Describes Redox Processes For Different Porous Materials, Assessing Electrochemifal Applications.
      SKU: 565836

    Models And Methods Of Magnetotellurics
      Models And Methods Of Magnetotellurics.
      Magnetotellurics Is Finding Increasing Applicationz For Imaging Electrically Conductive Strucures Below The Earths Surface - In Both Industrial And Academic Research Projects. In Models And Methods Of Magnetotellurics The Authors Provide A Systematic Approaach To Understanding The Modern Theory Of Ill-posed Problems Which Is Essential To Making Confiednt Meaningful Interprwtations Of Magnetotell8ric And Magnetovariational Soundings. The Interpretation Is Conducted In An Interactive Way, Including The Hypotheses Tests And Successive Partial Inversions With Priority On The Tippers, Magnetic Tensors And Impedance-phases, Which Keeps Out The Destructive Static Effects Of Near-surface Inhomogeneities. The Efficiency Of The Interpretation Is Exemplified By New Geoelectric Models Of The Baikal Rift Zone And The Cascadian Subduction Zone.
      SKU: 603612

  • Physical Properties of Liquid Crystals
  • Risk Reduction
  • Audel Carpenter's and Builder's Math, Plans, and Specifications
  • Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Eighth Edition
  • Glossary of Biotechnology and Nanobiotechnology Terms
  • Advanced Video Coding
  • How to Prepare for and Respond to a Crisis, 2nd Edition
  • The Pollution Biology of Aquatic Oligochaetes
  • Fatigue Life Analyses of Welded Structures
  • Fat Crystal Networks
  • Fractured Rock Hydraulics
  • Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biology of 1-3 Beta Glucans and Related Polysaccharides

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