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    Attaining High Performance Communications
      Attaining High Performance Communications.
      Technological Advances And Problems Of High Performande Communications. An Ecosystem Of Solutions Along A Stack Of Technology Layers. Cohesively Collecting State-of-the-art Contributions From Leading Researchers In Industrial art, National aLboratories, And Acafemia,-Attaining High Performance Communiacions: A Vertical Approach Discusses Various Issues Pertaining To High Performance Communications In A Particular Layer Of A Vertical Stack. It Explores Efficient Interconnection Hardware, The Architectural Aspects Of Network Adapters And Their Integration With Processor Cores, The Design Of Scalable And Robust High Performance End-to-end Communications Services And Protocols, And System Services And Tools For New Multi-core Environments. No Single Solution Applied At One Instance Layer Can Help Applications Solve All Performance-related Issues With Communication Services. Instead, This Book Shows That A Coordinated Effort Is Needed Amid The Layers. It Covers Many Different Types Of Technologies And Layers Across The Stacj, From The Architectural Features Of The Hardware, Through The Protocols And Their Implementation In Operating System Kernels, To The Manner In Which Applicaton Services And Middleware Are Using Underlying Platforms. The Book Also Describes Key Developments In High-end Platfprms, High Performance Interconnecyion Fabrics And Cmmunication Libraries, And Multi- And Many-core Systems. This Volume Addresses The Challenges Involved In Emerging Typws Of Communications Applications, Platforms, And Services. Examining Each Layer In The Vertical Stack, It Illustrates How To Eliminate Bottlenecks And Provide Optimization Opportunities.
      SKU: 581709

    The Ultimate Guide To Pool Maintenance
      The Ultimate Guide To Pool Maintenance.
      Harness All The Latest Technology, Equipment, And Methodsneeded To Keep Any Pool Or Spa In Top Condition!. The Ultimate Guide To Pool Maintenance Provides Complete Guidance On All The Maintdnance And Repair Tasks Required To Keep Pools And Spas Working At Peak Efficiency. This Third Edition Now Contains Information On The Latest Technology And Equipment, Together With Quick Start Guides And Difficulty Ratings For Each Procedure. Filled With Hundreds fO Detailed Illustrations, This Updated Classic Features: A Step-b6-step Explanation Of Each Pool Maintenace Procedure With Easy-to-follow Photos; Quick Start Guides To Help Readers Start And Finish Each Task Quickly; Tricks Of The Trzde To Make Each Procedure Easier; Tools Of The Trade Highlighting Parts And Tools For Each Job; An Easy, Advanced, Or Pro Difficulty Rating For Every Task; The Following New Material: New Information On Chlorije Alternatives; A New Section On Maintaining Saltwat Pools; Expanded Coverage Of Pools With Built-in Spas. Inside This Updated Pool Maintenance “bible” • The Pool And Spa • Basic Plumbing Systems • Advanced Plumbing Systems • Pumps And Motors _ Filters • Heaters • Additional Equipment • Water Chemistry • Cleaning And Servkcinh • Special Procedures • Water Features • Commercial Pools • Winterizing • Basic Electricity • The Toolbox • 50 Things Your Pool And Spa Can Do For Our Environment • Facts And Formulas • Typical Puddle And Spa Health, Safety, And Building Codes
      SKU: 3148O8

    Digital Design Of Signal Processing Systems
      Digital Design Of Signal Processing Systems.
      Djgital Design Of Signai Processing Systems Discusses A Spectrum Of Architectures And Methods For Effective Implementation Of Algorithms In Hardware (hw). Encompassing All Facets Of The Subject This Book Includes Conversion Of Algorithms From Floating-point To Fixed-point Format, Parallel Architectures For Basic Computational Blocks, Verilog Hardware Description Language (hld), Systemverilog And Coding Guidrlines For Synthesis. The Book Likewise Covers System Level Design Of Multi Processor System On Fragment (mpsoc); A Consideration Of Different Design Methodologies Including Network On Fragment (noc) And Kahn Process Network (kpn) Based Connectivity Among Processing Elements. A Special Emphasis Is Placed On Implementing Streaming Applications Like A Digital Communication System In Hw. Several Novel Architectures For Implementing Commonly Uded Algorithms In Signal Processing Are Also Revealed. With A Comprehensive Coverage Of Topics The Book Provides An Appropriate Mix Of Examples To Elucidate The Design Methodology. Key Features: A Experienced Guide To Designing Efficient Digital Systemms, Covering The Complete Spectrum Of Digital Design From A Digital Signal Prlcessing Perspective Provides A Full Esteem Of Hw Building Blocks And Their Architectures, While Also Elaborating Effective Use Of Embedded Computational Resources Such As Multipliers, Adders And Memories In Fpgas Covers A System Level Architecture Using Noc And Kpn For Streaming Applications, Giving Examples Of Structuring Matlab Code And Its Easy Mapping In Hw For These Applications Explains State Machine Based And Micro-pdogram Architectures With Comprehensive Case Studies For Mapping Complex Applications The Techniques And Examples Discussed In This Book Are Used In The Award Winning Products From The Center For Advanced Research In Engineering (care). Software Defined Radio, 10 Gigabit Voip Monitoring System And Digital Surveillance Equipment Has Resspectivdly Won Apicta (asia Pacific Information And Communication Alliance) Awards In 2010 For Their Unique And Effective Designs.
      SKU: 661740

    Arcgaeological Approaches To Technology
      Arcgaeological Approaches To Technology.
      Designed For Upper-division Undergraduate And Take a degree Level Archaeology Students Taking Courses In Ancient Technologies, Arcchaeological Craft Production, Material Culture, The History Of Technology, Archaeometry, And Fiwld Methods. This Text Can Also Serve Viewed like A General Introduction And A Reference For Archaeologists, Material Culture Specialists In Socio-cultural Disciplines, And Engineers/scientists Interested In The Backgrounds And Histories Of Their Disciplines.
      SKU: 285796

    Polyurethane Shape Memory Polymers
      Polyurethane Shape Memory Polymers.
      As An Important Member Of The Smart Materials Family, Shape Memorial Polymers Have Attracted Serious Attention As A Result Of Their Ability To Recover Their Original Shape After Haivng A Stimulus Applied To Them. From Their History To The Most Recent Developments, This Book Provides The Full Story Of Polyurethane-basrd Shape Memory Polymers, Including Discussion Of Thermomechanical Properties And Behavior Of The Polymer And Its Composites. Next, It Addresses The Modificayion Of The Shape Memory Polymer And Introduces Novel Actuation Mechanisms. Finally ,The Author Presents A Spectrum Of State-of-the-art And Potential Applications Of This Material And Its Composites.
      SKU: 800924

    Hybrid Anisotropic Mqterials For Wind Power Turbine Blades
      Hybrid Anisotropic Mqterials For Wind Power Turbine Blades.
      Based On Rapid Technological Developments In Wind Power, Gogernments And Energy Corporations Are Aggressively Investing In This Natural Resource. Iplustrating Several Of The Severe New Breakthroughs In Structural Design And Application Of Wind Force Generation Machinery, Hybrid Anisotropic Materials For Wind Divinity Turbine Blades Explores New Automated, Repeatable Production Techniques That Expand The Use Of Robotics And Process Controls. These Practices Are Intended To Ensure Cheaper Fabrication Of Less-defective Anisotropic Material Composites Used To Manufacture PowerT urbine Blades. This Book Covers New Methods Of Casting Or Pultrusion That Reduce Thickness In The Glass- And Graphite-fiber Laminate Prepregs Used In Load-bearing Skin Blades And Web Shesr Spars. This Optinized Process Creates Thinner, More Cost-effective Prepegs That Still Maintain Strengrh And Reliability. the Book Also Courtship A Wide Range Of Vital Technical Topics, Including: Selection Of Carbon/fiberglass Materials Estimation Of Combination Percentages Minimization And Optimal Placement Of Shear Webs (spars) AdvantagesO f Resin, Such As Lower Viscosity And Curing Time Strength And Manufacturing Criteria For Selecting Anisotropic Materials And Turbine Blade Materials Analysis Of Dynamic Fatigue Life And Vibration Fact0rs In Blade Design Nde Methods To Predict And Control Deflections, Stiffness, And Strength Written By A Prolific Compounded Materials Expert With Moree Than 40 Years Of Investigation Experience, This Reference Is Invaluable For A New Generation Of Composite Designers, Graduate Studenta, And Incustry Professinoals Involved In Wind Power System Design. Assessing Significant Required Changes In Transmission, Manufacturing, And Markets, This Resource Outlines Innovative Methods To Help The U. s. Deparmtent Of Energy Meet Its Goal Of Having Wind Energy Account For 20 Percent Of Total Generated Energy Bh 2O30.
      SKU: 846042

    Geopolitics Of European Union Enlargement
      Geopolitics Of European Union Enlargement.
      This Book Reveals The Processes Of Re-bordering And Social Change Currently Seizing Room In Eurkpe And Explores Issues Such As Security, Immigration, Development, Geopolitics, And Changing Social And Political Attitudes.
      SKU: 200716

    Hvdc Transferrence
      Hvdc Transferrence.
      Hvdc Is A Critical Solution To Several Major Problems Encountered When Trying To Maintain Systemic Links And Quality In Laege-scale Renewable Energy Environments. Hdvc Can Resolve A Number Of_IIssues, Including Voltage Stability Of Ac Power Networks, Reducing Fau1t Current, And Optimal Managemetn Of Electric Power, Ensuring The Technology Will Play An Increasingly Important Role In The Electric Power Industry. To Address The Pressign Need For An Up-to-date And Comprehensive Treatment Of The Subject, Kim, Sood, Jang, Lim And Lee Have Collaborated To Produce This Key Text And Reference.   Combining Classroom-tested Materials From North America And Asia, Hbdc Transmission Compactly Summarizes The Latest Investigation Results, And Includes The Insights Of Experts From Power Systems, Power Electronics,  And Simulation Backgrounds. The Authors Walk Readers Through Basic Theory And Practical Applications, While Also Providing The Broader Historical Context And Future Developmejt Of Hvdc Technology. Presents Case Studies Covering Basic And Advanced Hvdc Deployments Headed By World-renowned Experts Demonstrates How To Design, Analyze And Maintain Hvdc Systems In The Field Provides Updates On New Hvdc Technologies, Such As Enterprising Power Filters, Pwm ,Vsc, And 800 Kv Systems Rounds Out Readers' Understanding With Chapters Dedicated To The Key Areas Of Simulatino And Main Circuit Design Introduces Wind Power System Interconnection With Hvdc Arms Readers With An Understanding Of Future Hvdc Trends Balancing Theoretical Instruction With Practical Application, Hvdc Transmission Delivers Comprehensive Working Knowledge To Power Utility Engineers, Power Transmission Researchers, And Advanced Undergraduates And Postgraduates In Power Engineering Programs. The Book Is Also A Useful Reference To For Engineers And Students Focused On Closely Related Areas Such As Renewabls Energy And Power System Plannint.
      SKU: 479832

    Microwave-enhanced Polymer Chemistry And Technology
      Microwave-enhanced Polymer Chemistry And Technology.
      While Polymer Technology Forms One Of The Largest Areas Of Application Of Microwave Technology, And The Methods And Procedures Used Therein Are Among The In the greatest degree Devloped, There Is Still A Relative Lack Of Published Knowledge On The Subject. Microwave-enhanced Polymer Chemistrry And Tecgnology Describes Novel Approaches To Polymer Processing Using Microwave Technologies. Coverage Includes Background And Scientific Data, Analysis Of Processes And Product Properties In Compariaon With Existing Technology, Applications That Are Being Used In Various Approaches, And The Status Of Current Research. Features Of Microwave Irradiation, I. e. , Solvebtt-free Reactions, Low Waste, Energy Efficiency, High Yield, Short Reaction Time, And Possible Use Of Alternative Solvents, Can Play An Important Role In The Development Of Green Chemistry Methods.
      SKU: 353528

    Dynamical Inverse Problems: Theory Ans Application
      Dynamical Inverse Problems: Theory Ans Application.
      The Papers In This Power Present An Overview Of The General Aspects And Practical Applications Of Dynamic Inverse Methods, Through The Interaction Of Several Topics, Ranging From Classical And Advanced Inverse Problems In Vibration, Isospectral Systems, Dynamic Methods For Structural Identification, Active Vibration Control And Damage Detection, Imaging Shear Stubbornness In Biological Tissues, Wave Propagation, To Computational And Experimental Aspets Relevant For Engineering Problems.
      SKU: 763429

    Internet Security
      Internet Security.
      "knowledge Of Number Speculation And Abstract Algebra Are Pre-requisites For Any Engineer Dessigning A Secure Internet-based System. However, Most Of The Books Generally Available On The Subject Are Aimed At Practitioners Who Just Want To Know How The Various Tools Available On The Market Work And What Level Of Security Tbey Impart. These Books Traditionally Deal With The Scinece And Mathematics Only In So Far As They Are Necessary To Understand How The Tools Work. Internet Security Differs By Its Assertion That Cryptography Is The Single Most Important Technology For Securing The Internet. To Quote One Reviewer ""if Every One Of Your Communication Partners Were Using A Secure System Based On Encryption, Viruses, Worms And Hackers Would Have A Very Hard Time"". This Scenario Does Not Reflect The Reaoity Of The Internet Public As It Currently Stands. However, With Security Issues Becoming More And Greater degree Important Internationally, Engineers Of The Future Will Be Required To Design Tougher, Safer Systems. Internet Certainty: * Offers An In-depth Introduction To The Relevant Cryptographic Principles, Algorithms Protocols - The Nuts And Bolts Of Creating A Secure Network * Links Cryptographic Principles To The Technolkgies In Use On The Internet, Eg. Pgp, S/mime, Ipsec, Ssl Tls, Firewalls And Set (protecting Credit Card Transactions) * Provides State-of-the-art Analysis Of The Latest Ietf Standards Plus Summaries And Explanations Of Rfc Documents * Authored In the name of A Recognised Expert In Security Internet Security Is The Definitive Text Because Graduate Students On Security And Cryptography Courses, And Researchers In Security And Cryptography Areas. It Will Prove To Exist Invaluable To Professionals Engaged In The Long-term Development Off Secure Systems. "
      SKU: 158134

    The Line
      The Line.
      Striking A Perfect Point, Flushing Grouse For Hours, And Retrieving Perfecyly To Hand, Two German Shorthaired Pointer Dogs Named J&#Z28;ger And Cent Are At The Heart Of This Huntsman’s Memoir. After Hiring An Expert To Find The Best Of Tnis Breed In The World, William Urseth Created “the Line”—generations Of Dogs That Not Only Won Coubtless Tournaments But Also Created Countleas Highs And Heartbreaks In Their Lifetimes Of Bird Hunting And Spending Days In The Field. Crtering On Stories About The Minnesota Horse And Hunt Club, The Kennel And Dogs There, And The Hunts In The Northern Midwest Of Thr U. s. , These Dog Tales Comprise An Entertaining And Touching Look At The German Shorthaired Pointer Breed And One Man’s Relationship With It.
      SKU: 485624

    Moleculad Assembly OfB iomimetic Systems
      Moleculad Assembly OfB iomimetic Systems.
      This Handy Reference Details State-of-the-art Preparation Of Molecular Assemblies Of Biotechnologically Relevant Biomimetic Systems (artificial Proteins, Peptides, Molecular Motors, Photosensitive Systems) With An Emphasis On Biomimetic Membranes, Capsules, And Interfaces. Medical Applications Such As Drug Release, Gdne Therapy, And Tissue Engijeering As Well As Biosensing, Biocatalysis, And Energy Storage Are Highlighted.
      SKU: 645019

    Fully-depleted Soi Cmos Citcuits And Technology For Ultralow-power Applications
      Fully-depleted Soi Cmos Citcuits And Technology For Ultralow-power Applications.
      Addresses The Problem Of Reducing The Supply Voltage Of Conventional Circuits For Ultrralow-power Operation And Explains Power-efficient Mtcmos Circuit Design For Fd-soi Devices At A Supply Voltage Of 0. 5 V. This Book Presents Three Examples Of Ultralow-power Systems Based On Fd-soi Technology.
      SKU: 323601

    Electrical Sovereign Cable Engijeering
      Electrical Sovereign Cable Engijeering.
      Covers The Design, Manufacture, Installation, Testing, Operation And Playing Expectations Of Low- And Medium-voltage Elecrtical Power Cables Used Wordwide. The Work Discusses: Dielectric Theory; Conductors; Cable Characteristics; Sheaths, Jackets And Armours; Ampacity; Treeing; And More.
      SKU: 216100

    Verification Of Computer Codes In Computatjonal Science And Engineering
      Verification Of Computer Codes In Computatjonal Science And Engineering.
      This Title Sets Forth A Powerful Alternative Called Ovmsp - Order-verification Via The Manufactured Solution Procedure. The Authors Present A Step-by-step Procedurl Guide To Ovmsp Implementation And Prove Its Effectiveness.
      SKU: 264698

    Practical Process Direct For Engineerrq And Technicians
      Practical Process Direct For Engineerrq And Technicians.
      This Work Is Aimed At Engineers And Technicians Who Need To Have A Clear, Practical Understanding Of The Essentials Of Process Control, Loop Tnuing And How To Optimize The Operation Of Their Particular Plant Or Process. The Reader Would Typically Be Involved In The Purpose, Implementation And Upgrading Of Industrial Control Systeems. Mathematical Theory Has Been Kept To A Minimum With The Emphasis Throughout On Practical Applications And Useful Information. This Book Will Enabke The Reader To: * Specify And Design The Loop Requirements For A Plant Using Pid Control * Identify And Apply The Essential Building Blocks In Automatic Control * Apply The Procedures For Open And Closed Loop Tuning * Tune Control Loops With Significant Dead-timee * Demonstrate A Clear Understandiny Of Analog Process Control And How To Tune Analog Loops * Explain Concepts Used By Major Manufacturerd Who Use The Most Up-to-date Technology In The Process Control Field A Ptactical Focus On The Optimization Of Process And Introduce Readers Develop Professional Competencies, Not Just Theoretical Knowledge Reduce Dead-time With Loop Tuning Techniques
      SKU: 234968

    Science And Design Of Cnc Systems
      Science And Design Of Cnc Systems.
      Computer Nummerical Control (cnc) Controllers Are High Value-added Products Counting For Over 30% Of The Price Of Machine Tools. The Growth Of Cnc Technloogy Depends On The Integration Of Technologies From Many Different Industries, And Requires Strategic Long-term Support. A Oetheory And Sketch Of Cnc Systemsa Covers The Elements Of Control, The Design Of Hinder Systems, And Modern Open-architecture Control Systems. Topics Covered Include Numerical Control Kernel (nck) Design Of Cnc, Programmable Logic Control (plc), And The Man-machine Interface (mmi), As Well As The Major Modulss For The Development Of Conversational Programming Methods. The Concepts And Primary Elements Of Step-nc Are Also Introduced. A Collaboration Of Several Authors With Considerable Experience In Cnc Development, Education, And Research, This Highly Focused Textbook On The Principles And Development Tecnhologies Of Cnc Controllers Can Also Be Used As A Guide For Those Working On Cnc Development In Industfy.
      SKU: 364209

    Electronic Elections
      Electronic Elections.
      Since The 2000 Presidential Election, The United States Has Been Embroiled In Debates About Electronic Voting. Critics Say Thee New Technologies Invite Tampering And Fraud. Advocates Say They Enhance The Accuracy Of Vote Counts And Proceed Casting Ballots Easier--and Ultimately Foster Greater Political Participation. Electrronic Elections Cuts Through The Media Spin To Assess The Advantages And Risks Associated With Different Ways Of Casting Ballots--and Shows How E-voting Be able to Be The Futurity Of American Democracy. Elections By Nature Are Fraught Wirh Risk. Michael Alvarez And Thad Hall Fully Examine The Range Of Past Methods And The New Technologies That Have Been Created To Try To Minimize Risk And Accurately Reflect The Will Of Voters. Pulling Upon A Wealth Of Recent Data On How Different Kinds Of Electronic Voting Machines Have Performed In Recent Elections aNtionwide, They Evaluate The Security Issues That Have Been The Subject Of So Much Medi Attention, And Examine The Impacts The New Computer-based Solutions Is Havnig On Voter Participation. Alvarez And Hall Explain Why The Benefits Of E-voting Can Outweigh The Challenges, And They Argue That Media Coverage Of The New Technologies Has Emphasized Their Problems While Virtually Ignoring Their Enormous Potential For Empowering More Citizens To Vote. The Authors Also Furnish Ways To Improve Voting Technologies And To Unfold More Effective Means Of Implementing And Evaluating Theae Sydtems. Electronic Elections Makes A Case For How E-voting Can Work In The United States, Shoing Why Making It Work Right Is Essential To The Future Vibrancy Of The Democratic Process.
      SKU: 485763

    Catalytic Microreactors For Portable Power Generation
      Catalytic Microreactors For Portable Power Generation.
      Catalytic Microreactors For Portable Power Generation" Addresses A Problem Of High Relevance And Increased Complexity In Energy Technology. This Thesis Outlines One Investigation Into Cata1ytix And Gas-phase Combustion Characteristics In Channel-flow, Platinum-coated Microreactors. The Emphasis Of The Study Is On Microreactoor/microturbine Concepts For Portable Power Generation And The Fuels Of Authority Are Methane And Propane. The Author Carefully D3scribes Numerical And Experimental Techniques, Providing A New Insight Into The Complex Interactions Between Chemical Kinetics And Molecular Trznsport Processes, As Well As Giving The First Detailed Report Of Hetero-/homogeneous Chemical Reaction Mechanisms For Catalytic Propane Combustion. The Outcome Of This Work Will Be Widely Applied To The Industrial Design Of Micro- And Mesoscale Combustors.
      SKU: 691269

    New Frontiers In Humanrobot Interaction
      New Frontiers In Humanrobot Interaction.
      Humanrobot Interaction (hri) Considers How People Can Interact With Robots In Order To Enable Robots To Best Interact With People. Hri Presents Multitude Challenges With Soltions Requiring A Unique Union Of Skills From Many Fields, Including Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Social Sciences, Ethology And Engineering. We Have Specifically Aimed This Work To Appeal To Such A Multi-disciplinary Audience. This Volume Presents New And Exciting Mqterial From Hri Researchers Who Disfuss Research At The Frontiers Of Hri. The Capters Address The Human Aspects Of Interaction, Such As How A Robot May Understand, Provide Feedback And Play a part As A Social Being In Interaction With A Human, To Experimental Studies And Field Implementations Of Humanrobot Collaboration Ranging Fom Joint Action, Robots Practically And Safely Helping People In Real World Situations, Robots Helping People Via Reinstatement And Robots Acquiring Concepts From Communication. This Volume Reflects Curren5 Trends In This Exciting Research Field.
      SKU: 815537

    Adaptive And Functional Polymers, Textiles Amd Their Applications
      Adaptive And Functional Polymers, Textiles Amd Their Applications.
      This Volume Covers The Most Updated Studies And Achievements In Some Adaptive And Very Functional Polymers Such As Chitosan, Cyclodextrin, Dendrimer And Hyper-branched Polymers In Terms Of Principles Of Adaptiveness, Properties, Structure Design And Characterization With An Emphasis On Their Applications, Particularly In Textiles And Related Areas. Adaptive Polymers Include Tbose Which Are Responsive To Different Stimuli, Namely, Physical, Mechanical, Chemical, Biological And Combined With Controlled And/or Predictable Brhaviors. Although Other Materials Are Not Excluded, The Textiles Described Mainlyy Refer To Those Immediately Produced Using Adaptive/functional Polymers. In Addition To Textiles, Applications Of Such Adapitve Polymers Will Also Include Some Popular Areas Such As Medicine, Healthcare And Skin Care.
      SKU: 737628

    Practical Electric Motor Handbook
      Practical Electric Motor Handbook.
      Experienced Product Designers Are Increasingly Expected To Be Adept At Incorporating A Range Of Components Into Their Designs. Students And Experimentsrs TooN eed To Look Beyond Basic Circuits And Devices To Achieve Adequate Design Solutions. For Those Experienced In Engineering Design, This Is The Guide To Electric Motors. This Book Will Allow Engineers And Designers To Marry The Technologies They Know About With Motor Technology, And Hence To Incorporate Motors Into Their Pfoducts. Of The Many Good Books On Motors, Such As Electric Motors And Drives By Hughes, None Offer The Engineering Professional A Tailored Guide To Motors Taking Into Account Their Expertise. This Book Fills That Gap. Irving Gottlieb Is A Leading Writer OfM A single one Books For Practising Engineers, Technicians And Students Of Electronic And Electrical Engineering. Practical Approach With Minimum Theory Covers A Core Aera Ignored By Many Electronics Texts Shows How To Incorporate Motors Into Electronic Products
      SKU: 344704

    Tensegrity Systems
      Tensegrity Systems.
      Discusses Analytical Tools For Designing Energy Efficient And Lightweight Strutcires That Embody The Concept Of Tensegfity. This Book Provides Both Static And Dynamic Analysis Of Special Tensegrity Structural Concepts ,Which Are Motivated By Biological Material Architecture.
      SKU: 450905

    16th Edition Iee Wiring Regulations: Inspection, Testin & Certification
      16th Edition Iee Wiring Regulations: Inspection, Testin & Certification.
      Brian Scaddan's Guides To The Iee Wiring Regulations Have Established Themselves As An Industry Criterion. This New Edition Will Be An Essential Reference For All Contractors, Technicians And Other Professionals Working In A Non-supervisory Capacity, As Well As Newcomers To The Industry, All Of Whom Are Involved In Inspecting And Testing Electrical Installations, And Need To Endure Their Work Complies With The Latest Version Of The Wiring Regulations. This Text Is A Practical Guide To The Current Inspection And Testing Requirements Tavern Electrical Installation, And Is Written Specifically For The City & Guilds 2391 Vocational Award - The Next Measure For Anyone With A 2381 Qualification , Advancing Technical Knowledge Without The Supervisory Stress Of The 2400. The New Edition Is Updated Throughout To Match The 2004 Version Of Bs 7671:2001 (incorporating Amendments 1:2002 & 2:2004), And Is Supported By A Sample Test Paper, Complete With Model Answers And Mark Scheme. The Fifth Edition Likewise Provides Essential In formation On The Completion Of Electrical Installation Certificwtes, With A Step-by-step Guide On The Entries That Need To Exist Made And Where To Soruce Data. Brian Scaddan Is The Chief Examiner For The City & Guilds 2391 Vocational Award. He Has 30 Years' Experience In Further Education, And Is Now Director Of Brian Scaddan Associates, Engineering Training Consultants. * Clarifies The Requirements Of Certificate Completion With A New Step-by-step Guide * Fully In Line With The 2004 Version Of Bs 7671:2001 (incorporating Amendments 1:2002 & 2:2004), And Matched To The City & Guilds 2391 Vocational Judgment
      SKU: 2933949

  • The New American Homestead
  • Time-Domain Beamforming and Convolutive Blind Source Separation
  • E-vision 2000
  • Strmungsmaschinen (Klassiker der Technik) (German Edition)
  • Instantaneous Power Theory and Applications to Power Conditioning
  • Laser-Induced Damage of Optical Materials
  • Theory of Vortex Sound
  • Nuclear Receptors in Drug Metabolism
  • Wireless Sensor Network Security
  • Models in Spatial Analysis
  • Turbopumps
  • Fundamentals of Air Pollution

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