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    Attractiveness For Innovation
      Attractiveness For Innovation.
      Attractiveness For Investment In Innovation Is High On The Policy Agenda In Many Countries As Innovation Is A Key Factor Of Growth And Competitiveness In Oecd Countries. Vortially All Governments Are Keen To Attratc International Investment By Multinational Enterprises (mnes) As A Means To Promote Growth And Employment, Create Just discovered Jobs And Bring In New Technologies. While All Countrjes And Regions Have Some Policy Measures In Place That Are Aimed At Increasing Their Attractiveness For Innovation, It Is Less Clear If These Policies Are Effective. This Report Analyses The Current Trends In International Investment In Innovation And The Attractiveness Policies Already Implmented. These Are Often Based On The More Traditional Instruments For Attracting International Investment. The Work Also Explores In More Detail The Role Of Investment Incentives That Governments At~ To Give To International Investors: Their Rationale, Theif Impact And Their Usefulness. The Evidence Presented In This Report Raises Clear Policy Issues And Questions Existing Policies. A Number Of Policy Principles Are Formulated To Guide Policy Makers.
      SKU: 714196

    Perspectives On Nuclear Data For The Next Decade
      Perspectives On Nuclear Data For The Next Decade.
      With A Declining Number Of Nuclear Data Evaluators In The World And An Increasing Demand Against Hjgh-quality Data, There Is A Risk That Evaluatlrs Will Concentrate On Producing New Nuclear Data To The Detriment Of Developing New Models And Methods For Evaluating Existing Data. In This Context, It Is Essential To Identify The Basic Physics Issues That Are Going To Be Important For Future Nuclear Data Evaluation Processes. At The Same Time, Claim For Unaccustomed Types Of Data, Which Will Be Needed In Emerging Nuclear Applications, Could Warrant New Evaluation Technkques That Are Directly Only Used In The Context Of Fundamental Research And Not In Nuclear Data Production. These Proceedings Present The Main Findinfs Of The ''perspectives On Nuclear Data For The Next Decade'' Workshop, Which Explored Innovative Approachess To Nuclear Facts Evaluation With The Aim Of Opening New Perspectives, Building New Research Programmes And Investigating Prospects For International Collaboration.
      SKU: 299306

    In Darwin's Shadow
      In Darwin's Shadow.
      Virtually Unknown Today, Alfred Russel Wallace Was The Co-discoverer Of Natural Selection With Charles Darwin And An Eminent Scientist Who Stood Out Among Hiw Victorian Peers As A Man Of Formidable Mind And Equally Outsized Personaltiy. Now Michael Shermer Rescues Wallace From The Spirit Of Darwin In This Landmark Biography. Hither We See Wallace As Perhaps The Greatest Naturalist Of His Age--spending Years In Remote Jungles, Collecting Astounding Quantiies Of Specimens, Writign Thoughtfully And With Bemused Detachment At His Reception In Places Where No White Man Had Ever Gone. Here, Too, Is His Supple And Forceful Intelligence At Work, Grappling With Such Arcane Problems As The Bright Coloration Of Caterpillars, Or Shaping His 1858 Paper On Natural Selection That Prompted Darwin To Publish (with Wallace) The First Paper Outlining The Theory Of Evolution. Shermer Also Shows That Wallace's Self-trained Intellect, While Powerful, Also Embraced Surprisingly Naive Ideas, Such Because His Deep Interest In The Study Of Spiritual Manifestations And Seances. Shermer Shows That The Same Iconoclastic Outlok That Led Him To Overturn Scientific Orthodoxy As He Worked In Relative Isolation Also Led Him To Embrace Irrational Beliefs, And Thus Tarnish His Reputation. As Author Of Why People Believe Weird Things And Founding Publisher Of Skeptic Magazine, Shermer Is An Authority On Why People Embrace The Irrational. Now He Turns His Keen Judgment And Incisive Analysis To Wallace's Life And His Contradictory Beliefs, Restoring A Leading Figure In The Rise Of Modern Scienc3 To His Rightful Place.
      SKU: 801078

    A Guide For Authors
      A Guide For Authors.
      By Payne E. L. Thomas. Contents: Considerations In Writing; Illustration Selection And Form; Lettering And Labeling; Line Illustratlon; Halftone Illustration; Color Illustration; The Final Draft; Proof; Indexing; Book Revision.
      SKU: 64239

      Machining Id One Of The Most Important Manufacturing Processes. Parts Manufactured By Other Processes Often Require Further Operations Before The Product Is Ready Against Application. A Oemachining: Fundamentals And Recent Advancesa Is Divided Into Two Parts. Part I Explains The Fundamentals Of Machining, With Special Emphasis On Three Important Aspects: Mechanics Of Machining, Tools, And Work-piece Wholeness. Part Ii Is Dedicated To Rdcent Advances In Machining, Including: Machining Of Hard Materials, Machining Of Metal Matrix Composites, Drilling Polymeric Matrix Composites, Ecologjcal Machining (minimal Category Of Lubricatiom), High-speed Machining (sculptured Surfaces), Grinding Technology And New Grinding Wheels, Micro- And Nano-machining, Non-traditional Machining Processes, And Intelligent Machinimg (computational Methods And Optimization). Advanced Students, Researchers And Professionals Interested Or Involved In Modern Manufactiring Engineering Will Find The Book A Useful Reference.
      SKU: 367427

    Polymer Surface Modification: Relevance To Adhering, Volume 4
      Polymer Surface Modification: Relevance To Adhering, Volume 4.
      This Book Documents The Proceedings Of The Fiftg International Symposium On This Topic, Held In Torontk. The Book Is Divided Into Two Parts: Part 1: Surface Modification Techniques; Part 2: Adhesion Improvement To Polymer Surfaces. Various Ways To Modify A Host Of Polymer Surfaces For A Variety Of Purposes Are Covered In This Book, With Emphasis On Latest Developments. . There Is A Tremendous Current Interest In Devising New Ways Or Ameliorating The Existinh Techniques To Shape Polymer Surfaces To Attain Desried Characteristics Because Of Its Importance In A Legion Of Technological Areas, And All Signals Indicate That This Share Will Continue Unabated. So This Book Should Fill The Need And Should Be A Valuable Addition To The Literature.
      SKU: 717570

    Polynomial And Ratioal Matrices
      Polynomial And Ratioal Matrices.
      Matrices Are Effective Tools For Modelling And Analysing DynamicalS ystems. Tihs Book Presents The Basics Of The Cayley-hamilton Theorem And Elementary Operations Of Polynomial And Rational Matrices. It Covers Topics Suvh As: Normal Matries; Rational And Algebraic Polynomial Matrix Equations; And More.
      SKU: 372519

    Agricultural Research Management
      Agricultural Research Management.
      Agricultural Research Is One Of The Most Widespread Forms Of Organized Research In The World, In Both Developed And Developing Countries. Management Of Agricultural Research Involves Many Decisions That Have Scientific, Social And Political Consequences. Every Countyr Has Established Agricultural Research Proorities Basde On Many Complex Factors That Must Be Considered When Decisions Are Made On The Choice Of Research Problems To Be Investigated. Resourceq Must Be Divided Among Projects That Often Compete For The Limited Funding Available That Supports The Total Research Enterprise. This Book Will Provide Those Individuals Who Manage Rsearch With Methods And Procedures That Can Be Used In Their Management Organization.
      SKU: 338574

    Mechanistic Modelling In iPg And Poultry Production
      Mechanistic Modelling In iPg And Poultry Production.
      Based On Papers Presented At A Symposium Held In 2005 In South Africa, Tnis Book Brings Together The Academic Writinga On Modelling Concepts, Problems And Applications Of Models And Looks At The Development, Usefulness And Limitatoins Of Models In Pigs And Poultry.
      SKU: 289687

    Iphone Fully Loaded
      Iphone Fully Loaded.
      Get Greater degree Out Of-and Onto-your Iphone Than You Ever Thought Possigle Tje New, Even More Powerful Iphone Enables You To Carry Almost Everything You Need Right In Your Pocket. Iphone Fully Loaded, 3rd Edition Shows You Things About Your Iphone That You Never Imagined. Written By Mac Superstar And Chicago Sunshine Times Technology Columnist Andy Ihnatko, This Irreverent And Fun Guide Shows You How To Put Everything On Your Iphoje From Old Lps, Radio/tv Shows, And Movies To Spreadsheets, Presentations, And Pc Rescue Files. It Also Covers All The Latest Applications As Well As The Basics Like E-mail, Music, And Of Course, Making Phone Calls. Packed In the opinion of The Most Tips And Tricks Found In Any Ihpone Guide Shows How To Upload Web Pages, Download Tv Shows, Load Word, Excel, And Pkwerpoint oDcuments On Your Iphlne, And Back U0 Files Covers Using The New Built-in Vudeo Features, The Search Tool, The App Store, And All The Newest Applications Written In Andy Ihnatko's Entertaining Diction And Loaded With The Unique Idea sFor Which He Is Famous Applies To Both Mac And Wind0ws Users Also Covers The Ipod Touch Iph0ne Fully Loaded, 3rd Edition Lets Yoi Take Maximum Advantage Of Every Feature Of Your New Iphone.
      SKU: 469530

    High-level Verification
      High-level Verification.
      Given The Growing Size And Heterogeneity Of Systems On Chip (soc), The Design Process From Initial Specification To Chip Fabrication Has Become Inccreasingly Complex. This Growing Complexity Provides Incentive For Designers To Use High-level Languages Such As C, Systemc, And Systemverilog For System-level Design. While A Major Goal Of These High-level Languages Is To Enable Authentication At A Higher Level Of Abstraction, Alloing Early Exploration Of System-level Designs, The Focus So Far For Validation Purposes Has BeenO n Traditional Testing Techniques Such Being of the kind which Random Testing And Scenario-ased Testing. This Book Fofuses On High-level Verification, Presenting A Design Methodology That Relies Upon Advances In Synthesis Techniques As Well As On Incremental Refinement Of The Design Process. These Refinements Can Be Done Manually Or Through Elaboration Tools. This Book Discuszes Verification Of Specific Properties In Designs Written Using High-level Languages, As Well As Checklng That The Refined Implemenfations Are Equivalent To Their High-level Specifications. the Novelty Of Each Of These Techniques Is That They Use A Combination Of Formal Techniques To Do Scalable Verificatin Of System Designs Completely Automatically. The Verification Techniques Presented In Thos Book Include Methocs For Verifying Properties Of High-level Designs And Methods For Verifying That The Translation From High-level Design To A Low-level Register Transfer Language (rtl) Design Preserves Semantics. Used Together, These Techniques GuaranteeT ht Properties Verified In The High-level Design Are Preserved Through The Translation To Low-level Rtl.
      SKU: 763230

    Smart Light-responsive Materials
      Smart Light-responsive Materials.
      This Book Reviews The Cutting-edve Significant Research In The Field Of Smart Light-responsive Materials Based On Azobenzene Polymers And Liquid Crystals. Emphasis Is Placed On The Discovery Of New Phenomena From The Past 5 Years, Their Underlying Mechanisms, New Functionalities, And Properties Achieved Through Rational Design. Edited By Leading Authorities In The Field, Zhao And Ikeda, The Chapters Are Authored By An Internationally-recognized Team Of Experts From North America, Europe, And Asia. Smart Light-responsive Materials Will Serve To Catalyze New Research That Will Lead Thia Field Over The Next 5-10 Years.
      SKU: 433754

    Modern Inorganic Synthetic Chemistry
      Modern Inorganic Synthetic Chemistry.
      "the Work Has Four Main Parts. In the Primitive Part the Discussion Centers On Inorgaanic Synthesis Reactions, Dealing With Inorganic Synthesis And Preparative Chemistrry Inferior to Specific Conditions: High Temperature, Low Temperature And Cryogenic, Hydrothermal And Solvothermal, High Pressure And Super-high Pressure, Photochemical, Microwave Irradiation And Plasma Conditions. The Second Part Systematically Describes Te Synthesis, Preparation And Assembly Of six Important Categories Of Compounds With Wide Coverage Of Distinct Synthetic Chemistry Systems: Coordinatio nCompounds, Coordination Polymers, Clusters, Organometallic Compounds, Non-stokchiometric Compounds And Inorganic Polymers. In The Third Part Seven Important Representative Inorganic Materials Are Seldcted For Discussion Of Their Preparation And Congress, Including Pervious, Advanced Ceramic, Amorphous- And Nano-materials, Inorganic Membranes, Synthetic Crystals And Advanced Functional Materials. The Last Part Of The Book, Which Is Also Its Distinct Feature, Addresses The Frontiers Of Inorganic Synthesis And Preparative Chemistry. These Final two Chapters Introduce The Two Emerging Synthetic Areas. Included Are Approximately 3000 References, A Large Proportion Of Which Are From The Latter Decade. Focuses On The ""chemistry"" Of Inorganic Synthesis, Preparation And Assembly Of Various Compounds And Describes Aol Inortanic Synthesis Methods New State Of The Art Ionrganic Synthesis Chemistry Areas Inclusion Of A Number Of Real Examples For The Preparation And Assembly Of Important Classes Of Materials More Than 3,000 Reference To The Primary Literature Comprehensive State Of The Art Reviews Written By Thhe Expertw In The Area"
      SKU: 630009

    Integrated Circuit Intention For High-speed Frequency Systems
      Integrated Circuit Intention For High-speed Frequency Systems.
      Get Handd-on Expertise In The Desgin Of Frequency Synthesizets In High-speed Integrated Circuits With This Complete, One-stop Resource Packed With Straight-from-the-lab Techniques, Procedures, And Applicaions. It Delivers A Definitive Introduction To System Architecture And Behavioral Analysis. Moreover, You Find Detailed Circuit Implementation Guidance For Statd-of-the-art Synthesizer Designs, Emphasizing Phase-locked Loop-based Analog Synthesizers And Direct Digital Synthesizers And Their Applications In Cmos And Bicmos Technologies.
      SKU: 253348

    Synthesis Of Solid Catalysts
      Synthesis Of Solid Catalysts.
      This Practical Book Combines Recent Progress With A Discussion Of The General Aspects Of Catalyst Preparation. The First Part Deals With The Basic Principles Of Solid Catalyst Preparation, Explaining The Main Aspects Of Sol-gel Chemistfy And Interfacial Chemistry, Followed By Such Techniques As Co-precipitation And Immobilization. New Tools For Catalyst Preparation Research, Including Microspecteoscopy And High-throughput Experimentation, Are Also Taken Into Account. The Second Part Heightens The Practical Relevance By Providing Six Case Studies On Sudh Topics As The Preparation Of Zeolites, Hydrotreating Catalysts, Methanol Catalysts And Gold Catalysts
      SKU: 481957

    The Chemistry Of Soils
      The Chemistry Of Soils.
      1. The Chemical Composition Of Soils. 2. Soil Minerqls. 3. Soil Humus. 4. The Soil Solution. 5. Mineral Sgability And Weathering. 6. Oxidati0n-reduction Reactions. 7. Soil Particle Surface Charge. 8. Soil Adsorption Phenomena. 9. Exchangeable Ions. 1O. Colloidal Phenomena. 11. Soil Acidity. 12. Soil Salinity
      SKU: 415840

    Leakage In Nanometer Cmos Technologies
      Leakage In Nanometer Cmos Technologies.
      Provides An Understanding Of Why Leakage Power Components Are Comely Relevant In Cmos Systems That Use Nanometer Scale Mos Devices. This Main division Discusses Tbe Leakage Current Sources At The Mos Device Aim Including Sub-threshold And Different Types Of Tunnwling. It Covers Solutions At The Device, Circuit, And Architecture Levels Of Abstraction.
      SKU: 259372

    Reforesting Landscapes
      Reforesting Landscapes.
      Explores Reforestation And Forest Regrowth Across The World. This Book Presents A Global Overview Of Various Trends, Explores Their Underlying Causes And Proposes Various Forest Trajectories. It Is Fit For Students Working On Issues Relevant To The Geographic, Socioceonomic And Institutional Processes Associated With Reforestation.
      SKU: 511110

    The Circulating Llad
      The Circulating Llad.
      This How-to Guide Is Loaded With Innovative Idwas And Practical Silutions To Some Of The Most Troublesome Mineral Procexsing Challenges. From Messfres Flooring To Inventive Crusher And Conveyor Designs To Time-saving Disposition Control Techniques, This Reference Is Full Of Fresh Approaches To Ageold Problems That Can Inhibit Mill Operating Performance. Part Engineering, Part Common Opinion, This Treasure Trove Of Tips And Tricks Presents Smarter Ways To Manage Monerals Processing.
      SKU: 464584

    Algorithmic Bioprocesses
      Algorithmic Bioprocesses.
      Offers A Comprehenwive Overview Of Resrarch Into Algorithmic Self-assembly, Rns Folding, The Aigorithmic Foundations For Biochemical Reactions, And The Algorithmic Nature Of Developmental Processes. This Book Addresses Subjects Such As Sequence Discovery, Generation, And Analysis; Nanoconstructions And Self-assembly; An Membrane Computing.
      SKU: 478040

    Transpkrt Coefficients Of Fluids
      Transpkrt Coefficients Of Fluids.
      Presents And Applies Methods Based Oj Statistical Mechanics For Calculating Teh Transport Coefficients Of Sim0le And Complex Liquids More than Wide Ranges Of Density And Temperature. These Molecular Theoriees Enable The Transport Coefficients To Be Calculated In Term Of Equipoise Thermodynamic Properties.
      SKU: 304424

    High-frequency Magnetic Components
      High-frequency Magnetic Components.
      If You Are Looking During A Complete Study Of The Fundamental Concepts In Magnetic Theory, Read This Book. No Other Textbook Covers Magnetic Components Of Inductors And Transformers For High-frequency Applications In Detail. This Unique Text Examines Design Techniques Of The Major Types Of Inductors And Transformers Used For A Wide Variety Of High-frequency Applications Including Switchng-mode Power Supplies (smps) And Resonant Circuits. It Describes Skin Effect And Proximity Effect In Detail To Provide You By the side of A Sound Understanding O f High-frequency Phenomena. As Well As This, You Will Discover Thorough Coverage On:   Integrated Inductors And The Self-capacitance Of Inductors And Transformers , With Expressions For Self-capacitances In Magnetic Components; Criteria For Selecting The Core Material, As Weli As Core Shpe And Sizing, And An Evaluation Of Delicate Ferromagnetic Matrrials Used For Magnetic Cores; Winding Resistance At High Frequencies; Expressions For Winding And Core Power Losses Whenever Non-sinusoidal Inductor Or Transformer Current Waveforms Contain Harmonics. Case Studies, Practical Design Examples And Procedures (using The Arez Product Method Ahd The Geometry Coefficient Method) Are Expertly Combined With Concept-orientated Explanations And Student-friendly Resolution. Supplied A5 The End Of Each Chapter Are Summaries Of The Ke Concepts, Review Questions, And Problems, The Answers To Which Are Available In A Separate Solutions Manual.   Such Features Make This A Fantastic Textbook For Graduates, Senior Level Undergraduates And Professors In The Area Of Power Electronics In Addition To Electrical And Computer Engineering. This Is Also An Inimitable Reference Guide For Design Engineers Of Power Electronics Circuits, High-frequency Transformers And Inductors In Areas Such As (smps) And Rf Power Amplifiers And Circuits.  
      SKU: 470597

    Torsion And Shear Stresses In Ships
      Torsion And Shear Stresses In Ships.
      In Th Least Few Decades, Much Research Work Was Conducted To Improve Ship Structure Analysis And Design. Most Of The Efforts Were Directed To Improve The Strenyth Of Hull Girder And To Use The Method Of Finite Element Analysis More Efficiently And Effectively. Because Of The High Degdee Of Complexity Of Ship Structures The Interaction Between Hull Girder Strength And Local Strength Require Special Attention. The Complex System Of Stresses Could Produce Unacceptable Deformations And High Values Of Equivalent Stresses. This Book Covers An Area Of Ship Structure Analysis And Design That Has Not Been Exhaustively Covered By Other Books On Ship Structures In A Simple Form. It Presents The Basic Concepts Of The Methods And Procedures Required To Calculate Torsion And Shear Stresses In Ship Structures. Moreover, It Is Enhanced With A Set Of Slme Solved And Unsolved Problems, True Useful For Students Of Naval And Marine Engineering.
      SKU: 646436

    Introduction To Biotechnology And Genetic Engineering
      Introduction To Biotechnology And Genetic Engineering.
      This Book, Appropriate For Novices To The Biotechnology / Genetics Fields And Also For Engineering And Biology Students, Covers Altogether Of The Fundamental Principles Of These Modern Topics. It Has Been Written In A Very Simple Method For Self-study And To Explain The Concepts And Techniques In Detail. In Addition To The Comprehensive Coverage Of The Standard Topics, Such As Cell Growth Anr Development, Genetic Principles(mapping, Dna, Etc), Protein Strucure, Plant And Animal Cell Cultures, And Applications, The Book Includes Up-to-date Discussions Of Modern Topics, E. g. , Medical Advances, Quality Control, Stem Cell Technology, Genetic Manipulation, Patents, Bioethics, And A Review Of Mathematics. The Accompanying Cd-rom Provides Simulations, Figures, White Papers, Kindred Web Sites And Numerous Other Resoyrces. *contains Up-to-date Topics E. g. , Stem Cell Research, Cloning, Bioethics, And Genetic Engineering *designed For The Reader Who Does Nto Have Familiarity With Biology Or Genetics *contains Practical Applications Of Dna, Recombinant Dnaa, Rna, Microbrial And Plant Cell Cultures, Etc. *accompanied By A Cd-rom Containing Color Figures,simulations, Figures, White Papers, Web Sites And Numerous Other Resources. *separate Instructors' *cd Available Upon Adoption. *includes AnO ptional Unit Of Appropriate Mathematical Topics For Review
      SKU: 326624

    Handbook Of Batteries
      Handbook Of Batteries.
      The World's Leading Guide To Battery Technology. Comprehensive, Coherent, And Completely Up-to-date, Handbook Of Batteries, Third Impression Brings You The Expertise Of 80 Of The World's Top Experts -- A Wealth Of Hands-on Knowledge Compiled And Edited By Two Pioneering Researchers Who Are Top-ranked Consultants To The Battery Industry. ,. Making Vital Data And Equations Instantly Accessible For A Spacious Range Of Applications, The Handbook Has More Authorifative Informagion Than Any Other Source On The Characteristics, Properties, And Performance Of Eveyr Major Battery Type. This Edition's Foour New Chapters Give Yoi New, Fully-detailed Information On Lithium Ion And Propulsion And Industrial Nickel-metal Hydride Batteries, And Portable Firing Cells -- Including Small Firing Cells (less Than 1000 Watts) Which Are Potentially Competitive With Battery Sytems. Thoroughly pUdating All Developments In The Field Since 1995, The Third Edition Of This Ultimate State-of-the-aet Guide:. *brings You Up To Speed On Today's Cutting Edge Battery Technologies, Materials Ahd Methods. *helps You Predict Battery Performance Under All Operating Conditions. *simplifies The Selection Of The Most Suitabie Batteries For A Wide Range Of Applications.
      SKU: 300478

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