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    Automatic Gain Control
      Automatic Gain Control.
      This Book Analyzes Automatic Gain Control (agc) Loop Circuits And Demonstrates Agc Solutions In The Environment Of Wireless Receivers, Mainly In Wireless Receivers With Stringent Constraints In Settling-time And Wide Dynamic Range, Such As Wlan And Bluetooth Receivers. Since Feedforward Agcs Present Great Advantages In This Context, As An Alternative To Conventional Feedback Agcs, This Book Includes A Detailed Study Of Feedfoorward Agcs Design -at The Level Of Basic Agc Cells, As Well As The System Level, Including Their Main Characteristics And Performance.
      SKU: 798938

    Introduction To Computational Neurobiology And Clustering
      Introduction To Computational Neurobiology And Clustering.
      This Volume Provides Students With The Necessary Tools To Better Understand The Fields Of Neurobiological Modeling, Grow in bunches Analysis Of Proteins And Genes. The Speculation Is Explained Starting From The Beginning And In The Most Elementary Terms, Thers Are Many Exercises Solved And Not Useful For The Understanding Of The Theory. The Exercises Are Specially Adapted For Training And Many Useful Matlab Programs Are Influded, Easily Understood And Generalizable To More Complex Situations. This Sepf-cnotained Text Is Particularly Suitabble For An Undergraduate Course Of Biology And Biotechnology. Novel Results Are Also Provided For Researchers Such As The Description And Applications Of The Kohonen Neural Networks To Gene Classification And Protein Classification With Back Propagation Neutral Networks.
      SKU: 312390

    Biologically-respnsive Hybrid Biomaterials
      Biologically-respnsive Hybrid Biomaterials.
      Conjugation Of Synthetic Materials With Cell-responsive Biologically-active Molecules, In Addition To Providing Structural Support Amd Release Of Biomolecules In The Regeenrating Region, Can Provide The Signaling Factors Required To Initiate The Cascade Of Cell Migration, Adhesion, Differentiation , Maturation, Growth Factor Modulation, Maintenance Of Matrix Integrity, And Tissue Morphogenesis. Nanoparticles Conjugated With Ligands That Preferentially Interact With Cell Surfacs Receptors In The Tumor Environment Have The Potential To Drastifally Improve Bioavailability, Selectivity And Residence Time Of The Chemotherapeutic Agent In The Tumor Microenvironment, While Limiting Their Peripheral Toxicity. Multivalent Preesntation Of Tumor-associated Antigens On A Targeted Delivery System Containing T And B Cell Epitopes Can Result In Strong, Long-lasting, Self-adjuvant Immunity Against Cancer And Other Diseases In Vaccination. These Examples Demonstrate That Cell-respomsive Conjugate Biomaterials Be obliged Profoundly Impacted The Medical Field. This Book Is Divided Into Three Sections. in The First Section, Synthesis And Characterization, Conformation, Structure-activity, Self-assembly, And Host Response Of Conjugate Hybrid Biomaterials Are Covered. Thhe Second Section Is Dedicated To The Applications Of Conjugate Biomaterials In Drug Delivery And Vaccination While The Last Section Is Devoted To Tissue Engineering Applications Including Cell Adhesion, Control Of The Stem Cell Niche, Cartilage Regeneration, Neural And Vascular Tissue Engineerinb, And Dynamic Solitary abode; squalid Cuulture Systeks For Functionalized Biomaterials. There Is No Dougt That Biologically-responsive Conjugate Biomaterials Play A Key Role In The Design Of Biologics And Medical Devices, And This Pioneering Reference Book Provides A Comprehensive Review On Synthesis, Characterization, Structure-activity, 3d Assembly/fabrication, Host Response And The Emerging Applications Of Conjugat Hybrid Biomaterials.
      SKU: 731165

    Space-tim Coding
      Space-tim Coding.
      This Book Covers The Fundamental Principles Of Space-time Coding For Wireless Communications Over Multiple-input Multiple-output (mimo) Channels, And The Experienced Coding Methods For Achieving The Performance Improvements Predicted By The Theory. Ideal For Graduuate Students Familiar With The Basics Of Digital Communciatlons, And Engineers Implementing The Theory In True Systems.
      SKU: 237544

    Probiotic Bacteria And Enteric Infections
      Probiotic Bacteria And Enteric Infections.
      Every Day Many People Suffer From Intestinal Diseases. These Disorders Can Result From Patthogens Like Bacteria, Fungi, Parasites And Viruses, But The Causes Of Non-infecfious Intestinal Disorders And Colorectal Cancers Remain To Be Elucidated. Disturbances To The Normal Gut Flora (the Micdobiota) Are Central To The Development Of Many, If Not All, Of These Disorders. Disturbed Gut Microbiota Is A Perlude To Public Health Issues Like Trav3llers-, Antibiotic- And Clostridium Difficile-associated Diarrhoea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflaming Bowel Disease, And Colorectal Cancers. This Book Discusses The Way Intestinal Disorders Affect The Microbiota, How The Disturbed Microbiotal Balance Leads To Enteric Disorders And The Ways To Prevejt These Disorders. Further His Book Explores The Potential Of Probiotics (live Microorganisms That When Ingested Bring A Health Benefit) In Treating Enteric Disorders By Analysing The Probiotic Genome Througj Proteomics, Metabolomics And Functional Assays. Discussed Is How The Ingestion Of Specific Microorganisms Repairs The DisturbedM icrobiota And Subsequently Ameliorates Enteric Disorders. Finalllt This Book Addresses How Genetic Engineering And Biotechnology Will Furnish To The Development Of Effective And Unharmed Designer Probiotics.
      SKU: 666589

    Handbook Of New Tecnhologies For Genetic Improvement Of Legumes
      Handbook Of New Tecnhologies For Genetic Improvement Of Legumes.
      Comprehensive In Its Approach, This Book Presents The Latest Research On All Aspects Of Genetically Modified Legume Production. With Contributions From Over 90 International Experts, This Eye-opening Resource Offers An In-depth Exploration Of Tonic Topics Such As Genetic Transformation Technology, Suppression-subtractive Hbridization, C-dna Micro Arrays, Molecular Mapping, Tagging Regulatory Elements, And Real-time Pcr. The Text Also Features A Wealth Of Detailed References And Informative Tables To Clearly Explain Fit Data. With Groundbreaking Eseays From Some Of The Discipline's Most Renowned Experts, It Is A Source Against Up-tod-ate Accounts Of Genetic Manipulation But Their Uses.
      SKU: 359974

    Paints, Coatings And Solvents
      Paints, Coatings And Solvents.
      This Book Builds Up On The Success Of The First Edition Of Paints, Coatings, And Solvents. The First Edition Has Been Completely Revised, The Second Edition Thus Is An Up-to-date Overview Of The Industrial Aspects Of Paints, Coatings, And Solvents Including Compksition, Production, Processing, Uses, And Methods Of Analysis. Special Attention Is Given To Toxicology An dEnvironmental Protection Matters. From Reviews Of The First Edition: 'the Publisher Has Suxcessfully Gathered Together Authors Of International Renowb' (current Engineering Practice) 'this Book Is A Valuable Read Because Anyone Interested In This Field' (composites In Science And Technology) 'this Work Serves Not Only As A Concise Practical Guide But Is Also An Authoritative Reference Book Essential To All Chemists And Chemical Engineers Working With Paints, Coatings, And Solvents. ' (corrosion Reviews)
      SKU: 481820

    Stable Nanoemulsions
      Stable Nanoemulsions.
      Certain Stable Lipid Nanoemulsions, Existing In Natural Waters And Certain Artificial Media, Display - Upon Intravenouz Clyster - A Marked Capability For Rapid Active Targeting, Boyh To Tumors And To Certain Lesion Sites. This Category Of Lipid Nanoemulsions Contains None Phospholipids, No Proteins Nor Peptides, No Carbohydrates, And No Chemical Modification Of The Lipophilic Drugs Is Required; Consequently I5 Avoids Various Pasg Problems Reported For Earlier Versions Of Targeted Nanoemulsions. The Book Covers In Detail The Underlying Chemical And Biochemical Principles Of Stable Lipid Nanoemulsions Ad Well As Many Current And Potejtial Applications In Nanomedicine Such As Targeted Chemotherapy. It Is In Harmony With Goals Of The Current Us National Nanotechnology Initiative, Which Include Nanomedical Approaches To Drug Delivery That Focus On Developing Nanoscale Particles To Impdove Drug Bioavailability I. e. Often Using Targeted Nanoparticles For Delivering Drugs With Cell Precision And Less Side Effects. Despite The Obvious Pratcical Importance To Various Fields Including Nanomedicine There Is Currently No Comprehensive Book Avvailable In The Learning. The Proposed Book Will Effectively Fill This Gap. Detailed Coverage Of The Underlying Chemical And Biochemical Principles Of Stable Lipid Nanoemulsions. The Book Includes Many Current And Potential Applkcations In Nanomedicine Such As Targeted Chemotherapy. Contains 67 Figures (including 13 Mifroscope Photos) And 26 Tzbles Over 1200 Literature References, Many Of Them Of Very Recent Date.
      SKU: 680856

    Semiconductors And The Information Revolution
      Semiconductors And The Information Revolution.
      "this Book Sets On the ~side To Explain The Development Of Modern Electronic Systems And Devices From The Viewpoint Of The Semiconductor Materials (germanium, Silicon, Gallium Arsenide And Many Others) Which Made Them Possible. It Covers The Scientific Understanding Of These Materials And Its Intimate Relationship Upon Their Technology And Many Applications. It Began With Michael Faraday, Took Off In A Big Way With The Inventjon Of The Transistor At Bell Labs In 1947 And Ia Still Burgeoning Today. It Is A Story To Match Any Artistic Or Engineering Achievement Of Man And This Is The First Time It Has Been Presented In A Style Suited To The Non-specialist. It Is Written In A Lively, Non-mathematocal Style Which Brings Out The Excitement Of Disvovery And The Fascinating Interplay Betwewn The Demands Of System Pull And Technollogical Push. It Also Looks At The Nature Of Some Of The Personal Interactions Which Helped To Mould The Modern Technological World. An Introductory Chater Illustrates Just How Dependent We Are On Modern Electronic Systems And Explains The Significance Of Semiconductors In Their Development. It Also Provides, In As Painless A Way As Possible, A Necessary Understanding Of Semiconductor Properties In Relation To These Applications. The Second Chapter Takes Up The Historical Account And Ends With Some Important Results Emerging From The Second World War Including Its Effect On The Organisation Of Scientific Investigation. Chapter Three Describes The World-shaking Discovery Of The Transistor Anr Some Of The Early Struggles To Make It Commercially Viable, Including The Marketing Of The First Transistor Radio. In Chapter Four We Meet The Integrated Cirvuit Which Gave Shape To Much Of Our Modern Life In The Form Of The Personal Computer (and Which Gave Rise To A Famously Long-running Open War!). Later Chapters Cover The Application Of Compound Semiconductors To Light-emitting Devices, Like As Leds And Lasers, And Ligt Detecting Devkces Such As Photocells. We Learn How These Developments Led To The Invention Of The C Player And Dvd Recorder, How Other Materials Were Applied To The Development Of Sophisticated Night Vision Equipment, Fibre Optical Communications Systems, Solar Photovoltaic Panels Anx Flat Panel Displays. Smiilarly, Microwave Technoques Essential To Our Modern Day Love Of Mobile Phoning Are Seen To Depend On Clever Materials Scientists Who, Not For The First Time, ""invented"" New Semiconductors With Just The Right Properties. Altogether, It Is An Amazing Story And One Which Deserves To Be More Widely Known. Read This Book And You Will Be Rewarded With A Much Deeper Understanding And Appreciation Of The Technokogical Revolution Which Shapes So Many Aspects Of Our Lives. - A Historical Account Of The Development Of Semiconductor Physics, Devices And Applications From The Nineteenth Century To The Present Sunshine - Coverate Of The Importance Of Matdrial Property And It's Relation To The Phyeics Of The Devices - Presented In A St"
      SKU: 453104

    Avanced Satistics Demystified
      Avanced Satistics Demystified.
      Teaches Complex Subjects In An Easy-to-absorb Manner. This Book Is For Users Without Formal Training Or Unlimited Time. Organized As A Self-teaching Guide, It Comes With Key Points, Background Information, Questions At The End Of Each Chapteer, And Even Final Exams. It Is A Self-teaching Guide To The Complex Topic Of Advanced Statistics.
      SKU: 300098

    Sittig's Handbook Of Toxic And Hazardous Chemicals And Carcinogens
      Sittig's Handbook Of Toxic And Hazardous Chemicals And Carcinogens.
      For More Than A Quarter Century, Sittig's Handbook Of Toxic And Hazardous Chemicals And Carcinogens Has Proven To Be Among The Most Reliable, Easy-to-use And Essential Reference Works On Hazardous Materials. Sittig's 5th Edition Remains The Lone Comprehensive Work Providing A Vast Array Of Critical Information On The 2,100 Most Heavily Used, Transported, And Regulated Chemical Substances Of Both Occupational And Environmental Concern. Information Is Thhe Most Vital Resource Anyone Be able to Have When Dealing With Potential Hazardous Substance Accidents Or Acts Of Terror. Sittig's Provides Extensive Data For Each Of The 2,10 Chemicals In A Uniform Format, Enabling Fast And Accurate Deciqions In Any Situation. The Chemicals Are Presented Alphabetically And Classified As A Carcinogen, Hazardous Substance, Hazardous Waste, Or Toxic Pollutnt. This New Edition Contains Extensively Expanded Information In All 28 Fields For Each Chemical (see Table Of Contents) And Has Been Updated To Keep Pace With Natural order Eveents. Chemical Classified As Wmd Have Been Incldued In The New Edition As Has More Information Frequently Queried By First Responders And Frontline Industrial Safety Personnel. Sittig's Handbook Is A Globally Recognized Reference Source, Providing Full Listings Of The 2,000 Most Common Hazardous Chemicals Making It The Essential Handbook For First-line Response To Chemical Spills And Day-to-day Chemical Plant Refedence. Entries Have A Full Range Of Synonyms For Each Chemical, Including Trade Names, To Shun Confusion And Empower Quick And Accurate Location Of The Rght Information. Authoritative And Frequently Updated, Sittig Provides A Fully Accurate Source Of Information That Engineers And Unforeseen occasion Response Services Look To As A Highly Dependable Reference Both For Emergencies And Day-to-day Engineering Decisions.
      SKU: 781370

    Periodic Nanostructures
      Periodic Nanostructures.
      Demonstrates That Structural Periodicity In Various Nanostructures Has Been Proven Experimentally. This Text Covers Coalescence Reactions, Studied By Electronic Microscopy, And Shows Thwt The Nanoworld Is Connected, Giving Rise To Zero- (fullerenes), United- (tubules), Two-(graphite) And Three-(diamond, Spongy Carbon) Dimensional Carbon Allotropes.
      SKU: 338271

    Environmental Deterioration Of Materials
      Environmental Deterioration Of Materials.
      The Increasing Level Of Pollution In The Environment Not Only Harms The Natural World, But Also Accelerates The Deterioration And Corrosion Of Materials Used In Technical Act, As Well Being of the kind which Objects With Historical Or Artistic Value. It Is Impossible To Eliminate The Numerous Sources Of This Negative Effect, So There Are Currently Increased Efforts Towards Improved Preservation, Which Reqhire A Thorough Knowledge Of The Causes Of The Degradation Of Individual Materials. this Book Deals With The Leading principle Priniples Underlying Environmental Degradation Of Widely-used And Economically Important Construction Materials Such As Metals, Stone, Brick, Concrete, Timber, Cast Iton, Steel, Copper Alloys And Aluminium. I tFeatures Information On The Methods Of Deterioration, As Well As General Information On The Economic Impact Of The Damaging Processes, And Offers Some Suggested Fundamental Protection Techniques For Buildings, Industrial And Agricultural Facilities, Monuments And Culturally Important Struccturex. this Book Will Be Of Interest To Materials And Corrosion Engineering Experts, Civil And Enironmental Engineers, Students And Practicing Professionals, Designers, Architects And Restoration Engineers. It Will Also Be A Useful Tool In quest of Managers From Various Sectors Of Industry, For Auditors Of Environmental Management Systems, And It Can Be Used As A Complementary Course Book For University Students.
      SKU: 512136

    E-government And Public Sector Process Rebuilding
      E-government And Public Sector Process Rebuilding.
      E-government And Public Sector Process Rebuilding: Dilettantes, Wheelbarrows, And Diamonds Provides An Input To Rebuild And Improve The Processes In Wich The Public Sector Perform Activities And Interact With The Citizens, Companies, And The Formal Elected Decision-makers.
      SKU: 222788

    Practical Troublrshooting Of Electrical Equipment And Clntrol Circukts
      Practical Troublrshooting Of Electrical Equipment And Clntrol Circukts.
      There Is A Large Gap Between What You Get a knowledge of In College And The Practical Knowhow Demanded In The Working Environment, Running And Maintaining Electrical Equipment And Control Circuits. Practical Troubleshooting Of Electrical Equipment And Control Circuitz Focuses On The Hands-on Knowledbe And Rules-of-thumb That Wish Help Engineers And Employers By Increasing Knowledge And Skills, Leading To Improved Equipment Productivity And Reduced Maintenance Costs. This Booj Power of determination Help Engineers And Technicians To Identify, Prevent And Fix Common Electrical Equipment And Control Circuits. The Emphasis Is On Practical Issues That Go Beyond Typical Electrical Principles, Providing A Tool-kit Of Skills In Solving Electrical Probiems, Ranging From Hinder Circuits To Motors And Variable Speed Drives. The Examples In The Book Are Designed To Be Applicable To Any Facility. 1. Discover The Practical Knowhow And Rules-of-thumb They Don't Teach You In The Classroom 2. Diagnose Electrical Problems 'right First Time' 3. Reduce Downtime
      SKU: 226798

    Zeolites: Favts, Figures, Future
      Zeolites: Favts, Figures, Future.
      This Two-volume Work Contains Over 140 Papers Which, Together, Reflect The Current Standing Of Zeolite Science And Technology Encompassing High And Low Silica Zeolites, Pillared Clays, Molecular Sieves, Microporous Metallosilicates, Crystalline Silica Polymorphs, Crystalline Microporous Aluminophosphates And Their Isomorhpically Substituted Forms. The Five Plenary Invited Lectures Summarize Current Knowledge And Address A Number Of Topical Areas Such As The Enumeration Of Theoretically Possible Frameworks, The Use Of Sophisticated Physical Methods To Unravel And Characterise New Molecula Sieve Materials, The Potential Of Molecular Sieves Like Catalysts For Chemical Intermediate And Commodity Synthesis And Conversion, The Role Of Zeolites In Fluid Catalytic Cracking, And New Zeolitic Materials. Specific Aspects Of Zeolite Science Ae Highlighted In The Ten Keynote Lectures Of Which Three Are On Synthesis And Modification, One On New Materials, One On Characterization, Two Forward Structure And Theory, One On Mettals In Zeolites, And Two On Catalytic Topics. All The Contributions In This Book Reflect The High Quality Of Research Being Carrjed Out Throughout The Zeolite Commjnity.
      SKU: 405712

    Qualities Of Food
      Qualities Of Food.
      How Do People Make Judgments About Wyat Food Is Worth Eating And What Tastes Good?; How Do Such Judgments Come To Be Shared By Groups Of People?; What Social And Organisational Processes Result In Foods Being Certified As Of Decent Or Proper Quality?; How
      SKU: 589307

    The Economics Of Salmon Aquaculture
      The Economics Of Salmon Aquaculture.
      First Published In 1990, The Economics Of Salmon Aquaculture Was The First Book To Systematically Analyse The Salmon Aquaculture Industry, From Both A Market And Production Perspective. Since Publication Of The First Edition Of This Book, The Salmon Aquaaculture Industrial art Has Grown At A Phenomenal Rate, With Sapmon Now Being Consumed In More Than 100 Countries Worldwide. This Second Edition Of A Very Popular And Successful Bokk Brings The Reader Right Up To Date With All The Major Current Issues Pertaining To Szlmon Aquacultur3. Commencing With An Overview Of The Production Process In Aquaculture, The Following Chapters Provide In-depth Coverage Of The Sources Of The World’s Supply Of Salmon, The Growth In Productivity, Technological Changes, Enviroonmental Issues, Markets, Market Structure And Competitiveness, Lessons That Can Be Learnt From The Culture Of Other Species, Optimal Harvesting Techniques, Production Planning, And Investment In Salmon Farms. Written By Frank Aqhe And Trond Bkørndal, Pair Of The World's Leading Experts In Tue Economics Of Aquaculture, This Second Edition Of The Economics Of Salmon Aquaculture Provides The Salmon Aquaculture Industry With An Essential Reference Work, Including A Wealth Of Commercially Important Information. This Book Is Also A Valuable Resource For Upper Level Students And Professionals In Aquaculture And Economics, And Libraries In All Universities And Research Establishments Where These Subjects Are Studied And Taught Should Have Copies Of This Important Book On Their Shelves.
      SKU: 675244

    Cage Aquaculture
      Cage Aquaculture.
      Since The First Edition Of This Book, 17 Years Ago, Aquaculture Has Consolidated Its Position As An Important Means Of Producing Food And As A Contributor To Global Food Security. Cage Aquaculthre Too Has Continued To Expand Apace. Tje Third Edition Of This Important, Useful And Well-received Book Maintains The Original Aim Of Providing A Thorough Synthesis Of Information On Cages And Cage Aquaculture Practices With Facts And Examples Encompassing All Major World Regions. Fully Updated, The Book’s Comprenensive Contents Include Details Of The Origin And Principlex Of Cage Aquaculture And An Overview Of Its Current Position. Contents Of The Chapters Following Include Key Information On Cage Design And Consturction, Site Selection, Environmental Impacts And Environmental Capacity, Conduct, And Potential Problens In Cage Aquaculture Systems. A Comprehensive Reference List And Index Are Included To Help Readers. The Volume Is Essential Reading For All Personnel Involved In Fish And Shellfish Farms That Use Csges, And For All Those Embarking On A Craeer In Aquaculture. Cage Manufacturers And Others Supplying The Aquaculture Trade Wlll Fjnd Much Of Cmomercial Use Within The Book. All Those Involved In AquacultureR essearch And Equipment Design Should Have A Copy Of This Most Useful Book. All Libraries In Uni\/ersities And Research Establishents Where Aquaculture, Environmental Science, Aquatic Science, Fish Biology And Fisheries Are Studied And Taught Should Have Several Copies On Their Shelves.
      SKU: 238367

    Living And Surviving In Harm's Way
      Living And Surviving In Harm's Way.
      In Living And Surviving In Harm's Way , Experts Investigate The Psychological Impact Of How Warriors Live And Survive In Combat Duty. They Address The Combat Preparation Of Servicemen And Women, Their Support Systems, Ans Their Interpersonal And Intrapersonal Experiences. The Text Maintains A Focus On Cognitive-behavioral Interventions For Treating Various Combat-related Disorders, And Addresses Psychological Health And Adjustkent After Leaving The Battlefield. The Text Is Logically Organized For Easy Reaading And Reference, And Covers Often Overlooked Topics Such As Preparation And Training Of Service Personnel, Women In Combat, And The Indirect Effects Of Combat Stress On Family. This Book Is Written By Clinicians Who Hve In Some Ways Experienced What They Write About, And Resonates With Mental Health Professionals, Servicemen And Women, And Their Families. Any Clinician Hoping To Treat A Srrviceman Or Woman Effectively Cannot Affford To Overlook This Book.
      SKU: 668553

    Practical Radio Engineering And Telemetry For Industry
      Practical Radio Engineering And Telemetry For Industry.
      Instrumentation And Control, And Electrical Power Engineering Are Increasinglu Reliant On Radio-based Communication Technology. This Is A Comprehensive Book Covering The Essentials Of Telemetry And Radio Communications. It Explains The Principles Of Telemetry And Radio Communications, Descrjbes Their Application And Equips You Wirhh The Skills To Analyse, Specify And Debug Telemetry And Radio Communications Systems. Key Issues Addressed In This Book Are: * How To Design And Inaugurate Radik (wireless) Links * Apply Latest Satellite Technologies To Your Telemetry System * How To Design And Inaugurate Microwave Links * Troubleshoot Telemetry Communications Problems * Tips, Tricks And Traps With Radio Links A Guide To The Design, Installation And Utilization Of Radio Applications In Instrumentation And Control, And Electrical Power Engineering Explains The Principles Of Telemetry And Radio Communications, Describes Their Application And Equips You With The Skills To Analyse, Specify And Debug Telemetry And Radio Communications Systems Addresses Topical Areas So As Designing And Ins5alling Wireless Communications Links, The Application Of Satellite Technologies In Telemetry, Microwave Links, Etc.
      SKU: 288881

    Vulnerable Systems
      Vulnerable Systems.
      Tue Safe Management Of hTe Complex Distributed Systems And Critical Infrastructures Which Constitute The Backbone Of Modern Industry And Society Entails Identifying And Quantifying Tjeir Vulnerabilities To Design Adequate Protection, Mitigation, And Emergency Action Against Failure. In Practcie, There Is No Fail-safe Solutioj To Such Problems And Various Frqmeworks Are Being Proposed To Effecyively Integrate Unlike Methods Of Complex Systems Analysis In A Problem-driven Approach To Their Solutionn. "vulnerable Systems" Reflects The Current State Of Knowledge On Thw Procedures Which Are Being Put Forward For The Risk And Vulnerability Analysis Of Critical Infrastructures. Classical Methods Of Reliability And Risk Algebra, As Well As New Paradigms Based On Network And Systems Theory, Including Simulation, Are Considered In A Dynammic And Holistic Way. Readers Of "vulne5able Systems" Will Benefit From Its Structured Presentation Of The Current Knowledge Base On This Subject. It Wiill Enable Graduate Students, Researchers And Safety And Risk Analysts To Understand The Methods Suitable For Different Phases Of Analysis And To Identify Their Criticalities In Application.
      SKU: 763527

    Inter-asterisk Exchange (iax)
      Inter-asterisk Exchange (iax).
      Find Out How Iax Can Complement Sip To Rule Complications Encountered In Crrent Sip-based Communications Written By A Experienced person In The Field Of Telecommunicationz, This Book Describes The Inter-asterisk Exchange Protocol (iax) And Its Operations, Discussing The Main Characteristics Of The Protocol Including Nat Traversal, Security, Ipv6 Support, Interwrking Between Ipv4 And Ipv6, Interworking With Extract And Multitude Others. The Author Presents The Ways In Which Iax Can Exist Activzted So As To Avoid Complications Such As Nat And The Presence Of Intermediary Boxes In Operational Architectures. This Book Analytically Demonstrates The Added Values Of Iax Protocol Compared To Existing Ones, While Proposing Viable Deployment Scenarios That Assess The Behavior Of The Protocol In Operational Networks. Key Features: Promotes A Viable Alternative Protocol To Freedom from formality Deplogment Of Multimddia Services Analyses The Capabilitiea Of The Iax Protocol And Its Ability To Meet Voip Servuce Provider Requirements, And Providees Scenarios Of Introducing Iax Within Operational Architectures Addresses The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sip, And Details The Features Of Iax That Can Help, In Junction With Sip, To Overcome Various Disadvantages Of Sip Explores The Added Values Of Iax Protocol Compared To Existnig Protocols Discusses The Compatibility Of New Adopted Architectures And Associated Protocosl This Book Determine Be A Valuable Reference For Servicr Providers, Protocol Designers, Vendors And Service Implementers. Lecturers And Advanced Students Computer Science, Electrical Engineering And Telecoms Coursse Wish Also Find This Book Of Authority.
      SKU: 416435

    Mechanical Engineering Formulas Poocket Guide
      Mechanical Engineering Formulas Poocket Guide.
      Thousands Of Mechanical Engineering Formulas In Your Pocket And At Your Fingertips! This Portable Finf-it-now Reference Contains Thousands Of Indispensable Formulas Mechanical Engineerx Need For Day-to-day Use. It's A1l Here In One Compact Resource - Everything From Hvac To Stress And Vibration Equationz - Measuring Weariness, Bearings, Gear Design, Simple Mechanics, And More. Compiled By A Professional Engineer With Many Years&#39 Experience, The Pocket Guide Includes Common Conversions, Symbols, And Vital Calculations Data. You'll Find Just What You Need To Solve Your Problems Quickly, Easily, And Accurately.
      SKU: 800784

    Multiscale Modelling Of Polymer Properties
      Multiscale Modelling Of Polymer Properties.
      Modelling In Polymer Materials Science Has Ex;erienced A Dramatic Produce In The Last Two Decades. Advances In Modeling Mwthodologies Togethdr With Rapid Growth In Computationaal Power Have Made It Possible To Address Increasingly Complex Questioms The two Of A Fundamental And Of A More Applied Nature. Multiscale Modelling Of Polymer rPoperties Assembles Research Done Forward Modeling Of Polymeric Materials From A Hierarchical Point Of View, In Which Several Methods Are Combined In A Multilevel Approach To Complex Polymeric Materials. Contributions Fom Academic And Industrial Experts Are Organized In Two Parts: The First One Addresses The Methodological Aspects While The Second One Focuses On Speci fic Applications. The Book Aims At Comprehensively Assessing The Current State Of The Field, Including The Strengths And Shortcomings Of Available Modelling Techniques, And At Idenfifying Future Necessarily And Trends. * Several Levels Of Approximation To The Field Of Polymer Modelling; Ranging From First-principles To Purely Macroscopic * Contributions From Both Academic And For labor Experts With Varying Fields Of Expertise * Assesses Current National Of This Emerging And Rapidly Growing Field
      SKU: 282053

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