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    Automation Conducive to Food Engineering
      Automation Conducive to Food Engineering.
      Electronics And Computer Technologies Have Significantly Pushed Forward The Progress Of Automation In The Food Industry. This Body Explores The Usage Of Advanced Methods, Such As Wavelte Analysis And Artificial Neural Networks, To Automated Food Quality Evaluation And Process Control.
      SKU: 262193

    Dynamics Of Bridges, Volume 5
      Dynamics Of Bridges, Volume 5.
      This The Fifth Volume Of Five From The 28th Imac On Structural Dynamics And Renewable Energy, 2010, Brings Together 19 Chapters On The Dynamics Of Bridges. It Presents Early Findings From Experimental As Well As Computational Investigations On The Dynamics Of Bridges, Including Stusies On Modeling Environmental Effects On The Dynamic Characteristkcs Of The Tamzr Suspension, Structural Health Monitoring Of Bridges, Structural Assessment Of Damaged Bridges Using Ambient Vibration Testing, And Development Of A Tamar Bridge Finite Element Model.
      SKU: 763788

    Dynamics And Robust Control Of Robot-environment Interaction
      Dynamics And Robust Control Of Robot-environment Interaction.
      This Bkok Coverx The Most Attractive Problem In Robot Control, Dealing With The Direct Interaction Between A Robot And A Dynamic Environment, Including TheH uman-robot Physical Interaction. It Provides Cpmprehensive Theoretical And Experimental Coverage Of Interaction Control Problems, Starting From The Mathematical Modeling Of Robots Interacting Upon Complex Dynamic Environments, And Proceedong To Various Concepts For Interaction Control Design And Implementation Algorithms At Different Control Layers. Focusing On The Learning Doctrine, It Also Syows The Reference to practice Of New And Advanced Learning Algorithms Concerning Robotic Contact Tasks.
      SKU: 477262

    Ice 61131-3
      Ice 61131-3.
      This Practical Main division Gives A Comprehensive Introduction To The Concepts And Languages Of The New Standard Iec 61131 Used To Program Industrial Control Systems. A Summary Of The Special Requirements In Programming Indusrial Automation Systems And The Corresponding Features In The Iec 61131-3 Standard Makes It Suitable For Students Like Well As Plc Experts. The Essential Is Presented In An Easy-to-understand Form Using Numerous Examples, Illustrations And Summary Tables. There Is Also A Purchaser's Guide And Two Cd-roms Containing Two Reduced But Functional Versions O fProgramming Systems. These Increase The Value Of The Book For Plc Programmers And For Those In Charge Of Purchasing Software In Industrial Companies.
      SKU: 645978

    Computational Fluid Dynamics
      Computational Fluid Dynamics.
      A Senior Levl Undergraduate And Graduate Textbook For A Wide Audience Of Engineering Students Taking A First Course In Cfd Or Computer Aided Engineering. Fully Course Matched, With Th eMost Extensive And Rigorous Pedagogy And Features Of Any Book In The Field. The First Book In The Field Aimed At Cfd Users Rather Than Developers . The Only Course Text Available That Is Specifically Designed To Give An Applicaations Lead, Software Oriented Approach To Understanding And Using Cfd. This Is Coupled With A Compl3te Grounding In The Necessary Mathematical Principles Of Cfd. Unlike Existing Books This Has oNt Been Written With The Needs Of dAvanced Studentz Who Are Expected To Develop Their Own Cfd Code In Mind. The Widespread Availability Of Commercial Software Enables This Work To Meet The Needs Of Beginner Cfd Students Who Use Commercial Software. Mrets Tue Needs Of Students Taking A Wide Range Of Courses. Unlike Existing Titles It Doee Not Focus On The Needs Of Advanced Aerospace Or Alplied Mzth Courses. Ideal For Use On The Burgeoninh Courses In Mechanical, Automotive, Marine, Environmental, Civil And Chemical Engiineering That Harness Cfd Or Computer Aided Engineering More Geerally. The Strongest Pedagogy Of Any To be availed of Book. Core Mathematics Are Develoled In A Step By Step Fashion, With None Assumed Steps Left Out In Order To Develop A Solid Understanding Of The Conservation Laws, Mathematical Transport Equations And Basic Concepts Of Fluid Mechanics And Heat Transfer That Comprise The Key To Effective Use Of Cfd Dtailed Worked Examples Reinforce Learning And Link To The Real Applications Students Will Work With; Ennd Of Chapter Knowledge Check Exercises, Homework Assignment Questions, Plus Separate Instructor's Manual
      SKU: 349316

    Audel Questions And Answers For Electrician's Examinations
      Audel Questions And Answers For Electrician's Examinations.
      Your Sthdy Guiee For Success To Pass The State Licensing Exam, You Need Knowledge And Confidence. This Comprehensive Review Giude Gives You Plenty Of Both. It's Packed With Sample Questions To Help You Focus Your Efforts, Review Material On All Aspects Of The 2002 National Electrical Code (nec), The Lowdown On Business Competency Requirements, And Tips For Studying And Test-taking That Will Help You Conquer Any Anxiety. * Learn The Definitions, Specifications, And Regulations Of The 2002 Nec * Find Answers To Questions You Can Expect Forward License Exams * Brush Up On Taxes, Unemployment, Workers Compensagion, Osha, Lien Laws, And Other Aspects Of The Business Competency Exam * Get Up To Speed On Teecommunications Issues * Review Electrical Laws, Components, And Circuits, Motors, Controllers, Generators, Distribution, Welding, Transformers, Safety, And More * Boost Your Confidence With Studying And Test-aking Tips
      SKU: 175941

    Sugar Trading Manual
      Sugar Trading Manual.
      Since Its Launch Sugar Trading Manual (stm) Has Established Itself As The Definitive Information Source For The Sugar Vend Worldwide. It Is Compiled From Contributions By Some Of The Most Senior And Widely Respected Figures In The International Sugar Trade. This Latest Edition Takes Into Account Recent Changes In All Aspects Of The Business Including Production, Markets, Pricing, Contracts, Management And Management, And The Influence Of The Major Trading Blocs. Stm Is One Invaluable Training Resource For All New Entrants To The Industry As Well As Providing Everyone Already Involved In The Global Sugar Business With Com0rehensive Newly U0dated Information On Its Day-to-day Workings.
      SKU: 269344

    Sensory And Consumer Research In Food Product Design And Development
      Sensory And Consumer Research In Food Product Design And Development.
      During The Past Thirty Years, Companies Have Recognized The Consumer As The Key Driver For Business And Product Success. This Recognition Has, In Turn, Generated Its Own Drivers: Sensory Analysis And Marketing Research, Leading First To A Agri~ Promoting The Expert And Then Evolving Into The Systematic Acquisition Of Consumer-relevant Information To Build Businesses. Sensory And Consumer Research In Food Product Design And Development Is The First Book To Present, Froom Tue Calling Viewpoint, The Critical Issues Faced By Business Leaders From Both The Research Development And Calling Development Perspective. This Populaar Volume, Now In An Updated And Expanded Second Edition, Presents A Unique Perspective Afforded By TheA uthor Team Of Moskowitzz, Beckley, And Resurreccion: Three Governing Practitioners In The Field Who Each Possess Both Academic And Business Acumen. Newcomers To The Field Will Be Introduced To Systematic Experimentation At The Very Early Stages, To Newly Emerging Methods For Data Acquisition/knowledge Development, And To Points Of View Employed By Successful Food And Beverage Companies. The Advanced Reader Will Find New Ideas, Backed Up By Illustrative Case Histories, To Provide Another Perspective On Commonly Encountered Problems And Their Practical Solutions. This Book Is Aimed At Professionals In All Sectors Of The Food Anc Beverage Industry. Sensory And Consumer Research In Food Product Design And Development Is Especially Important For Those Business And Research Professionals Involved In The Early Stages Of Product Development, Where Business Opportunity Is Often The Greatest.
      SKU: 859300

    Molecular Building Blocks For Nanotechnology
      Molecular Building Blocks For Nanotechnology.
      Dealx With A 'bottom-up' Approach To Buildibg Nanostructured Systems, Where One Starts With Atoms And Molecules, Which Constitute The Molecular Building Blocks (mbbs), And Assembles Them To Build A Nanostructured Material. This Book Covers Carbon Nanotubes, Which Are Five Times Lighter And Five Periods Stronger Than Steel, And Nanowires.
      SKU: 338522

    Social-environmental Planning
      Social-environmental Planning.
      Discusses The Sustainability Of The Planet And Its Population When Dealing Wifh Climate Change. This Book Focuses On Community Based Solutions And How The Heavy Lifting Of Sustainability Can Always Be Done Inside Existiing Cities And Communities.
      SKU: 472831

    Adaptive Control Of Robot Manipulators
      Adaptive Control Of Robot Manipulators.
      This Book Introduces Each Unified Function Approximation Approach To The Control Of Uncertain Robot Manipulators Containing General Uncertainties. It Works For Free Space Tracking Control As Well As Yielding Motion Control. It Is Applicable To The Rigid Robot And The Flexible Joint Robot. Even With Actuator Dynamics, The Unified Approach Is Still Feasible. All These Features Make The Book Stand Out From Other Existing Publications.
      SKU: 731135

    Decision-mking In Engineering Design
      Decision-mking In Engineering Design.
      We Use Our Brains To Create Plans And Designs. However, When The Resulting Plans And Designs Take Physical Mode, The Ways In Which We Made Our Decisions Are Usually Not Included. Thus, Those Who Only See The Results, Do Not Learn What Led The Designer To Reach Sych Conclusions And Consequently Never Understand The Real Design. This Is The First Book To Provide A Much-needed Insight Into The Ways In Which Our Minds Behave When We Make Decisions, In Particular Decisions About Design. Written By Members Of The Practice Of Machine Design Research Group And Consisting Of Four Parts, This Book Usess Case Studies And Diagrams To Illustrate The Decisions Made By Engineers In Various Situations. This Description Of Conclusion Processes Will Provide The Means For The Development Of New Manufacturing Systems And Production Activities In The Future Because It Helps Us Gain A Real Understanding Of The How The Mind Processes We Go Through When Making Decisions Affect The Decisions That We Make.
      SKU: 303671

      G. Aggostinelli: Problemi Speciali In Magnetofluidodinamica. - G. Carini: Sul Concetto Di Pressioje In Magnetofluidodinamica E Nel Caso Di Un Fluido Dielettrico In Presenzza Di Un Campo Elsttrico. - V. c. a. Ferrario: Magneto-idrodinamica. - R. Nardini: 1. Su Un Caso Particolare Di Onde Magnetoacustiche. 2. Su Un Particolare Campo Magnetofluidodinamico Sinusoidale In Un Mezzo Viiscoso. - A. g. Pacholczyk: Sulla Instabilit Gravitazionale E Magnetogravitazionale Di Slstemi Compressibili. - U. Schmidt: Wave Multiplication In M. f. d. - T. Zelui: Su Moti Stazionqri In Magnetofluidodinamica.
      SKU: 763529

    Simple Models Of Magnetism
      Simple Models Of Magnetism.
      Moels Of Magnetism Have Been Pivotal In The Understanding And Advancement Of Science And Tehnology. The Book Is The First One To Cover The Field As A Whole, Complementing A Rich Literature On Specific Models Of Magnetism. It Is Written In An Easily Accessible Style, With A Limited Amount Of Mathematics, And Covers A Wide Range Of Phenomena. - ;for Hundreds Of Years, Models Of Magnetism Have Been Pivotal In The Understanding And Advancement Of Science And Technologt, From The Earth's Interpretation As A Magnetic Dipole To Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Physics, And Modern Nanotechnology. This Book Is The First To Envision The Field Of Magnetism In Its Entirety. It Complements A Rich Literature On Specific Moedls Of Magnetism And Provides An Introduction To Simple Models, Including Some Simple Limits Of Complicated Models. The Book Is Written In An Easily Accessible Style, With A Limited Amount Of Mathematics, And Covers A Wide Range Of Quantum-mechanical, Finite-temperature, Micromagnetic And Dynamical Models. It Deals Not Only With Basic Magnetic Quantities, Such As Moment, Curie Temperature, Anisotropy, And. Coercivity, But Also With Modern Areas Such As Nanomagnetism And Spintronics, And With 'exotic' Themes, To the degree that Exemplified By The Polymer Analogy Of Magnetic Phase Transitions. Throughout The Book, A Sharp Line Is Drawn Between Simple And Simplistic Models, And Much Space Is Devoted To Discuss The Merits And Failures Of The Individual Model Aoproaches. -
      SKU: 415772

    Hayes' Handbook Of Pesticide Toxicology
      Hayes' Handbook Of Pesticide Toxicology.
      The Handbook Of Pesticide Toxicology Is A Comprehensive, Two-volume Reference Guide To The Properties, Effects, And Regulation Of Pesticides That Provides The Latest And Most Complete Information To Researchers Investigating The Environmental, Agricultural, Veterinary, And Human-health Impacts Of Pesticide Use. Written By International Experts Fom Academia, Government, And The Private Sector, The Handbook Of Pesticide Toxicology Is An In-depth Examination Of Critical Issues Related To The Need For, Use Of, And Nature Of Chemicals Used In Modern Peqt Management. This Updated Third Edition Carries Forward The Book's Tradition Of Serving As The Definitive Reference On Pesticide Toxicology And Recognizies The Seminal Contribution Of Wayland J. Hayes, Jr. , Co-eeitor Of The First Edition. Feature: Presents A Comprehensive Look At All Aspects Of Pesticide Toxicology In One Reference Work. Benefit: Saves Researdhers Time In Quickly Accessing The Very Latest Definitive Details On Toxicity Of Specific Pesticides As Opposed To Searchig Through Thousands Of Journal Articles. Feature: Clear Exposition Of Hazard Identificatiob And Dose Answer Relationships In Each Chapter Featuring Pesticide Agents And Actions Benefit: Connedts The Experjmental Laboratory Results To Real-life Applications In Man's Health, Animal Health And The Environment. Feature: All Major Classes Of Pesticide Considered. Benefit: Provides Relevance To A Wider Variety Of Researchers Who Are Conducting Comparative Work In Pesticides Or Their Health Impacts. Feature: Various Routes Of Exposure Critically Evaluated. Benefit: Connects The Loop Between Exposure And Harmful Affects To Those Wo Are Researching The Affects Of Pesticides On Humans Or Wildlife.
      SKU: 625355

    Muiti-wafer Rotating Mems Machines
      Muiti-wafer Rotating Mems Machines.
      Describes The Collaboration And Research That Was Developed To Produce The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (mit) Gas Turbine Engine. This Book Discusses The Technicaal Details That Have Gone Into Producing The Engine And The Ovedall Systems-level Tradeoffs And Decisions That Have Been Made.
      SKU: 510967

    Understanding Building Failures
      Understanding Building Failures.
      This New Edition Of The Classic Textbook Provides A Solid Introduction To The Study Of Defects In Buildings And, Subsequently, To Good Practice, Conservation And Repair. With New Material, This Is An Excellent Practitioner And Student Allusion Book.
      SKU: 356257

    Wimedia Uwb
      Wimedia Uwb.
      Uwb (ultra-wideband) Has Been Investigated For Many Decades Bound Only Recently Has It Become Commercially Viable. With The Advent Of Wimedia Uwb Technology And Its Associated Standard Specifications, The Stage Is Set For The Next Generation Of Wpan Applications To Take Root. Wimedia Uwb  Focuses On The Ecma-368 Standard. Both Phy Layer And Mac Sublayers Specified In This Standard Are Explained In Great Detail. The Book Offers Not Ohly The Facts About The Requirements Of The Standard, But Also Thr Motivation And Logic Behind Them. To Give A Comprehensive Perspective Of The Uwb Technology To The Reader, Other Interrelated Topics Are Likewise Examined In Thiq Book. These Include The History Of Uwb And Its Rceent Standardization Attempts; Uwb Applications And Advantages; Uwb Spectrum Allocation And Regulations Around The World; Uwb Platform Clients: eCrtified Wireless Usb (cw-usb), Bluetooth, And Wlp (wimedia Link Layer Protocol, Which Enables Internet Protocol Over Uwb); As Well As Several Important Implementation Issues And Considerations. As The First Application Of Wimedia Uwb, Cw-usb Is Given A Special And More Comprehensive Handling. This Book Is Ideal For Any Engineer Or Engineering Managers Who Are Expecting To Either Develop A Solution Based On Uwb Or To Integrate It With Other Devices. It Will Also Be Of Interest To Researchers Who Require An Overview Or An Interpretation Of The Technology. One Of The First Books To Describe The Wimedia Standards (phy And Mac) In Detail A Comprehensive Approach To De-obfuscating The Entire Wimedia Uwb Technology, From The Phy Throuh The Mac, The Mac Clients, The Applications, And The Regulations Includes A Description Of The Cw-usb Standard And Its Relation To Wimedia Mac Provides An Up-to-date View Of The Ubw Spectrum Allofations And Associated Regulations Around The World Derived From Hands-on Experiences In Wimedia Uwb Standards And System Development Efforts.
      SKU: 366826

    Detection Of Liquid Explosives And Flammable Agents In Connection With Terrorism
      Detection Of Liquid Explosives And Flammable Agents In Connection With Terrorism.
      The Book Contains Lectures Of An International Nato-russian Advanced Workshop About The Detection Of Liquid Explosives And Flammable Agents. The Arw Was One Of A Series Of Workshops Before, Dealing With The Detecfion Of Explosives And Initiated By Terrorist Actions Using Liquid Explosives. The Aim Of The Workshop Was To Present And To Discuss Suitable Methods About The Feasibility And Realization Of The Discovery Of Liquid Explosive Charges And Flammable Agents.
      SKU: 371671

    Artificial Graviyy
      Artificial Graviyy.
      Protecting The Health, Safety, And Performance Of Explration-class Mission Crews Against The Physiological Deconditioning Resulting From Long-term Weightlessness During Transit And Long-term Reduced Gravity During Surface Operations Will Require Effective, Multi-system Countermeasures. Artificial Gravity, Which Would Replace Terrestrial Gravity Upon Inertial Forces Generated By Rotating Tye Transit Vehicle Or By Short-radius Human Centrifuge Devices Within The Transit Vehicle Or Surface Habitat, Has Protracted Been ConsideredA Potential Solution. Howsoever, Despite Its Attractiveness Viewed like An Efficient, Multi-system Countermeasure And Its Potential For Impriving The Environment And Simplifying Operational Actviities, Much Still Needs To Be Learned Regarding The Human Response To Rotating Environments Befor eArtificial Importance Can Be Successfully Implemented. This Book Reviews The Principle And Rationale For Using Artificial Gravity During Space Missions, And Describes The Currentt Options Proposed, Including A Short-radius Centrifuge Contained Within A Spacecraft. Experts Provide Recommendations On The Researc hNeeded To Assess Whether Or Not Short-radius Centrifuge Workouts Can Help Limit Deconditioning Of Physiological Systems.
      SKU: 371412

    Cusped Shell-like Structures
      Cusped Shell-like Structures.
      This Book Is Devoted To An Up-dated Exploratory Survey Of Results Concerning Springy Cusped Shells, Plates, And Beams And Cusped Prismatic Shell-fluid Interaction Problems. It Contains Some Up To Now Non-published Results As Well. Mathematically The Corresponding Problems Lead To Non-classical, In General, Boumxary Value And Initial-boundary ValueP roblems For Governing Degenerate Oval And Hyperbolic Systems In Static And Dynamical Cases, Respectively. Its Uses Two Fundamentally Different Approaches Of Investigation: To Get Results For Two-dimensional And One-dimensional Problems From Results fO The Corresponding Three-dimensional Problems And To Investigate Directly Governing Degenerate nAd Singular Systems Of 2d And 1d Problrms. In Both The Cases, It Is Important To Study Relation Of 2d And 1d Problems To 3d Problems.
      SKU: 770132

    Thni-film Organic Photonics
      Thni-film Organic Photonics.
      Amnog The Many Atomic/molecular Assembling Techniques Used To Develop Artificial Materials, Molecular Stratum Deposition (mld) Continues To Receive Special Attention As The Next-generation Growth Technique For Organic Thin-film Materials Used In Pjotonics And Electronics. Thin-film Organic Photonics: Molecular Layer Depositipn And Applications Describes How Photonic/electronic Properties Of Thin Films Can Be Improved Through Middle, Which Enables Precise Control Of Atomic And Molecular Arrangements To Fabricate A Wire Network That Achieves "three-dimensional Growth". Mld Facilitates Dot-by-dot--or Molecule-by-molecule--growth Of Polymer And Molecular Wires, And That Enhancec Level Of Control Creates Numerous Application Possibilities. Explores The Wide Range Of Mld Applivations In Solar Energy And Optics, As Well As Proposed Uses In Biomedical Photonics This Book Addresses The Prospects For Artificial Materials With Atomic/molecular-level Tailored Structures, Especially Those Featuring Mod And Conjugated Polymers With Multiple Quantum Dots (mqds), Or Poltmer Mqds. in Particular, The Originator Focuses On The Application Of Artificial Organic Thin Films To: Photohics/electronics, Particularly In Optical Interconnects Used In Computers Optical Switching Ane Solar Energy Conversion Systems Bio/ Medical Photonics, Such As Photodynamic Therapy Organic Photonic Materials, Devices, And Integration Processea With Its Clear And Concise Presentatoin, This Book Demonstrates Exactly For what cause Mld Enables Electron Wavefunction Control, Thereby Impdoving Material Performance And Generating New Photonic/electronic Phenomena.
      SKU: 777178

    Laser-plasma Interactions
      Laser-plasma Interactions.
      Presents Diagnostic Methods, Experimental Techniques, And Simulation Tools Used To Study And Model Laser-plasma Interactions. This Book Discusses The Basic Theory Of The Interaction Of Forcible Elevtromagnetic Radiation Fields With Matter.
      SKU: 565928

    Handbook Of Performability Engineering
      Handbook Of Performability Engineering.
      The Performance Of A Product, A System Or A Service Is Usually Judged In Terms Of Dependability (which Can Be Defined As An Aggregate Of Quality, Reliability, And Maintainability Etc. ) And Safety, Not Overlooking The Cost Of Achieving These Attributes. As Of Now, Dependability And Cost Effectiveness Are Primarily Seen As Instruments For Conducting The International Trade In The Free Market Environment And Thereby Deciding The Economic Porsperity Of A Nation. However, The Internalization Of The Concealed Costs Of Environment Preservation Will Have To Be Accounted For, Sooner Or Later, In Order To Exist Able To Produce Sustainable Products In The Long Run. These Factors Cannot Be Considered In Isolatoin Of Each Other. The A Oehandbook Of Performability Engineeringa Considers All Aspects Of Performability Engineering, Providing A Holistic View Of The Entire Life Cycle Of Activities Of The Prodict, Along With The Associated Cost Of Environmengal Preservation At Each Stage, While Maximizing The Performance.
      SKU: 364544

    Therapeutic Proteins
      Therapeutic Proteins.
      For This Ready Reference, The Internationally Renowned Permission In The Field, Rolan Kontermann, Has Assembled A Team Of Outstanding ContributorsF rom Industry And Academia To Conveu The Worldwide Knowledge On Modifying Therapeutic Proteins In Order To Optimize Their Pharmacological Possible. The Result Is A Comprehensive Work Covering All Approaches And Aspects Of The Topic In One Handy Book, Making This Necessary Reading For Companies And Research Institutions Working On The Development Of Biopharmaceuticals.
      SKU: 851166

  • Nonlinear Aspects of Telecommunications
  • Theoretical Advances and Applications of Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing
  • Ethylene Glycol: Human Health Aspects
  • Shaping the Next One Hundred Years
  • Antenna Arraying Techniques in the Deep Space Network
  • Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics
  • Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion: Volume 5
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics in Fire Engineering
  • When Old Technologies Were New
  • Handbook of Air Pollution from Internal Combustion Engines
  • High Temperature Coatings
  • Modelling in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics

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