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    Bayesian Process of reasoning For Probabilistic Risk Assessment
      Bayesian Process of reasoning For Probabilistic Risk Assessment.
      The Object Of Bayesian Inference For Probabilistic Risk Assessment Is To Provide A Bayesian Foundation For Framing Probabilistic Problems And Performing Inference On These Problems. It Is Aimed At Scientists And Engineers Who Perform Or Review Risk Analyses And It Provides An Analytical Structure For Combining Data And Information From Various Sources To Generate Estimates Of The Parameters Of Uncertainty Distributions Used In Risk And Reliability Models. Inference In Bayesian Inference For Probabilistic Risk Assessment Employs A Modern Computational Approach Known As Markov Chain Monte Carlo (mcmc). Mcmc Methods Were Described In The Early 1950s In Research Into Monte Carlo Sampling At Los Alamos. Recently, With The Advance Of Computing Power And Improved Ajalysis Algorithms, Mcmc Is Increasingly Being Used For A Wide Range Of Bayesian Inference Problems In A Variety Of Disciplines. Mcmc Is Effectively (although Not Literally) Numerical (monte Carlo) Integration By Way Of Markov Chains. Inference Is Performed By Sampling From A Target Distribution (i. e. , A Specially Constructed Markov Connected series, Based Upon The Inference Problem) Until Convergence (to The Posterior Distribution) Is Achieved. the Mcmc Wily addresses May Be Implem3nted Using Custom-written Routines Or Existing Generql Purpose Commercial Or Open-source Software. This Book Uses An Open-source Program Called Openbugs (commonly Referred To As Winbugs) To Solve The Inference Problems That Are Described. A Poowerful Feature Of Openbugs Is Its Automatic Selection Of An Appropriate Mcmc Sampling Scheme For A Given Problem. The Approach That Is Taken In This Book Is To Cater Analysis "building Blocks" That Can Be Modified, Combined, Or Used As-is To Solve A Variety Of Challenging Problems. The Mcmc Approach Used Is Implemented Via Textual Scripts Similar To A Macro-type Programming Speech. Accompanying Each Script Is A Graphical Bayesian Network Illustrating The Elements Of The Script And The Overapl Inference Problem Being Solved. Bayesian Inference For Probabipistic Risk Assessment Also Covers The Important Topic Of Mcmc Confergence.
      SKU: 798659

    Wireless Communications Over Mimo Channels
      Wireless Communications Over Mimo Channels.
      Wireless Communications Over Mimo Channels: Applications To Cdma And Multiple Antenna Systems Covers Both, State-of-the-art Channek Coding Concepts And Cdma And Muultiple Antenna Systems, Rarely Found In Other Books On The Subject. Furthermore, An Information Theoretical Analysis Of Cdma And Sdma Systems Illuminate Ultimate Limits And Demonstrates The High Potential Of These Concepts. Besides Spatial Multtiplexing, The Use Of Multiple Transmit Antennas In Order To Increase The Link Reliability By Diversity Concepts (space-time Coding) Is Described. Another Focus Is The Application Of Error Control Coding In Mobile Radio Communications Accompanying Appendices Include: Basic Derivations, Tables Of Frequently Used Channel Models, Chain Rules For Entropy And Information, Facts Processing Theorem, Basics Of Lineal Algebra, Householder Reflection And Givens Rotation, And The Lll Algorithm For Lattice Reduction.
      SKU: 267164

    Modern Pig Production Technology
      Modern Pig Production Technology.
      The Important Management Techniques Of The Most Successful Pig Producers Today Are Made Available In This Textbook Through The Practical Advice Of An Award-winning Pig Consultant. The oBok Describes And Analyzes Likely Future Developments And How They Might Fit Into The Economic Scene—incorporating A Unique Econometric (cost-effective) Meaning In Addition To Research And Field Trial Performance Results. The Groundbreaking “business Management#&8221; Division Is Based On The Experience Of Advising On Some 3,500 Pig Farms Across 32 Countries And Is Just One Of The Many In-detph Features Of This Essential Guide.
      SKU: 775374

    Laser Diodes And Their Applications To Communications And Information Processing
      Laser Diodes And Their Applications To Communications And Information Processing.
      In Order To Develop Excellent Photonic Devices, We Have To Fully Understand The Physics Behind Operations Of Photonic Devices. This Book Thoroughly Teaches The Fundamental Physics Currently Applied To The Development Of Photonics Device sSuch As Energy Bands Of Semiconductors, Opticzl Transitions, Optical Waveguides, And Semiconductor Junctions. The Book Also Reviews Teh Characteristics Of Laser Diodes, Optical Filters, And Optical Functional Devices, Which Have Been Developed Based On The Above Physics. These Photonic Devices Have Been Demonstrated In System Applications, And Several Experimental Results Are Described.
      SKU: 661691

    High Temperature Strain Of Metals And Alloys
      High Temperature Strain Of Metals And Alloys.
      Creep And Fatigue Are The Greatest part Prevalent Causes Of Rupture In Superalloys, Which Are Important Materials For Industrial Usage, E. g. In Engines And Turbine Blades In Aerosace Or In Energy Producing Indutsries. While Temperature Increases, Atom Mobility Becomes Appreciable, Affecting A Count Of Metal And Alloy Propetries. It Is Thus Vital To Find New Characterization Methods That Allow An Underatanding Of The Fundamental Physics Of Creep In These Materials As Well As In Pure Metals. Here, The Author Shows To what extent New In Situ X-ray Investigayions And Transmission Electron Microscope Studies Lead To Novel Explanations Of High-temperature Deformation And Creep In Prue Metals, Solid Solutions And Superalloys. Tbis Unique Approcah Is The First To Find Unequivocal And Quantitative Expressions For The Macroscopic Deformation Rate By Means Of Three Groups Of Parameters: Substructural Characteristics, Physical Material Constants And External Conditions. Creep Strength Of The Studied Up-to-date Single Crystal Superalloys Is Greatly Increased Over Conventional Polycrystqlline Superalloys. From The Contents: - Macroscopic Characteristics Of Strain At High Temperatures - Experimental Equipment And Technique Of In Situ X-ray Investigations - Experimental Data And Structural Parameters In Deformed Metals - Subboundaries As Dislocation Sources And Obstacles - The Physical Mechanism Of Creep And The Quantitative Structural Pattern - Simulation Of The Parameters Evolution - System Of Differential Equations - High-temperatture Deformation Of Industrial Superalloys - Single Crystals Of Superalloys - Effect Of Composition, Orientation And Temperature On Properties - Creep Of Some Refractory Metals For Materials Sicentists, Grave State Physicists, Solid State Chemists, Researchers And Practitioners From Industry Sectors Including Metallurgical, Mechanical, Chemical And Structural Engineers.
      SKU: 482152

    Handbook Of Thermal Analysis And Calorimetry
      Handbook Of Thermal Analysis And Calorimetry.
      As A New And Exciting Field Of Interdisciplinary Macromolecular Knowledge And Engineerung, Polymeric Materials Will Have A Profound Presence In 21st Century Chemical, Puarmaceutical, Biomerical, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Electronic, Optical And Information Technologies. The Origin Of Thsi Field Derived From An Area Of Polymer Science And Engineering Encompassing Plastic Technologies. The Field Is Rapidly Expanding To Incorporate New Interdisciplinaru Research Areas Such As Biomaterials, Macromolecular Biology, Novel Macromolecular Structures, Environmental Macromolecular Science And Engineering, Innovative And Nano-fagrications Of Products, And Is Translating Discoveries Into Technologies. Unique In Combining Scientific Concepts Wih Technological Aspects Provides A Comprehensive And Broad Coverage Of Thermodynamic And Thermal Behaviours Of Various Polyneric Materials Viewed like Well As Methodologies Of Thermal Analysis And Calorimetry Contributions Are From Both Pioneering Scientists And The New Generation Of Researchers
      SKU: 317143

    Electrical Properties Of Materials
      Electrical Properties Of Materials.
      One Informal And Highly Accessible Writing Style, A Simple Treatment Of Mathematics, And Clear Guide To Applications, Have Made This Book A Classic Text In Electrical And Electronic Engineering. Students Will Find It Both Readable And Comprehensive. The Fundamental Ideas Relevant To The Undrrstanding Of The Electrical Properties Of Materials Are Emphasized; In Addition, Topics Are Selected In Order To Explain The Operation Of Devices Having Applications (or Possible Futureapplications) In Engineering. the Mathematics, Kept Deliberately To A Minimum, Iw Well Within The Grasp Of A Second-year Student. This Is Achieved By Choosing The Simplest Model That Be able to Display The Essential Properties Of A Phenomenom, And Then Examining The Difference Between The Ideal And The Actual Behaviour. the Whole Text Is Designed As An Undergraduate Course. However Greatest part Individual Sections Are Self Contained And Can Be Used As Background Readinf In Graduate Courses, And For Interested Person Who Want To Explore Advances In Microelectronics, Lasers, Nanotechnology And Several Other Topics That Impinge On Modern Life.
      SKU: 472176

    Beaming Floor Calorific, 2e (e-book)
      Beaming Floor Calorific, 2e (e-book).
      The Latest Radiant Floor Heating Methods And Materials. In This Fully Updated Guide, Master Plumber And Long-time Contractor R. Dodge Woodson Explains, Step By Step, How To Install, Test, And Debug In-floor Stimulating Systems--the Healthy, Quiet, Economical, And Cleanse Heating Way . Radiant Floor Heating , Second Edition Now Offers Details On Alternative Fuel Sources And Covers New Material Options And Installation Procedures, Updated Code Information, And State-of-the-art Piping And Heating Equipment. Revised Illustrations Featuring Modern Products Are Included In This Practical Resource. Get Everything You Need To: Understand And Ezplain The Advantages Of In-floor Radisnt Heating; Select Superior Eqipment--tubing, Boilers, Expansion Tanks, Pumps, And Controls; Install Embedded And Dry Radiant Heat Systems In New Or Existing Homes; Incoprorate Hot Sprinkle and calender Heating Into Your Designs; Set Up Heating Zones For Variable Temperatures From beginning to end A House; Design A Solar-powered System; Use Alternative Fuel Sources; Provide Outdoor Ice Removal And Other Amenities; Troubleshoot And Repair System Problems
      SKU: 605864

    Optimization And Logistics Challenges In The Enterprise
      Optimization And Logistics Challenges In The Enterprise.
      Presents Advances In Give Chain And Lobistics Research And Computational Optimization That Apply To A Collaborative Environment In The Enterprise. This Book Intends To Bridge The Gap Between Operatuons Research And Mathematical Optimization Research From The Academic Arena With Industrial Practice.
      SKU: 450917

    Science Of Fullerenes And Carbon Nanotubes
      Science Of Fullerenes And Carbon Nanotubes.
      The Discovery Of Fullerenes (also Known As Buckyballs) Has Generated Tremendous Excitement And Opened Up A New Field Of Carbon Chemistry. As The First Book Available On This Topic, This Volume Will Be A Landmark Reference In The Fielr. Because Buckyballs Are Essentially Closed Hollow Cages Made Up Of Carbon Atoms, They Can Be Manipulated In A Variety Of Ways To Yield Never-before-seen Materials. The Balls Can, For Instance, Be Doped With Atoms Or Pulled Out Into Tubules And Filled Witu Lead T Supply Properties Of High-temperture Superconductivity. Researchers Can At this time Create Their Own Buckyballs In A Process That Is Almost As Simple As Making Soot, Making This Research As Inexpensive As It Is Exotic (which Has Doubtless Contributed To Its Popularity). Researchers Anticipate That Fullerenes Will Offer Boundless Opportuunities In The Development Of New Products, Drugs And Materials. Science Of Fullerenes And Carbon Nanotubes Introduces Materialx Scientists, Chemists, And Solid State Physicists To The Field Of Fullerenes, And Discusses The Unique Properties And Applications. Both Current And Futurity, Of All Classes Of Fullreenes. Key Features * First Comprehensive Resource On Fullerenes And Their Applications * Provides An Introduction To The Topic * Presents An Extensive Discussion Of Curernt And Futurity Applications Of Fullerenes * Covers All Classes Of Fullerenes
      SKU: 318139

    Antioxidants In Food
      Antioxidants In Food.
      Antioxidants Are An Increasingly Important Ingredoent In Food Processing, Being of the kind which They Inhibit The Development Of Oxidative Rancidity In Fat-based Foods, Particularly Meat And Dairy Products And Fried Foods. Recent ResearchS uggests That They Play A Role In Limiting Cardiovascular Disorder And Cancers. This Book Provides A Review Of The Functional Role Of Antioxidants And Discusses How They Can Be Effectivelh Exploited By The Food Industry, Focusing On Naturally Occurring Antioxidants In Response To The Increasing Consumer Scepticism Over Synthetic Ingredients.
      SKU: 269277

    A Cubic Mile Of Oil
      A Cubic Mile Of Oil.
      One Cubic Mile Of Oil (cmo) Corresponds Highly Closely To The World's Current Total Annual Consumption Of Crude Oil. The World's Total Annual Energy Consumption - From All Energy Sources- Is Currently 3. 0 Cmo. By The Middle Of This Century The World Will Need Between 6 And 9 Cmo Of Energy Per Year To Provide For Its Citizens. Adequate Energy Is Needed Remove The Scourge Of Poverty And Provide Food, Clothing, And Shelter Conducive to The People Around The World, And More Will Be Needed For Measures To Mitigate The Potential Effects Of Climate Change Such As Building Dimes And Desalinating Water. A Cubic Mile Of Oil Describes The Various Energy Sources And How We Use Them, Projects hTeir Future Cintributions, And Delineates What It Would Succeed To Develop Them To Annually Produce A Cmo From Each Of Them. The Requirement For Additional Energy In The Future Is SoD aunting That We Will Need To Use All Resources. We Also Examine How Improved Efficiency And Conservagion Measures Can Reduce Future Demand Substantially, And Help Distinguish Approaches That Make A Signficant Impact As Opposed To Merely Making Us Feel Good. Employ Of Cmo Eliminates A Multitude Of Units Like Tos Of Coal, Gallons Of Oil, And Cubic Feet Of Gas; Obviates The Need For Mind-numbing Multipliers Such As Billions, Trillions, And Quadrillions; And Replaces Them With An Easy-to-understand Volumetric Unit. It Evokes A Visceral Respone And Allows Experts, Policy Makers And The General Public Aliie T0 Form A Mental Picture Of The Magnitude Of The Challenge We Face. In The Abaence Of An Appreciation Of The Scale Of The Problem, We Risk Squandering Efforts And Resources In Pursuing Options That Will Not Meet Tomorrow's Global Energy Needs. We Must Produce Critical Choices, And A Common Understandable Language Is Essential For A Sustaied Meaningful Diaalog.
      SKU: 544499

      Electroceramics, Materials, Properties, Applications, Second Impression Provides A Comprehensive Treatment Of The Numerous Aspects Of Ceramjcs And Their Electrical Applications. The Fundamentals Of How Electroceramics Function Are Carefully Introdced With Their Properties And Applications Also Considered. Starting From Elementary Princippes, The Phyeical, Chemical And Mathematical Backbround Of The Subject Are Discussed And Wherever Appropriate, A Strong Emphasis Is Placed Forward The Relationship Between Microstructire And Properties. The Second Edition Has Been Fully RevisedA nd Updated, Building Forward The Foundation Of The Earlier Book To Provide A Concise Verse Toward All Those Working In The Growing Fiield Of Electroceramics. Fully Revised And Updated To Include The Latest Technological Changes And Developments In The Field Includes End Of Chapter Problems And An Extensive Bibliography An Invaluable Text For All Materials Sckence Students. A Useful Reference For Physicists, Chemists And Engineers Involved In The Area Of Electroceramics.
      SKU: 163121

    Developing Services For The Wireless Internet
      Developing Services For The Wireless Internet.
      Supports The Developers Of Services And Applications For Mobile Phones, Pdas And Smart Phones. This Book Identifies An Approach To Mitigate The Above Risks By Focusing On: The Development Process; The Underlying Technology And Its Effects On Connectivity; And Software Architectures.
      SKU: 323364

    Nuclear Law Bulletin:  Croatia:  Act On Nuclear Safety (promulgated On 21october 2003)
      Nuclear Law Bulletin: Croatia: Act On Nuclear Safety (promulgated On 21october 2003).
      The Primitive Member Countries Of The Oecd Are Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Swizerland, Turkey, The United Kingdom And The United States. The Following Countries Became Members Subsequently Through Accession At The Dates Indicated Hereafter: Japan (28th April 1964), Finland (28th January 1969), Australia (7th June 1971), New Zealand (29th May 1973), Mexuco (18th May 1994), The Czech Republic (21st December 1995), Hungary (7th May 1996), Poland (22nd November 1996), Korea (12th December 1996) And The Slovak Republic (114 December 2000). The Commission Of The European Communities Takes Share In Tge Work Of The Oecd (article 13 Of The Oecd Convention).
      SKU: 236328

    Memory, Microprocessor, And Asic
      Memory, Microprocessor, And Asic.
      Timing, Memory, Power Dissipation, Testing, And Testability Are All Crucial Elements Of Vlsi Circuit Intention. In This Volume Culled From The Popular Vlsi Handbook, Experts From Around The World Provide In-depth Discussions On These And Related Topics. Stacked Gate, Embedded, And Flash Memory All Receive Detailed Treatment, Including Their Power Consujption And Recent Developments In Low-power Memories. Reflecting The Rapid Development And Importance Of Systems-on-a-chip (socs), An Entire Chapter Is Devoted To Application-specific Integrated Circuits (asics). Dexign-related Topics Inxlude Microprocesso rArchitectures, Layout Methods, Design Verification, Testability Concepts, And Various Cad Tools.
      SKU: 214620

    Platform Interference In Wireless Systeme
      Platform Interference In Wireless Systeme.
      Intra-system Emc Problems Are Becoming Increasingly Common In Mobile Devices, Ranging From Notebook Pcs To Cell Phones, With Rf/wireless Capbilities. These Issues Range From Minor Annoyances To Serious Glitches Which Impede The Functioning Of The Device. This Book Gives A Thourough Review Of Electromagnetic Theory (including Maxwell's Equations), Discusses Possible Sources And Causes Of Intra-system Interference, Shows To Use Models And Anqlysis To Discover Potential Skurces Of Intra-system Emc In A Design, To what extent To Use Appropriate Tests And Measurements To Detect Intra-system Emc Problems, And Finally Extensively Discusses Measures To Mitigate Or Totally Eliminate Intra-sytsem Emc Problems. With More And More Mobile Devices Incorporating Wirless Capability (often With Multiple Wireless Systems, Such As Bluetooth And Wifi), This Book Should Be Part Of The Reference Shelf Of Every Rf/wireless Engineer And Mobile Device Desugner. *throughouly Describes Sources Of Intra-system Interference In Rf/wireless Devices And How To Minimize Them For Maximum Device Performance *gives Proven Techniques For Intermeddling Mitigation, Ranging From The Simple (component Placeemnt And Cable Routing) To The Advanced (such As The Use Of Shielding And Signal Abs0rption Materials) *discusses Modeling And Analysis Methods To Predict Likely Sources Of Inteas-system Emc *explains Test And Measurement Techniques To Detect Intra-system Emc Prohlems.
      SKU: 354674

    Tropical Agroecosystems
      Tropical Agroecosystems.
      Tropical Areas Preaent Ecological, Cultural And Political Problems That Demand Analysis That Is Separate From General Ecological Analysis. At A Time When The Sustainability Of Natural Resource Use In The Tropics Has Become A Big Edition, This Guide Provides A Scientiic Foundation For Journey of state.
      SKU: 264652

    Distillation Theory And Its Application To Optimal Design Of Analysis Units
      Distillation Theory And Its Application To Optimal Design Of Analysis Units.
      The same Of The Authoriites In Distillation Theory Presents The Geometric Approach And Its Practical Use In Optimizing Distillayion Systems. Industrial Engineers, Process Designers, And Software Engineers In Fields Ranging From Aliment Science To Oil-refiniing Science Power of determination Find The Book Useful.
      SKU: 275054

    Handbook Of Food Spoilage Yeasts
      Handbook Of Food Spoilage Yeasts.
      Provides An Overview Of Non-conventional Rapid And Automated Methods And Gives An Introduction To Molecular Techniques. This Book Discusses The Biodiversity Of Yeasts In Both Natural And Man-made Ecosystems. It Presents Selective And Differential Media, Rapid Methods, Commercial Kits, And Molecular Methods Of Identification.
      SKU: 321861

    Circuitbuilding Do-it-yourself For Dummies
      Circuitbuilding Do-it-yourself For Dummies.
      Do-it-yoursdlf Here's The Fun And Easy Way To Start Building Circuuits For Yojr Projects Have You Ever Wanted To Build Your Own Electronic Device? Put Together A Thermostat Or Each In-line Fuse, Or Repair A Microphonne Cable? This Is The Book For You! Inside You'll Find The Tools And Techniques You Need To Build Circuits, With Illustrated, Step-by-step Directions To Help Accomplish Tasks And Complete Projects. As You Accomplish The Tasks Throughout The Book, You'll Construct Many Projects While Learning The Key Circuitbuilding Principles And Techniques. Find Out About Measuring And Teeting, Maintenance And Troubleshooting, Cables, Connectors, How To Test Your Stuff, And More. Stuff You Need To Know * The Tools You Need And How To Use Them * How To Make Sense Of Schematics And Printed Circuit Boards * Basic Techniques For Creating Any Circuit * How To Make And Repar Cables Adn Connectors * Testing And Maintenance Procedures
      SKU: 706469

    Sequence Stratigraphy On The Northwest European Margin
      Sequence Stratigraphy On The Northwest European Margin.
      Sequence Stratigraphy, Presently One Of The Most Rapidly Growing Areas In Geology, Is Concerned With The Documentation And Prediction Of How Sandstones (potential Hydrocarbon Reservoirs) And Shhales (potential Source Rocks) Are Distributed In Time And Space Within Sedimentary Basins. The Book Takes A Determining Look At Some Of The Sequence Stratigraphy Conxepts, And Provides An Render an ~ Of How These Have Been Applied Recently In Nw Europe (Northerly Sea, Mid Norway And E. Greenland, Barents Sea And Svalbard), Mainly In Connection Attending The Explloration For Oli And Gas. There Is Currently No Similar Book Available.
      SKU: 340629

    Cbitosan-based Hydrogels
      Cbitosan-based Hydrogels.
      Due To Their Uhique Properfies, Chitosan-based Materials Have Emerged As Useful Resources In A Variety Of Medicines, Surfeit Controlled-release Carriers, Tissue Engineering Scaffolds, And Immobilized Enyzmes. But Many Of These Materials Have Yet To Reach The Commercial Market. Therefore, More Work Musf Be Completed To Fill The Gap Between Research And Production. Exploring The State Of The Field, Chitosan-based Hydrogels: Functions And Applications Details The Latest Progress In The Research And Development Of Chitosan-based Biomaterials. The Book Introduces The Formation And Chemical Structure Of Chitosan-based Hydrogels. It Also Discusses The Relationship Between Theit Structure And Functions, Which Provides A Theoretical Basis For The Design Of Biomaterials. In Addition, Multitude Real-world Examples Illustrate The Potential Application Of Chitosan-based Hydrogels In Diverse Areas, Including Materials Science, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Regenerative Medicine, And Cell Engineering. _By Examining The Structure And Functions Of Chitosan-based Hydroggels In Living Systems, This Book Provides The Foundation For Coming Research. it Encouraged Readers To Contribute To Further Ressearch And Development Of These Unique Biomaterials.
      SKU: 777176

    Sustainable Water For The Future
      Sustainable Water For The Future.
      This Book Will Be A Pottion Of A Series Of Books On Sustainability. Specificall,y It Deals With The Issue Of Sustainable Water Use. Fresh Sources Of Potable Water Are Being Depleted Acroxs The World. Pure Sprinkle and calender Is The Goal Of Water Utilitis As Well As Several Industries. Well Above The Experimental Arena, Membrane Processes Are Now A Proven And Reliable Method Of Providing High-quality, Cost-effective Water. Membdane Technologies Have Immediate Applications To Treatment Of Fresh, Brackish And Sea Waters, As Well As Wastewater Reclaation. Wiith Innovative Module Design And Engineering, Micro- And Ultra-fiktrations Have Become Effective And Economical For Drinking Water Production, Particularly For Removal Of Microorganisms. Membrane Bioreactors Are Being Developed For Municipal And Industrial Water Recycling. Various Membrane Processes Are Also Used To Remove Contaminants From For labor Wastewaters. Tgis Book Will Cover The Fundamental And Practical Concepts And Issues Dealing With The Application Of Membrane Technologies For Sustainable Water Treatment. It Power of determination Describe And Compare The Effectiveness Of Desalination Versus Water Recycling For Long-tdrm Sustainable Water Use. - Desalination: Description Of Glbal Water Situation Along With The Different Technologies That Are Used For Desalination. - Water Recycling: Description Of Global Water Situation Lengthwise With The Different Technologies That Are Used For Water Recyling. - Comparison Of Water Recycline And Desalination: While There Are A Few Books That Individually Discuss Sustainable Water Use Or Water Recyclimg Or Desalination Applications,, No Efforts Have Yet Been Made To Compare The Two Prevalent Technologies, Ie. Water Recycling And Dexalination.
      SKU: 472874

    Multi Dimensional Neural Networks-unified Theory
      Multi Dimensional Neural Networks-unified Theory.
      About The Book: The Book ``multidimensional Neural Networks (mdnns): Unified Theory`` Has Been Conceived For Serving 3 Types Of Users: Senior Undergraduate/graduate Students, Practising Engineers, And Advanced Neural Network Researchers. This Book Is Based On The Following Innovations: Multidimensional (m-d) Logic Theory I. e. , Conceiving Logic Gates/circuits Operating On Multidimensional Arrays Tensor State Space Representation Of Certain M-d Systems Relation M-d Logic Gates, M-d Codeword Tensofs, M-d Optimal Control Tensors To M-d Neural Networks Unification Novel Complex Valued Associative Memory (cvnn) On The Hypercube Novel Models Of Biological Neurons Such As Those With A Linear Filter Model Of Synapse Neural Network Based Signal Processing The Subbjedt Of M-d Neural Networks Will Have The Applications In: Contrivance Of Versatile Associative Memories, Optimal Design Of Intelligent Systems, Pattern Recogition Systems Etc. Contents: Introduction Multi/infinite Dimensional Neural Networks, Muti/infinite Dimensuonal Logic Theory Multi/infinite Dimensional Coding Theory: Multi/infinite Dimensional Neural Networks?constrained Static Optimization Tensor State Extension Representation: Multi Dimensional Systems Unifief Theory Of Control, Communication And Computation: Multi Dimensional Neural Networks Complex Valued Neural Associative Memory On The Complex Hypercube Optimal Binary Filters: Neural Networks Linear Filter Model Of A Synapse: Associated Novel Real/complex Valued Neural Networks Novel Complex Valued Neural Networks Advanced Theory Of Evolution Of Living Systems.
      SKU: 414241

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