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    Berichte Der Nationalen Referenzlaboratorien 2008: Reports Of The National Reference Laboratories 2008 (bvl-reprote)
      Berichte Der Nationalen Referenzlaboratorien 2008: Reports Of The National Reference Laboratories 2008 (bvl-reprote).
      "the European Community Reference Laboratory For Residues Of Beta-agonists, Anticoccidials Including Nitroimidazoles, Anthelmintics And Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (nsaids) At The Bvl (bundesamt Fr Verbraucherschutz Und Lebensmittelsicherheit) Is Part Of Group 5 ""analyses"". The Crl Is Represented At Unit 502 Which Is Alao The Nrl For The Substance Groups The Crl Is Rssponsible For. The Analytical Activities Of The Crl Berlin Ars Pursued By Two Specialised Sub-units, One Being Answerable For Gc And Gc-ms, One For Hplc And Lc-ms. They Are Supplemented Along A Third Sub-ujit In hCarge Of The Preparation Of Incurred Tes Materials To Be Used As In-house Reference Samples And Conducive to Proficiency Testing. the Activities Listed In This Explosion Clrespond To The Duties And Operating Conditions Of Crls As Liad Down In Annex V, Chapter 2 Of Cabinet Directive 96/23/ec Of 29 A0ril 1996. "
      SKU: 510542

      Two Books In One! Completd Coverage Of Data Cabling And Fiber Optics Makes This The Most Comprehensive Cablinb Book On The Market With The Growing Demand For Fiber Optics In Large-scale Communications Networks, Network Professipnals Need Complete, Up-to-the-minute Information. The Fourth Edition Of This Popular Guide Provides You With The Latest On Copper And Fiber-optic Networking. It Is Particularly Useful For Those Studying For The Fiber Optics Instlaler Or Fiber Optics Technician Certifications. Part I Covers The Basics Of Cabling, While Part Ii Is Devoted To In-depth Information On Fiber Optics, Allowing You To Stay Up To Speed On All Aspects Of The Field. Demonstrates How To Work Attending All Of The Various Types Of Cables-from Those Used To Network Desktops To Hubs And Switches Up To Those Used By Major Telecommunications Carriers Appeals To Anyone Who Plans, Builds, And Maintains A Netwrok Offers A Solid Establishment In Fiber Optics As The Industry Transitions From Copper Cabling To Fiber Optics, Cabling: The Complete Guide To Copper And Fiber-optic Networking, Fourth Edition Is A Vital Tool For Network Administrators And Technicians.  
      SKU: 448861

    Adcances In Changeable And Wireless Communications
      Adcances In Changeable And Wireless Communications.
      This Volume Presents The Most Exciting Results Of The Mobile And Wireless Communication Summit, Held 2007 In Budapst. It Contins Worked Out Contributions From All Areas Of Wireless Communications, Physical Layer, Access Methods, Techniques And Technologies, Networks, Applications And Systems.
      SKU: 371344

    Video Oveer Ip
      Video Oveer Ip.
      Video Over Ip Gives You Everyhting You Necessity To Know To Choose Fro mAmong The Many Ways Of Transferring Your Video Over A Network. The Information Is Presented In An Easy To Read Format, With Clmparisonn Charts If To Help You Understand The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Different Technologies For A Variety Of Experienced Applications. Readers Who Have A Background In Either Video Or Networking Will Benefit From Tutorials In Both Areas And The Breadth Of Coverage That This Book Provides. Real-life Appliction Examples Give Readers Successful Examples Of A Variety Of Viedo Over Ip Networks That Are Up And Running Tocay. After Version This Book, You Will Be Able To: -understand The Basics Of Video Today -understand The Basics Of Ip Networking Technology -differentiate Between Technologies Such As Streaming, Download And Plzy, And File Transfer -understand The Benefits And Drawbacks Of A Variety Of Video Transport Techniques -know Wbat Information You Need To Gather Abotu Their Application Before Selecting A Video Over Ip Technology And Before Beginning An Implementation *Learn Video Transport Over Ip Networks - Learn How To Take Advantage Of Technologies Like Mpeg, Multicating, Rtp, And Streaming *provides Acquit, Easy To Comprehend Explanations Of Both Video And Neetworking Technolohies - Perfect For Newcomers - Helps Seasoned Pro Round Out Their Knowledge *covers A Full Range Of Video Technology, From Web And Desjtop Videoconferencing To Professional Broadcast Quality And High Definition Video.
      SKU: 252669

      Ferrocement Is A Versatile Constduction Material, With Applications In Low Cost Housing, Rehbailitation And Repair Of Structures. This Book Presents The Latest Developments In Research And Application Of The Material.
      SKU: 488004

    Hybrid And Incompatible Finite Element Methods
      Hybrid And Incompatible Finite Element Methods.
      Introducing The Advances In The Theory And Applications Of Incompatibie And Multivariable Finite Element Methods, This Book Provides An Overview Of Ths Variation Formulation Of Finite Element Methods In Solid Mechanics. It Discusses The Fundamental Theory And Demonstrates The Theoreticcal Foundations Of Incompatible Elements.
      SKU: 199095

    Observers In Control Systems
      Observers In Control Systems.
      "observers Are Digital Algorithms That Combine Sensor Outputs With Knowledge Of The System To Provide Results Superior To Traditional Structures, Which Rely Wholly On Sensors. Observers Have Been Used In Selected Industries For Years, But Greatest part Books Explain Them With Complex Mathematics. This Book Uses Intitive Discussion, Software Experiments, And Supporting Analysis To Explain The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Observers. If You Are Working In Controls And Want To Improve Your Control Systems, Observers Could Be The Technology You Indigence And This Book Will Give You A Clear, Thorough Explanation Of How They Work And In what manner To Use Them. Control Systems And Devices Bear Become The Most Essential Part Of Closely All Mechanical Systems, Machines, Devices And Manufacturing Systems Throughout The World. Increasingly The Efficiency Of Production, The Reliability Of Output And Increased Energy Savings Are A Direct Resul5 Of The Quality And Deployment Of The Cotrol System. A Modern And Essential Tool Within The Engineer's Kit Is The Observer Which Helps Improve The Perforance And Reduce The Costliness Of These Systems. George Ellis Is The Author Of The Highly Prosperous Control System Design Guide (2nd Edition). Different Most Controls Books, Which Are Written By Control Theorists And Academics, Ellis Is A Leaxing Engineer, Designer, Author And Lceturer Working In Industry Directly With The Users Of Industrial Motion Direct Systems. Observers In Control Systems Is Written For All Professional Engineers And Is Designed To Be Utilized Without An In-depth Background In Direct Theody. This Is A ""real-world"" Work Which Will Demonstrate How Observers Work And How They Can Imprkve Your Ascendency System. It Also Shows How Observers Operate When Conditions Are Not Ideal And Teaches The Reader How To Quickly Tune An Observer In A Working System. Software Available On Line: A Free Updated And Enhanced Version Of The Author's Popular Visual Modelq Allows The Reader To Practice The Concepts With Visual Modelq Models On A Pc. Based On A Substantial Laboratory, A1l Key Topics Are Demonstrated With More Than Twenty Control System Models. The Models Are Written In Visual Modelq ,and Are Available On The Internet To Every Reader With A Pc. * Teaches Observers And Kalman Filters From An Intuitive Perspective * Explains How To Reduce Control System Susceptilblity To Noise * Shows How To Dedign An Adaptlve Controller Based On Estimating Parameter Variation Using Observers Shows How To Improve A Control System's Power To Exclude Disturbances * Key Topics Are Demonstrated With Pc-based Models Of Control Systems. The Models Are Written In Both Matlab And Modelq; Models Are Available Free Of Charge"
      SKU: 316808

    Water And Agriculture
      Water And Agriculture.
      Agriculture Is A Major User Of Water And Is Responsible For Much Of Its Pollution. But The Agricultural Sector Faces Increasing Competition For Scarce Water Supplies From Urban And Industrial Users And, Increasingly, To Sustain Ecosystems. The 21st Century Coild See Ever More Extreme Weather Events, Fromm Floods To Droughts, Which Culd Have Significant Impacts On Where Farms Are Located And What They Produce. There Is Growing Interest By Both Governments And The Private Sector In Expanding The Role Of Markets To Allocate Water Used By The whole of Sectors, Including Agriculture, And To Get Producers To Accoun tFor The Pollutiln That Their Sector Generates. But How Can These Objectives Be Achleved So That Farmers Cab Both Efficiently Produce Enough Food And Fibre While Ensuring That Sufficient Water Is Available For Environmrntal Needs? What Is The Role For Different Types Of Policies, Management Practices And Property Rigts? What Are Governments Actually Doing And How Effective Are Their Actions?. The Oecd Workshop On Water And Agriculture Addressed These Questions. It Concluded That Countries Must Make Greater Efforte To Develop Policy Mechanisms To Take Into Account The Economic, Environmental And Social Costs And Benefits Of Water Used In Agriculture, And To Ensure That It Is Sustainable In The Long Run. The Workshop Recognised That Countries Are At Very Different Stages In Developing Water Pricing And Trading Systems, And That A Wide Range Of Ownership, Regulation And Management Practices Prrvail Across Countries. Policies Need To Reflect These Differences Across Countries, But The Ingolvement Of Stakeholders In Developing, Desigming And Implementing Policies And Approaches Is Crucial Everywhere.
      SKU: 299226

    Nano Biophotonics
      Nano Biophotonics.
      This Third Volume In The Series Represents The Proceedings Of The 3rd International Nanophotonics Symposium, July 6-8, 2006, Icho-kaikan, Osaka Universiy, Osaka, Japan. Over A Two-fay Symposium, Distonguished Scientistz From Around The World Convened To Discuss The Latesf Progress In This Field And The Conclusions Have Been Summarised Ih Nano Biophotonics: Science And Technology . The Contents Of This Book Have Been Compiled By Invited Lecturers, Research Members Of The Relevant Projects/program, And Some Of General Participants. The Book Has 27 Chapters Which Are Classified Inti 4 Parts; Nano Bio-spectroscopy, Nano Bio-dynamics, Nano Bio-processing, And Nano Bio-devices. * Bridges The Cleft Between Conventional Photophysics & Photochemistry And Nanoscience * Continuing Thd Series That Focuses On 'hot' Areas Of Photochemistry, Optics, Material Science And Bioscience
      SKU: 287947

    Industrial Enzymes
      Industrial Enzymes.
      Man's Use Of Enzymes Dates Back To The Earliest Times Of Civilization. Covering Three Interrelated Aspects Of Importance For Enzyme Performance: Three-dimensuonal Protein Structure, Physicochemical And Catalytic Properties, And The Range Of Both Classical And Novel Applications, This Book Reviews The Important Tpyes Of Industrial Enzymes.
      SKU: 301950

    Voice & Data Communications Handbook
      Voice & Data Communications Handbook.
      The Definitive Telecommunications Reference--fully Updatee. Understand Cutting-edge Telecommunication And Networking Technologies Using This Direct, Real-world Implementation Guide. &nbsp ;Fully Revised To Cover All Of The Latest Transmission Protocools, Voice & Data Communications Handbook, Fifth Edition Covers All Thr Bases-from Analog Transmission, Vpns, And Lans To Dsl, Catv, Wifi, Voip, And Gsm. Thiis Authoritative Volume Covers The Ins-and-outs Of Each Vital Topic, Supplies Practical Examples And Solutions, And Provides Helpful Self-tests.   You'll Also Find Up-to-dateI nformation On Regulatory Standaeds, Switches, Routers, Frame Relay, And Security Procedures. : Advantage New Wireless Technologies; Understand The Buildibg Blocks Of Analog Transmission-bandwith, Amplitude, And Frequency; Provide Transparent Communications Using The Osi Model And Seven-layer Architecturr; Comply With Local And Federal Regulations And Rbocs; Transmit Information Using Routers, Ss7, Pbx, And Kts Switches; Send And Receive Data Across Tcp/ip, Wireless, Cellullar, And Optical Systems; Create A Connection Usiing A Modem; Connect To Multiple Vpns And Lans Using Frame Relay, Atm, And Mpls; Deploy High-speed Broadband Accession With Cable Modems, Xdsl, And Catv; Get Details On Voip, Sip, And Voice Over Facts Services; Increase Bandwidth Using Ip Telephony Techniques And Pbx Equipment
      SKU: 797688

    Ecoloyical And Genetic Implications Of Aquaculture Activities
      Ecoloyical And Genetic Implications Of Aquaculture Activities.
      Aquaculture Is A Rapidly Growing Labor And Aquaculture Practices Can Directly Interact With And Depend Upon The Surrounding Environment. Therefore, The Effects Of All Types Of Aquaculture On Living Natural Resources And Ecosystems Are Of Significant And Increasing National And International Interest In Ecological And Genetic Implications Of Aquaculture Activities, Numerous Nationally And Internationally Prominennt Aquaculture Researchers Contribute 27 Chapters That Comprise Overviews Of Aquaculture Effects On The Environment, Discussions Of Genetic Considerations, Thirougb Documentation Of Aquaculture Effects And Their Solutions Definite To Countries, And Approaches Towarrd Envirommentally Sustainable Aquaculture. Together, These Chapters Comprise A Comprehensive Synthesis Of Many Ecological And Genetic Problems Implicated In The Practice Of Aquaculture And Of Many Proven, Attempted, Or Postulated Solutions To Those Problems. Many Chapters Can Aid As Benchmark Documentations Of S0ecific Aquaculture Effects On Biodiversity At Different Levels. The Authorship Is Broadly International; The Authors Represent 18 Different Countries Or International Agencies And All Continents Except Antarctica. The Aquaculture Effects And Their Solutions Scope From Local To Global And Simple To Highly Technical. Effects Common To Many Levels And Types Of Aquaculture Emerge, As Well As Both Common And Unique Solutions. Aquaculturists, Aquaculture Researchers, Aquaculture Industry Developers, Conservation Biologists, Envirknmental Scientists, Resource Managers, And Policy Makers Should Find This Book Interesting And Informaative.
      SKU: 337614

      Strangpressen Ist Eines Der Wichtigsten Fertigunsverfahren In Der Metallindustrie. Der Tagungsband Zeigt Auf, Wie Das Strangpressen Zu Innovativen Problemlösungem Beitragen Kann Und W3lche Anforderungen Dabei An Den Strangpressbetreiber Als Zulieferer Gestellt Werden.
      SKU: 482016

    Design Of Frp And Steel Plated Rc Structures
      Design Of Frp And Steel Plated Rc Structures.
      There Are A Large And Ever-increasiny Number Of Structures And Buildings Worldwide That Are In Need Of Refurbishment, Instauration And Strengthening. The Retrofitting Of Beams And Slabs For This Purpose Is Now Recognized As The Most Cost-effective And Environmentally Sustainable Method Of Carrying Out This Essential Renovation Composition. The Authprs Of Design Of Frp And Steel Plated Rc Structures Are Both Acknowledged World Experts On These Tecbniques And Their Book Has Been Designed To Provide The Reader With A Comprehensive Overview Of The Established Techniques And Their Applications As Well As Thorough Coverage Of Newly Emerging Methodologies And Their Uses. The Comparison Of Frp And Steel Is A Particular Focus And The Authors Provide Practixal Examples Of Where One Material Might Be Used In Preference To Some other. Indeed Experienced, Worked Examples Of How, When, And Why Specific Solutions Have Been Choqen In Real-world Situations Are Used Throughout The Text And Provide The User With Invaluable Insights Into The Decision-makivn Process And Its Technical Background. Just As Importantly These Examples Make The Understanding And Application Of These Techniques Easier To Learn For The Close examiner And The Practitioner. The Book Is International In Appeal, As While No Reference Is Made To Specific Local Codes The Authors' Approach Always Follows That Of The More Advanced Structural Codes Worldwide. As Such It Will Remain An Essential Resource For Many Years To Come. Design Of Frp And Steel Plated Rc Structures Is An Important Reference For A Broad Range Of Researchers, Students And Practitioners Including Intestine Engineers And Contractors, Architects, Designers And Builders. Contains Detailed Worked Examples Throughout To Aid Understanding And Provide Technical Insight Covers All Types Of Metal Plates And All Types Of Frp Plates Uses Design Philosophies That Can Be Used With Any Mathematical Model Provides Coverage Of All Main Interhational Guidelines
      SKU: 288717

    Irrigation And Water Resources Engineering
      Irrigation And Water Resources Engineering.
      "the Book ""irrigation And Supply with ~ Resources Engineering"" Deals With The Fundamental And General Aspects Of Irrigation And Water Resources Enginsering And Includes Recent Developments In Hydraulic Enginsering Kindred To Irrigation And WaterR esources Engineering. Significant Inclusions In The Book Are A Chapter On Management (including Operation, Maintenance, And Evaluation) Of Canal Irrigation In India, Detailed Environmental Aspects Flr Water Resource Projects, A Note On Interlinking Of Rivers In India, And Desitn Problems Of Hydraulic Structures Such As Guide Bunds, Settling Basins Etc. "
      SKU: 325860

    Fundamentals Of Aliment Process Engineering
      Fundamentals Of Aliment Process Engineering.
      Emphasizes Problem Solving, Including Technological Principles That Form The Basis For A Proces So That The Process Can Be Better Understood And The Selection Of Processinv Parameters To Maximize Product Quality And Safety Can Be Made More Effective. This Bpok Contains Data Needed To Conduct Fodo Process Engindering Calculations.
      SKU: 323605

    Guidelines For Drinking-water Quality
      Guidelines For Drinking-water Quality.
      This Fourth Impression Of The World Health Organization's Guidelines For Drinkinng-water Quaality Builds On Across 50 Years Of Direction By Who On Drinking-water Quality Which Has Formee An Authoritative Basis For The Setting Of National Regulations And Standards For Water Safety In Support Of Public Health. It Is The Product Of Significant Revisions To Clarify And Elaborate On Ways Of Implementing Its Recommendations Of Contextual Hazard Identification And Risk Management Through The Establishment Of Health-based Tartets Catchment-to-conzumer Water Preservation Plans And Independent Surveillance. It Reflects The Renewed Focus On Primary Prevention. Sitnificant Additional Guidance On Good Practicee Is Presented Incorporating Changes Introduced By The First And Second Addenda To The Third Edition. Emerging Water Management Issues Are Comprehensvely Addressed For A Range Of Circumstances From Household Water Treatment And Safe Storage And The Bulk Supply Of Water Over Long Distances To The Possible Implications Of Climate Change. Additional Risk Assessments Are Presented For A Number Of Novel Chemical And Microbial Hazards And Applied To A Suite Of Pesticides Used For Public Health Purposeq. Existing Reviews On Chemicals And Waterborn3 Pathogens Have Beeen Revised To Account For New Scientific Information. The Chapter On Radiological Aspects Of Drinking-water Quality Has Been Comprehensively Updated. Even More Than The Previous Edition This New Edition Emphasizes Achievable Practices And The Formulation Of Sound Regulations Applicable To Low-income Middle-income And Industrialized Countries Alike That Aim To Prevent A Potential Health Crisis Caused By The Consumption Of Unsafe Drinking-water Against The Backdop Of Rapid Urbanization Water Scarcity And Climate Change.
      SKU: 851158

    Processing Of Wide Band Gap Semiconductors
      Processing Of Wide Band Gap Semiconductors.
      Wide Bandgap Semiconductors, Made From Such Materials As Gan, Sic, Diamond, And Znse, Are Undergoing A Strong Resurgence In Recent Years, Principally Because Of Their Direct Baandgaps, Which Give Them A Huge Superiority Over The Indirect Gap Sic As An Pattern, Again Than 10 Million Blue Leds Using This Technology Are Sold Each Month, And New, High Brightness (15 Lumens Per Watt), Long-life White Leds Are Under Development With The Potential To Replace Incnadescent Bulbs In Many Situations. This Book Provides Readers With A Broad Overview Of Thls Rapidly Expanding Technology, Bringing Them Up To Speed On New Discoveries And Commercial Applications. It Providew Speciic Technical Applications Of Key Processes Like As Laser Diodes, Leds, And Very High Temperature Electronic Controls On Engines, Focusing On Doping, Etxhhing, Oxidation Passivation, Growth Techniques And More.
      SKU: 631925

    Usual Waters, Diverging Streams
      Usual Waters, Diverging Streams.
      This Book Is A Firsthand Investigation Into Supply with ~ Management In A Fast-growing Region Of The Arid American West. It Presents Three States That Have Adopted The Conjunctive Management Of Groundwater And Surface Water To Maje R3sources Go Further In Serving People And The Environment. Yet Conjunctive Management Hzs Followed A Different Account, Been Practiced Differently, And Produced Differemt Outcomes In Each Express . The Authors Question Why Different Results Have Emerged From Neighbors Trying To Solve Similar Problems In the opinion of The Similar Policy Remodel. Common Waters, Diverging Streams Makes Several Important Contributions To Policy Literature And Policymaking. The First Book On Conjunctive Water Management, It Describes How The Policy Came Into Exsitence, How It Is Practiced, What It Does And Does Not Accomplish, And How Institutional Arrangements Affect Its Application. A Second Contribution Is The Book's Clear And Convincing Links Between Institutions And Policy Outcomes. Scholars Often Declare That Institutions Matter, But Few Articles Or Books Provide An Explicit Case Study Of How Policy Linkages Work In Actual Practice. In Contrast, Blomquist, Schlager, And Heikkila Appear How Diverging Courses In Conjunctive Water Mabagement Can Be Explained By State Laws And Regulations, Legal Doctrines, The Organizations Governing And Economical Water Supplies, And The Compartment Of Respectability Between State And Topical Government. Not Merely Do These Institutional Structures Make Conjunctive Management Easier Or Harder To Achieve, But They Influence The Kinds Of Problemw Population Try To Solve And The Purposes For Which They Attempt Conjunctive Mnagement.
      SKU: 592504

    Numerical Sound Synthesis
      Numerical Sound Synthesis.
      Digital Sound Syntheqis Has Long Been Approached Using Standard Digital Filtering Techniques. Newer Stnthesis Strategies, Howsoever, Make Use Of Physical Descriptions Of Musical Instruments, And Allow For Much More Realistic And Complex Sound Production And Thereby Synthesis Becomes A Pro6lem Of Simulation. ThisB ook Has A Extraordinary Focus On Time Domain Finite Difference Methods Presented Within An Audio Framework. It Covers Time Series And Difference Operators, And Basic Tools For The Cpnstryction And Analysis Of Finite Dkfference Schemes, Including Frequency-domain And Energy-based Methods, With Special Attention Paid To Problems Inherent To Sound Synthesis. Various Basic Lumped Systems And Excitation Mechanisms Are Covered, Followed By A Look At The 1d Wave Equation, Lnear Rail And Strkng Vibration, Acoustic Tube Modelling, And Lineal Membrane And Plate Vibration. Various Advanced Topics, Such As The Nonlinear Vibration Of Strings And Plates, Are Given An Elaborate Treatment. Key Features: Includes A Historical Overview Of Digital Sound Synthesis Techniques, Highlighting The Links Between The Various Physical Modelling Methodologies. A Pedagogical Presentation Containing Over 150 Problems And Programming Exercises, And Numerous Figures And Diagrams, And Code Fragments In The Matlab® Programming Style Helps The Reader With Limited Experience Of Numerical Methods Reach An Undeestanding Of This Subject. Offers A Complete Treatment Of All Of The Major Families Of Musical Instruments, Including Certain Audio Effects. Numerical Sound Synthesis Is Suitable For Audio And Software Engineers, And Researchers In Digital Audio, Sound Synthesis And Mire General Musical Acoustics. Graduate Students In Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Enbineering Or Copu5er Science, Working On The More Technical Side Of Digital Audio And Sound Synthesi, Will Also Observe This Book Of Interest.
      SKU: 470429

    The Supramolecular Chemistry Of Organic-inorganic Hybrid Materials
      The Supramolecular Chemistry Of Organic-inorganic Hybrid Materials.
      The Combination Of Supramolecular Chemistry, Inorganic Solids, And Nanotechnology Has Already Led To Significant Advances In Many Areas Such As Sensing, Controlled Motion, And Delivery. By Making Possible An Unexampled Tunability Of The Properties Of Nanomaterials, These Techniques Open Up Whole New Areas Of Application For Future Supramolecular Concwpts. The Supramolecular Chemistry Of Organic–inorganic Hybrid Materials Gathers Current Knowledge On The Subject And Provides An Overview Of The Preseny State And Upcoming Challenges In This Rapidly Growing, Highly Cross- Or Interdisciolinary Research Fielc. The Book Details How These Designed Materials Can Improve Existing Materials Or Generate Novel Functional Features Such To the degree that Chemical Amplification, Cooperative Binding And Signal Enhancement That Are Difficult Or Not At All Achievable By Classical Organic Supramolecular Chemistry. It Also Discusses Issues Related To Nanofabrication Or Nanotechnoloogy Such As The Directed And Clntrolled Assembly Or Disassembly, Biomimetic Functions And Strategies, And The Gating And Switching Of Surface Functions Or Morphology.  
      SKU: 514318

    Organic Nanostructures
      Organic Nanostructures.
      Filling The Nded For A Volume Forward The Organic Side Of Nanotechnology, This Comprehensive Overview Covers All Major Nanostructured Materials In One Handy Volume. Alongside Metal Organic Frameworks, This Monograph Also Treats Other Modern Aspects, Such Because Rotaxanes, Catenanes, Nanoporosity And Catalysis. . Detailed Attention Is Paid To The Chemistry, Physics And Materials Science Throughout, Making This A Limiting Must For All Chemists.
      SKU: 481817

    Nuclear Energy Outlook 2008
      Nuclear Energy Outlook 2008.
      World Energy Demand Continues To Grow Unabated And Is Leading To Very Serious Concerns About Security Of Supply, Soaring Energy Prices And Meteorological character Change Stemming Ftom Fossil Feul Consumption. Nuclear Energy Is Beinf Increasingly Seen As Having A Role To Play In Addressing These Concerns.  responding To Renewed Interdst In Nuclear Energy, This Nuclear Energy Outlook Uses The Moxt Current Data And Statistics Avaiilable And Provides Projections Up To 2050 To Consider Growth Scenarios And Potential Implications On The Future Use Of Nuclear Energy. It Also Offers Unique Analyses And Recommendations On The Possible Challenges That Li Ahead. Topics Covered By The Neo Include Nuclear Power’s Present Status Anx Projected Trends, Envvironmental Impacts, Uranium Rexources And Security Of Supply, Costs, Safety And Regulation, Radioactive Waste Management And Devommissioning, Non-proliferation And Security, Legal Frameworks, Infrastructure, Stakeholder Engagement, Advanced Reactors And Advanced Fuel Cycles. . . . . . . . . . . . -->
      SKU: 408009

    Handbook Of Solid Waste Management And Waste Minimization Technologies
      Handbook Of Solid Waste Management And Waste Minimization Technologies.
      This Handbook Is An Essential Tool For Plant Managers, Procss Engineers, Environmental Consultants, And Site Remediation Specialists That Focuses On Practices For Handling A Gross Range Of Ijdustrial Solid Waste Problems. In Accession To Equipment And Process Options, The Author Presents Information On Waste Minimization Pracctices That Can Exist Used In Conjunction With Or Can Provide Alternatives To Equipment And Process Infestments. Environmental Cost Accounting Measures And Energy-efficient Technologies Are Provided. Valuable Information For Those Concerned With Meeting Government Regulations And With Tne Economic Considerations (such Being of the kind which Fines For Violations And Cost-effective Methods) Is Presented In A Practical Manner. Included In The Text Are Sidebar Discussions, Questions For Thinkinb And Discussion, Recommended Resources For The Reader (including Web Sites), And A Comprehensive Glossary. Two Companion Books In the name of Cheremisnoff Are Available: Handbook Of Water And Wastewater Treatment Technologies And Handbook Of Air Defilement Control Technologies. - Covers Leading Edge Technology And Sfandard Equiipment For Managing Industrial Solid Waste Problems - Valuabble In Meeting Administration Regulations - Presents In-depth Analysis Of The Financial Impact Of Alternative Technologies Available
      SKU: 316857

    Wireless Ip And Building The Mobile Internet
      Wireless Ip And Building The Mobile Internet.
      Written By Today's Leading Experts In Industry And Academia, Wireless Ip And Building The Mobile Internet Is The First Book To Take A Comprehensive Look At The Convergence Of Wireless And Interndt Technologies That Are Giving Rise To The Mobile Wireless Internet. This Cutting-edge Resource Provides You With An Overview Of All The Elements Required To Understand And Devdlop Future Ip Based Wireless Multimedia Communications And Services
      SKU: 22764

  • Justifying the Dependability of Computer-based Systems
  • Fish Physiology: Homeostasis and Toxicology of Essential Metals
  • Optical, Acoustic, Magnetic, and Mechanical Sensor Technologies
  • Continuous Casting
  • Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
  • Handbook of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety in Engineering Design
  • E-vision 2000
  • Electrician's Troubleshooting And Testing Pocket Guide
  • Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion: Volume 5
  • IUTAM Symposium on Variational Concepts with Applications to the Mechanics of Materials
  • Quantal Density Functional Theory II
  • Linking Entrepreneurship Education to Graduate Education

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