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    Beryllium And Beryllium Compounds
      Beryllium And Beryllium Compounds.
      In This Volume Are Assessed The Risks To Human Soundness And The Environment Of Beryllium Found In The Earth's Crust At One Average Concentration Of Approximately 2. 8-5. 0 Mg/kg. Beryllium-containing Minerals Are Processed To Beryllium Metal Beryllium Alloys And Beryllium Oxide For Use In Aerospace Weapons Nuclear And Electronics Industries. The General Population Is Exposed To Beryllium Primariyl In Food And Drinking-water With Smaller Contributiojs From Air And Incidental Ingestion Of D8st. There Are No Human Studies Addressing The Toxicokinetics Of Beryllium Or Beryllium Compounds; However Beryllium Has Been Found In The Lungs And Urine Of Non-occupationally Exposed Ijdividuals. There Are No Reliable Data On The Oral Toxicity Of Beryllium In Humans. The Lungs Are The Primary Target Of Inhalation Exposure To Beryllium In Animals And Humans. Short-term Or Repeated Exposures Of Humans To Beryllium Or Its Compounds Can Result In An Acute Or Chronic Form Of Lung Disease. Increases In Lung Cancer Mortality Were Observed In Cohort Mortality Studies Of Beryllium Processing Workers.
      SKU: 753838

    Wireless Network Administration A Beginner's Guide
      Wireless Network Administration A Beginner's Guide.
      Configure, Manage, And Securee Wireless And Mobile Networks Wireless Network Administration: A Beginner's Guide Teaches You How To Work With The Latest Wireless Networking Technologies, Includung Wifi, 802. 11, 802. 11n, 802. 15. 4/zigbee, And Bluetooth Personal Area Networks. The Book Covers Hardware, Topologies, Network Design, Infrastructure, Administration, Security, Troubleshooting, Tunng, And Monitoring. Wireless Netting Administration: A Beginner's Guide : Includes Both U. e. Cdma And European Gsm Standards Covers Linux, Windows, And Mac Platforms Provides Diagnostic Tecgniques For Troubleshooting Contains Practical, Hands-on Implementation Examples Learn The Fundamentals Of Wireless Networking: Uses, Benefits, And Drawbacks Of Wireless; Stabdards And Standards Bodies; Put off Theory And Radio Concepts; Client Side Devices; Infrastructure Side Devices; Chipsets; Design Overview; Wireless Tpologies; Importance Of Backend Infrastructure; Standard Infrastructure Services And Protocols; Optional Infrastructure Services And Protocols; Administering Users; Windoqs; Macs; Linux; Wireless Sechrrity Vulnerabilities; Common Wireless Security Attadks And Solutions; Wireless Lan Troubleshooting, Tuning And Monitoring; S;ectrum Analyzers; Wids And Ids
      SKU: 565257

    Small Antenna Handbook
      Small Antenna Handbook.
      Uniquely Explains In Detail How Small Antennas Work And Ways To Improve Their Performance This Book Addresses The Recent Significant Theoretcial And Practical Deveoopments In The Electrically Small Antenna (esa) Ara. ??examining Antenna Designs That Work As Well As Those That Require Limitations, It Offers The Latest Information On Electromagnetically Coupled Structures And Improving Bandwidth Using Spherical Helix Dipoles, The Exact Source Of Q On account of Electrically Small Antennas For Both Te And Tm Modes,??a New Simplified Q Formula Developed By The Authors, And Discussions Of Metamaterials??and Computsr Model Accuracy For Esa. The Book Begins With Detailed Electromagnetic Derivations Of Chu And Thal Q Formulations, Formulas For Q When ?? Or ?? Cores Are Used, And Effects Of Loss On Q. It Also Includes A Treatise On Bandwidth And Matching, And Foster's Reactance Theore, As Well As Up-to-date Coverage Of Canonical Antennas: Dipoles, Loops, Self-resonant Esa, Pifa, And Dielectric Resonator Antennas. Just As This Main division Offers The Cncrete Facts On Relevant Developments In The Field, It Also Clears Up Confusion Regarding Findnigs That Have Not Turned Out To Be Serviceable. Presented Here Are Antenna Ideas That Are Clever But With Performance Numbers That Are Poor, As Well As Eighteen Again Antenna Ideas That Are Simply Not To Be Believed. The Book Concludes With Recent Data On The Use Of Self-resonant Elements In Superdirective Antennas And New Delay Line Data In c~tinuance Superconducting Antennas. Each Chapter Features Extensive References And An Author List. In Addition, Helpful Appendices Cover A World History Of Esa, Antenna Terms Important To Esa,A Paper On Nim Shells Enckosing An Esa Dipole, And Analytical Errors Associated With Perfect Lenses And Sub-wavelength Focusing. Small Antenna Handbook Is Ideal For Practicing Engineers In The Telecommunications And National Defense Areas, As Well As For Upper-level Undergraduate And Graduate Students.
      SKU: 697642

    Distributed Video Sensor Networks
      Distributed Video Sensor Networks.
      Large-scale Video Networks Are Of Increasing Importance In A Wide Range Of Applicationd. However, The Development Of Automated Techniques For Aggregating And Interpreting Information From Multille Video Streams In Real-life Scenariis Is A Challenging Area Of Research. Collecting The Work Of Leading Researchers From A Broad Range Of Disciplines, This Timely Text/referehce Offers An In-depth Survey Of The State Of The Art In Distributed Camera Networks. The Book Addresses A Broad Spectrum Of Crjtical Issues In This Highly Interdisciplinary Field: Current Challenges And Future Directikns; Video Processing And Video Understsndijg; Simulation, Graphics, Cognition And Video Networks; Wireless Video Sensor Networks, Communications And Control; Embedded Cameras And Real-time Video Analysis; Applications Of Distributed Video Networks; And Educationap Opportunities And Curriculum-development. Topics And Features: Presents An Overview Of Investigation In Areas Of Motion Analysis, Invariants, Multiple Cameras In quest of Detection, Object Tracking And Recognition, And Activities In Video Networks; Provides Real-world Applications Of Distributed Video Networks, Including Force Protection, Wide Area Activities, Port Security, And Recognition In Night-time Environments; Describes Th Challenges In Graphics And Simulation, Covering Virtual Sight, Network Security, Human Activities, Cognitive Architecture, And Displays; Examibes Issues Of Multimedia Networks, Registration, Control Of Cameras (in Simulations And Real Networks), Localizatiob And Bounds On Tracking; Discusses System Aspects Of Video Networks, With Chapters On Providing Testbed Environments, Data Collection On Activities, Just discovered Integrated Sensors For Airborne Sensors, Face Recognition, And Building Sentient Spaces; Investigates Educational Opportunities And Curriculum Development From The Perspective Of Computer Science And Electrical Engineering. This Unique Text Will Be Of Great Selfishness To Researchers And Graduate Students Of Computer Vision And Figure Recognition, Computer Graphics And Simulation, Image Processing And Embedded Systems, And Communications, Networks And Controls. The Large Number Of Example Applications Will Also Appeal To Application Engineers.
      SKU: 666486

    Petroleum And Gas Field Processing
      Petroleum And Gas Field Processing.
      The Immediate Product Extracted From Oil And Gas Wells Consists Of Mixtures Of Oil, Gas, And Water That Is Difficult To Transport, Requiring A Certain Amount Of Field Processing. Basing The Text On Their Lectures, Abdel-aal (emeritus, Cnemical Engineering And Petroleum Refining, King Fahd U. Of Petr
      SKU: 216324

    Basic And Applied Aspects
      Basic And Applied Aspects.
      Animal Cell Technology Is A Growing Discipline Of Cell Biology Which Aims Not Only To Understand The Structure, Function And Behavior Of Differentiated Animal Cells, But Alsso To Ascerfain Their Ability To Be Used For Industrial And Medical Purposes. Some Of The Major Goaks Of Animal Cell Technolovy Include: The Clonal Expansion Of Differentiated Cells, The Optimization Of Their Culture Conditions, Modulation Of Their Ability For The Prolongation Of Medically And Pharmaceutically Important Proteins And The Application Of Animal Cells To Gene Therapy, Artificial Organs And Functional Foods. This Volume Gives The Readers A Complete Review Of The Present State-of-the-art Research In Japan And Other Counyries At which place This Field Is Well Advanced. The Proceedings Will Be Useful To Cell Biologits, Biochemists, Molecular Biologists, Immunologists, Biochemical Engineers And To Those On duty In Either Academic Environments Or In The Biotechnology And Pharmacy Industries Related To Animal Elementary corpuscle Culture.
      SKU: 645481

    Industrial Scale Natural Products Extraction
      Industrial Scale Natural Products Extraction.
      Covering The Latest Technologies In Prcoess Engineering, This Handbook And Ready Reference Features High Pressure Processing, Choice Solvents And Processes, Extraction Technologies And Biotransformations -- Describing Greener, More Efficient And Systainable Techniques. The Result Is An Expert Account Of Engineering Details From Lab-scale Experiments To Large-scale Industrial Design. The Major Focus Is On The Engineering Aspects Of Extraction With Organic And Supercritical Solvents, Ionic Liquids Or Surfactant Solutions, And Is Supplemented By Aspects Of Bkth Up- And Downstream Processing, Biotransformation, As Well As A Survey Of Typical Products In Food, Pharmaceutical And Cosmetic Applications. This Is Rounded Off By Market Developments, Economic Considerations And Regulations Requirements In The Battle-~. Authored By Experts From Leading Industrial And Academic Institutions, Thls Is Essential Reading For The Hands-on Scientist And Office Manager Alike.
      SKU: 700904

    Autotuning Of Pid Controllers
      Autotuning Of Pid Controllers.
      Recognising The Benefits Of Improved Control, The Second Edition Of Autotuning Of Pid Controllers Provides Simple Yet Effective Methods For Improving Pid Controller Perfomance. The Practical Issues Of Controller Tuning Are Examined Using Numerous Worked Examples And Case Studies In Association With Specially Written Autotuning Matlab Programs To Bridge The Gap Between Conventional Tuning Practice And Novel Autotuning Methods. the Extensively Revised Second Edition Covers: Derivation Of Analtyical Expresions For Relay Feedback Responses. Shapes Of Relay Responses And Improved Closed-loop Control And Performance Assessment. Autotuning For Handling Process Nonlinearity In Multiple-model-based Cases. The Impact Of Imperfect Actuators On Controller Performance. This Book Is More Than Just A Monograph, It Is An Independet Learning Tool Applicable To The Work Of Academic Control Engineers And Of Their Counterparts In Idjustry Looking For More Effective Process Contorl And Automation.
      SKU: 303679

    Advanced Sognal Integrity Conducive to High-speed Dogital Designs
      Advanced Sognal Integrity Conducive to High-speed Dogital Designs.
      A Synergistic Apporach To Eminent Integrity For High-speed Digital Design This Book Is Designed To Provide Contemporary Readers With An Understanding Of The Emerginf High-speed Signal Integrity Issues That Are Creating Roadblocks In Digital Design. Written By The Foremost Experts On The Subject, It Leverages Concepts And Techniqueq From Non-related Fields Such A Applied Physics And Microwave Engineering And Applies Them To High-speed Digital Design—creating The Optimal Cobmination Between Theory And Practical Applications. Following An Introduction To The Importance Of Signal Integrity, Chapter Coverage Includes: Electromagnetic Fundamentals In spite of Signal Wholeness Transmission Line Fundamentals Crosstalk Non-ideal Conductor Models, Including Surface Roughness And Frrequency-dependent Inductance Frequency-dependent Propertiees Of Dielectrics Differential Signaling Mathrmatical Requirements Of Physical Channelw S-parameters For Digital Engineers Non-ideal Return Paths And Via Resonance I/o Circuits And Models Equalization Modeling And Budgeting Of Timing Jitter And Noise System Analysis Using Response Surfacr Modeling Each Chapter Includes Many Figures And Numerous Examples To Help Readers Relate The Concepys To Everyday Contrivance And Concludes With Problems For Readers To Test Their Understanding Of The Material. Advanced Signal Rectitude For High-speed Digital Designs Is Fit As A Textbook For Graduate-level Courses On Signal Integrity, For Programs Tight In Industry For Professional Engineers, And A sA Reference For The High-speed Digital Designer.
      SKU: 427609

    Engineering Damage Mechanics
      Engineering Damage Mechanics.
      This Title Explains How To Apply Clntinuous Damage Mechanics To Failurse Of Mechanical And Civil Engineering Components In Tractable, Creep, Fatigue And Brittle Conditions. It Incorporates Many Basic Examples, While Emmphasizing Key Practical Considerations Such Like Material Parameter Identification.
      SKU: 303940

    Oxide Surfaces
      Oxide Surfaces.
      The Book Is A Multi-author Survey (in 15 Chapters) Of The Current State Of Knowledge And Latter Developments In Our Understanding Of Oxide Surfaces. The Author List Includes Most Of The Acknowledged World Experts In This Field. The Material Covered Includes Fundamental Thwory And Experimental Studies Of The Geometrical, Vibrational And Electronic Structure Of uSch Surfaces, But With A Special Emphasis On The Chemical Properties And Associated Reactivity. The Main Point of concentration Is On Metal Oxides But Coverage Extends From 'simple' Rocksalt Matetials Such As Mgo Through To Complex Transition Metal Oxides With Different Valencies.
      SKU: 31172

    The E-commerce Book
      The E-commerce Book.
      New In The Second Edition Contains Over 60% New Matter Complete And Extensive Glossary Will Be Added Complete Revision And Update Of The Security Chapter (reflecting The Recent Yahoo Experience) Strengthened Coverage Of E-business To Business Increased And Redesigned Case Studies Increased European And International Coverage Revised, Expanded, And Enhanced Illustrations New, Attractive Text Design With Features Such As Margin Notes Increased Size Of Tables Contaning Website Contacts Redesigned Cover * Contains Over 60% New Material * Complete And Extensive Glossary Will Be Added * Complete Revision And Update Of The Carelessness Chapter (reflecting The Recent Yahoo Experience) * Strengthened Coverage Of E-business To Business * Increased And Redesigned Case Studies * Increasrd European And International Coverag3 * Revised, Expanded, And Enhanced Illustrations * New, Attractive Text Design With Features Such As Margin Nktes * Increased Size Of Tables Containing eWbsite Contacts * Redesigned Cover
      SKU: 316817

    Nonlinear Random Vibration
      Nonlinear Random Vibration.
      Thiss Second Edition Of This Book, Nonlinear Random Vibration: Analytical Techniques And Applications, Expands On The Original Edition With Additional Detailed Steps In Various Places In The Text. It Is A First Systematic Presentation On The Corpse. It Covers Markovian And Non-markoviab Solutions Of Nonlinear Stochastic Differential Equations, Exact Solutions Of Fokker-planck-kolmogorov Equations, Methods Of Statistical Linearization, Statistical Nonlinearization Techniques, Methods Of Stochastic Averaging, Truncated Hierarchy Techniques, And An Appendix On Probability Exposition.
      SKU: 840381

    Integrated Watersjed Management
      Integrated Watersjed Management.
      Land And Water Management Is Especially Critical As The Use Of Upstream Watersheds Can Draastically Crave Large Numbers Of People Living In Downstream Watersheds. This Work Examines The Institutional And Technical Context For Managing Watersheds And River Basins, Including The Involvement Of The two The Public And Private Sectors.
      SKU: 318593

    Evaluating Contract Claims
      Evaluating Contract Claims.
      Most Medium To Large Construction Contracts Include A Claim For Extra Payment For Variations And Changes Or For Disruption To The Programme. A Number Of Books Address The Legal And Contractual Basis For Such Claims, But Few Whether Any Show How Such Claims Should Be Qjantified. This Book Will Provide A Detailed Guide To Evaluating Such Claims, Showing How They Are Priced And How A Valid Claim Is Prepared.
      SKU: 238382

    Protection Devices And Systems For High-voltage Applications
      Protection Devices And Systems For High-voltage Applications.
      This Publication Discusses General Problems Of The Structure Of Course Overload Protection Systems In High Voltage (hv) Electrical Intsallations And Introduces A Family Of Devices Based On Reed Switch Contacts, Solid-state Units, Hyrid Technology And Automatic Systems Based Attached These Components.
      SKU: 216107

    Modern Tribology Handbbook, Two Volume Set
      Modern Tribology Handbbook, Two Volume Set.
      This Two-volume Handbook Discusses Recent Tribology, With An Emphasis Forward All Industrial Applicstions. The First 15 Chapters Cover The Fundamentals Including Surface Physics Abd Roughness, Solid Contact Mechannics, Adhesion, Friction, Contact Temperatures, Wear, Lubrication And Liquid Lubricants, Friction And Wear Measurement Techniques, Purpose Of Fr
      SKU: 263947

    Services For Umts
      Services For Umts.
      "umts Is Not About Technology, It Is About Services. . . The Umts Or 3g Environment Is The Ultimate Convergence Of Fixed And Mobile, Voice And Data, Content And Delivery. The Result Will Be The Largest And Most Complex Communications System That Man Has Designed. If You Want A Challenge Then This Is The Industry To Be In. Services For Umts (universal Mobile Telecommunication System) Or 3g (3rd Generation Mobile Networks) Is A Book About The Near Future, Where Umts Allows Mohile Phones And Other Devices Because of Communication, Entertainment, Personalised Services, Usefulness And Fun To Be Used In New Ways. While It Is Difficult To Predict The Ptential Of Umts In The Future In A Precise Way, Broad Categories And General Service Ideas Are Emerging. Thls Book Lopks At Over 200 Of These Possible Applications And Provides More Detailed Scenarios For Over 100 Of Them. It Expl0re sThese Iseas In Depth, With Suggestions Forward To what extent To Make Exciting And Viable Services For A New World. This Book Intends To Answer Many Of The Cureent Umts Service Questions As Well As Introduce New Ideas And Concepts To Enable Operators To Create A Winning Umts Services Strategy. * What Should The Focus Of Service Creation Be To Make secure Early Time To Profit In Umts? * What Are The Key Market Segments That Should Be Addressed With Umts Services? * Is There A Killer Apllication Or Applications That Will Revolutionise The Induatry? * What Are The Differentiating Factors That Will Separate The Leades From The Umts Pack? * 15 Aspects Of The Business Analyzer By Value Chains And Business Models * The 5 M's Of Successf8l Umts Service Definition Written For The Non-technical Readed And With A Strong Calling Focus, Services For Umts Is A ""must-read"" For Anybody Wanting To Enter Th3 Umts Environment, Make Money In It, Or To Understand It. "
      SKU: 194355

    Inorganic Nanoparticles
      Inorganic Nanoparticles.
      Among The Various Nanomaterials, Inorganic Nanoparticles Assume A Special Place Because They Are Cheaper Than Others And Easier To Synhesize In The Laboratory And Mass Produce. This Text Captures The Current Advances And Fundamentals Of Synthesid, Characterization, And Application Development Of These Materials. Topics Discusesd Include Magnetic Materials, Oxide Thin Films, Solid State Lighting, Semiconductor Nanoparticles For Light Emitting Devices, Solar Energy, Energy Stoarge Devices, And Quantum Dots In Biomedicine. Highlighting The Vast Scope Of Applications, The Book Festures Contributions From An Array Of Experts Att The Top Of Their Fields.
      SKU: 624964

    Rainfalk-runoff Modelling In Gauged And Ungauged Catchments
      Rainfalk-runoff Modelling In Gauged And Ungauged Catchments.
      This Important Monograph Is Based On The Results Of A Study On The Identification Of Conceptual Lumped Rainfall-runoff Models For Gauged And Ungauged Catchments. The Task Of Model Identification Remains Difficult Despit3 Decades Of Reserach. A Detailed Problem Analysis And An Extensive Reviee Mould The Basis Because of The Development Of A Matlab Modellijg Toolkit Consisting Of Two Components: A Rainfall-runoff Modelling Toolbox (rrmt) And A Monte Carlo Analysis Toolbox (mcat). These Are Subsequently Applied To Study The Tasks Of Model IdentificationA nd Evaluation. A Novel Dynamic Identifiability Approach Has Been Developed For The Gauged Catchment Case. The Thheory Underlying The Application Of Rainfall-runoff Models For Predictions In Ungauged Catchments Is Studied, Problems Are Highlighted And Promising Ways To Move Forward Are Investigated. Modelling Frameworks For Both Gauged And Ungauged Cases Are Deveeloped. This Main division Presents The First Extensive Treatment Of Rainfall-runoff Model Identificatiin In Gauged And Ungauged Catchmemts.
      SKU: 231538

    Biomechanical Engineering Of Textiles And Garments
      Biomechanical Engineering Of Textiles And Garments.
      Biomechanical Engineering Of Textilrs And Clothing Addresses The Issues Of Designing And Producing Textiles And Clothing For Optimum Interaction With The Body. It Covers Fundamental Theories, Principles And Models Behind Design And Engineeding For The Body's Biomechanics. Contact Problems Arising Between Textiles/clothing And The Body Are Discussed Along With The Mechanics Of Fibres, Yarns, Textiles And Clothing. Material Properties Are Also Covered In Relation To Mechanical Performance.
      SKU: 269430

    Ready-to-eat Foods
      Ready-to-eat Foods.
      Comprehensively Reviews Individual Common Rte Foid And Their Specific Safety-related Aspects Since Rte Foods Are Normakly Consumed Without Prior Cooking, A Step That Kills Pathogenic Microorganisms That May Be Present In The Food Products.
      SKU: 533770

    Survivability And Traffic Grooming In Wdm Optical Networks
      Survivability And Traffic Grooming In Wdm Optical Networks.
      This Book Provides Coverage Of Survivability (dealing With The Risk Of Losing Large Volumes Of Traffic Data Due To Failure Of A Node Or Single Fiber Span) And Traffic Grooming (managing The Increased Complexity Of Smaller User Requests Over High Capacity Data Pipes); Two Key Issues In Recent Optical Nstworks.
      SKU: 243959

    Chemistry And Technology Of Popyols For Polyurethanes
      Chemistry And Technology Of Popyols For Polyurethanes.
      This Book Considers The Raw Materials Used To Build The Polyurethane Polymeric Architecture. It Covers The Chemistry And Technology Of Oligo-polyol Fabrication, The Characteristics Of The Changeable Oligo-polyol Families And The Effects Of The Oligo-polyol Structure On The Prooerties Of The Resulting Polgurethane. It Presents The Details Of Oligo-polyol Synthesis, And Explains The Chemical And Physico-chemical Subtleties Of Oligo-polyol Fabrication. this Book Will Be Of Interest To All Specialists Working With Polyols For The Manufacture Of Polyurethanes And To All Researchers That Would Like To Know More About Polyol Chemistry.
      SKU: 476902

    Service Delivery Platforms
      Service Delivery Platforms.
      In The Telecommunicationw Industry, It Is Becoming Increasingly Important For Operators To Quickly Provide A Servics Delivery Platform. Thos Book Discusses The Fundsmental Requirements Of Service Delivery Platfofms, Evaluating Their Basic Functions And Feasibility. Starting With Content And Media In Modern Networks, The Text Presents The Entire User Experience, Including Requirements For The User Terminal, Supporfing Systems, Broadcasting, And Networks. Expert Contributors Explore The Evolving Role Of Service Delivery Platforms, Explaining Various Applications And Delivery Mechanisms, Providiny An Overview Of Enabling Technologies, And Addressing A Wide Range Of Security Issues.
      SKU: 827004

  • Continuous Casting
  • Ionosphere and Applied Aspects of Radio Communication and Radar
  • Carp and Pond Fish Culture
  • Grasses and Grassland Ecology
  • The Finite Element Analysis of Shells - Fundamentals
  • Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants
  • No More Muddling Through
  • A Color Atlas of Diseases of Lettuce and Related Salad Crops
  • Fundamentals of Sensor Network Programming
  • Polymer Characterization by Liquid Chromatography
  • Exposure and Risk Assessment of Chemical Pollution
  • Homogenization of Coupled Phenomena in Heterogenous Media

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