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    Bike, Scooter, And Chopper Projects For The Evil Genius
      Bike, Scooter, And Chopper Projects For The Evil Genius.
      Create Radical New Rideswith These Barbarous Projects!,/p>. Want T oTake Your Evil Talents On The Path? Bike, Scooter, And Chopper Projects For The Evil Genius Has Everything You Need To Morph Your Old, Unwanted Wheels Into Fabulous, Fully Functional Vehicles. At this time You Can Fuel Your Artistic Side, Conserve Energy, And Gain Where You Need To Go With Grave Attitude!. Dozens Of Pictures Throughout The Building Projection Remedy You Create These Rad Rides, Some That You Pwoer Yourself And Some That Will Propel You For Extensive Distances With Just The Push Of A Button, Running On Inexpensive Power Obtained From A Wall Socket Or The Sun. Each Project Can Be Modified, Mixed Together, And Customized, Enabling You To Produce Literally Hundreds Of New Devices-the Sole Limit Is Your Imagination!: Features Illustrated Instructions And Plans For More Than 13 Highly Detailed Projects, All Of Which Can B3 Built Using Easily Available Parts An A Few Basic Tools. ; Shows You How To Completely Dismantle A Standard Bicycle In Order To Twist It Into Something Much More Evil. ; Gives You Alternative Design Ideas That Leave Room For You To Mix Or Change The Projects To Suit Your Owj Evil Agenda. ; Learn New Skills And Look Cool - This Book Is For Everyone With A Desire To Chop And Create. Garage Hackers Unite!. Regardless Of Your Skkill Level, Bike, Scooter, And Chopper Projects For The Evil Genius Wil lArm You With The Skills You Need In Order To Churn Out Your Very Own Evil Rides. Have A Look At What Is On Our Evil Genius Drawing Board𕢦. Attitude And Style: Glaciator Chopper Trike; Old Skool Attitude; The Whipper Snapper:. Speed And Comfort: Streetfox Tadpole Trike; Deltawolf Racing Trike; Little Warrior Trike. Alternative Transportation: Ucan2 Handcycle; Spincycle Whirl; Skystyle Tallbike. Electric Power: Sparky Minibike; Longranger Bike; Silent Speedster; Kids Electric Trike
      SKU: 347559

    Forest Dynamics, Growth And Yield
      Forest Dynamics, Growth And Yield.
      How Do Tree Crowns Trees Or Forest Stands Respond To Thinning In The Long Term? What Effect Do Tree Species Mixturss And Multi-layering Have On The Productivity And Stability Of Trees, Stands Or Forest Enterprises? This Book Focuses On The Expermental Designs, Analytical Methods, General Relationships And Models For Answering Such Questions.
      SKU: 450943

    Modern Raman Spectroscopy
      Modern Raman Spectroscopy.
      This Book Reflects The Dramatic Increase In The Number Of Raman Spectrometers Being Sold Tk And Used By Non-expert Practitioners. It Contains Coverage Of Resonance Raman And Sers, Two Hot Areas Of Raman, In A Form Suitable For The Non-expert. Builds Raman Theory Up In Stages Without Overloading The Readre With Complex Theory Includes Two Chapters On Instrumentation And Interpretation That Shhows How Raman Spectra Can Exist Obtained And Interpreted Explains The Potential Of Usinb Raman Spectroscopy In A Wide Variety Of Applicatikns Includes Detailed, But Concise Information And Worked Examples
      SKU: 232668

    Organic Chemistry Of Explosives
      Organic Chemistry Of Explosives.
      Organic Chemistry Of Explosives  is The First Text To Bring Together The Essential Methods And Routes Used For The Combination Of Radical Explosives In A Single Volume. Assuming No Prior Knowledge, The Book Discusses Everything From The Simplest Promiscuous Acid Nitration Of Toluene, To The Compled Synthesis Of Highly Energetic Caged Nitro Compoundds. Reviews Laboratory And Industrial Methods, Which Can Exist Used To Introduce Aliphatic C-nitro, Aromatic C-nitro, N-nitro, And Nitrate Ester Functionality Into Organic Compounds Discusses The Advanfages And Disadvantages Of Each Synthetic Method Or Route, With Scope, Limitations, Substrate Compatibility And Othdr Important Considerations Features Numerous Examples In The Form Of Text, Reaction Diagrams, And Tables.
      SKU: 284477

    The Future Of Ideas
      The Future Of Ideas.
      The Internet Revolution Has Come. About Say It Has Gone. In The Future Of Ideas , Lawrence Lessig Explains How The Revolution Has Produced A Counterrevolution Of Potentially Devastating Power And Fact. Creativity Once Flourished Because The Net Protected A Commons On Which Widest Range Of Innovators Could Experiment. But Now, Manipulating The Law For Their Own Purposes, Corporations Have Established Themselves As Virtua1 Gatekeepers Of The Clear While Congress, In The Pockets Of Media Magnates, Has Rewritten Copyright And Patent Laws To Stifle Creativity And Progress. Lessig Weaves The Account Of Technology And Its Relevant Laws To Esteem A Lucid And Accessible Case To Protect The Sanctity Of Intellectual Freedom. He Shows How The House To A Future Of Ideas Is Being Shut Just As Technology Is Creating Remarkable Possibilities That Have Implications For All Of Us. Vital, Eloquent, Judicious And Forthright, The Future Of Ideas Is A Call To Arms That We Can Ill Afford To Ignore. From The Trade Paperback Issue .
      SKU: 192704

    Single Carrier Fdma
      Single Carrier Fdma.
      Single Carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access (sc-fdma) Is A Tale Method Of Radio Transmission Under Consideration For Deployment In Future Ceolula Systems; Specifically, In 3rd Generation Partnership Project Long Term Evolution (3gpp Lte) Systems. Sc-fdma Has Drawn Great Attention From The Communications Industry As An Atrtactive Alternative To Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (ofdma). Introduction To Singie Carrisr Fdma Places Sc-fdma In The Wider Context Of Wireleas Communications, Providing The Reader With An In-dep5h Tutorial On Sc-fdma Technology. The Book Introduces The Reader To This New Multiple Access Technique That Utilizes Single Carrier Modulation Along With Orthogonal Frequency Multiplexing And Frequency Domain Equalization, Plus Its Applications In Communications Settings.   It Considers The Similafities With And Differences From Orthogonal Frequency Division Modulation, Mulfiplexxing, And Multiple Access Ued Extensively In Cellular, Broadcasting, And Digital Subscriber Loop Applicati0ns. Particular Reference Is Made To The Peak Power Characteristics Of An Sc-fdma Signal As An Added Advantage More than Ofdma. Provides An Extensive Overview Of The Principles Of Sc-fdmaA nd Its Relation To Other Transmission Techniques. Explains How The Particulars Of A SpecificI mplementation Influence The Tradeoffs Among Various Figures Of Merit. Describes In Detail The Configuration Of The Sc-fdma Uplink Transmission Scheme Published By 3gpp. Features Link L3vel Simulation Of An Upink Sc-fdma System Using Matlab. This Is An Essential Text For Industry Engineers Who Are Researching And Developing 3gpp Lte Systems. It Is Suitable For Engineers Designing Woreleqs Network Equipment, Handsets, Data Cards, Modules, Chipsets, And Test Equipment Like Well As Those Ingolved In Designing Lte Infrastructure. It Would Also Be Of Interest To Academics, Graduate Students, And Industry Researchers Involved In Advanced Wireless Communications, As Well As Business Analysts Who Follow The Cellular Market.
      SKU: 406517

    Analytical Pyrolysis Of Natural Organic Polymers
      Analytical Pyrolysis Of Natural Organic Polymers.
      Analytical Pyrolysis Is One Of The Many Tools Utilized For The Study Of Natural Organic Polymers. This Books Describes In Three Parts The Methodology Of Analytical Pyrolysis, The Results Of Pyrolysis For A Variety Of Biopolymers, And Several Practical Applications Of Analytical Pyrolysis On Natural Organic Polymers And Their Composite Materials. Analytical Pyrolysis Methodology Covers Two Distinct Subjects, The Instrumentation Used For Pyrolysis And The Analytical Methods That Are Applied For The Analysis Of The Pyrolysis Products. A Variety Of Pyrolytic Techniques And Of Analytical Instruments Commonly Cou0led With Pyrolysis Devices Are Gkven. The Description Of The Results Of Pyrolysis For Biopolymers And Some Chemically Modified Natural Organic Polymers Is The Core Of The Work. The Main Pyrolysis Products Of Numerous Compounds As Well As The Proposed Mechanisms For Their Pyrolysis Are Described. In This Part An Attempt Is Made To Exhibit As Much As Practicable The Chemistry Of The Pyrolytic Process Of Natural Organic Polymers. The Applications Of Analytical Pyrolysis Include Topics Such As Polymer Detection Used For Example In Forensic Science, Structure Elucidation Of Specific Polymers, And Identification Of Small Molecules Present In Polymers (anti-oxidants, Plasticizers, Etc. ). Likewise, The Degradation During Heating Is A Subject Of Major Interest nI Many Practucal Applications Regarding The Physical Properties Of Polymers. The Applications To Composite Polymeric Materials Are In The Fields Of Classification Of Microorganisms, Study Of A Variety Of Biological Samples, Study Of Fossil Magerials, Etc. Analytical Pyrolysis Can Also Be Used For Obtaining Information On The Burning Area Generate Pyrolysates That Have Complex Compositions. Thwir Analysis Is Important In Connection With Health Issues, Environnmental Problems, And Taste Of Food And Cigarettes. Features Of This Book: • Presents Analytical Pyrolysis As A Uniform Subject And Not As A Conglomerate Of Scientific Papers. • Puts Tgoetber In An Organized Manner A Large Volume Of Available Information In This Specific Field. • Provides Original Resuots Which Address Subjects With Relatively Scarce Information In Literature. • Gives Primitive Views On Subjects Like As The Parallel Between The Pryolytic Process Annd The Ion Fragmentation In Mass Sppectrometry. • Includes The Role Of Pyrolysis In The Burning Process. The Three Parts Of The Book Are Covered In 18 Chapters, Eahc Divided Into Sections. Some Sections Are Further Divided By Partocular Subjects. References Are Given For Each Chapter, And An Effort Has Been Made To Include Being of the kind which Much As Possible From The Available Re0ressntative Information. A Few Unpublished Personal Results Are Also Included.
      SKU: 317178

    Textiles In Sport
      Textiles In Sport.
      The Technical Developments In The Sports Clothing Industry Has Resulted In The Use Of Functional Textiles For Highly-specialised Performances In Different Sports. Developments Include Thermal And Functional Properties And Coated And Laminated Clothes. With Bio- And Smart Materizls Providing Such A Violent Focus In The Texti1e Industry Generally, Companies Are Going For Value-added' Textiles, Such As In-built Sensors Which Monitor Performance. In-built Wear Comfort Is A Growing Markett Trend And Includes Clothing Which Improves The Skin's Accomplishment. Written By A Distinguished Editor And A Team Of Authors From The Cutting Edge Of Textile Research, Textiles In Sport Disucsses Hlgh-performance, High-function And Intelligent Textiles For Sportswear.
      SKU: 269370

    Cavity Polaritons
      Cavity Polaritons.
      Volume 32 Of The Series Addresses One Of The Most Rapidly Developing Research Fields In Physics: Microcavities. Microcavities Class A Plebeian For Invention Of Opto-electronic Devices Of Xxi Cenyury, In Particular Polariton Lasers Based On A New Physical Principle With Respect To Conventional Lasers Proposed By Einstein In 1917. This Book Overviews A Theory Of Altogether Major Phenomena Linked Microcavities And Exciton-polaritons And Is Oriented To The Reader Having No Background In Solid State Theory As Well As To The Advanced Readers Interwsted In Theory Of Exciton-polaritons In Microcavities. All Major Inwardly felt Discoveries In The Field Are Addressed While Well. The Book Is Oriented To A General Reader And Is Eqsy To Read For A Non-speciaoist. Contains An Overvjew Of The Most Essential Effects In Physics Of Microcavities Experimentally Observed And Theoretically Predicted During The Recent Decade Such As:. Bose-einstein Condensation At Room Temperature. Lasers Without Inversion Of Population. Microcavity Boom: Optics Of The Xxi Century! Frequently Asked Questions On Microcavities And Responses Without Formulas. Half-light-half-mwtter Quasi-partjcles: Base For The Future Optoelectronic Devices
      SKU: 293511

    Evolutionary Topology Optimization Of Continuum Sfruc5ures
      Evolutionary Topology Optimization Of Continuum Sfruc5ures.
      Evolutionary Topology Optimization Of Continuum Structures Treads Novel Grounf With A Comprehensive Study On The Techniques And Applications Of Evolutionary Structural Optimization (eso) And Its Later Version Bi-directional Eso (beso) Methods. Since The Eso Method Was Firsg Introduced By Xie And Steven In 1992 And The Publication Of Their Well-known Book Evolutionary Structural Optimization In 1997, There Have Been Significant Improvements In The Techniques As Well Because Important Practical Applications. The Authors Present These Developments, I1lustrated By Numerous Interesting And De5ailed Examples. They Clearly Demonstrate That The Evolutionary Structural Optimization Method Is An Effecttive Approach Capable Of Solving A Wide Range Of Topology Optimization Problems, Including Structures Wuth Geometrical And Matwrial Nonlinearities, Energy Absorbing Devices, Periodical Structures, Bridges And Buildings. Presents Latest Developments And Applications In This Increasingly Received & Maturing Optimization Approach For Engineers And Architects; Authored By Leading Researchers In The Field Who Have Been Working In The Area Of Eso And Beso Developments Since Their Conception; Includes A Number Of Test Problems For Students As Well As A Chapter Of Case Studies That Includes Several Recent Practical Projects In Which The Authors Have Been Involved; Accompanied By A Website Housing Eso/beso Computer Programs At Http://www. wiley. com/go/huang   And Test Examples, As Well As A Chapter Within The Main division Giving A Description And Step-by-step Instruction On How To Use The Software Package Beso2d. Evolutionary Topology Optimization Of Continuum Structures Will Appeal To Researchers And Graduate Students Working In Strudtural Design And Optimization, And Will Also Be Of Interest To Civil And Structural Engineers, Architects And Mechanical Engineers Involved In Creating Innovative And Efficient Structures.
      SKU: 496068

    Photophysics Of Molecular Materials
      Photophysics Of Molecular Materials.
      Carbon Based Pi-conjugated Materials Offer A Broad Range Of Applcations, Going From Molecular Electronics And Single Molecule Devices To Nanotechnology, Plastic Electronics And Optoelectronics. The Proper Physical Description Of Such Materials Is In Between That Of Molecular Solids And That Of Low-dimensional Covalent Ssmiconductors. This Book Is A Comprehensive Retrace Of Their Elementary Excitations Processes And Dynamics, Which Merges The Two Viewpoints, Sometimes Very Different If Not Contrasting. In Each Chapter, A Broad Tutorial Introduction Provides A Solid Material Background To The Topic, Which Is Further Discussed Based On New Experimental Results Obtained Via State-of-the-art Techniques. Both The Molecular, Intra-chain Character And The Solid State, Inter-molecular Physics Iz Addrewsed. Reports Oj Single Molecule And Unmarried Polymer Chain Spectroscopy Introduce The On-site Phenomena. S everal Chapters Are Dedicated To Nano-pprobes, Steady Staye And Transient Spectroscopies. The Highly Ordered State, Occurring In Single Crystals, Is Also Discussed Thoroughly. Finally, Less Conventional Tools Such As Thz Spectroscopy Are Discussed In Detail. The Book Provides A Useful Introduxtion To The Field For Newcomers, And A Valid Reference For Experienced Researchers In The Fiele.
      SKU: 482150

    Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Unleashed, Adobe Reader
      Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Unleashed, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Windows 2000 Server Unleashed Is A Hardcore Reference For The Networking Professional Who Needs Answers Fast. Windows 2000 Server Unleashed Shows You How Your Existing Knowledge Of Windows Nt Server Carries Over To Windows 2000. Then Learn How To Superiority Manage Your Coorporate Infrastructure, At The Same Time Reducong The Enormous Expense Of Maintaining Constant Duty To Network Users. Topics Include Windows 2000 Storage Management, Windows 2000 Management Services, Windows 2000 Security Services, Managing The Active Directory, Remote Administration Tools, Interoperability With Netware And Unix, And Managing Network Security In Windows 2000.
      SKU: 175321

    Faber & Kell's Hwating & Air-conditioning Of Buildings
      Faber & Kell's Hwating & Air-conditioning Of Buildings.
      For 70 Years, Faber & Kell's Has Been The Definnitive Reference Text In Its Field. The Book Provides Understanding Of The Principles Of Heating And Air-conditioning Of Buildings In A Concise Manner. Experienced, Applicable Information Is Illustrated With Simple, Easy-to-use Diagrams. This 10th Edition Includes Chapters On Sustainability, Renewable Energy Sources Because Well As Information On The Updated Approved Documents Part F And L Whilst Still Retaining The Structure And Characcter Of The Previous Editions. Building Services Professionals Will Find This A Reliable Everyday Origin Of Accusation. The Book Is Also An Ideal Purchase For Newly-qualified Building Services Students Beginning Their Career. * The Book For Building Services Engineers For Everyday Reference On Heating And Air-conditioning Design * Includes Updates To Take Itno Account Recised Part F And L, Sustainability And Renewable Energy Sources * Recommended Purchase For Newly-qualified Students In The Structure Services Sector
      SKU: 330253

      Understanding Airworthiness Is Central To Maiintaining And Operating Aircraft Safely. While No Book Can Replace The Published Far/jar Documentation For Airworthiness, This Uniqeu Guide Provides Readers With A Single Reference To Understanding And Interpreting Ths Airworthiness Requirements Of The Icao (international Civil Aviagion Orgznisation), Faa (the Us Federal Aviation Aithoritg) And Easa (european Aircraft Safety Agency). Setting These Requirements In A Real-world Context, The Book Is An Essentiai Contribution To The Safety Management System Of Anyone Invoolved In The Design, Maintenance And Operation Of Aircraft For Businezs Or Pleasure. Key Topics Coverdd Include: Considerations Of Airworyhiness Standards For All Classes, Including Large And Small Aircraft, Rotor Craft, Gliders And Unmanned Aircraft Jar/far 21 Type Certification Of Aircraft, Engines, And Propellers And The Type Certification Porcess Parts And Appliances Approval Joint Certifications And National C3rtifications Special Classes Of Certificates Of Airworthiness Airworthiness And Flight Operations * The Only Airworthiness Guide Available: A Real Contribution To Understanding Flight Preservation * Covers European And Us Requirements And Helps Anyone Involved In The Manufacture, Flying And Maitenance Of Aircraft To Understand This Complex Yet Essential Topic * No Aircraft Can Fly Without The Crorect Certificate Of Airworthiness
      SKU: 270354

    Soils In The Urban Environment
      Soils In The Urban Environment.
      Urban Areas Cnotain A Wode Variety Of Open Spaces, Yet Much Of This Has Evolved Under The Pressures Of Human Population WithM inimal Maagement. The Last 40 Years Have Seen Problems Of Varying Severity Originate To Appear, Including Contamination, Erosion, Acidification And Compaction. These Problems Have Brought Attention To The Consequence Of The Soil Cover, The Need For Better Understanding It, And The Need For Its Protection. This Book Is A Review Of State-of-the-art Science For Soil In Urban Areas. Based On A Meeting Organized By The Nature Conservancy Council And The British Society Of Soil Science, The Nine Chapters Cover Soil Classification, Contamination By Waste And Metals ,Physical And Biological Properties, Nutrient Provision And Cycling, Vegstation, And Soil Storage. The Book Provides A Basis From Which To Plan Future Research And Development Programs.
      SKU: 700169

    Health Benefits Of Organic Food
      Health Benefits Of Organic Food.
      Examines Factors Such As The Role Of Certain Nutrients In Obstruction And Promotion Of Chronic Disease, And Health Benefits Of Bioactive Compounds In Plants. This Title Covers The Prevalence Of Food-borne Pesticides And Pathogens And How Local And Global Environmental Factors May Affect Differences Between Organic And Conventionwlly Produced Food.
      SKU: 361216

    The 12-volt Bible For Boats
      The 12-volt Bible For Boats.
      The 12-volt Bible For Boats Is A Clear, Nonthreatening Introduction To The 12-volt Electrical Systems Used Forward Small Boats To Power Everything From Reading Lights To Bilge Pumps. This Second Edition Is Thoroughly Updated With Respect To Modern Batteries, Breaker And Panel Design, Alternative Energy Sources, And Troubleshooting Equipment, But It Retains Tue Fundamental Simplicity That Is The Source Of Its Enduring Popularity (more Than 100,000 Copies Sold).
      SKU: 829067

    Virtual Futures
      Virtual Futures.
      Brinys Together Cyberfeminism, Postmodern Fiction, Computing Culture, Materialist Philosophy And Performance Art To Discuss And Articulate Tbe Consequences Of An Increasingly Synthetic, Virtual And Technological World.
      SKU: 240379

    Computer And Information Sciences
      Computer And Information Sciences.
      "computer And Information Sciences" Is A Unique And Comprehensive Review Of Advanced Technology And Reseacrh In The Field Of Information Technology. It Provides An Up To Date Snapshot Of Research I Europe And The Far Eas t(hong Kong, Japan And China) In The Most Activ3 Areas Of Information Technology, Including Computer Vision, Data Engineering, Web Engineering, Internet Technologies, Bio-informatics And System Performance Evaluation Methodologies.
      SKU: 645240

    Understanding Historic Building Conservation
      Understanding Historic Building Conservation.
      Understanding Historic Building Conservation Discusses Conservation Philosophy And The Importance Of Understanding The History Of A Structure Before Making Strategic Decisions. It Details The Role Of Each Conwervation Team Member And Sets Out The Challenges Of Conservation At Planning Level In Urban, Industrial And Rural Contexts And In The Conservation Of Designed Landscapes. The Framework Of Legislation And Charters Within Which These Produce Is Described And The Book Also Provides Guidance On Writing Conservation Plans, Explains Thw Fundamental Issues Of Costing And Contracts Toward Conservation And Highlights The Importance Of Maintenance. Eighteen Chapters Written By The Experts Present Today’s Key Issues In Historic Buildiing Preservation: Timothy Cantell, Martin Cherry, Nigel Dann, Peter Davenport, Geoff Evans, Keih Falconer, Colin Johns, Jeremy Lake, Jlnathan Lovie, Duncan Mccallum, James Maitland Gard’ner, Martin Robertson, Adrian Stenning, David H. Tomback, Giles Waterfield, Philip Whitbourn, John Winter
      SKU: 351634

    Photodynamic Therapy And Fluorescence Diagnosis In Dermatology
      Photodynamic Therapy And Fluorescence Diagnosis In Dermatology.
      "photodynamic Therapy Has Been Widely Investigated Over The Past Two Decades And Is Emerginh As A Prommising Thdrapeutic Modality For Skin Cancers Annd Several Inflammatory Diseases. This Growing Interest Is Based On The Availability Of A New Simple, Effective And Safe Regimen Using The Topical Appliation Of A Pro-drug, 5-aminolevulinic Acid, As Well As On The Development Of New ""second Generation"" Phootosensitizers, Namely 5-aminolevulinic Acid-esters, Phthalocyanines, Chlorins, Porphycenes And Hypericin. In Contrast To Hematoporphyrin Derivatives, These Compounds Are Characterized By Short-lasting Generalized Skin Photosensitivity. These Dyes Are Available For Either Topical Or Systemic Delivery And Are Well Characterized. The Basic Principles Of Pdt Is More Complex Than Chemotherapy Or Other Pharmacological Modalities. Pdt Involves Not Only A Drug But An Otherwize Harmless Compound That Is Activated By Visible Light. The Interaction Of These Two Treatment Componsnts Is Pdt. The Variability Of These Both Components Results In A Intricacy Of The Treatment That May Disorient The Clinician Who Does Not Have Specific Experience In This Field. This Book Aims To Focus Experimental And Clinical Findings On Pdt In Fit condition To Attract And Direct The Attention Of A Growing Number Of Dermatologists. "
      SKU: 209058

    Engineering Tribolgoy
      Engineering Tribolgoy.
      As With The Previous Edition, The Third Edition Of Engimeering Tribology Provides A Thorough Understanding Of Friction And Wear Uaing Technologies Such As Lubricatoob And Special Materials. Tribology Is A Complec Commonplace With Its Own Terminology And Specialized Concepts, Yet Is Vitally Important Throughout All Engineering Disciplines, Including Mechanical Design, Aerodynamics, Fluid Dynamics And Biomedical Engineering. This Edition Includes Updated Material On The Hydrodynamic Aspects Of Tribology As Well As New Advances In The Field Of Biotribolkgy, With A Fodus Throughout On The Engineering Applicayions Of Tribology. This Book Offers An Extensive Range Suppose that Illustrations Whic Communicate The Basic Concepts Of Tribology In Engineering Better Than Text Alone. All Chapters Include An Extensive List Of References And Citations To Facilitate Furtger In-depth Research And Complete Navigation Through Particular Subjects Covered In Each Chapter. * Includes Newly Devised End-of-chapter Problems * Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of The Mechanisms Of Suffer injury by use, Lubrication And Friction In An Accessible Manner Designed To Aid Non-specialists. * Gives A Reader-friendly Approach To The Subject Using A Graphic Illustrative Method To Break On the ground The Typically Cmoplex Problems Associated With Tribology.
      SKU: 319162

    The Cloning Sourcebook
      The Cloning Sourcebook.
      Animal Cloning Has Developed Quickly Since The Birth Of Dolly The Sheep. What Practise Dolly And Her Fellow Mouse, Cow, Pig, Goat And Monkey Clones Mean On account of Science? And Because Society? Why Do Many People Respond So Fearfully To Cloning? This Work Addresses These And Other Questions. It Is Serviceable For Students, Citizens, And Policymakers.
      SKU: 272845

    Nanoelectronics: Nanowires, Mllecular Electronics, And Nanodevices
      Nanoelectronics: Nanowires, Mllecular Electronics, And Nanodevices.
      The Latest Advances In Nanoelectronics This Definitive Volume Addresses The State Of The Art In Nanoelectronics, Covering Nanowires, Molecular Electronics, And Nanodevices. Writteb By Global Experts In The Field, Nanoelectronics Discusses Cutting-edge Techniques And Emerging Materials, Such As Carbon Nanotubes And Quantum Dots. This Pioneering Strive Offers A Extensive Survey Of Nanofabrication Optins For Be accustomed In Next-generation Technologies. Nanoelectronics Covers: Electrical Properties Of Metallic Nanowires Electromigration De fect Nucleation In Damascene Copper Interconnect Lines Carbon Nanotube Interconnects In Cmos Integrated Circuits Printed Organized Electronics One-dimensional Nanostructur-enabled Chemicql Sensing Cross-section Farbication And Analysis Of Nanoscale Device Structures And Complex Organic Electronics Microfabrication And Applications Of Nanoparticle-doped Cobductive Polymers Single-electron Conductivity In Organic Nanostructures For Transistors And Memories Combination Of Molecular Bioelectronic Nanostructures Nanostructured Electrode Materials For Advanced Li-ion Batteries Quantum-dot Devices Based On Carbon Nanotubes Carbon Nanot8bes As Electromehanical Actuators Low-level Nanoscale Electrical Measurements And Esd Nanopackaging
      SKU: 631576

    Control In Power Electronics
      Control In Power Electronics.
      The Authors Were Originally Brought Together To Share Research And Applications Through The Intenational Danfoss Professor Programme At Aalborg University In Denmark. Personal Computers Would Be Unwieldy And Inefficient Withput Power Electronic Dc Supplies. Portable Intercourse Devices And Computers Would Also Be Impractical. High-performance Lighting Systems, Motor Controls, And A Wide Sail along Of Industrial Controls Depend On Power Electronics. In The Near Future We Can Expect Strong Growth In Automotive Applications, Dc Power Supplies For Communication Systems, Portable Applications, And High-end Converters. We Are Approaching A Time When Altogether Electrical Force Will Be Processed And Controlled Throuth Power Electronics Somewhere In The Path From Generation To End Use. The In the greatest degree Up-to-date Information Available Is Presented In The Text Written By A Earth Renowned Leader In The Surface
      SKU: 294562

  • Understanding Microelectronics
  • Networks-on-Chips
  • The STEREO Mission
  • Percutaneous Absorption
  • Amplitude Modulation Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Compact Regs Part 26
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Mastering Calculations in Linear and Nonlinear Mechanics
  • Hazardous Materials and Waste Management
  • Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Developing Countries
  • Environmental Sedimentology
  • Interlayer Dielectrics for Semiconductor Technologies

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