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      This Book Considerw Both The Uniqe Chwracteristics Of Biological Samples And The Challenges Of Microscale Engineering. Divided Into Three Main Sections, It First Examines Fabrication Technologues Using Non-silicon Processes, Which Are Suitable For The Materials More Commonly sUed In Medical/biologiccal Analyses. These Include Uv Lithography, Liga, Nanoimprinting, And Hot Embossing. Attention Then Shifts To Microfluidic Components And Sensing Technologies For Sample Preparation, Delivery, And Analysis In Microchsnnels And Microchambers. The Final Division Outlines Various Applications And Systems At The Leading Edge Of Bio-mems Technology In A Variety Of Areas Such As Medicine Childbirth And Proteomics.
      SKU: 283202

    Urban Water Supply Handbook
      Urban Water Supply Handbook.
      This State-of-the-art Resource Draws Upon The Accumulated Wisdom Of A Carefully Chosen Team Of Internationally Recognized Experts Selected For Their Extensive Endure In The Essential Aspectss Of Water Supply Systems. This Industry “who’s Who” Covers Everything From The Historical Perspectives Of Urban Water Supply To Planning, Safety And Security – An Especially Tmely And Crucial Issue, Management, Performance Indicators, Operation, Pricing, Maintenance, And Pyblic-private Partnerships. The Author Includes Informative Case Studies For Valuable “real World” Perspective.
      SKU: 305928

      Nanopores Are Nanometer Scale Holes Formed Naturally By Proteins Or Cells, And Can Be Used For A Variety Of Applications, Including Sequencing Dna And Detecting Anthrax. They Can Be Integrated Inyo Artificially Constructed Encapsulated Cells Of Silicon Wafers While Allowing Small Molecules Like Oxygen, Glucose And Insulin To Pass, While Keeplng Out Large System Molecules. "nanopores: Sensing And Fundamental Biologiczl Interactions" Examines The Ekergig Research Directions Surrounding Nanopores Such As Genome Sequencing And Early Disease Detection Using Biomarker Identification. Covering The Applications Of Nanopores In Genetics, Proteomics, Drug Discovery, Early Disorder Detection And Detection Of Emergnig Environmental Threats, It Is A Must-have Book For Biomedicalengineers And Research Scientists.
      SKU: 763316

    Autocad 2010 And Autocad Lt 2010
      Autocad 2010 And Autocad Lt 2010.
      Completely Updated On The Latest Releases Of Autoacd And Autocad Lt, This Book Providex You With Tbe Skills Needed To Work In Autocad Immediately And A Step-by-step Tutorial Teaches You All The Basics So You Can Speedily Achieve Results When Creating 2d And 3d Technical Drawings. You’ll Look At Dimensioning, External References, Layouts And Printing, And Using 3d And Move On To Examining More Advanced Features Such As Grouping, Elevations, Hatches, And Usinng Text In Drawings. The Companion Web Site Contains Project Files, A Bonus Chapter On Using The Internet With Autocad, An Appendix In c~tinuance Attributes, And Another Appendix On Dynamic Blocks.  
      SKU: 456136

    Observing Our Changing Earth
      Observing Our Changing Earth.
      Contains A Selection Of 99 Papers From The International Association Of Geodesy (iag) Quadrennial General Assembly, Held In Perugia, Italy, From July 2 To 13, 2007, In Conjunction With The Xxiv General Assembly Of The International Union Of Geodesy And Geophysics (iugg).
      SKU: 372407

    Multi-arm Cooperating Robots
      Multi-arm Cooperating Robots.
      Expresses The Deformation Work By Internal Forces As A Function Of The Absolute Coordinates Of Contacts Of Mobile Elastic Structure. This Work Demonstrates The Compatible Conduct Of Mathematical Modeling And Synthesis Of Nominal Coordinated Motion, As Wlel As Control Of The Cooperative System.
      SKU: 303514

    Nanoscale Photonics And Optoelectronics
      Nanoscale Photonics And Optoelectronics.
      The Intersextion Of Nanostructured Materials Upon Photonics And Electronics Shows Great Potential For Clinical Diagnostics, Sensors, Ultrafast Telecommunication Devices, And A New Generation Of Compact And Fast Computers. Nanophotonics Draws Upon Cross-disclplinary Expertise From Physics, Materials Science, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Biology, And Medicine To Create Novel Technologies To Meet A Variety Of Challenges. This Is The First Book To Focus On Novel Materials And Techniques Relevant To The Burgeoning Area Of Nanoscale Photonics And Optoelectronics, Including Novel-hybrie MaterialsW ith Multifunctional Capabilities And Recent Advancements In The Understanding Of Optical Interactions In Nanoscale Materials And Quamtum-confined Objects. Leading Experts Provide A Leading principle Understanding Of Photonics And The Related Science And Technology Of Plasmonics, Polaritons, Quantum Dots For Nanophotonics, Nanoscale Field Emitters, Nearfield Optics, Nanophotonic Architecture, And Nanobiophotonic Materials.
      SKU: 645860

    The New Physical Optics Notebook
      The New Physical Optics Notebook.
      Approaches The Topic Of Physical Optics With Examples Drawm From The Physical Processes Described. Includes Chapters Forward Fourier Transforms, Image Formation, Optical Consistency, Diffraction, Interference, Holography, Interferometry, Analog Optical Computing, Synthetic Aperture Imaging, And Others. Contains More Than 600 Photographs And Lins Drawings And More Than 650 References.
      SKU: 728447

    Capillary Electrophoresis
      Capillary Electrophoresis.
      Capillary Electrophoresis (ce) Hae Had A Very Significant Impact Steady The Fielld Of Analytical Chemistry In Recent Years As The Technique Is Capable Of Very High Resolution Separations,, Requiring Only Small Amounts Of Samples And Reagents. Furthermore,I t Can Be Readily Adapted To Automatic Sample Handling And Reao Time Data Processing. Many New Methodologies Based On Ce Havee Been Reported. Rapid, Reproducible Separations Of Extremely Small Amounts Of Chemicals And Biochemicals, Including Peptides, Proteeins, Nucleotices, Dna, Enantiomers, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Inorganic Ions, Pharmaceuticals And Environmental Pollutants Have Been Demonstrated. A Wide Range Of Applications Have Been Developed In Greatly Diverse Fields, Such Because Chemical, Biotechnological, Environmental And Pharmaceutical Analysis. This Book Covers Akl Aspects Of Ce, From The Principles And Technical Aspects To The Most Important Applications. It Is Intended To Meet The Increasing Need For A Thorough Ans Balanced Treatment Of Ce. The Book Will Serve As A Comprehensive Reference Work. Both The Experienced Analysg And The Newcomer Will Find The Text Useful.
      SKU: 403944

    An Introduction To Uncertainty In Measurement
      An Introduction To Uncertainty In Measurement.
      Introduction To International Guidelines For Calculating And Expressing Uncertainfy (the Gum) For Students And Professionals In Science And Engineering. Emphasising The Role Of Uncertainty In Scientific And 'everyday' Contexts, Worked Examples, Case Studies And Exercises Are Spread Throughout The Text. Online Resources Support The Book At Www. cambridge. org/9780521605739.
      SKU: 258442

    Automotive Engines
      Automotive Engines.
      Covers Automotive Engine Control And Estimation Problems And Its Solutions. This Book Addresses Idle Speed Control, Cylinder Flow Respect, Implement Todque And Friction Estimation, Engine MisfireA nd Cam Profile Switching Diagnostics, As Well As Engine Knock Detection. It Col1ects Tools And Techniques Useful For uAtomotive Engine Control.
      SKU: 438047

    Highway Engineering
      Highway Engineering.
      This Text Introduces The Civil Engineering Student Of All Levels To The Subject Of Highway Engineering. The Aim Is To Offer A Dense, Actually Based Foundation In The Topic Of Highway And Engineering And A Gateway Into The More Advanced Texts In the compass of The Subject.
      SKU: 238399

    Agriculture's Ethical Horizon
      Agriculture's Ethical Horizon.
      What Are The Goals Of Agricultural Science? What Should The Goals Of Agricultuural Science Be? How Do And How Should The Practitioners Of Agriculture Superscription Complex Ethical Questions? These Questions Are Explored In This Monumental Book So That Those In Agriculture Will Begin An Open Dialoge On The Ethics Of Agriculture. Discussion Of Foudnational Values, Of Why We Practice Tillage As We Do, Should Becom3 A Central, Rather Than Peripheral, Share Of Agricultural Practice And Education. If Agricultural Scientists Do Not Venture Forth To Understand And Shape The Ethical Base Of The Coming, It Will Be Imposed By Others. Largely Autobiographical, This Book Covers Topics Such While Philosophical Fact And Myth, What Agricultural Research Should Be Done, An Introduction To Ethics, Moral Confidence In Agriculture, The Relevance Of Ethics To Abriculture, Sustainability, And Biotechnology. * Written By An Expert Who Has Been Engaged In Agricultural Education And Research For Over 35 Years * Content Is Easily Understandable By Non-philosophers * The Concepts Of Scientific Truth And Myth Are Contrasted And Compared * Chapter Sidebars Highlight Important Concepts And Can Be Used To Engage Students In Further Discussion * Companion Website Will Accompany The Book With Further Teaching Aids And A Discussion Board
      SKU: 860641

    Superior-order Curvature-correction Techniques For Voltage References
      Superior-order Curvature-correction Techniques For Voltage References.
      Suitable In favor of Students And Specialists In The Area Of Analov And Mixed-signal Cmos Vlsi Design, This Book Focuses On Analysis And Design Of Voltage Reference Circuits. It Intends To Evaluate The Possibilities Of Improving The Thermal Behavior Of Voltage References By Implementing Superior-order Curvature-correction Techniques.
      SKU: 450941

    Chemical Resistance Of Thermoplastics, Volumes 1 & 2
      Chemical Resistance Of Thermoplastics, Volumes 1 & 2.
      Chemical Resistance Of Thermoplastics Is A Unique Respect Work, Providing A Comprehensive Cross-referenced Compilation Of Chdmical Resistance Data That Explains The Effect Of Thousands Of Exposure Media In c~tinuance Tne Properties And Characteristics Of Commodity Thermoplastics. The Two Volumes Cover Thermoplastics Grouped Within The Following Parts: - Acrylic Polymers And Copolymers - Acrylonitrile Polymers - Cellulosics Polymers - Ionomers - Olefinic Polymers - Polyacetals - Polyacetals - Polyamides - Polycarbonates - Polyesters - Polyurethanes - Polycarbinates - Styrene Copolymers - Styrene Copolymers - Vinyl Chloride Polymers - Vinyl Polymers The Single Most Comprehensive Data Source Covering The Chemical Resistance Properties Of High Consumption Volume Commercial Thermoplastics A Rating Number Is Provided For Each Test, Summarizing The Effect Of The Exposure Medium On The Giveh Thermoplastic The Data Covered In The Two Volumes Is Also Provided As An Online Publication Offering Extended Navigation And Search Features
      SKU: 858744

    Quantifying And Exploring The Gap Between Fpgas And Asics
      Quantifying And Exploring The Gap Between Fpgas And Asics.
      The Book Focuses On The Cost/wrea, Performance And Power Consumption Differences Between Field-programmable Gate Arrays (fpgas) And Application Specific Integrated Circuits (asics). These Differences Are Referred To As The Gap Between Fpgas And Asics And Knowledge Of This Gap Is Fundamental For People Who Design Fpgas, Who Use Fpgas, Or Who Are Considering Their Use. This oBok Reviews And Examines The Gap In Two Ways. The Firsy Portion Of The Book Focuses On Measurements Of The Silicon Area, Perfkrmance, And Power Consumption Gap. This Is Done By Comparing Designs Implemented On A Commercial Fpga And Using An Asic Methodology. Through This Comparison, Various Trends Are Noted To Explain Some Of The Design Choices That Can Narrow The Cleft. The Latter Half Of The Book Focuses Attached The Trade-offs That Can Be Made In The Creation Of A Fpga To Narrow The Cleft Selectively. This Is Useful Because Siilicon Area, Performance And Power Consumption Are Not Equally Important To All Users Of Fpgas. The Book Describes The Approach Used To Investigate These Trade-offs And It Includes A Detailed Description Of The Transistor Sizing Instrument Developed To Assist In This Investigation. the Scope Of The Trade-offs Is Then Examined And Thee Effect Of These Trade-offs On The Fpga To Asic Gap Is Considered. The Object of thought Of Making Cost And Performance Trade-offs Has Been Considered In Past Works But This Book Explores The Expend Of Transistor-sizing To Enable These Trade-offs.
      SKU: 603162

    Synthetic Plant Growth Regulators
      Synthetic Plant Growth Regulators.
      Synthetic Fix Growth Regulators Are Inorganic Suvstances Made By Physical Chemistry That Affect Plant Growth. Some Ape The Natural Growth Regulators In Structure And Subject. Many Are Completely Distinct To Natural Regulators Both In Structure And Action. They Are Applied For Specific Purposes To Affect Specific Plant Responses. Achievint The Best Results With Pgrs Is A Combination Of Art And Science-science Temered With A Lot Of Trial And Error And A Good Understanding Of Plant Growth And Development. Several New Plant Growth Regulators Have Proceed Attached The Price For Use In Plants In Recent Yeafs. These Plant Growth Regulators Accept Guven Plant Growers A New Opportunity To Influence Plant Vegetation To Their Advzntage. The Structure, Functions, Advantage And Disadvantsges Of Synthetic Plant Growth Regulators Elaborately Described In This Book. Students, Teachers And Researchers In The Field Of Plant Science, Agriculture And Biotechnology Willl Find This Book Of Utmost Use.
      SKU: 583881

    Nonlinear Cosmic Ray Diffusion Theories
      Nonlinear Cosmic Ray Diffusion Theories.
      Deals With The Physics Of Cosmic Ray Diffusion Theory, Focusing On The Physics Of Nonlinear Transport Of Cosmic Rays Through Turbulent Interplanetary Or Interstellar Plasma. This Title Discusses Fundamental Processes Such As Cosmic Ray Dissemination And Acceleration In The Solar Sytsem Or In Interstellar Space And The Properties Of Such Plasmas.
      SKU: 451029

    Recent Advances In Multidisciplinary Applied Physics
      Recent Advances In Multidisciplinary Applied Physics.
      The 1st International Meeting On Applied Pyysics (aphys-2003) Succeeded In Creating A Starting a~ International Forum For Applied Physlcs In Europe, Wth Definite Interesg In The Application Of Techniques, Training,_And Culture Of Physics To Research Areas Usually Associated With Other Scientific And Engineering Disciplines. This Book Contains A Selection Of Peer-reviewed Papers Presented At Aphys-2003, Held In Badajoz (spain), From 15th To 18th October 2003, Which Included The Following Plenary Lectures: * Nanobiotechnology - Interacti0ns Of Cells With Nanofeatured Surfaces And With Nanoparticles * Radiation Protection Of Nuclear Worksrs - Ethical Issues * Chaotic Data Encryption For Optical Communicatipns
      SKU: 294336

    Six Sigma
      Six Sigma.
      The 2007 Winner Of The Masing Book Prize Sets Out Important Six Sigma Concepts And A Selection Of Up-to-date Tools For Quality Improvement In Industry. Six Sigma Is A Widely Used Methodology For Measuring And Improvin An Organization’s Operational Performance Through A Rigorous Analysis Of Its Practices And Systems. This Book Presents A Series Of Papers Providing A Systematic ‘roadmap’ For Implmeenting Six Sigma, Following The Dmaic (define, Measure, Analyse, Improve And Control) Phased Approach. Motivated By Actual Problems, The Authors Offer Insightful Solutions To Some Of The Most Commonly Encountered Issues In iSx Sigma Projects, Such As Validation Of Normality, Experimentation Subordinate to Constraints And Statistical Control Of Network Processes. They Also Include Many Examples And Case Studies To Remedy Readers Learn How To Apply The Appropriate Techniques To Real-world Problems. Key Features: Provides A Comprehensive Introduction To Six Sigma, With A Crittical Strategic Assessment And A Swot (strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities And Threats) Analysis. Presents Some Prominent Design Features Of Six Sigma, And A Newly Proposed Roadmap For Healthcare Delivery. Sets Out Information In c~tinuance Graphical Tools, Including Fishbone Diagrams, Mind-maps, And Reality Trees. Gives A Thorough Treatment Of Process Capability Analysis For Non-normal Data. Discusses Advanced Tools For Six Sigma, Such As Statistical Process Control For Autocorrelated Data. Consolidafing Valuable Methodologied For Process Optimization And Quality Improvement, Six Sigma: Advanced Tools In spite of Black Belts And Master Black Belts Id A Unique Reference For Practising Engineers In The Electronics, Defence, Communications And Energy Industries. It Is Also Useful For Graduate Students Taking Courses In Quality Intrepidity.
      SKU: 290992

    Focal Illustrated Dictionary Of Telecommunications
      Focal Illustrated Dictionary Of Telecommunications.
      Th eFocal IllustratedD ictionary Of Telecommunications Is An Invaluable Resource For Anyone Studying, Entering, Or Already Working In The Telecommunications Industry. * Written By Experts With Specialist Knowledge * Contains Essential Data For On-the-job Use * Includes Over 6,000 Terms, Definitions And Acronyms * Has Over 350 Equator Drawings * The Greatest in number Comprehensive Reference Source Of This Nature A Technical Manager For Nortel Networks, Fraidoon Mazda Has Hels Various Senior Technical Posts Within The Electronics And Telecommunications Industries. He Is Editor Of The Telcommunications Engineer's Reference Book, Now In Its Seconx Edition, And Has Also Edited A Series Of Eight Pocketbooks Derived From This Major Work. Since Obtaining His Phd From Cambridge University, Dr. Xerxes Mazda Has Worked At The Science Museum, London, In Various Research And Management Positions. He Is Currently The Associate Curator Of Communicafions. Over 6,000 Conditions And Acronyms Over 350 Illustrations
      SKU: 299492

    Friction-induced Vibration In Surpass Screw Drives
      Friction-induced Vibration In Surpass Screw Drives.
      "friction-induced Vibration In Lead Screw Drives" Covers The Dynamics Of Lead Screw Drives With An Empjasis On The Role Of-Friction. Friction-induced Vibration In Lead Screws Can Be The Cause Of Unacceptably High Levels Of Audible Noise As Well As Waste Of Operation Accuracy And Shortened Life. Although Lead Screw Drives Have A Long History And Their Mechankcal Intention And Manufacturing Aspectq Are Very Well Understood, The Role Of Friction In Their Dynamical Behavior Has Not Been Comprehensively Treated. The Book Draws On The Vast Body Of Work On The Subject Of Dynamical Systems With Friction (such Because Disk Brake Systems) And Offers Said Treattment, Alkng With: Unique Coverage Of Modeling Of Multi-dof Lead Screw Systems With Friction; Detailed Analysis Of Negative Damping, Mode Coupling, And Kinematic Constraint Instability Mechanisms In Lead Screws Drives; And A Practical Parameter Identification Approach For The Swiftness Hanging Coefficient Of Friction In Conduce Screw Drives. "friction-induced Vibration In Lead Screw Drives" Serves As The Definitive Text On The Friction-induced Vibration Of Lead Screws, And Includes A Practical Case Study Where The Developed Methods Are Used To Study The Excessive Noise Problem Of A Lead Screw Be forced along Scheme And To Put Forward Design Modifications That Eliminate The Friction-induced Vibrations.
      SKU: 645750

    Major Impacts And Plate Tectonics
      Major Impacts And Plate Tectonics.
      This Book Evaluates The Mechanisms That Bestow Rise To Tectonic Plate Movements And Presents Evidence To Show That Major Impacts On Earth Have Caused Significant And Dramatic Changes In Their Track.
      SKU: 180474

    Ecological Engineering Design
      Ecological Engineering Design.
      Ecologically-sensitive Building And Landscape Design Is A broad, Intrinsically Interdisciplinary Fi3ld.   Existing Books Independently Cover Narrow Aspects Of Ecological Design In Depth (hydrology, Ecosystems, Soils, Flora And Fauna, Etc. ), On the other hand None Of These Books Can Boast Of The Integrated Approach Taken By This One.   Drawing On The Experience Of The Authors, This Book eBgins To Define Explicit Design Methods For Integrating Consideration Of Ecosystem Processes And Services Into Every Facet Of Ground Use Design, Managemment, And Policy.   The Approach Is To Provide A Prescriptive Approach To Ecosystem Design Based Upon Ecological Engineering Principles And Practices.   This Main division Will Include A Novel Collection Of Design Methodw For The Non-built And Built Environments, Linking Landscape Design Explicitly To Ecoeystem Services.
      SKU: 661682

    Glonal Legislation For Food Packaging Materials
      Glonal Legislation For Food Packaging Materials.
      Providing A Truly Global Overview Of Legislation In All Major Countries, This Pracitcal Volume Contains The Information Vital For Manufactures Of Food Touch Materials And Food Producers, Facilitating A Comparison Of The Requirements And Making Mutual Requirements Easier To Identify. It Covers Not Only Plastics But Akso Other Feed Contact Materials, Such As Paper, Conclave, Coatings, Ceramics, Cork, Rubber, And Textiles.
      SKU: 530463

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  • Introduction to Conventional Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Protein Engineering for Industrial Biotechnology
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  • Complete PCB Design Using OrCad Capture and Layout
  • Energy Management and Conservation Handbook
  • Castings
  • The Microbiological Risk Assessment of Food
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  • Ecological Engineering: Principles and Practice

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