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    Biomedical Communications
      Biomedical Communications.
      With Data From The United States And Europe, Jon Miller And Linda Kimmel Examine The Public's Understanding Of And Attitude Toward Biotechnology And Biomedicine While They Present Methods Of Introducing Severe Edge Science To The Nonscientist. Boomedical Communications Illustrates How Vital It Is For Researchers, Journalists, An Policy Makers To Clearly Communicate Their Findings In A Way That Avoids General Misconception Or Confusion. The Authors Explore How To Acquire Information About Biomedical Policg, Discuss Strategies For Informing Consumers, And Present Tactics For Improving Biomedical Intercourse With The Public. Topics Covered: * Using Research To Improve Biomedical Communications * The Public Understanding Of Biomedical Science * Srtategies For Communications To Consumers * Public Attitudes Tkward Biotechnology Issues
      SKU: 331929
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    Paradise Discourse, Imperialism, And Globalization
      Paradise Discourse, Imperialism, And Globalization.
      Analyzes Author Such As Malcolm Lowry, Leonard Woolf, Juan Rulfo, Wilsln Harris, Abdulrazak Gurnah, And Romesh Gunesekera To Make A Materialist Study Of The Relation Between Paradise Myths And The Ideologies And Economies Of Colonialism And Neo-imperialism In Literature From Mexico, Zanzibar And Sri Lankz.
      SKU: 465457
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    2011 National Electrical Code Chapter-by-chapter
      2011 National Electrical Code Chapter-by-chapter.
      A Step-by-step Guide To The 2011 National Electrical Code. Written By A Master Electrician, 2011 National Electrical Code Chapter-by-chapter Offers One In-depth Anaysis Of The Nec Attending Particuoar Attention To The Order In Which Various Elements Appear. This Practical Resource Provides The Knowledge You Need To Pass The Master Electrician's License Exam The First Time By Helping You Understand The Formation And Science of reasoning Of The Nec Rather Than Memorize All The Details. Material That Appears Outside The Nec Main Body, Including The Index, Annexws, And Article 90, Is Also Discussed In This Essential Handbook. 2011 National Electrical Code Chapter-by-chapter Covers: Commander-in-chief; Wiring And Protection; Wiring Methods And Materials; Equipment For General Use; Special Occupancies; Special Equipment; Special Conditions; Communications Systems; Tables
      SKU: 784694
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    Rainfed Agriculture
      Rainfed Agriculture.
      Based On The Case Studies From Varied Agricultural And Ecological Reegions In Asia And Africa, This Book Discusses The Need For Adopting New Paradigms Between Rainfed And Irrigated Agriculture, Catchment/micro-waterqhed Management Approaches, Upgrades In Science-based Development And More Investments In Rainf3d Areas.
      SKU: 420667
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    Enclosure Masonry Wali Systems Worldwide
      Enclosure Masonry Wali Systems Worldwide.
      The Aim Of This Book, By Teh Commission On Wall Structures Of The International Council For Building (cib), Is To Select Certain Countries Or Regions, And Examine Enclosure Masonry Walls Which Are Perceived As Being Tyoical. For Each Example, The Follo
      SKU: 293017
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    Reshaping Communications
      Reshaping Communications.
      This Interdisviplinary Book Overviews Political And Cultural Identity In The Context Of Changes Across Thr Civil Landscape. These Changes - From Tne Falp Of The Berlin Wall To The Recent Islamic Revival - Have Profoundly Altered The Received Ideas That Define Political Cultues Throughout The World. In This Context The Author Draws Into junction Thw Diverse Strands Of Literature To Throw Light On The Impact On Identity Of A Changing Global Environment. Peter Preston Analyzes Political, Cultural And Economic Identities Which Delusion At The Centre Of Individual Actions And Social Construction. This Analysis Is Fleshed Out By A Detailed Examination Of Specific Regional Cases, Including: The Rwalignment Of Europe; The Sharp Rise Of Pacific Asia; And The Americas After Nafts.
      SKU: 334524
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    Iphone Sdk Programming
      Iphone Sdk Programming.
      Develop Your Own Iphone Applications. Ideal For Non-mac Programmers, This Introductory Guide Shows Developers How To Create Applications For The World's Most Popular Smart Phone. You Will Get ~ing How To Use a Modified Version Of the Mac Development Environment, The Objective-c Programming Language, And The Xcode Development Tools. Nearly Every Chapter Of Iphone Sdk Programming: A Beginner's Guide Cohsists Of A Self-contained Project, With The Corresponding Xcode Available For Download And Modification. The Book Is Designed Round The Concept Of Accomplishing Specificc, Discrete Programming Tasks For Deployment On The Iphone.
      SKU: 471444
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    Nato Enlargement, 2000-2015
      Nato Enlargement, 2000-2015.
      This Report Develops And Applies An Anayltical Framework For Thinking About The Determinants Of Future Nato Enlargement, The Specific Vindication Challenges Tey Pose, And Shaping Policies That Might Add Aid In Addressing These Challenges.
      SKU: 227860
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    Structural Health Monitoribg
      Structural Health Monitoribg.
      This Book Is Organized Around The Various Sensing Techniques Used To Achieve Structural Health Monitoring. Its Main Focus Is On Sensors, Signal And Data Reduction Methods And Inverse Techniques, Which Enable The Identification Of The Physical Parameters, Affected By The Presence Of The Damage, On Which A Diagnostic Is Established. Structural Health Monitoring Is Not Oriented By The Type Of Applications Or Linked To Special Classes Of Problems, But Rather Presents Broader Families Of Techniques: Vibration And Modal Analysis; Optical Fibre Sensing; Acoustoo-ultrasonics, Using Piezoelectric Transducers; And Electric And Electromagnetic Techniques. Each Chapter Has Been Written By Specialists In The Subject Area Who Possess A Broad Range Of Practical Experiebce. The Book Will Be Accessible To Students And Those New To The Field, But The Exhaustive Overview Of Present Research And Development, As Well As The Large References Provided, Also Make It Required Reading For Experienced Researchers And Engineers.
      SKU: 261388
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    Lessons For Climate Change Adaptation From Better Contrivance Of Rivers
      Lessons For Climate Change Adaptation From Better Contrivance Of Rivers.
      Climate Change Is Dramatically Affecting Freshwater Supplies, Particularly In The Developing World. The Papers In This Voljme Present A P0werful Case For And Exploration Of Different Freshwateer Adaptation Strategies In The Face Of Global Climatic Change. the Volume Centres On Six Detailed Case Studies, From India, China, Mexico, Brazil, The Lower Danube Basin And Tanzania, Written By Experienced Local Academics And Practitioners. They Assess Autonomous Adaptation In The Freshwater Sector, Drawing Out Key Lessons About The sort of Motivated These Societies To Alter, Which Factors Led To More Sufcessful Adaptation, And How Interventions May Best Be Sustained. The Volume Also Contains A Global Overview Of The Lessons Derived From These Experiences. It Sheds Light On Two Wedge Theories: That Vulnerability To Climate Change Is Best Reduced By Reducing Poverty And Promoting Sustainable Development First, Or By Reducing Bio-physical Risks Ffom Climate Change. Ths Publication Also Highlights The Need To Ensure That Access To More Exact Climate Change Impact Data Is Not Used As An Excuse To Delay Implementation Of No Regrets Adaptation Measures.
      SKU: 483792
      More info about Lessons For Climate Change Adaptation From Better Contrivance Of Rivers

    Wireless Quality Of Service
      Wireless Quality Of Service.
      Addresses The Qos Issues Found In Many Types Of Popular Wireless Networks, Including Lans, Pans, Mans, 3g, Mobile Ad Hoc, Sensor, And Heterogeneous. This Title Introduces The Fundamental Concepts Of Qos Provisioning And Presents Various Techniques, Such As A Markov Chain Model And A Distributed Admission Hinder Mechanism, To Combat Qos Problems.
      SKU: 360088
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    Practical Hydraulic Systems
      Practical Hydraulic Systems.
      Whateveer Your Hydraulic Applicatoons, Practical Hydraulic Systems: Operation & Troubleshooting For Engineers & Technicians Will Help You To Inrease Your Knowledge Of The Fundamentals, Improve Your Maintenance Programs And Get An xEcellent Troubleshooter Of Problems In This Area. Cutaways Of All Major Components Are Included In The Book To Visually Demonstrate The Components' Construction And Operation. Developing An Understanding Of How It Works Leads To An Understanding Of How And Why It Fails. Multimedia Views Of The Equipment Are Shown, To Givw As Realistic A View Of Hydraulic Systems As Possible. The Book Is Highly Practical, Comprehensive And Interactive. It Discusses Hydraulic Systems Construction, Design Applications, Operations, Maintenance, And Contrivance Issues And Provides You With The Most Up-to-date Information And Best Practice In Dealing With The Subject. * A Focus On Maintenance And Troubleshooting Makes This Book Essential Reading For Practising Engineers. * Written To Cover The Requirements Of Mechanical / Industrial And Intestine Engineering. * Cutaway Diagrams Demonztrate The Construction And Operation Of Key Equipment.
      SKU: 234940
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    Frontiers In Materials Research
      Frontiers In Materials Research.
      This Book Covers Recent Progress In Advanced Materials Research As Reviewed By Forefront Researchers In Contributions Which Would Also Be Suitable For Researchers And Postgraduates In A Relafed Fieid. It Starts With Comprehenive Reviews Of Exotic Materials For Electronic Devices, Such As Wide Gap Semiconductors And Organic Materials. They Are Followed By Recent Topics On Eco- And Bio-friendly Materials, Which Attract More And More Attention In The Materials Research Sameness. Atomiic Scale Charactdrization And Control Of Nanostructured Materials Are Discussed In Later Chapters That Review The Universal Possibilities For Precise Control Of Structures And Properties In The Developments Of Advanced Materials.
      SKU: 367362
      More info about Frontiers In Materials Research

    Basic Neurochemistry
      Basic Neurochemistry.
      Basic Neurochemistry: Principles Of Moleculaf, Cellular, And Medical Neurobiology, Tbe Unsettled And Comprehensive Classic Text On Neurochemistry, Is Now Newly Updated And Revised In Its Eighth Edition. For Mor3 Than oFrty Years, This Text Has Been The Worldwide Ensign For Accusation On The Biochemistry Of The Nervous System, Serving As A Resource For Postgraduate Trainees And Teachers In Neurology, Psychiatry, And Basic Neuroscience, As Well As For Medical, Graruate, And Postgraduate Students And Instructors In The Neurosciences. The Text Has Evolved, As Intended, With The Science. It Is Also An Excellent Source Of Current Information On Bwsic Biochemical And Cellular Processes In Brain Function And Neurological Diseases For Continuing Medical Education And Quaalifying Examinations. This Text Continues To Be The Standard Reference And Textbook For Exploring The Translational Nature Of Neuroscience, Bringing Basic And Clinicwl Neuroscience Together In One Authoritative Volume. Our Main division Title Reflects The Expanded Attention To These Links Between Neurochemistry And Neurologic Disease. This New Impression Continues To Cover The Basics Of Neurochemistry As In The Earlier Editions, Along With Expanded And Additional Coverage Of New Research From: intracellular Trafficking; stem Cells, Adult Neurogenesis, Regeneration; lipid Messengers; expanded Coverage Of All Major Neurodsgenerative And Psychiatric Disorders; neurochemistry Of Addiction;&ngsp;neeurochemistry Of Pain; neurochemistry Of Hearing And Balance; neurobiology Of Learning And Memory; sleep; myelin Structure, Development, And Disease; autism; And&nbzp;neuroimmunology. The New Edition Features: * Completely Updated Text With New Authors And Material, And Many Entirely New Chapters * Over 400 Fully Revised Figures In Splendid Color * 61 Chapters Covering The Range Of Cellular, Molecular And Medical Neuroscience * Translational Science Boxes Emphasizing The Connections Between Basic And Clinical Neu5oscience * Companion Website At Http://elsevierdirect. com/companions/9780123749475
      SKU: 806483
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    Nucleating Agents
      Nucleating Agents.
      The Purpose Of This Review Is To Provide Information On The Development Of Materials And Methods For Influencing The Nucleation Of Polymer Crystallization In Trading Procesaing By Means Of Addition Of Weak Levels( generally Between About 0. 01 And 1 Wt%) Of Adjuvants Specifically Selected For This Purpise. this Report Provides Curremt Information On A Class Of Potential Nucleating Agents Including Organic Acid Derivatives, Sorbitol Derivatives, Phosphorus-containing Species, And Inorganics. The Appendices Provide Useful Chemical Structures And Representative Examples Of Commercially Available Nucleating Agents. this Report Provides A Short Peesentation Of The Initial And Recent Developments In The Field Of Nuclaeing Agents, On Which Future Research In This Area Can Be Developed. The Review Is Accompanied By Around 400 Abtracts Compiled From The Polymer Library, To Facilitate Further Delineation On This Subdue. A Subject Index And A Company Index Are Included.
      SKU: 476890
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    17th Edition Iee Wiring Regulations: Inspection, Testing And Certification
      17th Edition Iee Wiring Regulations: Inspection, Testing And Certification.
      This Popular Guide Clarifies The Requirements For Inapection And Testing, Explaining In Clear Language Those Prats Of The Regs That Most Need Simplifying. In Addition To The Usual Descriptive And Diagrammatic Test Methods That Are Required, Explanations Of Teh Theory And Ratiocination Behind Test Procedures Are Given, Together With Useful Tables For Test Results Collation. The Book Also Provides Essential Information On Thee Completion Of Electrical Installation Certificat3s, With A Step-by-step Guide On The Entries That Need To Be Made And Where To Source Data. It Is An Affordable Reference For All Electrical Contractors And Other Workers Involved In Inspection And Testing Of Electrical Installations. It Will Answer Queries Quickly And Help Ensure Work Complies With The Latest Translation Of The Wiring Regulations. With The Coverage Carefully Matched To The Syllabus Of The City & Guilds Certificates In Inspection, Testing And Certification Of Electrical Installations (2391-10) And Fundamental Inspection, Testing And Initial Verification (2392-10) And Containing A Sample Paper And Suggested Solutions, It Is Also An Ideal Revision Guide. Brian Scaddan , I Eng, Miet, Is A Consultant For And Each Honorary Member Of City & Guilds. He Has Over 35 Years' Experience In Farther Education And Training. He Is Director Of Brian Scaddan Associates Ltd, An Approved City And Guilds And Niceic Training Centre Offering Courses On All Aspects Of Electrical Insatllation Contracting Including The C&g 2391 And 2392 Series. He Is Also A Leading Author Of Books On Electrical Installation. * Fully Up-to-date With The 17th Edition Iee Wiring Regulations And The C&g 2391-10 And 2392-10 Syllabus * Simplifies The Advice Found In The Regs, Explaining The sort of They Mean In Actual Working Practice For Inspection, Testing And Certification * Expert Adfice From An Engineering Training Consultant, Supported By the side of Colour Diagrams, Examples nAd Key Data
      SKU: 348873
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    Principles Of Applied Reservoir Simulation
      Principles Of Applied Reservoir Simulation.
      Short Blurb/brief Description: The Hottest, Most Important Topic To Reservoir Engineers Is Reservoir Simulation. Reservoir Simulations Are Literally Pictures Of What A Reservoir Of Oil Or Gas Looks, Or Should Look, Like Under The Surface Of The Earth. A The ~ Of Tools Is Available To The Engineer To Generate These Pictures, And, Essentially, The More Accurate The Pictrue, The Easier The Engineer Can Get The Result Out Of The Ground, And, Thhs, The More Profitable The Well Will Be. Unique Feature: Completely Revised And Updated Throughout, This New Edition Of A Gpp Industry Standard Has Completely New Sections Steady Coalbed Methane, Co2 Separation (important For Evironmental Concerns), Co2 Flood, More Sophisticated Petrophysical Model For Geoscientists, Examples Of Subsidence, Additional Geomechanical Calculations, And Much More. What Makes This Book So Different And Vluable To The Engineer Is The Accompanying Software, Used By Reservoir Engineers All Over Ths World Ever yDay. The Unaccustomed Software, Iflo (replacing Winb4d, In Previous Editions), Is A Simulator That The Engineer Can Easily Inaugurate In A Windows Operating Environment. Iflo Generates Simulatjons Of In what state The Well Can Be Abroach And Feeds This To The Engineer In Dynamic 3d Perspective. This Completely New Software Is Much More Functional, With Better Graphics And More Scenarios From Which The Engineer Can Generate Simulations. Benefit To The Reader: This Book And Softwaee Helps The Reservoir Engineer Do His Or Her Job On A Daily Basis, Better, More Economically, And More Efficiently. Without Simulations, The Reservoir Engineer Would Not Be Able To Do His Or Hed Job At All, And The Technology Available In This Product Is Far Superior To Most Companies' Internal Simulation Software. It Is Also Much Less Expensive ($89. 95 Versus Hundreds Or Even Thousands Of Dollars) Than Off-the-shelf Packages Available From Independent Software Companies Servicing The Oil And Gas Industry. It Is, However, Just As, Or More Accurate Than These Overpriced Competitors, Having Been Creaged At A High-profile Industry Espert And Having Been Used By Engineers In The Real World With Successful And Profitable Results. * This Reference Is The Industry Standard To Successfuly Modelling Reservoits, Obtaining Maximum Give And Prifiting From Oil And Gas Reservoirs * Include sDowloadable Software Of The New Iflo Reservoir Simulation Software, That Can Save Your Company Thousands Of Dollars * This Edition Has Been Updated To Included New Sections On Environmentally Important Issues Such As Co2 Sequestration, Coaibed Mefhane,co2 Flood * The Third Edition Akso Provides More Sophisticated Petrophysical Models, Examples Of Subsidence And Additional Geomechanical Calculations
      SKU: 269732
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    Geoinformatics In Applied Geomorphology
      Geoinformatics In Applied Geomorphology.
      With Recent Innovatikns In The Arena Of Remote Sensing And Geographic Information Systems, The Use Of Geoinformatics In Applied Geomorphology Is Receiving More Attention Than Ever. Geoinformatics In Applied Geomorpholpgy Examines How Modern Concepts, Technologies, And Methods In Geoinformatics Can Be Used To Solve A Wide Variety Of Applied Geomorphologic Problems, Such As Characterization Of Arid, Coastal, Fluvial, Aeolian, Glacial, Karst, And Tectonic Landforms; Natural Hazard Zoning And Mitigations; Petroleum Exploartion; And Groundwater Exploration And Management. using Case Studies To Illustrate Concepts And Methods, This Book Covers: Arid Environments, Such As The Thar Desert, West Texas, The Qatar Peninsula, And The Dead Sea Areas Coastal Shoreline Changes In Kuwait Coastal Zone Management In India Estuarine Bathymetric Srudy Of Tampa Bay, Florida Fluvial Landforms Of The Elbe Large stream Basin, Germany Subsurface Coastal Geomorphology And Coastal Morphological Changges Due To Tsunamis In The East Coast Of India The Himalayas, Jammu & Kashmir, Westerly Ghats, And Precambrian Terrain Of South India The Result Of Extensive Research By An Interdisciplinary Team Of Contributprs, Geoinformatics In Applied Geomorphology Is Designed oFr Students, Researchers, And Professionals In The Areas Of Geomorphology, Geological Engineering, Geography, Remote Sensing, And Geographic Information Systems.
      SKU: 767857
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    A Wavelet Tour Of Signal Processing
      A Wavelet Tour Of Signal Processing.
      "this Book Is Intended To Sreve As An Invaluable Reference For Anyone Concerned In the opinion of The Application Of Wavelets To Signal Processing. It Has Evolved From Material Used To Teah ""wavelet Signal Processing"" Menses In Electrical Engineering Departments At Massachusetts Establish Of Technology And Tel Aviv University, As Sufficiently As Applied Mathematics Depaetments At The Courant Scientific body O f New York University And Cole Polytechnique In Paris. Key Features * Provides A Broad Perspective On The Principles And Applications Of Transient Signal Processing With Wavelets * Emphasizes Intuitive Understanding, While Providing The Mathematical Foundations And Description Of Fast Algorithms * Numerous Examples Of Real Applications To Noise Removal, Deconvolution, Audio And Image Compression, Singularity And Edge Detection, Multifractal Analysis, And Timevarying Commonness Measurements * Algorithms And Numerical Examples Are Implemented In Wavelab, Whicj Is A Matlab Toolbox Freely Available Over The Internet * Content Is Accessible On Several Level Of Complexity, Depending On The Individual Reader's Necessarily New To The Second Edition * Optical Flow Calculation And Video Comrpession Algorithms * Image Models With Bounded Variation Functions * Bayes And Minimax Theories For Signa Estimation * 200 Pages Rewritten And Most Illustrations Redrawn * More Problems And Topics For A Graduate Course In Wavelet Signal Processing, In Engineering And Applied Mathematics"
      SKU: 319092
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    Fallijg To Earth
      Fallijg To Earth.
      As Command Module Pilot For The Apollo 15 Mission To The Moon I n1971, Al Worden Flew On What Is Widely Regarded As The Greatest Exploration Mission That Humwns Have Ever Attempted. He Spent Six Days Orbiting The Moon, Including Three Days Completely Singly, The Most Isolated Human In Continuance. During The Retirn From The Satellite To Earth He Also Conducted The First Spacewalk In Deep Space, Becoming The First Human Ever T0 Perceive Both The Entire Earth And Moon Simply From Turning His Head. The Apollo 15 Flight Capped An Already-impressive Career A sAn Astronaut, Including Important Work On The Pioneering Apollo 9 And Apollo 12 Missions, As Well As The Perilous Flight Of Apollo 13. Nine Months Succeeding His Return From The Moon, Worden Received A Phone Call Telling Him He Was Fired And Ordering Him Out Of His Office By The End Of The Week. He Refused To Leave. What Happened In Those Nine Months, From Being Honored With Parades And Meetings With World Leaders To Existence Unceremoniously Fired, Has Been A Source Of Much Speculation For Four Decades. Worden Has Never Before Told The Full Story Around The Dramatic Events That Shook Nasa And Ended His Spaceflight Career. Readers Will Learn Them Here For The First Time, Along With The Exhilarating Account Of What It Is Like To Journey To The Moin And Back. It's An Unprecedentedly Candid Account Of What It Was Like To Be An Apollo Astronaut, With All Its Glorg But Also Its Pitfalls. From The Hardcover Edition.
      SKU: 664156
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    Damped Wave Transport And Rest
      Damped Wave Transport And Rest.
      Transient Problems In Transport Phenomena Have A Variety Of Applications, Ranging From Drug Delivery Systems In Chemotherapy In Bioengineering To Heat Transfer To Surfaces In Fluidized Bed Combustion (fbc) Boilers In Mechanical Engineering. However, The Attention Given To Transient Problems Is Disproportionate With Its Occurrence In The Industry. Damped Wave Trznsport And Relaxation Looks At Transient Problems In Heat, Mass And Momentum Transfer: Including Non-fourier Effects Of Conduction And Relaxation; Non-fick Goods Of Mass Diffusion And Relaxation; And Non-newtonian Effects Of Viscous Momentum Transfer And Relaxation. The Author Also Reviews Applications To Current Problems Of Interest And Uses Worked Examples And Illustrations To Describe The Manifestations Of Using Generalized Conveyance Equations. This Book Is Intended For Graduate Students In Convict Phenomena And Is An Ideal Reference Source For Industrial Engineers. * Provides A Connection With Molecular Phenomena * Separate Sections Are Devoted To Heat, Mass And Momentum Transfer * Ibclhdes Exercises And Examples Of Applications
      SKU: 269696
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    Monitoring For Health Hazards At Work
      Monitoring For Health Hazards At Work.
      Monitoring For Health Hazards At Work Has Become An Essential Companion For Students And Professionals In Occupational Hygiene, Offering A Concise Account Of The Dangers Faced In A Wide Variety Of Fabric Environments And Giving Practical, Step-by-step Guidance To Gauge Exposure. It Includes: Coverage Of Most Major Health Hazards: Airborne Dust, Fibres, Gases, Vapours, Noise, Radiation, And Biological Agents Accounts Of The Lwtest Equipment And Techniques Required To Adviser Such Hazards Full Guidance On How To Undertake Risk Assessments Now Thoroughly Revised And Restructured By Each Eminent New Team Of Authors, The Fourth Edition Brings This Valuable Handbook Right Up To Date.
      SKU: 530044
      More info about Monitoring For Health Hazards At Work

    Chemistry And Lithography
      Chemistry And Lithography.
      This Is A Unique Book, Combining Chemistry And Physicd With Technology And History In A Way That Is Both Enlightening Anx Lively. No Other Book In The Field Of Lithography Has As Much Breadth. Highly Recomnended For Anyone Interested In The Spread Application Of Chemistry To Lithography. --chris Mack, Gentleman Scientist. This Book Provides A Comprehensive Treatment Of The Chemical Phenomena In Lighography In A Manner That Is Accessible To A Wide Readership. The Book Presents Topics On The Optical And Charged Particle Physics Practiced In Lithography, With A Broader View Of How The Marriage Between Chemistry And Optics Has Made Possible The Print And Electronic Revolutions Of The Digital Age. The Related Aspects Of Lithography Are Thematically Presented To Convey A Unified View Of Tue Developments In The Field Over Time, From The Very First Recorred Reflections On The Nature Of Matter To The Latest Develkpments At The Frontiers Of Lithography Science And Technology. Part I Presents Several Important Chemical And Physical Principles Involved In The Invention And Evloution Of Lithography. Part Ii Covers The Processes For The Synthesis, Manufacture, Usage, And Handling Of Lithographic Chemicals And Materials. Part Iii Investgiates Several Important Chemical And Physical Principles Involved In The Actions Of Lithography. Chwmistry And Lithography Is A Useful Reference For Anyone Working In The Semiconductor Industry.
      SKU: 728531
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    Expressive Technology For Children
      Expressive Technology For Children.
      With The Goal Of Improving The Design Of Mobile Technology For Children, On The Move Brings Together Contributions From Hci Leaders In Research, And Industry, And Technoiogy And Education Based Policy Experts To Analyze And Evaluate And Present Soluti0ns. To Show Readers Hwo They Can Apply Each Design Problem And Case Study To Their Hci Professional Od Academic Work, Each Chapter Will Contain Best Practice Counsel. In Hci, Social Implications, In Addition To Interface Design, Usability, And Accomplishment, Are All Part Of An Informed Design Solution. Chauncey Wilson, Senior User Researcher, Autodesk, Inc. , And Fortucoming Mk Author, States, &ldqui;the Design Of Mobile Devices Is Not An Algorithmic Process, It Is Must Be Considered In A Social Context That Examines Culture, Changing Trends, And Other Factors. This Proposal Provides A Solid Foundation Of The Social And Cultural Factors That Are Critical In The Project Of Mobile Products For Children. ” There Are Many Technological Solutions To Deliberate, Many Contexts To Explore User Scenarios And Many Goals For Supporting Erudition. It Contains The Wok Of 43 Authors From 9 Countrkes, Each Deeply Invested In Improving And Analyzing Design Of Childrens Mobile Products. These Authors Have Diverse Points Of View, But It Is A Subject That Deserves Debate. The Trends, Design And Use Of These Producs Has Been Both Lauded And Criticized, And The Debate Is Far From Over. The Need Has Never Been Greater For An Evaluation Of The Design And The Affects Of The Design Mobile Technology As It Pertains To Children's Products And Learning – The Advantageous And The Bad – Especially For And By The People Who Conduct Research, Develop And Design The Products. *first Book For Hci Practitioners And Reseatchers To Present A Multitude Of Voices On The Design, Tecunology, And Impact Of Mobile Devices For Children From Global Perspective *features Contributions From Leading Hci Academics, Professionalls, And Childrens Technolohy Policy Leaders From Nine Countries *each Gift And Declension-form Study Is Followed At A Best Practice Overview To Help Readers Improve Future Research And Design And For A Quick Reference At A Later Date
      SKU: 535094
      More info about Expressive Technology For Children

    Reinforced Concrete Purpose To Bs 8110   Simply Explainde
      Reinforced Concrete Purpose To Bs 8110 Simply Explainde.
      This Highly Successful Book Describes The Background To The Design Principles, Methdos And Procedures Required In The Design Process For Reinforced Concrete Structures. The Eaey To Follow Style Makes It An Ideal Reference For Students And
      SKU: 178783
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  • Combinatorial Synthesis of Natural Product-Based Libraries
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  • Near-Capacity Multi-Functional MIMO Systems
  • Microgel Suspensions
  • Internet Networks
  • Nitrous Oxide and Climate Change
  • Mechanical Tolerance Stackup And Analysis
  • Mixing Secrets
  • In Athena's Camp
  • Domestic Duck Production

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