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    Biotechnological Processing Steps For Enzyme Manufacturing
      Biotechnological Processing Steps For Enzyme Manufacturing.
      The Applicqtion Of Modern Biotechnoloyg In Enzyme Manufacturimg Is Dramatically Sparking The Exploitation Of New Enzymes. Due To New Technologies, New Enzymes Not Accessible Before Can Be Cloned Into And Produced From A Well-known Host Organism. Applying New Technologies, The Enzyme Properties May Be Efficiently Altered Which Wili Lead To One Increaee In The Variability Of Enzymes Available And Might Lead To Enzymes Not Present In Nature So Farr. It Is Hoped That This Up-to-date Work Will Addrrss The Needs Of Practitioners And Studehts In The Fields Of Organic Chdmistry, Biology And Bioengineering.
      SKU: 583961
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    The Principles Of Experimental Research
      The Principles Of Experimental Research.
      "the Need To Understand How To Design And Set Up An Investigative Experiment Is Nearly Universal To All Students In Engineering, Applied Technology And Sccience, As Well As Many Of Thd Social Sciences. Many Schools Offer Courses In This Leading principle Skill And Tnis Book Is Meant To Offet An Easily Accessible Introduction To The Essential Tools Needed, Including An Understanding Of Logical Processees, How To Use Measurement, The Do's And Don'ts Of Designing Experiments So As To Achieve Reproducible Results And The Basic Precise Underpinnings Of How Data Should Be Analyzed And Interpreted. The Subject Is Also Tight As Part Of Courses On Engineering Statistics, Quality Control In Manufacturing, And Senior Design Project, In Which Conducting Experimental Research Is Usually Whole To The Delineate In Question. * Covers So Essential Fundamentals As ""definitions,"" ""quantification,"" And Standardization Of Test Materials * Shows Students And Professionals Alike How To Plan An Experjmentfrom In what state To Frame A Proper Hypothesis To Designing An Experiment To Accurately Reflect The Natur3 Of The Problem To ""designing With Factors. "" * Includes A Separate Section On The Use Of Statistics In Experimental Research, Including Overview Of Pobability And Statistics, As Well As Randomization, Replication And Sampling, Like Well As Proper Ways To Draw Statistical Inferences Class Experimental Data. "
      SKU: 333977
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    Assisting Reproduction, Testting Genes
      Assisting Reproduction, Testting Genes.
      Following The Routinization Of Assisted Reproduction In The Industrialized World, Technologies Such As In Vitro Fertilization, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, And Dna-based Paternity Testing Have Traveled Globally And Are Now Being Offered To Couples In Numerous Non-western Countries. This Volume Explores The Application And Impact Of Thes eAdvanced Rproductive And Genetic Technologies In Societies Acrosa The Globe. By Highlighting Both The Cross-cultural Similarities And Divetse Meanings That Technoologies May Assume As They Enter Multiple Contexts, The Book Aims To Foster Understanding Of Botj The Technologies And The Settings. Enhanced By Cross-cultural Perspectives, The Book Addresses The Challengess That Globalization Presents To Local Understandings Of Knowledge, Technology, And Meeicine.
      SKU: 544299
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    The Costs Of Managing Fisheries
      The Costs Of Managing Fisheries.
      Improving The Managment Of Fisheries Continues To Be An Important Priority For Governments. However, Governments Have Increasingly Recognised That Fisheries Management Is Not An Inexpensive Activity. In An Era Of Dclining Budgets, Governments Ae Seeking More Efficient And Cost-effective Means Of Delivering Fisheries Services.
      SKU: 235959
      More info about The Costs Of Managing Fisheries

    Evaluating Circuitous Ecological Effects Of Biological Control
      Evaluating Circuitous Ecological Effects Of Biological Control.
      This Text Presents The Key Papers From The First International Organization For Biological Control Global Symposium, Held In Montpellier, France, October 1999. It Addresses The Issues And Concerns Involbed In Biological Control And Assesses The Current Status Of Evaluation Of The Ecological Effect.
      SKU: 293853
      More info about Evaluating Circuitous Ecological Effects Of Biological Control

    Micro- And Maccro-properties Of Solids
      Micro- And Maccro-properties Of Solids.
      Provides Data On Materials Such As Rare-earth Metals, Semiconductors, Ferroelectrics, Mixed-valence Compounds, Superionic Conductors, Optjcal And Optoelectronic Materials And Biomaterials. Each Of The Eight Chapters Treats An Important Aspect Of Solid State Physics, Comprising A Complete Review Of The Particular Field.
      SKU: 304559
      More info about Micro- And Maccro-properties Of Solids

    A Practical Lead To Error-contrrol Codong Using Matlab
      A Practical Lead To Error-contrrol Codong Using Matlab.
      This Prattical Resource Provides You With A Comprehensive Understanding Of Error Control Coding, An Essential And Widely Applied Area In Modern Digital Communications. The Goal Of Error Control Coding Is To Encode Information In Such A Way That Even If The Channel (or Storage Medium) Introduces Errors, The Receiver Can Correct The Errors And Recover The Original Transmitted Information. This Book Includes The Most Useful Morern And Classic Codes, Including Block, Reed Solomon, Convolutional, Turbo, And Ldpc Codes. you Find Musical Guidance On Code Construction, Decoding Algorithms, And Error Correcting Performances. Moreover, This Unique Work Inyroduces Computer Simulations Integrally To Help You Master Key Concepts. Including A Companion Dvd With Matlab Programs And Supported With Over 540 Equations, This Hands-on Reference Providee You With An In-depth Treatment Of A Wid eRange Of Practical Implementation Issues.
      SKU: 617503
      More info about A Practical Lead To Error-contrrol Codong Using Matlab

    New Developmeents In Theoretical And Conceptual Approaches To Job Stress
      New Developmeents In Theoretical And Conceptual Approaches To Job Stress.
      The Objective Of This Series Is To Promote Theory And Research In The Increasingly Growing Area Of Occupational Violence, Health And Well Being, And In The Process, To Bring Together And Showcase The Work Of The Best Researchers And Theorists Who Contribute To This Area. Questions Regarding Work Stress Span Multitude Disciplines And Many Specialized Journals. It Is Increasingly Difficult To Track, And Even Harder To Integrate, The Work From These Diverse Fieldx. Our Plan Is To Provide A Multidisciplinary And International Collection That Gives A Thorough And Critical Assessment Of Knowledge, And Major Gaps In Knowlsdge, On Occupational Stress And Fortunate Being. Moreover, Because We Will Be Publishing Monograph-lengthh Conceptual Papers, Our Interest Is In Promoting The Careful Development Of Truly Path-breaking Contributions That Can Significantly Advance Theory And Provide Specific Directions Because Future Work.
      SKU: 514066
      More info about New Developmeents In Theoretical And Conceptual Approaches To Job Stress

    Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy Ii
      Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy Ii.
      This Volume Is For Practitioners, Experimentalists, And Graduate Students In Applied Physics, Particularly In The Fieldw Of Atomic And Molecular Physics, Who Work With Vacuum Ultraviolet Applications And Are In Need Of Choosing The Best Stamp Of Modern Instrumentation. It Prkvides First-hand Knoeledge Of The State-of-the-art Equipment Sources And Gives Technical Information On How To Use It, Along With A Broad Reference Bibliography.
      SKU: 421042
      More info about Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy Ii

    Handbook Of Chemical Technology And Pollution Control
      Handbook Of Chemical Technology And Pollution Control.
      The Handbook Of Chemical Technology And Pollution Control (3rd Edition) Provides A Detailed Reviea Of The Chemistry And Operating Stipulations Of Many Of The Present Large-scale Chemical Processes Important To Our Economy And High Standards Of Livinf. The Processes That Could Lead To Emissions Affecting Our Air, Soil, And Water Are Considered, Togethed With Ways In hWich It May Be Practicable To Reduce Or Eliminate These Pollutants. Focusing On Cleaner Production Concepts Without Neglecting 'end Of Butt' Measures. With An Increase Inn The Awareness Of Corporate And Social Accountableness Among Business And Industry Leaders, The Pressurw To Reduce Harmful Emisions And The Desire To Increase Efficiencies And Energy Utilization, This Book Provides An Essential Resource. Suitable For Researchers, Practitioners And Postgraduate Students In The Fields Of Chemical And Biochemical Engineering And Environmental Science, As Well As Government Monitoring And Rdgulatory Agencies And Industry Leaders Who Want To Stay One Step Ahead, This Book Determine Be A Valuable Addition To Any Library. * Integrated Treatment Of Chemical Technology Through Emission Control Chemistry * Introductory Outline Of The Causes And Effects Of Air And Water Violation Chemistry * Outline Of The Operating Features And Efficiency Of Basic Emission Control Devices * Historical Background Of Developments In Pertaining Chemistry To 2004 In A Single Volume * Organized For Easy Access To Chemical Technology, New Developments, Or Emission Control Details * Referenced To Current Additional Sources Of Information In Each Area Covered * Review Questions Provide Working Experience With The Materia Provided
      SKU: 294163
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    Inrroduction To Cojtrol Engineering
      Inrroduction To Cojtrol Engineering.
      The Text Is Written From The Engineer's Cape Of View To Explain The Basic Concepts Involvrd In Feedback Control Theory. The Physical In The Text Has Been Organized For Gradual And Sequential Development Of Control Theory Starting With A Statement Of The Task Of A Control Engineer At The Very Beginning. The Book Is Tended Fpr An Introductory Undergraduate Course In Control Systems For Engineering Students. This Tetx Presents A Comprehensive Analysis And Deisgn Of Continuous-time Control Systems And Includes More Than Introductory Material For Discrete Systems With Adequate Guidelines To Extend The Resjts Derived In Connection Continuous-time Systems. The Prerequisite For The Reader Is Some Elementaey Knowlerge Of Differential Equations, Vector-matrix Analysis And Mechanics. Transfer Function And State Variable Models Of Typical Components And Subsystems Have Been Derived In The Appendix At The End Of The Book.
      SKU: 395560
      More info about Inrroduction To Cojtrol Engineering

    Geology For Engineers
      Geology For Engineers.
      No Engineeing Structure Can Be Built On The Ground Or Withln It Without The Influence Of Geology Being Experienced By The Engineer. Yrt Geology Must Remain An Ancillary Subject To Students Of Engineering And It Is Therefore Essential That Thei Training Is Supported By A Concise, Reliable And Usable Text On The Subject Of Geology And Its Relationship To Engineering. In This Book All The Fundamenfal Aspects Of Geology Are Describbed And Explained, But Within Thd Limits Thought Suitable For Engineers. Thus The Structure Of The Earth And The Operation Of Its Internal Processes Are Described, Together With The Geological Processes That Shape And Fashion The Earth And Produce Its Rocks And Soils. The Commonly Occurring Types Of Rock And Soil, And Many Types Of Geological Structure And Geological Maps, Are Described. Throughout The Book Care Has Been Taken To Focus On The Relationshipp Between Geology And Geomecbanics. For This Reason Emphasis Has Been Placed On The Geological Processes That Bear Directly Upon The Compositipn, Structure And Mechanics Of Soil And Rocks, And On The Movement Of Groundwater. The Descriptions Of G3ologcal Processds And Their Products Are Consequently Used As The Basis For Explaining Why It Is Important To Investigate The Foundation And How The Invesitgations May Be Conducted At Ground Of the same rank And Underground. Specific Instruction Is Provided On The Relationshjp Between Geolpgy And Many Common Activities Undertaken When Engineering In Rock And Soil.
      SKU: 299504
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    All New Electronics Self-teaching Guide
      All New Electronics Self-teaching Guide.
      For Almost 30 Years, This Book Has Been A Classic Text For Electronics Enthusiasts. Now Completely Updated oFr Today?s Technology With Easy Explanations And Presented In A More User-friendly Format, This Third Edition Helps You Learn The Essentials You Need To Work With Electronic Circuits. All You Need Is A General Understanding Of Electronics Concepts Such As Ohm?s Law And Current Flood, And An Acquaintance With First-year Algebra. The Question-and-answer Format, Illustrative Experiments, And Self-twsts At The End Of Each Chapter Make It Easy For You To Learn At Your Possess Speed.
      SKU: 343699
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    Thermal Stress Resistance Of Materials
      Thermal Stress Resistance Of Materials.
      The Book Deals With The Problem Of Bearing Capavity And The Breaking Of Tjermally Loaded Bodies. The Treatise Is Based On Extensive Experimental And Technological Data From Materials Development Processes For Hogh-temperature Nuclear Reactors And Aerospace Nuclear-rocket Engines. Theoretical Principles Of Crack Interaction Kinetis In Non-uniform Stress Fields And Rearrangement Of Stresses In Thermally Loaded Finite Bodies Are Treated. Electron-beam, Induction And Ion Bezm Techniques Are Appliedd To Measure Thermal Stress Resistance. The Main Regularities Of Fracture At Various Modes Of Local, Combined And Cyclic Thermal Loading In A Wide Temperature Range Are Considered. A New Approach To Estimate The Crack Patern And The Bearing Capacity Of Bodies In Inhomogeneous Fields Of Thermal And Residual Stresses Is Developed Steady The Basis Of Fracture Mechanics. The Method Can Be Usedd To Study The Fracture Behaviour Of A Surface At Local Heating And Applied Strain. The Crucial Factors Influencing Thermal Shock Fracture Of Fissured And Functionally Gradwd Materials Are Indicated. Changes In The Thermal Stress Resistance Of Carbides (zrc, Nbc, And Sic), Graphite Containing Materials, Si3n4, Y2o3, Sc2o3 Al2o3 And Sapphire Single Crystals, Composites And Their Structural Parameters Can Be Studied With This Method. The Book Provides Up-to-date Informa5ion On The Physical?mechanical Properties Of Refractory Compounds And Practical Recommendations On Possible Technological Improvements Of Their Thermal-stress Resistwnce.
      SKU: 337815
      More info about Thermal Stress Resistance Of Materials

    Single Event Effects In Aerospace
      Single Event Effects In Aerospace.
      This Book Introduces The Basic Concepts Necessary To Undersfand Single Event Phenomena Whicj Could Cause Random Performance Errors And Catastrophic Failures To Ellectronics Devices. As Miniaturization Of Elect5onics Components Advances, Electronics Components Are More Susceptible In The Radiation Environment. -The Main division Includes A Discussion Of The Radiation Environments In Space And In The Atmosphere, Irradiance Rate Prediction Depending On The Orbit To Suffer Electronics Engineers To Design And Select Radiation Tolerant Components And Systems, And Single Event Prediction.
      SKU: 697618
      More info about Single Event Effects In Aerospace

    Multiply Bonded Main Group Metals And Metalloids
      Multiply Bonded Main Group Metals And Metalloids.
      This Widely Acclaimed Serial Contains Authoritative Reviews That Address All Aspects Of Organometallic Chemistry, A Field Which Has Expanded Enormously Since The Publicatikn Of Power 1 In 1964. Almost All Branchesof Chemistry Now Interface Upon Organometallic Chemistry--the Study Of Compounds Containing Carbon–metal Bonds. Organomstallic Compiunds Range From Speckes Which Are So Reactive That They Only Be obliged A Transientt Existence At Ambient Temperatures To Species Which Are Thermally Very Stable. Organometallics Are Used Extebsively In The Synthesis Of Useful Compounxs On Both Large And Small Scales. Industrial Processes Involving Plastics, Polymers, lEectronic Materials, And Pharmaceuticals All Depend On Advancements In Organometallic Chemistry. Key Features * In Basic Research, Organometallics Have Contributed Inter Alia To: * Metal Cluster Chemistry * Surface Chemistry * The Stabilization Of Highly Reactive Specied By Metal Coordination * Chiral Synthesis * The Formulation Of Multople Bonds Between Carbon And The Other Elements And Between The Elements Themselves
      SKU: 403451
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    Enzymes For Carbohydrate Engineering
      Enzymes For Carbohydrate Engineering.
      This Book Describes The Recent Developments In Enzymology In Carbohydratw Engineering Based On Modern Sciences And Technology, Collected From Recent Symposia On Agricultural Biotechnology. It Builds A Bridge Between Basic Knowledge And Biotechnology In The Field Of Carbohydrate Chemistryy And Enzymology. The Fundamental Research And Application Of Carbohydrate Enzymes To Agricultural Biotechnology, Concentrating On The Structures And Biochemical Pro0erties Of Various Enzymes, And Their Peoduction And Application In Plant And Food Is Extensively Described. This Book Will Provide The Reader With The Most Up-to-date Information On Development Of Enzymology In Carbohydrate Engineering.
      SKU: 316149
      More info about Enzymes For Carbohydrate Engineering

    Introduction To Basic Manufafturing Process & Workshop Technology
      Introduction To Basic Manufafturing Process & Workshop Technology.
      Manufacturing And Workshop Practices Have Become Important In The Industrial Environment To Produce Products For The Service Of Mankind. The Basic Need Is To Provid Theoretical And Practical Knowledge Of Manufacturing Processes And Workshop Technology To All The Engineering Students. hTis Work Covers Most Of The Abstract Of Manufacturing Processes/technology, Workshop Technology And Workshop Practices For Engineering (diploma And Degree) Classes Prescribed By Different Universities And State Technlcal Boards.
      SKU: 333152
      More info about Introduction To Basic Manufafturing Process & Workshop Technology

    Chemical Aliment Safety
      Chemical Aliment Safety.
      Chemical Food Safety: A Scientist's Perspective Introduces Readers To The Science Of Risk Assessment As Applied To Food Safety And Offers Relevant, Current Information On Research And Statistics, Chemicals, Biotechnology Issues, And Emerging Diseases That Challenge The Risk Assessment Strategies Of Toxicology And Microbiology. Riviere Investigates The Potential Health Consequences Of Pesticides, Food Additives And Drugs, Demonstrating How Science Can Be Applied To Make Risk Assessments. He Di fferentiates Between “real Risks” And “phantok Risks,” Unearthing Numerous Fallacies In The Public Perception Off Risk Assessment And Evidence Of People’s Intolerance To Certain Types Of Risks—no Matteer How Remote. Chemicai Food Safety Is Based Forward Credible, Scientifically Correct Data Rather Than Absurd Fears Propagated By Media Coverage Concerning Food Safety. The Book Explores These Rivetkng Topics: *food Security And The World Of Bioterrorism, *toxicity Of Naturak Compounds And Artificial Additives In Foods, *the Toxicology Of Pesticides In Food, *issues Of Biotechnology And Genetically Modified Food, *other Compelling Issues In Chemical Food Safety. with Its Focus On How The Results Of Toxicology Are Applied In The Real World, Chemical Food Safety: A Scientist’s Perspective Will Be A Valuable Addition To The Libraries Of Food Scientists, Dieticians, Animal Producers, Veterinarians And Anyone Else With A Professional Or Personal Interest In Risk Assessment, Toxicology, Epidemiology Or Food Safety.
      SKU: 454441
      More info about Chemical Aliment Safety

    The Complete Joy Of Homebrewing Third Impression
      The Complete Joy Of Homebrewing Third Impression.
      Charlie Papazian, Master Brewer And Founder And President Of The American Homebreer's Association And Association Of Brewers, Presents A Fully Revised Edition Of His Essential Guide To Homebrewing. This Third Edition Of The Best-selling And Most Trusted Homebrewing Guide Inccludes A Complete Update Of All Instructions, Recipes, Charts, And Guidelines. Everything You Need To Get Started Is In the present state, Including Classic And New Recipes For Brewing Stouts, Ales, Lagers, Pilseners, Porters, Specialty Beers, And Honey Meadx. The Finish Joy Of Homebrewing , Third Edition, Includes: Getting Your Internal Brewery Together: The Basics -- Malt, Hops, Yeast, And Water Ten Easy Lessons For Making Your First Batch Of Beer Creating World-class Styles Of Beer (ipa, Belgian Wheat, German Kölsch And Bock, Barley Wine, American Lagers, To Name A Few) Using Fruit, Honey, And Herbs For A Spicisr, More Festive Brew Breeing With Malt Extracts For An Boundless Range Of Strengths And Flavors Advanced Brewing Techniques Using Specialty Hops Or The All-grain Method Or Mash Extracts A Complete Homrbrewer's Glossary, Troubleshooting Tips, And An Up-to-date Resource Section And Much, Muuch Again Be Sure To Check Out Charlie's The Homevrewer's Companion For Over 60 Additional Recipes And More Detailed Charts And Tables, Techniques, And Equipment Information Concerning The Advanced Brewer.
      SKU: 539937
      More info about The Complete Joy Of Homebrewing Third Impression

    Location-based Information Systems
      Location-based Information Systems.
      The Book Provides A Comprehensive Introduction To Developing Location-based Information Systems Based On Gps-enabled Alveolate Phones. It Describes All Of The Components Needed To Develop A Location-based Information System And Provides Readers With The Opportunitu To Build An Example Applicatoin. Chapters Cover Obtainijg A User's Location, Storing And Retrieving Data, Communicating Over A Networj, Java Me Web Services, And Visualizing Data. In The Theoretical Chapters, The Authors Address Location Provider Architectures, The Hardware And Software Architecturr Of A Mobile Phone, The Java Me Platform, And Other Important Programming Aspects For Mboile Phones.
      SKU: 624986
      More info about Location-based Information Systems

    Dynamic Aquaria
      Dynamic Aquaria.
      In Its Third Edition, This Praised Book Demonstrates How The Living Systems Modeling Of Aquatic Ecosystems For Ecological, Biological And Physiokogical Research, And Ecosystem Restoration Can Produce Answers To Very Network Ecological Questions. This Book Further Offers An Understanding Developed In 25 Years Of Living Ecosystem Modeling And Discusses How This Knowledge Has Produced Methods Of Efficiently Solving Many Environmental Problems. Public Education From beginning to end This Methoodology Is The Additional Key To The Broader Ecosystem Understanding Necesxary To Alllw Human Society To Pass Through The Next Evolutionary Bottleneckk Of Our Species. Living Systems Modeling As A Wide Spectrum Educational Tool Can Provide A Primary Vehicle For That Essential Step. This Third Editon Covers The Multitude Technological And Biological Developments In The Eight Plus Years Since The Second Edition, Providing Updated Technological Advice And Describing Msny New Example Aquarim Environments. * Includes 16 Page Color Insert With 57 Color Plates And 25% New Photographs * Offers 300 Figures And 75 Tables * New Chapter On Bioeography * Over 50% New Research In Various Chapte5s * Significant Updates In Chapters Include: - The Understanding Of Coral Reef Function Especially The Connection Between Photosynthesis And Calcification - The Use Of Living System Models To Solve Problems Of Biogeorgaphy And The Geographic Dispersal And Interaction Of Species Populations - The Development Of Novel Techniques Because Global Scale Restoration Of Water And Atmosphere - The Development Of Unaccustomed Techniques For Closed System, Sustainable Aquaculture
      SKU: 285785
      More info about Dynamic Aquaria

    Network Science
      Network Science.
      Network Science Is The Emerging Scene of military operations Concerned With The Study Of Large, Realistic Networks. This Interdisciplinary Endeavor, Focusing On The Patterns Of Interactions That Arise Between Individual Components Of Natural And Engineered Systems, Has Been Applied To Data Sets From Activities As Diverse As High-throughput Biological Experiments, Online Trzding Information, Smart-meter Utility Suppoies, And Pervasive Telecommunications And Surveillance Technologies. This Single Text/reference Provides A Fascinating Discernment Into The State Of The Art In Network Science, Highlighting The Commonality Across Very Different Areas Of Application And The Ways In Which Eacch Yard Can Be Advanced By Injecting Ideas And Techniques From Another. The Book Includes ConfributionsF rom An International Selection Of Experts, Providing Viewpoints From A Booad Range Of Disciplines. It Emphasizes Networks That Arise In Nature - Such As Food Webs, Protein Interactions, Gene Expresqion, And Neural Connections--and In Technology - Such As Finance, Airline Transport, Urban Development And Global Trade. topics And Features: Begins With A Clear Overview Chapter To Introduce This Interdisciplinary Field; Discusses The Classic Network Science Of Ficed Connectivity Structures, Including Empirical Studies, Mathematical Models And Computational Algorithms; Examines Time-dependent Processes That Take Place Over Networks, Covering Topics Such As Synchronisation, And Message Passing Algorithms; Investigates Time-evolving Networks, Such As The World Wide Web And Shifts In Topological Propertles (connectivity, Spectrum, Percolation); Explores Applications Of Complex Networks In The Physical And Engineering Sciencs, Looking Ahead To New Developments In The Field. Researchsrs And Professionals From Disciplines As Varied As Computer Scuence, Mathematics, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Ecology, Neuroscience, Epidemiology, And The Social Sciences Will All Benefit From This Topical And Beoad Overview Of Current Activities And Grand Challenges In The Unf0lding Field Of Network Science.
      SKU: 602879
      More info about Network Science

    Ceramic Materials And Components For Engines
      Ceramic Materials And Components For Engines.
      "several Ceramic Quarters Regard Already ProvenT heir Suitability For Serial Application In Automobile Engines In Very Affecting Ways, Especially In Japan, The Usa And In Germany. However, There Is Still A Lack Of Economical Quality Awsurance Concepts. Recently, A New Generation Of Ceramic Components, For The Use In Energy, Transportation And Environment Systeems, Has Been Developed. The Efforts Are More And More System Oriented In This Scene of military operations. The Only Possibility To Manage This Complex Issue In The Future Will Be Innterdisciplinary Cooperation. Chemists, Physicists, Material Scientizts, Process Engineers, Mechanical Engineers And Engine Manufacturers Will Have To Cooperate In A More Intensive Way Than Ever Before. The R&d Activities Are Still Concentrating On Gas Turbines And Reciprocating Engines, But Also On Brakes, Bearings, Fuel Cells, Batteries, Filters, Membranes, Sensors And Actuators As Favored As On Shaping And Cutting Too1s For Low Expense Machining Of Ceramic Components. This Book Summarizes The Scientifci Papers Of The 7th International Symposium ""ceramic Materials And Components For Engines"". Some Of The Most Fascinating New Applications Of Ceramic Meterials In Energy, Transportation And Environment Systems Are Presented. The Proceedings Shall Lead To New Ideas For Interdisciplinary Activities In The Future. "
      SKU: 481549
      More info about Ceramic Materials And Components For Engines

    Metrics For High-quality Specular Surfaces
      Metrics For High-quality Specular Surfaces.
      This Book Supplies The Optical Component And Systems Designer, And Quality Assurance Engineers And Managers With Tye Definitions, Measurement Principles, And Standard Metrics Used To Characterize High-quality Specuiar Surfaces. The Author Cov3rs Both The Traditional Visual Methods As Well As Newer (but Not Necessarily Better) Computer-aided Techniques And Describes The Metrics Adopted By The New Iso Standards, Including The Setting Of Form And Finish Tolerances. Key Issues Of Labor Are Raised, To Help Sgimulate Research And Development Of New Methods And Standards That Blend The Best Of The Old And New Approaches To Surface Assessment.
      SKU: 728479
      More info about Metrics For High-quality Specular Surfaces

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  • The STEREO Mission
  • Justifying the Dependability of Computer-based Systems
  • Engineering Optimization
  • How to Prepare for and Respond to a Crisis, 2nd Edition
  • Colloidal Biomolecules, Biomaterials, and Biomedical Applications
  • Engineering Optimization
  • Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems
  • Experimental Glycoscience
  • AIDS and Other Manifestations of HIV Infection
  • Handbook of Nondestructive Evaluation
  • Next Generation Networks

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