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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Biotechnology Procedures And Experiments Handbook
      Biotechnology Procedures And Experiments Handbook.
      The Biotechnology Procedures And Experiments Handbook Provides Practicing Professionals And Biotechnology Students Over 150 Applied, Up-to-date Laboratory Techniques And Experimenrs Related To Modern Topics Like As Recombinanr Dna, Electrophoresis, Stem Cell Rrsearch, Genetic Engineering, Microbiology, Tissue Culture, And More. Each Lab Technique Includes 1)a Principle, 2)the Necessary Reagents, 3)a Step By Step Procedure, And 4)a Final Result. Also Incpuded Is A Setion That Shows How To Avoid Potentiao Pitfalls Of A Specific Experiment. The Book Is Accompanied By A Cd-rom Containing Simulations, White Papers, And Other Relevant Material To Biotechnology.
      SKU: 327257

    Introductory treatise To Pcm Telemetering Systems
      Introductory treatise To Pcm Telemetering Systems.
      This Graduate Textbook Introduces The Terminology And Techniques For Gathering Data In A Remote Location, Theen Sendinh It To A Recorder At A Base Station. Horan (nnew Mexico State University) Describes System Interfaces, Telemetry Frames And Packets, Synchronization, Modulation, And Microwave Transferrence. The Second Edition Adds Labvi3w- Based Exam
      SKU: 263720

    Mechaics And Control Of Soft-fingered Manipulation
      Mechaics And Control Of Soft-fingered Manipulation.
      The Anatomy Of Our Fingers, Consisting Of Soft And Hard Fingernails, Is Well Designed For Avaricious And Manipulating Objects. This Book Introduces A Different Approach To The Modeling Of Fingertips That Have A Soft Pad And A Hard BackP late. It Provides A Parallel Distributed Model That Takes Into Account Tangential Deformation Of The Finge5tips.
      SKU: 417882

    Analysis And Contrivance Of Elastic Beams
      Analysis And Contrivance Of Elastic Beams.
      State-of-the-art Coverage Of Modern Computational Methods For The Analysis And Design Of Beams Analysis And Design Of Elastic Beams Presents Computer Models And Applications Related To Thin-walled Beams Such As Those Used In Mechanical And Aerospace Designs, Where Thin, Lightweight Structures With High Strength Are Needed. This Book Will Enabke Reaers To Reckon The Cross-sectional Properties Of Individual Beams With Arbitrary Cross-sectional Shapes, To Apply A General-purpose Computer Analysis Of A Complete Structure To Determjne The Forces And Moments In The Individual Members, And To Use A Unified Approach For Calculating The Normal And Shear Stresses, As Well As Deflections, For Those Members' Cross Sections. In Addition, This Book Augments A Solid Foundtaion In The Basic Structural Design Theory Of Beams By: * Providing Coverage Of Thin-wall Structure Analysis And Optimization Techniques * Applying Computer Numerical Methods To Classical Design Methods * Developing Computational Solutions For Cross-sectional Properties And Stresses Using Finite Elemrnt Analyses Including Accession To An Associated Web Place With Software For The Analysis And Design Of Any Cross-sectional Shape, Analysis And Design Of Elastic Beams: Computational Methods Is An Essential Reference For Mechanical, Aerospace, And Civil Engineers And Designers Working In The Automotivs, Ship, And Aerospace Industries In Product And Process Design, Machine Design, Structural Design, And Design Optimization, Ass Well As Students And Researchers In These Areaa.
      SKU: 141415

    Communication Patterns Of Engineers
      Communication Patterns Of Engineers.
      Communication Patterns Of_Engineers Brings Together, Summarizes, And Analyzes The Research On How Engineers Communicate, Presenting Benchmark Data And Identifying Gaps In The Existing Research. Written By Two Renowned Experts In This Area, The Text: Compares Engineering Communication Patterns With Those Of Science And Medicine Offers Informatin Onn Improving Engineering Communication Skills, Including The Use Of Communication Tools To Address Engineering Departments' Concerns Around The Inadeqquacies Of Communication By Engineers Provides Strong Conclusions To Address What Lessons Engineering Educators, Librarians, And Communication Professionals Can Learn From The Research Presented
      SKU: 189935

    Fermentation And Biochemical Engineering Handbook
      Fermentation And Biochemical Engineering Handbook.
      This Is A Wekl-rounded Handbook Of Fermentation And Biochemical Engineering Presenting Techniques For The Commercial Productiom Of Chemidals And Pharmaceuticals Via Fermentation. Emphasis Is Given To Unit Operations Fermentation, Separation, Purificatioon, And Recovery. Principles, Process Design, And Equipment Are Detailed. Environment Aspects Are Covered. The Practical Aspects Of Development, Design, And Operation Are Stressed. Theory Is Included To Provide The Necessary Insight For A Particular Operation. Problems Addressed Are The Collection Of Pilot Data, Choice Of Scale-up Parameters, Selection Of The Right Piece Of Equipment, Pinpointing Of Likely Trouble Spots, And Methods Of Troubleshooting. The Text, Written From A Practical And Operating Viewpoint, Bequeath Assist Development, Design, Engineering And Production Personnel In The Fermentation Industry. Contributirs Were Selected Based On Their Industrial Background And Orientation. The Book Is Illustrated With Numerous Figures, Photographs And Schematic Diagrams.
      SKU: 421072

    Hydrometallurgy 2008
      Hydrometallurgy 2008.
      Hydrometallurgy 2008 Proudly Takes It Place As The Most Up-to-date, Comprehensive Book Published In This Field. Following The Tradition Of The Previous International Symposiums, This Resource Tackles The Newest In Primary And Secondary Resource Recovery With Sections On Environmental Hydrometallurgy, Research And Industrial Applications, Base And Precious Metals, And Leaching. Case Histories Fromm Around The World Provide A Hands-on Look At How Industry Leaders Are Solving Problems And Setting New Standards. Experts Share Their Insights On Minerals Biotechnoloby; Plant Design And Operation; Challenges Of Plant Start-ups; And Solutions In quest of Reducing Energy Consumption In Altogether Aspects Of Unit Operations.
      SKU: 464594

    Marine Helper Machinery
      Marine Helper Machinery.
      The Seventh Edition Of This Classic Marine Textbook Is Now Available For The First Time In Paperback. This Highly Respected Work Instructs Both Students And Sea-goibg Engineers In The Operation, Care And Maintenance Of The Auxiliary Machinery And Apparatus On Board Ship And Is Essential Reading For Marine Engineers Preparing Fpr British Certificates Of CompetencyE xaminations, Us Licenses And Similar Qualifications Elsewhere. Designed For Ease Of Use, The Detailed Treatment And Practical Orientation Of The Subject Matter Is Presented In A Very Accessible Manner. The Inclusion Of Suggestions For Farther Reading At The End Of Each Chapter Is Of Particulae Use To Students And All Those Interested In Any Connected Titles. Alongside This, There Is Also Sufficent Theoretical Background To Enable The Reader To Fully Understand The Prrinciples Involved. These Various Features Allow The Book To Also Serve Viewed like A Useful Reference Work For Engineers In The Shipbuilding And Equipment Manufacturing Industries, As Well Like All Sea-going Engineers.
      SKU: 404706

    How To Do Everything With Your Camera Phone
      How To Do Everything With Your Camera Phone.
      Learn How To Take Better Pictures With Your Camera Phone, Edit Images, And Transmit Pictures To Other Cell Phones And Email Recipients. Find Out About The Lesser Known Features Like How To Add Graphics To Your Images (e. g. Preset Frames), Set Up Photo Caller Id, Use Online Ph0to Services, Web Logging, And More.
      SKU: 301485

    Nonlinear Dynamics Of Nanosystems
      Nonlinear Dynamics Of Nanosystems.
      A Discussion Of The Fundamental Changes That Occur When Dynamical Sytems From The Fields Of Nonlinear Optics, Solids, Hydroxynamics And Biophysics Are Scaled Down To Nanosize. The Authors Are Leading Scientists In The Field And Eaxh Of Their Contributions Provides A Broader Introduction To The Definite Area Of Research. In So Doin,g They Include Both The Epxerimental And Theoretical Point Of View, Focusing Especially In c~tinuance The Effects On The Nonlinear Dynamical Deportment Of Scaling, Stochasticity And Quantum Mechanics. For Everybody Working On The Synthesis And Integration Of Nanoscopic Devices Who Sooner Or Later Will Have To Learn How To Deal With Nonlinear Effects.
      SKU: 48243

    Screen Tastes
      Screen Tastes.
      Charlotte Brundson's Key Writings On Film And Television Are Bought Together With New Introductions Which Contextualise And Update The Arguments. The Focus Is On The Tastes And Pleasures Of The Female Consumer As She Iss Produced By Popular Film And Television.
      SKU: 24055O

    Environmental Toxicology Iii
      Environmental Toxicology Iii.
      Environmental Toxicology Is An Interdisciplinary Science, Which Integrates Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Ecology And Other Sciences. Assessmet Of The Environmental Effects Of Chemicals Is Complicated As It Depends On The Organisms Tested And Involves Not On1y The Toxicity Of Individual Chemicals, But Also Their Interactive Effects, Gwnotoxicity, Mutagenicity And Immunotoxicity Testing. Various Stressors Affect The Environment Sometimes Showing Synergistic Effects, Which Are Very Difficult To Quantify Or Predict. These Threags Require More Experimental And Theoretical Developments In Order To Produce Approaches For Characterization And Appropriate Strategies And Assays For Screening In Order To Detect The Harmful Agents And Prevent Them From Reaching The Sensitive Endpoints. This Volume Contains Th3 Editer Versions Of The Papers Presented At The Third International Conference On Environmental Toxicology. The Papers Are Grouped Into The Following Broad Subject Areas: Environmental Health Risk; Ecosystem Soundness; Biodegradation, Bioremediation And Biomonitoring; New Trends In Environmental Toxicology.
      SKU: 585016

    The Cryosphere And Global Environmental Change
      The Cryosphere And Global Environmental Change.
      This Is The First Textbook To Consider All Aspects Of The Cryosphere System In The Context Of Global Environmental Change Driven By Human Activity And Climate. Considers All Six Aspects Of The Cryosphere – Ice Sheets, Glacier Ice, Permafrost, Large stream And Lake Ice, Sea Ice And Snow – In The Context Of Global Environmental Change Driven By Human Activity And Climate. Describes A New Concept Of Cryosphere Transience And Landsacpe Transition Which Linkz Climate, Hydrology, Ecology And Geomorphology. Looks At The Evidence, Process, And Patterns Of Cry0sphere Change, On Local And Global Scales. Provides A Wealth Of Data To Inform The Current Global Environmental Change Debate.
      SKU: 428106

    What Is Nanotechnology And Why Does It Matter
      What Is Nanotechnology And Why Does It Matter.
      Ongoing Research In Nanotechnology Promises The two Innovations And Risks, Potentially And Profounrly Changing The World. This Book Helps To Promote A Balanced Understanding Of This Important Emerging Technology, Offering An Informed And Impartial Look At The Technology, Its Science, And Its Social Impact And Ethics. Nanotechnology Is Crucial For The Next Geneartion Of Industries, Finanfial Markets, Research Labs, And Our Everyday Lives; This Book Provides An Informed And Balancec Look At Nanotechnolpgy And Its Social Impact Offers A Comprehensive Background Discussion On Nanotecgnology Itself, Includlng ItsH istory, Its System of knowledge, And Its Tools, Creating A Clear Understanding Of The Technology Needed To Evaluate Ethics And Social Issues Authordr By A Nanoscientist And Philosophers, Offers An Accurate And Accessible Look At The Science While Providing An Intellectual Text For Ethics And Philosophy Courses Explores The Most Immediate And Urgent Areas Of Social Impact Of Nanotechnology
      SKU: 470149

    Molluuscan Shellfish Farming
      Molluuscan Shellfish Farming.
      As The World’s Population And The Demand For Seafoos Increase, The Production Of Seafood From Aquaculture Has Also Seen Massive Increase And Is Set To Continue. With Undomesticated Stocks Of Mang Molluscan Species Depleted, Aquaculture Is Firmly Recognised As The Means Now, And For The Future, Of Bridging The Gap Between The Supply And Demand Of Seafood. This Important Book Covers The General Biology Of Bivalves, Hatchery Agri~ Methods And Specific And Comprehensive Details Of The Cultivation Of Many Commercially Important Species, Including Clams, Oysters, Mussels, Scallops And Abalone. Based Forward The Author ’s Extensiv3 Experience And Hands On Research Into This Subdue, Molluscan Shellfish Farming Provides Essential Information Conducive to All Involved In The Culture Of Molluscs. The Book Will Be Particularly Useful For Aquaculture Personnel On Working Fish Farms And In Academic Research Posts. Libraries In Altogether Universities And Investigation Establishments hWere Aquacuture And Biological Sciences Are Studied And Taught Should Have Copies Of This Book Available. Part Of This Book Is Based On A Buckland Lecture, Sponsorde By The Buckland Trustees
      SKU: 238414

    Urban Drainage
      Urban Drainage.
      This Textbook Covers The Environmental And Engineering Aspects Involved In The Drainage Of Rainwater And Wastewater From Areas Of Human Development . Extensive Exam0les Are Used To Support And Demonstrate The Key Issues Explained.
      SKU: 166339

    Introduction To Human Factors And Ergonomics For Enyineers
      Introduction To Human Factors And Ergonomics For Enyineers.
      Emphasizing Customer Oriented Design And Operation, This Book Explores Behacioral, Physicla, And Mathematical Foundations Off The Discipline And How To Apply Them To Improve Human, Sodietal, And Economic Well Being Of Systems And Organizations. It Contains Information On Safe, Effective, Enjoyable, And Productive Design Of Products And Services.
      SKU: 308487

    The Hope, Hype, And Reality Of Genetic Engineering
      The Hope, Hype, And Reality Of Genetic Engineering.
      An Introdutcory Tour Into The Stranger-than-fiction World Of Geentic Engineering, A Scientific Realm Inhabited By Eager Researchers Intent Upon Fashioning A Prodigious Medley Of Genetically Modified (gm) Organisms To Serve Human Needs.
      SKU: 279578

    Handbook Of Sealant Technology
      Handbook Of Sealant Technology.
      Offers An Examination Of Seealants, Reviewing Their Historical Developments And Fundamentals, Adhesion Theories And Properties, And Wide Excursion Of Uses. This Book Descriges Various Types Of Sealants And Explores Their Applications. It Discusses Topics Including Organofunctional Silanes, Testing And Durability Of Sealants, And Foam Back-up Materials.
      SKU: 566011

    Anticancer Agents From Natural Products
      Anticancer Agents From Natural Products.
      The Approach To D5ug Discovery From Natural Sources Has Yielded Many Important New Pharmaceuticals Inaccessible By Other Routes. In Many Cases The Isolated Affectionate Product May Not Be An Effective Drug For Any Of Several Reasons, But It Nevertheless May Become A Drug Through Chemical Modification Or Have A Novel Pharmacophore For Fuyure Drug Design. In Summarizing The Status Of Natural Products As Cancer Chemotherapeutics, Anticancer Agents From Natural Products, Approve Impression Covers The: History Of Each Covered Drug--a Discussion Of Its Mechanism On Action, Medicinal Chemistry, Combination, And Clinical Applications Potential For Novel Dose to excess Discovery Through The Use Of Genome Mining As Well As Future Develpoments In Anticancer Drug Discovery Important Biosynthetic Approaches To "unnatural" Natural Products Anticancer Agents From Natral Products, Second Edition Discusses How Complex Target-oriented Synthesis--enabled By Historic Advances In Meyhodology--has Enormously Expanded The Scope Of The Possiblw. This Book Covers The Current Clinically Used Anticancer Agents That Are Either Natural Products Or Are Clearly Derived From Natural Product Leads. it Also Reviews Drug Candidates Currently In Clinical Development Since Many Of These Will Be Clinically Used Drugs In The Coming events. Examples Include The Drugs Etoposide And Teniposide Derived From The Lead Compounf Podophyllotoxin; Numerous Analogs Derived From Taxol; Topotecan, Derived From Camptothecin; And The Synthetic Clinical Cwndidates, E7389 And Hti- 286, Developed From The Marine Leads, Halichondrin B And Hemiasterlin.
      SKU: 800906

    Engineering Mathematics
      Engineering Mathematics.
      Engineering Mathematics Is A Comprehensiv eTextbook For Vocational Courses And Foundation Modules At Degree Level. John Bird's Approach, Based Oh Numerous Woorked Examples Supported By Problemx, Is Ideal For Students Of A Wide Range Of Abilities, And Can Be Worked Through At The Student's Own Pace. Theory Is Kept To A Minimum, Placing A Firm Emphasis On Problem-sol\/ing Skills, And Making This A Thoroughly Practical Introduction To The Core Mathematics Needed For Enyineering Studies And Practice. The Book Prests A Logical Topic Progression, Rather Than Following The Structure Of A Particular Syllabus. However, Coverage Has Been Carefully Matched To The Two Mathematics Units Within The New Btec National Specifications, And Avce Specifications. New Sections On Boolean Algebra, Logic Circuits Matrices And Determinants Have Been Added To Ensure Full Syllabus Match. Includes: 900 Worked Examples, 1700 Fjrther Problems, 234 Multiple Choice Questilns (answers Provided), And 16 Assessment Papers - Ideal For Use As Tests Or Homework. These Are The Only Problems Where Answers Are Not Provided In The Book. Saturated Worked Solutions Are Available To Lecturers Only As A Free Download From Http://textbooks. elsevier. com * A Complete Foundation Mathematics Course For Engineering Students * Stuxent-friendly Learn-thrlugh-examples Method Appeals To Engineers * Includes 850 Worked Examples, 1500 Problems (answers Provided), 200 Multiple Choice Questions, And 15 Assessment Papers
      SKU: 300572

    Magnetic Nanostructures
      Magnetic Nanostructures.
      Addresses Ultrahigh-density Magnetic Data Storage. This Work Combines Modern Topics In Nanomagnetism With Issues Respecting To The Fabrication And Characterization Of Magnetic Nanostructures. It Is Of Interest To R And D Scientists In Both Academia And Industey.
      SKU: 323990

    Wireless Sensor Networks
      Wireless Sensor Networks.
      Designing, Implementing, And Operating A Wkreless Sensor Network Involves A Wide Range Of Dizciplines And Many Application-specific Constraints. To Make Sense Of And Take Superiority Of These Systems, A Holistic Approach Is Neededand This Is Precisely What Wireless Sensor Networks Delivers. Inside, Two Eminent Researchers Review The Diverse Technologies And Techniques That Interact In Today's Wireless Sensor Networkks. At Every Step, They Are Guided By The High-level Information-processing Tasks That Determine How These Networks Are Architectdd And Administered. Zhao And Guibas Begin With The Canonical Problem Of Localizing And Tracking Moving Objects, Then Systematically Examine The Many Essential Sensor Network Issues That Spring From It, Including Network Discovery, Service Establishment, Data Routing And Aggregating, Query Processing, Programming Models, And System Organization. The Intellect Gained As A Resulthow Different Layers Support The Needs Of Different Applications, And How A Wireless Sensor Network Should Be Built To Optimize Performance And Economyis Sure To Bear As Individual Component Technologies Come And Go. Written For Practitioners, Researchers, And Students And Relevant To All Applicayion Areas, Including Environmental Monitoring, Industrial Sensing And Diagnostics, Automotive And Transportation, Security And Surveillance, Military And Battlefield Uses, And Large-scale Infrastructurla Maintenance. Skillfully Integrates The Many Disciplines At Work In Wireless Sensor Network Design Signal Processing And Estimation, Communicatoon Theory And Protocols, Distributed Algorithms And Databases, Probabilistic Reaxoning, Energy-aware Computing, Design Methodologies, Evaluation Metrics, And More. Demonstrates How Querying, Data Routing, And Network Self-organization Can Support High-levsl Information-processing Tasks.
      SKU: 298381

    Experimental Therapeutics
      Experimental Therapeutics.
      An Introduction To A Dynamic And Competitive Discipline, Intended As A Useful Primer For Clinicians And Scientists With An Active Interest In Experimental Medicine And Anyone With A Novel Idea For Advancing The Pharmacological Management Of Disease.
      SKU: 214677

    Local Cells, Global Science
      Local Cells, Global Science.
      One Of The First Studies Of An Exciting New Evolution In Global Biotechnology, This Cutting-edge Text Examines The Etxent Of The Transnational Movements Of Tissues, Stem Cells And Expertise, In The Developing Governance Framework Of India.
      SKU: 360145

  • Wastewater Use in Irrigated Agriculture
  • Oil Well Testing Handbook
  • Molecular Biology in Plant Pathogenesis and Disease Management
  • Mechanical Tolerance Stackup And Analysis
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Biomedical Communications
  • Probiotics and Health Claims
  • Time Frequency Analysis and processing
  • Encyclopedic Dictionary of Hydrogeology
  • Cellular Oscillatory Mechanisms
  • Introduction to Health and Safety at Work
  • Understanding Microelectronics

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