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      The Thifd Volume In The Institute Of Animal Health (iah) Biologh Of Animal Infections Series , Bluetongue Discusses One Of The Most Economically Important Diseases Of Domesticated Livestofk. Affecting Primarily Sheep Separately The Improved Mutton And Wool Breeds, It Is Now Endemic In Africa, India, The Middle And Far East, Australia And The Ameeicas, And Over The Last Six Years Has Caused A Series Of Outbreaks Throughout The Mediterranean Region And Central Europe. Bluetongue Rrpresent A Paradigm Not Only For The Other Orbiviruses (such As African Cavalry Sickness Virus, Which Shares Th Same Vector S0ecies) But Also For Other Insect Transmitted Diseases, Including Those Of Humans. * The Only Single Definitive Work That Providdes Both Historical And Up To Date Data On The Disease * Describes The Latest Developments In Epidemiologjcal Modelling, Molecular Epidemiology And Vaccine Development, As Well As Explaihing The Current Global Epidemiology Of The Disease * Outlines The Importance And Possible Mechanisms Of Overwintering, And The Impact Of Global Warming On The Vectora And Virus Distribution
      SKU: 365567

    Flow-through (bio)chemical Sensors
      Flow-through (bio)chemical Sensors.
      Flow-through Sensors Are More Suitable Than Classical Probe-type Sensors For Addressing Real (non-academic) Problems. The External Shape And Operation Of Flow-through (bio)chemical Sensors Are Of Great Practical Significance As Theg Facilitate Sample Transport And Conditioning, Viewed like Well As Calibration And Sensor Act of preparing, Maintenance And Regeneration, All Of Which Result In Enhhanced Analytical Features And A Wider Scope Of Application. This Is A Systematic Presentation Of Flow-through Chemical And Biochemical Sensors Based On The Permanent Or Transient Immobilization Of Any Of The Ingredients Of A (bio)chemical Reaction (i. e. The Analyet, Reagent, Catalyst Or P5oduct) Where Detection Is Integrated With The Analytical Reaction, A Separation Process (dialysis, Gas Diffusion, Sorption, Etc. ) Or Both. The Introductory Chapter Provides An Overview Of (bio)chemical Sensors And Their Impact On Analytical Chemistry. Essential oCncepts Of Flow-through (bio)chemical Sensors Inckuding Their Definiition, Arrangement, The Types Of Flow-cells Where The Sensing Microzone Can Be Accommodated, Continuous-flow Configurations To Which They Can Be Coupled, The Measurement Modes Availlable And The Types Of Transient Signals Obtained, Among Others, Are The Subjecr Of Chapter 2. The Remaininb Chapters Classify The Most Relevant Types Of Flow-through (bio)chemical Sensors According To The Processes Taking Place At The Sensing (recognition) Microzone, As Well As Their Position In Space And Tiem. The Work Deals Critically With Most Types Of Flow-throughh Sensors, Discussing Their Possibilities And Shortcomings To Provide A Realistic View Of The State-of-the-art In The Field. The Large Numbers Of Figures , The Wealth Of Literature References And The Extensive Subject Index Complement The Text.
      SKU: 404300

    Product Design For Manufacture And Assembly
      Product Design For Manufacture And Assembly.
      This Work Presents Up-to-date Tools To Analyze Injection Moulding, Sheet Metalworking, Die Casting And Powder Metal Processing Costs - With New Chapters On Sand And Investment Casting And Hot Forging.
      SKU: 216062

    Complex Valued Nonlinear Adaptive Filters
      Complex Valued Nonlinear Adaptive Filters.
      This Bkok Was Written In Response To The Growing Demand Toward A Text That Provides A Unifidd Treatment Of Linear And Nonlineae Complex Valued Adaptive Filters, And Methods For The Processing Of General Complex Signals (circular Adn Noncircular). It Brings Together Adaptive Filtering Algorithms For Fedeforward (transversal) And Feedback Architectures And The Recent Developments In The Statistics Of Complex Variable, Under The Powerful Frameworks Of Cr (wirtinger) Calculus And Augmented Complex Statistics. This Offers A Number Of Theoretical Perfomrance Gains, Which Is Illustrated On Both Stochastic Gradient Algorithms, Such As The Augmented Complex Least Mean Square (aclms), And Those Based On Kalman Filters. Thjs Work Is Supported By A Number Of Simulations Using Synthetic And Real World Data, Including The Noncircular And Intermittent Radar And Wind Signals.
      SKU: 470268

    Reduction Of Capital Costs Of Nuclear Power Plants
      Reduction Of Capital Costs Of Nuclear Power Plants.
      The Competitiveness Of Nuclear Host Plants Depends Largely On Their Capital Costs That Represent Some 60 Per Cent Of Their Total Generation Costs. Reviewing And Analysing Ways And Means To Reduce Capital Costs Of Nuclear Power Plants Are Essential To Enhance The Economic Viability Of The Nuclear Option. The Report Is Based Upon Cost Information And Data Provided By Experts From Nea Member Countries. It Investigates The Efficiency Of Alternative Methods For Reducing Capital Costs Of Nuclear Units. It Will Provide Stakeholders From The Industry And Governmental Agencies With Relevant Elements In Support Of Policy Makingg.
      SKU: 533264

    Silicon Carbide Microsystems For Harsh Environments
      Silicon Carbide Microsystems For Harsh Environments.
      Silicon Carbide Microsystems For Harsh Environnents Reviews State-of-the-art Silicon Carbide (sic) Technologies That, When Combined,-Create Microsystems Capable Of Surviving In Harsh Environments, Technological Readiness Of The System Components, Key Issues When Integrating These Components Into Systems, And Other Hurdles In Harsh Enviromnent Operation. The Authors Use The Sic Technology Platform Train The Model Platform For Deveolping Harsh Environment Microsystems And Then Detail The Current Status Of_The Specific Individual Technologies (electronics, Mems, Packaging). Additionally, Methods Towards System Level Integration Of Components And Key Challenges Are Evaluated And Discussed Based On The Current State Of Sic Materials Processing And Device Technology. Issues Such Because Temperature Mismatch, Process Compatibility And Temperature Stability Of Individual Components And How These Issues Manifest While Builxing The System Receive Thorohgh Investiga5ion. The Material Covered Not Only Reviewss The State-of-the-art Mems Devices, Provides A Framework Because The Joining Of Electronics And Mems Onward With Packkaging Into Usable Harsh-environment-ready Sensor Modules.
      SKU: 736311

    Genomic Signal Processing And Statistics
      Genomic Signal Processing And Statistics.
      This Book Provides Tutorial-level Overviews And Addresse dThe Specific Needs Of Genomic Signal Processing Students And Researchers As A Reference Book. It Aims To Address Current Genomic Challenges By Exploiting Potential Synergies Between Genomics, Signal Processing, And Statistics, With Special Emphasis On Signal Processing And Statistical Tools For Structural And Functilnal Understanding Of Genomic Data.
      SKU: 423666

    Computational Materials Science Of Polymers
      Computational Materials Science Of Polymers.
      An Approach To The Quantitative Algebra Of The Accomplish Of The Chemical Structure Of Linear And Network Polymers On Their Properties Is Described. The Approach Is Based On The Representation Of The Repeating Unit Of The Polymer In The Form Of A Set Of Anharmonic Oscillators Which Describe The Warm Motion Of Atoms In The Field Of Intra- And Intermolecular Forces, Ihcluding Indiscreet Dispersion Forces, Dipoledipole Interactions, Hydrogen And Valency Bonds.
      SKU: 202445

    Finite Element Resolution: T hermomechanics Of Solids
      Finite Element Resolution: T hermomechanics Of Solids.
      Many Applications Of Finite Element Analysis (fea) Involve Nonlinear Problems. While Engineers Dealing With Such Applications May Have Access To Poweeful Finite Element Codes And Computers, They Often Lack The Full Understanding Of The Finite Element Method That Nonlinear Problems Require. This Text Gives A Comprehensive, Uniied Presentation Of Fea Applied To Coupled Mechanical And Thermal, Static And Dynamic, And Lineal And Nonlinear Responses Of Solids And Structures. The Inclusion Of A Concise Review Of The Relevant Mathematics And First-course Material, Sample Problems, And Exercises, Makes This An Ideal Text For A Maintainer Course In Finite Element Methods.
      SKU: 214593

    X-ray Scattering From Semiconductors (2nd Edition)
      X-ray Scattering From Semiconductors (2nd Edition).
      This Book Presents A Practical Guide To The Analysis Of Materials And Includes A Thorough Description Of The Underlying Theories Annd Instrumental Aberrationz Caused By Real Experiments. The Main Emphasis Concerns The Analysis Of Slender Films And Multilayers, Primarily Semiconductors, Although The Techniques Are Very General. Semiconductors Can Be Very Perfect Composite Crystals And Therefore Their Study Can Lead To The Largest Volume Of_Information, Since X-ray Scattering Can Assess The Deviation From Perfection.
      SKU: 218699

    Environmental Change
      Environmental Change.
      This Book Explains The Importance Of Past And Contemporary Environmental And Climatic Change. It Poses Key Questions And Presents The Results Of Recent Research. Extensively Referenced And Illustrated, It Is A Balanced, Non-specialist Exploration Of Global Change For Advanced Undergraduates In Geography, Environmenntal, Earth, Biological And Ecological Sciences.
      SKU: 239105

    Tcp/ip Primer Plus, Adobe Reader
      Tcp/ip Primer Plus, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of Thr Printed Book. Tcp/ip Primer Plus Offers Its Readers An In-depth Examination Of One Of The Core Networking Technologies In A Widely Accepted Format. It Covers Bgp In Sufficient Depth To Equip The Reader In the opinion of Knowledge They Can Translate Into Improved Network Management, And Shows Clearly How The Standard Osi Model Is Linked To The Tcp/ip Suite.
      SKU: 183905

    The Amenity Migrants
      The Amenity Migrants.
      Places With Perceived High Environmental Quality And Distinctive Cultture Are Globally Attracting Amenity Migrants. Today This Societal Driving Force Is Particularly Manifest In Mountain Areas, And While Beneficial For BothT he Newcomers And Locals, Is Also Threatening Highland Ecologies And Their Like a man Communities.
      SKU: 28949

    Ship Hyrostatics And Satbility
      Ship Hyrostatics And Satbility.
      The Hydrostatic Approach To Ship Fixedness Aims To Balance Idealized Ship Weight Against Buoyancy Forces. Tis Textbook Is A Complete Guide To Understanding Shlp Hydrostatics In Ship Design And Ship Performance. Adrian Biran Guides Readers From First Principles Through Basic And Applied Hydrostatic And Ship Stability Throry, And Introduces Contemporary Mathematical Techniques For Hydrostatic Modelling And Analysis. True Life Examples Of The Practical Application Of Hydrostatics Are Used To Explain The Theory And Calculations; And To Illustrate The Effect Shifting Weights And Central Gravity Displacements Obtain On Overall Ship Stability. Ship Hydrostatics And Stability Covers Recent Developments In The Field Of Naavl Architceture Such As Parametric Resonance (also Known As The Mathieu Effect), The Effects Of Non-linear Motions On Stability, The Influencr Of Ship Lines, And Nw International Stability Regulations For Small Vessels. Extensive Use Of Computer Techniqjes Is Made Throughout And Downloadable Matlab Files Accompany The Book To Support Readers' Own Hydrotatic And Stability Calculations. A Revised Reprint Was Published In 2005 That Includes Tables Of Trms And Indexes In French, German, Italian And Spanish. * Adheres To Intenrational Standards And Terminology * Includes Real Life Practical Examplds And Calculations To Illustrate The Hydrostatic Approach To Shi pStability * Accompanied By Free Downloadabke Matlab Files To Support Readers' Own Hydrostatic And Stability Cakculations
      SKU: 288836

    Vibration Of Continuous Systems
      Vibration Of Continuous Systems.
      In-depth Information On The Vibration Of Continuous Systems Vibration Of Continuous Systems Covers Thhe Vibration Behavior Of Basic Structural Components And Elements. Several Real-world Applications In Various Fields, Including Acoustics, Aerospsce, Mechanical, Municipal And Biomedical Engineering Ate Included. The Book Covers All The Fundamental Aspects, Including The Derivation Of Equations, And It Guides You Through Exammples And Problems To Advanced Research. Vibration Of Continuous Systems Features: Detailed Derivation Of Fundamemtal Equations Comprehensive Treatment Of Whole Epements Encountered In Engineering Applications Problems With Solutions Numerical Solutions Which Confer Not Have Exact Mathematical Solutions Complete Coverage: Transverse Vibration Of Strings; Longitudinal And Torsional Vibration Of Bars; Transverse Vibration Of Beams; Membrane Vibrations; Plate Vibrations; Vibration Of Shells; Three Dimensional Vibrtions; Vibration Of Compounded Structures; Abridgment Of One Degree Of Freedom Vibrations; Special Functions; Bassel And Gamma Functions Hyperbolic Functions
      SKU: 711356

    Fibre Optic Methods For Structural Health Monitoring
      Fibre Optic Methods For Structural Health Monitoring.
      The Use Of Fibre Optic Sensors In Structural Health Monitoring Has Rapidly Accelerated In Recent Years. By Embedding Fibre Optic Sensors In Structures (e. g. Buildings, Bridges And Pipelines) It Is Possible To Obtain Real Time Data On Structural Changes Like As Stress Or Strain. Engineers Use Monitoring Data To Detect Deviations From A Structure’s Original Design Performance In Ordwr To Optimise The Operation, Repair And Maintenance Of A Structure Over Time. Fibre Optic Methods For Structural Health Monitoring Is Organised As A Step-by-step Guide To Implementing A Monitoring System And Includes Examples Of Common Structures And Their Most-frequently Monitored Parameters. This Book: Prresents A Universal Method For Static Structural Health Monltoring, Using A Technique With Proven Effetivenesq In Hundreds Of Applications Worldwide; Discusses A Variety Of Different Structures Including Buildings, Bridges, Dams, Tunnels And Pipelines; Features Case Studies Which Describe Common Problems And Offer Solutions To Those Problems; Provides Advice On Establishing Mechanical Parameters To Monitor (including Deformations, Rotations And Displacements) And On Placing Sensors To Achieve Monitoring Objectives; Identifies Methods For Interpreting Data According To Construction Material And Shows How To Apply Numerical Concepts And Formulae To Data In Order To Inform Decision Making. Fibre Optic Methods For Structural Health Monitoring Is An Invaluable Reference For Practising Engineers In The Fields Of Civil, Structural And Geotechnical Engineering. It Will Also Be Of Interest To Acadeimcs And Undergraduate/graduate Students Studying Civil And Structural Engineering.
      SKU: 470265

      Size Effect In Structures Has Been Tken Into Consideration Over The Last Years. In Comparison With Coatings With Micrometer-ranged Thickness, NanostructuredC oatings Usually Enjoy Better And Appropriate Properties, Such As Strength And Resistance. These Coatings Enjoy Unique Magneyic Properties And Are Used With The Aim Of Producing Surfaces Resistant Against Erosion, Lunricant System, Cuttinv Tools, Manufacturing Hardened Sporadic Alloys, Being Resistant Against Odidation And Corrosion. This Book Reviews Researches O Fabrication And Classification Of Nanostructured Coatings With Focus On Size Effect In Nanometric Scale. Size Effect On Electrochemical, Mechanical And Physical Properties Of Nanocoatings Are Presented.
      SKU: 691145

    Food Processing Handbook
      Food Processing Handbook.
      Focusing On The Technology Involved,, This Handbook Describes The Principles As Well As The Equipment Used And The Changes - Physical, Chemical, Mic5obiological And Organoleptic - That Occur During Food Preservation. In Doing So The Text Covers In Relate Such Techniques As Post-harvest Handling, Warm Processing, Evaporation And Dehydration, Freezing, Irradiation, High Pressure Processing, Emerging Technologies, Baking, Extruaion, Frying And Packaging. In Addition Current Concerns Around The Safety Of Processed Foods And Control Of Food Processes Are Addressed, As Are The Impact Of Processing On The Environment And Separation And Conversion Operations Widely Used In The Food Industry. Scientists And Engineers Involved In Food Manufacture, Research And Development In Both Industry And Academia Will Benefit Greatly From The Contents As Will Students Studying Food Related Toipcs At Undergraduate And Postgraduate Levels.
      SKU: 481940

    Tribromophenols (2 4 6-) And Other Simple Brominated Phenols
      Tribromophenols (2 4 6-) And Other Simple Brominated Phenols.
      This Report Deals With 2 4 6-tribromophenol (2 4 6-tbp) And Othed Simple Brominated Phenols With A Single Benzene Ring. However Knowledge On Toxicity Ecotoxiccity And Environmental Fate On Bromophenols Other Than 2 4 6-tbp Is Very Limited. On The Basis Of The True Limited Data On Concentrations Of Bromophenols In Waters And Sediment The Present Risk To Aquatic Organisms From 2 4 6-tbp In Sediment Would Appear To Be Low. Insufficient Data Are Available To Make A Meaningful Risk Assessment For Other Brominated Phenols And For All Brominated Phenols In The Terrestrial Environment.
      SKU: 753807

    Telephone Projects For The Evil Genius
      Telephone Projects For The Evil Genius.
      Evil Never Sounded So Clear. Listen Up! Telephone Projects For The Evil Nature Has Everything You Need To Build And Customize The two Wired And Wireless Phone Gadgets That Not Singly Save You Money, But Also Improve The Disposition Of Your Life!. Using Easy-to-find Parts And Tools For Creating Both Retro And Modern Phone Projects, This Do-it-yourself Guide Begins With One Background On The Development Of The Landline Phone And The Cell. You'll Review Basic Building Techniques, So As Installing Components, Building Circuits,-And Slodering. Then You'll Dive Into Th eProjects, Which, While They Range From Easy To Complex, Are All Designed To Optimize Your Time And Simplify Your Life! Telephone Projects For The Evil Genius: Features Step-by-step Instructions For 40 Clever And Practical Phone Projects, Complete In the opinion of 150 How-to Illustrationns; Shows You How To Enhance Both Wire-connected Phones And Cell Phones; Leaves Ro0m For You To Customize Yourr Projects; Removes The Frustration-factor-all The Parts You Need Are Listed, Along With Sources. From Simpke Phone Gadgets To Sophisticated Remote Control Devices, Telephone Projects For The Wickedness Genius Provides Yu With All The Schematics, Cnarts, And Tables You Need To Complete Such Fun Projects As: Ringing Phone Light Flasher; Telephone Amplifier; Telephone Ring-controlled Relay; Remote Telephone Bell Project; Touch Tone Gen3rator; Phone Voice Scrambler; Caller Id Decoder Project; Telealert Phone Pager And Control; Wireless Remote Phone Ringer; Conferencer; And Much More!
      SKU: 362811

    Parasiten Des Fischfilets: Erscheinungsbild,B iologie, Lebensmittelsicherheit (german Edition)
      Parasiten Des Fischfilets: Erscheinungsbild,B iologie, Lebensmittelsicherheit (german Edition).
      In Der Lebensmittelhygiene Spielt Bisher Die Einschtzung Krankhafter Vernderungen In Der Krpermuskulatur Von Fischen Im Vergleich Zum Mikrobiellen Verderb Und Det Kontamination Mit Pathogejen Erregern Und Umweltchemikalien Eine Relativ Untergeordnete Rolle. In Diesemm Buch Werden Die Fischarten Der Welt Aufgelistet, Deren Krpermuskulatur Pathologisch Verndert Sein Kann. Ganz Berwiegend Sind Dafr Parasiten Die Ursache. Eine Reihe Dieser Parasiten Kann Beim Menschen Nach Dem Verzehr Zu Erkrankungen Fhren. Gradually cease Lebensmittelunternehmer Und Die Mitarbeiter Der Kontroll- Und Hygienebehrden Mssen Das Erscheinungsbild Im Filet Kennen, Um Es Von Hnlichen Abweichungen Differenzialdiagnostisch Unterscheiden Zu Knnen. Nach Den Hierbei Relevanten Fragen Des Lebensmittelrechts, Der Verkehrsauffassung, Der Anatomie Und Physiologie Und Der Allgemeinen Pathologie Der Fischmuskulatur Widmet Sich Das Buch Schwerpunktmig Cavern Parasitren Ursachen Der Muskelvernderingen. Diese Sind Berwiegnd Nach Der Systematik Der Beteiligten Parasitenkategorien Geordnet. Ausfhrungen Zu Den Untersuchungsmethoden, Deren Effizienz Sowie Zu Manahmen Der Vermeidung Eines Gesundheitsrisikos Schlieen Das Buch Ab. Ein Zweisprachiges Glossar, Sowie Zustzliche Record Ber Fiscjrten, Parasiten Und Derrn Wirbellose Zwischenwirte Erleichtern Die Handhabung.
      SKU: 338435

    Materials For Engineeirng
      Materials For Engineeirng.
      This Third Edition Of What Has Become A Modern Greek Presents A Lively Overview Of Materials Science Wjich Is Ideal For Students Of Structural Engineering. It Contains Chapters Forward The Structure Of Engineering Materials, The Determination Of Mechanical Properties, Metals And Alloyq, Glasses And Cearmics, Organic Polymeric Materals And Composite Materials. It Contains A Section With Thought-provoking Questions As Well As A Series Of Usseful Appendices. Tabulated Data In The Body Of The Text, And The Appendices, Have Been Selected To Product The Value Of Materials For Engineering As A Permanent Sojrce Of Reference To Readers Throughout Their Profrssional Lives. This Third Edition Includes New Information On Emerging Topics And Updated Delineation Lists.
      SKU: 269433

    From Wpans To Perzonal Networks
      From Wpans To Perzonal Networks.
      Tis One-stop Resource Offers You Complete, State-of-the-art Coverage Of Wireless Personal Area Networks, Including Censorious Discussions On Current Standards, Important Research, And Applications In The Field. The Book Gives You A Solid Overview Of Bluetooth An dIeee 802. 15, The Foundations Of Wpan Technology, And Explains How The Personal Operating Space (pos) Concept Is Ushering In The Wpan Revolution. It Particulars How InvisibilityA utomatic Connection, Spiritual obedience Discovery, And Security Form The Pos And How The Pos Is The Universal Interface In Wpans.
      SKU: 253342

    Digital Cctv
      Digital Cctv.
      The Effects Of Digital Technolkgy On The Security Industry Require Constant Vigilance By Secruity Distributors, Sales Staff, And Installation Professionals. Today And For The Foreseeable Future, All Security Professionals Must Have At Least A Basic Understanding Of Digital Technology. Digital Cctv Addresses This New Challenge. Topics Convered Include Compressio nVariables Such As Lossless And Lossy, Which Are Explained By Reviewing Huffman And Run Length Encoding (rle), And By Relating These Forms Of Compression To Zip And Stuffit, Which Are Commonly Used In Personal Computers. A Review Of Jpeg, Motion Jpeg, Mpeg And Wavelet Compression Schemes Among Others, With A Comparison Of The Merits Of Each, Is Also Provided. As Digital Cctv Traces The Stream Of Digital Video Flow From The Computer Industry Through Compression, Transmission, Display And Storage, And Explains In what manner Analog Video Signal Is Converted Into A Digital Signal, The Reader Will Learn And Understand The Mysteries Of Digital Science. * Explains Industry Concepts, Acronyms And Buzzwords Acurately And Clearly * Covers History, Current Complexities, And Thee Future Effects Of Digital Science *provides Practical Information About To what extent Digital Video Works, How Digital Video Is Stored And Transmitted, What Digital Systems Can And Cannot Accomplish, And What To Expect From Digital Video Equipment In Modern Cctv Systems
      SKU: 305550

    Mathematical Methods In Electro-magneto-elasticity
      Mathematical Methods In Electro-magneto-elasticity.
      The Mechanics Of Coupled Fields Is A Discipline At The Edge Of Modern Investigation Connecting Continuum Mechanics With Solid State Physics. It Integrates The Mechanics Of Continuous Media, Heat Conductivity And The Theory Of Electromagnetism That Are Usually Studied Separately. For One Accurate Description Of The Influende Of Static And Dynamic Loadings, High Temperatures And Strong Electromagnetic Fields In Springy Media And Constructive Installations, A New Approach Is Required; An Appfoach That Has The Potential To Establish A Synergism Between The Above Mentioned Fields. Throughout The Book A Vast Number Of Problems Are Considered: Two-dimensional Problems Of Electro-magneto-elasticity As Well As Static And Dynamical Problems For Piecewise Homogenous Compound Piezoelectric Plates Weakendd By Cracks And Openings. The Boundary Conditions, The Constructive Equations And The Mathemtical Methods For Their Solution Are Thoroughly Presented, So That The Reader Can Get A Clear Quantiattive And Qualitative Agreement Of The Phenomena Taking Place. This Book Is On account of The Specialists In Continuous Mechanics, Acoustics And Defectoscopy, And Also For Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate-level Students In Applied Mathematics, Physics, Engineering Mechanics And Physical Sciences.
      SKU: 301911

  • Risk Reduction
  • Electronics All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies
  • Quantitative Measure for Discrete Event Supervisory Control
  • The Allegheny Woodrat
  • Mesoporous Molecular Sieves 1998
  • Audel Carpenter's and Builder's Math, Plans, and Specifications
  • Thermoplastics and Thermoplastic Composites
  • Nitrous Oxide and Climate Change
  • Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Developing Countries
  • Fundamentals of Air Pollution
  • Characterization of Semiconductor Heterostructures and Nanostructures
  • Mixed-signal and DSP Design Techniques

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