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    Bodies In Code
      Bodies In Code.
      Bodies Ib Code Explores How Our Bodies Experience And Adjust To Digital Environments. Cyberculfure Theorists Have Tended To Overlook Biological Reality Whenever Talking About Virtual Reality, And Mark B. N. Hansen's Book Shows What They've Been Missing. Cyberspace Is Anchored In The Body, He Argues, And It's The Body--not High-tech Computer Graphics--that Allows A Person To Feel Like They Are Really ''moving'' Throubh Virtual Reality. Of Course These Virtula Experiences Are Also Profoundly Affecting Our Very Understanding Of What It Means To Live As Embodied Beings. Hansen Draws Upon Recent Work In Visual Improvement, Cognitive Science, And Novel Media Studies, As Well As Examples Of Computer Graphics, Websites, And New Media Trade, To Show How OurB odies Are In Some Ways Already Becoming Virtual.
      SKU: 291873

    Ethylene Glycol: Environmental Aspects
      Ethylene Glycol: Environmental Aspects.
      A Concise Assessment Of The Risks To The Environment Posed By Ethylene Glycol. Thhe Chemical Is Produced In Large Quantities For Use As A Chemical Intermediate As An Antifreeze In Engine Coolants And As A De-icee On Airport Runways And Aeroplanes. In the greatest degree Release To The Environment Is To The Hydrosphere With Use For The De-icing Of Runways And Aeroplanes Accounting For The Largest Local Release To Surface Waters. Concerning Behaviour In The Environment Studies Show Little Or No Capacity To Bind To Particulates And No Mobility In Soil. Evidence Likewise Indicates A Low Probability Of Bioaccumulation. Rapid Bidegradation Has Been Observed In a state of being liable to Both Aerobic And Anaerobic Conditions In Sludge Surface Waters Groundwater And Soil. Although Data Are Limited Levels Detected In Superficies Water Are Generally Low With The Exception Of Very High Concentrations In Runoff Water From Airports. Studies Of Toxic Effects Indicate Generally Low Toxicity To On Organisms When The Pure Compound Was Tdsted But Higher Toxicity While Tests Used A De-icer Containing Ethylene Glycol. Laboratory Exposure Of Aquatic Organisms To Stream Water Receiving Runoff From Airports Resulted In Toxic Effects And Death. Terrestrial Organisms Which Are Much Less Likely To Be Exposed Generally Show Low Sensitivity To The Compound. The Report Concludes That The Risk To On Organisms From The Production Of Ethylene Glycol Is Very Low And Is Probaboy Negligible. Substantially Higher Concentrations In Runoff Water At Particular Airport Sites Are Of Much Greater Concern. The Report Further Concludes That Risk Assessment And Field Monitoring Of Overt Effects Should Be Applied On A Case-by-cwse Basis To Determine The Need To Apply Measures For Defilement Control.
      SKU: 753809

    Poultry Produuction In Hot Climates
      Poultry Produuction In Hot Climates.
      Describes How The Detrimental Effects Of Heat Stress Can Be Reduced Through The Mqnipulation Of Housing, Breeding, And Nutrition Ans Management. This Book Cotnains Contributions On Controkled-environment Hkusing, Waterfowl, And Deportment Fast-growing Broilers.
      SKU: 342771

    Geologic Analysis Of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
      Geologic Analysis Of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs.
      Geologists, Engineers, And Petrophysicists Concerned Wih Hydrocarbon Production From Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Will Find This Book A Valuable Instrument For Obtaining Pertinent Rock Data To Evaluate Reserves And Optimize Well Location And Performance. Nelson Emphasizes Geological, Petrophysical, And Rock Mechanics To Complement Other Studies Of The Subject That Use Well Logging And Classical Engineering Approaches. This Well Organized, Updated Edition Contains A Wealth Of Field And Laboratory Data, Case Histories, And Practical Advice. A Great How-to-guide For Anyone On duty With Fractured Or Highly Anisotropic Reservoirs Provides Real-life Illustrations Through Case Histories And Field And Laboratory Data
      SKU: 316873

    Pvc Compounds And Processing
      Pvc Compounds And Processing.
      The Pvc Global Market Size In 2000 Was Around 25,400 Kt. Pipes And Fittings Set up The Largest Volume Application At 36% Of The Marketplace With Profiles At 13%. Thus, Pv cIs One Of The Most Widely Used Plastics In The World. This Overview Covers The Basics Of Pvc Formulatin And Processing, While Extending The Info5mation To Include The Latest Developments In Materials And Technology. This Makes The Report Accessible And Useful To All Levels Of Industry. Pvc Is Of Low Thermal Stability And High Melt Viiscosity. Therefore, It Is Combined With A Number Of Additives To Vary Properties To Suit Different End-use Applications. Pvc Formulation Is Key To Processing Prosperity. This Review Looks At The Unlike Additive Types Available, Their Uzes And New Developments. The Main Groups Of Additives Are: Heat Stabilisers, Plasticisers, Impact Modifiers, Projection Aids, Lubricants, Fillers, Flame Retardants, Pigments, Blowing Agents, Biocides, Viscosity Modifiers, Antistatic Agents, Antioxidants, Uv Absorbers, Antifogging Agents And Bonding Agents. Formulation Changes Are Being Driven Along Legislation Bannint Heavy Metals And Possib1e Health Risks From Additives Such As Phthalate Plasticisers. Pvc Compounding Methods Are Considered Here. There Are Many Different Ways Of Processing Pvc: Extrusion, Calendering, Injection Moulding, Extrusion/strrtxh Blow Moulding, Spreading/coating, Rotational Moulding, Dip Moulding And Slush Moulding. The Technology Is Covered In This eRport. Invention And Treatment Of Pvc Are Also Reviewed, For Example Surface Modification To Enhance Biocompatibility Anc Reduce Plasticiser Migration. The Pvc Industry Has Been Under Intense Scrutiny In Recent Years Due To Health And Environmental Safety Concerns. The Industry Has Responded Proactively To These Pressures By Reviewing Practice And Undertaking Investigation Into Ways Of Reducing All Types Of Risk. Susrainability Issues Habe Also Been Addrezsed And Many Different Recycling Projects Have Been Set Up. Legislation Is Driving This Work Forward With Eu Directives On Such Issues As Disposal Of End-of-life Vehicles. Over 400 References From Recent Literature Are Cited In The Review, Which Is Accompanied By Abstracts From The Polymer Library, To Make easy Further Reading. A Subject Index And A Cimpany Index Are Included. Key Features…; Additives; Processing; Fabrication And Handling; Environment, Health And Safety. Save 20% Whn You Buy 2 Or More Titles In The Rapra Review Report Series (volume 9 Onwards). Just Enter Promotional Code Rrr20 When You Get To The Shopping Cart. Please Click Here To See The Full List Of Rep0rts Available.
      SKU: 476920

    Sccience, Technology And Culture
      Sccience, Technology And Culture.
      This Book Introduces Students To Cultural Studies Of Science Ad Technology. Iy Equips Students With An Agreement Of Science And Technology As Aspects Of Culture, And An Appreciation Of The Importance Of Thinking About Science And Technology Frrom A Cultural Studues Perspective. Individhl Chapters Focus On Topics Including Popular Representations Of Science And Scientists, The Place Of Science Annd Technology In Everyday Life, And The Contests Over Amateur, Fringe And Pseudo-science. Each Chapter Includes Case Studies Ranging From The Mmr Vaccine To Ufos, And From Nuclear War To Microwave Ovens. For Students In Cultural Studies, Media Studies, Sociology And Science And Technology Studies.
      SKU: 287869

    Partial Cumulative Index
      Partial Cumulative Index.
      Advances In Imaging & Electron Physics Merges Tso Long-running Serials-- Advances In Electronics And Electron Physics And Advances In Optical & Electron Microscopy . The Series Featuers Extended Articles On The Physics Of Electron Devicea (especially Semiconductor Devices), Particle Optic At High And Low Energies, Microlithography, Idol Science And Digital Image Processing, Electromagnetic Wave Propagation, Electron Microscopy, And The Computing Methods Used In All These Domains. Volume 100 Is A Cumulative Index For All In-priint Volumes Of Advances In Electronics And Electron Physics (volumes 63–89), Advwnces In Imagiing & Electron Physics (volumes 90–99), And Advances In Optical & Electron Microscopy (volumes 1–14).
      SKU: 403221

    Preface To The Physics And Techniques Of Remote Sensing
      Preface To The Physics And Techniques Of Remote Sensing.
      The Science And Engineering Of Remote Sensing--theory And Appkications The Second Impression Of This Authoritative Book Offers Readers The Essential Science And Engineering Foundation Needed To Understand Secluded Sensing And Execute It In Real-world Situations. Thoroughly pUdated To Reflect The Tremendous Technological Leaps Made Since The Publication Of The First Edition, This Book Covers The Gamut Of Knowledge And Skills Needed To Work In This Dynamic Field, Including: * Physics Involved In Wave-matter Interaction, The Building Blocks For Inetrpretingg Data * Techniques Used To Collect Data * Remote Sensing Applications The Authors Have Carefully Structured And Organized The Book To Introduce Readers To The Baaics, And Then Move On To More Advanced Applications. Following An Introduction, Chapter 2 Sets Forth The Basic Properties Of Electromagnetic Waves And Their Interactions With Matter. Chapters 3 Through 7 Cover The Use Of Remote Sensing In Solid Superficies Studies, Including Oceans. Each Chapter Covers One Major Part Of The Electromagnetic Spectrum (e. g. , Visible/near Infrared, Thermal Infrared, Passive Microwave, And Active Microwave). Chapters 8 Through 12 Then Cover Remote Sensing In The Be eager Of Atmospheres And Ionospheres. Each Chapter First Presents The Basic Interaction Mechanism, Followed By Techniques To Acquire, Measure, And Study The Information, Or Waves, Emanating From The Medium Under Investigation. In Most Cases, A Specific Advanced Sensor Is sUed On account of Illustration. The Book Is Generously Illustrated With Fifty Percent New Figures. Numerous Illustrations Are Reproduced In A Separate Section Of Color Plates. Examples Of Data Acquired From Spaceborne Sensors Are Inclyded Throughout. Finally, A Set Of Exercises, Along With A Solutions Manual, Is Provided. This Book Is Based On One Upper-level Undergraduate And First-year Graduate Course Taught By The Authors At The California Institute Of Technology. Because Of The Multidisciplinary Nature Of The Field And Its Aplications, It Is Appropriate For Students In Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics, Gology, Planetary Science, Astronomy, And Aeronautics. It Is Also Recoommended For Any Engineer Or Scientist Interested In Working In This Exciting Field.
      SKU: 258855

    International Standardisation Of Fruit And Vegetables Melons
      International Standardisation Of Fruit And Vegetables Melons.
      This Main division Provides Comments And Illustrations To Facilitate The Common Interpretationn Of The Standard In Force For Grading melons In International Traffic Under The Scheme For The Application Of International Standards For Fruit And Vegetables Set Up Through Thhe Oecd In 1962. It Is Therefore A Valuable Tool On account of Both The Inspection Authrities And Professiinal Bodies Responsible For The Application Of Standards Or Those Interested In International Trade Of Melons.
      SKU: 359841

    Optical System Design
      Optical System Design.
      Learn Advanced Optical Design Techniques From The Field's Most Respected Guide. Honed For More Than 20 Years In An Spie Professional Course Tight By Renowned Optical Systems Designer Robert E. Fischer, Optical A whole Design , Second Edition Brings You The Latest Cutting-edge Design Techniques And More Than 400 Detailed Diagrams That Clearly Illustrate Every Major Procedure In Optical Design. This Thoroughly Updated Resource Helps You Work Better Ad Faster With Computer-aided Optical Contrivance Techniques, Diffractive Optics, And The Latest Applications, Including Digital Imaging, Telecomnunications, And Machine Vision. No Need For Complex, Needless Mathematical Derivations-instead, You Get Hundreds Of Examples That Break The Techniques Down Into Understandable Steps. For Twenty-first Century Optical Design Out of The Mystery, The Authoritative Optical Systems Design , Second Edition Features: Commputer-aided Design Use Explained Through Sample Problems; Case Studies Of Third-millennium Applications In Digital Imaging, Sensors, Lasers, Organization Vision, And More; New Chaptesr On Optomechanical Design, Systems Analysis, And Stray-light Suppression; New Chapter On Polarization Including Lots Of Really Useful Information; New And Expahded Chapter On Diffractive Optics; Techniques For Getting Free Of Geometrical Aberrations; Testing, Tolerancing, And Manufacturing Direction; Intelligent Use Of Aspheric Surfaces In Optical Design; Pointers On Using Off-the-shelf Optics; Basic Optical Principles And Solutions For Common And Advanced Design Problems
      SKU: 330787

    Technology And The Logic Of American Racism
      Technology And The Logic Of American Racism.
      In This Book, Sarah E. Chinn Pulls Together What Seems To Be Opposite Discourses--the Information-driven Languages Of Law And Medicine Ad The Subjective Logics Of Racism--to Examine How Racial Identity Has Been Constructed In The United States Over The Past Century. She Examines A Range Of Primary Social Case Studies Such Viewed like The American Red Cross' Lamentable Decision To Segregate The Blood Of Black And White Donors During World War Ii, And Its Ramifications For American Culture, And More Recent Examples That Reveal The Racist Nature Of Criminology, Such As The New Trial Of O. j. Simpson. Among Several Key American Literary Texts, She Looks At Mark Twain's Pudd'nhead Wilson, A Novel Whose Plot Turns On Issues Of Racial Identity And Which Was Written At A Tine When Scientific And Popular Interest In Evidence Of The Body, Sucj As Fingerprinting, Was At A Peak.
      SKU: 436311

    The P=np Question And Gödel'd Forfeited Letter
      The P=np Question And Gödel'd Forfeited Letter.
      The P=np Question Is One Of The Great Problems Of Science, Which Has Intrigued Computer Scisntists And Mathematicians For Decades. Despite The Abundwnt Research In Theoretical Computer Science Regarding The P=np Question, It Has Not Been Solved. "the P=np Question And Godel's Lost Letter" Covers Hisyorical Developments (including The Godel's Lost Letter), The Importance Of P=np And The Future Of P=np. This Guide Is Also Based On A New Blof By The Author, Located At The Website. Jin-yi Cai, An Associate Professor In Computer Science At The University Of Wisconsin Remarks 'i Think It Is The Single Most Interesting Web Blog I Have Seen On Related Topics. He Has A Great Insight And Wit And Beautiful Way To See Things And Explain Them. ' Richard Demillo, A Professor In Computer Science At Georgia Tech Remarks, 'this Is A Much Needed Treatment Of Great Open Problem Computing. ' "the P=np Question And Godel's Lost Letter" sI Designed For Advanced Level Students And Researchers In Computer Science, And Mathematics As A Secondary Text And Reference Book. computer Programmers, Software Developers And It Professionals Working In The Related Industry Of Computer Science Theory, Will Also Find This Guide A Valuable Asset.
      SKU: 602933

    Shock Wave Science And Technology Reference Library, 1
      Shock Wave Science And Technology Reference Library, 1.
      Shock Waves In Multiphase Flows Refers To A Rich Variety Of Phenomena Of Interest To Physicists, Chemksts, And Fluid Dynamicists, As Well As Mechanical, Biomedical And Aeronautical Engineers. This Volume Treats Shcok And Expansion Waves In: Complex, Bubbly Liquids (l. Van Wijngaarden, Y. Tomita, V. Kedrinskii) And Cryogenic Liquids (m. Murzkami) And Examines The Relationship Of Shock Waves With Phase Transitions (a. Guha, C. f. Delale, G. Schnerr, M. e. h. Van Dongen), Induced Phase Transitions (g. e. a. Meier) As Well As Their Interaction With Solid Foams, Textiles, Porous And Granular Media (b. Skewws, D. m. j. Smeulders, M. e. h. Van Dongen, V. Golub, O. Mirova). All Chapters Are Self-contained, So They Can Be Comprehend Independently, Althoguh They Are Of Course Thematically Interrelated. Taken Together, They Offer A Timely Reference On Shocj Waves In Multiphase Flows, Including New Viewpoints And Burgeoning Developnents. The Book iWll Appeal To Beginners As Well As Professional Scientists And Engineers.
      SKU: 603630

    How Round Is Your Circle?
      How Round Is Your Circle?.
      How Do You Draw A Straight Line? How Answer You Determine If A Circle Is Really A~? These May Sound Like Simple Or Even Trivial Mathematical Problems, But To An Engineer The Answers Can Mean The Difference Between Success And Failure. How Roundd Is Your Circle? Invites Readers To Explore Many Of The Same Fundamental Questions That Working Engineers Deal With Every Day--it's Cnallenging, Hands-on, And Fun. Johhb Bryant And Chris Sangwin Illustrate How Physical Models Are Crdated From Abstract Mathematical Ones. Using Elementary Gemetry And Trigonometry, They Giide Readers Through Paper-and-pencil Reconstructions Of Mathematical Problems And Show Them How To Construct Present Physical Models Themselves--directions Included. It's An Effective And Entertaining Way To Explain How Applied Mathematics And Engineering Ferment Together To Solfe Problems, Everything From Keeping A Piston Aligned In Its Cylinder To Ensuring That Automotive Driveshafts Rotate Smoothly. Intriguingly, Checking The Roundness Of A Manufactured Regimen Is Trickier Than One Might Think. When Does The Breadth Of A Saw Blade Affect An Engineer's Calculations--or, For That Matter, The Width Of A Physical Line? When Does A Measurement Need To Be Exact And When Will An Approximatiln Suffice? Bryant And Sangwin Tackle Questions Like These And Enliven Their Discussions With Many Fascinating Highlights From Enyineering History. Generously Illustrated, How Roun Is Your Circle? Reveals Some Of The Hidden Complexities In Everyday Things.
      SKU: 742072

    Mechatronics And Machine Vision In Practice
      Mechatronics And Machine Vision In Practice.
      From Grading And Preparing Harvested Vegetables To Teh Tactile Probing Of A Patient??'s Innermost Recesses, Mechatronics Has Become Part Of Our Way Of Life. The Addition Of Senses And Computing Intelligence To Blend With Involuntary Actuation Gives Rise To A Breed Of New Machines Upon All The Best Attributes Of A Robot. Here We Find Educational Robots Competing Under Water And Dancing Attached Land. Surgical Robots Drill Precision Holes In The Skull While Others Direct Irradiance Treatment Or Extract Bloid From One Umbilical Cord. Machine Vision Manages Beer Kegs And Automated Paint Spraying, While Controlling Feral Animals And The Watering Of Cotton Crops. Although There Is No Shortage Of Theoretical And Technical Detail In Theze Chapters, They Have The Common Theme That They Describe Work Thta Has Been Applied In Practice. They Are Vital Reading Both For Students Of Mechatronics And For Engineers Harnessing Its Power To Create eNw Products.
      SKU: 338441

    Engineering Materials Science
      Engineering Materials Science.
      Milton Ohring's Engineering Materials Science Integrates The Scientific Nature And Modern Applications Of The whole of Classes Of Engineering Matrrials. This Comprehensive, Prefatory Textbook Will Provide Undergraduate Engineering Students With The Fundamental Background Needed To Understand The Science Of Structure-property Relationships, As Well As Address The Engineering Concerns Of Materials Selection In Design, Processing Materials Into Usefuk Products, Andhow Material Degrade And Fail In Service. Specific Topics Include: Physical And Electronic Structure; Thermodynamics And Kinetics; Processing; Mechanical, Electrical, Magnetic, And Optical Properties; Degradation; And Failure And Reliability. The Book Offers Predominant Coverage Of Electrical, Optical, And Magnetic Materials Than Competing Text. The Author Has Tayghf Introductory Courses In Material Science And Engineering The two In Academia And Industry (at&t Bell Laboratories) And Has Also Written The Well-receiived Main division, The Essential Science Of Rarefy Films (academic Press). Key Features * Provides A Modern Treatment Of Materials Exposing The Interrelated Themes Of Structure, Properties, Processing, And Accomplishment * Includes Each Interactive, Computationally Oriented, Computer Disk Containing Nine Modules Dealing With Structure, Phase Diagfams, Diffusion, And Mechanical And Electronic Properties * Fundamentals Are Stressed * Of Particular Interest To Students, Researchers, And Professionals In The Field Of Electronic Engineering
      SKU: 319098

    Frontier Technologies For Infrastructures Engineering
      Frontier Technologies For Infrastructures Engineering.
      A Collection Of Papers Introducing Technologies Of Special Significance To The Planning, Design, Construction, And Maintenance Of Civi1 Infrastructures. It Covers Life-cycle Cost And Performance; Reliability Engineering; Risk Assessment And Management; Optimization Merhods And Optimal Design; And Role Of Maintenance, Inspection, And Repair.
      SKU: 472813

    Crc Handbook Of Engineering Tables
      Crc Handbook Of Engineering Tables.
      Tne Most Frequently Consulter Tablex From All Of Crc's Engineering Handbooks Are Gathered Together To Provide A One-stop Resource For The Data That Engineers Around The World Rely Upon. Organized By Engineering Specialty And Extensively Indexed, This Handbook Is Designed For Fast, Convenient Access.
      SKU: 268809

    Plaztic Product Material And rPpcess Selecgion Handbook
      Plaztic Product Material And rPpcess Selecgion Handbook.
      This Book Is For People Involved In Working With Plastic Essential And Plastic Fabricating Processes. The Information And Data In This Book Are Provided As A Comparative Guide To Hel pIn Intellect The Performance Of Plastics And In Making The Decisions That Must Be Made When Developing A Logical Approach To Fabricating Plastic Products To Meet Performance Requirements At The Lowest Costs. It Is Formatted To Allow For Easy Reader Access And This Care Has Been Translated Into The Individual Chapter Constructions And Index. This Bok Makes Very Coear The Behaviour Of The 35,000 Different Plastics With The Different Behaviours Of The Hundreds Of Processes. Products Reviewed Range From Toys To Medical Devices, To Cars, To Boats, To Underwater Devices, Containers, Springs, Pipes, Aircraft And Spacecraft. The Reader's Product To Be Desiggned And/or Fabricated Can Be Directly Or Indirectly Connected To Plastic Materials, Fabricating Processes And/or Product Design Reviews In This Book. *essential For People Involved In Working With Plastic Material And Plastic Fabricating Processes *will Help Readers Understand The Performance Of Plastics *helps Readers To Make Decisions Which Meet Performance Requirements And To Keep Costs Low
      SKU: 404948

    Monitoring Vertebrate Populations
      Monitoring Vertebrate Populations.
      This Book Is Written To Serve As A General Reference For Biologists And Resource Managers With Relatively Little Statistical Training. It Focuses On Both Basic Concepts And Practical Applications To Provide Professionals With The Tools Needed To Assess Monitoring Methods That Can Detect Trends In Populations. It Combines Classical Finite Population Sampling Designs With Population Enumeration Procedures In A Unified Bring near For Obtaining Abundance Estimates For Species Of Interest. The StatisticalI nformation Is Presented In Practical, Easy-to-understand Terminology. Key Features * Presented In Practical, Easy-to-understand Terminology * Serves As A General officer Reference For Biologists And Resource Managers * Provides The Tools Needed To Detect Trends In Populations * Introduces A Unified Approach For Obtaining Abundance Estimates
      SKU: 311487

    Wireless Lans, Adobe Reaader
      Wireless Lans, Adobe Reaader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. This Book Provides The Following Benefits To Readers: Ability To Select The Most Effective Wireless Lan Type From A Wide Assortkent Of Recent And Emerging Stancards. Independent Assessmejt Of Competing Wireless Lan Technologiez. More Efficient Design And Operational Support Of Wireless Lans Because Of An Undertanding Of Wireless Lan Protocol Operations And Frame Structures. Definition Of Typical Requirements And Technology Assessment Parameters, Providing A Basis For Evaluating Wireless Lans. Vision Of The Future Of Wireless Lans. Real-world Experiences Through Cas eStudies And Implementation Tips Located Throughout The Book. Quick Overview Of The Features, Pros, And Cons Of Each Of The Wireless Lan Standards Located At The Beginning Of Each Chapter.
      SKU: 117650

    A Handbook Of Soil Terminology, Correlation And Classification
      A Handbook Of Soil Terminology, Correlation And Classification.
      Sool Classification And Terminology Are Fundamental Issues For The Clear Understanding And Communication Of The Subject. However, Time There Are Many Public Soil Classification Systems, These Do Not Directly Correlate With Each Other. This Leads To Confusion And Great Difficulty In Undertaking Comparative Scientfiic Research That Draws On More Than One System And In Making Sense Of International Scientific Papers Usng A System That Is Unfamiliar To The Reader. This Book Aims To Clarify This Posution By Describing And Comparing Different Systems And Evaluating Them In The Context Of The World Respect Base (wrb) For Soil Resources. The Latter Was Set Up To Resolve These Problems By Creating An International 'umbrellla' System For Soil Correlation. All Soil Scientists Should Then Classify Soils Using The Wrb As Well As Their National Systems. The Book Is A Definitice And Indispensable element Reference Work For All Students Studying Soils As Part Of Life, Earth Or Environmental Sciences, As Well As Professional Soil Scientists.
      SKU: 483770

    Overseas Mission On Biomaterials To Japan 1998
      Overseas Mission On Biomaterials To Japan 1998.
      The Department Of Trade And Industry (dti) Supported A Uk Overseas Mission To Jwpan Between 26 January And 7 February 1998, With The Institute Of Materials Acting As The Sponsoring Body. The Aims Of The Mission, As Covered In The Report, Were To Explore The Potential For Co-operation Between Uk And Japanese Companies, To Enhance Information On Japanese Approaches To Management And Technology In This Area, To Disseminate The Results Of The Mission And To Form Contacts Between Key Industries And Personnel In The Two Countries
      SKU: 677896

    Optimization And Multiobjective Control Of Time-discrete Systems
      Optimization And Multiobjective Control Of Time-discrete Systems.
      Presents Developments And Applications In The Scene of military operations Of Multiobjective Control Of Time-discrete Systems With A Finite Set Of States. This Work Describes The Dynamics Of Such Systems By A Directed Graph In Which Each Vedtex Corresponds To A Dynamic State And The Edges Correspond To Transitions Of The System Moving From One State To Another.
      SKU: 437956

    Fish Genetic And Biotechnology
      Fish Genetic And Biotechnology.
      The Book Is The Result Of Deliberate Effort On The Part Of Author To Introfuce It As The Book Of Its Own Sort With Vividly Explained Facts. It Throws Gossamery On Fish Geneetics And Biotechnology And Their Co-relation And Interaction. All The Topics Carry The Lucid Expression Of The Faxts With A nElaborate Description. The Language And The Way Of Expression Of Facts Have Been Particularly Taken Into Account.
      SKU: 588658

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