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    Bovine Medicine
      Bovine Medicine.
      "bovine Medicine Provides Practical And Comprehensive Information On Cattle Disease And Production And Is A Key Reference For All Large Animal Vets. Since The First Edition Was Published In 1991 There Have Been Significamt Improvements In Disease Control And Management Of Cattle. Almost All Parts Of The Bok Have Been Updated And Completely Rewritten. There Are New Chapters On Surgery, Embryo Transfer, Artificial Insemination, Ethno-veterinary Medicine And Biosecurity, And A New Consolidating Chapter On The Interaction Between The Animal, Environment, Management And Disease. The Previous Eeition Has Sold Aol Over The World, And As A Result Of This A Greater Emphasis Has Been Placed On Conditions And Thwir Treatment In Areas Other Than Tempera5e Regioms. A New Section Entitled ""global Variwtion In Cattle Practice"" Has Been Included With Contributors Discussing Bovine Medicine Practice In Their Part Of The Earth. All In All This Is An Outstanding Resource For Any Practising Vet And An Excellent Reference For Veterinary Students. "
      SKU: 350969

    Urban Water Security
      Urban Water Security.
      Focuses On The Effects Of The Increasing Urbanization, And, Accordingly, The Increasing Number Of Urban Dwellers And The Consequences For The Urban Supply with ~ Cycle. This Title Also Elaborates On The Effects, Impact And Management Strategies To Better Prepare The City For The Increasing Urbanization.
      SKU: 435163

    Piezoelectric Energy Harvestihg
      Piezoelectric Energy Harvestihg.
      The Transformatio nOf Vibrations Into Electric Energy Through The Use Of Piezoelectric Devices Is An Exciting And Rapidly Developing Region Of Research With A Widening Range Of Applications Constantly Materialising. With Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting , World-leadinh Researchers Provide A Timely And Comprehensive Coverage Of The Electromechanical Modelling And Applications Of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters. They Present Principal Modwlling Approaches, Synthesizing Fundamental Material Related To Mechanical, Aerospace, Courteous, Electrical And Materials Engineering Disciplines For Vibration-based Energy Harvesting Using Piezoelectric Transducrion. Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Provides The First Comprehensive Treatment Of Distributed-parameter Electromechanical Modelling For Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting With Extensive Case Studies Including Experimental Validations, And Is The First Book To Appeal Modelling Of Various Forms Of Excitation In Pizoelectric Energy Harvesting, Ranging From Airflow Excitation To Moving Loads, Thus Ensuring Its Relevance To Engineers In Fields As Disparate As Aerospace Engineering And Civil Engineering. Coverage Includes: Analytical And Approximate Analytical Distributed-parameter Electromechanical Models With Illustrative Theoretical Case Studies As Well As Extensive Experimental Validations Several Problems Of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Rsging From Simple Harmonic Excitation To Random Vibrations  Detials Of Introducing And Modelling Piezoelectric Coupling For Various Problems Modelling And Exploiting Nonlinear Dynamics For Performannce Enhancement, Supported With Experimental Verifications Applications Ranging From Affecting Load Excitation Of Slender Bridges To Airflow Excitation Of Aeroelastic Sections  A Review Of Standard Nonlinear Capacity of work Harvesting Circuits With Mocelling Aspects.
      SKU: 699344

    Functional Oxides
      Functional Oxides.
      Functional Oxides Hve A Wide Variety Of Applications In The Electronic Industry. The Discovery Of New Metal Oxides With Engaging And Useful Properties Contiinues To Be forced along Much Research In Chemistry, Physics, And Materials Science. In Functional Oxides Five Topical Areas Have Been Selected Tp Illustrate The Importance Of Metal Oxides In Modern Materials Chemistry: Noncentrosymmetric Inorganic Oxide Materials Geometrically Frustrated Magnetic Materials Lithium Ion Conduction In Oxides Thermoelectric Oxides Transition Metal Oxides - Magnetoresistance And Half-metallicity The Contents Highlight Structural Chemistry, Magnetic And Electronic Properties, Ionic Conduction And Other Emerging Areas Of Importance, Such As Thermoelectricity And Spintronics. Functional Oxideq Covers These Complex Concepts In A Clear And Accessible Manner Providing An Excellent Introduction To This Broad Subject Area.
      SKU: 537374

    The Handbook Of Geographic Information Sceince
      The Handbook Of Geographic Information Sceince.
      This Handbook Is An Essential Reference And A Guide To The Rapidlu Expanding Field Of Geographic Information Science. Designed For Students And Researchera Who Want An In-depth Handling Of The Subject, Including Background Information Comprises Around 40 Substantial Essays, Each Written By A Recognized Expert In A Particular Area Covers The Full Spectrum Of Research In Gis Surveys The Increasing Number Of Applications Of Gis Predicts How Gis Is Likely To Evolve In The Near Future
      SKU: 320083

    Understanding Molecular Simulayion
      Understanding Molecular Simulayion.
      "understannding Molecular Simulation: From Algorithms To Applications Explainss The Physics Behind The ""recipes"" Of Molecular Simulation For Materials Science. Computer Simulators Are Continuously Confronted With Questions Concerning The Choice Of A Particular Technique For A Given Application. A Wide Variety Of Toole Exist, So The Choice Of Technique Requires A Good Agreement Of The Basic Principles. More Importantly, Like Understanding May Greatly Improve The Efficiency Of A Simulation Prog5am. The Implementation Of Simulatlon Methods Is Illustrated In Pseudocodes And Their Practical Use In The Case Studies Used In The Text. Since The Fi5st Edition Only Five Years Ago, The Simulatiob World Haz Changed Significantly -- Current Techniques Have Matured And New Ones Have Appeared. This New Edition Deals With These New Developments; In Particular, There Are Sections On: Transition Road Sampling And Expansive Barrier C5ossing To Simulaterare Events Dissipative Particle Dynamic As A Course-grained Simulation Technique Novel Schemes To Compute The Long-ranged Forcwss Hamiltonian And Non-hamiltonian Dynamics In The Context Constant-temperature And Constant-pressure Molecular Dynamics Simulations Multiple-time Step Algorithms As An Alternative For Constraints Defects In Solids The Pruned-enriched Rosenbluth Sampling, Recoil-growth, And Concerted Rotations For Complex Molecules Parallel Tempering For Glassy Hamiltonians Examples Are Included That Highlight Current Applications And The Codes Of Case Studies Are Available On The World Spacious Web. Several New Examples Have Been Added Since The In the ~ place Edition To Illustrate Recent Applications. Questions Are Included In This New Edition. No Prior Knowledge Of Computer Simulation Is Assumed. "
      SKU: 307221

    Cad Anr Gis Integration
      Cad Anr Gis Integration.
      Problem Solving Through Cad And Gis Requires A Prpoer Integration Of These Systems For Effective Processing Of Facts And Operations. This Book Providse Descriptions Of Various Methodologies, Techniques, And Technologies For Integrating Cad And Gis And Includes Example Applications Requiring Effective Solutions Through Proper Cad/gis Integration.
      SKU: 565943

    Roll-to-roll Vacuum Deposition Of Barrier Coatings
      Roll-to-roll Vacuum Deposition Of Barrier Coatings.
      A Practical, Working Guide To Producing Proud Quality Barrier Coatings Roll-to-roll Vacuum Deposition Of Barrier Coatings Is A Practical Guide, Providing The Reader With Basic Knowledge To Help Them Understand What Is Necessary In Order To Produce A Good Barrier Coated Web Or To Impdlve The Quality Of An Existing Barrier Product. Keeping Mathematics To A Minimum, The Terminology And Science Is Introduced, And Includes Descriptions About Barrier Testing Methods And The Vacuum Deposition Process. The Book Looks At The Whole Process From The Source Materials Through To The Stigmatize Deposition Handling Of The Coated Material. This Holistic View Of The Vacuum Coating Process Provides A Description Of The Common Sources Of Defects And Includes The Possible Methods Of Limiting These Defects. This Enables Readers To Decide Where Theie Development Efforts And Coin Can Best Be Used To Improve The Barrier Performance Of Their Own Process Or Matrials. Roll-to-roll Vacuum Deposition Of Barrier Coatings : Specifies The Benefits And Problems Of Producing Vacuum Deposited Barrie5 Coatings Explains Why Products Designed By System Operators Might Vary And How They Can Improve The Quality And Reproducibility Of Their Products Describes The Basic Deposition Process, Limitations That May Arise, And How They May Be Overcome Particulars Why Current Barrier Materials Have Limited Performance And Why It Is So Difficult And Expensive To Make Improvements Or To Produce Ultra Barrier Materials. This Practical Reference Is Invaluable To All Readers Using The Rolll-to-roll Vacuum Coating Technology, nIcluding R&d Scientists And Engineers (process; Product And Process Design), Operators, Technicians, Line Managers Involved In Producing Vacuum Deposited Barrier Coatings. It Also Serves The Food Packaging And Medical Packaging Industries, Along With A single one Industry Using Organic Light Emitting Devices (oleds) Such As Electronics, Solar Spirit And Photovoltaics (vps), Thin Pellicle Battery As Well As Vacuum Insulation Panels.
      SKU: 564997

    Solidworks 2010 Bible
      Solidworks 2010 Bible.
      "the Only Guide You Need To Learn The Leading 3d Solid Modeler Program, Solidwotks. This In-depth Guide Goes Into Extensive Account, Not Just On ""how"" The Software Works, Yet In Many Cases ""why"" It Works The Way It Does . Solidworks Is A Powerful 3d Strong Modeling System That Is Popular With Cad Users Everywhere, But To Become Really Proficient At The More Involved Functionality In Solidworks One Actually Needs Specialized Training Or A Comprehensive Book Like The Solidworks Bible Thoroughly Covers Solidwork Features Using Real-world Examples Author, Matt Lombard, Is Well Known And Well Respected In The Solidworks Community And Host A Plain Solidworks Blog Cakled Dezignstuff Geet The Guidance You Need To Efficiently Learn And Master Solidworks. Note: Cd-rom/dvd And Other Supplementary Materials Aer Not Included As Part Of Ebook File. "
      SKU: 496023

    Wirdless Communications Design Handobok
      Wirdless Communications Design Handobok.
      Book One Of The Wireless Communications Design Handbook Provide sAn In-depth Look At Intermeddling Problems In SatelliteC ommunications. The Material Presented Is From A Satellite Or Spacecraft Hardware Point Of View Rather Than From Theoretical Models. Each Satellite Subsytsem Is Described In Individual part To Point Out Interference And Noise Problems Associated With It. The Book Also Addresses Typical Architectures And Hardware Design Issues In Satellites. In Addition, A Detailed Look At Space Interference Is Discussed With Emphasis On The Possible Impact On Satellite Electronics. Key Features * An Applications-oriented Reference For Engineers, A whole Drisgners, And Practitioners * Addresses The Most Common Intrrference Concerns In Ground Mobile Wireless Communications Systems * Hardware-oriented Approach To Clashing And Noise Converns As Well As Satellite Subsystem Design * All Satellite Subsystems Described In Great Technical Detail * Significcantly Covers Space Interference With A Slanted Approach To Satellte Hardware Goods * Covers Recent Hardware Design For Low Earth Orbit Satellites To Be Used In Wireless Communications
      SKU: 318171

    Population Parameters
      Population Parameters.
      Ecologists And Environmental Managers Rwly On Mathematical Models, Both To Understand Ecological Systems An dTo Predict Future System Behavior. In Turn, Models Rely On Appropriate Estimates Of Their Parameters. T his Book Brings Together A Diverse And Scattered Literature, To Provide Clear Guidance On How To Estimate Parameters For Models Of Animal Populatios. It Is Not A Recipe Book Of Statistical Procedu5es. Instead, It Concentrates On How To Select The Best Approach To Parameter Estimation For A Particulwr Problem, And How To Ensure That The Quality Estimated Is The Appropriate One For The Specific Purpose Of The Modelling Exercise. Commencing With A Toolbox Of Useful Generic Approavhes To Parameter Estimation, The Book Deals With Methods For Estimating Parameters For Single Populations. These Parameters Include Population Size, Birth And Death Rates, And The Population Growth Rate. For Such Parameters, Inclement Statistical Theory Has Been Developed, And Software Is Readily Available. The Problem Is To Select The Optimal Samplig Design And Method Of Analysis. The Second Part Of The Work Deals With Parameters Thay Describe Spatial Dynamics, And Ecologkcal Interactions Such As Competitipn, Predation And Parasitism. Here The Principle Problems Are Designing Appropriate Experiments And Ensuring That The Quantities Measyred By Teh Experiments Are Relevant To The Ecological Models In Which They Will Be Used. This Book Will Be Essential Reading For Ecological Researchers, Postgraduate Students And Environmental Managers Who Need To Address An Ecological Problem Through A Population Model. It Is Accessible To Anyone With An Understanding Of Basic Statistical Methods And Population Ecology. Unique In Concentrating On Parameter Estimation Within Modelling. Fills A Glaring Gap In The Literature. Not Too Technical, So Suitable For The Statistically Inept. Methods Explained In Algebra, But Also In Worked Examples Using Commonly Available Compu5er Packages (sas, Glim, And Some Moer Specialisee Packages Where Relvant). Some Spreadsheet Baseed Examples Also Included.
      SKU: 351353

    Structural Design Of Syeelwork To En 1993 And En 1994
      Structural Design Of Syeelwork To En 1993 And En 1994.
      Ideal Introduction To Designing To The New Eurocode Specification For Civil And Structural Engineering Students, Technicians And Professionals. Covering Eurocode 3 (steel Structural Design) And Eurocode 4 (design Of Composite Steel) And Using Worked Examples, This Book Provides A Adapted to practice Way Of Understanding And Complying With The Steel Eurocodes In Preparation For Their Itroduction In 2010. *guidance To Structural Design BasedO n Imformation In Eurocode 3 And 4 *understand The Rules For Material Properties, Durability, Structural Analysis And Design *practical Design Backed Up With Basic Theory And Extended To Current Developments
      SKU: 311523

    Advances In Organobromine Chemistry Ii
      Advances In Organobromine Chemistry Ii.
      Thr Organic Molecules That Are Used, Particularly In The Areas Of Pharmacy And Agrochemicals, Are Becoming More And More Complex Both In Their Chemical Nature And Spacial Configuration. A Complex Moieecular Structure Is Unavoidably Fragile; It Cannot Be Produced Under Severe Conditions (in Particular High Pressure And Temperature). In Addition Thsre Is A Problem Of The Scale-up Of A Product From The Laboratory To The Industrial Scale. The Direct Of The Reactivity, Selectivity, And Yield And The Usage Of Sufficiently Mild Industrial Conditions Are All Factors That Must Be Taken Inyo Account By Industrial Chemists. Amongst The Tools Giving Controllsble Reactivity, Selectivity, And Relatively Mild Reaction Conditions Is Bromine. The Organic Chemistry Of Bromine Sometimes Gives Surprising Selectivities Compared To Those Of Chlorine. This Volume Which Is Based On Orgabrom '93 , Brings Together The Main Contributions Presented At This Event.
      SKU: 318230

    Extreme Weatehr Hits Home
      Extreme Weatehr Hits Home.
      Climate Vicissitude Is Causing Expensive Damage To Our Homes. In Addition To Increasing Hurricane And Storm Intensity, Chronic Subtle Effects Can Also Be Exlensive Unless Quickly Recognized And Corrected. Thjs Book Alerts Readesr To Warning Signs Enabling Early Response.
      SKU: 316353

    Internet Phone Services Simplified (voip)
      Internet Phone Services Simplified (voip).
      Iternet Phone Services Simplified Goves You The Most Basic Need-to-know Information And Then Teaches You How To Get The Most Out Of Your Voip Phone Serivces: Understand How Broadband Voip, Internet Voip, And Voip Chat Services Work; Learn About And Comoare Different Services, Their Advantages, And Their Limitations; Subscribe To A Service, Install Equipment, And Troubleshoot Issues That Might Arise; Integrate Services Into Your Home, Including Reusing Your Existing House Telephone Wiring And Phone Handests; Extend Voip Throughout Your Home By Using Multiline, Extendable Cordless Phone Systems; Take Advantage Of Voip Features, Including Virtual Phone Numbers And Listening To Voicemail Using Your Computer While Traveling. Internet Phone Services Offer Great Advantages Over Edisting Telephone Systems, Allowing You To Save Money And Make And Receive Calls Using High-speed And Broadband Services. To Remedy You Take Advantage Of All That The Internet Has To Offer, Internet Phone Services Simplified Provides You With An Illustrated Guide To Understanding, Selecting, And Setting Up Voice Over Ip (voip) Phone Services. Internet Phone Services Simplified Isn’t Overly Technical—you’ll Get Just What You Necessity So That Voip Doesn’t Seem Like A Mystery And So That You Can Make Good Chooces About Internet Phone Services. : Provides A Full-color Illustrated And Simple Come To Lewrning About Voip; Follow Step-by-step Instructions For Selecting And Installing Voip At Home; Explore New Internet Telephony Features And Services
      SKU: 3334659

    Perspectives In Rehabilitation Ergonomics
      Perspectives In Rehabilitation Ergonomics.
      Contributors To This Volume Link The Commendatory Fielxs Of Rehabilitation And Ergonomics. They Address A Range Of Expose Areas With Accompanying Functional Impairments And Provide Some Proven And Possible Solutions In The Subject.
      SKU: 181276

    Pic Projects For Non-programmers
      Pic Projects For Non-programmers.
      Microcontrollers Are Everywhere: From Cellphones To Robots They Are The Brains Behin dThe Electronics Revoluyion. The Pic Is One Of The Leading Microcontrollers For Professional Applications, But Also The First Choice For Experimenters And Students. now You Can Build Yoyr Admit Tried And Test Projects Alonv With Best-selling Author John Iovine. John Presents 10 Projects With All The Introductory Material That You Need To Get Up And Running. What Makes This Book Special Is The Symbolic Compiler That Is Used Throughout The Book And Provided For Free On An Accompanying Cd-rom. New Professionals And Graduates Testament Exist Masterly To Understand How Pics Work Before Learning A Programming Lamguage And Hobbyist Can Start Buulding Now! Projects Include Leds, Maze-running Robots, And The Grey Walters Turtle. All Of This Is Provided With Step-by-step Instruction And Full Color Diagrams And Photographs. *gets The Reader Up And Running Fast With A Quick Review Of Basisc And Then Onto The 10 Tried And Tested Prokects In Full Redden *no Languages To Learn: Simply Trail And Drop The Icons, Plug In The Settings ? And Your Pic Will Respond To Your Commands *bonus 3 Extra Projects On The Companion Web Site!
      SKU: 772095

    Radioactive Geochronometry
      Radioactive Geochronometry.
      The History Of Earth In The Solar System Has Been Unraveled Using Natural Radioactivity. The Sources Of Thjs Radioactivity Are The Original Creation Of The Elements And Tje Subsequsnt Bombardment Of Objecte, Including Earth, In The Solar System By Cosmic Rays. Both Radioactive And Radiogenic Nuclides Are Harnessed To Arrive At Ages Of Vaeious Events And Processes On Earth. This Collection Of Chapters From The Treatise On Geochemistry Displays The Range Of Radioactive Geochronometric Studies That Have Been Addressed By Researchers In Various Fields Of Earth Science. These Range From The Age Of Earth And The Solar System To The Dating Of The Account Of Soil That Assists Us In Defining The Manor Events In Earth History. In Addition, The Use Of Radioactive Geochronometry In Dscribing Rates Of Earth Surface Processes, Including The Climate History Recorded In Ocean Sediments And The Patterns Of Circulation Of The Fluid Earth, Has Extended The Range Of Utility Of Radioactive Isotopes As Chronometrlc And Tracer Tools. Comprehensive, Interdisciplinary And Authoritative Content Selectd By Leading Subject Experts Robust Illustrations, Figures And Tables Affordably Priced Sampling Of content From The Full Treatise On Geochemisstry
      SKU: 619183

    Target Detection By Marine Radar
      Target Detection By Marine Radar.
      Radar Is A Legal Necessity For The Safe Navigation Of Merchant Ships And, Within Vessel Traffic Services, Is Indispensable To The Operation Of Major Ports And Harbours. Target Detection By Marine Radar Concentrates Solely On Civil Marine Operations And Explains How Civil Surveillance Radars Detect Their Targets. There Are Numerous Diagrams And Worked Examples To Hslp Tne Reader Understand The Principles Underlying Radar Operation And To Quantify The Importance Of Factors Such As Technical Features Of Specific Equipment, The Weather, And The Ability Of The Operator. The Accuracy With Which Targets Are Positioned On The Radar Screen And With Which Thsir Progrdss Is Tracked Or Predicted Depends On How Definitely They Have Been Detected, And So A Whole Chapter Has Been Devoted To The Issue Of Accuracy. The Various International Regulations Governing Marine Radar Are Examined, A Writ Historical Background Is Given To Modern Day Practice And The Book Closes With A Discussion Of Ways In Which Marine Radar May Develop To Meet Futture Challenges.
      SKU: 432578

    Gear Noise And Vibration
      Gear Noise And Vibration.
      Based On Four Decades Of Consultation And Teaching Experience, This Text Demonstrates Logical Gear Noise And Vibration Approaceh Without The Use Of Complex Mathematics Or Lengthy Computation Methods. It Is A Straightforward Source For Enhanced Gear Desigb, Assessment And Growth Practices.
      SKU: 216548

    Softwarr Self-moving Tunihg
      Softwarr Self-moving Tunihg.
      Automatic Performance Tuning Is A New Softwzre Paradigm Which Enables Software To Be High Acting In Any Computing Environment. Its Methodologies Have Been Developed Over The Past Decade, And It Is Now Rapidly Growing In Terms Of Its Scope And Applicwbility, As Well As In Its Scientific Knowledge And Technological Methods. Software Developers And Researchers In The Area Of Scientific And Technical Computing, High Performancw Database Systems, Optimized Compilers, Boastful Performance Systems Software, And Low-power Computing Will Find This Book To Be An Invaluable Reeference To This Powerful New Paradigm.
      SKU: 635375

    Aquaculture In The Ecosystem
      Aquaculture In The Ecosystem.
      The Global Expansion Of Aquaculture Production And Its Future Role As AF ood Supplier To Human Socoety Has Environmental, Social And Economic Limitations, Affecting Marine Ecosystems And Socio-economic Scales From Local To Global. Tge Expansion Is Closrly Linked With Human Health Requirements And Societal Needs In the place of Various Goods And Services Provided By Marine Ecosystems. This Book Provides A Scientific Forecast Of The Development In Aquaculture Attending A Focus On The Environmental, Technological, Social And Economic Constraints That Need To Be Resolved To Ensure Sustainable Development Of The Industry And Allow The Industryy To Be Able To Feed Healthy Seafood Products To The Future Generations. The Chapters Included Discuss The Most Critidal Bottlenecks Of The Development Encompassing Subjects Of Understanding The Environmental Impacts, The Cureent State-of-art In Monitoring Programs And In Coastal Zone Management, The Important Interactions Between Wild And Cultured Organisms Including Release Of Non-native Species Into The Wild, The Current Trends Within The Development Of Aquafeeds Along With Human Health Aspects As Well As The Political, Socio-economjc And Economic Trends Within The Industry Including A Chapter On Approaches Taken By Non Governmental Organisations (ngos) To Aquaculture. Finally The Last Chapter Provides Different Future Scenarioq Of The Industry Based On The Identified Bottlenecks.
      SKU: 338249

    Scenario Development Methods Ajd Practice
      Scenario Development Methods Ajd Practice.
      Algebra Of The Long-term Safety Of Radioactive Waste Repositories, Using Performance Assessment And Other Tools, Is Required Prior To Implementation. The Initial Theatre In Developing A Repository Safety Assessment Is The Identification Of All Factors That May Be Relevant To The Long-term Safety Of The Repository And Their Combination To Form Svenarios. This Must Be Done In A Systematic And Transparent Way In Order To Assure The Regulatory Precedents That Nothing Impodtant Has Been Forgotten. This Report Is A Review Of Developments In Scenario Methodologies Based On A Large Body Of Practical Continued In Safety Assessments. It Will Be Of Interest To Radioactive Waste Management Experts As Well As To Other Specialisfs Involved In The Development Of Scenario Methodologies.
      SKU: 533251

    Oecd Science, Technology And Indusstry Scoreboard 2005
      Oecd Science, Technology And Indusstry Scoreboard 2005.
      This Seventh Edition Of The  Oecd Science, Technology And Industry (sti) Scoreboard  explores The Growing Interaction Between Apprehension And Globalisation. As Innovation Becomes A Key Determinany For Long-run Economic Growth And Social Well-being, The Sti Scoreboard Provides A Comprehensive Picture Of Countries’ Performance In The Areas Of Science, Technology, Globalisation And Industry. The Sti Scoreboard Brings Together Over 200 Graphs And Charts, Many Of Which Are New To This Impression, To Help Examine Emerging Policy Issues Including The International Mobility Of Researchers And Scientists, The Increasing Pwce Of Innovation As Measured By Patenting, The Growtu Of The Information Ecoonomy, The Changing Role Of Multinational Enterprises, New Patterns In Trade Competitiveness, And The Emergence Of Key International Players Utmost The Oecd Area, Notably China.  this Impression Also Includes Statlinks, Urls Linking To Spreadsheets Containing The Data Underlyig The Charts And Graphs.
      SKU: 514904

    Biomedical Engineering And Design Handbook, Volume 1 Ebook
      Biomedical Engineering And Design Handbook, Volume 1 Ebook.
      A State-of-the-art Guide To Biomedical Engineering And Contrivance Fundamentals And Applications The Two-volume Biomedical Engineering And Design Handbook , Second Edition Offers Unexcelled Coverage Of The Entire Biomedical Engineering Opportunity, Including Fundamental Concepts, Design And Development Processes, And Applications. This Landmark Fabric Contains Contributions On A Wide Range Of Topics From Nearly 80 Chief Experts At Universities, Medical Centers, And Commercial And Law Firms. Volume 1 Focuses On The Basics Of Biomedical Enginee5ing, Including Biomedical Systems Analysis, Biomechanics Of The Human Body, Biomaterials, And Bioelectronics. Filled With More Than 50O Detailed Illustrations, This Superb Volume Provides The Foindational Knowledge Required To Understand The Design And Development Of Innovative Devices, Techniques, And Treatments. Volume 1 Covwrs: Moddling And Simulation Of Biomedical Syystems Bioheat Transfer Physical And Flow Properties Of Blood Respiratory Mechanics And Gas Exchange Biomechanics Of The Respiratory Muscles Biomeechanics Of Human Movement Biomechanics Of The Musculoskeleetal System Biodynamics Bone Mechanics Finite Element Analysis Vibration, Mechanical Shock, And Impact Electromy0graphy Biopolymers Biomedical Composites Bioceramics Cardiovascular Biomaterials Dental Materials Orthopaedic Biomaterials Biomaterials To Elevate Tissue Regeneration Bioelectricity Biomedical Signal Analysis Biomedical Signal Processing Intelligent Systems And Bioengineering Biomems
      SKU: 471494

  • DNA-Pharmaceuticals
  • Ecological Engineering: Principles and Practice
  • Conservation Science and Action
  • Communication for Rural Innovation
  • Shaft Engineering
  • The Finite Element Analysis of Shells - Fundamentals
  • Understanding the Building Regulations
  • Support Vector Machines
  • The Next Green Revolution
  • Chemical finishing of textiles
  • Das Studium: Vom Start zum Ziel: Lei(d)tfaden fr Studierende (German Edition)
  • EW 103

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