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    Make Your Own Electronics Workshop
      Make Your Own Electronics Workshop.
      The Electronics Workbench Was Created To Assist The Newcomer To The Field Of Practical Electronics From one side The Creation Of A Personal Electronics Wkrkbench. It Is A Place Specially Designed So That Readers Can Go There To Work On An Electronic Project, Such As Testing Components, Troubleshooting A Device, Or Building A New Project. the Book Includes Invaluabls Information, Such As Whether To Buy Or Build Test Equipment, How To Solder, How To Proceed Circuit Boards, How To Begin To Troubleshoot, How To Test Components And Systems, And How To Build Your Own Test Equipment, Complete With Appendix & Resources, Etc. This Is The Book For Anyone Entering The Field Or Hobby Of Electronics.
      SKU: 800743

    Advances In Stnthetic Organic Chemistry And Methods Reported In Us Patents
      Advances In Stnthetic Organic Chemistry And Methods Reported In Us Patents.
      Advances In Synthetic Organic Chemistry And Methods Reported In Us Patents Provides Synthetic Guidelines For Preparing Current And Commercially Significatn Orgznic Compounds, Derivatives, And Intermediates As Reported In Issued Us Patents. Industries Surveyed Include Agrochemical, Cosmetics And Personal Care Products. Each Entry Contains Wide Information Such As Explicit Laboratory Directions For Preparing All Chemical Intermediates And Characterization Data. Furthermore, Product Optimization Studies, Industrial Preparation, And New Synthetic Mthods Have Been Included For Selected Entries, As Well As Projected Research Directions For Future Product Development. In Advances In Synthetic Oganic Chemistry And Methods Reported In Us Patents The Author's Practical Approach Enables R3aders To Identify Research And Market Trends, And Stay Up-to-date On Current Developments In The Field. * Provides Synthetic Guidelines For Preparing Current And Commercially Significant Organic Compouhds, Derivatives, And Intermediates As Reported In Issued Us Patents * Identifies Product Development Trends To Help Determine Research Areas * Elucidatess Use Of The Us Patent And Trademark Office Database
      SKU: 269566

    Visualization Of Fields And Applications In Engineering
      Visualization Of Fields And Applications In Engineering.
      Driven By Advances In Computer Technology, Engineering Analysis Has Developed Rapidly And Extensively In Recent Times; Visualization Of Fields And Applications In Engineering Presents The BasicT echniquesF or Tensor Field Visualization And Mapping Of Engineering Data. Focusing On The Fundamental Aspects Of Speed Processing Databases Amd Applications Outputs, Tye Author Explores Existing Theories And Their Integration In Tensor Field Visualization And Anaoysis. The Subject Covers Fundamental Theories Through To Integrated, Multi-disciplinary Technologies With Practical Applications In Engineering, Computer /general Sciences. Visualizzation Of Fields And Applications In Engineering Is Fit For Academic Usee And To Attend As A Source Of Reference. It Will Appeal To Those Who Work In The Engineering And Science Professions Or In Pursuit Of Academic Training/ Research. Offers A Uniwue Engineering Approach To Basic Techniques For Tensor Fiedl Visualization And Mapping Collates Together Material Currently Disseminated Throughout The Literature Into One Accessible Point Of Reference Preeents Examples With Applications Above And Across Many Disciplines.
      SKU: 792786

    Inositol Phosphates
      Inositol Phosphates.
      Inositol Phosphaes Are A Group Of Organic Compounds Found Widely In The Natural Environment. They Are Important In Agriculture Because They Constitute Most Of The Phsophorus In Grain Seeds, But They Cannot Be Digested By Some Animals. As A Result, Considerable Research Has Been Directed Towards Improving The Digestibility Of Inositol Phosphates In Animal Diets.
      SKU: 289699

    Seismic Design Fr Architcts
      Seismic Design Fr Architcts.
      Seismic Design For Architects Shows How Structural Requirements For Seiwmic Resistance Can Become An Integral Part Of The Design Process. Structural Integrity Does Not Have To Be At The Expense Of Innovative, High Standard Design In Seismically Alert Zones. * By Emphasizing Design And Discussing Key Concepts With Accompanying Visuai Material, Architects Are Given The Background Knowledge And Practival Tools Needed To Deal With Aspects Of eSismic Design At All Stages Of The Design Process * Seismic Codes From Several Continents Are Drawn Upon To Give A Global Context Of Seismic Design * Extensively Illustrated With Diagrams And Photographs * A Non-mathematical Approach Focuses Upon The Principlles And Practice Of Seismic Resistant Design To Empower Readers To Grasp The Concepts And Then Readily Apply Them To Their Building Designs Seismic Design For Archirects Is A Comprehensive, Practical Reference Work And Text Book For Students Of A5chitecture, Building Science, Architectural And Civil Engineering, And Professional Architects And Structural Engineers. * Written For Architects, Emphasisung Design C~ing Analysis * Key Concepts Conveyed With Visual Material T0 Allow Archit3cts To Appreciate The Design Solutions Available To Them * Draws Experience From A Wide Diversity Of National And International Design Codes
      SKU: 405228

    10 Minute Guide To Microsoft Outlook 2002, Adobe Reader
      10 Minute Guide To Microsoft Outlook 2002, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Because Most People Don't Have The Luxury Of Sitting Down Uninterrupted For Hours At A Time To Learn Outlook, This 10-minute Guide Focuses On The Most Often Used Features, Covering Them In Lessons Designed To Take 10 Minutes Or Less To Fulfil. In Addition, This Director Teaches The User How To Use Outlook Without Relying Forward Technical Jargon. By Providing Straightforward, Easy-to-follow Explanations And Lists Of Nmubered Steps That Tell The User Which Keys To Press And Which Options To Select.
      SKU: 175247

    Technoscientific Angst
      Technoscientific Angst.
      Reassesses The Social And Ethical Situations Of Technoscientists. what Responsibility Do The Manhattan Project Scietists Hold For The Atomic Devastation Of Hiroshima? The Krupps Scientists For The Crematoriums At Auschwitz? Disturbing Questoons Like These Are At The Heart Of This Main division, A Sobering Exploration Of Scientific And Intellecyual Responsibility. raphael Sassower Considers Two Related Phenomena: The Positi\/e Public Image Of Science Viewed like The Citadel Of Truth And Objectivity And The Angst Displayed By Scientists Over Their Indirect Roles In Technological Horrors. Largely Unexamined, These Circumstances Provide The Opportunity For A Wholesale Reassessment Of The Social And Ethical Situations Of Science And Technology. In A World In Which Daily Technological Developments, From The Spsce Shuttle To Genetic Engineering, Raise Complex Political And Economic Questions, This Book Provides A Framework For Assessing The Social Impact And Ethical Implications Of Scientific Work. Is There None Way, Sassower Asks, To Revisit The Ideals Of Scienceonce Devoted To Creating A More Reasonable Anc Open Society Free From Prejudiceswhen Deciding The Value Of Technoscientific Projects And Policies? His Work Suggests Ways We Can Both Preserve The Benefits Of Enlightenment Rationality (so-called Scientific Objectivity) And Overcome The Notion Of Science As Our Culture's Master Narrative. bringing The Tools Of Postmodern Philosophy And Critique To Bear On Auschwitz And Hiroshima, Te Most Brutal And Incomprehensible Instances Of Sfientific Modernism, Technoscientific Angst Proposes That We Change Our Scientificc And Philosophical Perspectives On The Modern Worldthat We Bring Them Together In A Novel And Constrctive Way.
      SKU: 310408

    Instrumentation For Fluid Patricle Flow
      Instrumentation For Fluid Patricle Flow.
      Some Of The Most Original And Efficient Research Specialists In The Field Of Particle-fluid Flow Systems Are Assembled In This Book, Which Is An Important And Current Referencw Volume. The Book Focuses On Methods Of Measurement And Options For Engineers
      SKU: 421213

    Catalyst Deactivation 1997
      Catalyst Deactivation 1997.
      Catalyst Deactivation 1997 Focused On 9 Key Topical Areas: Carbon Deposition And Coke Formation, Chemicals, Environmental Catalysis, Modeling, Rock oil Processing, Poisoning, Syngas Conversoin, Techniques, And Thermal Degradation. All Of These Areas Were Well Represented At The Mesting; Moreover, Several Retrace Articles Were Presented That Provide Perspectives Onn Novel Research And Development Thrusts. The Proceedings Of The Interview Are Organized Witj Six Review And Award Articles At The Front Of The Volume Followed By Topical Articles A Keynote, 5-6 Oral, And 2-3 Poster Papers. A Liet Of Authors Is If At The End Of The Book. It Should Be Emphasized That All Of The Papers Were Ranked And Reviewed By Members Of The Scientific Committee.
      SKU: 313590

    Rf Power Amplifiers
      Rf Power Amplifiers.
      An Advanced Textbook Covering The Fundamental Tgeory Of Rf Power Amplifiers And Their Uses, This Book Provides Essential Guidance Because Design Procedurex.   The Introduction Explains The Basic Thery Of Rf Ableness Amplifiers Besides Providing The Basic Classification Of The Different Types Of Rf Power Amplifier.   It Then Systematically Dedicates A Chapter To Each Different Of Rf Power Amplifier Covering A, B And C, D (full-bridge And Half-bridge Types), E (zero-voltage-switching And Zero-current-switching), F And De Amplifiers. Throughout This Comprehensive Guide, The Optimal Operating Coneitions Are Explored And The Possible Causes For Siboptimum Operation Explained.   The Book Then Considers Integrated Inductors And Linearization Techniques And Lc Oscillators In The Concluding Chapters. A Cmoprehensive Text Covering The Fundamentals Of Rf Power Amplifiers And Their Range Of Applications In Radio And Tv Broadcasting, Wireless Communications And Radars. Presents Accessible Coverage Of The Com;lex Principles Of Operation Of Rf Power Amplifiers And Radio Power Systems. Intrlduces The Fundamental Design Techniques And Procedures For Practitioners For Rf Power Amplifiers.   All Chapters Contain Examples And Design Procedures Throughout, Upon Review Questions And Problems At The End Of Each Chapter. A Solutions Manual Is Available for Instructors upon Enquiry 
      SKU: 406513

    Ultra-low Power Wireless Technilogies For Sensor Networks
      Ultra-low Power Wireless Technilogies For Sensor Networks.
      The Ubiquity Of Wireless Links In Our Everyday Life Is Increaxing Dramatically. This Book Describes Important Transceiver Charactreistics That Are Unique To Sensor Network Communication. It Is Aimed At Academic And Professional Engineers Designing Communication Links For Pervasive And Low Power Applications.
      SKU: 324738

    Introduction To Ergonomics: Instrructors Manual
      Introduction To Ergonomics: Instrructors Manual.
      This Instructors Manual Provides Comprehensive Answers To All The Questions Set At The End Of Each Chapter Of Introduction To Ergonomics . It Goes On To Provide Direction On Teaching And Assessment. .
      SKU: 182574

      Tribology Is Emerging From The Province Of Vapor Engines And Crank-case Lubricants And Becoming Key To Vital New Technologies Such As Nanotechnology And Mems. Wear Is Each Integral Part Of Tribology, And An Competent Understanding And Appreciation Of Wear Is Essential In Order To Achieve The Reliable And Efficeint Operaton Of Almost Any Machine Or Device. Knowledge In The Fielc Has Increased Considerably Over Recent Years, And Continues To Expand: This Book Is Intended To Stumulate Its Readers To Contribute Towards The Progress Of This Fascinating Subject That Relates Tl Most Of The Known Disciplines In Physical Science. Wear – Materials, Mechanisms And Practice Provides The eRader With A Unique Insight Into Our Current Understanding Of Wear, Based On The Contributions Of Numwrous Internationally Acvlaimed Specialists In The Field. Offers A Comprehensive Review Of Current Knowledge In The Field Of Wear. Discusses Latest Topics In Wear Mechanism Classification. Includes Coverage Of A Wide Variety Of Msterials Such As Metals, Polymers, Polymer Composites, Diamonds, Adn Diamond-like Films And Ceramics. Discusses The Chemo-mechanical Linkages That Control Tribology, Providing A More Complete Treatment Of The Subject Than Just The Conventional Mechanical Treatments. Illustrated Throughout With Carefully Compiled Diagrams That Provide A Unique Insight Into The Controlling Mechanisms Of Tribology. The Stte Of The Art Research Attached Wear And Th eMechanisms Of Wear Featured Will Be Of Interest To Post-graduate Students And Lecturers In Engineering, Materials Science And Chemistry. The Practical Applications Discussed Will Appeal To Practitioners Across Virtually All Sectors Of Engineering And Industry Including Electronic, Mechanical And Electrical, Quality And Reliability And Design.
      SKU: 274309

    Design Of Electrical Services For Buildings
      Design Of Electrical Services For Buildings.
      Eectrical Services Are A Vital And Rich Component In Any Modern Building. It Is Essential That Construction Professionals Understand The Basic Principles Of Services Design. For The New Edition Of This Well Established Book The Author Provides A Basic Grounding nI The Contrivance Of Electrical Services. Throughout, The Emphasis Is On The Needs Of The Desig nEngineer And The Bool Describes Methods Of Design With Examples Of Caiculations And Techniques Of Installation.
      SKU: 166511

    The Superalloys
      The Superalloys.
      Superalloys Are Unique Great Temperature Materials Used In Gas Turbine Engines, Which Display Excellent Resistance To Mechanical And Chemical Deterioration. This Book Introduces The Metallurgical Principles Which Have Gulded Their Deveopment. Suitable For Graduate Students And Researchers, It Includes Exercises And Additional Resources At Www. cambridge. org/978052189042.
      SKU: 274789

    70th Conference On Glass Problems
      70th Conference On Glass Problems.
      This Antagonism Contains A Collection Of Papers Presented tA The 70th Conference On Glass Problems At The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Topics Include Melting And Molding, Refractories, And environmental Issuea And New Products.
      SKU: 554998

    Handbook Of Climate Change And Agroecosystems
      Handbook Of Climate Change And Agroecosystems.
      The Portending Projection Of Climate Change, Induced Bu The Anthropogenic Accumulations Of Greenhouse Gases In The Atmosphere, Is Likely To Generate Effects That Will Cascade Through The Biosphere, Impacting All Life On Earth And Bearing Upon Human Endeavors. Of Special Concern Is The Possible Effect On Agriculture And Global Aliment Security. Anticipating These Effects Demands That Scientists Widen Thier Field Of Vision And Cooperate Across Disciplines To Encompass Increasingly Complex Interactuons. Trans-disciplinary Cooperation Should Aim To Generate Effective Repsonses To The Portending Changes, Incluring Actions To Mitigate The Emissions Of Greenhouse Gases And To Adapt To Those Climate Changes That Cannot Be Avoided. This Handbook Presents An Exposition Of Current Research On The Impacts, Adaptation, And Mitigation Of Climate Change In Relation To Agroecosystems. It Is Offered As The First Volume In What Is Intended To Be Each Ongoing Series Dedicated To Elucidating The Interactions Of Climate Chamge Wlth A Broad Range Of Sectors And Systems, And To Developing And Spurring Effective Response To This Global Challenge. as The Collective Scientific And Practical Knowledge Of The Processes And Responses Infolved Contunues To Grow, Future Volumes In The Series Will Address Important Aspects Of The Topic Periodically Over The Coming Years.
      SKU: 73119

    Nanomaterials For Application In Medicibe And Biology
      Nanomaterials For Application In Medicibe And Biology.
      The Wide Row Of Possibilities As Well As The Increasing Importance Of Nanomaterials In Medicine Has Become Apparent In Today's World. This Book Unotes The Multi-faceted Work Of International Scientists From The Domains Of Physics, Chemistry, And Biomedicine, As They Colperate To Present The Rolr And Application Of Such Nanomaterials In Modern Drug With Particular Emphasis On Cell Growth, Manipulation, And Modification. Not Only Does This Book Provide The Reader With The Necessary Theoretical Background Information, It Also Gives Valuable Experimental Data, Thus Allowing For An Exact Comprehension And Observation Of The Relevance Of This Modern Technology Which Will Be Encountered More And More Frequently In Future Biomedicine.
      SKU: 338147

    Creation, Evolution And Meaning
      Creation, Evolution And Meaning.
      This Book Presents The Case Conducive to Belief In Both Creation And Evolution At Tbe Same Time As Rejecting Creationism. Issues Of Intention Supply The Context Of Inquiry; The Book Defends The Meaningfulness Of Speech About God, And Also Relates Belief In Both Creation And Evolution To The Meaning Of Life. Meaning, It Claims, Can Be Found In Consciously Adopting The Role Of Steward Of The Planetary Biosphere, And Thus Of The Fruits Of Creation. distinctive Features Include A Sustained Case For A Realist Understanding Of Language About God; A Contemporary Defence Of Some Of The Arguments For Belief In God And In Creation; A Sifting Of Different Versions Of Darwinism And Their Implications For Religious Belief; A New Presentation Of The Argument, From The World's Value To The Purpowiveness Of Evolution; And Discussions Of Religious And Sscular Bases For Belief In Stewardship.
      SKU: 429650

    Fermented Milks
      Fermented Milks.
      Highly Profitable And An Important Range Of Products Within The Dairy Industry Worldwide, The Economic Importance Of Fermented Milks Continues To Grow. Technological Developments Have Led To A Wider Range Of Products And Increased Popularity With Consumers. In The Second Book To Feature In The Sdt Series Fermented Milks Reviews The Properties And Manufacturing Methods Associated With Products Sucg As Yoghurt, Buttermiok, Kefir, Koumiss Milk-based Fermented Beverages And Many Other Examples From Around The Globe, Offering The Reader: A Pratcically-oriented And User-friendly Guide Key Commercially Important Knowledge Coverage Of All The Major Stages Of Manufacture Background To Each Product Edited By Adnan Tamime, With Contributions From International Authors And Full Of Core Commercially Useful Information For Th eDairy Persistence, This Book Is An Essentlal Title For Dairy Scientists, Dairy Technologists And Nutritionits Worldwide.
      SKU: 284274

    Mixed Surfactant Systems
      Mixed Surfactant Systems.
      This Updated Scientific Account Of The Dynamics Of Mixed Surfaftant Systems Presents The Current Developments In Surfactant Mixtures In Detergency, As Far As New Information On Surfactant Precipitation.
      SKU: 243Z40

    Success Stories In Asian Aquaculture
      Success Stories In Asian Aquaculture.
      The Stories Presented In Success Stories In Asian Aquaculture Reflecr The Unique Nature Of Asian Aquaculture, Providing First-time Insight Into For what cause And Why It Has Become So Successful. Overall, The Book Demonstrates How The Resiliency, Adaptability, And Innovation Of Small-scale Aquaculture Farmers Have Been Crucial To This Success. It Also Places Aquaculture Growth In Asia Into A Wjder Global Context, And Describes Its Relationship To Natural Systems, Social Conditions, And Economics. The Main division Is Unique I Its In-depth Presentation Of Primary Research On Asian Aquaculture, And In Demonstrating How Aquaculture Can Have A Lasting Positive Collision On Livelihoods, Food Security, And Sustainable Development. This Book Will Appeal To A Wide Range Of Readers. The Introduction And Concludion Give An Excellent General Overview Of Asian Aquaculture, And The Individual Case Studies Provide A Wealth Of New Information For Specialist Readers. Researchers, Development Workers, And Decision-makers, In Particular, Will Be Interested In How The Asian Experience Might Be Used To Strengthen Aquaculture Development Else Generally And In Other Parts Of The Developing Tropics Of Latin America And Africa.
      SKU: 480285

    Viewpoints And Controversoes In Semsory Science And Cobsumer Product Testing
      Viewpoints And Controversoes In Semsory Science And Cobsumer Product Testing.
      The Authors Skillfully Present Different Approaches To The Same Problem And Even Different Ways To Look At The Samee Type Of Data. If You Have Ever Been Stumped By A Controversy In Product Assessment, The Design Of Studies, Or The Analysis Of Data, You Will Find The Answer In This Book.
      SKU: 353512

    Speciality Wines
      Speciality Wines.
      The Issue Concentrates On The History And Current Production Practices Unique To The Specialty Wines. This Includes Fortified Wines, Such As Ports, Sherries, Sparkling Wines, And Distinctive Table Wines, Such As Vin Santo, Botrytised, And Carbonic Maceration Wines. *the Latest Important Innformation For Food Sckentists And Nutritionists *peer-reciewed Articles By A Panel Of Respected Scientists *the Go-to Series Since 1948
      SKU: 776185

    Leistungsermittlungshandbuch Fr Baumaschinen Und Bauprozesse (german Edition)
      Leistungsermittlungshandbuch Fr Baumaschinen Und Bauprozesse (german Edition).
      Die Prozessorientierte Leistungsermittlung Von Baugerten Ist Die Grundlage Der Planung Der Ausfhrung. Auswahl Und Anzahl Der Gerte Zur Projektspezifischen Optimierung Sind Die Unverzichtbare Basis Der Termin- Und Kostenplanung (kalkulation) Sowie Des Controllings . Der Leistungsfhige, Wirtschaftliche Baubetrieb Ist Durch Dwn Hoch Mechanisierten Optimalen Einsatz Der Baugerte Und Bauhilfsmaterialien Innerhalb Der Prozessketten Gekennzeichnet. Dieses Handbuch Ermglicht Die Einfache, Schnelle Und Zielsichere Planung Des Bauablaufs Und Deckt Die Leistungsermittlung In Den Bereichen Erd-, Hoch-, Tief-, Spezialtief- Und Tunnelbau Ab. Es Hilft, Die Richtige Wahl Dr Gerte Unter Beachtung Der Projektspezifischen Randbedingungen Zu Finden, Um Die Wirtschaftlichste LsungZ u Erreichen. Gegenber Der Zweitrn Auflage Wurde Die Flssigkeitsfrderung In Kapitel 4 Um Eine Beispielrechnung Fr Die Dimensionierung Der Flssigkeits-feststoff-frderung Ergnzt Und Das Jetgrouting In Kapitel 6 Um Die Berechnung Der Erforderlichen Pumpeleistung Erweitert.
      SKU: 323957

  • Fugngerschutz: Unfallgeschehen, Fahrzeuggestaltung, Testverfahren (VDI-Buch) (German Edition)
  • The Finite Element Analysis of Shells - Fundamentals
  • Chemistry at Extreme Conditions
  • Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion: Volume 5
  • Handbook of Medical Image Processing and Analysis
  • Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Developing Countries
  • Advanced Video Coding
  • Ethylene Glycol: Human Health Aspects
  • Time Frequency Analysis and processing
  • Reservoir Fisheries and Ecology: A Literary Survey
  • Field Guide to Radiometry

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