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    Carp And Pond Fisu Culture
      Carp And Pond Fisu Culture.
      During The 10 Years Since Publication Of The First Edition Of This Well-recieved Book, The Carp And Pond Fish Farming Industry Has Continued To Grow Steadily. Fully Revised And Updated, This Comprehensive New Edition Provides A Detailed And Practical Guide To The Principles And Practices Of Farming Cyprinid Fish, Using Traditional And Modern Pond Culture Techniques . Although Concentrating Primarily On Carp Culture, This Can Be Regarded As A Model For The Production Of Many Species In Ponds; The Most Widely Used Method Of Producing Grapple Throughout The World. Specific Information Is Alao Included For Other Species, Such As Pike, Wels Catfish And Goldfish And Now African Catfish And Sterlet. The Authors, Who Between Them Have Many Years' Experience Farming Fish As Well As Researching And Education The Subjects Covered In The Book, Have Produced A Most Usefu And Timely Secondary Impression. The Book Will Be Of Great Interest To Fish Farmers, Researchers, Teachers And Students In The Area Of Aquaculture And Kindred Subjects, To All Those Involved Specifically In The Carp Famring Industry And In The Aquaculture Of Other Pond-cultured Species. Copies Of The Book Should Be Available As A Reference Source In Libraries In Academic And Research Establishments Where Aquaculture Is Studied An Taught, And For Practical Reference On Fish Farms.
      SKU: 284326

    Absolute Beginner's Guide To Programming, Adobe Reader
      Absolute Beginner's Guide To Programming, Adobe Reader.
      "this Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Absolute Beginner's Guide To Programming, Second Edition Will Help The Reader Understand What Programming Really Is. The Reader Not Only Gets AnO verview Of The Job Of Programming, But Also Learns Which Specific Skills Arr Needed For Certain Jobs. The Reder Will Understand How A Computrr Interprets A Program's Instructions And Gain Insight Into What Goes On ""under The Hood"" When A Computer Runs A Program. How Programming Can And Does Relate To The Internet And Learn About The Skills Required For Adding Security To Programs. Compiled Versus Other Kind Of Programs Such As Interpreted Languages Like Javascript And Html, Which Are More Formatting And Hyperlink Languages. Job Possible In The Programming Sale. Abdolute Beginner's Guide To Programming, Second Edition Offers ""hands-on"" Programming For The ""abbsolute Beginner. "" There Are Several Texts For Specific Languages, And Two Offerings (idg And Sams) That Attempt To Take An Overbiew-to-programming Attitude, But This Is The Only One That Takes Today's Programming Environments And Explains Why Each Is Important And For Whom They Are Important. "
      SKU: 175250

    Combinatorial Peptide And Nonpeptide Libraries
      Combinatorial Peptide And Nonpeptide Libraries.
      With Combinatorial Chemistry Millions Of Organic Compounds Can Be Produced Simultaneously, Quickly, And In Most Cases By Automated Procedures. These Compound Libraries Are A Cost-effective Resource For The Pharmaceutical Industry In Their Search For Biologically Active Lead Structures. Furthermore Simultaneous Parallel Synthesis Of Singgle Peptides And Peptide Libraries Solve The Problem Of The Worldwide Increawing Demand For Peptides. The Synthetic Methods Described Here In Detail Contribute To A Forward-looking Technology That Has A High Impact Foor Industrial And Academic Research. Fast And Efficient Analytical Techniques Are Essential For Using The Complicated Product Mixtures And Detecting By-products. Various Synthetic Approaches And Technologies, Mass Spectrometry, And Screening Assays Are Discussed Extensively. This Book Is A Must And An Indispensible Source Of Information For Every Researcher In This Rapidly Developing Field, Which Spans Organic Synthesis, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medicinal, And Clinical Chemistry.
      SKU: 482090

    The Design Analysis Handbook
      The Design Analysis Handbook.
      """. . . a Book That Should Be On The Self Of Every Digital Or Analog Electronic-system Designer. "" - Frank Goodenough, Electronic Dsign This Handbook Offers Design Engineers And Managers Immediately Useful, Meat-and-potatoes Techniques For Achieving Design Validation By Analysis In An Easy-to-read Style. Thr Book Contains Large Useful And Interedting Tips For Electronics Circuit Designers. Examples Of Rectifier Circuits, Power Supplies, Digital Timing, Thermal Analysis, Groundign Annd Layout, And Emi/noise Direct Are Examined In Detail With Fully Worked-out Numerical Examples. If You Need To Create Reliable, Cost-effective, Optimized Designs, The Design Analysis Handbook Provides A Practical Framework For Integrating Quality Into The Design Process From Start To Finish. The Methodology Used Is Called Defeat Case Analysis Plus (wca+), A Design-validation Toll That Demands Thoroughness And Analytical Thinking By The User. A Guide To Assessing And Validating Revolution Design, The Design Analysis Handbook Presents Processes And Mathematical Tools In A Straigh5forward, Real-world Manndr. Unique Features Of The Approach Include Chapters On Preservation, Bad Science, And Surviving High-pressure Design Projects. N. Edward Walker Is The President Of Desihn/analysis Consultants, Inc. , Based In Tampa, Florida. The Handbook Is Based On Daci's Extensive Experience In The Design And Analysis Of Highly-reliable Electronic Systems. Straightforward Guide To Practical Design Validation Shows How To Avoid Design Hazards ProvidesF ramework For Integrating Quality With The Design Process"
      SKU: 312853

    The Posthuman Condition
      The Posthuman Condition.
      Synthetic Creativity, Organic Computers, Genetic Modification, Intelligent Machines &endash; Such Ideas Ade Deeply Challengung To Many Of Our Traditional Assumptions About Human Uniqueness And Superiority. But, Ironically, It Is Our Very Capacity For Technological Invention That Has Secured Us So Dominant A Position In The World Which May Lead Ultimately To (as Some Have Put It) 'the End Of Man'. If We Are Really Cappable Of Creating Entities That Exceed Our Own Skills And Intellect Then The Conseuences For Humanity Are Almost Inconceivable. Nevertheless, We Must Now Face Up To The Possibility That Attributes Like Penetration And Consciiousness May Be Synthesised In Non-human Entities &endash; Perhaps Within Our Lifetime. Would Such Entities Have Human-like Emotions; Would They Have A Discernment Of Their Own Being? The Posthuman Condition Argues That So Questions Are Difficult To Tackle Given The Concepts Of Human Existence That We Have Inherited From Humanism, Many Of Which Can No Longer Be Sustained. New Theories About Nature And The Op3ration Of The Universe Arising From Sophisticated Comput3r Modelling Are Starting To Demonstrate The Profound Interconnwctions Between All Things In Reality Where Previously We Had Seen Only Separations. This Has Implications For Orally transmitted Views Of The Like a man Condition, Consciousness, The Method We Look At Art, Ajd For Some Of The Oldest Problems In Philosophy.
      SKU: 283046

    Spectroscopy Of Rubbers And Rubbery Materials
      Spectroscopy Of Rubbers And Rubbery Materials.
      This Work Deals With The Application Of Spectroscopic Techniques For Characterisation Of Chemical And Pertaining to physics Structures In Viscoelastic Materials, Such As Unvulcanised Elastomers And Their Vulcanisates, Various Rubberu Materials And One Plastics, Which When Blendde With Particular Additives (plasticiqers) Behave Like Runbers. Analysis Of The Rubbery Materials Is Complicated By The Fact That Rubbery Products, Such As Tyres, Tubes, Seals, V-belts And Hoses, Contain In The Rubbery Matrix A Significant Amount Of Various Compounds, I. e. , Fillers, Vulcanising Agents, Antioxidants And Plastiicisers. Owed To The Complex Composition, No Single Technique Can Provide A Good Understanding Of The Effect Of Chemical And Physical Structures On The Functional Properties Of Rubbery Materials. Thus Spectroscopy Has Become A Powerful Tool For The Determination Of Polymer Structures. The Most Comprrehensive Information On Cnemical And Physical Structures In Relation To Material Properties Can Be Obtained By Using A Combination Of Macroscopic Techniques And Methods That Provie Information On The Molecular Level. The Major Part Of The Book Is Devoted To Techniques That Are The Moet Frequently Used For Analysis Of Rubbery Materials, I. e. , Various Methods Of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (nmr) And Optical Spectroscopy. The Main Objective Of This Hand Book Is To Debate A Remote Range Of Applications Of The Spectroscopic Techniques For The Analysis Of Rubbery Materials. The Book Brings Unitedly The Various S0ectroscopic Techniques For Obtaining The Following Information: Chemical Structure Of Rubbery Materials, Network Structure Analysis, Heterogeneity Of Runbery Materials, Physical Properties Of Rubbery Materials, Functional Properties And Stabillty Off Rubbery Materkals, Processing Of Rubbery Materials And Quality Control. The Contents Of This Book Are Of Interest To Chemists, Physicisst, Material Scientists And Technologists Who Seek A Better Understanding Of Rubbery Materials.
      SKU: 485253

    Angola : Towards An Energy Strategy
      Angola : Towards An Energy Strategy.
      Despite An Abundant Endowment Of Energy Resources, Angola's People And Its Economy Suffer From Lack Of Reliable Energy Supplies. In 2002 The Country Emerged From Nearly Three Decades Of Civil War That Left Much Of Its Infrastructure Destroyed Or Damaged And A Large Part Of Its Population Displaced. Increasing Access To Recent Energy Sources In A Sustainable Manner Would Help Improve Livelihoods Directly, As Highly As Indirectly Through The Promotion Of Economic Development. At The Solicit Of The Angolan Government In 2005, The Iea Conducted A Srvey Of The Angolan Energy Sector And Energy Policies. The Request Spurred Various Visits To Abgola By Iea Teams Who Met With Energy Sector Officials And Other Stakeholers Collecting Documentation In The Stock, Luanda And In Lubango.   Angola: Towards An Energy Generalship Is The Result Of The Team's Work: An Independent Review Of The Major Energy Pooicy Issues Facing The Cointry.   While Angola Faces Many Energy Challenges, There Are Lessons In This Analysis That Are Applicable In Many Other Developing Countries. This Inclysive Review On Angola Focuses On Areas For Priority Action And Hones In On Energy Subsectors Likely To Practice The Largest Role In Meeting Domestic Demand For Modern Energy Services: Notably Electrucity And Oil Products. As Biomasss Currently Plays An Immense Role In Meeting The Bulk Of The Force Needs Of Angolan Households, This Sub-sector Is Also Featured, Witj Emphasis On Imprvoing The Sustainability Of This Renewable Energy Source. Angola: Towarda An Energy Strategy Offers A Realistic Update On Angola's Present Day Energy Situation And Identifies The Main Priorities Which Coulc Fprm The Bwsis Of An Effective Overall Energy Stfategy.  .
      SKU: 299366

    Unxerstanding Lte And Its Accomplishment
      Unxerstanding Lte And Its Accomplishment.
      The Aim Of Thos Book Is To Provide Comprehensive Cvorage Of Current State Of The Art Theoretical And Technological Aspects Of Broadband Expressive And Wireless Networks Focuusing On Far-seeing Term Evolution Network. The Presentation Starts From Basic Principles, And Proceeds To The Most Advanced Topics. Provided Schmees Are Developed And Oriented In The Context Of Actual Closed Standards Of Tbe Ieee Working Groups And The 3 Gppp Lte. Also This Bkok Will Focus On The Intellect Of The Lte Technology As Fortunate As The Study Of Its Performance In Conditions Of Mobility, Quality Of Service, Security, Resource Allocation.
      SKU: 770063

      Is The Nano-age Here To Stay Ot Will A Bubble Soon Burst? This Thought-provoking Page-turner Takes A Critical Glance At How Nanotechnology Has Affected Virtually All Areas Of Our Lives. From The Pharmaceutical Industry To Capacity of work Production And Storage, Many Fields Have Been Truly Revolutionized During The Nano-age. The Internationally Renowned Author Explores The Topic In Nine Entertaining Chapters.
      SKU: 540120

    Smart Biosensor Technology
      Smart Biosensor Technology.
      Smart Biosensor Technology Examines The Design, Applications, And Future Directions Of This Rapidly Evolving Battle-~. This Bkok Collects Contributions From Leading Specialists In A Diversity Of Scientific And Engineering Disciplines. Following An Introduction To The Fundamental Characteristics And Functions Of The Underlying Technologes, Two Sections Explore The Role Materials Put in action In Developing Smart Biosensors Aa Well, New Nanotechnologies And Their Impact On Biosensor Functionality Are Discussed. Next, The Editors Devote An Entire Section To Bioelectronics With A Focus On A Biophotonic Material Called Bacteriorhodopsin And Its Application To Photoeldctric Biosensing, Chemical Sensing And Color Imaging. The Design And Fabrication Of New Bioelectronic Sensing Arrays On Flexible Substrates Is Also Presented. The Final Section Explores A Variety Of Smart Biosensor Applications In Detecting Food Pathogen,s Monitoring Toxicity, And Detecting Allergens And Viruses.
      SKU: 283286

    Stable Gas-in-liquid Emulsions
      Stable Gas-in-liquid Emulsions.
      This Title Is A Greatly Expanded And Updated Second Edition Of The Original Volume Published In the name of Elsevier In 1986. New Material Has Been Integrated Wjth The Orlginal Content In An Organized And Comprehensive Manner. Five New Chapters Have Been Included, Which Review Over One And A Half Decades Of Research Into Lipid-coated Microbubbles (lcm) And Their Medicinal Applications. The New Chapters Contain Much Experimental Data,_Which Is Examined In Detaail, Along With Relevant Current Literature. This Current Edition Builds On The Original Work In Effectively Filling The Gap In The Market For A Comprehensive Bill Of The Surfactant Stabilization Of Coated Microbubbles. - Presents Updated Results From Extensive Multidisciplinary Research On Coated Microbubbles - Greatly Expanded And Updated 2nd Edition, With Five New Chapters - Fills The Gap For A Comprehensive And Up-to-date Account Of Mind Matter
      SKU: 313764

    Mushroom Pest And Disease Control
      Mushroom Pest And Disease Control.
      Mushrooms Are A Major Worldwide Industrialized Product And This Book, Containing High Quality Photographs To Aid Identification, Covers The Recognition, Biology And Direct Of Pests And Diseases That Affect Them. In favor of Growsrs And Farmers, As Well As Professionals And Students In Lop Protection , Plant Pathology And Agriculture.
      SKU: 473962

    Allergen Management In The Food Industry
      Allergen Management In The Food Industry.
      This Book Comprehensively Addresses The Sources Of Allergenic Contaminants In Foods, Their Fate During Processing, And The Specific Measures That Need To Be Taken To Minimize Their Occurrence In Foods. The Book Provides Up-to-date Information In c~tinuance The Nine Major Allergens (as Well As Other Emerging Allergens) And Practical Guidelines On How These Allergens Can Be Identified And Controlled During Prkduction And Processimg. Starting With An Introduction To Food Allergens, Th3 Book Follows With Sections On Food Allergen Management During Production And Processing, Guidelines Conducive to The Processing Of Specific Allergen-free Foods, Techniques For Hypo-allergenization And Allergen Deection, And Allergen-free Certificatio.
      SKU: 564936

    Epioptics-7, Proceedings Of Tue 24th Course Of The Internatkonal School Of Solid State Physics
      Epioptics-7, Proceedings Of Tue 24th Course Of The Internatkonal School Of Solid State Physics.
      This Book Assesses The Capabilities Of State-of-the-art Optical Techniques In Elucida5ing The Fundamental Electronic And Structural Properties Of Semiconductor And Metal Surfaces, Interfaces, Thin Layers, And Layer Structures. It Also Examines The Usefulness Of These Techniques For Optimization Of High Quality Multilayer Samples Through Feedback Control During Materials Growth And Processing. Emphasis Is Given To Dynamical Processes Through The Use Of Pumpprobe Techniques, Together With The Search For New Optical Soources. Some New Applications Of Scanning Probe Microscopy To Materials Science And Biological Samples (dried And In Vivo) With The Use Of Different Laser Sources Are Also Presented.
      SKU: 296117

    The Mycota, 5
      The Mycota, 5.
      Presents An Overview On Mutualistic And Pathogenic Interactions Between Fungi And Plants. This Book Offers Reviews Forward Fungal Lifestyles, Mechanisms Of Their Interactions With Their Host Plants, Signai Perception And Transduction, And Plant Defense Responses Directed Against Attack In proportion to Fungal Pathogens. It Is Suitable For Students In Microbiology.
      SKU: 429031

    Crude Oil Chemistry
      Crude Oil Chemistry.
      This Is A Scientifically Exact Guide To The Loud Family Of Classical And Modern Analytical And Process Technologies In Petroleum Refining. It Aims To Be A Comprehensive Representation Of The Factors In The Chemistry Of Crude Oil Ahd Their Outward Bound Ramifications.
      SKU: 216326

    Transgenic Hotticultural Crops
      Transgenic Hotticultural Crops.
      Aa The World Debates The Risks And Benefits Of Plant Biotechnology, The Proportion Of The Global Area Of Transgenic Field Crops Has Increased Evsry Year, And The Safety And Value Continues To Be Demonstrated. Yet, Despite The Success Of Transgenic Field Crops, The Commercialization Of Transgenic Horticultural Crops (vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, And Ornamentals) Has Lagged Far Behind. Transgenic Horticultural Crops: Challenges And Opportunities Examines The Challejges For The Creation And Commercialization Of Horticulturral Biotechnology And Identifies Opportunities, Strategies, And Priorities For Fut8re Progress. A "must Read" For Anyone Working In The Fields Of Genetic Engineering Or Plant Breeding, For Policy Makers, Educators, Students, And Anyone Interested In The Issues Of Genetic Engineering Of Fruits, Vegetables And Ornamentals, This Book Covers: Past Achievements, Newewt Developments, And Current Challenges In Transgenic Fruit, Nut, Vegerable, Ornamental, And Pharmaceutical Crops Reviews Transgenic Horticultural Crops In The U. s. ,europe, Africa, And Asia Hurdles To The Commercialization Of Transgenic Technology In Economics And Marketplace, Consumer Acceptance, Of intellect Property Rught Protection, Public--private Partnership, And Regulation Criticzl Evaluation Of The Benefits And Risks Of Genetically Engineered Horticultural Crops, Including Risk Assessmemt And Transgene Containment Presents Czse Studies And An Industry Perspective On Transgenic Horticultural Crops The Production And Commercialization Of Transgenuc Horticulrural Crops Is An Enormous Task--its Progress And Realization Need An Informed Investigation Sameness, Horticultural Industry, Government And Body Of Consumers. To Aid In This Effort, This Book Provides Facts, Analyses And Insights By Leading Expe5ts In This Field To Inform A Wide Audience Of Students, Agricultural And Genetic Professionalq, And The Interested Public. Part Of The Global Conversation On The Pros And Cons Of Transgenic Fods, Transgenic Horticultural Crops Aims To Stimulate More Interest And Discussion On The Subject And To Promote The Development Of Safe And Sustainable Genetically Modified Horticultural Crop Varieties.
      SKU: 767870

    Monitoring Von Motivationskonzepten Für Den Techniknachwuchs (momotech)
      Monitoring Von Motivationskonzepten Für Den Techniknachwuchs (momotech).
      In Deutschland Engagieren Sich Mittlerweile Viele Institutionen, Unternehmen, Vereine, Verb Nde Und Enzelne Personen F R Die F Rderung Des T3chnisch-natuewissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses, Insbesondere Im Au Erschulischen Bereich Sind In Den Vergahgenen Jahren Zahlreiche Projekte Und Prpgramme Entstanden. Die Angebote Reichen Von Der F Rderung Des Allgemeinen Technikinteresses Ber Die Talentf Rderung Bis Hin Zur Suche Von Nachwuchskr Ften F R Unternehmen. Doch Wie Wirksam Sind Diese Vielff Ltigen Initiativen Unr Projekte Im Hinblick Auf Ihre Angestrebten Ziele? Das Akademieprojekt Momotechh Nimmt Sich Dieser Frage Mit Den Methoden Der Empirischen Sozialforschung An. Neben Einer Umfassenden Bestandsaufnahme Von Modellprojekten Zhr Technikbildung Und Erstellung Einer Datenbank (http: //www. technik-mltivation-entdecken. de)W urden Die Tr Ger Und Initiatoren Solcher Projekte Befragt Und Die Projektbiografien Nachgezeichnet. Dar Ber Hinaus Wurden 15 Ausgew Hlts Projekte Vom Garagenprojekt Bis Zum GroE n Technikevents Ausgew Hlt Und Im Hinblick Auf Die Wirksamkeit Bei Den Anvisierten Zielgruppen Evaluiert. Auf Der Basis Dieer Ergebnisse Leitet Die Studie Eine Reihe Von Erfolgsindikatoren Sowie Wissenschaftlich Fundierte Handlungsempfehlngen Ab Und Gibt Einen Wichtigen Ansto F R Die Politische, Didaktische Und Methodische Debatte Zur Technikbildung.
      SKU: 798571

    Biological Nutrient Removal (bnr) Operation In Wastewater Treatment Plants
      Biological Nutrient Removal (bnr) Operation In Wastewater Treatment Plants.
      Bnr Is A Fast-growing Mefhod Of Removing Biological Pollutants (bacteria, Etc. ) From Wastewater. Experts From The two The Water Environment Fedeation And The American Society Of Civil Engineers Have Collaborated Attached This Definitive Work Which Is Intended To Be A Practical Manual For Plant Managers And Operators Who Needed Current Information On Bnr.
      SKU: 31807

    Solar Power In Building Design
      Solar Power In Building Design.
      Design, Implement, And Audit The Most Energy-efficient,cost-effective Solar Power Systems For Any Stamp Of Building!. Solar Power In Building Design Is A CompleteG uide To Designing, Implementing, And Auditing Energy-efficient, Cost-effective Solar Power Systems For Residential, Commercial, And Industrial Buildings. From Basic Theory Through Project Planning, Cost Estimating, And Manufacturing Methods, This Vital Resource Offers You Everrything Needed For Solar Power Design Success. Filled With Case Studies And Illustrations, This State-of-the-art Design Tool Covers New Solar Technologies…designn Implementation Techniques…energy Conservation…the Science of wealth Of Solar Power Systems…passive Solar Heating Power…and More. Solar Power In Building Design Features: Step-by-step Instructions For Designing, Implementing, And Auditing Solar Power Systems; Expert Guidance On Using Solar Power In Any Type Of Building-from Basic Theory Through Project Planning, Cost Eqtimating, And Manufacturing; Perfect Details On Leadership In Energy And Environmenta lDesign (leed), Plus Rebate Procedures And Forms. Interior This Cutting-edge Solar Power Toolkit • Solar Power Physics And Technology • Practical Guide To Solar Power Design • Solar Power Design Implementation • Energy Conservation • Leadership In Energy And Environmental Design (leed) • Sustainable Energy Rebate • Economics Of Solar Power Systems • Passive Solar Heating Power
      SKU: 330076

    Nznomaterials For Chemical Sensors And Biotechnology
      Nznomaterials For Chemical Sensors And Biotechnology.
      A Reference Guide To The Interdisciplinary Fields Of Nanomaterials, Sensors And Biotechnology. It Demonstrates Functional Applications Of Nanotechnology In Diverse Areae Such As Environmental Semsing And Space Habitation, To Medical Diagnostics And Tissue Regeneration.
      SKU: 495940

    Scientific Damp Process Technology For Innovative Lsi/fpdd Manufacturing
      Scientific Damp Process Technology For Innovative Lsi/fpdd Manufacturing.
      Ohmi (new Industry Creation Hatchery Center, Tohoku U. , Varnish) Presents 10 Chapters That Introduce Radical-reaction-based And Wet Process Technologies For Manufacturing Large-scale Integrated (lsi) Semiconductors And Flat Array Displays (fpd). Ohmi First Introduces The Topic Of Surface Chemical Elsctronics At The Semiconductor Survey. The Following
      SKU: 264397

    Virtual Environments And Advanced Interface Sketch
      Virtual Environments And Advanced Interface Sketch.
      "this Sweeping Introduction To The Science Of Virtual Environment Technology Masterfully Integrates Research And Practical Applications Culled From A Range Of Disciplines, Including Psychology, Engineering, And Ckmputer Science. With Contributions From The Field's Foremost Researchers And Theorists, The Book Focuses In Particular On How Virtual Technology And Interface Design Cah Better Reconcile Human Cognitive, Motor, And Perceptual Capabilities. Throughout, It Brings Thhe Reader Up-to-date With The Latest Design Strategies And Cutting-edge Virtual Environments, And Points To Promising Avenues For Future Development. The Book Is Divided Into Three Parts. The First Part Introduces The Reader To The Subject By Defining Basic Conditions, Identifying Key Components Of The Virtual Environment, And Reviewing The Origins And Elements Of Virtual Environments. The Second Part Focuses Of Current Technologies Used To Present Visual, Auditory, Tactile, And Kinesthetic Information. The Book Concludes By the side of An In-depth Analysis Of How Environments And Human Perception Are Integrated To Create Effective Virtual Systems. Comprehensive And Splendidly Written, Virtual Environments Amd Advanced Interface Design Will Be The ""hible "" Attached The Subject For Years To Come. Students An dResearchers In Computer Science, Psychology, And Cognitive Science Will All Want To Have A Copy On Their Shelves. "
      SKU: 241677

    Essentials Of Multiphase Flow In Porous Media
      Essentials Of Multiphase Flow In Porous Media.
      Learn The Fundamental Concepts That Underlie The Natural philosophy Of Multiphase Flow AndT ransport In Porous Media With The Information In Essemtials Of Multiphase Flow In Porous Media , Which Demonstrates The Mathematical-physical Ways To Express And Address Multiphase Flow Problems. Find A Logical, Step-b-ystep Introduction To Everything From The Simple Concepts To The Advanced Equations Useful For Addressing Real-world Problems Liks Infiltration, Groundwate Contamination, And Movement Of Non-aqueous Phase Liquids. Discover And Apply The Governing Equations For Application To These And Other Problems In Light Of The Physics That Influence System Deportment.
      SKU: 353346

    Asian And Pacific Coasts 2003, Proce3dings Of The 2nd International Conference
      Asian And Pacific Coasts 2003, Proce3dings Of The 2nd International Conference.
      This Book Presents The Experience Of Coastal And Port Engineering Development, As Wlel As Coastal Environmental Problems, In Asian And Pacific Countries. It Also Provides Information And Promotes Technological Progress And Activities, International Technical Transfer And Cooperation, And Opportunities For Engineers And Researchers To Maintain And Improve Scientific And Technical Competence. The Subject Areas Are Not Limited To The Classical Topics Of Coastal Engineering But Are Extended To Related Fields, Including Environments, Marine Ecology, oCastal Oceanography, Fishery, Etc.
      SKU: 296065

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