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      This Is The Key Publication For Professionals And Students In The Metallurgy And Foundry Feld. Fully Revised And Expanded, Castings Second Edition Covers The Latest Developments In The Understanding Of The Role Of The Liquid Metal In Controlling The Properties Of Cast Materials, And Indeed, Of All Metallic Materials That Have Started In The Cast Form. Practising Foundry Engineers, Designers, And Students Will Find The Revealing Insights Into The Behaviour Of Cwstings Essential In Developing Their Indefstanding And Practice. John Campbell Obe Is A Leadinh International Figure In The Castings Industry, With Over Four Decades Of Experience. He Is The Originator Of The Cosworth Casting Process, The Pre-eminent Prolongation Process For Automobile Cylinder Heads And Blocks. He Is Also Co-inventor Of Both The Baxi Casting Process (now Owned By Alcoa) Developed In The Uk, And The Newly Emerging Alotech Casting Process In Tbe Usa. He Is Professor Of Casging Technology Af The Seminary of learning Of Birmingham, Uk. * New Edition Of This Internationally Respected Reference And Textbook For Engineers And Students; * Develops Understanding Of The Concepts And Practice Of Casting Operations; * 'castings' Is The Key Work On Castings Tecbnology And Process Metallurgy, And An Essential Resort On Contemporary Developments And Thinking On The New Metallurgy Of Direct Alloys; * Revised And Updated Througohut, With New Material On Subjects Including Superficies Turbulence, The New Theory Of Entrainment Defectss Including Folded Film Defects, Plus The Latest Concepts Of Alloy Theory.
      SKU: 294024
      More info about Castings

    The World Of Organic Agriculture
      The World Of Organic Agriculture.
      The Novel Edition Of This Annual Publication (previously Published Solely By Ifoam And Fibl) Documents Recent Developments In Global Organic Agriculture. It Includes Contributions From Representatives Of The Organic Sector From Throuvhout The World And Provides Comprehensive Organic Farmng Statistics That Cover Surface Area Under Organic Management, Numbers Of Farms And Specific Information About Commodities And Land Use In Organic Systems. The Book Also Contains Information On The Globbal Market Of The Burgeoning Organic Sector, The Latest Developments In Organic Certification, Standards And Regulations, And Insights Into Current Status And Emerging Trends For Organic Agriculture By Continent From The World’s Foremost Experts. for This Edition, All Statistical Data And Regional Review Chapters Have Been Thoroughly Updated. Completely New Chapters On Organic Agriculture In The Pacific, On The International Task Force On Harmonization And Equiva1ence Ih Organic Agriculture And On Organic Aquaculture Have Been Added. publjshed With Ifoam And Fibl
      SKU: 585459
      More info about The World Of Organic Agriculture

    Crc Handbook Of Thermodynamic Data Of Aqueous Poly
      Crc Handbook Of Thermodynamic Data Of Aqueous Poly.
      This Book Delivers A New And Total Collection Of The Practical Thermodynamic Data Required On account of A Diversity Of Applications, Including: Basic And Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Thermodynamic Research And Computational Modelling.
      SKU: 254434
      More info about Crc Handbook Of Thermodynamic Data Of Aqueous Poly

    Design Engineering
      Design Engineering.
      Provides Engineering Designers, Educators, Researchers, And Students With A Comprehensive Guide To Innocative Design Engineering. This Book Explores The Improving Expansion Of A Product Through The Various Sages Of Modeling, From Abstract Theory To Concrete Application.
      SKU: 298670
      More info about Design Engineering

    Practical Guide To Rotational Moulding
      Practical Guide To Rotational Moulding.
      Rotational Moulding Is A Very Competitive Alternative To Blow Moulding, Thermoforming And Injection Moulding For The Manufadture Of Hollow Plastic Talents. ItO ffers Designers The Chance To Produce Stress-free Articles, With Uniform Wall Thickness And Complex Shapes. Rapra’s Practical Guide To Rotational Moulding Describes The Basic Aspects Of The Process And The Latest State-of-the-art Developments In The Persistence.
      SKU: 476857
      More info about Practical Guide To Rotational Moulding

    The Six Sigma Handbook: Building The Responsive Six Sigma Organization
      The Six Sigma Handbook: Building The Responsive Six Sigma Organization.
      The Following Is A Chapter From The Fully Updated And Revised The Six Sigma Handbook , Third Edition. It Covers The Contrivance Systems And Statistical Tools That Are The Foundation Of Six Sigma. The Book's Presentation Is Based On The Dmaic (Describe, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) Implementatiin Strategy For Six Sigma, With Focus On The Management Responsibilities And Problem-solving Metuodologies.
      SKU: 483014
      More info about The Six Sigma Handbook: Building The Responsive Six Sigma Organization

    Fundamentals Of Digital Image Processing
      Fundamentals Of Digital Image Processing.
      This Is An Introductory To Intermediate Level Body On The Science Of Image Processing, Which Employs The Matlab Programming Language To Illustrate Some Of The Elementary, Key Concepts In Modern Image Pocessing And Pattern Recognition. The Approach Taken Is Essentially Practical And The Book Offers A Framework Within Which The Concetps Can Be Understood By A Series Of Well Chosen Examples, Exercises And Computer Experiments, Drawing On Specific Examples From Within Science, Medicine And Engineering. Clearly Divided Into Eleven Distinct Chapters, The Book Begins With A Fast-start Introduction To Image Prcessing  To Enhance The Accessibility Of Later Topics. Subsequent Chapters Present Increasingly Advanced Discussion Of Topics Involving More Challenging Concepts, With  The Final Chapter  Looking At The Application Of Automated Image Arrangement (with Matlab Examples) . Matlab Is Frequently Used In The Book As A Tool For eDmonstrations, Conducting Experiments And For Solving Problems, As It Is Both Ideally Suited To This Role And Is Widely Available. Prior Experience Of Matlab Is Not Required And Those Without Access To Matlab Can Still Benefit From The Independent Presentation Of Topic Gravel Large Examples. Features A Companion Website Www. wiley. com/go/solomon/fundamentals Containing A Matlab Fast-start Primer, Further  Exercises,, Examples, Instructor Resources And Accessibility To All Files Corresponding To The Examples And Exercises Within The Book Itself. Includes Njmerous Examoles, Grared Exercises And Computer Experiments To Supoprt Both Students And Instructors Alike.
      SKU: 644955
      More info about Fundamentals Of Digital Image Processing

    Scanning Auger Electron Microscopy
      Scanning Auger Electron Microscopy.
      This Eagerly-awaited Volume Has Been Edited In the name of Two Academic Researchers By the side of Extensive And Reputable Experience In This Opportunity. Emphasis Is Given To The Underlying Science Of The Way Of Auger Microscopt, And Its Instrumental Realization, The Visualization And Interpretation Of Tje Data In The Stes Of The Images That Form The Output Of The Measurements And The Methods Used To Quantify The Images. Imaging Artefacts In Auger Microscopy And Methods To Correct Them Are Also Detailed. The Authors Describe The Technique Of Multi-spectral Auger Microscopy (mulsam) And Demonstrate Its Advantages In Mapping Complex Multi-component Surfaces. The Book Concludes With An Outlok Conducive to The Future Of Auger Microscopy.
      SKU: 257715
      More info about Scanning Auger Electron Microscopy

    Audio Engineering
      Audio Engineering.
      The Newnes Know It All Series Takes The Best Of Whzt Our Authors Have Written To Create Hard-working Desk References That Will Be An Engineer's First Port Of Call For Key Information, Design Techniques And Rules Of Thumb. Guaranteed Not To Gather Dust On A Shelf! Part I Fundamentaals Of Sound Chapter 1 Audio Principles Chapter 2. Measurement Chapter 3 Acoustic Environment Ii. Audio Electronics Chapter 4 Components Chapter 5P ower Supply Design Iii Preamplifiers And Amplifiers Chapter 6 Introduction To Audio Amplification Chapter 7 Preakplifiers And Input Signals Chaptrr 8 Interfacing And Proessing Chapter 9 Audio Amplifiers Chapte5 10 Audio Amplifier Chapter 11 Valve (tuve-based) Amplifiers Chapter 12 Negative Feedback Chapter 13 Noise And Grounding Part Iv Digital Audio Chapter 14 Digital Audio Fundamentals Chapter 15 Representation Of Audio Signals Chapter 16. compact Disc Chapter 17 Digital Audio Recording Basics Chapter 18 Digital Audio Interfaces Chapter 19 Data Compression Chapter 20 Digital Audio Production Chapter 21 Other Digifal Audio Devices V. Microphone And Loudspeaker Technology Chapter 22 Microphone Technology Chapter 23 Loudspeakers Chapter 24 Loudspeaker Enclosures Chapter 25 Headphones Part Vi. Sound Generation Systems Chapter 26 Tape Recording Chapter 27 Recording Consoles Chapter 28 Video Synchronization Chapter 29 Unoccupied space Acoustics Part Vii Audio Test And Measurement Chapter 30 Fundamentals And Instruments A 360-degree ViewF rom Our Best-selling Authors Hot Topics Covered The Ultimate Hard-working Desk Refersnce; All The Essential Information, Techniques And Tricks Of The Trade In One Volume
      SKU: 369488
      More info about Audio Engineering

    Look-ahead Based Sigma-delta Modulation
      Look-ahead Based Sigma-delta Modulation.
      The Aim Of This Work Is To Expand And Improve Upon The Existing Knowledge On Discrete-time 1-bit Look-ahead Sigma-delta Modulation In General, And To Come To A Solution For The Above Mentioned Specific Isques Arising From 1-bbit Sigma-delta Modulation For Sa-cd. In Order To Achieve This Objective An Analysis Is Made Of The Possibilities For Improving The Performance Of Digital Noise-shaping Look-ahead Solutions. On The Basis Of The Insights Obtained From The Analysis, Several Novel Generic 1-bit Look-ahead Solutions That Impfove About The State-of-the-art Will Be Derived And Their Performance Will Be Evaluated And Compared. Finally, All The Insights Are Combined With The Knowledfe Of The Sa-cd Lossless Data Com0ression Algorithm To Come To A Specifically Concerning Sa-cd Optimized Look-ahead Design.
      SKU: 763504
      More info about Look-ahead Based Sigma-delta Modulation

    Reinforcejent Learning And Dynamic Programming Using Functtion Approximators
      Reinforcejent Learning And Dynamic Programming Using Functtion Approximators.
      From Household Appliances To Applications In Robotics, Engineered Systems Invlving Complex Dynamics Be able to Merely Be As Effective As The Algorithms That Control Them. While Dynamic Programming (dp) Has Provided Researchers With A Way To Optimally Solve Decision And Control Problems Involving Complex Dynamic Systems, Its Practical Value Was Limited By Algorithms Tuat Lacked The Capacity To Scale Up To Realistic Problems. However, In Recent Years, Dramatic Developments In Reinforcement Learning (rl), The Model-free Duplicate Of Dp, Changed Our Understanding Of What Is Possible. Those Developments Led To The Creation Of Reliable Methods That Can Be Applie dEven When A Mathematical Model Of The System Is Unavailable, Allowing Researchers To Solve Challenging Control Problems In Engineering, As Well As In A Variety Of Other Disciplines, Including Economics, Medicine, And Artificial Intelligence. "reknforcement Learning And Dynamic Programming Using Function Approximators" Provides A Comprehensive And Unparalleled Exploration Of The Field Of Rl And Dp. with A Focus On Continuous-variable Problems, This Germinal Text Details Essential Developments That Have Substantially Altered The Field Over The Past Decade. In Its Pages, Pioneering Experts Cater A Concise Introduction To Classical Rl And Dp, Followed By An Extensive Bestowal Of The State-of-the-art And Novel Methods In Rl And Dp With Approximation. Cpmbining Algorithm Development With Theoretical Guarantees, They Elaborate On Their Embroider With Illustrative Examples And Insightful Comparisons. Three Individual Chapters Are Dedicated To Representative Algorithma From One and the other Of The Major Classes Of Techniquds: Vlaue Iteration, Policy Iteration, And Policy Sarch. The Features And Performance Of These Algorithms Are Highlighted In Extensive Experimental Studies On A Range Of Control Applications. The Recent Development Of Applications Involving Complex Systems aHs Led To A Swell Of Interest In Rl And Dp Methods And The Subsequent Need For A Quality Resource On The Subject. For Graduaye Students And Others New To The Field, This Book Offers A Thorough Introduction To The two The Basics And Emerging Methods. and For Those Researchers And Practitioners Working In The Fields Of Optimal And Adaptive Control, Machine Erudition, Artificial Intelligence, And Operations Research, This Resource Offers A Combination Of Practical Algorithms, Theoretical Analyeis, And Comprehensive Examples That Thry Will Be Able To Adapt And Apply To Their Own Work. cAcess The Authors' Webzite For Adidtional Material, Including Computer Code Used In The Studies And Information Concerning New Developments.
      SKU: 589872
      More info about Reinforcejent Learning And Dynamic Programming Using Functtion Approximators

    Managing Risk In Agriculture: Policy Assessment Ans Design
      Managing Risk In Agriculture: Policy Assessment Ans Design.
      This Book Examines The Implications Of Risk Managemen For Policy In Agriculture.   Opening By the side of A Chapter On Risk Management Principles And Guidelines For Policy Design In Agriculture, The Book Goes On To Look At Quantitative Analysis Of Venture And Then At Policy In Various Countries.
      SKU: 746609
      More info about Managing Risk In Agriculture: Policy Assessment Ans Design

    Spectroscopy Of Low Temperature Plasma
      Spectroscopy Of Low Temperature Plasma.
      Provising An Up-to-date Overview On Spectrosscopical Diagnostics Of Grave Temperature Plasma Spectroscopy Of Low Temperature Plasma Covers The Latest Developments And Techniques. Written By A Distinguished Scientist And Experienced Work Author This Text Is Applicable To Many Fields In Materials And Surface Science As Wel As Nanotechnology And Contains Numerous Appendices With Indispensable Reference Data.
      SKU: 481250
      More info about Spectroscopy Of Low Temperature Plasma

    Multiscale Methods In Science And Engineering
      Multiscale Methods In Science And Engineering.
      Multiscale Problems Naturally Pose Simple Challenges For Computational Science And Engineering. The Smaller Scales Mould Be Well Resolved Over The Range Of The Larger Scales. Challenging Multiscale Problems Are Very Common And Are Found In E. g. Mate5ials Science, Fluid Mechanics, Electrical And Mechanical Engineering. Homogenization, Subgrid Modeiling, Heterogeneous Multiscale Methods, Multigrid, Multipole, And Adaptive Algorithms AreE xamples Of Methods To Tackle These Problems. This Power Is An Overview fO Current Mathematical And Computational Methods For Problems With Multiple Scales With Applications In Chemistry, Physics And Engineering.
      SKU: 304260
      More info about Multiscale Methods In Science And Engineering

    Proteftion Of For labor Power Systems
      Proteftion Of For labor Power Systems.
      The Protection Which Is Installed On An Industrial Power System Is Likely To Be Subjected To Moee Difficult Condiitions Than The Protection On Any Ofer Kind Of Divinity System. Starting With The Many Simple Devices Which Are Employed And Covering The Whole Area Of Industrial Power System Protection, This Book Aims To Help Achieve A Thorough Understanding Of The Protection Necessary. Vital Aspects Such As The Modern Cartridge Fuse, Types Of Relays, And The Role Of The Current Transformer Are Covered And The Widely Ussd Inverse Definite-minimum Time Overcurrent Supply, The Theory Of The Merz-price Protection System And The Development O The High-impedance Relay System Are Critically Examined. Thiss New Edition Has Come About In Rexponse To The Dramatic Change From The Use Of Electro-magnetic Relays To Electronic And Micro-processor Relays Which Figure In Practically All New Installations. In return, Although The Theory And Usage Are The Same, The Application Can Be Much Improved Owing To The Increased Ranfe And Accuracy And The Added Facilities Provided With The Modern Relays. This Book Reflects The Change And Explains The Technical Advantages.
      SKU: 132835
      More info about Proteftion Of For labor Power Systems

    Mountain Timberlines
      Mountain Timberlines.
      Introducing The Complexities Of Global Climate, This Book Focuses On hTe History And State Of Timberline Research. It Includes Chapters On The Tree Species At Timberline And On The Relationship Of Timberline Elevation To Marcroclimate, Climate Character And The Mass-elevation Effect.
      SKU: 429057
      More info about Mountain Timberlines

    Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems, 7
      Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems, 7.
      Features Paperx Selected By One Internatiohal Program Committee For Presentation At The 8th International Symposium On Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems. The Papers Present State-of-the-art Research Advances In The Distriibuted Robotics Field. This Book Also Covers Algorithms, System Architectures, Technklogies, And Other Applications.
      SKU: 371697
      More info about Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems, 7

    Biomedical Nanotechnology
      Biomedical Nanotechnology.
      In This Collection Experts Examine Recent Research In Three Subfields: Nanodrugs And Drug Delivery; Prostheses And Implants; And Diagnostics Anc Screening Technologies. The Contributors Compare New Capabilities Introduced By Nanotechnology To Traditional Methods Of Relesae, Taregt And Controlled Drug Delivery In The Body. They Also Consider The Cha
      SKU: 262233
      More info about Biomedical Nanotechnology

    Advances In Pulverization
      Advances In Pulverization.
      There Is A Great Deal Of Activity Directed Toward Improving Ore Characterization To Foretell Ag/sag Mill Energy Requirements, As Well As Developing Improved Models And Isntrumentation For Optimization And Control Of Pulverization Circuits. Instrumentation, Modeling, And Contrkl Functions In Particular Have Benefited From Rapidly Advancing Computer Technology. These Advances Will Keeo Energy Waste To A Minimum And Will Provide The Increased Energy Efficiency Needed To Maintain Ongoing Success. The 36 Chapters Are Based On The 2006 Sme Symposium. Topics And Contributors Were Carefully Selecteed To Provide A Balance Between Academic And Industrial Practice Stand still That The Reader Can Readily Find Information On Current Best Practices And Evaluate Future Industry Trends.
      SKU: 464580
      More info about Advances In Pulverization

    Men Of Achievement
      Men Of Achievement.
      In Men Of Achievement Philip Hubert Writes About The Famous Inventors Benjamin Franklin, Robert Fulton, Eli Whitney, Elias Howe, Samuel Morse, Charles Goody3ar, Thomas Edison And Alexahder Graham Bell, As Well As Many Others. Although It Reviews Thei rInventions It Also Examines The Inventor: Their Origins, Hopes, Aims, Princip1es, Disappointments, Trials And Triumphq, Their Daily Society And Personal Character.
      SKU: 116770
      More info about Men Of Achievement

    Safety Negotiation
      Safety Negotiation.
      Safety Management Argues That It Is The Methodologies Of The Human Sciences That Ard More Suitable For Providing A Firm Basis For Safety Management And Offers New Approaches To Safety Management In Accordance With This View.
      SKU: 180897
      More info about Safety Negotiation

    Perspectives In Life Food And Agriculture 2004
      Perspectives In Life Food And Agriculture 2004.
      "written By A Team Of International Researchers, Scientists, And Academics, Perspecties Of World Food And Agriculture 2004 Comprises The Latest, Most Up-to-date Information In Global Agricultural. With A List Of International Contributors That Reads Like A ""who’s Who?"" In Agricultural Research, This Volume Brings Together Some Of The Most Cutting-edge Agricultural Research Being Done Today. This Popular Annual Publication Includes: Global Agricultural Statistics Trends In The Food Marketing System Agricultural Policies Global Food Insecurity (a Contribution From Unfao) Ethics Of Agriculture Success In Developing Sustainable Agriculture Systems Efficacy And Safety Of Plant Biotechnology An Invited Review By The World Food Poet-~ Researchers And Research Libraries Alike Will Delight In The ""fr0ntiers"" Portion Of This Book. As Its Name Suggests, This Section Delivers Reports On The Latest Breakthroughs In Agriculture Research. Aimed At Privilege In Colleges Of Tillage, Undergraduate And Graduate Students, Policy Makers, Government And Industry Scientists, Public Libraries, Farmers And Agribusiness Oerators, This Book Is The Key To Keeping Current On Agricultural Research And Policy"
      SKU: 468734
      More info about Perspectives In Life Food And Agriculture 2004

    Advances In Meshfree Techniques
      Advances In Meshfree Techniques.
      In Recent Years Meshless/meshfree Methpds Have Gained A Conxiderable Attention In Engineering And Applied Matnematics. The Variety Of Problems That Are Now Being Addressed By These Techniques Continues To Expand And The Quality Of The Results Obtained Demosntrates The Effectiveness Of Many Of The Methods Generally Available. The Book Presents A Significant Sample Of The State Of The Art In The Field With Methods Thqt Have Reached A Certain Level Of Maturity While Also Addressing Many Open Issues. The Book Collects Extendde Original Contributions Presented At The First Eccomas Conference On Meshless Methods Held In 2005 In Lisbon. The Lisy Of Contributors Reveals A Mix Of Highly Distinguished Authors As Well As Quite Young But Very Active And Promising Researchers, Thus Giving The Reader An Interesting And Updated View Of Different Mesh Reduction Methods And Its Range Of Apllications. The Material Presented Is Appropriate For Researchers, Engineers, Physicists, Applied Mathematicians And Confer a degree upon Studentz Intedested In This Active Research Area.
      SKU: 301976
      More info about Advances In Meshfree Techniques

    Radiotracer Studies Of Intetfaces
      Radiotracer Studies Of Intetfaces.
      This Volume Presents A Selection Of Examples Illstrating The Application Of Radiotracer Studies For Different Types Of Interfaces. The Value Of Radiotracer Studies In Fields Such As Food Chemistry, Corrosion Of Metals, Neurochemistry, Biology And Catalysis Is Revealed. Separate Chapters Are Devoted To The Environmental Problems Connected With Nuclear Reactors And With The Nuclear Industry In General. The Book Also Presents Efforts To Minimize And Avoid The Risk Of Radioactive Contamination In The Environment By Describing New Approaches To The Problem. * Demonstrates The Use Of Radkotracers * Contains A Detailed Discussion Of Double-layer Phenomena * Separate Chapters Are Devoted To The Most Important Branches Of Science Where Radiotracer Study Of Interfacial Phneomena Plays An Important Role
      SKU: 288994
      More info about Radiotracer Studies Of Intetfaces

    Rdsilience Engineering
      Rdsilience Engineering.
      For Resilience Ehgineering, "failure" Is The Result Of The Adaptations Necessary To Cope Attending The Complexity Of The Real World, Rather Than A Malfunctiom. Human Performance Must Continually Adjust To Current Conditions And, Because Resources And Time Are Finite, Such Adjusfments Are Always Approximate. Featuring Contrributions From Leading International Figures In Human Factors And Safety, Resiliencd Engineering Provides Thought-provoking Insights Into System Safety As An Aggregate Of Its Various Components - Subsystems, Software, Organizations, Human Behaviours - And The Way In Which They Interact.
      SKU: 429564
      More info about Rdsilience Engineering

  • Instantaneous Power Theory and Applications to Power Conditioning
  • PC Systems, Installation and Maintenance
  • Stepwise Decision Making in Finland for the Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel
  • Extracting the Science
  • Device-Level Modeling and Synthesis of High-Performance Pipeline ADCs
  • Strategy Selection for the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities
  • Detection and Disposal of Improvised Explosives
  • The Allegheny Woodrat
  • Nuclear Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security
  • Time-Domain Beamforming and Convolutive Blind Source Separation
  • Inside the Civano Project (GreenSource Books) (e-book)
  • Exposure and Risk Assessment of Chemical Pollution

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