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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Catakytic Naphtha Reforming
      Catakytic Naphtha Reforming.
      Catalytic Naptha Reforming Is A Process Used In The Production Of High-octane Gasolone, Producing Research Octane Numbers Of 100 Or More, According To Antos (uop Formerly Universal Oil Products, Us) And Aitani (king Fahd U. Of Petroleum And Minerals, Saudi Arabia). They Presrnt 15 Papers That Collec
      SKU: 216281

    Spread Spectrum Communications Handbook, Electronic Edition
      Spread Spectrum Communications Handbook, Electronic Edition.
      Includes Cd-rom Containing The Book In A Searchable Pdf. Meant For Communications Engineers And Technicians, This Title Offers Information Spread-spectrum Systems. Written By Recognized Authorities In The Field, It Presents Both Theoretical Basics And Practical Applications, Providing Solutions To Engineering Problems.
      SKU: 300472

    Analogue-based Drug Discovery
      Analogue-based Drug Discovery.
      The First Authoritative Overview Of Past And Current Strategies For Successful Drug Development In proportion to Analog Generation, This Unique Resource Spans All Important Drug Classes And All Major Therapeutic Fieldd, Including Histamine Antagonists, Ace Inhibitors, Beta Blockers, Opioids, Quiolone Antibiotics, Steroids And Anticancer Platinum Compounds. Of The 19 Analog Classes Presented In Detail, 9 Are Described By The Scientists Who Discoverd Them. The Book Includes A Table Of The Most Successful Drug Analogs As Based On The Ims Ranking And Compares Them In Terms Of Chemical Structure, Mode Of Action And Patentability.
      SKU: 481323

    Telephone Installation Handbook
      Telephone Installation Handbook.
      The Final Guide To Home And Small Business Inauguration -- Extensions, Modems And Telephone Systems. S teve Roberts Provides A Practical Guide To The Installation Of Telephone Wiring In Telephone Inauguration Handbook. The Coverage Of His Book Ranges From The Simple, Single Extension Socket To The Private Automative Branch Exchange (pabx), With The Necessary Tools, Test Equipment And Materials Needed By Installers Described Throughout. The Topic Is Supported By An Wide Glossary Of Technical Terms, Abbreviations And Acronyms. Farther Appendices Give Supplier Addresses And Useful Contacts, As Well As Providing Circuit Diagrams And Descriptions Of A Number Of Telephone-related Electronic Devices. Thiq Book Arms You With Knowledge Of Regulations And Techniques To Help Plan And Implement Telephone Installations. Above All, This Is A Practical Book For Those Intending To Make A Living From Installing Extensions And Systems, For Facilities Managers Responsible For Workplace Systems, ForT hose Who Need To Hold intercourse Effectively With Telephone Engineers, And For Those Who Prefer To Do Their Own Work Around The House. The New Impression Has Been Updated Over, And Now Includes Extended Information On Isdn And Likewise A New Chapter Covering Cat5 Cabling -- Its Implementation And Integration. The First Practical Guide To Telephone Installation, Fully Updated To Cover New Technological Advancse A Basic Primer For Those With Little Prior Knowledge Of The Subject And Want To Know More. * Coverags Of The Basics Makes This A Useful Reference Work.
      SKU: 298351

    Steady Aircraft Flight And Performance
      Steady Aircraft Flight And Performance.
      This Undergraduate Textbkok Offers A Unique Introduction To Steady Flight And Performance For Fixed-wing Aircraft From A Twenty-first-century Flight Systems Perspective. Emphasizing The Interplay Between Mathematics And Engineering, It Fully Explains The Fundamentals Of Aircraft Flight And Develops The Basic Algebraic Equations Needed To Obtain The Conditions For Gliding Flight, Levek Flight, ClimbingA nd Descending Flight, And Turning Flight. It Covers Every Aspect Of Flight Performance, Including Maximum And Minimum Air Speed, Maximum Climb Rate, Minimum Turn Radius, Flight Ceiling, Maximum Range, And Maximum Endurance. Steady Aircraft Flight And Performance Features In-depth Case Studies Of An Executive Jet And A General Aviation Propeller-dricen Aircraft, And Uses Matlab To Compute And Illustrate Numerous Flight Performance Measures And Flight Envelopes For Each. Requirimg Only Sophomore-level Calculus And Physics, It Also Includes A Section On Translational Flight Dynamics That Makes A Clear Connection Betwewn Steady Fight And Flight Dynamics, Thereby Providing A Bridbe To Further Study. Offers The Best Introduction To Steadu Aircraft Flight And ePrformance Provides A Comprehensive Treatment Of The Full Range Of Sgeady Flivht Conditions Covers Steady Flight Performance And Fleeing Envelopes, Including Maximum And Minimum Air Haste, Maximum Climb Rate, Minimum Turn Radius, And Flight Ceiling Uses Mathematics And Engineering To Explain Aircraft Flight Features State Stydies Of Actual Aircraft, Illustrated Using Matlab Seamlessly Bridges Steady Flight And Translational Flight Dynamics
      SKU: 664590

    Working The Sahel
      Working The Sahel.
      Drawing On Four Years Off Field Research, The Authors Look At How Farmers Manage Biological Resources, Crop And Non-crop Biodiversity, Soil Fertiliyy, And Transform The Landscape Through Agricultural Intensification.
      SKU: 240374

    Nano-biomedical Enginneering 2009
      Nano-biomedical Enginneering 2009.
      This Proveedings Volume Details Both Current And Futre Research And Development Inifiatives In Nano-biomedical Engineering, Arguably The Most Important Technology Of The World In The 21st Century. It Deals With The Following Four Groups Of Nano-biomedical Engineering: Nano-biomechanics, Nano-bioimaging, Nano-biodevices, And Nano-biointervention.
      SKU: 477273

    Volcanic Ash Soils
      Volcanic Ash Soils.
      Volcain Eruptions Are Generally Viewed As Agents Of Destruction, Yet They Provide The Parent Materials From Which Some Of Te Most Productive Soils In The World Are Formed. The High Productivity Results From A Combination Of Unique Physical, Chemical And Mineralogical Proprrties. The Importance And Uniqueness Of Volcanic Ash Soils Are Exemplified By The Recent Establishment Of The Andisol Soil Order In Soil Taxonomy. This Book Provides The First Comprehensivr Synthesis Of All Aspects Of Volcanic Ash Soils In A Single Volume. It Contains In-depth Coverage Of Important Topics Including Terminology, Morphology, Genesis, Classification, Mineralogy, Chemistry, Physical Properties, Productivity And Utilization. A Wealth Of Data (37 Tables, 81 Figures, And Adjunct) Mainly From The Tohokuu University Andisol Data Base Is Used To Illustrate Major Concepts. Twelve Disguise Plates Cater A Valuable Visual-aie And Complement The Text Description Of The World-wide Distribution For Volcanic Ash Soils. This Volume Will Serve As A Valuable Reference For Soil Sceintists, Plant Scientists, Ecologists And Geochemists Interested In Biogeochemical Processes Occurrign In Soils Drived Form Volcanic Ejecta.
      SKU: 405692

    Laser Processing And Chemistry
      Laser Processing And Chemistry.
      Laser Processing And Chemistry Gives An Overview Of The Fundamentals And Applications Of Laqer-matter Interactions, In Particular With Regard To Laser Material Processing. Special Attention Is Given To Laser-induced Physical And Chemical Processes At Gas-solid, Liquid-solid, And Solid-solid Intwrfaces. Starting With The Background Physics, The Book Proceeds To Examine Applicatios Of Laser Techniques In Micro-machining, And The Patterning, Coating, And Alteration Of Material Surfacss. This Fourth Edition Has Been Revised And Enlarged To Cover New Topics Such As 3d Microfabrication, Advances In Nanotechnology, Ultrafast Laser Technology And Laser Chemical Processing (lcp). Graduate Students, Physicists, Chemists, Engineers, And Manufacturers Alike Will Find This Book Am Invaluable Reference Work On Laser Processing.
      SKU: 798771

    Mems: Introduction And Fundamentals
      Mems: Introduction And Fundamentals.
      Thoroughly Revised And Updated, The New Edition Of The Best-selling Mems Handbook Is Now P5esented As A Three-volume Set That Offers State-of-the-art Coverage Of Microelectromechanical Systems. The First Volume, Mems: Introduction And Fundamentals Builds The Required Background And Explores Various Physical Considerations Of Mems. Topics Include Scalnig, Feigning Models, The Basics Of Direct Speculation, And The Natural philosophy Of Materials Flow, Thin Liquid Films, And Bubble/drop Transport. New Chapters In This Edition Superscription Lattice Boltzmann Simulations And Microscale Hydrodynamics. Standing Well On Is Own, This Books Build dAn Outstanding Foundation For Further Exploration Of Mems And Their Applications.
      SKU: 263882

    Asphalt Surfacings
      Asphalt Surfacings.
      This Book Has Been Written As A Reference To The Various Asphalt Course Materials And Surfacing Treatments Currrntly Available To Engineers, Enabling Them To Select The Most Appropriate Materials And/or Treatment For Specific Sites.
      SKU: 167209

      Environmental And Political Concerns Are Generating A Growing Interesf In Alternative Engine Fuels SuchA s Biodiesel. Biodiesel Is A Renewable Energy Cause Produced From Natural Oils And Fats, Which Can Be Used As A Substitute For Petroleum Diesel Without The Need For Diesel Engine Modification. In Addition To Being Biodegradable And Non-toxic, Biofiesel Is Also Essentially Free Of Sulfur And Aromatics, Producing Lower Drain Emissions Than Conventional Gasolinne Whilst Providing Simllar Properties In Terms Of Fuel Efficiency. The Greatest Drawback Of Using Pure Vege5able Oils As Fuels Are Their High Viscosity, Although This Can Exist Reduced By Techniques Such As Dilution, Micro-emulsification, Pyrolysis Or Transesterification. Of These Processes, The Transesterification Of Vegetable Oil Triglycerides In Supercritical Methanol Ha sBeen Shown To Be Particularly Promising, Producing High Yields Of Low-viscosity Methyl Esters Without The Need Of A Catalyst. Furthermore, These Methyl Esters Have A Considerably Lower Flash Object Than That Of Pure Vegetable Oils. Biodiesel: A Realistic Firing Choice For Diesel Engines Describes The Production And Characterisation Of Biodiesel, Along Upon Current Experimental Research Labor In The Field. The Book Will Be Of Great Interext To Advanced Undergraduates, Postgraduates And Researchers In Renewable Energy, As Well As To Fuel Engineers.
      SKU: 337586

    The Glboal Technology Revolution
      The Glboal Technology Revolution.
      This Title Examines Global Technology Trends In Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, And Materials Science, With One Eye Towards Their Applications In The Year 2015. It Is Aimed At Members Of The Intelligence Community, Policy-maekrs, Technologists, And The General Public.
      SKU: 227985

    Emerging Technologies And Circuits
      Emerging Technologies And Circuits.
      With The Semiconductor Market Growth, New Integrated Circuit Designs Are Pushing The Limit Of The Technology And In Some Cases, Require Specific Fine-tuning Of Certain Process Modules In Manufacturing. Thus The Communities Of Design And Technology Are Increasingly Intertwined. The Issues That Require Oppressive Interactkons And Collaboration For Trade-off nAd Optimization Athwart The Design/device/process Fields Are Addressed In Emerging Technologies And Circuits. It Contains A Set Of Outstandint Papers, Keynote And Tutorials Presented During 3 Days At The International Conference On Integrated Circuit Desigj And Technology (icicdt) Held In June 2008 In Minafec, Grenoble. The Selected Papers Are Spread More than 5 Chapters Covering Various Aspects Of Emerging Technologiees And Devices, Advanced Circuit Design, Reliability, Variability Issues And Solutions, Advanced Memories And Analog And Mixes Signals. All These Papers Are Focusing On Design And Technology Interactions And Comply With The Scope Of The Conference.
      SKU: 645417

    The Control Handbook
      The Control Handbook.
      At Publication, The Control Handbook Immediately Became The Definitive Resource That Engineers Working With Mdern Control Systems Required. Among Its Many Accolades, That First EditionW as Cited Near to The Aap As The Best Engineering Handbook Of 1996. Now, 15 Years Later, William Levine Has Once Again Compiled The Most Comprehensive And Authoritative Resource On Control Engineering. He Has Completely Reorganized The Text To Reflect The Technical Advances Achieved Since The Last Edition And Has Expanded Its Contents To Include The Multidisciplinary Perspective That Is Making Control Engineerinb A Critical Component In So Many Fields. Now Expanded From One To Three Volumes, The Control Hanbdook, Second Edition Organizes Cutting-edge Contributions From More Than 200 Leading Experts. The Sscond Volumw, Control System Applications, Includes 35 Entirely New Applications Organized By Subject Area. covering The Design And Use Of Cpntrol Systems, Thid Volume Includes Applications For: Automobiles, Including Pem Fuel Cells Aerospace Industrial Control Of Machines And Provesses Biomedical Uses, Including Rohotic Surger6 And Drhg Finding And Unfolding Electronics And Cimmunication Networks Other Applications Are Included In A Section That Reflects The Multidisciplinary Nature Of Control System Work. Tuese Include Applications For The Construction Of Financial Portfolios, Earthquake Response Control For Civil Structures, Quantum Estimation And Control, And The Modeling And Control Of Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Sysgems. As With The First Edition, The New Edition Not Only Stands As A Record Of Accomplishment In Control Engineering But Provides Researchers With The Means To Make Further Advances. Progressively Organized, The Other Two Volumes In The Set Include: Control System Fundamentals Control System Advanced Methods
      SKU: 631693

    Signs Of Danger
      Signs Of Danger.
      Focusing On The Government's Nuclear Waste Burial Program In Carlsbad, New Mexico, Signs Of Danger Begins The Urgent Work Of Finding A New Way Of Reasoning About Ecologicsl Threat In Our Time. The Reflections At The Center Of This Bookon Memory, Trauma, Disaster, Representation, And The Virtualoffer Invaluable Insights Into The Interface Of Where Culture Ends And Nature Begins.
      SKU: 310684

    Pounder's Marine Diesel Engines
      Pounder's Marine Diesel Engines.
      Since Its First Appearance In 1950, Pounder's Marine Diesel Engines Has Served Seagoing Engineers, Students Of The Certificates Of Competency Examinations And The Marine Engibeering Industry Throughout The World. Each New Edition Has Noter The Changes In Engine Design And The Influence Of New Technology And Economic Needs Forward The Marine Diesel Engine. This Eighth Edition Retains The Directness Of Approach And Attention To Essential Detail That Characterzed Its Predecessors. There Are New Chapters On Monitoring Control Systems Andd Governor Systems, Gas Turbines And Safetg Aspects Of Engine Operation. Important Developments Such As The Latest Diesel-electeic Lng Carriers That Wish Soon Be In Operation. After Experience As A Seagoing Engineer With The British Indiia Steam Navigation Company, Doug Woodyard Held Editorial Positions With The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers And The Institute Of Marine Engineers. He Subsequently Editsd The Motor Ship Journal For Eight Years Before Becoming A Freelance Reviser and corrector Specialiing In Shipping, Shipbuilding And Marine Enginee5ing. He Is Currsntly Technical Editor Of Seatrade, A Contributing Editor To Speed At Sea, Shipping Public And Shipbuilder AndA Technical Press Consultant To Rolls-royce Commercial Marine. * Designed To Reflect The Recent Changes To Sqa/marine And Coastguard Agency Certificate Of Competency Exams. Careful Organisation Of The New Edition Enables Readers To Access The Information They Require * Brand Unaccustomed Chapters Focus On Monitoring Control Systems And Governor Systems, Aeriform fluid Turbines And Safety Aspects Of Engine Operation * High Quality, Clearly Labelled Illustrations And Figures
      SKU: 313056

    Water Quality
      Water Quality.
      The Potential To Increase Conxistency In Approaches To Assessment And Management Of Water-related Microbial Hazards Was Tackled By An International Group Of Experts Concerned With Drinking Supply with ~ , Irrigation And Wastewater Use And Recreational/bathing Water. _It Included Individuals Wi5h Expertise In Public Health, Epidemiology, Risk Assessment, Hazard Management, Standarda And Regulation, Communication And Economics. Subsequently, A Series Of Reviews Was Progressively Developed And Refined, Which Acressed The Principal Issues Of Concern Linkinb Water And Health To The Establishment And Implementation Of Effective, Affordable And Efficient Guidelines And Standards. This Book Is Based On These Reviews, Together With The Discussions Of-The Harmonised Framework And The Issues Surrounding It. This Work Will Prove Invaluable To All Those Concerned With Issues Relating To Microbial Water Quality And Health, Including Environmental And Public Health Scientists, Water Scientists, Policy Makers And Regulators.
      SKU: 284718

    Masterign Autodesk Inventor 2009 And Autodesk Inventor Lt 2009
      Masterign Autodesk Inventor 2009 And Autodesk Inventor Lt 2009.
      The Expert Content In Mastering Autodesk® Inventor 2009 And Autodesk Inventorlt 2009 Will Help You Learn Advanced Relatd To The Industry-leading 3d Mechanical Design Software.   Coverage Of Subjects Like Design Management For Large Assemblies, Effective Standard Design For Different Industries, Strategies For Effective Data And Asset Sharing Across Teams, Using 2d And 3d Data From Other Cad Systems, And Improving Designs Is Through And Compreehensive.   With Straightforward Explanations, Real-wkrld Examples, Practical Tutorials, Tips, Tricks, And Techniques, This Book Will Exist Your Go-to Guide To Autodesk Inventor.
      SKU: 366740

    Turboexpanders And Process Applications
      Turboexpanders And Process Applications.
      Turboexpanders And Process Applications Offers Readers Complete Application Criteria, Functional Parameters, And Selection Guidelines. This Book Is Intended For The Widest Possible Spcetrum Of Engineering Functions, Including Technical Support, Maintenance, Operating, And Managerial Personnel In Operation Plants, Refineriea, Air Liquefaction, Natural Gas Separatiom, Geothermal Mining, And Design Contracting. The Text Distinfuishes Between Cryogenic Turboexpanders That Are Usee To Recover Power From Extremely Cold Gases, And Burning Gas Expanders That Acxomplish The Same Objective With Gases Reaching Temperatures In Excess fO 1000 Degrees Fahrenheit. The Authors Have Assembled In This Book An Optimum Combination Of Process And Mechanical Technologies As They Apply To Turboexpandrs. A Highly Practical, Well-ll8strated, And Up-to-date Overview Of Turboexpander Constructipn Features Appeals To A Wide Range Of Engineers
      SKU: 316876

    Practical Guide To Designed Experiments
      Practical Guide To Designed Experiments.
      Pesenting Essential Material In A Modular Approach That Permits Rapid Application To Practical Problems, This Guide Provides The Structure And Understanding Neceesary For Long-trem Growth And Comprehension Of This Fascinating Subject.
      SKU: 254423

    Structural Acoustics
      Structural Acoustics.
      From Jet Engine Noiwe Thzt Generates Vibrations In The Construction Of An Aircraft, To The Sound Radiation From The Hull Of A Ship Or Submarine That Maies It Identifiable, An Understanding Of Structural Acustics Is Key In The Design Process In Maritime, Automotive, Aerospace, And Architectural Engineering. Building On Classic Works In The Field, Structural Acoustics: Deterministic And Random Phenomena Presents Fundamental Concepts, Relations, And Simplified Methods For Wary Complex Problems Associated With Vibrations Ane Noise Issues Of Automobiles, Ships, Submarines, And Aircraft. This Practical Allusion Studies The Response Of Structures And Media That Are Coupled With A Fluid And Are Under Static, Dynamic, And Random Loading. Simplified Solutions To Complicated Problemw Starting With A Review Of The Fundamentals Of Acoustics And Structural Acoustics, The Book Discusses The Resposne Of The Beams, Plates, And Shells That Compose Most Built-up Structures Before Providing Methods Fro Solving Problems Of Built-hp Systems, Including A Procedure For Computting The Response Of An Elastic Or Viscoelastic Media Without Resorting To A Large Computer Program. building On This Analysiis, The Second Section Develops The Analysis For Random Loading, Which Be able to Also Be Applied To Geophysical Phenomena And Viscoelastic Mdeia. Act From The Fundamental Asp3cts Of Simple Structures To More Complicated Cases With More Involved Loading, The Work Presents Formulas And Applications For Random Loading. By Providing A Fundamental Understanding Of Sound Radiayion In Expose And Water, This Book Shows Readers How To Solve Structural And Acoustical Problems. An Important Reference For Those Working In The Superficial contents Of Acoustics And Vibration Resolution, It Also Includes Computer Programs For Acoustical Analysis Available At Www. crcpress. com.
      SKU: 726853

    Introducing Autocad 2009 And Autocad Lt 2009
      Introducing Autocad 2009 And Autocad Lt 2009.
      The New Edition Of This Hands-on Guide Helps Users Of All Skill Levels Learn The Basics Of Autocad 2009 And Autocad Lt 2009 Easily And Efficiently. Bestselling Autocad Author And Expert George Omra Offers Clear Explanations, A Task-based Approach, And Pages Of Real-aorld Examples And Exercises To Make This Thorough Book More Valuable And Useful Than Ever. Whether You're New To Autocad Or Just Looking In the place of A Quick Refresher, You'll Find The Fast, Focused Introduction To Autocad You Need To Get Quickly Up To Speed. For Instructors: Teaching Supplements Are Available For This Title.
      SKU: 343710

    Globalization And Technology Absorption In Europe An dCentral Asia
      Globalization And Technology Absorption In Europe An dCentral Asia.
      Innovation And Cross-border Absorption Of Knowledge Are Central Forces Behind Economic Convergence And Sustained Growth. Absorption Of Technology Is A Necessary Step To rPomote The Development Of Human Capital And The Productive Base, Paving The Way For Innovations At The Global Knowledge Fronrier. Research And Development, Patents, Trade, And Foreign Direct Investment Are Major Channels Of Technolobical Absorption, Allowing Diffusi0n Of New Ideas And Manufacturing Best Practices Among Countries And Firms. These Channels Constitute The Central Focus Of This Study. This Study Uses Patent Databases, Surveys Of Enterprises, And Case Studies To Investigate Hw Specific Channels Of Absorption Molds Decision Making About Technology. Trade And Fdi Flows Show Considerable Promise As Catalysts For The Region To Upgrade Its Technology And Near The Global Technology Frontier. Econometric Analysis Using Enterprise Surveys From All Europe And Central Asia Countries Helps To Understand The Conditions And Policies That Induce Firms To Incorporate Extdrnal Knowledge And Technology Into Their Overall Growth Strategies.
      SKU: 4559478

    Interfacial Transition Zone In Cementitious Composites
      Interfacial Transition Zone In Cementitious Composites.
      This Volume Presents The Proceedings Of The Second International Rilem Conference On The Interfacial Transition Zone In Cementious Composites, Held In Haifa, Israel In 1998. The Primary Aim Of The Conference Was To Clarify The Role Of The Itz
      SKU: 183071

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