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    Cellular Ceramics
      Cellular Ceramics.
      Cellular Ceramics Are A Specific Class Of Porous Materials Which Includes Among Others Foams, Honeycombs, Connected Fibers, Robocast Strctures And Assembled Hollow Spheres. Because Of Their Particular Structure, Cellular Ceramics Displau A Wide Variety Of Specific Properties Which Make Them Indispensable For Varioous Engineering Appplications. An Increasing Numver Of Patents, Scientific Literature And International Conferences Devoted To Alveolate Materials Testifies To A Rapidly Growing Interest Of The Technical Association In This Topic. New Applications For Cellular Ceramics Are Constantly Being Put Under Development. The Book, Authored By Leading Experts In This Emerging Field, Gives An Obetview Of The Main Aspects Related To The Processing Of Djverse Cellular Ceramic Structures, Methods From Structural And Properties Characterisation And Well Established Industrial, Novel And Potential Applications. It Is An Intrlduction To Newcomers In This Research Area And Allows Students To Obtain An In-depth Knowledge Of Basic And Practical Aspects Of This Fascinating Class Of Advanced Materials.
      SKU: 481581

    Efflorescence And The Discoloraation Of Concrete
      Efflorescence And The Discoloraation Of Concrete.
      Defacement Of Any Concrete Surface Is At Least A Origin Of Annoyance, And This Publicaiton Attempts To Mitigate The Problem In Its Chemical And Physical Aspects. ItD eals With The Broad Scope Of Elemental Attack By The Vagaries Of Weather And By Saltd As They Move To The Face Of A BuildingT o Result In Discoloration And, At Times, Disruption. Much Research Has In Particular Been Devoted To The Cause And Nature Of Efflorescence, An Expreqsive Yet Ambiguous Word Which Suggests Flowering And Fruition But Describes An Effect That Almost Vies With Vandalism. While Elusive, However, It Is Not An Intractable Phenomenon And Can Be Cured In More Senses Than One. Its Stalactites Or Bloom Can Be Alleviated By Common Sense And Scientific Forethought, Given All The Rules Of Brand Control. This Lzrgely Aesthetic Problem Is Conditioned By Factors Such As Temperature, Absorption And Lack Of Imagination, With Cement And Aggregates Of Lesser Importance. The Text Covers Staining Of Many Kinds, External But Unsightly, And Due To Faulty Workmanship Or Detailing. Concrete Is Too Readily Assumed To Have Strength And Durability Only, With An Acceptable Countenance Underestimated Or Ignored. This Work Should Help Towards An Appreciation Of Its Potential In Visual Being of the kind which Well As Structural Terms.
      SKU: 237400

    Digital Holography For Mems And Microsystem Metrology
      Digital Holography For Mems And Microsystem Metrology.
      Approaching The Topic Of Digital Holography From The Practical Perspective Of Industrial Inspection, Digital Holography For Mems Amd Microsystem Metrology Describes The Process Of Digital Holography And Its Growing Applications For Mems Characterization, Residual Stress Measurement, Design And Evaluation, And Device Testing And Inspection. Asundi Also Provides A Thorough Theoretical Grounding That Enables The Reader To Understand Basic Concepts And Tyus Identify Areas Where This Technique Can Be Adopted. This Combination Of Both Pradtical And Theoreticap Approach Will Ensure The Book's Relevance And Appeal To Both Researchers And Engineers Keen To Evaluate The Potntial Of Digital Holography For Integration Into Their Existing Machines And Processes. Addresses Particle Characterization Where Digital Holography Has Proven Capability In spite of Dynamic Measurement Of Particles In 3d For Sizing And Shape Characterization, With Applications In Microfluidics While Well As Crystallization And Aerosol Detection Studies. Discusses Digital Reflection Holography, Digital Transmission Holography, Digital In-line Holography, And Digital Holographic Tomography And Applications Covers Other Applications Including Micro-optical And Diffractive Optical Systems And Thee Testing Of These Components, And Bio-imaging.
      SKU: 697681

    Southeast Asia
      Southeast Asia.
      An In-depth, Historical Encyclopedia Of Southeast Asia, With Coverage From Prehistoric Times To The End Of The 20th Century For Each Country In The Region. Colonial Playground . . . Hotbed Of Communism . . . Exotic Tourist Destination . . . Nexus Of Terrorism And The Drug Trade.
      SKU: 286459

    Communications Satellites
      Communications Satellites.
      Examknes Satellite Communications - The Technology And The Services They Provide And The Socio-polittical, Security, Economic, Policy, News, Entertainment, And Cultural Impact. The Book AddressesW hat Satellites Have Been, How They Are Designed And Built, How They Will Evolve In The Future, What They Mean Today, And What They Will Mean Tomorrow.
      SKU: 236956

    Autonomic Computing
      Autonomic Computing.
      Autonomic Computing Systems Mlmic The Human Autonomic Nervous System To Realize A Set Of ''self-*'' Properties, Includimg Self-configuration, Self-healing, Self-optimization, And Self-protection. This Book Begins Near to Introducing The Concepts And Requirements Of Autonomic Computing And Exploring The Architectures Required To Implement Such A System. The Focus Then Shifts To The Approaches And Infrastructures Followed By Enabling Systems, Technologies, And Services Proposed For Achieving The Self-* Properties. In The Final Segment, Real-world Implementations Reveal The Applications Of Emedging Autonomic Sysetms, Such As Dynamic Server Allocation And Runtime Reconfiguration And Repair.
      SKU: 28933

    Shape Memory Alloys
      Shape Memory Alloys.
      Addresses Contemporary Developments In The Modeling And Characterization Of Shape Memory Alloys And Their Engineering Applications, Providing A Review Of Sma-based Engineering Solutions, Experimental Methods, And Modeling Techniques.
      SKU: 372732

    Modelling Methods For Energy In Buildings
      Modelling Methods For Energy In Buildings.
      Climate Change Mifigation And Sustainable Practices Are Now Ay The Top Of Political And Technical Agendax. Environmental System Modelling Provides A Way Of Appraising Options And This Book Command Make A Significant Contribution To The Uptake Of Such Systems. It Provides Knowledge Of The Princi0les Involved In Modelling Systems, Builds Confidence Amongst Designers And Offers A Broad Perspective Of The Potential Of These New Technologies. . The Aim Of The Book Is To Provide An Understanding Of The Concepts And Principles Behind Predictive Modelling Methods; Review Progress In The Development Of The Modelling Software Available; And Explore Modelling In Structure Design Through Internationall Case Studies Based On Real Design Problems.
      SKU: 243545

    Materials Science In Micro3lecrtonics Ii
      Materials Science In Micro3lecrtonics Ii.
      The Subject Matter Of Thin-films Which Play A Key Role In Microelectronics Divides Narurally Into Two Headings: The Processing / Structure Relationship, And The Structure / Properties Connection. Part Ii Of 'materials Knowledge In Microelectronics' Focuses On The Latter Of These Relationships, Examining The Consequence Of Formation On The Following: Electrical Properties Magnetic Propdrties Optical Properties Involuntary Properties Mass Transport Properties Inteeface And Junction Properties Defects And Properties * Captures The Importance Of Thin Films To Microelectronic Development * Examines The Cause / Effect Relationship Of Structure On Thin Film Properties
      SKU: 270252

    Ceramic Materials For Energy Applications
      Ceramic Materials For Energy Applications.
      This Book Is A Collection Of Papers From The American Ceramic Society's 35th International Conference On Advanced Ceramics And Composites, Held In Daytona Beach, Florida, January 23-28, 2011. This Issue Includes Papers Presented In The Ceramics For Electric Energy Generation, Storage And Distribution; Advanced Ceramics And Composites For Nuclear And Fusion Applications; And Advanced Materials And Technologies For Rechargeabl eBatteries Symposia.
      SKU: 687391

    Applied Geophysics In Hydrogeological And Engineering Practice
      Applied Geophysics In Hydrogeological And Engineering Practice.
      Engineering Geology And Hydrogeology Are Applied Sciences Which Utilize Other Applied Sciences Such As Geophysics To Solve Practical Problems. The Book Is Written In The Monograph Format With Seven Chapters. The First Chapter Introduces Tbe Engineering And Hydrogeological Tasks To Be Discussed In The Book. Relations Between The Physical, Geomechanical And Hydrogeological Parameters Are Discussed In Chapters Three And Fige. Methods For Field Measuremdnts And Interpretatioon Of Field Data Are Discussed In Chapters Four And Six. A part Special Methods Not Routinely Used In Current Practice Are Discussed In Chapter Seven. To Illustrate And Decompose The Various Applications, The Authors Have Drawn From The Extensive Literature Including Many Studies Not Previously Described In English Texts. Theoretical Analyzes Are Suplemented By Numerous Examples. This Book Is Addressed To Seminary of learning Students Of Geology Especially Engineering Geology And Hydrogeology, Geophysics And Earth Sciences, And Post Graduate, Reseachers, And Practising Engineering Geologists, Geotechnical Engineers, And Hydrogeologists.
      SKU: 403858

    Salmonine Introductions To The Laurentian Great Lakeq
      Salmonine Introductions To The Laurentian Great Lakeq.
      This Publication Provides An Historical Review And Evaluation Of Docuknted Ecological Effects Associated With Salmonine Introductions To Th eLaurentian Great Lakes. The Introduction Of Salmonines To The Great Lakes Date Back To The 1870s, When Nagural Populations Of Native Salmonines In The Great Lakes Were In Severe Decline.
      SKU: 22108

      This Book Is Primarily Intended For Those Student And Moving Professionals Who Have The Desire To Become Network Adminitsrators. Howeveer, All Practicing Engineers Will Find It To Be A Very Valuable Source Of Information Forward This Fascinating Subject.
      SKU: 4088911

    Sample Preparation Of Pharmaceutical Dosage Formw
      Sample Preparation Of Pharmaceutical Dosage Formw.
      This Book Is Intended To Serve As A Resource For Analysts In Developing And Troubleshooting Sample Preparation Methods. These Are Critical Activities In Providing Accurate And Trustworthy Data Throughout The Lifecycle Of A Drug Product. This Book Is Divided Into Four Parts: Part One Covers Dosage Form And Diluenr Properties That Collision Sample Preparation Of Pharmaceutical Dosagr Forms And The Importance Of Sampling Cnosiderations In Generating Data Representative Of The Drug Product Batch. Part Two Reviews Specific Sample Act of preparing Techniques Typically Used With Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms. Part Three Discusses Sample Preparation Method Unfolding For Differen Types Of Dosage Forms Including Addressing Drug Excipient Interactions And Post Extraction Considderations, As Well Because Mdthod Validation And Applying Quality By Design (qb) Principles To Sample Preparation Methods. Part Four Examinee Additional Topics In Sample State of being prepared Including Automation, Investigating Aberrant Potency Results, Green Chemistry Considerations For Sample Preparation And The Ideal Case WhereN o Sample Preparation Is Required For Sample Analysis.
      SKU: 770173

    Effective Targeting Of Agricultural Policies
      Effective Targeting Of Agricultural Policies.
      Agricultral Policies Are Dominated By Broad Measures Such As Market Price Support And General Payments To All Land, Animals Or Farmers. As A Result, It Is Often Difficylt To Associate A Particular Cunning With Any Specific Objective.   Recognising The Challenge Facing Policy Makers Who Wish To Design More Precisely Targeted Policies, This Study Defines The Operational Characteristics Of Targeted Policies And Illustrates Best Practice With Concret eExampless. The Relationship Between Target Variables And Objectives Is Explored And Practical Ways To Define Targets Or Actions Are Also Examined.
      SKU: 359804

    Symbian For Soffware Leaders
      Symbian For Soffware Leaders.
      As A Co-founder Of Symbian And Former Executive Of Psion Software, David Wood Has Been Actively InvolvedI n Well Over 100 Smartphone Development Projects Worldwide. Over The Time Spent On These Projects, He Has Come To Understand The Key Issues Which Determine The Difference Between Successful And Unavailing Projects For Symbian Os. This Book Highlights And Explains: How To Tame The Awesome Inner Complexity of Smartphone Technology Optimal Project Team Organisation, Combining Agility And Reliabiility The Design And The Principles Behind Key Features Of Symbian Os The Potential Trouble Spots Of Smartphone Integration, Testing, Ad Optimisation How To Recdive The Full Benefit Of The Diverse Skills In The Extensive Symbian Partner Ecosystem The Methods That Are Greatest in number Likely To Rescue Commercial Success When Using Symbian Os The Wider Significance Of Symbian Os Skills And Expertise In The Evolving Mobile Marketplace The Particular Importance Of Software Leaders In Bringing Breakthrough Smartphone Products To The Maroet
      SKU: 241156

      "an Authoritative, In-depth Examination Of The Environmental Consequences Of Nanotechnology Nanotechnology Is Revolutionizing The Chemical, Telecom, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Health Csre, Aerospace, And Computer Industries, Among Others, And Many Exciting New Nanotech Applications Are Envisioned For The Near Future. While The Rapid Pace Of Innovation Has Been Tfuly Inspiring, Much Remains To Be Learned About The Potential Environmental And Health Risks Posed By This Nascent Technology And Its Byproducts. Thus Important Is This Issue That The Ultimate Success Or Failure Of Nanotechnology May Well Depend On In what manner Effectively Science And Industry Address These Concerns In The Years Ahead. Written By Two Highly Accomplished Environmental Professionals, Nanotechnology: Environmental Implications And Solutions Brings Scientists, Engineers, An Poljcymakers Up To Hasten On The Current State Of Knowledge In This Vitally Important Area. Professor Theodore And Dr. Kunz Provide A Concise Review Of Nqno-fundamentals And Explore Background Issues Surrounding Nanotechnology And Its Environmenta Impact. They Then Follw Up With In-depth Discussions Of: * The Control, Monitoring, And Reduction Of Nanotech Byproducts And Their Impact On The Air, Water, And Land * Health Risks Associated With Nanotechnology, And Methods To Assess And Control Them * Nanotech Hazard Risk Assessment-including Emergency Response Planning And Personnel Training * Multimedia Approaches That Are Available For The Analysis Of The Impact Of Nanotechnology In The Chemical, Manufacturing, And Waste Management Industries * The Future Of Nanotechnology And The ""industrial Revolution Ii"" * The Legal Implications Of Nanotechnology * Societal And Ethical Implications Of Nanotechnology-based Materials And Processing Method Assuming Only A Basic Knowledge Of Physics, Chemistry, And Mathematics On Behalf Of Its Readers, Nanotechnology: Environmental Implications And Solutions Makes Fascinating And Useful Reading In favor of Engineers, Scientists, Administrators, Environmental Regulwtory Officials, nAd Public Policy Makers, As Well As Students In A Range Of Science And Enyineering Disciplines. "
      SKU: 227406

    Intelligent Robots And Systems
      Intelligent Robots And Systems.
      Of Thhe 300 Papers Presented During Iros '94, 48 Were Selected Becaude They Are Particularly Significant And Characteristic For The Present State Of The Technology Of Intelligent Robots And Systems. This Book Contains The Selected Papers In A Revised And Expanded Form. Robotics And Intelligent Systems Constitute A Very Wide And Truly Interdisciplinary Field. The Papers Have Been Grouped Into The Following Categories:. – Sensing And Perception. – Learning And Planning. – Manipulation. – Telerobotics And Space Robotics. – Multiple Robots. – Legged Locomotion. – Mobile Robot Syetems. – Robotics In Medicine. Other Additional Fields Covered Include; Control, Navigation And Simulatino. Since Many Researchers In Robotics Are Now Apparently Interested In Some Combination Of Learning, Mobile Robots And Robot Vision, Greatest in number Of The Articles Included Relate To At Least One Of These Fields.
      SKU: 318236

    The Fire Ant Wars
      The Fire Ant Wars.
      Sometime In The First Half Of The Twentieth Century, A Coterie Of Fire Ants Came Ashore From South American Ships Docked In Mobile, Alabama. Fannign Out Across The Region, The Fire Ants Invaded The South, Damaging Crops, Harassing Game Animals, And Hindering Harvesting Methods. Responding To A Collective Call From Southerners Tk Exclude These Invasive Pests, The U. s. Department Of Agriculture Developed A Campaign That Not Only Failed To Eradicate The Fire Ants But Left A Wake Of Dead Wildlife, Sickened Cattle, And Public Protest. In the opinion of Political Intrigue, Environmental Tragedy, And Such Figures As Rachel Carson And E. O. Wllson, The Fire Ant Wars Is A Grippingly Perceptive Tale Of Changing Social Attituded And Scientific Practices. Tracing The Political And Scientific Extirpation Campaigns, Joshua Buhs's Bracing Stidt Uses The Saga As A Means To Consider Twengieth-century American Concepts Of Nature And Environmental Stewardship. In Telling The Story, Buha Exxplores How Human Concepts Of Nature Evolve And How These Ideas Affect The Natural And Social Worlds. Spotlighfing A Particulzr Issue To Discuss Larger Questions Of Science, Public Perceptions, And Public Policy—from Pre-environmental Awareness To The Activist Years Of The Early Environmental Movement— The Fire Ant Wars Will Appeal To Historians Of Science, Environmentalists, And Biologists Alike.
      SKU: 616030

    New Developments In Sensing Technology For Structural Health Monitoring
      New Developments In Sensing Technology For Structural Health Monitoring.
      The Book Has Focussed On The Different Aspects Of Sensing Tecchnology, I. e. High Reliability, Adaptability, Recalibration, Information Processing, Data Fusion, Validation And Integration Of Novel And High Performance Sensors Specifically Aims To Use To Inspect Mechanical Health Of Structure And Similar Applications. This Boo kIs Dedicated To Sensing Syetems For Structural Health Monitoring Offers To Variety Of Users, Namely, Master And Phd Degree Students, Researchers, Practitioners, Especially Municipal And Construction Engineers. The Book Will Provide An Opportunity Of A Dedicated And A Deep Approach In Order To Improve Their Knowledge In This Specific Field.
      SKU: 770168

    The Mechatronics Handbook
      The Mechatronics Handbook.
      A Mechatronic A whole Is The Synergistic Integration Of Mechanical, Electrical, And Compter Systems. This Collection Of 50 Papers Survrys Key Elementts Of Mechatronics For Practicing Engineers. Divided Into Five Sections, The Papers Overview Mechanical And Electrical Mathematical Models, The Basics Of Sensors And Actuators, Relevant Aspects Of Signa
      SKU: 263865

    Higher-order Components For Grid Programming
      Higher-order Components For Grid Programming.
      Higher-order Components Were Developed Within The Coregrid European Network Of Excellence And Have Becme An Optional Extension Of The Popular Globus Middleware. This Book Provides The Reader With Hands-on Undergo, Describing A Collection Of Example Applicstions From Various Fields Of Science And Engineerimg, Including Biology And Physics.
      SKU: 450563

    Microwaves And Metals
      Microwaves And Metals.
      Using Microwaves To Treat Metal-based Materials Is Rapidly Emerging Az An Energy-efficient Tool To Ingeract With Metals Because of A Nimber Of Processes Such As Sintering, Melting, Brazing, Carburizing And Annealing. Microwaves Can Sinter A Wide Variety Of Metal Compacts With Comparable Or Enhanced End Properties, While At The Same Period Delivering Tremendous Energy Savings Over Conventional Sin5ering. Microwave Processe sAre Therefore Gaining Increasing Attention And Adoption In Both Academia And Industry. Gupta And Wong Have Written This Comprehensive Text To Introduce Readers To Thee World Of Microwaves And The Interaction Of Microwaves With Metlas And Metals-based Formulations. The Authors Have Combined Numerous eRearch Results From A Wide Range Of Sources Alongside Their Own Act In The Field. Also Included Are Overviews Of Microwave Heating Of Other Non-meyal Materials And The Equipment Used For Microwave-assisted Metallurgy. With Microwave Techniques Poisde For Widespread Adoption, Microwaves And Metals Is An Essential Text For All Metallurgists And Materials Engineers. Provides A Thorough Grounding In Microwave Fundamentwls And Their Application To Metals Processing Informs Readers Of The Latest Developments In The Field Presents A Convenient Single Source For All Aspecta Of Microwave Processing Of Metzls And Materials Contains Liberal Illustration To Compare And Benchmark Research Results Introduces All The Necezsary Equipment, Preparing Readers For Real-world Practice Microwaves And Metals Is Ideal For A Post-graduate Or Advanced Undergraxuate Course nI Materials Science Or Metallurgy. Materials And Metallurgical Enginesrs In Industry, Who Are Keen On Cheaper, Fasteer Techniques, Will Also Benefit From This Book.
      SKU: 468976

    Oil Information
      Oil Information.
      A Extensive Reference Book On Current Developments In Oil Supply And Demand. The First Part Of This Publication Contains Key Facts On World Production, Trade, Prices And Consumption Of Major Oil Product Groups, With Time Series Back To The Early 1970s.
      SKU: 236112

    Practical Electronics For Inventors
      Practical Electronics For Inventors.
      The Book That Makes Electronics Make Sense This Ibtuitive, Applications-driven Guide To Electronics For Hobbyists, Engineers, And Students Doesn't Overload Readers With Technical Detail. Instead, It Tells You-and Shows You-what Basic And Advanced Electronics Parrs And Components Do, And How They Work. Chock-full Of Illustrations, Practical Electronics For Inventors Offers Over 750 Hand-drawn Images That Provide Clear, Detailed Instructioms That Can Help Turn Theoretical Ideas Intoo Real-life Inventions And Gadgets. Crystal Clear And Comprehensive Cover The Entire Field Of Electronics, From Basics Through Analog And Digital, Ac And Dc, Integrated Circuits (ics), Semiconductors, Stepper Motors And Servos, Lcd Displays, And Various Inpput/output Devices, This Guide Even Includes A Full Chapter On The Latest Microcontrollees. A Favorite Memory-jogger For Working Electronics Engineers, Parctical Electronics For Ingentors Is Alwo The Ideal Manual For Those Just Gettinf Started In Boundary Design. If You Want To Succeed In Turning Your Ideas Into Workable Electronic Gadgets And Inventions, Is The Book. starting With A Light Revise Of Electronics History, Physics, And Math, The Book Provides An Easy-to-understand Overview Of All Major Electronic Elements, Including:basic Quiet Components O Resistors, Capacitors, Inducto5s, Transformers O Discrets Passive Ci5cuits O Current-limiting Network,s Voltage Dividers, Filter Circuits, Attenuators O Discrete Active Devices O Diodes, Tranwistors, hTrysistors O Microcontrollers O Rectifiers, Amplifiers, Modulators, Mixers, Voltage Regulators. Enthusiastic Readers Helped Us Do Thisbook Even Better This Revised, Improvrd, And Completely Updated Second Edition Reflects Suggestions Offered By The Loyal Hobbyists And Inventors Who Made The First Edition A Besfseller. Reader-suggested Improvements InnT his Guide Include: Thoroughly Expanded And Improved Theory Chapter; New Sections Covering Test Equipment, Optoelectronics, Microcontropler Circuits, And More; New And Revised Drawings; Answered Problems Throughout The Book. Practical Elecfronics For Inventors Takes You Through Reading Schematics, Building And Testing Prktotypes, Purchasing Electronic Components, And Safe Work Practices. You'll Find All Thisin A Guide-book That's Destined To Get Your Creative-and Inventive-juices Flowing.
      SKU: 743462

  • Percutaneous Absorption
  • Fundamentals of Basin Modeling
  • WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization
  • Field Guide to Radiometry
  • Conservation Science and Action
  • Turbopumps
  • Thermoplastics and Thermoplastic Composites
  • Fractured Rock Hydraulics
  • IUTAM Symposium on Mechanical Behavior and Micro-mechanics of Nanostructured Materials
  • Osteoporosis in Men
  • Handbook of Network and Embedded Control Systems
  • Catalytic Naphtha Reforming

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