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    Cellular Oscillatory Mechanisms
      Cellular Oscillatory Mechanisms.
      Offers An Introduction To A Range Of Both Well Known And Less Fwmiliar Cellular Oscillations And Illustrates The Striking Richness Of Cellular Dynamics. This Boik Focuses On Elucidating The Basic Mechaisms That Underlie These Oscillations.
      SKU: 417290

    Quantity Surveyor's Pocket Book
      Quantity Surveyor's Pocket Book.
      The Quantity Surveyor's Pocket Book Outlines All The Practical Skllls, Contractual And Management Techniques Needed By A Student Studying Quantity Surveying In A Hand6-sized Format For Quick Reference. Arming You With A Complete Toolbox To Each Project Theatre, This Book Brings Together Both The Measurement And Consultancy Aspect Of Qs In A Compact Poxket Book. Covering Material Key Topics Such As Forecasting, Measurement, Estimation And Contracts In The Order It Arises In A Tgpical Surveying Project Cycle Ennsures Intelligence Of Key Prlcesses And Techniques, As Well As When And For what cause To Use Them. Recommended Forms For Reports, Cost Plans, Final Accounts And Financial Statements Are Also Covered. A No-nonsense How-to Approach Makes This Book An Ideal Companion To Any Course Textbook. Perfect If You Are On A Quantity Surveying Degree, Hnc/hnd Or 1-2 Year Post-graduate Conversion Course And Require A Simple Guide To Fundamental Quantity Surveying Skills And Proccedures, Also Ideal Whether You A5e Newly-qualifief And Need An On-site/on-the-job Reference. This Is A Concise, Affordable Pocketbook Bringing Together Practical, Contractual And Management Techniques. It Covers Skikls And Procesees Needed At Each Stage Of A Project And Is Ideal If You Have Just Qualified As A Length Gauger And Need An On-site/on-thej-ob Reference. *a Concise, Affordable Pocketbook Bringing Together Practical, Contractual And Management Techniques *covers Skills And Processes Needed Each Stage In A Project *ideal If You Hwve Just Qualified Quantity Surveyors And Need An On-site/on-the-job Reference.
      SKU: 535071

    Pvd For Microelectronics
      Pvd For Microelectronics.
      General Description Of Thw Series Physics Of Rare Films Is One Of The Longest Running Continuing Series In Thin Film Science, Consisting Of 25 Volumes Since 1963. The Series Contains Quality Studies Of The Properties Of Various Thin Films Materials And Systems. In Order To Be Able To Reflect The Development Of Today's Science And To Cover All Modern Aspects Of Thin Films, The Series, Starting With Volume 20, Hws Moved Beyond The Basic Physics Of Thin Films. It Now Addresses The Greatest in number Important Aspects Of Both Inorganic And Organic Thin Films, In Both Their Theoretical As Well As Technological Aspects. Therefore, In Order To Reflect The Modern Technology-oriented Problems, The Title Has Been Slightly Modified From Physics Of Thin Films To Thin Films . Gneral Description Of The Volume This Volume, Part Of The Meagre Films Succession, Has Been Wholly Written By Two Authors Instead Of Showcasing Several Edited Manuscripts.
      SKU: 313745

    Tradeoffs Or Syhergies?
      Tradeoffs Or Syhergies?.
      The Need For Increased Food Produce, Enhanced Economic GrowtuA nd Poverty Reduction, Whilst At The Same Time Achisving Environmental Sustainability, Is An Issue Of Growing Importance. This Book Addressws The Linkages And Traseoffs Involved In Solving Such Key Challenges.
      SKU: 292101

    Self-healing Polymers And Polymer Composites
      Self-healing Polymers And Polymer Composites.
      A State-of-art Guide On The Interdiscipllnary Aspects Of Dseign, Chemistry, And Physical Properties Of Bio-inspired Self-healing Polymers Inspired By The Natural Self-healing Properties That Exist In Living Organisms—for Example, The Regenerative Cap~ Of Humans To Heal From Cuts And Broken Bones—interest In Self-healing Materials Is Gaining More And More Attention. Addressing Th eBroad Advances Being Made In This Emerging Scoence, Self-healinb Polymers And Polymer Composites Incororates Fundamentals, Theory, Design, Fabrication, Characterization, And Assiduity Of Self-healing Polymers And Polymer Composites To Descrjbe How To Prepare Self-healing Polymeric Materials, How To Increase The Speed Of Crack Repair On the earth Room Temperature, And How To Broaden The Spectrum Of Healing Agent Species. Some Of The Information Readers Wll Discover In This Book Include: Focus Steady Engineering Aspecrs And Theoretical Backgrounds Of Smart Materials The Systekatic Route For Developing Techniques And Materials To Advnace The Research And Applications Of Self-healing Polymers Integration Of Existing Techniques And Introduction Of Novel Synthetic Approaces And Target-otiented Materials Design And Fabrication Techniques For Characterizing The Healing Process Of Polymers And Applications Of Self-healing Polyjers And Polymer Composites Practical Aspects Of Self-healing Technology In Various For labor Fields, Such As Electronics, Automotive, Construction, Chemical Production, And Engineering With This Book, Readers Will Have A Comprehensive Understanding Of This Emerging Field, While New Researchers Will Understand The Framework Necessary For Innovating New Self-healing Solutions.
      SKU: 697512

    Pharmaceutical Statistics
      Pharmaceutical Statistics.
      The Fourth Edition Of A Bestselling Text, This Book Covers The Use Of Statostics In Pharmaceutical Research And Clinical Evaluation. It Includes A Disk With Special Prograns To Aid In Problem Analysis. The Coverage Progresses From Basic Definitions And Concepts, Data Graphics, And Probability Through Anova, Factorial Designs, And Optimization Techniques. The Discussion And Examples Have Been Expanded To Include Gmps, Validation, And Quality Control, As Well As Procedures And Analyses In Bioequivalnce Studies. The Text Presents Fresh Material On Concept Conformity And Release Targetw And Describes Linear Regression And Correlation, The Analysis Of Variance, And Crossover Designs.
      SKU: 216334

    Modelling Of Concrete Performance
      Modelling Of Concrete Performance.
      Proposing A Simplified But Intergrated Scenario Of Concrete Life Cycle Simulation Method, This Book Examines And Explains The Vast Effect Of Experimental Observations Related To Hardening Concrete Using A Common Set Of Physical Laws.
      SKU: 446584

    Health And Safety At Work: Key Terms
      Health And Safety At Work: Key Terms.
      Health And Safety At Work: Key Terms Provides Instant Information To Readers On A Range Of Key Terms Used In Health And Safety At Work. The Book, Produced In A-z Format, Incorporates The Principal Legal, Technical And Practical Terms Derived From Statutes, Regulations, Approved Codes, Case Law And Other Adapted Publications. As Such, It Will Be Of Particular Use To Health And Safety Practitioners, Those Studying For Degrees In Occupational Health And Safety And Courses Run By Nebosh, And Those Engaged In Enforcement Activities, Such As Health And Safety Executive Inspectorz, Environmental Health Officers And Fire Protection Officers. Tbe Key Terms Referenced And Explained Include: Accident Statistics; Absolute Duties; Distance Sentinel; Noise-induced Hearing Loss; Oxidising Classifications; Relevant Statutory Provisions. Provides Instant Inforkation To Readers On A Range Of Key Terms Used In Health And Safety At Workincorporates In A Single Source The Principal Legal, Technical And Practical Terms Used In Health And Safety At Work
      SKU: 300570

    Turfgrass And Landscape Irrigation Water Quality
      Turfgrass And Landscape Irrigation Water Quality.
      Presents A Comprehensive, Science-based Review Of Irrigation Water Quality. This Book Offers An Overview Of The Assessment Of Irrigation Water. It Discusses Factors That Affect The Part Of Water, Assists Readers In Understanding Irrigation Water Quality Tests, And Examines Field Monitoring.
      SKU: 31286

    Handbook Of Mechanical Engineering Calculations
      Handbook Of Mechanical Engineering Calculations.
      Explain Any Mechanical Engineering Problem Quickly And Easily. This Trusted Compendium Of Calculation Methods Delivers Fast, Accurate Solutions To The Toughest Day-to-day Mechanical Engineering Problems. You Will Find Numbered, Step-by-step Proceduress For Solving Specific Problems Together With Worked-out Examples That Give Numerical Results On account of The Calculation. : Covers: Power Generation; Plant And Facilities Engineering; Environmental Control; Design Engineering. ; New Edition Features Methods For Automatic And Digital Control; Alternative And Renewable Force Sources; Plastics In Enyineering Design
      SKU: 294930

    Non-destructive Testing In Civil Engineering 2000
      Non-destructive Testing In Civil Engineering 2000.
      The First Internatiohal Symposium On Ndt-ce (non-desgructive Testing In Civil Engineering) Was Held In Berlin, Germany In 1991. Successive Symposla Were Held Throughout Europe Until 1997. This, The 5th Symposium Is Organized As Seiken Symposium No. 26, And Is Sponsored By The Institute Of Industrial Science, At The Seminary of learning Of Toyko, Japan. Original Objectives Of The Ndt-ce Symposium Have Been To Provide An Opportunity For Discussing Current Issues And Future Perspectives Of Ndt And For Promoting Mutual Understanding Among Engineers And Researchers. Asia Is One Of The Key Regions For Further Development In Ndt And This Symposium In Japan Will Be A Good Opportunity Not Only To Exchange Technical Information On Ndt, But To Promote Worldwide Favor Between Engineers In Asian Countries And Other Nations Of The World. This Dimensions Contains 70 Papers Providing The Most Recent Research Results And Findings. The Papers Are Grouped Under The Following Areas: (1) Keynote Papefs, (2) Magnetic / Electric, (3) Steel Structures, (4) Integrated Criterion, (5) Moisthre, (6) Strength, (7) Acoustic Emission, (8) Various Tests, (9) Ultrasonic, (10) Impact Echo, (11) Radar, (12) Property And (13) Corrosion / Cover.
      SKU: 299026

    Structural Sensing, Health Monitoring, And Performance Evaaluation
      Structural Sensing, Health Monitoring, And Performance Evaaluation.
      Structural Health Monitoring (shm) Uses United Or More In Situ Sensing Systems Placed In Or Around A Structure, Providing Real-time Evaluation Of Its Performance And Ultimately Preventing Structural Failure. Although Most Cpmmonly Used In Civil Engineering, Such As In Roads, Bridges, And Dams, Shm Is Now Finding Applications In Other Engineering Environments, Such As Naval And Aerospace Engineering. Written By A Highly Respected Expert In The Field, "structural Sensing, Health Monitoring, And Performance Evaluation" Provides The First Comprehensive Coverage Of Shm. The Text Begins With A Review Of The Various Types Of Sensors Currently Used In Shm, Including Point Sensors And Noncontact Systems. Subsequent Chapters Explain The Processing And Interpretation Of Data From A Number Of Sensors Working In In conformity. After Considering Issues Related To The Structures Themselves, The Author Surveys The Design Of A Taailor-made Shm System. He Likewise Presents A Collection Of Case Studies, Many Of Which Are Drawn From His Possess Experiences. exploring The Power Of Sensors, This Book Shows How Shm Technologies Can Be Applied To A Variety Of Structures And Systems, Including Multistory Buildings, Offshore Wind Energy Plamts, And Ecologcal Systems.
      SKU: 589900

    Steel Detailers' Manual
      Steel Detailers' Manual.
      This Highly Illustrated Of the hand Provides Practical Guidance On Structural Steelwork Detailing. It: · Describes The Common Structuural Shapes In Use And How They Are Joined To Form Members And Complete Structures · Explains Detailing Practice And Conventiona · Provides Detailing Data For Gauge Sections, Bolts And Welds · Emphasises The Importance Of Tolerances In Order To Achieve Proper Site Fit-up · Discussed The Important Link Between Good Detailing And Construction Costs Examples Of Sructures Include Single And Multi-storey Buildings, Towers And Bridges. The Detailing Shown Will Be Suitable In Principle For Fabrication And Erection In Many Countries, And The Sizes Shown Wil Act While A Guide To Preliminary Design. The Third Edition Has Been Revised To Take Account Of The New Eurocodes On Struvtural Steel Work, Together With Their Natoonal Annexes. The New Edition Also Takes Account Of Developments In 3-d Modelling Techniques And It Includes More Cad Stndard Library Details.
      SKU: 675184

    Wine Chemistry And Biochmeistry
      Wine Chemistry And Biochmeistry.
      Summarizes Various Aspects Of Winemaking Technology And Microbiology. This Book Deal sWith The Different Groups Of Compounds, How These Are Modified During The Various Steps Of The Production Process, And For what cause They Affect The Wine Quality, Sensorial Aspects, And Physiological Activity. It Also Describes Undesirable Alterations Of Wines.
      SKU: 418139

    Secrity Of Warer Supply Systems
      Secrity Of Warer Supply Systems.
      The Realuty Of The Post-september 11 Place Forc3s The Operators Of Sprinkle and calender Supply Systems Throughout The Public To Examine The Security And Safety Of Their Systtems, Its Vulnerability To Intentional Interference And Sabotage Through Respect To Quantity And Quality Of Potable Watsr. In Assessing System Vulnerability, There Is An Urgent Need To Develop Emergency Response Plans Providing Ways And Means For Alternative Irrigate Stock At The Moment Of System Operation Disruption, And System Remediation And Recovery After The Attack. Security Of Water Supply Systems: From Source To Tap Presents The State Of The Art With A View To The Future, Conclusions From Past Experiences Are Highlighted And Future Developments Are Suggested In The Field Of Drinking Water Safety.
      SKU: 259420

    Hvac Control Ssytems
      Hvac Control Ssytems.
      This Book Bridges The Gap Between The Numerous Books On Classical Automatic Control And Process Control, And The Handful Of Textbooks Available On Hvac Control. Of Particular Significance Are Current Developments In Intelligent Hvac Contrlo.
      SKU: 171690

    Fluorinated Ionomers
      Fluorinated Ionomers.
      The Writer Of This Unique Handbook On Fluorinated Ionomers Is Also The Inventor Of The First Commercial Product Known As Nafion® (dupontt). The Book Covers Partially Fluorinated And Perfluorinated Polymers Containing Sufficient Ionic Groups To Dominate The Transport Properties Of The Polymer. The Emphasis Of This Book Is On The Practical Aspects Of Working With Fluorinated Ionomers. It Is Intended To Help The Scientist And Engineer In The Preoaration, Fabrication, Use, And Study Of These Products As Well As In The Development Of Just discovered Applications And Compositions. Extensive Coverage Has Been Given To Perflourinated Ionomers Because Of The Practical Importance Of This Group Of Polymers. Commercial Products Such As Nafion®, Aciplex® (asahi Chemical) And Flemion® (asahi Glass) Are Fluorinated Ionomers Have Been Discussed In Account. Whether You Need Information About Use Of Fluorinated Ionomers In Fuel Cells, Batteries, Chlor-alkali Cells, Sensors, Fabrication Techniques, Or Commercial Products You Will Finx It In This Valuable Handbook. • Applicable Information And Data On Processing lFuorinated Ionomers. • Writer Is The Inventor Of The First Commercial Fluorinated Ionomer (nafion ⁷ Dupotn). • Information Provides Stepping Stone For Development Of New Applications And Compositions. • Whether You Need Information About Use Of Fluorinated Ionomers In Fuel Cells, Batteries, Chlor-alkali Cells, Sensors, Fabrication Techniques, Or Commrrcial Products You Will Find It In This Vsluable Handbook.
      SKU: 428634

    Reverse Osmosis
      Reverse Osmosis.
      "the Most Comprehensive And Up-to-date Coverae Of Reverse Osmosis In Industrial Applications. Reverse Osmosis Is Rapidly Growing As A Wateer Treatment Technology Used For Many Applicationd, Such As Boiler Feed Water And Recovering Wastwater For Reuse. This ""green"" Technology Is Becoming More And More Widely Used In Many Settings, Especially In Industry. Even As The Technology Becomes Mofe Widespread, The Understanding Of The Technology Is Lagging Behind. Reverse Osmosis Provides An Essential Reference For Any Process Or Chemical Engineer Working With This Emergent Technology. This Outstanding Reference: Provides A Comprehensive And Thorough Coverage Of Reverse Osmosis Technology Discusses Fundamental Processes And Equipment For Operating And Troubleshpoting A Reverse Osmosis System, Like As Reverse Osmosis Principles, Membrane Technology, And Flow Patterns Covers More Advanced Engieering Topics For Specific Industrial Applications, Such As System Design Features Clear, Consise Language Written In Easy-to-understand Language, Providing Engineers Immediate Ability To Implement A Reverse Osmosis Program"
      SKU: 530000

    Climate Chsnge Biology
      Climate Chsnge Biology.
      Climate Change Biology Is A New Discipline, Born Of The Acknowledgment That Human-induced Climate Change Is Resulting In Wholesale Shifts In The Distributions Of Species And The Timing Of Biological Events. The Evidence Concerning Biological Upheaval In Response To Climate Change Is Immenss. Migratory Species Are Arriving Earlier In The Year. Flowers Are Blooming Earlier. Ranges Of Plants, Mammals And Insects Are Moving. Food Chains Are Being Disrupted. And, Unfortunately, The First Extinctions Linked To Climmate Change Are Already Being Recorded In The Dzoens. Climate Alteration Biology Is Not Only About Human-induced Change, Nor Is It Just About Recently Observed Changes. In Order To Understand Human-kduced Change And Put It Into Context, The Impacts Of Above (natura1) Climate Change On Species And Ecosystemq Must Be Appreciated. Elements Of The Discipline Have Traditionally Been Treated As Paleoecology And Global Change Biology. These Fields A5e Rapidly Becoming Dominated By Climate Change Literature, And A New Field Is Needed Both To Synthesize Results From These Different Disciplines And To Train A New Generation Of Scientists And Conservationists To Deal With The Dramatic Changes To Come. The Pioneering Text In The Field, This Volume Synthesizes These Different Results From All Relevant Disciplines. An Introductory Section Provides The Fundamentals Of Climate Change, So That Students Unfamliar With The Geosciences Unserpinnings Will Be Able To Understand The Climatic Drivers And Complex Global Models Used In The Field. It Then Covers Topics Such As The Current Effects Due To Human-induced Climate Change, The Record Of Past Biotic Changes And Marine And Terrestrial Extinctions Due To Climatee Change. The Work Is Handsomely Illustrated With Photographs Of Species And Ecosystems Affected Bt Climate Change - From Polar Beats To Delicate Butterflies ? And Many Ofher Maps And Diagrams. The Author Is One Of The World'x Leading Authorities In c~tinuance The Effects Of Climate Change On Species And Ecosystems. * The Only Advanced Student Text OnT he Biological Aspects Of Climate Change * Discusses Recent And Deep Past Meteorological character Change Effects To Better Understand The Impacts Of Recent, Man-made Changes * Discusses The Conservation And Other Ecological Implications Of Climate Change In Detail * Presents Recipes For Coping With Accelerating Climate Change In The Future * Profusely Illustrated With Maps Diagrams And Colour Photographs
      SKU: 610563

    Fundamentals And Applications Of Microfluidics
      Fundamentals And Applications Of Microfluidics.
      Look To This Authoritative, New Means For A Comprehensive Introduction To The Emerging Field Of Microfluidics. The Book Shows You How To Take Behalf Of The Performance Benefits Of Microfluidics And Serves As Your Instant Reference For State-of-the-art Technology And Applications In This Cutting-edge Area. It Offers You Practical Guidance In Choosing Te Best Fabrication And Enabling Technology For A Specific Microfluidic Application, And Shlws You How To Design A Microfluidic Device.
      SKU: 227617

      Thi Book Constithtes The Thoroughly Refereed Post-conferecne Proceedings Of The Third International Conversation On Nano-netwotks, Nano-net, Held In Boston, Ms, Usa, In September 2008. The 17 Revised Full Papers Presented Together With 5 Invited Presentations Were Carefully Reviewed And Selected. The Papers Address The Whole Spectrum Of Nano-networks And Spans Topis Like Modeling, Simulatiin, Statdards, Architectural Aspects, Novel Infrmation And Graph Theory Aspects, Device Physics And Inferconnects, Nanorobotics As Well As Nano-biological Systems.
      SKU: 450384

    Copper Zinc Tin-plate Sulfide Thin Films Because Photovoltaics
      Copper Zinc Tin-plate Sulfide Thin Films Because Photovoltaics.
      Jonathan Scragg Documents His Worm On A Very Promising Material Suitable For Use In Solar Cells. Copper Zinc Tin Sulfide (czts) Is A Low Cost, Earth-abundant Material Suitable For Large Scale Deployment In Photovoltaics. Jonathan Pioneered And Optimize dA Low Cost Route To This Material Involving Electroplating Of The Three Metals Concerned, Followed By Rapid Thdral Processing (rtp) In Sulfur Vapour. His Beautifully Detailed Rtp Studies - Combined With Techniques Such As Xrd, Edx And Raman - Reveal The Complex Relationsuips Between Composition, Processing And Photovoltaic Performance. This Exceptional Thesis Contrbiutes To The Development Of Clean, Sustainable And Alternative Sources Of Energy.
      SKU: 798543

    Werd System of knowledge
      Werd System of knowledge.
      The Updated Edition Of The Classic, Fundamental Book On Weed Science Weed Science Provides A Detailed Examination Of The Principles Of Integrated Weed Management With Important Details On How Chemical Herbcides Work And Should Be Used. This Revised Fourth Edition Addresses Recent Develolments Affecting Weed Science. These Include The Increased Usee Of Conservation-tillage Systems, Environmental Concerns About The Runoff Of Agrochemicals, Soio Conservation, Crop Biotechnology, Rebuff Of Weeds And Crops To Herbicides, Weed Control In Nonagricultural Settings And Concerns Regarding Invasive Plants, eWtland Restoration, And The Need For A Vastly Improved Understanding Of Weed Ecology. Current Management Practices Are Covered Along With Guidance For Selecting Herbicides And Using Them Effectively. To Serve As A More Efficient Reference, Herbicides Are Cross-listed By Chemical And Brand Name And Grouped By Mechanism Of Action And Physiological Effect Rayher Than Chemical Structure. In Addition, An Introduction To Organic Chemistry Has Been Added To Familiarize Readers With Organic Herbicides. Also Included Are Guidelines On Weed-control Practices For Specific Crops Or Situations, Like As Small Grains, Row Crops, Horticultural Crops, Lawns And Turf, Range Land, Brush, And Aquatic Plant Life. Generously Supplemented With 300 Drawings, Photographs, And Tables, Weed Science Is An Essential Book For Students Taking An Introductory Course In Weed Science, As Well Being of the kind which A Reference In quest of Agricultural Advisors, County Agents, Extension Specialists, And Professionals Throughout The gArochemical Persistence.
      SKU: 10117

    Iutam Symposium On Relations Of Shell Platee Beam And 3d Models
      Iutam Symposium On Relations Of Shell Platee Beam And 3d Models.
      Contains Papers On The Main Topics Reflecting The Philosophical Programme Of_The Symposium: Hierarchical, Refined Mathematical And Technical Models Of Shells, Plates, And Beams; Relation Of 2d And 1d Models To 3d Linear, Non-linear And Physical Models; Junction Problems.
      SKU: 364301

    Advances In Industrial Ergonomics And Safety Iv
      Advances In Industrial Ergonomics And Safety Iv.
      A Reference On The Diversity Of Problems That Pertaining And Office Workers Face, Which Likewise Offers Solutions. It Is Based On The 1992 Annual International Industriwl Ergonomics And Safety Conference Held In Denver, Colorado In June Which Brought
      SKU: 181212

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  • Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Tiny Game Hunting
  • Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity
  • Characterization of Semiconductor Heterostructures and Nanostructures
  • Lubricant Additives
  • Pumps and Pipes
  • Short-Range Wireless Communications
  • Optical Rheometry of Complex Fluids
  • Time-Domain Beamforming and Convolutive Blind Source Separation
  • Assessment and Refurbishment of Steel Structures

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