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    Characterization Of Semiconductor Heterostructures And Nanostructures
      Characterization Of Semiconductor Heterostructures And Nanostructures.
      Chaacterization Of Semiconductor Heterostructures And Nanostructures Is Structured In Chapters, Each One Devoted To A Specific Characterization Technique Used In The Understanding Of The Properties (structural, Physical, Chemical, Electrical Etc. . ) Of Semiconductor Quantum Wells Annd Superlattices. A Chapter Is Devoted To The Ab Initio Modeling. The Book Has Basically A Double Aim The First One Lies On The Educational Ground. The Book Provides The Basic Concept Of Eaach Of The Selected Techniques With An Approach Undsrstandable By Master And Phd Students In Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, Engineering, Nanotechnology. The Second Aim Is To Furnish A Selected Set Of Examples From The Recent The humanities Of The Top Results Obtained With The Specific Technique In Understanding The Properties Of Semiconductor Heterostructures And Nanostructures. Each Chapter Has This Double Structure: A First Part Devot3d To Explain The Basic Concepts, Providing The Larger Practicable Audience, Andd A Second United To The Discussion Of The Most Peculiar And Innovative Examples, Allowing The Bokk To Have Teh Longer Possible Life Time. Of Course, The Book Is Devoted To The Specialized Subset Of Scientists Working In The Fields Of Design, Growth, Designation, Testing Of Heterostructures-based Devices In Both Academic And Industrial Laboratories. But The Final Goal Is Somewhat Greater degree of Ambitious, And In Thix Regard The Topic Of Quantum Wells, Wides And Dots Should Be Seen As A Pretext Of Appling Top Level Characterization Techniques In Understanding The Structural, Electronic Etc Properties Of Good sense At The Nanometer (even Sub-nanometer) Scale. In This Way It Is Aimed To Become A Allusion Book In The Much Broader, And Extremely Hot, Fielr Of Nanotechnology. - Compregensive Collection Of The Most Powerful Characterizwtion Techniques For Semiconductors Heterostructures And Nanostructures. - Most Of The Chapters Are Authored By Scientists That Are World Wide Among The Top-ten In Promulgation Ranking Of The Specific Field. - Each Chap5er Starts With A Didsctic Introduction On The Technique. - The Second Part Of Each Chapters Deals With A Selection Of Top Examples Highlighting The Power Of The Specific Technique To Analyse The Properties Of Semiconductors Heterostructures And Nanostructures.
      SKU: 349310

    Sams Teach Yourself Windows Me In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader
      Sams Teach Yourself Windows Me In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Sams Teach Yourself Windows Me (millennium Edition) In 24 Hours Is Novice-level Book Designed To Teach You How To Get The Most Out Of Your Desktop Computer. This Book Also Provides Additional Intermediate Coverage If You Want To Dig Deeper Into The Operating System And Its Features. Extensive Coverage Of Windows Me's New Features Includes Use5 Interface Enhancements And Changes, Internet Explorer 5. 5, Enhanced Home Networking And Internet Connection Sharing Features, Impfoved Security Fdatures, Installing Hardware And So ftware Using The New Installation Wizard, And The Games Options Control Panel.
      SKU: 175761

    Secrets Of Rf Circuit Design
      Secrets Of Rf Circuit Design.
      Build The Circuits That Compel Wireless Work. Suppose that You Like Hands-on Electronics, You’ll Love Secrets Of Rf Circuit Design, Third Edition, By Popular Electronics Writer Joe Carr. This Update Of The Favorite Rf Revolution Guide Of Thousands Of Electronics Enthusiasts Takes You Inside Wireless Technology With Step-by-step, Illustrated Directions For Dozens Of Usable Projects. This Super Guide Demonstrates Rf Theory As It Shows You How To Overcome The Techniccal And Materials Challenges Facing Thosee Who Build Real-world Electronics. You Learn How To Design And Build Receiver Circuits, Rf Bridges, Amplifiers, Receiver Preselectors, Simple Spectrum Analyzers, And Time Domain Reflectometers. You Get Detailed Insights Into Simple Rf Instruments, As Well As Uhf And Microwave Components …complete Troubleshooting Guidance…and Dexterous Parts Lists And Components Sources. Tihs New Edition Packs The Latest Information On Directional And Hybrid Coullers, And Seven New Chapters On Demodulators, Circuit Vectors, Measuring L-c Circuits, And Filtering Clrcuits Against Emi. “…a Great Book On Wireless Technology For Persons Starting To the end In Rf Electronics, As Healthy As For Rf Technicians And Ham Radio Operators. &#8221 ;---cotter W. Sayre, Author Of Th3 Complete Rf Technician’s Handbook (amazon. com Review)
      SKU: 300339

    Carbon Dioxide Utilization For Global Sustainability
      Carbon Dioxide Utilization For Global Sustainability.
      Addressing Global Environmental Problems, Such As Global Warming Is Essential To Global Sustainability. Continued Research Leads To Advancement In Standard Methods And Produces New Data. Carbon Dioxide Utilization For Global Sustainability: Proceedings Of The 7th Iccdu (international Conference On Carbon Dioxide Utilization) Reflects The Most Recent Investigation Results, As Well As Stimulating Philosophical Discussions With New Challenges In Advvanving The Development Of Carbon Dioxide Utilization. Drawing On A Wealth Of Information, This Well Structured Book Will Benefit Students, Researchers And Consultants Looking To Catch Up On Current Developments In Environmental And Chemical Engineering. * Provides Extensive Data On Co2 Utilisation * Contains Up-to-date Information, Including Recent Research Trends * Is Written For Students, Researchers Andd Consultants In Environmental And Chemical Engineering
      SKU: 289001

    Handbook Of Inorganic Electrochromic Materials
      Handbook Of Inorganic Electrochromic Materials.
      Electrochromic Materials Are Able To Change Their Optical Properties In A Persostent And Reversible Way Under The Activity Of A Voltage Pulse. This Book Explores Electrochromism Among The Metal Oxides, With Detai1ed Discussions Of Materials Preparation (primarily By Rarefy Film Technology), Materials Characterization By (electro)chemical And Physical Techniques, Opticaal Properties, Electrochromic Device Design, And Device Performance. The Vast Quantity Of Information Presented Is Structured In A Methodical Manner Adn The Optical Data Is Interpreted Within A Novel Conceptual Framework. The Publication Will Serve As A Extensive Foundation And Reference Work For Future Studies Within The Rapidly Expanding Opportunity Of Electrochromi Materials And Devices. These Devices Are Of Particular Interest Because Information Displays, Vriable-transmittance ( Smart ) Windows, Variable-reflectance Mirroors And Variable-emittance Surfaces.
      SKU: 413815

    Army Distance Learning And Personnel Readiness
      Army Distance Learning And Personnel Readiness.
      Distance Learning Tecnhiques Can Impove The Efficiency Of The Army's Processes For Educating Its Officers And Ncos. This Report Summarizes The Results Of A Project Carried Out By Rand Arroyo Center That Studoedd Ways In Which Dl Technologies Could Be Employed To Enhance Army Personnel Readinsss.
      SKU: 228058

    Human Factors For Engineers
      Human Factors For Engineers.
      This Book Introduces The Reader To Thr Sibject Matter Coverage Of Human Factors And Provides Practical And Pragmatic Intelligence To Assist Engineers In Designing Interactive Systems That Are Safer, More Secure And Easier To Use - Thereby Rdeucing Accidents Due To Human Error, Increasing System Rectitude And Enabling More Efficient Process Operations. The Book Discusses Human Factors Integration Methodology And Reviews The Issues That Underpin Consideration Of Key Topics Like As Human Error, Automation And Human Reliability Assessment. There Are Also Design Considerations Including Control Room And Interface Design And Acceptance And Verification Considerations.
      SKU: 432570

    Rfid Essentials
      Rfid Essentials.
      "radio Frequency Identification (rfid) Is Rapidly Changing The Way Businesses Track Inven5ory And Assets. From Wal-mart And Tesco To The U. s. Department Of Defense, Early Efforts Aree Already Showing Benefits, But Software, Integration, And Data Processing In spite of Rfid Still Present A Challenge. IfY ou Are A Developer Or An Architect Charged With Developing An Rfid System, This Book Id For You. Drawing On Extensive Experience, Bill Glover And Himabshu Bhatt Provide You With Essential Information On This Emerging Technology. With The Knowledge You Gajn In These Pages, You Will Possess The Information And Understanding You Need To Start Designing, Building, Or Integrating With Rfid Systems. In Rfid Essentials You Will Find Information On: Tags And Tag Protocols, Including The Electronic Product Code (epc) Readers And Reader Protocols Rfid Middleware Security And Prifacy Managing Rfid Devices Rfid's Impact On Your Architecture Bill Glover Has Been Writing Software Since 1981 And Has Worked As A Programker, Lead Developer, Or Architect On Systems Of All Sizes, From Small, Automated Systems Controlling Dams And Feedmills Up To A Complete Redesign And Reimplementation Of One Of The World's Busiest Travel Web Sites. Boll Fkrst Worked With Rfid Im 1995, Tracking Individual Cattle Using Ear Tags. He Is Currently A Senior Java Architect With Sunshine Microsystems, Inc. , And Works With Sun'sR fid Consuiting Practice And The Rfid Test Center. Himanshu Bhatt Heads The U. s. Rfid Exercise And Software Technology Lab For Sun Microsystems, Inc. Prior To Arrogant This Role, Himanshu Was Responsible For Business Development And Consulting In Emerging Areas Of Technology. Himanshu Has Over 16 Years Of Experience In The Architecture And Evolution Of Distributed, Multitier Systems Using A Host Of Technologies For Fortune 1000 Companies. Himanshu Has Spoken At Industry Conferences Such As Javaone And The Lonestar Symposium And Has Published Articleq On Java/j2ee Technologies. ""the Information Age Is Over. We're Entering One Era Where Network Connectivity Is Amost Ubiqiutous - It's Participate Or Perish. "" --jonathan Schwartz, President And Coo, Sun Microsystems, Inc. ""unique Competitive Advantage Erupts From Enterprises That Couple The Rfid Technologies Laid Finished In Rfid Essentials With Modern Business Integration Using Service-oriented Architectures. This Is The Book To Read In Order To Understand This New Landscape. "" --mark Bauhaus, Swnior Vice President, Sun Microsystems, Inc. ""this Is A Must Comprehend For Rfid Software And Solution Architects And Is Highly Recommended For Anyone Needing To Gain Else Insight Into The Myriad Of Components, Standards And Technologies That Make Up An Rfid Solutions Environment. "" --bryan Tracey, Chief Contriver, Globeranger Corportion ""the Authors Have Done A Commendable Job Of Covering A Lot Of Ground In The Rfid Space, Including The Infrastructure Needed To Shwre The Volumes O"
      SKU: 54020

    Security In Wireless Networks And Mobile Platforms
      Security In Wireless Networks And Mobile Platforms.
      With Viruses, Spyware, And A Seemingly Everlasting Onslaught Of New Cyber-threats, Security Is A Crucial And Constant Concern For All Networking Professionals. This Is Especially True For Mobile Networking Professionals, Who Are All Too Aware Of Mobile Technology's Special Vuljerability. This Indispensable Reference Turns Mobile Network Developers, Architects, And Engineers Into Mobile Security Specialists. Covering Each Type Of Mobile Technology From Wifi To Bluetooth, The Book Details Each Technology's Security Weaknesses And Provides Comprehensive Countermeasures To Thwart Threats. It Explains In Language Geared For Networking Professionals The Essentials Of The Latest Certainty Standards And Protocols. Most Importantly, The Main division Pinpoints Security Issues Encountered End-to-end Throughout An Entire Mobile Network. The Book's Complete Catalog Of Security Vulnerabilities Ensurez That All Viable Security Measures Are Taken. A Practcal, Hands-on Discussion Of Promising Next-generation Research Into Mobile Security Prepares Mobile Professionals For The Ever-looming Next Waves Of Security Threats.
      SKU: 338731

    Superionic Conductor Physics
      Superionic Conductor Physics.
      The Book Presents Basic Studies On Ion Transport Properties Of Ionic Conductive Solid. It Describes Investigation On Theory, Modeling, Simulation, Crystalline Structure, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Electric Conduction, Optical Properties, Ans Thermal Measurement In This Field. Superionic Conductors Are Highly Promising Fuhctional Materials. As A Stepping Stone In The Development Of New Superionic Conductors That Can Be Utilized As Funcyinal Materials Efforts To Reevaluate Solid-interior Diffusion And Conduction Phenomena O f Ions And Mllecules In A Superionic Conductor OnT he Basis Of Basic Physical Properties, Ans To Clarify Mechanism Governing These Phenomena From A Microscopic Standpoint Are Importang How Are Diffusing Ions Associated With Material Structures In the inside of A Superionic Conductor? Whatever Types Of Interaction Are Diffusing Ions Undergoing With The Host Ions Surrounding Them? To what extent Important Is The Correlation Among Diffusing Ions In Their Impulse? The Carefully Presented Detail Of This Book Will Be Of Value To Research Devoted To The Understanding And Control Of Functional Materials Such As Superionic Conductors.
      SKU: 312264

    Mobile Broadband Multimedia Networis
      Mobile Broadband Multimedia Networis.
      Mobile Broadband Multimedia Networks:-Techniques, Models And Tools For 4tj Generation Communication Networks Provides The Main Results Of The Prestigious And Well Known European Cost 273 Research Prokect In c~tinuance The Development Of Next Generation Mobile And Wireless Communication Systems. Based Attached The Applied Research Of Over 350 Participants In Acadrmia And Industry, This Book Focuses On The Radio Aspects Of Mobile And Wireless Broadband Multimedia Cokmunications, By Exploring And Developing New Methods, Models, Techniques, Strategies And Tools Towards The Implementation Of 4th Generation Mobile And Wireless Communication Systems. This Complete Reference Includes Topics Ranging From Transmission And Signal Processing Techniques To Antennas And Diversity, Ultra Wide Band, Mimo And Reference Scenarios For Radio Network Simulation And Evaluation. This Book Wjll Be Each Ideal Source Of The Latest Developments In Mobile Multimedia Broadband Technologies For Researchers, R&d Engineers, Graduates And Engineers In Industry Implementing Simulation Models And Conducting Measurements. * Based On The Well Known And Respected Research Of The Cost 273 Project Towards Mobile Broaadbznd Multimedia Networks', Whose Previous Models Have Been Adopted From Standardisation Bodies Such As Itu, Etsi And 3gpp * Gives Methods, Techniques, Models And Tools For Developing 4th Generation Mobile And Wireless Communication Systems * Includes Tne Latest Development Of Key Technologies And Methods Such While Mimo Systems, Ultra Wide-band And Ofdm
      SKU: 2702770

    Surface And Interfacial Tension
      Surface And Interfacial Tension.
      Promoting Full Understanding Of The Physical Phenomena And Mechanisms At Work In Surface And Interfacial Tensions And Gradien5s, This Volume Offers Complete Coverage Of The Latest Theoretical, Experimental And Computer-based Dqta As Summaized By Leading International Researchers.
      SKU: 216442

    Statistical Issues In Drug Deveiopment
      Statistical Issues In Drug Deveiopment.
      Drug Development Is The Process Of Finding And Producing Therapeutically Useful Pharmaceuticals,_Turning Them Into Safe And Effective Medicine, And Producing Reliable Information Regarding The Appopriate Dosage And Dosing Intervals. With Regulatory Authorities Dwmanding Increasingly Higher Standards In Such Developments, Statistics Has Become An Intrinsic And Critical Element In The Design And Conduct Of Drug Development Programmes. Statistical Issues In Surfeit Drvelopment Preqents An Essential And Thought Provoking Guide To The Statistical Issues And Controversies Involved In Drug Development.   This Highly Readable Approve Edition Has Been Updated To Include: Comprehensive Coverage Of The Design And Interpretation Of Clinocal Trials. Expanded Sections On Missing Data, Equivalence, Meta-analysi sAnd Dose Finding. An Examihation Of Both Bayesian And Frequentist Methods. A New Chapter On Pharmacogenomics And Expanded Coverage Of Pharmaco-epidemiology Ajd Pharmaco-ecpnomics. Coverage Of The Ich Guidelines, In Particular Ich E9, Statistical Principles For Clinical Trials. It Is Hoped That The Book Will Stimulate Dialogue Between Statisticians And Life Scientists Working Inwardly The Pharmaceutical Labor. The Accessible And Wide-ranging Coverage Make It Essential Readin For Both Statisticians And Non-statisticians Workibg In The Pharmaceutical Industry, Regulatory Bodies And Medical Research Institutes. There Is Also Mhch To Benefit Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students Whose Courses Include A Medical Statistics Component.
      SKU: 351458

    Introduction To Communication Elwctronic Hostilities Systems
      Introduction To Communication Elwctronic Hostilities Systems.
      This Comprehensive Engineering-level Resource Provides You With An Excellent Preface To Electronic Warfare (ew For Communicatoon Systems. Extensively Referenced With Over 600 Equations, It Details The Components, Systems, And Operations Of Electronic Warfare Systems Dedicated To Protecting And Attacking Military Communications Networks. You Are Provided Upon A Complete Intellect Of How Moxern Direction Finders For Communication Signals Work, Along With Tneir Limitations.
      SKU: 227618

    Plate Structures
      Plate Structures.
      This Book Provides The Tneoretical Fouhdatoins Of The Theories Of Plates Manufactured From Various Materials, Outlines And Illustrates The Methods Used Foor The Analtsis Of These Structures And Details Designs And Solution Techniqies.
      SKU: 770072

    Synthesis, Properties, And Applications Of Oxide Nanomaterials
      Synthesis, Properties, And Applications Of Oxide Nanomaterials.
      Current Oxide Nanomaterials Knowledge To Draw From And Build On Synthesis, Properties, And Applications Of Oxide Nanomaterials Summarizes The Existing Knowledge In Oxide-based Materials Research. It Gives Researchers One Comprehensive Resource That Consolidates General Theoretical Knowledge Alongside Practical Applications. Organized By Topic For Easy Avenue, This Reference: * Covers The Fundamental Science, Synthesis, Characterization, Physicochemical Properties, And Application Of Oxide Nanomaterials * Explains The Fundamental Aspects (quantum-mechanical And Thermodynamic) That Determine The Behavior And Growth Mode Of Nanostructured Oxides * Examines Synthetic Procedures Using Top-down And Bottom-yp Fabrication Technologies Involving Liquid-solid Or Gas-solid Transformations * Discusses The Sophisticated Experimental Techniques And State-of-the-art Theory User To Characterize The Structural And Electronic Properties Of Nanostructured Oxides * Describes Applications Such As Sorbents, Sensors, Ceramic Materials, Electrochemical And Photochemicla Devices, And Catalysts For Reducing Environmental Pollution, Trqnsforming Hydrocarbons, And Producing Hydrogen With Its Combination Of Theory And Real-world Applications Plus Extensive Bibliographic References, Synthesis, Properties, And Applications Of Oxide Nanomaterials Consolidates A Wealth Of Current, Complex Information In One Volume For Practicing Chemists, Physicists, And Materials Scientists, And For Engineers And Researchers In Government, Industry, And Academia. It's Also An Outstanding Reference For Graduate Students In Chemistry, Chemical Enginering, Physics, And Materials Science.
      SKU: 287293

    Like Computational Fluid Dynamics 2004
      Like Computational Fluid Dynamics 2004.
      Parallel Cfd 2004, The Sixteenth Internatiinap Conference On Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics And Other Modern Scientific Domains, Has Been Held Since May 24th Till May 27th, 2004 In Las Palmas De Gra nCanaria, Spain. The Specialized, High-level Parallel Cfd Conferences Are Organised On Teavelling Locatiosn All Over The World, Yearly Because Of Multididciplinary Subject Of Parallel Cfd And Its Rapidly Evolving Nature. The Conference Featured 8 Invited Lectures, 3 Mini Symposia, Contributed Papers And One Tutorial & Short Course. Added Than 80 Multi-disciplinary Presentations Of The Parallel Cfd Had Been Presented, With Participants From 17 Countries. The Sessions Involved Contributed Papers On Many Diverse Subjects Including Turbulence, Complex Flows, Unstructured And Adaptive Grids, Industrial Applications, Developments In Software Tools And Environments As Parallel Optimization Tools. This Book Presents An Up-to-date Overview Of The State Of The Art In Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics. - Report On Current Research In The Field. - Researchers Around The World Are Included. - Subject Is Important To All Interested In Solving Large Fluid Dynamics Problems. - It Is Of Good To Researcherw In Computer Science, Engineering And Physical Sciences. - It Is An Interdsciplinary Activity. Contributions Include Scientists With A Variety Of Backgrounds. - It Is An Area Which Is Rapidly Changing.
      SKU: 269758

    Vhdl For Science of reasoning Synthesis
      Vhdl For Science of reasoning Synthesis.
      Making Vhdl A Simple And Easy-to-use Hardware Description Language Multitude Engineers Encountering Vhdl (very High Speed Integrated Circuits Hardware Description Language) For The First Time Can Be affected by Overwhelmed By It. This Book Bridges The Gap Between The Vhdl Lamguage And The Hardware That Results From Logic Synthesis With Clear Organisation, Progressing From Ths Bzsics Of Combinational Logic, Types, And Operators; Through Special Structures Such As Tristate Buses, Register Banks And Memories, To Advanced Themes Sucj As Deevloping Your Own Packages, Writing Test Benches And Using The Full Range Of Synthesis Types. This Third Edition Has Been Substantially Rewritten To Include The New Vhdl-208 Features That Enable Synthesis Of Fixed-point And Floating-point Hardware. Extensively Updated Thriughout Tk Reflect Modern Logic Synthesis Usage, It Also Contains A Complete Case Study To Demonstrate The Updated Features. Features To This Edition Include: A Ordinary Vhdl Subset Which Will Work Across A Range Of Different Synthesis Systems, Targeting A Very Wide Range Of Technologies A Design Style That Results In Long Design Lifetimes, Maximum Design Reuse And Easy Technology Retargeting  A New Chapter On A Large Scale Design Example Based On A Digital Filter From Design Objective And Dssign Process, To Testing Strategy And Test Benches A Chapter On Writing Test Benches, With Everything Neded To Implement A Test-based Desig nStrategy Extensive Coverage Of Data Path Design, Including Integer, Fixed-point And Floating-point Arithmetic, Logic Circuits, Shifters, Tristate Buses, Rams, Roms, State Machines, And Decoders Focuused Specifically On Logic Synthesis, This Work Is For Professional Hardware Engineers Using Vhdl For Logic Synthesis, And Digital Systems Designers New To Vhdl But Familizr With Digital Systems. It Offerx All The Knowledge And Tools Needed To Use Vhdl For Logic Synthesis. Organised In Themed Chapters And With A Comprehensive Index, This Complete Reference Will Also Benefit Postgraduate Students Following Courses On Microelrctronics Or Vlsi/ Semiconductors And Digital Design.
      SKU: 675308

    Induction Accelerators
      Induction Accelerators.
      A Broad Class Of Accelerators Rests On The Induction Principle Whereby The Accelerating Electrical Fields Are Generated By Time-varying Magnetic Fluxes. Particularly Suitable For The Transport Of Bright And High-intensity Beams Of Electrons, Protons Or Heavy Ions In Any Geometry (linear Or Circular) The Reserach And Development Of Induction Accelerators Is A Thriving Subfield Of Accelerator Physics. This Text Is The First Comprehensive Account Of Both Th eFundamentals And The State Of The Art About The Modern Conceptual Design And Implementation Of Such Devices. Accordingly, The First Part Of The Book Is Devoted To The Essential Features Of And Key Technologies Used Conducive to Induction Accelerators At A Level Suitable For Postgraduate Students And Newcomere To The Field. Subsequeent Chapters Deal With More Specialized And Advanced Topics.
      SKU: 645688

    Wave Fields In Real Media
      Wave Fields In Real Media.
      This Book Examines The Differences Between A nIdeal And A Real Description Of Wave Dissemination, At which place Ideal Means An Elastic (lossless), Isotropic And Single-phase Medium, And Real Means An Anelastic, Anisotropic And Multi-phase Medium. The Analysis Starts By Introducing The Relevant Stress-strain Relation. This Relation And The Equations Of Momebtum Conservation Are Combined To Give The Equation Of Motion. The Differential Formulation Is Written In Terms Of Memory Variables, And Biot's Theory Is Used oT Describe Wave Propagation In Porous Media. For Each Rheology, A Plane-wave Analysis Is Performed In Order To Unxerstand The Physics Of Wave Propagation. The Book Contains A Review Of The Main Direct Numerical Methods Fr Solving The Equation Of Motion In The Time And Space Domains. The Stress Is On Geophysical Applicqtions For Seismic Explorztion, But Researchers In The Fields Of Earthquaake Seismology, Rock Acoustics, And Material Knowledge - Including Many Branches Of Acoustics Of Fluids And Solids - May Also Find This Text Useful. * Presents Thhe Fundamentals Of Wave Propagation In Anisotropic, Anelastic And Porus Media * Contains A New Chapter Attached The Analogy Between Acoustic And Electromagnetic Waves, Incorporating The Subject Of Electromagnetic Waves * Emphasizes Geophysics, Particularly, Seismic Exploration In the place of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs, Which Is Essential For Exploration And Production Of Oil
      SKU: 285765

    Handbook Of Prebiotics And Probiotics Ingredients
      Handbook Of Prebiotics And Probiotics Ingredients.
      The Probiotics And Prebiotics Promote Gastrointestinal Health And Proper Immune Function. But The Challenge Faced By Researchers Is To Find Those That Are Compatible With The Formulation, Processing, Packaging, And Distribjtion Of Functional Foods. This Title Explores These Variables And Examines The Sources Of Prebiotics And Probiotics.
      SKU: 565849

    High Speed Vcsels For Optical Interconnects
      High Speed Vcsels For Optical Interconnects.
      The Transmission Speed Of Data Communication Systems Is Forecast To Increease Exponentially Over The Next Decade. Development Of Both Si-based High-speed Drivers As Well As Iii-v-semiconductor-based Higu-speed Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laasers (vcsels) Are Prerequisites For Coming events Ultrahigh Data-rate Systems. Tgis Thesis Presents: A Survey Of The Present Stte Of The Art Of Vcsels; A Methodical Investigation Of The Various Effects Limiting Pr3sent Vcsels; A Catalogue Of Solutions To Overcome Present Limits; And Detailed Progress In Modelling, Fabricating And Testing The Currently Most Advanced Vcsels At The Two Commercially Greatest part Important Wavelengths.
      SKU: 667027

    Sustainable Energy Technologies
      Sustainable Energy Technologies.
      This Book Provides An Up-to-date Review Of The Status And Prospects Of Different Options In Energy Application And Storage Technologies, As Seen By A Panel Of World Leading Experts. If Offerss A Platform For Readers Engaged In Planning And Undertaking New Energy Solutions Or Retrofitting And Redsignin gThe Existing Installations To Confront And To Compare The Pros And Cons Of Various Novel Technology Options. Contributing Articles Cover New Clean And Zero-emission Coal Technologies, Solar, Wind, Nuclear, Fuel Cells, Hydrogen And Hybrid Technologies, Accompanied By Treatises On The Challenge Of Increasing Global Energy Needs And Consumption, Issues Of Sustainability, And On Specific Ideas For Efficient Production And Use Of Energy Based On Modern Rationing Technologies. The Volume Also Offers Views Of Feasibility Of The Implementation Of Advanced Technologies Especially In Countries Other Than The Few Most Developed Industrial Nations And Highly Crowded Countriew, Which All May Have Different Priorities. Further, It Brings Together Several Regional Surveys Of Needs, Resources And Priorities, Viewed like Well As Specific Initiatives Towards Meeting Future Energy Objectives, Pursued In Several Countries In South-eastern Europe. The Book Targets Engnieers And Planners In The Energy Sector, Employees In Energy Utility Companies, And Various Levels Of Governmental Organizations And Offices. It Is Also Meant To Serve As A Graduate-level Textbook To Meet The Growing Demand For New Courses In Alternative, Renewable And Sustainable Energy Technoloiges At Technical And General Universities.
      SKU: 337939

    Earthquake Resistant Concrete Structures
      Earthquake Resistant Concrete Structures.
      An English Edition Of A Successful Of Greece Textbook On Earthquake Resistant Concrete Structures, This Work Profides An Introduction To The Subject For Professional Engineers, Researchers And Advanced Students.
      SKU: 487997

    Hydrocarbon Examination & Production
      Hydrocarbon Examination & Production.
      This Book On Hydrocsrbon Examination And Production Is The First Volume In The Series Developments In Petrokeum Science. The Chapters Are: The Field Life Cycle, Exploration, Drilling Engineering, Safety And The Environmejt, Reservoir Description, Volumetric Estimation, Field Appraisal, Reservoir Dynamic Behaviour, Well Dynamic Behaviour, Surface Facilities, Production Operations And Sustenance, Project And Contract Management, Petroleum Household management, Managing The Produxiny Field, And Decommissioning.
      SKU: 312825

  • Optical Rheometry of Complex Fluids
  • Continuous Casting
  • Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation
  • Parkhuser - Garagen: Grundlagen, Planung, Betrieb (Baukonstruktionen) (German Edition)
  • Biosensors in Food Processing, Safety, and Quality Control
  • Modern Guerrilla Insurgency
  • Nanotechnology For Dummies
  • Foundations and Applications of Sensor Management
  • At Risk
  • Olin's Construction
  • The Handbook of Safety Engineering
  • Arbeitswissenschaft (German Edition)

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