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    Chemistry, Biochemistry, And Biology Of 1-3 Beta Glucans And Kindred Polysaccharides
      Chemistry, Biochemistry, And Biology Of 1-3 Beta Glucans And Kindred Polysaccharides.
      The Book Presents A Extensive, Systematic And Authoritative Survey Of Information About A Family Of Chemically Related, But Functionally Diverse, Naturally Occurring Polysaccharides- The (1-3)-glucans. International Contributors Describe The Chemical And Physicochemical Properties OfT hese Glucans And Their Derkvatives And The Molecular Biological And Structural Aspects Of The Enzymes Involved In Their Formation And Breakdown. A Detailed Analysis Of Their Physiological Roles In The Various Biological Situations In Whoch They Are Found Will Be Provided. Additionally, Evolutionary Relationships Among The Family Of These Glucans Will Be Describbed. * Topics Of Medicinal Relevance Include Detailing The Glucans' Intrractions Attending The Immune System And Research For Cancer Therapy Applications * Web Resource Links Allow Scintists To Explore Additional Beta Glucan Investigation * Separate Indexed Divided Into Species And Subject During Enhanced Searchability
      SKU: 452840

    Cmos Integrated Switching Power Converters
      Cmos Integrated Switching Power Converters.
      This Book Descrbies The Structurwd Design And Optimization Of Efficient, Energy Processing Integrated Circuits. The Approach Is Multidisciplinary, Covering The Monolithic Integration Of Ic Design Techniques, Power Electronicz And Control Theory. In Individual, This Book Enables Readers To Conceive, Synthesize, Design And Implement Integrated Circuits With High-density High-effiviency On-chip Switching Power Regulators. Topics Covered Encompass The Structured Design Of The On-chip Power Supply, Effixiency Optimization, Ic-compatible Power Inductors And Capacitors, Power Mosfet Switches And Efficient Switch Drivers In Standard Cmos Technologies.
      SKU: 763309

    How Do Spores Select Where To Settle?
      How Do Spores Select Where To Settle?.
      In This Thesis, Matthias Heyct Applies Digital In-line Holography To Achieve Foe The First Time A Complete Three Dimensional And Intrinsic Occasion Motion Analysis Of Ul\/a Zoospores, Both In Solution And I The Vicinity Of Different Surfaces. These Results Provide Previously Unexplored Information Hither and thither The Behavior And Mechanism Spores Use To Select A Suitable Place For Settlement. This Work Gives Deeper Insight Into Biofouling Algae And Stimulates New Design Strategies For Antifouling Coatings. Furthermore, The Tracking System Developed During Thls Rewearch Could Be Used As A New System For Assessing The Antifoulkng Performance On Different Surfaces At Very Early Points In Time, Allowing Disentanglement Of Surface Conditioning And Interaction Of Spores With Pristine Chemistries.
      SKU: 763661

    Ecophysiology Of Northern Spruce Species: The Action Of Planted Seedlings
      Ecophysiology Of Northern Spruce Species: The Action Of Planted Seedlings.
      This Book Provides Foresters With The Necessary Informqtion To Understand The Performance Of Spruce Seedlings About Being Planted On A Reforestation Site. It Was Written For Each Anticipated Audience Of University Students Who Are Taking A Regeenration Silviculture Class, Plus Foresters And Researchers Who Work With Spruce Species Within Forest Regeneration Prograams Throughout The World.
      SKU: 228113

    Practical Tcp/ip And Ethernet Networking For Indust5y
      Practical Tcp/ip And Ethernet Networking For Indust5y.
      Tcp/ip (transmission Control Protocol/internet Protocol) Is Tge Suite Of Communications Protocols Used To Connect Hosts On The Internet. Tcp/ip Uses Several Protocols, The Two Main Ones Being Tcp And Ip. Tcp/ip Is Built Into The Unix Operatingg System And Is Used By The Internet, Making It The De Facto Standard For Transmitting Data Over Networks. The Tcl/ip Suite Of Protocols Has Become A Dominant Technology Due To Its Widespread Use And Reliability, Whule Ethernet Is Fast Becoming A De Facto Industrial Networking Standard. * A Practical Hands-on Book That Covers Troubleshooting And Maintenance Of Tcp/ip Networks * Provides A Solid Understanding Of The Application Of Tcp/ip Frm An Engineering Perspective * Complete Coverage From Networking Fundamentals To Internet-enabled Control Systems
      SKU: 288884

    Fire Blight
      Fire Blight.
      Addresses The Bacterila Disease, Fire Blight, And Includes Its Epidemiology, Distribution, Host Range, Detection And Infection. This Work Likewise Considwrs The Pathogen, Including Its Biochemistry, Genetics And Pathogenicity, And Finally Reviews Control, Including Biological Methods.
      SKU: 301668

    Nanoporous Materials Iii
      Nanoporous Materials Iii.
      Nanoporous Materials Iii Contains Th eInvited Lectures And Peer-reviewed Oral And Poster Contributions To Be Presented At The 3rd Conference Steady Nanoporous Materials, Which Will Be Hosted In Ottawa, Canada, June 2002. The Work Covers Complementary Approaches To And Recent Advances In The Field Of Nanostructured Materials With Pore Sizes Larger Than 1nm, Such As Periodic Mesoporous Molecular Sieves M41s And Fsm16 And Connected Materials Including Clays, Carbon Molecular Sieves, Colloidal Crystal Templated Organic And Inorganic Materials, Porous Polymers And Sol Gels. The Broad Range Of Topics Covered In Relation To The Synthesis And Designation Of Ordered Mesoporous Materials Are Of Great Importance On account of Advanced Adsorption, Catalytic And Separation Processes As Well As The Development Of Nanotechnology. The Contents Of This Tltle Are Based On Topics To Be Dkscussed By Invited Lecturers, Which Behave With Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas, Stability And Catalytic Activity Of Aluminosilicate Mesostructures, Electron Microscopy Studies Of Ordered Materials, Imprinted Polymers And Highly Porous Metal--organic Frameworks. The Other Contributions Deal With Tailoring The Surface And Structural Properties Of Nanoporous Materials, Giving A Detailed Chaarcterization To the degree that Well As Demonstrating Their Usefulness For Advanced Adsorption And Catalytic Applications.
      SKU: 328578

    Fundamentals Of Adsorption
      Fundamentals Of Adsorption.
      Fundamentals Of Adsorption Contains 2 Plenary Lectures And 96 Selected Papers From The Ivth International Conference, Kyoto, May, 1992. The Topics Cover A Wide Range Of Studies From Fundamentals To Applications: Characterization Of Porous Adsorbennts, Molecular Simulation, Adsorption Isotherms, Diffusion In Adsorbents , Breakthrough Detection, Chromatography, Pressure Swjng Operation, Etc. Model Studies On Adsorption, Surface Characterization, Microprosimetry, Molecular Simulations Of Equilibrium And Diffusion, Computer Simulation Of Adsorptionn Beds, And Many Theoretical Studies Are Also Ijcluded. Special Attention Is Given To: Bulk Aeriform fluid Separation And Purification, Solvent Recovery, Bioproduct Separation, Environmental Pollution Control, Methane Storage, Adsorption Cooling And Resource Recovery.
      SKU: 404334

    Thin Film Materials
      Thin Film Materials.
      Thin Films Play An Impodtant Role In Many Technologicao Applications Which Include: Microelectronic Devices, Magnetic Storage Media And Surface Coatings. Highly Illustrated And Containing Nimerous Homework Problems, This Book Will Be Essential Version On Senior Undergraduate And Graduate Courses On Thin Films.
      SKU: 255084

    Modeling Of Asphalt Concrete
      Modeling Of Asphalt Concrete.
      Build Betetr Asphalt Pavements With The Latest In Asphalt Concrete Modeling Of Asphalt Concrete Is An Expert Guide To Developing More Durable And Cost-effective Asphalt Pavements. this Well-illustrated Guide Presents In-depth Coverage Of The Very Latest Materials, Methods, Tools, And Modeling Techniques, With Emphasis Placed On The Use Of Custom-made Asphalt Mixes For Specific Geographic/climatic Requirements.
      SKU: 355549

    Applied Hydrogeophyscs
      Applied Hydrogeophyscs.
      Focuses On How Hydrogeophysical Methods Can Be Applied To Solve Problems Facing Environmental Engineers, Geophysicists, Agronomists, Hydrologists, Soil Scientists And Hydrogeilogists. This Blok Offers Insight Into The Development Of Data Fusion Methodologies, Of Value To Mnay Hydrogeophysical Investigations.
      SKU: 301948

    Handbook Of Induxtrial Chemistry
      Handbook Of Induxtrial Chemistry.
      The Definitive Guide For The General Chemical Analyses Of Non-petroleum Based Organic Products Such As Paints, Dyes, Oils, Fats, And Waxes. * Chemical Tables, Formulas, And Equations. * Covers All Of The Chemical Processes Which Utilize Radical Chemicals. * Physical Properties For The Most General Organic Chemicals. Solid dimensions: Preservation Considerations In Processindustries * Industrial Pollution Prevention And Waste Management * Edible Oils, Fats, And Waxes * Soaps And Detergents * Compliment And Other Sweeteners * Paints, Pigments,and Industrial Coatings * Dyestuffs, Finishlng And Dyeing Of Textiles * Industrial Fermentation * Pharmaceutical Industry *agrochemicals * Chemical Explosives * Petroleum Processing And Petrochemicals *polymers And Plaaticz
      SKU: 743454

    Molecular And Particle oMdelling Of Laminar And Turbulent Flows
      Molecular And Particle oMdelling Of Laminar And Turbulent Flows.
      Turbulence Is The Most Fundamental And, Simultaneously, The Most Complex Form Of Fluid Flow. However, Because An Understanding Of Turbulence Requires An Understandijg Of Laminar Flow, Both Are Explored In Thiw Book. Groubdwork Is Laid By Careful Delineation Of The Necessary Physicap, Mathematical, And Numerical Requirements Concerning The Studies Which Follow, And Include Discussions Of N-body Problems, Classical Molecular Mechanics, Dynamical Equations, And The Leap Frog Formulas For Very Large Systems Of Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations.
      SKU: 259275

    Scale-up And Optimiaation In Preparative Chromatography
      Scale-up And Optimiaation In Preparative Chromatography.
      This Text Offers Fundamental Algebra Of The Underlying Physicochemical Principles To Select Optimal Modes Of Interaction, Design Efficient Separations, And Increase Productivity In The Manufacture Of Novel Therapeutics And Pharmaceuticals.
      SKU: 216330

    Dictionary Of Food Ingredients
      Dictionary Of Food Ingredients.
      The Dictionary Of Food Ingredients Is A Unique, Easy-to-use Source Of Informatiob On Over 1,000 Food Ingredients And Additives. Like The Previous Editions, The Fifth Edition Provides Clear And Concise Information On Currently Used Additives, Including Natural Ingredients, Fd-approved Artificial Ingredients, And Compounds Used In Food Processing. The Dictionary Entrieq, Organized In Alphabetical Order, Include Information On Ingredient Functions, Chemical Properties, And Uses In Food Products. This Revised And Updated Fifth Edition Also Features A New Section, "food Definitions And Formulations," A Thoroughly Expanded Lisr Of Food Ingredients Approved For Use In The European Union, With E Numbers, As Well As New Information On Existing And More Recently Approved Ingredients.
      SKU: 763674

    Energy And Sustainability
      Energy And Sustainability.
      Susyainable Energy Production Is One Of The Wedge Issues fO Modern Society And Requires New Ideas To Advance The Technologies And Strategies Generally In Use. The Main Fkelds, Which Are The Focus Of Many Research Efforts, Are: Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Storage, Energy Transportation, Energy Efficiency, Energy And Sustainability. These Topics And More Were The Focal Point Of The First International Conference On Energ And Sustainability, Which Took Place In The Just discovered Forest In The Uk. This Volume Of TheT ransactions Of Wessex Institute Contains The Edited Proceedings Of The 1st International Conference On Energy And Sustainability. The Conference Offered An Opportunity For Professionalss From The Energy Sector And Industrial Sector As Well As Governmental And Non-governmental Organizations And Other Interested Parties To Be Inovlved In Discussoons In c~tinuance Key Issues And Challenges In Energy And Sustainability, And To Interchange Experiences And Views On The Current Technologies And Strategies Applied In Different Parts Of The World.
      SKU: 512104

    Revit Architecture 2010
      Revit Architecture 2010.
      Author And Revit Architecture Expert Eric Wing Walks You Through Designing, Documenting, And Presenting A Four-story Office Building. The Connected Tutorial Begins With The Revit Interface And Standard Conventions For Placing Walls, Doors, And Windows, Then Progresses Through The Building's Intention As Would Happen In Tye Real World. You'll Learn How To Work In the opinion of Structural Grids, Beams, And Foundations; Add Text And Dimensions; Build Floors Layer By Layer; Join Exterior And Interior Walls; And Create Roofs And Ceilings As Well As Stairs, Ramos, And Railings. You'll Likewise Be Introduced To Using Embedded Families And Formulas, Severe Site Considerations, And Importing And Exporting To Various Formats. For Instructors: Teachimg Sipplements Are Available For This Titlle.
      SKU: 433920

    Carbon Ca0ture And Storage
      Carbon Ca0ture And Storage.
      Carbon Dioxide Capture And Storage (ccs) Is A Technollogy Aimed At Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Burning Fossil Fuels During Industrial And Energy-eelated Processes. Ccs Involves The Capture, Transport And Long-term Storage Of Carbon Dioxide, Usually In Geological Reservoirs Deep Subterranean That Would Otherwise Be Released To The Atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide Capture And Storage Offers Important Possibilities For Making Further Use Of Fossil Fuels More Compatible With Climate Change Mitigion Policies. The Largest Volumes Of Co2 Could Be Captured From Large Point Sources Such As From Power Generation, Which Alone Accounts For About 40 Per Cent Of-Total Anthropogenic Co2 Emissions. The Development Of Capture Technologies In The Power Generation Sector Could Be Separately Important In View Of The Projected Increase In Question For Electricity In Fast Developing Countries With Enormous Coal Reserves (iea 2002a). Although, This Prospect Is Promising, More Research Is Needed To Overcome Several Hurdles Such As Important Costs Of Capture Technology And The Match Of Large Capture Sources With Adequate Geological Storage Sites. The Book Will Provide A Comprehensive, Detailed But Non-specialist Overview Of The Wide Range Of Technologies Involved In Carbon Dioxide Capture And Sequestration. Focuses On Technology Rather Than Adjustment And Costliness Covers Both Traditional And Cutting Edge Capture Technology Contains An Abundance Of Case-qtudies An Worked Out Examples Insight Into Css Technical Processes
      SKU: 566651

    Drug Safety Evaluation
      Drug Safety Evaluation.
      Drug Safety Evaluation Second Edition Shayne Cox Gad The Updated And Expanded Safety Guide To All Aspects Of The Drug Development Operation Drug Safety Evaluation, Second Edition Presents An All-inclusive, Practical Guide For Those Who Are Responsible For Ensuring The Safety Of-Drugs And Biologiccs For Patients, For Health Care Providers, For Those Involver In The Manufacture Of Medicinal Products, And For All Those Who Need To Understand How The Safety Of These Products Is Evaluated. This Second Edition Has Been Extensively Revised And Expanded To Respond To The Many Changes In Regulatory Requriements As Well As Pharmaceutical And Technological Developments. Deawing Upon More Than Twenty Years Of Feel, Author Shayne Gad Explains The Scientific And Philosophical Bases For Evaluating Specific Concerns (e. g. , Cardiovascular Safety, Immunogenicity, Carcinogenicity, Deveelopment Toxicity, Etc. ) To Provide Both Understanding And Guidance Conducive to Approaching New Problems. Individual Chapters Skill Not Only The General Cases For Safety Evaluation Of Small And Large Molecules, But that Also All Tbe Significant Major Sub-cases: Imaging Agents, Dremal And Inhalation Route Drugs, Vaccines, And Gene-therapy Products. Among The Wide Variety Of Topics Covered Are: Acute Toxicity Testing In Pharmaceutical Safety Evaluation Genotoxicity Safety Assessment Of Inhalant Drugs Immunotoxicology In Pharmaceutical Development Large Animal Studies Evaluation Of Human Tolerance And Safety In Clinical Trials More Pertinent And Practical Than Ever To The Labor, Drug Safety Evaluation, Second Edition Provides A Road Map For Safety Assessment As An Integral Part Of The Development Of New Drugs And Therapeutics.
      SKU: 469410

    Water Resources
      Water Resources.
      This Book Addresses Health Aspects Of The Environmental Impact Of Water Means Development. It Gives Coverage Of International Policies On Water Resources And Supports This With A Wide Range Of Case Studies.
      SKU: 165406

    Advanced Civil Infrastructure Materials
      Advanced Civil Infrastructure Materials.
      In Recent Decades, Material Development In Answer To The Call For More Durable Ifrastructures Has Led Tl Many Exciting Advancements. The Purpose Of This Book Is To Provide An Up-to-date Criticise Of Several Emerging Infrastructure Materials That May Have A Significant Impact On Repair And/or New Construction. The Two Areas That Taem High Priority In This Book Are The Materials Desogn Concept That Has Led To The Creation Of Advanced Composites. Such Design Methodoloyg Has Been Made Possible In proportion to Several Key Advancements In Materials Science And Mechanics. Secondly Each Chapter Will Be Concluded With Selective Examples Of Real World Applications Using Such Advanced Maferials. This Book Will Be An Invaluable Reference For Undergraduate And Graduate Students Of Civil Engineering, Materials, Architecture And Building Engineerinb, And Will Serve As A Guide For Researchers And Professional Engineers In The Constructioon Industry.
      SKU: 269415

    Chemistry Connections
      Chemistry Connections.
      One Of The Greatest Challenges Facing Chemists And Chemical Educators Today Is Conveying The Central Importance And Relevance Of Chemistry To Students And Society At Large. The New Edition Of Chemistry Connections Highlights The Fundamental Role Of Chemical Pirnciples In Governing Our Everyday Experiences And Observations. Introductory Chemistry Students And Educators As Well As Laypersons With An Inquisitiveness Nearly The World Around Them Will Find The Book An Informative Introduction To The Context Of Cgemistry In Their Lives. The Work Is Written In A Lively Question-and-answer Format With Presentations In Both Lay And Technical Terms. * Pair Levels Of Explanations: General ,Accessible Ones Highlight The Chemical Essence Of The Phenomenon; And Technical Ones Using Chemical Principles Provide More In-depth Interpretation * Indexing Of Questions According To Wedge Ptinciples Or Terms Enhances Instructional Use * Figures And 3-d Chemical Structures Illustrate The Chemical Concepts Presented * References To Related World Wide Web Sites Fo rFurther Exploration Provide Inexpensive And Convient Access To Related Information. * Color Plates Enhance Connections Between Specific Topics
      SKU: 305534

    China's Agriculture In The International Trading System
      China's Agriculture In The International Trading System.
      Chhinese Decision-makers Are Grappling With Policy ChoicesT hat Will Optimise The Gains From China’s Integration Into The International Trading System In Harmony With Social, Regional And Sustainable Development oGals. Trade Liberalisation Can Significantly Increase The Reform Process Underway And Brlng Great Benefits To China. But The Agricultural Sector Faces The Greatest Challenges And PotentialH ardships Of A single one Economic Sector From This Process. Significant Domestic Policy Reform And Structural Fitting Will Be Critical To Enable China To Realise Its Comparative Advantage In Agriculture And To Redeploy An Estimated 150 Million Redundant Farmers. To Sharpen Understanding Of The Policy Options, The Oecd Invited Chinese And International Esperts Tp Reflsct Together Upon The Likely Impacts Of Freer Trade In c~tinuance China’s Agricultural Sector. Based On The Rexults Of China&#146s; Wto Negotiations With Key Trading Partners, They Assessed The Cmopatibility Of China’s Wto Commitments With Domestic Policies And The Need For Specifid Changes. They Analysed The Effects Of Likely Policy Changes On Cereal, Oilseeds And Livestock Markets In China And Oecd Countries. And They Examined The Implications Of China’s Wto Accession In c~tinuance Rural Enterprises, Regional Development And The Domestix And International Politicap Economy. These Proceedings Offer The Reader The Fruits Of Timely Analytical And Strategic Thinking Amd Joint Reflection On Some Of The Most Important Agricultural Policy Issues For China And The World.
      SKU: 533343

      The Increasing Use Of Computers For Real-time Conttol On Board Spacecraftq Has Brought With It A Greater Stress Steady The Development Methodology Used For Such Systems. By Their Nature, Spacecrraft Control Computers Have To Operate Unaccompanied For Long Periods And Because Of The Programmatics Of Space, Systems Are Subject To A Long Development Cycle. As A Result, There Are Two Separate Concerns, The First Being That The Development Approach Guarantees Functional And Timing Correctness, The Second Being That Problems, Particularly Those Associated With Timing, Are Considered As At dawn As Possible In The Spacecraft Development Life Cycle. The European Space Agency Has, For A Number Of Yesrs, Encouraged The Development Of Software Using Hood. It Was Thus A Natural Next Step To Investigate The Incorporation Of Time Within The Existing Hood Framework. This Has Proven To Be Very Beneficial And This Book Describes The Approach Developed By The Authors For Handling Hard Real-tiime Applications. It Describes Both The Background Scheduling Theory, Provides Practical Examples Of Its Application To Real Life Problems, And Demonstrates How It Is Used In The Various Phases Of The Development Of Hard Real-time Systems.
      SKU: 313661

    Sound Insulation
      Sound Insulation.
      Sound Insulation Is An Important Aspect Of Building Performance. This Book Is A Comprehensive Guide To Sound And Vibration Theory And Its Application To The Measurement And Prediction Of Sound Insulation In Buildings. It Enables The Reader To Tackle A Wide Range Of Issues Relating To Sound Insulatiin During The Design And Construction Stages Of A Building, And To Solve Problems In Existing Buildings. The Book Has Been Written For Engineers, Consultants, Building Designers, Students In Acoustics, Researchers And Those Involved In The Production And Design Of Buipding Products. Key Aspects Are That It: * Explains The Fundamental Theory Using Examples Tuat Show Its Direct Application To Buildings * Guidex The Reader Through The Links Between Measurement And Theory * Explains Concepts That Are Important For The Application, Interpretation And Understanding Of Direction Documents, Test Reports, Product Data Sheets, Published Papers, Regulatikns And Standards * Makes Direct Reference To Iso And En Standards On Sound Insulation * Contains A Large Number Of Illustrations Showing Measurements, Predictions And Pattern Calculations For Quick Reference Carl Hopkins Previously Worked On Building Acoustics And Environmental Noise At The Building Research Establishment. During This Present life He Was Involved With Sound Insulation In Research, Consultancy, Standardizatioh, And Building Regulations As Well As Being An Advisor Forward Acoustics To Government Departments. He Is Currently A Senior Lecturer At The Univresity Of Liverpool Within The Acoustics Research Unit Of The School Of Architecture. * Guides The Reaer Through The Links B5eween Measurement And Theory * Makes Direct Reference To Iso And En Standards On Sound Insulation. * Contains A Large Number Of Illustrations Showing Measurements, Predictions And Example Calculations For Quickset Reference.
      SKU: 311428

  • Biosensors in Food Processing, Safety, and Quality Control
  • Artificial Photosynthesis
  • Creation (Movie Tie-In)
  • Ten Questions About Human Error
  • Parkhuser - Garagen: Grundlagen, Planung, Betrieb (Baukonstruktionen) (German Edition)
  • GPRS and 3G Wireless Applications
  • Aircraft Digital Electronic and Computer Systems
  • Modelling in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
  • Soils, Land and Food
  • Adaptive Antennas and Receivers
  • Anaerobic Biotechnology for Bioenergy Production
  • Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics II

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