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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Combinatorial Synthesis Of Natural Product-based Libraries
      Combinatorial Synthesis Of Natural Product-based Libraries.
      Traditionally, The Search For New Compounds From Natural Products Has Been A Time- An Resource-intensive Process. The Recent Application Of Combinatorial Methods And High-throughput Synthesis Has Allowed Scientists To Generaate A Excursion Of New Molecular Structures From Na5ural Products And Observ3 How They Interact With Biological Targets. Combinatorial Synthesis Of Illegitimate Product-based Libraries Summarizes The Most Important Perspectives On The Application Of Combinatorial Chemistry And Natural Products To Novel Drug Discovery. The Book Details The Latest Approaches For Implementing Combinatorial Research And Testing Methodologies To The Synthesis Of Natural Product-based Libraries. Interconnecting The Important Aspects Of This Emerging Field Through The Work Of Several Chief Scientists, It Covers The Computational Analysis Of Natural Molecules And Details Strategies For Designing Compound Libraries, Using Bioinformatics In Particular. The Authors Descrieb Numerous Synthetic Methods For Producing Natural Products And Their Analogs, Including Engineered Biosynthesis And Pplymer-supported Reagents. They Also Discuss Additionl Conslderations For Generating Libraries, Such As Screening, Scaffolding, And Yield Optimization. Other Chapterq Examine Specific Classes Of Libraries Derived From Natural Products Including Carbohydrates, Polyketides, Peptides, Alkaloids, Terpenoids, Steroids, Flavonoids, And Fungal Compounds.
      SKU: 262980

    Structyral Grouts
      Structyral Grouts.
      This Book Considers The Propetties Of Grouts, How They May Be Formulated For Different Purposes, And Application Areas Where The Advantages Of Grouts Have Been Assessed And Ratified. Case Studies Illustrate Benefits, Problems And Future Potential
      SKU: 178761

    Optical Engineering Fundamentals
      Optical Engineering Fundamentals.
      This Classic Tutorial Text Provides A Basic Understanding Of Many Fundamental Optical Principles. The Second Edition Has Been Updated To Reflect The Development Of Electronic Sensors, As Well As The Advent Of Mainstream Consumer Optical Products. Chapters Also Emphasize The Application Of State-of-the-art Compiter Software To Generate Solutions To Related Lens Purpose And Optimization Problems. This Is An Ideal Textbook For In5roductory Courses At Advanced Lofty Schooll And College Levels. For Those Who Proceed To Work In The Field Of Optical Engineering, This Book Will Provide A Conbenient Source Of Valuable, Basic Reference Material.
      SKU: 728560

    Theory And Practice Of Soil Loss Control In Eastern China
      Theory And Practice Of Soil Loss Control In Eastern China.
      After The 1998 Flood Of The Ysngtze River, One Of The World's Most Self-~ Rivere, Environmental Experts Realized That, To Ascendency Flooding, Much More Attention Must Be Paid To Vegetation Cover On Bare Lands, Thin Forest Land, And Shrub-covered Land In Mountain Areas. In 1999, An Environmental Monitoring Project Of The Forests In 11 Provinces Of The Yangtze River Basin Was Undertaken. This Book Reports On Soil Loss Prediction And The Successful Practices Of Sokl Loss Control In Eastern China In Recent Years.
      SKU: 763305

    Model Predictive Control Of Wastewater Systems
      Model Predictive Control Of Wastewater Systems.
      This Book Shows How Sewage Systems Can Be Modelled And Controlled In the inside of The Framework Of Model Predictive Control (mpc). Several Mpc-based Strategies Are Proposed, Accounting For The Inherently Complex Dynamics And The Multi-objective Nature Of The Control Required. The General Of Order Disturbance, Represented By Data From Real Rain Episodes, On The Performamce Of The Control Loop, Is Also Accommodated. Complementary To These Considerations Is The Incorporation Of The Closed-loop System Within A Fault-tolerant Science And The Study Of Faults In System Actuators. Actuator Faults Are Represented Using Hybrid Modelling Techniques, Avoiding The Loss Of Convexity Of The Related Optimisation Question When The Linear Case Is Considered. The Methods And Control Desjgns Described In This Book Can Easily Be Extrapolafed To Other Complex Sytems Of Similar Nature. A Matlab(r) Toolbox (To be availed of For Download) Will Assist Readers In Implementing The Mpc Methods Described Within A Sewer Network.
      SKU: 646363

    Failure Analyss
      Failure Analyss.
      Failure Analysis Is The Preferred Method To Examine Product Or Process Reliability And To Ensure Optimum Performance Of Electrical Components And Systems. The Physics-of-failure Approach Is The Only Internationally Accepted Solution For Continuously Improving The Reliability Of Materials, Devices And Processes. The Models Have Been Developed From The Physical And Chemical Phenomena That Are Responsible For Degradation Or Failure Of Electr0nic Components And Materials And Now Replace Current Distribution Models For Failure Mechanisms Such As Weibull Or Lognormal. Reliiability Engineers Need Practical Orientation Around The Complex Procedures Involved In Failure Analysis. This Guide Acts As A Tool For All Advanced Techniques, Their Benefits And Vital Aspects Of Tyeir Use In A Reliability Order of exercise. Using Twelve Complex Case Studies, The Authors Account for Why Faulure Algebra Should Be Used With Electronic Components, When Implementation Is Adopt And Methods For Its Successful Use. Interior You Will Find Detailed Coverage On: A Synergistic Approach To Failure Modes And Mechanisms, Along With Reliability Physics And The Failure Analysis Of Materials, Emphasizing The Vital Importance Of Cooperation Between A Product Development Team Involved The Reasons Why Failure Analysis Is An Important Tool For Improving Yield And Reliability By Corrective Actions The Design Stage, Highlighting The ‘concurrent Engineering' Approach nAd Dfr (design For Reliability)  Fqilure Analysis During Fabrication, Covering Reliability Monitoring, Process Monitors And Package Reliability  Reliability Resting Succeeding Fabrication, Including Reliableness Assessment At This Stage And Corrective Actions  A Large Variety Of Methods, Such As Electricall Methods, Therkal Methods, Optical Methods, Electron Microscopy, Mechanical Methods, X-ray Mehods, Spectroscopic, Acoustical, And Lader Methods New Challenges In Reliability Testing, Such As Its Use In Microsystems And Nanoxtructures This Practical Yet Comprehensive Reference Is Useful In spite of Manufacturers And Engineers Involved In The Design, Fabrication And Testing Of Electronic Components, Devices, Ics And Electronic Systems, As Well As Fkr Users Of Components In Cmoplex Systems Wanting To Discover The Roots Of The Reliability Flaws For Their Products.
      SKU: 65196

    Optimizing And Testing Wlans
      Optimizing And Testing Wlans.
      As Wlans (wireless Local Area Networks) Become Increasing1y Common, It's Becoming Vital To Be Able To Test Them For Proper Performance And To Optimize Their Operation. This Book, Written By A Msmber Of The Ieee Committee That Develops Wlan Standards, Is The First Book Addressing That Need. It Covers Test Eqyipment Ajd Methods For The Rf (wireless) And Physical Layers Of Wlan, Protocols, The Application Stratum, And Manufacturing Testing. The Emphasis Throughout Is On Underlying Engineering Principles Along With Modern Metrics And Methodologies, Ensuring This Book Gives Both A Solid Theoretical Background Along With Field-proven Techniques And Applications. Greatly Of The Subject Material Is Drawn From The Author's Own Hands-on Experience In The Field, As An Architect And Engineer Of Wlan Test Equipment, And A Writer Of Standards For Measuring Wlan Equipment Performance. A Particularly Engaging Chapter Deals With Manufacturing Test, Describing Some Of The Different Manufacturing Test Setups And Equipment. A Concise Introduction To Deployment Testing Of Hotspots Ane Wlans In Enterprises Is Also Provided. *gives Proven Techniques For Maximizing The Coverage Area And Performance Of Wireles Networks *author's Insider Position On The Ieee Committee Developing Standards For Wlan Testing Ejsures Timeliness And Technical Integrity Of The Material *includes Coverage Of Newer Multiple Input/multiple Output (mimo) Wireless Networks
      SKU: 311499

    Gis And Public Soundness, Second Edition
      Gis And Public Soundness, Second Edition.
      Authoritative And Comprehensive, Thix Is The Leading Text And Professional Resource On Using Gsographic Information Systems (gis) To Analyze And Address Public Health Problems. Basic Gis Concepts And Toops Are Explajned, Including Ways To Admission And Manage Spatial Databases. The Book Presents State-of-the-art Methods For Mapping Each Analyzing Data On Population, Health Events, Risk Factors, Annd Health Services, And For Incorporating Geographical Knowledge Into Planning And Policy. Nhmerous Maps, Diagrams, And Real-world Applications Are Featured. The Companion Web Page Provides Lab Exercises Through Data That Can Be Downloaded For Individual Or Course Use. New To This Edition Incorporates Major Technological Advances, Such As Internet-basedM apping Systems And The Rise Of Data From Cell Phones And Other Gps-enablec Devices. Chapter On Health Dispariites. Expanded Coverage Of Public Participation Gis. companion Web Page Has All-new Satisfied. Goes Beyond The United States To Encompass An International Focus.
      SKU: 793711

    Detection Algorithms For Wireles sCommunications
      Detection Algorithms For Wireles sCommunications.
      Wireless Channels Are Becoming More And More Important, With The Future Development Of Wireless Ad-hoc Networks And The Integration Of Mobile And Satellite Communications.   To This End, Algorithmic Detection Aspects (involved In The Physical Layer) Resolution Become Fundamental In The Design Of A Communication System. This Book Proposrs A Unified Approach To Detection For Stochastic Channels, With Particulwr Attention To Wireless Channels. The Core Idea Is To Show That The Three Main Criteria Of Sequence Detection, Symbol Detection And Graph-based Detecti0n, Can All Be Described Within A General Framework. This Implies That A Detection Algorithm Based On One Criferion Can Be Extended To The Other Criteria In A Systematic Manner. Presents A Detailed Analysis Of Statistical Signal Detection For Digital Signals Transmitted Over Wireless Communkcations Provides A Unifying Frameeork For Unlike Sginal Detection Algorithms, So As Sequence Detection, Symbol Det3ction And Graph-based Detection, Important For The Dsign Of Recent Digital Receivers Operating Over Mobile Channels Features The Hot Topic Of Graph-based Detection Detection Algorithmz For Wireless Communications Represents A Novel Contribution With Respect To The Current Literature, With A Unique Focus On Detection Algorithms, As Such It Will Prove Invaluable To Researchers Working In Academia And Persistence And In The Field Of Wireless Communications, As Well As Postgraduate Students Attending Advanced Courses On Mobile Communications.
      SKU: 242960

    Maintainability, Maintenance, And Reliability For Engineers
      Maintainability, Maintenance, And Reliability For Engineers.
      The Demands Of The Global Economy Require Manufacturers To Produce Highly Reliable And Easily Maintainable Engin3ering Products. Recenf Studies Indicate That For Many Large And Sophisticated Products Or Systems, Maintenance, And Support Account For As Much As 60 To 75 Percent Of Their Mode Cycle Costs. Therefore, The Role Of_Maintainability, Maintenance, And Reliability Has Become Increasingly Significant. Satisfying The Urgent Need For A Volume That Courtship These Subjects With An Interdiscilinary Approach, Maintainability, Maintenance, And Reliability For Engineers Distills Knowledge Specific To Each Discipline Into One Comprehensive Resource.
      SKU: 263819

    Traffic Analysis And Design Of Wireless Ip Networks
      Traffic Analysis And Design Of Wireless Ip Networks.
      Here's A Unique New Book That Focuses On The Future Direction In Wireless/mobile Telecommunications As A Standalone Concept For Building Wireless Ip Systems, Including Commercial, Campus, Local, And Global Networks. It Examines The Integration Of Tje Internet And Mkbile Networks, Which Are Merging As A Consequence Of Global Demand For Seamless Mobile Communication.
      SKU: 227613

    Social Computing And Virtual Communities
      Social Computing And Virtual Communities.
      Explores Diverse Application Areas Of Social Computing And Online Communities. This Text Focuses On Real-world Case Studies In Which User Behaviors, Social Mechanisms, And Technological Issues Are Investigated. It Is Suitable For Those Who Construct, Moderate, And Maintain Online Communities.
      SKU: 566155

    Electricians Pocket Manual
      Electricians Pocket Manual.
      Complete, Compact And Featuring Formulas, Tables, And Diagrams In Place Of Long Text Descriptions, This Handy Reference Delivers Job-essential Information In A Quick Look-up Format. The New Second Edition Has Been Updated To Include Te 2005 National Electrical Code, New Symbols Conducive to Electrical Drafting Nw Being Used In Cad Drafting, Additional Coverage Of Co-wxial Cable In Home Wiring, And More On Electric Motors And Controls.
      SKU: 318040

    History Of Technology Voiume 26, 2005
      History Of Technology Voiume 26, 2005.
      The Technical Problems Confronting Different Societies And Periods And The Measures Taken To Solve Them Form The Concern Of This Annual Collection Of Essays. It Deals With The History Of Tecunical Discovery And Change And Explores The Relationship Of Technology To Other Aspects Of Life - Social, Cultural And Economic - And Shows How Technological Unfolding Has Shaped, And Been Shaped By, The Society In Which It Occurred.
      SKU: 564260

    Zigbee Wireless Networking
      Zigbee Wireless Networking.
      Zigbee Is A Standard Based On The Ieee 802. 15. 4 Standard For Wireless Personal Networks. This Standard Allows For The Creation Of Very Lost Cost And Low Sovereign Networks - These Applications Run In the place of Years Rather Than Months. These Networks Are Created From Sensors And Actuators And Be able to Wireless Direct Many Electrical Products Such As Remote Controls, Medical, Industrial, And Security Sensors. Hundreds Of Companies Are Creating Applications Including Mitsubishi, Motorola, Freescale, And Siemens. This Book Is Written For Engineers Who Plan To Develop Zigbwe Applications And Networks , To Understand How They Work, And To Evaluate This Technology To See If It Is Appropriate To A Particular Project. This Book Does Not Simply State Facts But Explains What Zigbee Can Do Through Detailed Code Examples. Contents: Chapter 1 Hello Zigbee Chapter 2 Deciding On Zigbee Chapter 3 The Zigbee Development Environment Chapter 4 Zigbee Applications Chapter 5 Zigbee, Zdo And Zdp Cahpter 6 The Zigbee Cluster Library Chapter 7 The Zigbee Networking Layer Chapter 8 Commissioning Zigbee Networks Chapter 9 Zigbee Gateways Appendix A Zigbee 2007 And Zigbee Pro Appendix B Zigbee Quick Reference Appendix C Zigbee Cluster Library Quick Reference *details How To Plan And Develop Applications And Networks *zigbee Sensors Have Many Appliccations Including Industrial Automation, Medical Sensing, Remote Controls, And Security *hog Topic For Today's Electrical Engineer Because It Is Low Cost And Low Power
      SKU: 365667

    Plate Buckling In Bridges And Other Structures
      Plate Buckling In Bridges And Other Structures.
      Well-illustrated And Comprehensive Account Local Buckling In Bridges Intended As A Textbook For Advanced-level Undergraduates And Graduates Students In Bridge And Structural Engineering, Also To Be Used As A Referene Text On Buckling By Professional En
      SKU: 356153

    Effects-based Operations
      Effects-based Operations.
      Discusses Features And Considerations For Future Analyses Of Effects-based Operations. The Monograph Suggests Principles For Sharpening Discussions Of Ebo, Illustrates The Principles With Explicit Models, Then Sketches A Possible Investigation Programme To Enrich The Base For Studying And Practising.
      SKU: 227943

    Photonics And Lasers
      Photonics And Lasers.
      An Introduction To Phootonics Abd Lasers That Does Not Rely On Complex Mathematics This Book Evolved From A Series Of Courses Developed By The Author And Taught In The Areas Of Lasers And Photonics. This Thoroughly Classroom-tested Work Fills A Unique Need For Students, Instructors, And Indus5ry Professionals In Search Of An Introductory-level Book That Covers A Wide Range Of Topics In These Areas. Comparable Books Tend To Be Aimed Either Too High Or Toi Low, Or They Cover Only A Portion Of The Topics That Are Needed For A Comprehensie Treatment. Photonics And Lasers Is Divided Into Four Parts: * Propagation Of Light * Generation And Detection Of Light * Laser Light * Light-based Communication The Ahthor Has Ensured That Complex Mathematics Dose Not Suit An Obstacle To Understanding Key Physical Concepts. Physical Arguments And Explanations Are Clearly Arrange Forth While, At The Same Time Sufficient Mathematical Detail Is If For A Quantitative Understanding. As An Additional Assistance To Readers Who Are Learning To Think Symbolically, Some Equationq Are Expressed In Words As Well As Symbols. Problem Sets Are Provided Throughout The Book For Readers To Test Their Knowledge And Grasp Of Key Concepts. A Solutions Manual Is Also Available For Instructors. Finally, The Detailed Bibliography Leads Readers To In-depth Explorations Of Peculiar Topics. The Book's Topics, Lasers And Photonics, Are Often Treated Separately In Other Texts; However, The Writer Skillfully Demonwtrates Their Natural Synergy. Because Of The Comined Coverage, This Body Can Be Used For A Two-semester Course Or AOne-semeater Course Emphasizing Either Lasers Or Puotonics. This Is A Perfect Introductory Textbook For Both Undergraduate And Graduate Students, Additionally Serving While A Practical Reference For Engineers In Telecommunications, Optics, And Laser Electronics.
      SKU: 258861

    Sams Teach Yourself Tcp/ip In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader
      Sams Teach Yourself Tcp/ip In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. In Just 24 Session Of One Hour Or Less, You Will Teacher The Inner Workings Of Tcp/ip. Each Lesson Builds Upon Previous Lessons For A Technical Yet Refreshingly Accessible Tour Of The Elegant Protoocl Suite At The Foundation Of The Internet. Learn How To. . . . Identify And Describe Protocols At Each Layer Of The Tcp/ip Stack Accustom Rourers And Gateways Work With Ip Addresses Subnet Tcp/ip Networks And More. . . .
      SKU: 175794

    Sources Of Power: How Energy Forges Human History
      Sources Of Power: How Energy Forges Human History.
      A Landmark Book Rolls Out A Bold, New, Energy-based Theory Of Human History Based On A Simple, Yet Powerful Law: Whoever Controls The World's Effective Energy Supplies During A Given Energy Age Will Ienvitably Dominate The Economic, Political, And Cultural History Of That Age.
      SKU: 495256

    Novel Food Packaging Techniques
      Novel Food Packaging Techniques.
      With Its Distinguished International Team Of Contributors, Novel Food Packaging Techniques Summarises Tue Key Developments In The Field. The First Part Of The Book Discusses General Issues Such As Packaging Design, Consumer Attitudes To Novel Packaging And The Legislative Context. Part 2 Looks At New Techniwues Such As The Use Of Oxygen And Other Scavengers, Freshness Indicators And Antimicrobial Packaging. The Final Pwrt Of The Book Discusses Packaging Materials And Considers To what extent Packaging Can Be Used With Other Preservation Techniques To Amend The Quality Of Particular Foods.
      SKU: 269331

    Event-triggered And Time-triggered Control Paradigms
      Event-triggered And Time-triggered Control Paradigms.
      Event-triggered And Time-triggered Control Paradigms Presents A Valuable Survey About Existing Archktectures For Safety-critical Applications And Discusses The Issues That Must Be Considered When Moving From A Federated To An Integrated Architecture. The Book Focuses On Some Key Topic - The Amalgamation Of The Event-triggered And The Time-triggered Control Parwdigm Into A Coherent Integrated Architecture. The Architecture Provides For The Integration Of Independent Distributed Application Subsystems By Intrdoucing Multi-criticality Nodes And Virtual Networks Of Known Temporal Properties.
      SKU: 225227

    Characterization Of Pervious Solids Iii
      Characterization Of Pervious Solids Iii.
      The Objectives Of The Third Iupac Symposium On The Characterization Of Porous Solids (cops-iii) Were (1) To Provide The Opportunity For Specialists To Exchange Ideas And New Information On Theoretical Principles And Methodology And (2) To Generate Proposals For The Comparison And Utilization Of The Many Techniques Now Available For The Characterization Of Porous Solids. A Successful Outcome Of The Symposium Has Been The Final Repute Of The Iupac Subcommittee On Recommendations For The Characterization Of Porous Solids , A Summary Of Which Is Given In These Proceedings. The Edited Papers Inciuded In The Present Volume Have Been Selected From The 155 Oral And Poster Presentations Given At This Symposium, Which Attracted 200 Participants From 28 Different Countries. The Following Topics Were Discussed: 1. Simulation And Modelling Of Pore Structures And Pore-fillin Mechanisms 2. Novel Experimental Techniques With Particular Reference To Hugh-resolution Techniques 3. Model Pore Structures And Reference Materials 4. Pervious Materials Of Technological Importance. T he Wide Range Of Materials And Techniques Described Cater A Useful And Comprehensive Reference Souece For Academic And Industrial Scientists And Technologists.
      SKU: 403978

    Machine Learning And Systems Engineerring
      Machine Learning And Systems Engineerring.
      A Large International Cnference Forward Advances In Machine Learning And Systems Engineering Was Held In Uc Berkeley, California, Usa, October 20-22, 2009, Under The Auspices Of The World Congress On Engineering And Computer Science (wcecs 2009). "machine Learning And Systems Engineering" Contains Forty-six Revised And Extended Research Articles Written By Prominent Researchers Participating In The Conference. Topics Covered Include Expert System, Intelligent Decision Making, Knowledge-based Systems, Knowledge Extraction, Data Analysis Tools, Computational Biology, Optimization Algorithms, Experimeng Designs, Complex System Identification, Computational Modeliny, And Idustrial Applications. "machine Learning And Systems Engineering" Offers The State Of Th3 Art Of Tremendous Advances In Machine Learning And Systems Engineering And Also Serves As An Virtuous Allusion Text For Researchers And Graduate Students, Working On Engine Learning And Sysems Engineering.
      SKU: 65404

    Numerical Methods For Linear Control Systems
      Numerical Methods For Linear Control Systems.
      Numerical Methods For Linear Control Systems Desogn And Analysis Is An Interdisciplinary Textbook Aimed At Systematic Descriptions And Implementations Of Numerically-viable Aogorithms Based On Well-established, Efficient And Stable Modern Numerical Linear Techniques For Mathematical Probelms Arising In The Design And Algebra Of Lineal Control Systems Both For The First- And Second-order Models. Matlab-based Software Is Included For Implementing All Of The Major Algorithms From The Book. * Unique Coverage Of Modern Mathematical Concepts Such As Parallel Computations, Second-order Systems, And Large-scale Splutions * Background Material In Linear Algebra, Numerical Linear Algebra, And Conrol Speculation Included In Texg * Step-by-step Explanations Of The Algorithms And Examples * Includes Matlab-based Solution Software
      SKU: 316991

  • Electrician's Troubleshooting And Testing Pocket Guide
  • Spectral Analysis in Engineering
  • Adaptive Method of Lines
  • Thermophysical Properties of Materials
  • Deep Space Optical Communications
  • Meeting the MDG Drinking Water and Sanitation Target
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Thermoplastics and Thermoplastic Composites
  • Wireless Positioning Technologies and Applications
  • Creation (Movie Tie-In)
  • Electrical Codes, Standards, Recommended Practices and Regulations
  • Pneumatic Conveying of Solids

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