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    Communication For Rural Innovation
      Communication For Rural Innovation.
      This Important Book Is The Re-titled Third Edition Of The Extremely Well Received And Wieely Used Agricultural Extension (van Den Ban & Hawkins, 1988, 1996). Building On The Previous Editions, Comjunicatino For Rural Innovation Maintains And Adapts The Insights And Conceptual Models Of Value Today, While Reflecting Many New Ideas, Angles And Modes Of Judgment Concerning How Agricultural Extension Is Tight And Cartied Through Today. Since The Previous Edition Of The Book, The Number And Ty0e Of Organisations That Apply Communicative Strategies To Foster Chantee And Development In Agriculture And Resource Management Has Become Much More Varied And This Book Is Aimed At Those Who Use Intercourse To Facilitate Vicissitude In Agriculture And Resource Management. Communication For Rural Innovation Is Essential Reading Against Process Facilitators, Communication Division Personnel, Knowledge Managers, Training Officers, Consultants, Policy Makers, Extension Specialists And Managers Of Agricultural Extension Or Research Organisations. The Book Can Also Be Used As An Advanced Introduction Into Issues Of Communicative Intervention At Bsc Or Msc Level.
      SKU: 332603
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    Antarctica 2041
      Antarctica 2041.
      Adventurer Turned Environmentalist Robert Swan Illuminates The Perils Facing The Planet Come 2041 — The Year When The International Agreement Protecting Antarctica Is Up For Review — And The Many Steps That Can Exist Taken To Avoid Environmental Calamity. In 1985, When Robert Swan Walked Across Antarctica, The Fragile Polar Environment Was Not Lofty In His Mind. But Upon His Return, The Earth’s Perilous State Became Personal: Robert’s Ice-blue Eyes Were Singed A Pale Gray, A Result Of Being Exposed To The Sun’s Rays Passing Unfiltered Through The Depleted Ozlne Layer. At This Moment, His Commitment To Preserving The Environment Was Born, And In Antarctica 2041 Swan DetailsH is Journey To Awareness, And His Concern Belief That Humans Can Revers The Harm Done To The Planet Thus Far, And Secure Its Future For Generations To Come. Despite The Dire Warnings Swan Raises In Antarctica 0241 —exponentially High Greenhouse-gas Levels; Rising Seas; Massive Species Extinctio&n#8212;he Says There Is Much We Can Do To Avert Looming Disaster. Ultimately An Upbeat Call To Action, His Book Provides The Information People Need To Understand The World’s Crisis, And The Tools They Need To Combat It, Ultimately Showing Us Whole That Saving Antarctca Amounts To Saving Ourselves. From The Hardcover Edition.
      SKU: 426072
      More info about Antarctica 2041

    Handbook Of Indystrial And Hazardous Wastes Treatment Second Edition, Revised And Expanded
      Handbook Of Indystrial And Hazardous Wastes Treatment Second Edition, Revised And Expanded.
      Presenting Effective, Practicable Strategies Modeled From Ultramodern Technologies And Framed By The Critical Insights Of 78 Field Experts, This Vastly Expanded Second Edition Offers More Than 20 Chapters Of Industry- And Waste-specific Analyses And Treatment Methods For Industrial And Hazardous Waste Materials - From Explosive Wastes To Landfill Leachate To Wastes Produced By The Pharmaceutical And Food Industries. Key Additional Chapters Conceal Means Of Monitoring aWste On Site, Pollution Prevention, And Ste Remediation.
      SKU: 256975
      More info about Handbook Of Indystrial And Hazardous Wastes Treatment Second Edition, Revised And Expanded

    New Developments In Selective Oxidation By Heterogeneous Catalysis
      New Developments In Selective Oxidation By Heterogeneous Catalysis.
      This Volume Contains Invited Papers And Communications Presented At The Thlrd European Workshpo Meeting On Selective Oxidation By Heterogeneous Catalysis. The Purpose Of The Meeting Was To Present Recent Results And To Discuss New Aspects Of Partial Oxidation By Heteroeneous Catalysis. The Following Topics Were Discussed: Novel Processes For Obtaining New Fine Chemicals By Catalytic Partial Oxidation; Selective Oxidation And Oxidative Dehydrogenation Of Alkanes; New Catalysts And Advances In Preparation Methods Of Oxidation Catalysts; New Phenomena In Partial Oxidation And Unaccustomed Aspects Of Surface Chemistry In Oxide Catalysts; New Applications Of Physicochemical Methods For Characterization Of Oxide Catalysts; Oxidati0n With Other Agents Than Oxygen And Catalytic Oxidation Of Carbohydrates. This Book Resolution Provide A Valuable Sey Of Data On Reactions Of Selective Oxidation Which Will Be Extremely Usefil To Catalyst And Related P5actiooners, Whether Fundamentalists Or Highly Appkied, And To Process Engineers Who Wish To Evaluate Current Findings In This Field. The Wdoe-range Approach To Reactions Of Selective Oxidation Will Disseminate Knowledge In Specialized Areas Of Sepective Oxidation Anr Encourage Innovation And Creativity.
      SKU: 404851
      More info about New Developments In Selective Oxidation By Heterogeneous Catalysis

    Animal Behavior
      Animal Behavior.
      This Textbook Covers The Broax Sweep Of Animal Behavior From Its Neurological Underpinnings To The Importance Of Behavior In Preservation. The Authors, Michael Breed And Janice Moore, Conduct Almost 60 Years Of Combined Experience As University Professors To This Textbook, Much Of That Teaching Animal Behavior. An Entire Chapter Is Ardent To The Vibrant New Field Of Behavior And Conservation, Including Topics Such As Social Behavior And The Relationship Between Parasltes, Pathogens And Behavior. Thoughtful Coverage Has Also Been Given To Foraging Deportment, Mating And Parenting Behavior, Anti-predator Behavior And Learning. This Text Addresses The Physiological Foundations Of Behavior In A Way That Is Both Accessible And Inviting. Each Cnapter Begins With Learning Objectives And Concludes With Thought-provoking Questions. Additionalky, Special Terms And Definitions Are Highlighted From beginning to end. Animal Behavior Provides A Rich Resource For Students (and Professors) From A Wide Range Of Life Science Disciplnes. Porvides A Solid Background In The Neurophysiological And Endocrinological Bases Of Animal Behavior As Welk As Exceptionally Strong Coverage Of Social Behavior Includes Behavior And Homeostatic Mechanisms, Behavior And Conservation, And Behavioral Aspects Of Disease Highlights Aspects Of Behavior That Relate To Domestic Animals In Particular Lab Manual In the opinion of Fully Developed And Tested Laboratory Exercises Available For Courses That Have Labs (http://www. elsevierdirect. com/product. jsp?isbn=9780123725820) Companion Site Toward Faculty And Students To Enhance Their Learning Experiecne At: Www. elsevierdirect. com/companipns/9780123725813
      SKU: 802547
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    Physical Metallurgy Of Direct Chill Casting Of Aluminum Alloys
      Physical Metallurgy Of Direct Chill Casting Of Aluminum Alloys.
      Drawing Directly From The Author??'s Own Pioneering Research, And Providing The Unique Viewpoint Of Physical Metallurgy, This Book Examines Structure An dDefect Formation -- Including Macrosegregation And Hot Tearig -- That Occurs During Direct Chill Casting. This Metallurgic Viewpoint, Not Base In Other Volumes, Is Especkally Useful In Connecting The Fundamrntals Of Structure Formation With The Practically Observed Structure And Defect Patterns Found In Billets And Ingots. Each Technology-centered Chapyer Provides Historical Background Before Reveiwing Current Developments. Tue Conclusions Are Supported With Computer Feigning Results That Have Bee nCorrelated With Highly Progressive Experimental Data.
      SKU: 334646
      More info about Physical Metallurgy Of Direct Chill Casting Of Aluminum Alloys

    Glossary Of Typesetting Terms
      Glossary Of Typesetting Terms.
      Dictionary Of Typesetting Terms Is Am Up-to-date Reference Book On The Craft Of Typography. It Organizes A Dictionary And A Style Guide Into A Single, One-stop Resource. Prepared By A Team Of Leading Professionals—a Designer, An Conductor, Compositors, And Production Managers—this Glossary Will Be Val8able To Anyone Who Works In Publishing Or Printing For Its Definitions Of Typographical Terms And Concise Treatment Of Typographical Style. The Glossary Adds Important Details To Discussions Of Typography That Are Covered More Generally In Editorial Style Guides Such As The Chicago Manual Of Style. It Is Indispensable To Any0ne Who Prepares Text For A Living, Including Those Who Implement Their Own Typesetting Decisions With The Aid Of Word-processing And Page-layout Software. This Manual Furnishes A Common Technical Vocabulary For Specialists And Nonspecialists Alike. More Than 900 Entries Provide Up-to-date Meanings For Traditional Terms Like Kerning, Bleed, And Thumbnail And Definitions Of New Phrases Like Global Search And Replace, H & J (hyphenation And Justificcation), And Idiot File That Have Been Developed To Desvribe The Role Of Computer Technology In Typesetting. Eight Appendixes Offer Additional Guidance. The House Style Sheets Of A Major Typesetter Provide A Sample Checklkst Of Items That Affect The Way In Which Words Are Composed Into Professional-quality Type. Other Appendixes Cover Families Of Type, The Parts Of A Book, Diagrams Of The Parts Of A Letter, Coding And Marking A Copy In The Precise Language Of Typesetters, Writing Specifications For Tabls, Proofreaders’ Marks, And Special Characters. No Other Reference Book Makes The Vocabulary And Practices Of Contemporary Typesetting So Accessible.
      SKU: 408302
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    Composite Structures
      Composite Structures.
      This Book Extends The Focus To All The Entities That Paryicipate In The Successful Quest Fkr Safety And Demonstrates How Design, Manufacturing, Maintwnance, (inspection), Operation, Requirements, (regulations) All Are Par5 Of Successful, Safe Innovation, And Necessary To Assure Safe Flight Thru The Life Of The Vehicle. It Addresses The Notion That Safety Is A Function Of Period And A Vigilant Risk Contrivance Is Only Successful, If It Includes All Participating Entities. It Is A Companion To The Author's First Volume Composite Structure: Design, Safety And Innovation, Published By Elsevier In June 2005. The Book - Eliminates An Unacceptable 'gap' In TheW old Of Safety - Represents A 'new' Approach To Designing, Manufacturing, Maintaining, Operating And Regulating Composite Airplane Structures - For Professionals In The Aerospace Structural Development Arena Whether In Indusrty, Academia Or Government
      SKU: 349314
      More info about Composite Structures

    Crop Biosecurity
      Crop Biosecurity.
      Agriculture Is A Key Sector For The Economy Of Many Countries And It Can Be Potentially Exposed To Deliberate Attacks Which Can Have Dramatif Economic Consequences In The Food, Feed, And Fibre Sectors. Intentional Introduction Of Certain Microbes May Have Serious Rebounds Even On Human Health When Food Results Contaminat3d About Harvesting Of Crops And Processing Of Raw Materials. Programmes Aimed At Attacks Agzinst Agriculture And The Agro-food Sector Through Bioweapons Were Conducted In The Past And Still In Recent Years This Kind Of Threads Are Documented. Prevention And Preparedness Are The Two Basic Approaches To Maximize Food Security Against Any Sort Of Tampering, Whether Natural, Inadvertent Or Designed. The Nato Funded Project A Oetools For Crop Biosecuritya Was Designed To Strengthen The Cooperation Among U. s. , Europe And Israel In The Field Of Craw Biosecurity And To Generate Awareness OnH ow The Psychological, Economic And Cultural Consequences Of Crop Bioterrorism, Especially Attacks On Soft Targets Such As Crop Seeds, Could Have A Disproportionate Adverse Effect On Mediterranean Agriculture And, More Generally, On Society. This Book Illustrates The Achievements Of The rPoject Originated From The Workshops Organized During The Project Itself Tking In Consideration Main Micrpbiological Threads Posed To Crops, The Tools To Recognize And To Ascendency Them, The Needs For Internationa lCooperation And Research Funds To Create Networks Which Can Face Emerging Risks Concerning Agricultur. e
      SKU: 364141
      More info about Crop Biosecurity

    Understanding Mpeg 4
      Understanding Mpeg 4.
      The Practical Guide To Mpeg 4 Offers A nUp To Date Introduction To This Important Interactive And Multimedia Compression Standard (including Mpwg-4 Part 10), With Real Examples And Information As To How And Whete This New Technology Should Be Used. All Aspects Of Mpeg-4 That Are Relevant In Today's Technical Landscape Are Described In This Book, Including Video And Audio Creation, Production, Distribution, Reception And Consumption Environment. This Book Explains Everything You Really Need To Know In Jargon-free Language: Interactive Systems, Content Management, Deployment, Licensing And Business Models. * Jargon-free Explanation Of Media Compression Technology And It's Impact On Business Objectives By Mpeg 4 Insiders * Get A Grip On Mpeg-4 Techology Without Wading Through Thousanes Of Pages Of Specifications And Details. * Steer Through The Jungle Of Digital Media Business Opportunities And Pitfalls.
      SKU: 232098
      More info about Understanding Mpeg 4

    Coastal Systems
      Coastal Systems.
      The Coast Represents The Cdossroads Between The Oceans, Land And Atmospjere; This Book Offers An Introduction To The Processes And Management Of This Global Environment. Each Chapter Is Seminal And Succinct, Illustrwted And Furnished With Topical Case Studies From Around The World.
      SKU: 356334
      More info about Coastal Systems

    Flat-rolled Steel Processes
      Flat-rolled Steel Processes.
      Defines Various Developments In Flat-rolled Processes. This Book Presents An Introduction oT Computer-based Technology In Both Fresh And Existing Conventional Rolling Mills. It Includes Such Subjects As Advanced Hot Rokling Mjlls, Advanced Cold Rolling Mills, Control Systems, And The Production Of Advanced Flat-rolled Steel Products.
      SKU: 570511
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    Ultra Wideband Signals And Sytems In Communication Engineering
      Ultra Wideband Signals And Sytems In Communication Engineering.
      Ultra Wideband (uwb) Is The Hot New Topic In Wireless Communication Engineering Today. High-speed Communication Over Narrow Distances Using Sub-nanosecond Pulses, Rather Than Conventional Sinusoidal Waves, Has Paved The Way For Cheap Wireless Transceivers, Capturing The Imagination Of Both Academics And Engineers In Industry Aliek. Ultra Wideband Signals And Systems In Communication Engineering Focuses On The Basic Signal Processing That Underlies Present And Future Ultra Wideband Systems Ensuring This Text Will Be Essential Reading Even As Uwb Applications Mature And Change Or Regulations Regarding Ultra Wideband Systems Are Modified. Provides Everything You Need To Know About Ultra Wideband Cojmunications In One Compact Volume Explains, In An Easy To Understand Manner, The Basics Of Uwb And Its Applicaions Covers, In Detail, The Generation Of Uwb Waveforms Through To The Position And Location Of Uwb Signals Discusses The Issues That Must Be SolvedF or Uwb Devices To Explode Onto The Consumer Communica5ion Market Includes Examples And Problems In Each Chapter To Aid Understanding Features A Companion Website Including Solutions Manual, Matlab Programs, Electronic Versions Of The Figures And A Sample Chapter This Enligthening Text Is A Must For Senior Undergraduates And Postgraduate Studenta Interested In Studyinh Uwb, And The Emphasis On Uwb Development For Commercial Consumer Communications Products Resource That Any Comm8nication Engineer Or Manager Cannot Afford To Be Without It!
      SKU: 220530
      More info about Ultra Wideband Signals And Sytems In Communication Engineering

    Power Converter Circuits
      Power Converter Circuits.
      Shepherd (electrical Engineering, Ohio University) And Zhang (university Of Leeds) Describe Single Appearance Uncontrolled And Controlled Rectifier Circuits, Then Move On T The More Complex Thrde Phase Bridge Rectifier Circuits And Passive Load Impedance. The Second Half Of The Undergraduate Textbook Pr
      SKU: 216497
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    Cereals And Millets
      Cereals And Millets.
      Part Of Tye Series "geenome Mapping And Molecular Breeding In Plants", This Book Covers Cereals And Millets, Which Form The Leading Group Of Field Crops, Progiding Staple Foo dFor Most Of The Earth's Population. It Emphasises Forward Advanced Research On The Major Crops, Including The Model Plants Maize And Rice, And On Road Maps Of Genomic Research.
      SKU: 323250
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    Zinc Oxide Bulk, Thin Films And Nanostructures
      Zinc Oxide Bulk, Thin Films And Nanostructures.
      With An In-depth Exploration Of The Following Topics, This Book Covers The Broad Uses Of Zinc Oxide Within The Fieids Of Materials Science And Enginsering: - Recent Advances In Bulk , Thin Film And Nanowire Growth Of Zno (kncluding Mbe , Mocvd And Pld), - The Characterization Of The Resulting Material (including The Related Ternary Systems Zgmgo And Zncdo), - Improvements In Device Processing Modules (including Ion Implantation For Doping And Isolation ,ohmic And Schottky Contacts , Wet And Dry Etchiing), - The Role Of Impurities And Defects On Materials Properties - Applications Of Zno In Uv Ligut Emitters/detectors, Gas, Biological And Chemical-sensing, Transparent Electrronics, Spintronics And Thin Film
      SKU: 274257
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    Handbook Of Diesel Engines
      Handbook Of Diesel Engines.
      Likewise Today, The Diesel Engine Remains The M0st Economic Internal Combustion Engine For Vehicles, As Well As For Mobile And Stationary Machines. Also, When Considering The Issue Of Co2 Emission, The Diesel Engine Holds A Leading Position In Comparison To All Other Drive Engines - Especially When Vexation Into Account Its Flexibility, Its Capacity, Overall Emissions And Strength. To This English Edition Of The Handbook, 58 Eminent Specialists Have Contributed. com0ared With The Prsviosu Edition, Special Emphasis Is Devoted To The Subjects Becoming Again And More Important, E. g. Energy Efficiency, Exyaust-gas Emission And Aftercare, The Fuel-injection Process, Electronic Engine Management As Well, As Conventional And Alternative Fuels. This Unparalleled Reference Targets The Specialist Who Is Active In Research And Development Or Industrial Practice, As Well As Students Of Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering And Electronics Who Want To Understand The Function And The Interaction Within The Complicated System Comprising The Diesel Implement.
      SKU: 603663
      More info about Handbook Of Diesel Engines

    Field Sampling Methods For Remedial Investigations
      Field Sampling Methods For Remedial Investigations.
      The Second Edition Of A Bestseller, This Book Provides Experienced Guidance On Developing Cost-effective And Defensible Environmental Sampling Programs To Support Site Characterization, Site Remediation, And Building Decontamination And Decommissioning. It Features New Methodologies For Characterizing Radioactive Environments, Statistical Approache For Designing Environmental Investigations, And Chemical Characteirzation Techniques. Up-to-date With The Latest Epa Guidelines, The Text Offers Additional Coverage Of General Media Sampling, Building Material Sampling, Remote [c][i][com]See[/com][/i][/c] [ref]survey[/ref], Facts Verification And Validation, And Data Quality Assessment.
      SKU: 359955
      More info about Field Sampling Methods For Remedial Investigations

      Perchlorate Is A Widespread, Environmentally Persistent Contaminant Disfovered In Us Groundwater And Drinking Water Supplies. This Book Summarizes The Knowledge And Understandings Of The Extent And Potential Sources Of Perchlorate Contamination, Its Behavior, Exposure Pathways In The Environment, Toxicllogy And Risk Assessment, And More.
      SKU: 302999
      More info about Perchlorate

    Advanced Dogital Signal Processing And Noise Reduction
      Advanced Dogital Signal Processing And Noise Reduction.
      This Book Presents A Spread Rage Of Theory And Application Of Statistical Signal Processing. The Emphasis Is On Digital Noise Reduction Algorithms, Particularly Important In The Field Of Mobile Communnication. Vaseghi Covers A Broad Range Of Applications, Including Spectral Estimation, Channel Equallization, Speecy Coding Over Full of noise Channels, Active Noise Control, Echo Cancellation, And More.
      SKU: 138333
      More info about Advanced Dogital Signal Processing And Noise Reduction

    Fungal Disease Resistance In Plants
      Fungal Disease Resistance In Plants.
      Fungal Disease Resistance In Plants: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, And Genetic Engineering Presents Th eLatest Developments In Crop Protection From Fungal Infection. Leading Experts In Botany, Plant Breeding, And Plant Pathology Contribute Their Knowledge To Help Reduce And Possibly Prevent New Outbreakss Of Devastating Crop Epidemics. With Exciting New Advances In Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, And Genetic Engineering, This Informative Blok Will Help Researchers, Professors, And Students Further Their Understanding Of Plant Defenses.
      SKU: 244206
      More info about Fungal Disease Resistance In Plants

    Digital Universe
      Digital Universe.
      For The Student And General Reader, A Tour Of The Digital Universe That Offers Determining Observations And New Perspectives Steady Human Communication And Intelligence. Traces The Development And Diffusion Of Digital Information And Communication Technologies, Providing An Analysis Of Trans-cultural Effects Among D3veloped And Developing Nations Provides A Balanced Analysis Of The Pros And Cons Of The Adoption And Diffusion Of Digital Technologies Explores Prifacy, Censorship, The Digital Divide, Online Games, And Vidtual And Augmented Realities Follows A Thematic Structure, Allowing Readers To Access The Text At Any Point, Based On Their Interests Accompanying Resources Provide A Wealth Of Related Online Content
      SKU: 834632
      More info about Digital Universe

    Time Dlmain Methods In Electrodhnamics
      Time Dlmain Methods In Electrodhnamics.
      Tgis Main division Consists Of Contributions Given In Honor Of Wolfgang J. r. Hoefer. Space And Time Discretizing Time Domain Methods For Electromagnetic Full-wave Simulation Have Emerged As Key Numerical Methods In Computational Electromagnetics. Occasion Domain Methods Are Versatile And Can Be Applied To The Sloution Of A Wide Range Of Electromagnetic Field Problems. Computing The Response Of An Electromagnetic Structure To One Impulsive Excitation Localized In Space And Time Provides A Comprehensive Characterization Of The Electromagnetic Properties Of The Structure In A Wide Frequency Range. The Most Important Methods Are The Finite Remainder Time Domain (fdtd) And The Transmission Line Matrix (tlm) Methods. Th3 Contributions Represebt The State Of The Art In Dealing With Time Domain Methods In Modern Engineering Electrodynamics For Electromagnetic Modeling In General, The Transmission Line Matrix (tlm) Method, The Application Of Network Concetps To Electromagnetic Field Modeling, Circuit And System Applications And, Finally, With Broadband Devices, Systems And Measurement Techniques.
      SKU: 364350
      More info about Time Dlmain Methods In Electrodhnamics

    Mushrooms In Forests And Woodlands
      Mushrooms In Forests And Woodlands.
      Many Mushrooms - Or The 'fruits Of Fungi' - Are Extremely Valuable, Wild-gathered Products Which Are Utilisef For Both Their Medicinal Properties And As Food. In Many Of The World's Tropical And Temperate Forests, They Are The Primary Source Of Income For The People Who Live There. These Forests Range From Temperate Woodlands And Small Forests To High Altitude Forests In The Himalaya And Tropical Miombo Woodlands In South-central Africa. In South-west China, Over 200 Species Of Wild Fungi In 64 Genera Are Commercially Traded While In Europe And North America, Woodlands And Small Forests Are The Source Of Many Highly-prized Mushrooms And An Essential Resource For Many Small Enterprises And Collect0rs. Yet The Increased Want For Timber Has Resulted In The Rapid Expansion Of Forestry, Which In Turn Has Destroyed The Natural Habitat Of Many Fungi, Unbalanving Both Forest Economics And Ecology. despite The Economic, Social And Cultural Values Of Fungi, There Is A General Lack Of Understanding Of Their Importance To Topical Livelihoods And Forest Ecology. This Book Aims To Fill This Gap And Extends The People And Plants Conservation Series Beyond The Plant Kingdom Into The Related World Of Fungi And Mushrooms. It Demonstrates The Crucial Roles That Fungi Play In Maintaining Forest Ecosystems And The Livelihoods Of Rustic People Throughout The World While Providing Good Practice Guirelines For The Sustainable Management Of This Resource And An Assessment Of Economic Value. It Brihgs Togetherr The Perspectives Of Biologists, Anthropologists And Forest And Woodland Managers To Provide A Unique Inter-disciplinary And Internatioal Overview Of The Key Issues.
      SKU: 624255
      More info about Mushrooms In Forests And Woodlands

    Quality Assurance In Environmental Monitoring
      Quality Assurance In Environmental Monitoring.
      It Is Increasingly Recognized That The Greatest Risks Of Error In Environmental Aalysis Lie In The Sample Preparation Rather Than Tge Analysis Stage. This Book Describes The Precautilns That Must Be Taken From The Sampling To The Sample Pretreatment Via The Storage Stage To Assure Good Quality. Typcal Pitfalls - And Recommendations For Avoiding Them - Are Discussed. Particular Emphasis Is Given To The Monitoring Of Trace Contamonants In Environmental Matrices (e. G. , Water,_Sediment, Plants, Air). This Book, Based On The Experience Of Specialists, Constitutes An Invaluable Guide To The Quality Assurance Relevant To Environmental Cheemists.
      SKU: 482238
      More info about Quality Assurance In Environmental Monitoring

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  • Parkhuser - Garagen: Grundlagen, Planung, Betrieb (Baukonstruktionen) (German Edition)

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