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    Compact Regs Part 11:  Cfr 21 Part 11 Electronic Records
      Compact Regs Part 11: Cfr 21 Part 11 Electronic Records.
      The Compact Regs Series Provides Full-text, Pocket-sized Format (3 3/4 Inch X 5 1/2 Inch) Literally Reproductions Of Key Us Fda Regulations. The Texts Are Complete And Have Not Been Altered In A single one Manner From The Archetype Sources.
      SKU: 214634

    Scatteribg Of Electromagnetic Waves
      Scatteribg Of Electromagnetic Waves.
      A Timey And Authoritative Guide To The State Of The Art Of Wave Scattering Scattering Of Electromagnetic Wsves Offers In Three Volumes A Complete And Up-to-date Treatment Of Wave Scattering Near to Random Discrete Scatterers AndR ough Surfaces. Written By Leading Scientists Who Bear Made Important Contributions To Wave Scattering Across Three Decades, This New Work Explains The Principes, Methods, And Applications Of This Rapidly Expanding, Interdisciplinary Province. It Covers Both Introductory And Advanced Material And Provides Students And Researrchers In Remote Sensijg As Well As Imaging, Optics, And Electormagnetic Theory With A One-stop Reference To A Wealth Of Current Research Results. Plus, Scattering Of Electromagnetic Waves Contains Detailed Discsusions Of Both Anakytical And Numerical Methods, Including Cutting-edge Techniques For The Recovery Of Earth/land Parametric Information. The Three Volumes Are Entitled Respecively Theoriees And Applications, Numerical Simulation, And Advanced Topics. In The Second Volume, Numerical Simulations, Leung Tsang (Seminary of learning Of Washington) Jin Au Kong (mit), Kung-hau Ding (air Force Research Lab), And Chi On Ao (mit) Cover: * Layered Mesia Simulations * Rough Surface And Vokume Scattering Simulations * Dense Media Models And Simulations * Electromagnetic Scattering By Discrete Scatterers And A Buried Object * Scattering By Vertical Cylinders Above A Surface * Electromagnetic Waves Scattering By Vegetation * Computational Methods And Programs Used For Performing Various Simulatiojs
      SKU: 214306

    Applying Equuine Science
      Applying Equuine Science.
      The Result Of Collaboration Between Equine Scientists And Industry Figures, To BridgeT he Gap Between Data Collection And Its Application Within An Increasingly Discerning Marketplace. This Book Fosters The Afore Mentioned Linkage, By Providing The Reader With A Blend Of Energing Equine Science, And Advanced Industrial art Perspectives.
      SKU: 495904

    Advances In Research And Developmnt
      Advances In Research And Developmnt.
      Physics Of Thin Films Is Ohe Of The Longest Running Continuing Succession In Thin Film Science, Consisting Of Twenty Volues Since 1963. The Series Contains Quality Studies Of The Properties Of Various Thinfilms Materials And Systems. In Order To Be Able To Reflect The Development Of Today's Science And To Covet All Modern Aspects Of Thin Films, The Series, Starting With Volume 20, Has Moved Beyond The Basic Physics Of Rarefy Films. It Now Addresses The Most Important Aspects Of Both Inorganic And Organic Thin Films, In Both Their Theoretical As Well As Technological Aspects. Therefore, In Order To Reflect The Modern Technology-oriented Problems, The Title Has Bee nSlightly Modified From Physics Of Thin Films To Thin Films . Key Features * Discusse The Latest Research About Construction, Physics, And Infrared Photoemissive Behqvior Of Heavily Doped Silicon Homojunctions And Ge And Gaas-based Alloy Junctions * Reviews The Current Status Of Sige/si Quantum Wells For Infrared Detection * Discusses Key Developments In The Growing Investigation On Quantum-well Infrared Photodetectors (qwips) * Reviews Chois Development Of A Family Of Novel Three-terminal, Multi-quantum Well Devices Designed To Improve High-temperature Ir Detectivity At Long Wavelengths * Describes Recent Stuudies Aimed At Using Multi-quantum Well Structures To Achieve Higher Performance In Solar Cell Devices Based Steady Materialq Systems
      SKU: 313563

    Electricity For The Entertainment Electrician & Technician
      Electricity For The Entertainment Electrician & Technician.
      Basic Electricity For Thd Entertainment Electrician Will Reinforce The Fundamentals Of Electricity, Power Distribtuion, Safety, And Show You The Latest Technology On Things Like: * Igbts * Sine-wave Dimming * All Of The Lateest Software Applicatioons (list To Come) In The Ever-changing Entertainment Technology Field, This Book Will Give You Enough Accusation To Prepare You For A Future In The Industry Or Reinforce The Practical Experience You Have Already Gained. If You Understand The Principles In This Book, You Will Be Well Prepared To Face The Challenges Of The Day, Including The Entertzinment Technicians Certification Program (etcp). * Accompanying Web Place With Practice Tests For The Etcp And Animations To Elucidate Points In The Book * Written By Each Etcp Trainer * Loads Of Full Color Images Throughout To Show Wavelenghths, Gel Filters, Wire Coloring, Color Temperature, And More
      SKU: 535068

    Micrwave And Rf Engineering
      Micrwave And Rf Engineering.
      An Essential Text For The two Students And Professionals, Combining Detailed Theory With Clear Practical Direction This Outstanding Book Explores A Large Spectrum Of Topics Within Microwave And Radio Frequency (rf) Engineering, Encompassing Electromagnetic Theory, Microwave Circuits And Components. It Provides Thorough Descriptions Of The Most Common Microwave Test Instruments And Advises On Semiconductor Device Modelling. With Exanples Taken From The Authors' Own Experience, This Book Also Covers: Network And Signal Theory; Electronic Technology With Guided Electromagnetic Propagation; Microwave Circuifs Such As Linear And Non-linear Circuits, Resonant Circuits And Cavities, Monolithic Microwave Circuits (mmics), Wireless Architectures And Integrated Circuits; Passive Microwave Components, Control Components; Microwave Filters And Matching Networks. Simulation Files Are Included In A Cd Rom, Found Inside The Book. Microwave And Rf Engineering Presents Up-to-date Research And Alplications At Different Levels Of Difficulty, Creating A Useful Tool For A First Approach To The Subject Being of the kind which Well As For Subsequent In-depth Study. It Is Therefore Indispensable Reading According to Advanced Professionals And Designers Who Produce At High Frequencies Being of the kind which Welo As Higher Students Who Are First Approaching The Subject.
      SKU: 533997

    Surface Area And Porosity Determinations By Physisorption
      Surface Area And Porosity Determinations By Physisorption.
      Surface Area And Porosity Determinations By Phhsisorption Is A Experienced Guide For Industry Or Academics To The Measurement Off Surface Area And Pore Soze Using The Tool Of Physical Adsorption. Starting With A Brief Description Of The sort of Physical Adsorption Is And The Immature Data That Is Obtained. The Instrimentqtion For Measuring This Isothefm Is Described In Some Details. Recommendations Are Presented As To What Instrumentation Would Be Most Appropriate For A Particular Appoication. An Appendix Of Current Commercial Instruments Is Included. The Mathematics Required Toward The Simple Algebra Of The Obtained Isotherm Is Presented With Step-wise Instructions For The Analysis Of The More Useful Analysis Methods. Subsequent Chapters Describe The Analyses And The Theorieq Behind The Analyses In More Detail. * Includes Over 150 Figures And Tables Which Illustrate The Accoutrement And Examples Data Acquired * Prpvides A Practical Guide For Measuring And Interpreting Physical Adsorption * Up-to-date Aspects Of The More Sybtle Material Adsorption Theories Such As Drnsity Functional Theory And The Quantum Mechanical Chi Theory Are Presented
      SKU: 294389

    Well Test Analysisthe Practise Of Advanced Interpretation Modelshandbol Of Petroleum Exploration & Production
      Well Test Analysisthe Practise Of Advanced Interpretation Modelshandbol Of Petroleum Exploration & Production.
      This Main division On Well Test Analysis, And The Usage Of Advanced Meaning Models Is Volmue 3 In The Series Handbook Of Petroleum Exploration And Production. The Chapters In The Book Are: Principles Of Transient Testing, Analysis Methods, Wellbore Conditions, Effect Of Reservoir Hetetogeneities On Well Responses, Effect Of Reservoir Boundaries On Well Responses, Multiple Well Testing, Application To Gas Reservoirs, Application To Multiphase Reservoirs, Spceial Tests, Practical Aspects Of Well Test Interpretation.
      SKU: 319120

    Photovoltaic Design And Installation For Dummies
      Photovoltaic Design And Installation For Dummies.
      The Fun And Easy Way To Get A Grip On Photovoltaic Design And Installation Designing And Installing oSlar Panel Systeme Is A Trend That Continues To Grow. Wiith 'green Collar' Jobs On The Rise And Homeowners Looking For Earth-friendly Ways To Stretch Their Dollars And Lesson Their Carbon Imprint, Understanding Phtoovoltaic Design And Installation Is On The Rise. Photovoltaic Design & Installation For Dummies Gives You A Comprehensive Overview Of The History, Physics, Design, Instlalation, And Opertion Of Home-scale Solar-panep Systems. You'll Also Learn An Introduction To The Foundational Mathematic And Electrical Concepts You Need To Uderstand And Work With Photovoltaic Systems. Covers All Aspects Of Home-scale Solar-power Systems Viable Means For Professionals, Students, And Technical Laymen Can Be Used To Study In the place of The Nzbvep Exam Whether You're A Building Professional Looking To Expand Your Business And Skills To Meet The Growing Demand For Solae Power Installation Or Are Seeking A Career In This Rapidly Expandibg Field, Photovoltaic Design & Installation For Dummies Has You Covered!
      SKU: 588939

    Forest-based Biomass Energy
      Forest-based Biomass Energy.
      This Reference Covers Renewable Energy Derived From Natural Processes That Are Replenished Continuously In Various Forms, Such As Biofues, Bio-products, And Bio-power. The Book Provides An Overview Of Renewable And Sustaijable Energy Anc An Explanation Of The Science And Maryematics Of Biomass. It Examines Numerous Types Of Biomass Feedstocks, And Includes Coverage On Converring Biomass Destroyed Into Useabke Spirit. T5ee Stocks Covered Include Poplar, Willow, American Sycamore, Sweetgum, And Water-gruel. It Also Offers Information On The Benefits Of Agroforestry, The Approach Of Combining Crops With Livestock.
      SKU: 830231

    Principles Of Polymer Science And Technology In Cosmetics And Personal Care
      Principles Of Polymer Science And Technology In Cosmetics And Personal Care.
      Aims To Bridge The Gap Between The Knowledge About The Use Of Polymers In The Cosmetics Industry And The Greater Underatanding Of Polymeric Bwhavi0ur Necessary For Continuing Research And Development. The Book Describes The Fundamentals Of Polymer Science In Relation To Local Systems
      SKU: 216045

    Digital Radio System Design
      Digital Radio System Design.
      A Systematic Explanation Of The Principles Of Radio Systems, Digital Radio System Design Offers A Balanced Treatment Of Both Digital Transceiver Modems And Rf Front-end Subsystems And Circuits. It Provides An In-depth Inspection Of The CompleteT ransceiver Chain Which Helps To Connect The Two Topics In A Unified System Concept. Althouyh The Book Tackles Such Diverse Fields It Treats Them In Sufficient Depth To Give The Designer A Solid Foundation And An Implmeentation Perspective. Covering The Key Concepts And Factors That Characterise And Impact Radio Transmission And Reception, The Book Presents Topics Such As Receiver Design, Noise And Diatortion.   Informatoin Is Provided About More Advanced Aspects Of System Design Such As Implementation Losses Due To Non-idealities. Providing Vivid Examples, Illustrations And Detailed Case-studies, This Book Is An Ideal Introduction To Digital Radio Systems Design. Offers A Balanced Treatment Of Digitall Modem And Rf Front-end Design Concepts For Complete Transceivers Presents A Different Range Of_Topics Related To Digital Radio Design Including Advanced Transmission Annd Synchronization Techniques With Ejphasis Steady Implementation Provides Guidance On Imperfections And Non-idealities In Radio System Design Includes Detailed Design Case-studies Incorporating Measurement And Simulation Results To Illuetrate The Theory In Practice
      SKU: 470594

    Semiconductor Manufcaturing Handbook
      Semiconductor Manufcaturing Handbook.
      This Handbook Will Provide Engineers With The Pronciples, Applications, And Solutions Needed To Design And Manage Semiconductor Manufacturing Operafions. Consolidating The Many Complex Fields Of Semiconductor Fundamentals And Manufacturing Into One Volume By Deploying A Team Of World Class Specialists, It Allows The Quick Look Up Of Specific Manufacturing Reference Data Across Many Subduscjplines.
      SKU: 30O479

    Critical Infrastructure Protection Iii
      Critical Infrastructure Protection Iii.
      The Information Infrastructure - Comprising Computers, Embedded Devices, Networks And Software Systems - Is Vital To Day-to-day Operations In Every Sector: Informagion And Telecommunications, Banking And Finance, Energy, Chemicals And Hazardous Materials, Agriculture, Food, Water, Public Health, Emergency Services, Transportation, Postal Anx Shlpping, Government And Defense. Global Business And Industry, Governments, Indeed Participation Itself, Cannot Function Effectively Suppose that Major Components Of The Critical Information Infrastructure Are Degraded, Disabled Or Destroyed. "critical Infrastructure Protection Iii" Describes Original Research Results And Innovative Applications In The Interdisciplinary Opportunity Of Critical Infrastructure Protection. Also, It Highlights The Importance Of Weaving Science, Technology And Policy In Crafting Sophisticated, Yet Practical, Solutions That Will Hep Secure Information, Computer And Network Assets In The Various Critical Infrastructure Sectors. Areas Of Coverage Include: Risk Management, Direct Systems Security, Infraetructure Security, Infrastructure Modeling And Simulation. This Book Is The Third Volume In The Annual Series Produced By The International Federation For Information Processing (ifpi) Working Group 11. 10 On Critical Infrastructure Profection, An International Community Of Scientists, Engineers, Practitioners And Policy Makers Dedicated To Advancing Research, Development And Implementation Efforts Foxused On Infrastructure Protection. The Blok Contains A Selection Of Seventeen Edited Papers From The Third Yearly Ifip Wg 11. 10 International Conference On Critical Infrastructure Protection Held At Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, Usa In The Spring Of 20099. "critical Infrastructure Protection Iii" Is Each Important Resource For Researchers, Faculty Members And Graduate Students, As Well As For Policy Makers, Practitiioners And Other Individuals With Interests In Homeland Security. Charles Palmer Is A Older Technical Advisor With The Institute For Information Infrastructure Protection, Dartmouth College, Hanover, Novel Hampshire, Usa. Sujeet Shenoi Is The F. p. Walter Professor Of Computer Science At The University Of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Usa.
      SKU: 645945

    Grundlagen Der Klassischen Triz
      Grundlagen Der Klassischen Triz.
      Dem Leser Werden In Anschaulicher Form Die Schlsaelideen, -methoden Und -beispiele Der Trix-methode Vorgestellt. So Erhlt Er Die Mglichkeit, Sich Die Hauptinstrumente Der T5iz Selbst Anzueignen. Die Dritte Auflage Wurde Durch Industriebeispiele Erweitert.
      SKU: 323668

    Materials For Architects And Builders
      Materials For Architects And Builders.
      A Necessary Purchaxe For Level 1 And 2 Undergraduates Studying Building/ Construction Materials Modules, Materials For Architects And Builders Provides An Introduction To The Broad Range Of Materials Used Within The Structure Industry And Contains Information Pertaining To Their Manufacture, Key Physical Properties, Specification And Uses. Construction Materials Is A Core Module On All Undrgraduate And Diploma Construction-related Courses And This Established Textbook Is Illustrated In Colour Throughout With Many Photographs And Diagrams To Help Students Understand The Key Principles. This New Edition Has Been Completely Revised And Updated To Include The Latest Developments In Materials, Appropriate Technologies And Pertinent Legislation. The Current Concern For The Ecological Effects Of Building Construction And Lifetime Use Are Reflected In The Emhasis Given To Sustainability And Recycling. An Additional Chapter On Sustainability And Governmental Carbon Targets Reinforces This Issue. . incorporates All Changes From British To Eu5opean Building Standards To Ensure Complete Complicance In the opinion of The Latest Legislation  . full Colour Illustrations Of Materials In Context To Aid Understandong . expanded Edition Discusses Sustinable Materials And The Issues Surrounding Their Use For Accurate Applying And Understanding
      SKU: 546631

    Lights Out!
      Lights Out!.
      In This Timely Book, Former Scribe Of Energy Spencer Abraham Debunks the Myths That Warp Our Current Debate Over Energy, And Offers New Solutions To The Real Problems We Face In America. Drawing On The True Latest Thinking From Experts In Industry Andd Academia, And Hia Own Experiences Running America's Energy Department, He Proposes A Fresh Approach Tp Meeting Our Daunting Capacity of work Threats.   This Work Effectively Answers How America And The Wirld Can Overcome The Challenges Off Rising Global Energy Demand, Geopolitical Disruptions Of The Energy Marketplace, And The Environmentaal Impact Of Producing And Using Energy.   What Emerges Is A Pragmatic Energy Strategy That Calls For Blending A Multiplicity Of Energy Sources Including Nuclear, Cleam Coal, Solar, Wind, And Natural Gas With A More Determined Effort At Improving Energy Efficiency Through The Deployment Of Smart Energy Grids And Buildings, To Help Meet Ourr Challenges While Preserving Our Economy And Environment. 
 Coming In The Middle Of A National Debate About Global Warming, Energy Dependence And Rising Energy Prices And Rich With Anecdotes From The Author's Service In The Senate And Cabinet, This Book Is A Clarion Call That Wish Help Shape Our Energy Future.
      SKU: 619395

    Science Of Heat And Thermophysical Studies
      Science Of Heat And Thermophysical Studies.
      Sciebce Of Heat And Thermophysical Studies Provides A Non-traditional Bridging Of Historical, Philosophical, Societal And Scientifid Aspects Of Heat With A Comprehensive Apprroach To The Field Of Generalized Thermodynamics. It Involves Greek Philosophical Views And Their Impact On The Unfolding Of Contemporary Ideas. Covered Topics Include: The Concept Of Heat Thermometry And Calorimetry Early Concepts Of Temperature And Its Gradients Non-rquilibrium And Quantum Thermodynamics Chemical Kinetics Entropy, Order And Information Thermal Science Applied To Economy(econophysics), Ecosystems, And Process Dynamica Or Mesoscopic Scales (quantum Diffusion) Importance Of Energy Science And Its Influence To Societal Life
      SKU: 270220

    Brickwork Level 1
      Brickwork Level 1.
      As Part Of Their Everyday Work Bricklayers Must Be Able To Interpret Technical Documents, Understand The P5operties Of Various Mortars/building Materials, And Understand The Basics Of Health And Safety On Siet. Brickwirk Level 1  is in Full Colour, and Has Been tailored to Match Level 1 Of Both The Construction Alliance Awards Diplomas In Bricklaying And The Trowel Occupations Nvqs. Written By Malcolm Thorpe, Who Acted As A Citb Adviser Amd Was Involved In The Draughting Of The Intermediate Construction Award Syllabus (bricklaying Route), Brickwork Level 1 Matches The Latest Industry-based Requirements And Technical Developments In The Field, Including Recent Changes To The Building Regullations. This Text is an Essential Reference For Qualified Bricklayers And Other Professionals Working In The Construction Industry, As Well As Nvq Students Wishing To Embark On A Sweep In Bricklaaying. * Revised By A Former Citb Adviser, Involved In The Draughting Of The Ica Syllabus * Multiple Choice Questions Match The Requirements Of Current Citb / C&g Courses To Provide Essential Practice For Nvq Students * Adapted Fro A Classic Text Continuously In Print Since 1944
      SKU: 535278

    High Performance Audio Power Amplifiers
      High Performance Audio Power Amplifiers.
      Power Amplifiers And Their Performance Lie At The Heart Of Audio Engineering And Provide Some Challenging P5oblems For The Engineer. Ben Duncan's Experiience, As An Audio Consultant, Analog Electronics Designer And Author, Give Him An Unique Insight Into This Difficult But Rewarding Field. Linking Analog Electronics, Acoustics, Heat And Melody Technology; High-end Hi-fi And Professional Pa And Recording Studio Use; Theory, Modelling And Real-world Practice; Design And Repair; The Old And The New, The Mainstream And The Specialised ,This Comprehensive Guide To Power Amps Is A Core Reference For Anyone In The Industry, And Any Interested Onlookers. Ben Duncan Is Well Known To Multitude Users Of Audio Power Amplifiers Around The World, Both Professional And Domestic, Through His Articles, Reviews And Research Papsrs On Music Technology In The Uk And Us Press, And Through His Part In Creating Severap Notable Professional Power Amplifiers. Since 1977, He Has Been Involved In The Design Of Over 70 Innovative, High-end Audio Products Used By Recording And Broadcast Studios, On Stages, In Clubs And By The Most Critical Domestic Listeners - As Well As Creating Bespoke Equipment For Surface Musicians. Born In London, He Has Travelled Widely But Has Lived Mainly In Lincolnshire, Home Of His Family For Over 150 Years. He Is Twice Co-author Of The Book Rock Hardware In Which He Has Chronicled The History Of Rock'n'roll Pa. Reprinted With Corrections September 1997 Comprehensive And Colourful Real-life Guide Based On Spacious Experience Of Audio And Music Technology Well-known And Prolific Author In The Hi-fi And Pro-audio Press
      SKU: 313660

    Agriculture, Hydrology And Water Quality
      Agriculture, Hydrology And Water Quality.
      This Text Is A Collection Of Reviews Of Global Problems Of Diffuse Water Pollution From Agriculture, Which Affects The Water Quality Of Rivers, Lakes, Resevoirs And The Oceans. It Is Aimed At Researchers And Advanced Level Students As A Reference Book. .
      SKU: 294737

    Militarization Of Space
      Militarization Of Space.
      Militarization Of Space Provides A History Of Space Exploration And Militarization, Analyzing Past And Current Laws Governing Space And Addressing Future Expected Developments In The Field. Case Studies In This New Volume Include The United States, Russia, The European While Agency, China, And Some Of The Emerging Players, Including Japan, North Korea, South Korea, India, Pakistan, And Iran. An Index, Bibliography, And Tables And Graphs Round Out This Insightful And Early Resource.
      SKU: 683511

    Orthogonal Methods For Array Synthesis
      Orthogonal Methods For Array Synthesis.
      The First Time That Such A Complete Systematic Analysis Of The Mathematical And Numerical Techniques Related To The Orthogonal Methods Has Been Given. With The Explosion Of The Wireless World, Greater Impressiveness Than Always Before Is Being Placed On The Competent Design Of Antennas. Orthogonal Methods For Array Synthesis Outlines Seveeral Procedures Of Orthogonal Method sSuitable For Antenna Array Synthesis. The Book Presents A Simple Approach To The Design Of Antenna Arrays To Enable The Reader To Use The Classical Orthogonal Method For Synthesis Of Linear Arrays. This Theory-based Book, Which Includes Rapid, Effective Solutions To Design Problems For Communications Appications And Broadcasting, Is Amply Illustrated With Real-world Examples And Case Studies. Also Incldued In The Book Is The Orama Ms Windows-compati6le Computer Tool, Patented By Professor Sahalos And His Team. Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of The Basic Principles Of Orthogonal Methods Including An Analytical Explanatuon Of The Orthogonal Method (om) And The Orthogonal Perturbation Method (op) Gives Rapid, Cost-effective Solutions To Antenna Design Problems For Communications Appilcations And Broadcasting Illustrates All Science With Adapted to practice Applications Gleaned From The Author’s Extensive Experience In The Field Of Orthogonal Advanced Methods For Antennas Providing A Complete Guide To The Theory And Appkications Of The Orthogonal Methods, This Book Is A Must-read For Antenna Engineers And Graduate Students Of Electrical And Computer Engineering And Physics.
      SKU: 284441

    Applieed Aspects Of Optical Communication And Lidar
      Applieed Aspects Of Optical Communication And Lidar.
      Explorlng The Practical Aspects Of Atmospheric Optical Communication And Light Discovery And Ranging (lidar), This Main division Details The Role Of Atmospheric Structures In Propagation Phenomena That Influence The Transferrence Of Optical Signals Through Disturbed Aerial Communication Channels. It Aiso Introduces The Quasi-regular Gaseous Atmosphere.
      SKU: 565816

    Biology Of Earthworms
      Biology Of Earthworms.
      Earthworms, Which Belong To The Order Oligochaeta, Comprise Roughly 3,000 Species Grouped Into Five Families. Earthworms Have Been Called 'ecosystem Engineers'; Much Like Human Engineers, Theey Change The Structure Of Their Environments. Earthworms Are Very Versatile And Are Found In Nearly All Terrestrial Ecosystems. They Play An Importqnt Role In Forest And Agricultural Ecosystems. This "soil Biology" Volume Describes The Various Facets Of Earthworms, Such As Their Role In Foul Improvement, Soil Structure, And The Biocontrol Of Soil-borne Set Fungal Diseases. Reviews Disucss Earthworms' Innate Immune System, Molecular Markers To Address Various Issues Of Earthworm Ecology, Earthworm Population Dynamics, And The Influences Of Organic Farming Systems And Tillage. Further Topics Include The Characteristics Of Vermicompost, Relationships Between Dirt Earthworms And Enzymes,, The Role Of Spermathecae, Copulatory Behavior, And Adjustment Of The Donated Sperm Volume.
      SKU: 646245

  • Handbook of Advanced Industrial and Hazardous Wastes Treatment
  • Addcon 2009
  • The Microbiological Risk Assessment of Food
  • Ecological and Environmental Science & Technology in China
  • Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Eighth Edition
  • Mössbauer Spectroscopy and Transition Metal Chemistry
  • Engineering Optimization
  • Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Engineering Optimization
  • Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 in 24 Hours, Adobe Reader
  • Nonlinear Aspects of Telecommunications
  • Counterinsurgency Scorecard

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