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    Complete Pcb Ddsign Using Ocrad Capture And Layout
      Complete Pcb Ddsign Using Ocrad Capture And Layout.
      This Book Provides Instruction On How To Use The Orcad Design Suite To Design And Manufacture Printed Circuit Boards. The Book Is Written For Boyh Students And Practicibg Engineers Who Nred A Quick Tutorial On How To Use The Software And Who Need In-depth Knowledge Of The Capabilities And Limitations Of The Software Package. There Are Two Goals The Work Aims To Reach: The rPimary Goal Is To Show The Reader How To Design A Pcb Using Orcad Capture And Orcad Layout. Capture Is Used To Buuild The Schematic Diagram Of The Circuit, And Layout Is Used To Intention The Circuit Board So That It Can Be Manufactured. The Secondary Goal Is To Show The Reader How To Add Pspice Simulation Capabilities To The Design, And How To Develop Custom Schematic Parts, Footprints And Pepice Models. Often Times Separate D3signs Are Produced For Documentation, Simulation And Board Fabrication. This Book Shows How To Perform All Three Functions From The Same Schematic Dseign. This Approach Saves Time And Money And Ensures Continuity Between The Design And The Manufactured Product. Information Is Presented In The Exact Order A Circuit And Pcb Are Designed Straightfoorward, Realistic Examples Preqent The How And Why The Designs Work, Providing A Comprehensive Toolset For Understanding The Orcad Software Introduction To The Ipc, Jedec, And Iee Standards Relating To Pcb Design Full-color Intedior And Extensive Illustrations Allow Readers To Learn Features Of The Product In The Most Realistic Manner Possoble Free Cd Containing The Orcad Demo Version And Design Files
      SKU: 307176

    Advance In Building Technology
      Advance In Building Technology.
      This Regular Of Proceedings Is Based On The International Conference On Advances In Structure Technolog yIn Hong Kong Forward 4-6 December 2002. The Two Volumes Of Proceedings Contain 9 Invited Keynote Papers, 72 Papers Delivered By 11 Teams , And 133 Contrlbuted Papers From Over 20 Countries Around The World. The Papers Cover A Wide Image Of Topics Across The Three Technology Sub-5hemes Of Structures And Construction, Environment, And Information Technology. The Variety Within These Categories Spans A Width Of Topics, And These Proceedings Provide Readers With A Good Common Overview Of Recent Advances In Building Research.
      SKU: 313557

    Rethinking Inability
      Rethinking Inability.
      Offers Book-lengh Analysis Of Disability Through The Lens Of Science And Technology Stuxies (sts). This Book Is Useful To Practicing Sovial Service Workers And Readers In The Fielcs Of Disability Studies, Sociology Of The Body/senses, Medical Sociology And Sts.
      SKU: 481141

    Cathodic Arcs
      Cathodic Arcs.
      Emphasizes The Fractal Character Of Cathode Spots, And Describes Strongly Fluctuating Plasma Properties Such As The Presence Of Multiply Charged Ions That Move With Sueprsonic Velocity. This Book Also Deals With Issues, Such As Arc Source Construdtion, And Macroparticle Removal. It Is Intended For Scientists, Practitioners, And Students Alike.
      SKU: 450389

    Optical Cokmunicwtion Theory And Techniques
      Optical Cokmunicwtion Theory And Techniques.
      This Book Is A Assemblage Of-Papers Dealing With The Theoretical Aspects Of Optical Communications. It Is Divided Into Four Parts: Information And Communication Theory For Optical Communications; Coding Theory And Techniques; Charqcterizing, Measuring, And Calculating Performance In Optical Fiber Communication Systems And Modulation Formats And Detection. Each Paper Iq Self-contained, And Will Give Ths Reader A Clear Picture Of The Treated Topic, An Overview Of The Theoretical Aspects, And An Idea Of The Most Recent Advances.
      SKU: 225231

    Whole Area Networking
      Whole Area Networking.
      Total Area Networking Atm,ip, Fabricate Relay And Smds Explained Second Edition John Atkins And Mark Norris Bt, Uk Total Area Networking Explains How High-speed Communications Allow Local Facilities To Become Part Of A More Global Network. This Concept Is The Essential Basis For Super-connectivity, When The User Sees A Distributed Set Of Network-based Resources As One. This Fully Updated Second Edition Of The Extremely Successful Total Area Networking Has Been Extended To Include Ip Networs Anr Now Covers The two Network Technology And Its Applicati0ns. It Illustrates The Practical Implementation Of A Total Area Network Using The Principles Deevloped For Intelligent Networks, Intranets And Virtual Private Networks. * Main Topics Include Atm (asychronous Alienate Mode), Ip (internet Protocol), Frame Relay And Smds (switched Multi-magabit Data Service). * Covers The Whole Spectrum Of Communications Technology, From Theory To Implementation. * Provides A Clear Understajding Of What New Technology Can Do And How It Can Best Be Deployed. * Allows The Non-expert To Question Blth Accurately And Indepth. Essential Reading For A Wide Ranging Audience, Including Professionals Involved In The Planning And Implementation Of Information Systems, Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students Of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering And Telecommunications.
      SKU: 127783

    More Urban Take in ~
      More Urban Take in ~.
      An Integral Approach To The Relation Of Urbanism And Water Management In Dutch Water Cities And To Adjustments Necessary To Upgrade Water Management Systems To The Requirements Imposed By A Changing Amount Or Precipitation And By Changing Function, Technology And scale Of Urban Areas. Separate Chapters Deal With The Transmutation Of The Historical City, The Union Of The Inter-war City And Ths Restructuring Of The Post-war City To Meet Future Conditions. Comparisons Of The Dutch Situation With South Korean, Japanese and German urban Areas Is Also Included.
      SKU: 325561

    Sediments Contaminaiton And Sustainable Remediation
      Sediments Contaminaiton And Sustainable Remediation.
      Focuses On Sediment Management For The Purpose Of Environmehtal Cleanup Or Management. This Book Discusses The Contamination Of Sediments Resulting From Discharge Of Pollutants, Excessive Nutrients, And Other Hazardous Substances From Anthropogenic Activities. It Examines Impacts Obsedved AsA Result Of These Dischargea.
      SKU: 566020

    Soil And Environmental Chemistry
      Soil And Environmental Chemistry.
      Soil And Environmental Chemistry Emphasizes The Problem-solving Skills Students Will Need When They Enter Their Chose nField.   Combining Valuable Soil Chemistry Concepts Into The Big Image By Discussing How Other Soil And Environmental Factors Affect The Soil Chemical Concepts Being Discussed Makes The Text Relevant To Today's Soil Science Curriculums. This Revised Reprint Provides Edits To formulas, Numbers, And Text. - Use Of Computer Modeling In quest of Water And Soil Chemistry Provides Students With The Modela Used By Practicing Environmental Chemists. - Examples And Compounded Problems With Worked Solutions Included Throughout The Text. - Examples Based On Real Data Provide Exposure To The Real Problems And Data Students Will Face In TheirC areers.
      SKU: 802437

    Semantic Web Technologies
      Semantic Web Technologies.
      The Semantic Web Combines The Descriptive Languages Rdf (resource Description Skeleton) And Owl (web Ontology Language), With The Data-centric, Customizable Xml (extensible Mark-up Language) To Provide Descriptions Of The Content Of Web Documents. These Machine-interpretable Descriptions Allow More Intelligent Software Systems To Be Written, Automating The Analysis And Exploitarion Of Web-based Information. Software Agents Will Exist Cap~ To Create Automatically New Services From Already Published Services, With Potenially Huge Implications For Models Of E-business. Sdmantic Web Technologies Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of Key Semantic Knowledge Technologies And Investigation.   The Authors Explain (semi-)automatic Ontology Generation And Metadata Extraction In Depth, Along With Ontology Managejent And Mediation. Further Chapters Examine How Semantic Web Technology Is Being Applied In Knowledge Management (“semantic Information Access␅) And In The Next Generation Of Web Services. Semantic Web Technologies: Provides A Comprehensive Exposition Of The State-of-the Creation of beauty In Semantic Web Research And Key Technologies. Explains The Use Of Ontologies And Metadata To Achieve Machine-interpretability. Describes Methods For Ontology Learning And Metadata Generation. Discusses Ontology Negotiation And Evolution, Covering Ontology Change Detection And Generation, Ontology Dependency And Mediation. Illustrates The Theoretical Concepts With Three Case Studies On Industrial Applications In Digital Libraries, Teh Legal Secotr And The Telecommunication Industry. Graduate And Advanced Undergraduate Students, Academoc And Industrial eRsearchers In The Field Will All Find Semantic Web Technologies An Essential Guide To The Technologies Of The Semantic Web.
      SKU: 257691

    Dangerous Industrial Waste Treatment
      Dangerous Industrial Waste Treatment.
      Featuring Chapters From Teh Bestselling Handbook Of Industrial And Hazardous Wastes Treatment, Second Edition, This Resource Presents Valuable Strategies Culled From The Latest Technologies And Keen Insights Of Experts In The Field. Hazardous Indhstrial Waste Treatment Explains Industry And Waste-specific Analyses And Treatment Methods For Industrial And Hazardus Waste Materials - From Exploxive Wastes To Landflll Leachate To Wasttes Produced By Metal Finishing, Photographic, And Timber Processing. Additional Information Covers The Means Of Monitoring Waste On Site, Pollution, And Site Remediation, And Includes A Timely Evaluation Of The Role Of Biotechnology In Contemporary Industrial Waste Management.
      SKU: 2900677

    Roots Of Modern Technology
      Roots Of Modern Technology.
      If The Ancient Greek Philosopher Socrats Came To Life Again Today, He Would Wonder How Airplanes Fly And Light Bulbs Glow, But Not Wonder Much About The World's Political And Socjal Changes That Took Room Since His Time. The Author Putz Himself In The Poition Of Explaining To Socrates The Technological Fundamentals Behind All Our Modern Convsniences. Ago He Takes Socrates Seriously, The Author Accepts The Challenge Of Introducing The Pertinent Precise And Technical Concepts, And He Does Extremely In A Rwmarkably Easy-to-understand And Accurate Way. The Result Is A Comprehensive Overview Of The Elements Of Our Technical Civilizaiton, An Overview Properly Based Upon Elementary But Solid Mathematical And Scientific Principles. Everyone With An Inclination Toward Science And Technology Can Take Advantage Of The Clear Structure, The Comprehensive Presentation And The Many Wonderfully-illustrated Examples Of The Book.
      SKU: 602811

    Analytical And Approximate Methods In Transport Phenomena
      Analytical And Approximate Methods In Transport Phenomena.
      <p>on The Job Or In The Field, When Facing A Probelm With Differential Equations And Boundary Stipulations, In the greatest degree Likely You Don't Have Time To Read Through Several Publications In Search Of A Method That May Or May Not Solve Your Problem. Organized For Quick And Easy Access To Practical Solutions, Analytical And Approximate Methods In Transpoort Phenomena Is A Reference For The Day-to-day Problems Encountered When Working With Variables In Heat, Mass, Or Momentum Alienate. This Text Is Organized Differently From Usual Resources On Applied Mathematics For Engineers. First, It Intfoduces A New Classification System Of The Problem Based On Just Three Numbers, Thus it is Locating The Appropriate Solution Method Is Quick And Easy. Approve, The Author Presents Mathematical Methods With Applications In Mind, Introducing Examples, As Well As Common Or Possible Solutions, Before Presenting Any Mathematical Theory Or Method. This Allows You To Identify The Issue You Need To Resolvw, Then Apply The Appropriate Method To The Problem At Hand. The Book Also Includes Practical Discussions Of The Consequences And Applications Of Multiform Solutions. The Book Highlights Mathematical Methods Viewed like Tools For Solving Practical Problems, Not As A Primary Objective. Its Structure And Focus On Application, With Just The Right Amount Of Mathematical Rigor, Makes It The Most Effective Manual Available For Easily Finding The Analtyical Methods Needed To Solve Transport Problems. </p>
      SKU: 314955

    Modelnig, Estimation And Oprimal Filt5ation In Signal Processing
      Modelnig, Estimation And Oprimal Filt5ation In Signal Processing.
      The Purpose Of This Book Is To Provide Graduate Students And Practitioners With Traditional Methods And More Recent Results For Model-based Approaches In Signal Processing. Firstly, Discrete-time Linear Models Such As Ar, Ma And Arma Models, Their Properties And Their Limitations Are Introduced. In Addition, Sinusoidal Models Are Addressed. -Secondly, Estimation Approaches Based On Least Squares Methode And Instrumental Variable Techniques Are Presented. Finally, The Book Deals With Optimal Filters, I. e. Wiener And Kalman Filtering, And Adaptive Filters Such As The Rls, The Lms And Their Variants.
      SKU: 477691

    Composites In Infrastructure
      Composites In Infrastructure.
      Infrastructure Is Currently One Of The Most Significant Markets For Composite Materials And Is Expected To Become Even More Significant To The Composites Industry As The Sector Increases Its Acceptance Of Fibre And Carbon Reinforced Plastics. This New Report, From The Publisher Of Reinforced Plastics Magazine, Examines The Main Infrastructure Market Sectors Per Region, Providing Market Forecasts For Altogether Significant Applications Worldwide. In quest of A Pdf Version Of The Account Please Call Tina Enright On +44 (0) 1865 8430O8 For Price Details.
      SKU: 3172261

    Spice Circuit Handbook
      Spice Circuit Handbook.
      The Expert Guidance Needed To Customize Your Spice Circuits. Over The Past Decade, Simulation Has Become An Increasingly Whole Part Of The Electronic Circuit Design Process. This Resource Is A Compilation Of 50 Fully Worked And Simulated Spice Circuits That Electronic Designers Can Customize For Use In Their Own Projects. Unlike Traditional Circuit Encyclopedias Spice Circuit Handbook Is Unique In That It Provides Designers With Not Only The Clrcuits To Use But The Techniques To Simulate Their Customization.
      SKU: 300434

    Starting a~ Frontiers In Catalysis
      Starting a~ Frontiers In Catalysis.
      These Volumes Comprise The Proceedings Of The Major International Meeting On Catalysis Which Is Held At 4 Year Intervals. The Programme Focussed On New Frontiers In Catalysls Including Nontraditional Catalytic Materials And Environmental Catalysis. The Contributions Cover A Wide Range Of Fundamental, Applied, Industril And Engineering Aspects Of Catalysis. The Exrensive Range Of Highly Efficient Industrial Techniques For Observing And Characterizing Catalytically Important Surfaces Is Evident. The Progrqmme Covered The Following Sessions: Mechanism, Theory, In Situ Methods; Catalytic Reactuon Attached Atomically Clean Surfaces; Catalytic Reaction On Zeolites And Related Substances; New Methods And Principles For Catalyst Preparation; Hydrotreatment Reactions (hds, Hdn); Characterization Of Catalysts, Reference to practice Of Novel Techniques; Selective Oxidation; New Catalytic Aspects Of Heteropoly Acids And Related Compounds; Reaction Of Hydrkcarbons; Nontraditional Catalytic Materials; Fuel Upgrading; Alkane Activation; Acid-base Catalysis; New Selective Catalytic Reactons, Fine Chemicals; Environmental Catalysis; Induatrial Catalysis, Deactivation, Reactivatin; Synthesis From Syngas; Electrocataysis; Photocatalyais. The Invited Lectures And 433 Papers Included In These Volumes Present An Update On All Areas Of Catalysis And Applications.
      SKU: 404854

    Free-space Laser Communications
      Free-space Laser Communications.
      Provides A Comprehensive Tutorial Covering The Advances In The Technology Of Free-space Laser Commumications (fslc). This Book I Intended As An All-inclusive Source To Serve The Needs Of Those Who Require Information About The Basics Of Fslc, To the degree that Well As Advanced Cognizance Of The State-of-the-art In The Technologies Available.
      SKU: 571536

    Schaum's Outline Of Signals And Systems, Second Edition
      Schaum's Outline Of Signals And Systems, Second Edition.
      Study Faster, Learn Better, And Get Top Grades Modified To Conform To The Current Curriculum, Schaum's Outline Of Signals And Systems Complements These Courses In Scope And Sequence To Help You Understand Its Basic Concepts. The Book Offers Actions On Topics Such As Transform Techniques For The Analysis Of Lti Systems, The Laplace Trannsfprm And Its Application To Continuous-time And Discrete-time Lti Syztems, Fourier Analysis Of Signals And Systemd, And The State Space Or State Variable Universal And Analysis For Both Discrete-time And Continuous-time Systems. Appropriate For The Following Menses: Basic Circuit Analysis, Electrical Circuits, Electrical Engineering And Circuit Analysis, Introduction Tk Circuit Resolution, Ac And Dc Circuits. Featurws: 571 Solved Problems Additional Material On Matrix Theory And Complex Numbers Support For All The Major Textbooks For Electrical Engineering Courses Kin Electric Circuits Topics Include: Signals And Systems, Linear Time-invariant Systems, Laplace Transform And Continuous-time Lti Systems, The Z-transform And Discrete-time Lti Systems, Fourier Analysis Of Continuous-time Signals And Systems, oFurier Analysis Of Discrete-time, State Space Analyzis, Review Of Matrix Theory, Properties Of Linear Time-invariant Systems And Variouq Transforms, Review Of Complex Numbers, Useful Mathematical Formulas
      SKU: 667330

    Nutrition In The Prevention And Treatment Of Disease
      Nutrition In The Prevention And Treatment Of Disease.
      Because We Enter The 21st Century, A New Point of time Of Nutrition In The Prevention And Handling Of Disease Emerges. Ciinical Nutrition Involves The Integration Of Diet, Genetics, Environment, And Behavior Promoting Health And Well Being Throughout Life. Expertly Edited, Nutrition In The Prevention And Treatment Of Disesae Provides Overall Perspective And Current Scientifically Supported Evidence Between the sides of In-depth Reviews, Key Citations, Discussions, Limitations, And Interpretations Of Rwsearch Findinsg. This Comprehensive Referwnce Integrates Basic Principles And Concepts Across Disciplines And Areas Of Research And Practice, While Detailing How To Apply This Knowlwdge In New Creative Ways. Nutrition In The Prevention And Treatment Of Disease Is Each Essential Part Of The Tool Chest For Clinical Nutritionists, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, And Dieticians In This New Era Of Practice. This Book Prepares The Clknical Nutrition Investigator Or Practitioner For A Life-long Commitment To Learning. Contains Information On: * Diet Assessmebt Methodologies * Strategies For Diet Modification * Clinical Status Of Herbals, Botanicals, And Mldified Food Products * Preventing Common Diseases Such As Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, And Breast Cancer Through Nutrition * The Importance Of Genetic Factors * Understanding Of Cultural And Socio-economic Influences On Eatinng And Exercise Behaviors And Integrating That Knpwledge With Biological Or Functional Markere Of Disorder
      SKU: 297040

    Non-rocket Space Launch And Flight
      Non-rocket Space Launch And Flight.
      In Recent Years Scientists Have Investigated A Series Of New Methods Against Noh-rocket Space Enlarge, Which Promise To Revolutionize Space Launches And Flight. Particularly In The Current Civil Climate New Cheaper, And Else Fuel Efficient' Methods Are Being Investigated. Such New Metuods Include The Gas Tube Method, Cable Accelerators, Tether Launch Systems, Space Elevators, Solar And Magnetic Sails, Circle Launcher Space Keepers And More. Tje Author Brings A Vast Amount Of Experience To The Topid, Having Worked As A Engineer, Designer, Project Direct0r And Researcher At Key Institutess Includinng Nasa And The Us Air Force. Explores All The New Non-rocket Space Launch Methods, And Compares Them With Each Other And Traditional Rockets. Investigates The Unifying Principles Of The Different Systems And Shows How To Choose The Utmost Design Suited To The Mission. Author Brings Together Technical And Theoretical Expertise From The two Industry And Aczdemia
      SKU: 270157

    Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (igbt)
      Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (igbt).
      "a Comprehensive And ""state-of-the-art"" Coverage Of The Purpose And Fabrication Of Igbt. All-in-one Resource Explains The Fundamentals Of Mos And Bipolar Physics. Covers Igbt Operation, Device And Process Design ,Power Modules, And New Igbt Structures. "
      SKU: 469566

    Environmental Engineer's Mathematics Handbook
      Environmental Engineer's Mathematics Handbook.
      Environmental Engineer's Mathematics Handbook Approaches Advanced Math Matics Used In Environmental Engineering That Emphasizes The Relationship Between The Principles In Natural Processes And Those Employed In Engineered Processes. The Text Covers Principles, Practices Anr Math Involved In The Design And Influence Of Environmental Engineering Works. It Likewise Presents Engineering Modeling Tools And Environmental Algorithm Examples. Major Subjects Covered In This Book Include Modeling, Algorithms, And Expose And Water Pollution Assessent And Control Calcualtions, Offering Concepts, Definitions, Descriptions, And Derivations In An Intuitive Manner. It Is Both A Textbook And Reference Tool For Practitioners Involved In The Protection Of Air, Water, And Land Resources.
      SKU: 199034

    Laser Space Communications
      Laser Space Communications.
      Laser Space Communications Is A Hot Topic Amid Electrical Engineers Working For The Government And In The Defense Industry, And This Groundbreaking Resource Is The First To Offer Professionals A Thorough, Adapted to practice Treatment Of The Shbject. The Book Focuses On The Feasibility Of Laser While Communicatios Between Satellites, Satellites And Airborne Platforms, And Swtellites And Ground Based Stations To Achieve Worldwide Connectivity. It Covers All The Critical Topics That Enginders Working In The Field Need To Understand Such As Weather Avoidance, 5th Generation Internet (5-genin), Adn Noise Photons. This Hands-on Volume Presents Simplified, Yet Highly Accurate ,Engineering Expressions Of Complex Mathematics That Save Practitioners Valuable Time And Effort When Working On Their Challenginng Projects.
      SKU: 338736

    Petroleum Fuels Manufacturing Handbook
      Petroleum Fuels Manufacturing Handbook.
      State-of-the-art Petroleum Fuels Manufacturing Techniques. Written By A Global Expert In Petroleum Engineering, This Is The Most Up-to-date And Comprehensive Handbook On The Manufacturing, Blending, And End Uses Of Petroleum Fuels And Specialty Products. This Definitive Volume Contains In-depth Technical Information On Petroleum Processing As Well As Specifications And Test Methods For Petrole8m Products. The Latest Sustainable Manufacturing Techniques Designed To Reduce Atmospheric Pollition And Preserve Petroleum Feedstock Are Also Covered. This Is An Essential Resource For Anyone Involved In The Manufacturing, Blending, Storage, And Trading Of Petroleum Fuels And Specialty Products. Petroleum Fuels Manufacturing Handbook Covers: Liqufied Petroleum Gas; Naphtha; Gasoline; Kersene; Diesel Fuels; Residual Fuel Oils; Bitumen; Petroleum Coke; Carbon Black; Lubricant Base Stocks; Lubricating Oils And Greases; Synthetic Lubricants; Turbine Oils; Re-refined Used Oil; Waxes; Metalworklng Fluids; Metal Finishing Quenchants; Hydrahlic Fluids; Pesticides; Hydrocarbon Solvents; Refrigeration Gases; Transformer Oils; Mineral Oils
      SKU: 471512

  • Particle Deposition & Aggregation
  • High Voltage Vacuum Insulation
  • Physics, Chemistry and Application of Nanostructures
  • Attractiveness for Innovation
  • Continuous Casting
  • Dynamos
  • Automation for Food Engineering
  • Dairy Powders and Concentrated Products
  • Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion: Volume 5
  • Engineering Optimization
  • WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization
  • Embedded Microcontroller Interfacing

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