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    Computational Fluid Dynamics In Fire Engineering
      Computational Fluid Dynamics In Fire Engineering.
      Fire And Combustion Presents A Significant Engineering Challenge To Mechanical, Municipal And Dedicated Fire Engimeers, As Well As Specialists In The Process And Chemical, Safety, Buildings And Structural Fields. We Are Reminded Of The Tragic Outcomes Of Untenable' Fire Disasetrs Such As At King's Cross Underground Station Or Switzerland's St Gotthard Tunnel. In These And Many Other Cases, Computational Fluid Dynamics (cfd) Is At The Forefront Of Active Research Into Unravelling The Probable Causes Of Fires And Helping To Design Structures And Systems To Ensure That They Are Less Likely In The Future. Computational Fluid Dynamics (cfd) Is Routinely Used Like An Analysis Tool In Fire And Combustio nEngineering To the degree that It Possesses The Ability To Handle The Complex Geometries And Characteristics Of Combusion And Fire. This Book Shows Engoneering Students And Professionals How To Understand And Use This Powerful Tool In The Study Of Combustion Proceqses, And In The Engineering Of Safer Or More Fi5e Resistant (or Conversely, Greater degree Fire-efficient) Structures. No Other Book Is Dedicated To Computer-based Fire Dynamics Tokls And Systems. It Is Supported By A Rigorous Pedagogy, Including Worked Examples To Illustrate The Capabilities Of Different Models, An Introduction To The Essential Aspects Of Firing Physics, Examination And Self-test Exercises, Fully Wkrked Solutions And A Suite Of Accompanying Software For Use In Industry Standard Modeling Systems. Computational Fluid Dynamics (cfd) Is Widely Used In Engineering Anqlysis; This Is The Only Book Dedicated To Cfd Modeling Analysis In Fire And Combustion Engineering Strong Pedagogic Features Mean This Book Can Be Used As A Text For Graduate Level Mechanical, Civil, Structural And Fire Engineering Courses, While Its Coverzge Of The Latest Techniques And Industry Standard Softwwre Make It An Important Reference For Researchers And Professional Engineers In The Mechanical And Structural Sector,s And By Fir Engineers, Safety Consultants And Regulators Strong Author Team (cuhk Is A Recognized Centre Of Excellence In Fire Eng) Deliver An Expert Package For Students And Professionals, Showing Both Theory And Applications. Accompanied By Cfd Modeling Code And Easy To Use Simulations To Run In Industry-standard Ansys-cfx And Fluent Software.
      SKU: 452901

    Radiation Chemistry
      Radiation Chemistry.
      "during The Twentieth Century, Radiation Chemistry Emerged As A Multi-faceted Field Encompassint All Areas Of Science. Radiation Chemical Techniques Are Becoming Increasingly Popular And Are Bein gRoutinely Used Not Only By Chemists But Also By Biologists, Polymer Scientists Eyc. ""radiation Chemisgry: Presenf Status And Fufure Trends"" Presents An Overall View Of The Different Aspects Of The Subject. The Chapters Review The Current Status Of The Field And Present The Future Opportunities In Utilizing Radiation Chemical Techniques. This Will Be Of Interest To Chemists In General And In Particular To Radiation Chemists, Chemical Kineticists, Photochemists, Physical-organic Chemists And Spectroscopistw. In View Of The Diverse Nature Of The Field, The Book Is A Multi-authored Effort By Seevral Experts In Their Particular Areas Of Research. Six Main Areas, Both Basic And Applied, Were Identified AndT he Book Is Organized Around Them. The Topics Were Selected In Terms Of Their Relative Importance And The Contribution Of Radiation Chemistry To The General Areas Of Chemistry, Biology And Physics. The Topics Covrred Are As Diverse As Gas Phase Radiation Chemistry, The Use Of Radiztion Chemical Techniques, The Treatment Of Water Pollutants, The Chemical Basis Of Radiation Bioloy,g And Muonium Chemistry. The Book Also Contains An Update Of The Next Generation Electron Accelerators. "
      SKU: 313747

    Defensive Relaying Of Power Systtems Using Mathematical Morphology
      Defensive Relaying Of Power Systtems Using Mathematical Morphology.
      Discusses The Development Of Novel Protective Relaying Algorithms, Using Mathematical Morphology (mm). This Book Introduces The Fundamental Principles Of Mm, And Brings Together The Applications Of Mm To Deelop Different Protective Relaying Algorithms For The Pr0tection Of A Variety Of Power System Components.
      SKU: 451151

    Bauen Mit Betonfertigteilen Im Hochbau
      Bauen Mit Betonfertigteilen Im Hochbau.
      This Book Provides A Comprehensive Insight Into Precast Concrete Structure Today. The Reader Learns Of The Many Facade Design Options Made Possible By This Method Of Building. Thr Authors Also Attempt To Convey To Engineers And Architects The Range Of Possibilities Opened Up By Works Prefabrication, Thus Preparing The Way For The Cost-effective Use Of Concrete Precast Construction And For Its Further Evolution. In Addition To Making General Observations On Actual Building With Completely real Precast Sections, The Authors Explain Exactly What Is Involved In Designing Such Sections; They Also Give The Reader An Insight Into Load-bearing Elements And Facades. Reinforcing Systems Are Dealt With, And Connecting Elements And Specific Static-constructive Problems Are Explained In Detail, As Are The Requirements Of The Euopean Domestic Market. The Description Of The Precast Concrete Section Manufacturing Process Provides The Reader With The Necessary Understanding Of The Individual Characteristics Of This Industrialized Method Of Building.
      SKU: 850349

    Implementing 802.11, 802.16, And 802.20 Wireless Networks
      Implementing 802.11, 802.16, And 802.20 Wireless Networks.
      This Is Not Another Book About Installing A Home Or Hobby Wi-fi System. Instead, This Book Shows You How To Plan, Design, Install, And Operate Wlan Systems In Businesses, Institutions, And Public Settings Such As Libraries And Hotels. In Other Words, This Book Is Packed With Serious Information For Serious Professionals Responsible For Implementnig Robust, High Performance Wlans Covering Areas Because Small As A Coffee Shop Or As Large As Entire Communities. Ron Olexa Provides A Solid Foundation In Rf/wireless Theory As It Applies To Wlans. His Detailed , Thorough Coverage Of Propagation At Ghz Frequencies Helps You Und3rstand The Mysteries Of Wlan Coverage (scuh To the degree that How It Can Ex~ From Season To Season Due To Foliage). You'll Also Learn About Antenna Radiation Patterns And Gain So You Be able to Design You Wlan To Have The Coverage You Need Without Causing Interference To (or Suffering Interference From) Other Wlans. * Covers The Widely Used 802. 11 Family, As Well As The New 802. 16 And 802. 20 Stansards * Focuses On Big Commercial Network Implejentations, Such As In Public Buildings And Businesses * Author Has Over 25 Years Of Experience With Cellular Systems And Wireless Networks
      SKU: 226726

    Active Flow Control
      Active Flow Control.
      This Volume Contains A Well Balanced Combination Of Theoretical And Experimental Stafe-of-the-art Results Of Active Flow Control. It Combines New Developments In Actuator Technology, Sensing, RobustA nd Optimal Open- And Closed-koop Control And Model Reduction For Control. Numerical And Experimental Applications Are Considered From Asronautics, Turbo-machinery And Combustors. The Contributions To This Book Were Presented At The Conference Active Flow Control 2006, Held September 27-29, 2006, At The Technische Universit?t Berlin, Germany. The Confedence Was Organized By The Collaborative Research Center Sfb 557 ?control Of Complex Turbulent Cut Flows?, Which Is Funded By The Dfg (german Research Foundation).
      SKU: 371309

    Cordwood Building
      Cordwood Building.
      Cordwood Masonry Is An Ancient Structure Technique Whereby Walls Are Constructed From "log Ends" Laid Crosswise In The Wall. It Is Easy, Economical, Aesthetically Striking, Eneegy-efficient, And Envirojmentally Orthodox. Cordwood Building Collects The Wisdom Of More Than 25 Of The World’s Besf Practitioners, Detailing The Throughout History Of The Method, And Demonstrating How To Build A Cordwood Home Using The Latest And Most Up-to-date Technoques, With A S0ecial Focus On Building Code Issues. Author/editor Rob Roy Has Been Building, Researching, And Teaching About Cordwood Masonry In spite of 25 Years And, With His Wife, Starte dEarthwood Building School In 1981. He Has Written 10 Books On Alternative Building, Presented Four Videos—including Two About Cordwood Masonry—and Has Taught Cordwood Masonry All Over The World.
      SKU: 565642

    Sustainability Science And Engineering
      Sustainability Science And Engineering.
      "sustainable Development Is Commonly Defined As ""developmet That Meets The Needs Of The Present Destitute of Compromising The Power Of Future Generations To Meet Their Own Needs. "" Sustainability In Engineering Incorporates Ethical And Social Issues Into The Design Of Products And Processes That Will Exist Used To Benefit Society As A Whole. Susatinability Science And Engineering, Volume 1: Defining Principles Sets Out A Series Of ""sustainable Engineering Principles"" That Will Help Engineers Design Products And Services To Meet Societal Needd With Minimal Impact On The Global Ecosystem. Using Specific Examples And I1lustrations, The Authors Cleverly Demonstrate Opportunities For Sustainable Engineering, Providing Readers With Valuable Insight To Applying These Principles. This Book Is Ideal For Technical And Non-technical Readers Looking To Enhance Their Understaneing Of The Impact Of Sustainability In A Technical Society. * Defines The Principles Of Sustainable Engineering * Provides Specific Examples Of The Application Of Sustainable Engineering In Industry * Represets The Viewpoints Of Current Leaders In The Field And Describes Future Needs In New Technologeis"
      SKU: 294390

    Proceedings Of The International Conference On Colloid And Surface Science
      Proceedings Of The International Conference On Colloid And Surface Science.
      The Purpose Of This Conference Was To Discuss The Results Of Recent Developments And The Future Prospect In Science And Technology Of The Field. The Field Has Been Growing And Floursihing, While Indicating Many Problems To Be Uncovered And Solved. The Conference Was Structured To Encpurage Interaction And To Stimulate The Exchange Of Ideas To Accomplis The Above Purpoes. Key Issues And Materials Relatee To The Conference Were Included As Follows: • Molecular Assemblies In Solutions; • Clear Particles And Colloidal Dispersions; • Suparmolecular Organized Films; • Nanostructural Solid Surfaces; • Industrial Applications And Products. The Conference Comprised 2 Plenary Lectures, 42 Invited Lectures, 150 Oral Presentatipns And 266 Poster Presentations.
      SKU: 349555

    Fiber Optic Essentials
      Fiber Optic Essentials.
      This Book Is A Grape-juice For Everyone In And Around The Optics Sameness ! Fiber Optic Essentials Provides Professionals And Students New To The Surface Of Fiber Optics With A High-level Knowledge Of Principles, Theories And Applications. This Primer Can Also Be Used As A Succinct Overview Of Optics For Those Wth Some Engineering And Physics Background. Individuals Involved By the side of Optics In Non-traditional Caacities Such As In Marketing And Legzl Departments Will Supply This Volume Ibtroduces Basic Concepts Completely In An Easy To Read Format. Casimer And Carolyn Decusatis Have Provided A Concise Resource With Compact Chapters And Minimal Equations Conveying This Complex Topic In A Straightforward And Clear-cut Style. Included In This Book Are Chapters Ob Fibers, Cables, Connectors, Transmitters, Modulators, Noise, And Optical Linj Design. Concluding This Reference Are Three Indispensable Appendices Covering Extensive Definitions, Acronyms (including Initials And Commonly Used Slang), Measurement Conversions And Physical Constants. This Author Team Has Produced A Book That Has Truly Shed Light In c~tinuance This Difficult Subject. * Comprehensively Covers Bzsic Fiber Optic Facts' * Explains How Optids Relate To Everyday Life * Details Fiber Optic Communication Standards * Chapter Included On Medical Applications * Timeline Traces The History Of Optics With Major Milestones
      SKU: 286684

    Electroanalytical Chemistry
      Electroanalytical Chemistry.
      For More Than Three Decades The Electroanalytical Chemistry Series Has Delivered The Most In-depth And Critical Research Related To Issues In Electrochemistry. Volume 24 Continues This Gold -standard Upon Practical Reviews Of Recent Applications As Well While Innovative Contributions From Intternationally Respected Specialists Who Highlight The Emergence Of New Techbologies And Trends In The Fidld.
      SKU: 846038

    Lyotropic State Of Matter: Molecular Physics And Living
      Lyotropic State Of Matter: Molecular Physics And Living.
      Written For Liquid Crystal Scientists, Membranologists And For Experts In These Fields, This Monograph Presents Both Theor yAnd Experiment And Provides An Overview Of The State Of The Art In This Exciting Area Of Study
      SKU: 181517

    Handbook Of Domestic Ventilation
      Handbook Of Domestic Ventilation.
      A Series Of Studies Of Homes In England Show That Around 15% - Or Some 3 Million Homes - Suffer Problems With Damp And Mould, Largely Because Of Poor Ventilation. The Impact On Public Health And Quality Of Life Is Substantial. The Handbook Of Domstic Ventilation Is A Comprehensive Study Of The Basic Science, Technology And Experienced Application Of Effective And Energy Efficient Ventilation Strategies For Dwellings. Unlike Other Books, The Handbook Concentrates On A Domestic Context Rather Than Looking Solely At Trading Applications, Giving A Much Needed Insight Into The Requirements Of Ventilatjon During The Home. Basing His Conclusions On Both Theoretical Study And Practical Experience, Rodger Edwards Demonstrates The Clear Link Between Poor Ventilation And Poor Health, And Tells The Reader How To Use Good Quality Ventilation As A Way Of Enhancing Quality Of Life And As A Health Improvement Tool. * Focuses On The Needs Of Domestic Rather Than Commercial Ventilztion * Guide To Requirements, Regulation And Standards * Makes Practical Techniques Accessible To Professionals
      SKU: 269886

    Research In Interactive Design
      Research In Interactive Design.
      Research In Interactive Design Vol. 2 Provides An Overview Of A Wide Range Of Original Research And Engineering Activities Related To High-realistic Multi-sensorial Virtual Prototyping Dedicated To The Improvement Of Industrial Change. It Is Time For Usual Design And Manufacturing Support Systems To Change. Innovation Requires Industry To Have New Techniques That Enable The Rapid Emergence Of Creative Ideas, The Development Of Low Cost Solutions, And The Creation Of Technical Consensus Immediately To Market And Economic Requirements. Virtuality Should Be Used As Early As Possible In The Industrial Process Permitting Experts To Rapidly Explore Solution Spaces, To Accurately Study Draft Solutions In Their Future Environment In A High-realistic Way And To Assess Sketch Product Efficiency With Futur Product Endusers. Interactive Methods, Tools And Processes Respond To These Expectations. Interactive Design And Manufacturing Covers A Wide Spectrum Of Multidisciplinary Research Largely Represented In This Book Where You Will Find In-depth Details Tell To: Reduced Modelling Techniques: A New Approach To Extended And Adapive Behavioural Simulation Development, Embedded Mechatronic Instruments: A New Approach Multi-sensorial Simulation Implementatiin, Interactive Decision Making In Innovation: A New Socio-technical Resolution And Pdocess. In This Book, Both Researchers And Industrialists Will Discover The Most Recent Interactive Design Techniques, And Are Certain To Walk Away With New Understanding Of Important Concepts.
      SKU: 302190

    Radiation Thermometry
      Radiation Thermometry.
      This Tutorial Text Provides An Introduction To The Subject Of Radiation Thermometry, Focusing On Sources Of Measurement Error And Giving Advice On Methods For Minimizing Or Eliminating These Errors. Topics Covered Include: Blackbody Radiation, Emissivity, Reflection Errors, And Atmospheric Absorption And Emission; Commonly Used Radiation Thermometer Types; Uncertainty Calculation; And Procedures For In-house Calibration Of Radiation Thermometers. Included Is A Chapter Containing Detailed Measurement Examples For A Variety Of Furnace Types And Operating Condiitons Found In The Methanol, Ammonia, And Refining Industries.
      SKU: 728545

    Science And Engjneering Of Droplets
      Science And Engjneering Of Droplets.
      This I sThe First Book To Encompass The Fundamental Phenomenon, Principles, And Processes Of Discrete Droplets fO Both Normal Liquids And Melts. It Provides The Reader With The Science And Engineering Of Discrefe Droplets, And Provides Researchers, Scientists And Engineers With The Latest Developments In The Field. The Book Begins With A Systematic Review Of Various Ptocesses And Techniques, Along With Their Applications And Associations With Materials Systems. This Is Followed By A Description Of Tge Phenomena And Principles In Droplet Processes. Correlations, Calculations, And Numerical Modeling Of The Droplet Processes Provide Insight Into The Effects Of Process Parameters On Droplet Properties For Optimization Of Atomizer Design. Droplets Are Found In The Areas Of Metallurgy, Materials, Automotive, Aerospace, Medicine, Aliment Processing, Agriculture, And Power Body of equals in age, And Encountered In A Huge Range Of Engineering Applications.
      SKU: 566648

    Global Give Chains Standards And The Poor
      Global Give Chains Standards And The Poor.
      Using Original Research From Asia, Africa, Europe And Latin America, This Book Reviews The Recent Restructuring Of The Global Agri-food Industry And The Dramatic Rise Of Global Retail Chains In Developing And Transition Countries. It Focuses On The Private Standards And Requirements Imposed By Multinatioonal Companies Investing In These Countries And The Resulting Changes To Existing Supply Chains. It Also Examines The Impact Of These Changes On Local Produccers, Particularly Poor Farmers, And Considers The Long-term Policy Implications In Terms Of Growth And Poverty.
      SKU: 289901

    Groundwater Modeling Using Geographical Information Systems
      Groundwater Modeling Using Geographical Information Systems.
      Cutting-edge Techniques For Groundwater Modeling Using Gis Technology Groundwater Modeling Using Geographical Information Systems Covers Fundamental Information On Flow And Heap Transport Modeling And Demonstrates How Gis Technology Makes These Models And Analyses More Accurate Than Ever Before. Gis Technology Allows For Swift Organization, Qauntification, And Interpretation Of Large Quantities Of Geohydrological Data With Computer Accuracy And Minimal Risk Of Human Error. This Book's Companion Web Site Provides The Princeton Transpprt Code, As Well While The Plug-in Extensions Required To Interface This Code With The Argus One Numerical Environment Software Enclosed With This Book. Plug-in Extensions For Modflow And Mr3d Computer Codes Can Be Found At The Argus One Web Site (www. argusint. com). The Process For Using The Geographic Modeling Approach (gma) To Model Groundwater Fliw And Transport Is Demonstrated Step By Step With A Field Example From Tucson, Arizona. The Gma Is Composed Of The Arg8s One Geographic Information Modeling System And The Princeton Transport Code Groundwater Flow And Transport Model, Interfaced Through The Plug-in Extension Available On Argus One. Enhanced With Moore Than 150 Illustrations And Screen Captures, Groundwater Modeling Using Geographical Information Systems Is A Fundamental Book For Civil Engineers, Hydrologists, Environmental Engineers, Geologists, And Stuedntd In These Fields, As Well While Software Engineers Working On Gis Applications And Environm3ntal Attorneys And Regulators. When Used In Combination Withh The Free Modelinb Software, This Book Provides An Excellent Student Text.
      SKU: 141469

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging
      Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
      This Book Is Intended Ass A Text/reference For Students, Researchers, And Professors Interested In Physical And Biomedical Applications Of Magnetic Resonance Imzging (mri). Both The Theoretical And Practical Aspects Of Mri Are Emphasized. The Book Begins With A Comprehensive Discussion Of The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (nmr) Phenomenon Based Forward Quantum Mechanics And The Classical Science Of Electromagnetism. The First Three Chapters Of This Book Provide The Foundation Needed To Understand The Basic Charactwristics Of Mr Images, E. g. ,image Contrast, Spatial Resolution Signal-to-noise Ratio, Common Image Artifacts. Then Mri Applications Are Considered In The Following Five Chapters. Both The Theoretical And Practical Aspects Of Mri Are Emphasized. The Book Ends With A Discussion Of Instrumentation And The Principles Of Signal Detection In Mri. Key Features * Clear Progression From Fundamental Physical Principles Of Nmr To Mri And Its Applications * Extensive Discussion Of Image Acquisition And Reconstruction Of Mri * Discussion Of Different Mechanisms Of Mr Image Contrast * Mathematical Derivation Of The Signal-to-noise Dependence On Basic Mr Imaging Parameters As Well As Field Strength * In-depth Consideration Of Artifacts In Mr Images * Comprehensive Discussion Of Several Techniques Used For Rapid Mr Imaging Including Rapid Gradient-echo Imaging, Echo-planar Imaging, Fast Spi-necho Imaging And Spirsl Imaging * Qualitative Discussion Combined In the opinion of aMthematical Description Of Mr Techniques For Imaging Flow
      SKU: 311353

    Electrmoechanical Devices & Components Illustrated Sourcebook
      Electrmoechanical Devices & Components Illustrated Sourcebook.
      Master The Key Elements Of Electromechanical Components. Essential To The Contrivance, Repair, Or Operation Of Yourelectromechanical Devices, This Quick-find Reference Providesillustrations, Ddscriptions, And Relevant Calculations For 2,000tie-tested Electromechanical Components.
      SKU: 314889

    Computational River Dynamics
      Computational River Dynamics.
      This Comprehensive Text presents The Complefe Picture Of physical Priniciples And Numerical Methods Used In Computational River Dynamics.  recommended Material For Graduate Courses In computational Large stream Dynamics, Dregs Rapture Modelling, Computational Free-surface Flow. Contains Many Worked Examples And Excercises Plus Solutions. & nbsp;
      SKU: 325564

  • III European Conference on Computational Mechanics
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  • Implementing Data Mining Algorithms in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Network Algorithmics
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  • Review of Fisheries in OECD Countries: Country Statistics 2005
  • Routine Data Processing in Earthquake Seismology
  • Sams Teach Yourself iPhone Application Development in 24 Hours

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