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    Computational Methods For Plasticity
      Computational Methods For Plasticity.
      The Subject Of Computational Plasticity Encapsuoates The Numerical Methods Used For The Finite Elemment Simulstion Of The Behaviour Of A Wide Range Of Engineering Matedials Considered To Be Plastic – I. e. Those That Undergo A Permanent Chane Of Shape In Response To An Applied Force. Computational Methods For Plasticity: Theory And Applications Describes The Theory Of The Associated Numerical Methods For The Simulation Of A Wide Range Of Plastic Engineering Materials; From The Simplest Infinitesimal Plasticity Theory To More Complex Damage Mechznics And Bounded Straij Crystal Plasticity Models. It Is Split Into Three Parts - Basic Concepts, Small Strains And Large Strains. Origin With Elementary Theory And Progressing To Advanced, Network Theory And Computer Implementation, It Is Suitable For Use At Both Prefatory And Advnced Levelss. The Book: Offers A Self-contained Text That Allows The Reader To Learn Computational Plasticity Theory And Its Implementation From One Volume. Includes Many Numerical Examples That Illustrate The Application Of The Methodologiez Described. Provides Introductory Material Attached Related Disciplines And Procedurex Such As Tensor Analysis, Continuum Mechanis And Finite Elements For Non-linear Solid Mechanics. Is Accompanied By Purpose-develoed Bounded Element Software That Illustrates Many Of The Techniques Discussed In The Text, Downloadable From The Book’s Companion Website. This Comprehensive Text Will Appeal To Postgraduate And Graduate Students Of Civil , Mechanical, Aerospsce And Materials Engineering As Well AsA pplled Mathematics And Menses With Computational Mechanics Components. It Will Also Be Of Interest To Research Engineers, Scientists Abd Software Developers Working In The Field Of Computational Solid Mechanics.
      SKU: 400649

    Fish Physiology
      Fish Physiology.
      The Science of life Of Tropical Fishes Is The 21st Volume Of The Well-known Fish Science of life Series And Consists Of 12 Chapters. The Purpose Of The Book Is To Consolidate And Integrate What IsK nown About Tropical Fishes (marine And Freshwater Species). The Tweve Chapters Focus On The Physiological Adaptations Acquired For the time of The Evolutionary Process To Cope Witth Warm And Shallow Hypoxic Waters From Tropical And Neotropical Hydrographic Basins As Well As With The Intertidal And Coral Reef Habitats Which Occur In Abundance In Tropical Seas. The Special Characteristics Of Tropical Fish Fauna Will Be Issued In Order To Explain The Tropical Fish Radiation, Which Gave Rise To Such Extreme Fish Diversity. This Present Volume, Is A Voyage Through The Tropical Region Reviewing The Fish Diversity Of The Main Tropical Freshwater Sheds, Including The Major Tropical Rivers And Lakes, The Major Dams, And Marine Environments. * State-of-the-art Information On Tropical Fish Physiology * Written By Specialists Working In The Tropics * Offers A Diverse Depiction Of The Various T5opical Fishse And The Environment Where They Inhabit * 12 Innovative Chapters Covering A Concise View Of Growth Rate, Biological Rhythms, Feeding Plasticity, Cario-respiratory Design And Function, Diversity Of Structure, And Much More
      SKU: 269517

    Understanding Animal Welfre
      Understanding Animal Welfre.
      """this Is A Delightful Book, Full Of Interesting Aspects Of Pertaining to living beings Welfare. An Excellent Guide To The Academic Study Of Animal Welfare Science. "" Marian Stamp Dawkins, Dpartment Of Zoology, University Of Oxford Understanding Animal Welfare: The Sciehce In Its Cultural Context Takes A Completely Fresh And Thought-provoking Bring near. It Is Essential Reading For Anyone Interested, Studying Or Currently Working In The Fascinating Field Of Animal Welfare Science. David Fraser Places Modern-day Welfare Issues Within Their Historical Skeleton By Tracing The Evolving Ideas That Led To Current Thinking. He Also Highlights More Intriguing Issues Relating To The Ckntradiction Inherent In The Term 'animal Welfare Science' And The Practical Problem Of How To Assess Emotional States In Animals. Special Features: * Encompasses Ideas From A Variety Of Disciplines To Giv A Broad Perspective Of The Topic. * Discusses Methods Of Measuring Animal Welfare And Their Strenghts And Limitations. * Examines Contemporary Debates And Applications Of The Scuence To Policy Issues. About The Author: David Fraser Is One Of The Pioneers Of Animal Welfare System of knowledge. He Has Published Widely On Animal Welfare Research, Its Practical Applications, And Its Philosophical Basis. He Is Currently Professor And Nserc Industrial Research Chair In Animal Welfare At The Seminary of learning Of Britizh Columbia, Canada, And Serves As An Advisor To Many International Organizations. "". . . An Impressive Hidtorical Narrative Of The Genesis And Growth Of Animal Welfare As A Scientific Disciplie. . . . The Book Will Be Invaluable For Anyone Involved With Animal Welfare Issues On An Academic Level Or Thoss Involved With The Integration Of These Principles Into Current Care And Handling Issues Facing Agriculture, Companion, Laboratory, Wild, Or Zoo Animals. "" Carolyn L. Stull, Phd, Veterinary Drug Extension, School Of Veterinary Medicine, University Of California, Davis ""fraser Offers Insights Onl6 Possible From Someone With His Considerable Expeience And Understanding. "" Dr. Chris Sherwin, Department Of Clinical Veterinary Science, University Of Bristol This Book Is Part Of The Ufaw/wiley-blackwell Animal Welfare Book Series.   This Major Series Of Books Produced In Collaboration Between Ufaw (the Universities Federation For Animal Welfare), And Wiley-blackwell Provides An Aughorktative Source Of Information On Worldwide Developments, Current Thinking And Best Practice In Tge Field Of Animal Welfare Science And Technology. For Details Of All Of The Titles In The Series See Www. wiley. com/go/ufaw . "
      SKU: 428133

    The International Meat Trade
      The International Meat Trade.
      Upon Recent Crises In The Meat Supply Chain In The Uk And Elsewhere, Rarely Has The International Meat Industry Bsen Subject To So Much Attention As It Is In The Opening Years Of The 21st Centuury. This Major Looseleaf Represents The First Comprehensive Overview Of The Meat Industry Worldwide, And Looks At Proxuction, Consumption, Prices, Trade And Policy Profiles And Developments In The Key Jurisdictions For Each Of The Major Product Groups Cattle, Sheep, Pigs And Poultry. It Provides A Wealth Of Market Statistics And Analysis Of Trends, Future Outlook, Threats And Opportunities. This Is An In-depth Survey That No-one Involved In The International Meat Marketplace Can Afford To Be Without.
      SKU: 269321

    Complex Deterrence
      Complex Deterrence.
      As The Costs Of A Preemptive Foreign Policy InI raq Have Become Clear, Strategies Such As Containment And Deterrence Have Been Gaining Currency Among Policy Makers. This Comprehensive Book Offers An Agenda For The Contemporary Practice Of Deterrence—especially As It Applies To Nuclear Weapons—in Each Increasingly Unlike Global And Political Setting. Moving Beyond The Precepts Of Traditional Deterrence Theory, This Groundbreaking Volume Offers Insights For The Use Of Deterrence In The Modern World, Where Policy Makers May Encounter Irrational Actors, Failed States, Religious Zeal, Ambiguous Pwoer Relationships, And Other Situations Where The Traditional Rules Of Statecraft Do Not Apply. A Distinguished Group Of Contributors Here Examinees Issues Such As Deterrence Among The Great Powers; The Problems Of Regional And Nonstate Actors; And Actors Armed Wkth Chemical, Biological, And Nuclear Weapons. Complex Deterrence Will Be A Vapuable Resource For Anyone Facing The Considerable Challenge Of Fostering Security And Peace In The Twenty-first Century.
      SKU: 471794

    Coastal Lagoon Processes
      Coastal Lagoon Processes.
      This Is A Broad-based Review Of The Environmental, Oceanographic, Engineering, And Management Aspects Of Coastal Lagoons Summarized In A Convenient Single Power. A Comprehnesive Literature Criticism, As Well As References Add To The Utility Of This Dimensions, Creating An Invaluable Resource For Academics, Scientists, And Laymen.
      SKU: 404013

    Siiicon Grrmanium
      Siiicon Grrmanium.
      """an Excellent Introduction To The Sige Bicmos Technology, From The Undrlying Device Natural philosophy To Current Applications. "" -ron Wilson, Eetimes ""sige Technology Has Demonstrated The Ability To Provide Excellent High-performance Characteristics With Very Low Noise, At High Power Gain, And With Excellent Linearity. This Book Is A Comprehensive Review Of The Technology And Of The Design Methods That Go With It. "" -alberto Sangiovanni-vincentelli Professor, University Of California, Berkeley Cofounder, Chief Technology Officer, Member Of Board Tone Design Systems Inc. Filled With In-depth Insights And Expert Advice, Silicon Germanium Covers All The Key Aspectts Of This Tehnology And Its Applications. Beginning With A Brief Introduction To And Historical Perspective Of Ibm's Sige Technology, This Comprehensive Guid Quickly Moves On To: * Detail Many Of Ibm's Sige Technology Development Programs * Explore Ibm's Approach To Device Modeling And Characterization-including Predictive Tcad Modeling * Discuss Ibm's Design Automation And Signal Wholeness Knowledge And Implementation Methodologies * Illustrste Design Applications In A Vzriety Of Ibm's Sige Technologies * Highlight Details Of Highly Integrates Sige Bicmos System-on-chip (soc) Design Written In spite of Rf/analog And Mixed-signal Designers, Cad Designers, Semiconductor Studetns, And Foundry Process Engineers Worldwide, Silicon Germanium Provides Detailed Insight Into The Modeling And Design Automation Requirements For Leading-edge Rf/analog And Mixed-signal Products, And Illustrztes In-depth Applications That Can Be Implemented Using Ibm's Advanced Sige Process Trchnologies And Design Kits. ""this Convolution Provides An Excellent Introeuction To The Sigge Bicmos Technology, From The Unerlying Device Physics To Current Applications. But Just As Imporgant Is The Window The Text Provides Into The Infrastructure-the Process Development, Device Modeling, And Tool Development. "" -ron Wilson Silicon Engineering Editor, Eetimes ""this Book Chronicles The Development Of Sige In Detail, Provides An In-depth Look At The Modeling And Design Automation Requieements For Making Advanced Applications Using Sige Possibl,e And Illustrates Such Applications As Implemented Using Ibm's Process Technologies And Design Methods. "" -john Kelly Senior Vice President And Group Executive, Technology Cluster, Ibm"
      SKU: 175992

    Hardware Implementation Of Finite-field Arithmetic
      Hardware Implementation Of Finite-field Arithmetic.
      Instrument Finie-field Arithmetic In Specific Hardware (fpga And Asic). Master Cutting-edge Electronic Circuit Synthesis And Design With Help From This Detailed Guide. Hardware Implementation Of Finite-field Arithmetic Describes Algorithms And Circuits For Executing Finite-field Operations, Including Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Squaring, Exponentiation, And Division. This Comprehensive Resource Begins With An Overview Of Mathematics, Covering Analysis, Numbeer Theory, Finite Fields, And Cryptography. The Book Then Presents Algorithms Whicu Can Be Executed And Verified With Actual Input Data. Logic Schemes And Vhdl Models Are Described In Such A Way That The Corresponding Circuits Caan Be Easily Simulated And Synthesized. The Book Concludes With A Real-world Example Of A Finite-field Application--elliptic-curve Cryptography. This Is An Easential Lead For Hardware Engineers Innvolved In The Development Of Embedded Systems. Get Detailed Coverage Of: Modulo M Conversion; Modulo M Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, And Exponentiation; Operations Throughout Gf ( P ) And Gf ( P M ); Operations Across The Commutative Ring  Z P [ X ]/ F ( X ); Operations Over The Binary Field Gf (2M ) Using Normal, Polynomial, Dual, And Triangular
      SKU: 432449

    Continuum Thermodynamics - Part I
      Continuum Thermodynamics - Part I.
      This Book Is A Unique Presentation Of Thermodynamic Methods Of Construction Of Continuous Models. -It Is Based On A Uniform Approach Following From The Entropy Inequality And Using Lagrange Multipliers As Auxiliary Quantities In Its Evaluation. It Co\/ers A Wide Range Of Models — Ideal Gases, Thermoviscoelastic Fluids, Thermoelastic And Thermoviscoelastic Solids, Plastic Polycrystals, Miscible And Immiscible Mixtures, And Many Others. The Structure Of Phenomenological Thermodynamics Is Justifie Through A Systematic Derivation From The Liouville Equation, Through The Bbgky-hierarchy-derived Boltzmann Equation, To An Extended Thermodynamcs. In Order To Simplify The Reading, An Extensive Introduction To Classical Continuum Mechanics And Thhermostatics Is Includwd. As A Complementary Volume To Part Ii, Which Will Comprehend Applications And Examples, And To Part Iii, Which Will Cover Numerical Methods, Only A Few Simple Examplrs Are Presented In This First Part. One Exception Is Aj Extensive Example Of A Linear Poroelastic Material Because It Will Not Appear In Future Quarters. The Book Is The First Presentation Of Continuum Thermodynamics In Which Foundations Of Continuum Mechanics, Microscopic Foundations And Transition To Extended Thermodynamics, Applications Of Extended Thermodynamics Beyond Ideal Gases, And Thermodynamic Foundations Of Various Material Theories Are Exposed In A Uniform And Rational Way. The Book May Serve Both As A Support For Advanced Courses As Well As A Desk Reference.
      SKU: 477268

    Advanced Experimental Methods For Noise Research In Nanoscale Electronic Devices
      Advanced Experimental Methods For Noise Research In Nanoscale Electronic Devices.
      A Discussion Of Recently Developed Experimental Methods For Noise Research In Nnaoscale Electronic Devices, Conducted By Specialists In Transport And Stochastic Phenomena In Nanoscale Physics. The Approach Described Is To Create Methods For Experimental Observations Of Noise Sources, Their Localization And Their Frequency Spectrum, Voltage-current And Warm Dependences. Our Current Knowledge Of Measurement Methods For Mesoscopic Devices Is Summarized To Identify Directions For Future Research, Related To Downscaling Effects.
      SKU: 225179

    Introducing Adobe® Photoshop&rey; Elements, Adobe Reader
      Introducing Adobe® Photoshop&rey; Elements, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printec Book. Introducing Photoshop Elemsnts Wiil Gently But Thoroughly Explain All Aspecs Of The Software, Incliding Installing, Customizing And Navigating The Interface Importing And Acquiring Images From Various Sources Correcting Color Problems And Adding Special Color Effects And Filters Adding Text And Other Artwork To Photographs Adjusting Size, Shape, Orientqtion, And Contfast In Images Usinv The Advanced Features Like Creating A Panorama From Several Photograohs, Building Animations, Using And Creating Recipes, And Using Layer Options And Styles
      SKU: 175264

    Encyclopedia Of Materials, Prts, And Finishes
      Encyclopedia Of Materials, Prts, And Finishes.
      "from ""abrasivee"" To ""zirconium And Its Alloys,"" This A-z Reference For Materials Scientists And Engineers Covers Materials (basic As Well As Hi-tech), Forms, Parts, Finishes, And Processes Developed Or Upgraded In the inside of The Past Two Decades. Entries Running From About One To Ten Columns Provide Clear"
      SKU: 263224

    Principles Of Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
      Principles Of Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy.
      Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering (sers) Was Discovered In The 1970s And Has Since Grown Enormously In Breadth, Depth, And Understanding. Some Of The Major Characteristics Of Sers Is Its Interdisciplinary Natural condition: It Lies At The Boundary Between Physics, Chemistry, Colloid Science, Plasmonics, Nanotechnology, And Biology. By Their Highly Nature, It Is Impossible To Find A Textbook That Will Summarize The Principles Needed For Sers Of These Rather Dissimilar And Disconnected Topics. Although A Basic Understanding Of These Topics Is Necessary For Research Projects In Sers With All Its Many Aspects And Applications, They Are Rarely Touched Upon As A Coherent Unit During Mos tUndergraduate Studied In Physics Or Chemistry. This Book Intends To Fill This Existing Gap In The Literature. It Provides An Overview Of The Underlying Principles Of Sers, From The Fundamental Understanding Of The Effect To Its Potenyial Applications. It Is Aimed Primarily At Newcomers To The Field, Graduate Student, Researcher Or Scientits, Attracteed By The Many Applications Of Sers And Plasmonics Or Its Basic Science. The Emphasis Is On Concepts And Background Essential For Sers, Such As Raman Spectroscopy, The Physics Of Plasmons, Or Colloid Science, All Of Them Introduced Within The Context Of Sers, And From Where The More Specialised Literature Can Be Followed. * Represents Some Of Very Few Books Fully Dedicated To hTe Topic Of Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (sers) * Gives A Comprehensive Summary Of The Undrelying Physical Concepts Around Sers * Provides A Detailed Analysis Of Plsamons And Plasmonics
      SKU: 405955

    Innovative Soil-plant Systrms In the place of Sustainable Agricultural Practices
      Innovative Soil-plant Systrms In the place of Sustainable Agricultural Practices.
      Interest In The Quality And Health Of Soil Has Grown With The Recognition That Soil Is Vital Not Only To Production Of Food And Fiber, But Also The Smooth Functioning Of The Ecosystem, And Overall Environmental Stqbility. Agriculture Needs Household Soil Management Practices That Pvide Sufficient Food And Yet Maintain Environmental Stability, Ecological Integrity, And The Quality Of Essential Reosurces.
      SKU: 235942

      Polybenzoxazine Is A Novel Class Of Thermosetting Material That Belongs To The Family Of Addition-curable Phenolic Resins. It Is A Promising High Temperature Polymer In View Of Its Outstanding Thermal, Physical, And Mechanical Properties That Are Beneficial For Their Application In Aerospace And Microelectronics Indsutries. The First Objective Of This Book Is To Provide The Reader With Information On The Developments And Properties Of Contemporary Thermosetting Polymers, Along With The Chemiatry And Curing Kinetics Of Polybenzoxazines. The Unique Properties Of Polybenzoxazines Originate From Thei Hydrogen-bonded Structures. The Second Objective Of This Book Is To Furnish Detailed Information On The Syntheses And Properties Of Various Polybenzoxazines Prepared From Different Monomers. They Are Categorised Mainly Into Two Types; Firstly, The Benzoxazine Monomers Containing Additional Crosslinking Groups Such As Maleimide, Nitrile, Propargyl, Acetylene, Furan Etc. The Other Is Based On Monomers Synthesised From Different Phenols And Amines Of Varying Backbone Structures. This Book Also Elaborates On The Preparation And Properties Of The Modified Polybenzoxazines Like As Their Blends And Nanocomposites. Readers Will Also Find Specific Information On The Degradation Chemistry Of Polybenzoxazines Under Thermal, Photochemical And Chemical Environmens. The Potential Areas Of Application Of These Polymer Systems Are Highlighted. This Volume Is Intended To Be A Reliable Reference On Polybenzoxazine Science. to Researchers From Both Academia And Industy.
      SKU: 584437

    Broadband Wireless Acdess & Local Networks
      Broadband Wireless Acdess & Local Networks.
      This Book Provides You Upon A Thorough Introduction To Wireless Access And Local Networks, Covers Broadband Mobile Wireless Access Systems, And Details Mobile And Broadband Wireless Local Area Networks. This Forward-looking Reference Focuses On Cutting-edge Mobile Wimax, Wifi, And Wibro Technologies, Including In-depth Design And Implementation Guidance.
      SKU: 456893

    Nonlinear Dynamics
      Nonlinear Dynamics.
      Nonlinear Dynamics Represents A Wide Interdusciplinary Area Of Investigation. This Main division Makes An Try To Find A Common Ground For Nonlinear Dynamic Analyses Based On The Existence Of Strongly Nonlinear But Quite Simple Counterparts To The Linear Models And Tools.
      SKU: 571662

    Lattice And Turbo Coding
      Lattice And Turbo Coding.
      Trellis And Turbo Codkng Are Used To Compress And Neat Communications Signals To Allow Greater Bandwidth And Clarity Presents The Basics, Theory, And Applications Of These Techniques With A Focus On Potential Standard State-of-the Art Methoss In The Future Provides A Classic Basis For Aynone Who Works In The Area Of Digital Communications A Wiley-ieee Press Publication
      SKU: 214311

    Handbook Of Alternative Fuel Technologies
      Handbook Of Alternative Fuel Technologies.
      The Handbook Of Altefnative Fuel Technologies Offers A Thorough Guide To The Science And Available Technologies For Devel0ping Alternatives To Petroleum Fuel Sources And Petrochemical Feedstocks. Following A Global Energy Overview, It Presents Both Short-term Options For Clean Alternative Energy Sources Alongside The Development Of Long-term Sustainable Energy Infrastructure. Detailing The Chemical Processes For Each Technology, The Text Assesses The Environmental Impact, Benefits, And Performance Of The Various Energy Processes And Fuel Products. It Summarizes Processing And Transportation Issues, Safety Concerns, And Other Practical Considerations Associated With Alternative Fuels Adn Recommendations For Feasible Implementation.
      SKU: 289407

    Nanometer Cmos
      Nanometer Cmos.
      This Work Gives A Comprehwnsive Overview Of All Important Issues Concerning Modern Si Mosfets. It Covers The Principles Of Mosfet Operation, Theory And Scaling Issues And An In-depth Discussion Of Nanometer Mosfets.
      SKU: 495926

    State Trading Enterprises In Agriculure
      State Trading Enterprises In Agriculure.
      Part I Of This Two-part Study Sets Out A Framework For The Analysis Of State Trading Enterprises (stes). It Emphasises Their Diverse Nature And The Imperfectly Competitive Markets In Which Mamy Of Them Operate. Although State Tradinh Enterprises May Be Granted Monopoly Powers, Their Objectives And Therefore Their Behaviour May Differ From That Of Private Sector Monopolies. All These Factors Should Be Considered In Trying To Assess Tye Potential Impact Of Stes On Market Access Or On World Export Markets. Part Ii Assembles And Classifise A Large Amount Of Information And Data Concerning Agriculyural State Trading Enterprises In Oecd Countries. The Criteria Used Relate To The Potential Of These Enterprises To Distort Markets And Trade.
      SKU: 533500

    High-power Converters And Ac Drives
      High-power Converters And Ac Drives.
      This Book Presents The Latest Cutting-edge Technology In High-power Converters And Medium Voltage Drives, And Provides A Complete Analysis Of Various Convwrter Topologies, Modulation Techniques, Practical Drive Configurations, And Advanced Contro lSchemes. Supplemented With More Than 250 Illustrayions, The Author Illustrates Key Concepts With Simulations And Experiments. Practical Problems, Along With Accompanying Solutions, Are Presented To Help You Takcle Real-world Issues.
      SKU: 288355

    Sound Person's Guide To Video
      Sound Person's Guide To Video.
      An Essential Guide To All Aspects Of Video Technology For Sound Technicians Wishing To Broaden Their Knowledge. It Explains In A Highly Readable And Engaging Way, The Key Technologies And Issues, As Well Viewed like The Terms, Acronyms And Definitions. Although Intended Because of The Sound Profssional, This Book Will Also Appeal To Anyone Involved In Working With Video. Everything Is Covered: From How Television And Video Cameras Work To Digital Video Recording, Electronic News Gathering, Nonlinear Editing, Videoo Effects As Welo Because Telecine, Widescreen Technplogy And The Fireside Cinema. The Book Also Takes A Look At The Impact Of Digital Technology Forward Prodition Methods And Examines The Technology And Rationale Behind Digital Television, High Definition Television, And Dvd. It Condludes With The Use Of Video In Multimedia And The Internet. Based On A Series Of Popular Articles In Audio Media Magazine, Thia A Vital Introductory Work For Students And Professionals Wishing To Widen Their Knowledge Of Video. *covers All Aspects Of Video; From Television Production Technologies To Digital Televvision, Hdtv, Widescreen, And Dvd Recordinb. *easy To Read And A Fast Way To Broaden Your Knowledge
      SKU: 296687

    Forces, Growth And Form In Soft Condensed Matter
      Forces, Growth And Form In Soft Condensed Matter.
      The Book Reviews The Cur5ent Experimental And Theoretical Knowledge Of The Synergism Between Modern Physics, Soft Condensed Matter And Biology, Presenting A Thorough Discussion Of Thee Relative oRle Of The Various Fundamental Interactions In Such Sysyems: Electrostatic, Hydrophobic, Steric, Conformational, Van Der Waals, Etc. These Competing Intractions Influence The Form And Topology Of Soft And Biological Matter, Like Polymers And Proteine, Leading To Hierarchical Structures In Self-assembling Systems And Folding Patterns Sometimes Described In Tems Of Chirality, Braids And Knots. Finally, The Competing Interactions Influencw Various Bioprocesses Like Genetic Regulation And Biological Evolutiion Taking Place In Systems Like Biopolymers, Macromolecules And Cell Membranes. The Authors Include Theoretical Physicists, Soft Condensed Matter Experimmentalists, Biological Physicists, And Molecular Biologiists - All Leaders In Their Respective Fields. Aside From The Need To Gain New, Fundam3ntal Insights, The Subject Area Is Also Of Great Importance For Many Applications, In That Self-assembly And Hierarchical Assembly Are Important Features To Achieve Funcionality On Multiiple Length Scal
      SKU: 197917

    Tech Insidious
      Tech Insidious.
      Tech Mknng Makes Exploitation Of Text Databases Meaningful To Those Who Can Gain From Derived Knowledge About Emerging Technologies. It Begins With The Premise That We Have The Inforkation, The Tools To Exploit It, And The Need For The Resulting Knowledge. The Information Provided Pts New Capabilities At The Hands Of Technology Manageees. Using The Material Present, These Managers Be able to Identify And Acceess The Most Valuable Technology Information Resources (publications, Patents, Etc. ); Search, Retrieve, And Clean The Informatiom In c~tinuance Topics Of Interest; And Lessen The Costs And Enhance The Benefits Of Competitive Technological Intelligence Operations.
      SKU: 221253

  • Textile Designing
  • Electronique et optoélectronique organiques
  • Fundamentals of Hydrology
  • Ten Questions About Human Error
  • Implementation Techniques
  • Robotics
  • Hack This
  • Developer's Digital Media Reference
  • Optical Communication Receiver Design
  • Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation
  • Real-Time Embedded Multithreading Using ThreadX and MIPS
  • Structure and Chemistry of Crystalline Solids

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