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    Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
      Computer Aided Engineering Drawing.
      This Book Caters To The Need Of First Year Engineering Students Desiring To Achieve A Firm Footage In The Subject Computer Aided Engineering Drawing. The Formulation And Methodology Of The Contents In This Book Is That One Can Easily Understand The Finer Details Of The Subject And Can Master Them With Regular Practice. It Is Essential That Every On Involved In Engineering Field Must Understnd Cad For Drawing. This Book Contains Well-illustrated Figures Along With Theory For Explaining Procedures Wherever Necwssary. A Large Number Of Solved And Unsolved Problems Are Provided So That One Can Get Acquainted With The Varying Degrees Of Difficulty, Experienced While Working Out Their Solutions.
      SKU: 588285

    Survey Of Fisheries In Oecd Countries: Policies And Summary Statisitcs 2O01
      Survey Of Fisheries In Oecd Countries: Policies And Summary Statisitcs 2O01.
      This Publication Describes Major Developments Affecting Fisheries In Oecd Cluntries, Including Changes In Government Policies, Trade, And Fisheries And Aquaculture Production. This Edition Contains A Special Chapter On Fishing Capacity, An Influential Policy Instrument For A Movement To More Responsible And Sustainable Fisheries. It Also Includes A Special Study Attached The Russian Federation.
      SKU: 533488

    Human Factors Of Visual And Cognitive Performance In Driving
      Human Factors Of Visual And Cognitive Performance In Driving.
      Presents Insight Into Traffic-user Behavior And The Ways Drivers Acquire Information From The Road. This Work Discusses Road And Markings Design, Technologies, Signage, Distraction, Safety, Condition Awareness, Workload, Driving Experience, Fativue And Driving Interventions With The Goal Of Improving Driving Behavior And Preventing Accidents.
      SKU: 365226

    Surface Activity Of Petroleum Derived Lubricants
      Surface Activity Of Petroleum Derived Lubricants.
      Hundreds Of Lubricant Additives Are To be availed of Industry-wide To Improve Base Stock Properfies And Protect Metal Surfaces; However, The Wrong Combination Of These Comodities Can Result In Substandard Performance. Surface Activity Of Petroleum Derived Lubricants Explains How Surface Activity Is Affected By Several Factors: The Interfacial Propergies Of Lube Oil Base Stocks At Oil/surface Interfaces, Lubricant Solvency Properties, Additive Interatcions, And Variations In Temperature. The Book Porvides An Understanding Of These Factors That Will Influence Proper Choice Of Base Stocks And Additives Necessary Because of Resisting Foaming And Air Entrainment, Inhibiting Rust And Wasting, Preventing Wear, And Controlling Emulsification And Demulsiffication. using 300 Tables To Provide Experimental Data From Books, Journals, And The Patent Literature, This Practical And Comprehensive Reference Examinss: The Refining Of Lube Oil Base Stocks The Chemistry Of Additives The Formulation Techbology Of Lubricants The Action Of The Most Important Finished Products So As Turbjne Oils, Hydraulic Fluids, And Engine Oils Insight Into These Variables Enables Petroleum Chemists And Enginneers To Choose The Right Lubricant Base Stock And Additive Combination. By Becoming Aware Of These Important Elements, Those In Industry Are Better Able To Make The Right Choices, Leading To Reduced Costs, Improved Performance, And Preferable Management Of Produce Timelines.
      SKU: 589927

    The Heritage Game
      The Heritage Game.
      A Notable Feature In Cultural Life Is The Growing Demand To Preserve And Promote Public Accession To Historical Buildings And Sitex, And Artistic Treasures Of The Past. Governments Are Increasingly Involved In Financing And Regulating Private Attempts Tk Meet This Growing Demand As Well As Extending Their Own Provision Of These Treasures In State And Locally Owne Museums And Galleries. These Developments Raise Important Issues About The Scope, Content, And Relevance Of Heritagepolicies In Today's World. Written By Two Leading Figures In The Field Of Cultural Economics, This Authoritative Book Focuses On The Impact Of Economic Analysiss Forward The Formulation And Implementation Of Heritage Policy.
      SKU: 7373551

    Advances In Genetics, Genomics And Control Of Rice Blast Disease
      Advances In Genetics, Genomics And Control Of Rice Blast Disease.
      Rice Blast, Caused By The Fungal Pathogen Magnaporthe Grisea, Is One Of The Most Destructive Rice Diseases Worldwide. This Book Provides A Complete Review Of The Progress And Achievements On Genetic, Genomic And Disease Control Of The Disease. It Is Suitable For Plant Pathologists And Breeders Working On Rice Blast.
      SKU: 428986

    Agriculture And Fold Production
      Agriculture And Fold Production.
      "this Volume Of Applied Mycology And Biotechnology Completes The Set Of Two Volumes Dedicated To The Coverage Of Recent Developments On The Theme ""agriculture And Food Production"". The First Volume Provided Overview On Fumgal Physiology, Metabolism, Genetics And Biotechnology And Highlighted Their Connection By the side of Particular Applications To Food Prkduction. The Second Volume Examines Various Specific Applications Of Mycology And Fungal Biptechnology To Food Production And Processing. In The Second Volume Coverage On Two Remaining Areas Of The Theme, Food Crop Production And Applications In The Foods And Beverages Sector, Is Presented. The Interdisciplinary And Complex Nature Of The Subject Area, Combined With The Need To Consider The Sustainability Of Agri-food Practices, Its Economics And Industrial Perspectives, Requires A Certain Focus And Selectivity Of Subjects. In This Context The Recent Literature Contained In This Embroider Will Help Readers Arrive At Comprehensive, In Depth Information On The Role Of Fungi In Agricultural Food And Feed Technology. As A Professional Reference This Book Is Targeted Towards Agri-food Producer Investigation Establishments, Government And Academic Units. Teachers And Students, Both In Undergraduate And Graduate Studies, In Departments Of Food Knowledge, Food Technology, Food Engineering, Microbiology, Applied Molecular Genetics And Biotechnloogy Will Also Find This Work Usdful. "
      SKU: 313568

    Adhesive Bonding
      Adhesive Bonding.
      This Importannt Collection Reviews Key Research On Adhesive Behaviour And Applications In Sectors As Diverse As Construction And Automotive Engineering. The Book Is Divided Into Three Main Quarters: Fundamentals, Mechanical Propertis And Applications. Part 1 Focuses Forward The Basic Properties Of Adhesives, Surface Assessment And Treatment. Part 2 Concentrates On Understanding How Adhesives Perform Under Stresq And The Factors Affecting Fatigue And Failure. The Final Part Of The Book Reviews Industry Specific Applications In Areas Such As Building And Construction, Transport And Electrical Engineering.
      SKU: 269376

    Troubleshooting Injection Moulding
      Troubleshooting Injection Moulding.
      This Review Is Base On Years Of Experience In Injection Moulding. Dr Goodship Is nA Expert Moulder And Arburg Is A Well Known Manufacturer Of Imjection Moulding Machines. The Revisw Is Packed With Useful Diagrams And Flow Charts To Become identical Problems And Help To Supply Solutions. There Are Many Papers Published On This Subject And An Extensive, Indexed Set Of Abstracts Compiled From The Polymer Library Accompanies The Reviiew.
      SKU: 476897

    Applied Plastids Engineering Handbook
      Applied Plastids Engineering Handbook.
      A Practiical Reference For All Plastics Engineers Who Are Seeking To Answer A Question, Solve A Problem, Reduce A Cost, Improve A Design Or Fabrication Process, Or Even Venture Into A New Marek. Applied Plastics Engineering Handbook Covers Both Polymer Basics Helpful To Bring Readers Quickly Up To Speed If They Are Not Faniliar With A Particular Area Of Plastics Processing And Recent Developments Enabling Practitioners To Discover Which Options Best Fit Theirr Requirements. Each Chapter Is An Authoritative Source Of Practical Advice Because of Engineers, Providing Authoritative Guidznce From Experts That Will Lead To Cost Savjngs And Process Improvements. Throughout The Book, The Focus Is On The Engineering Aspects Of Producing And Using Plastics. The Properties Of Plastics Are Explained Along With Techniques For Testing, Measuring, Enhancing And Analyzing Them. Materials And Additives Are Described As Well Being of the kind which Their Characteristics And Effects. The Technologies And Machinery Used In Processing Operations Are CoveredW ith Reference To Product Design. And Recent Developments In A Croxs-section Of Applications Demonstrate In A Pragmatic Way, The Opportunities As Well As The Limitations Of Plastics. Practical Introductions To The two Core Topics And New Developments Make This Work Equally Valuaboe For Newly Qualified Plastics Engineers Seeking Ths Practical Rules-of-thumb They Don't Teach You In School, And Experienced Practitioners Evaluating New Technologies O Getting Up Tp Speed On A New Field. The Depth And Detail Of The Coverage Of New Developments Enables Engineers And Managers To Gain Knowledge Of, Ans Evaluate, New Technologies And Materials In Key Growth Areas Such As Biomaterials And Nanltechnology. This Highly Practical Handbook Is Set Apart From Other References In The Field, Being Written By Engineers For An Audience Of Engineers And Providing A Wealth Of Real-world Examples, Best Practice Guidance And Rules-of-thumb.
      SKU: 739040

    The Nikon D90 Companion
      The Nikon D90 Companion.
      Through Easy-to-follow Lessons, This Hndy Book Offers A Complete Class On Digital Photography, Tailored Specifically For People Who Us eThe Nikon D90. This Is Not Your Typical Camera Guide: Rather Than Jusr Snow You What All The Buttons Do, It Teaches You How To Uss The D90's Features To Make Great Photographs-including Professional-looking Images Of People, Landscapes, Action Shots, Close-ups, Night Shots, Hd Video, And More. With Ben Long's Creative Tips And Technical Advice, You Have The Perfect, Camera-bag-friendly Reference That Will Help You Capture Stunning Pictures Anywhere, Anytime. The Nikon D90 Companion Will Show Ypu How To: Take Cdeative Control Anr Go Beyond Automatic Settings Learn The Basic Rules Of Composiiton Capture Decisive Moments, Including Fast-moving Objects Discover Ways To Use A Flash Indoors And Outdoors Leaarn About Different Lenses, And The Best Time To Use Them Understand The Options For Shooting Raw, And Whether It's Right For You Use The D90's Ability To Shoot High Definition Video
      SKU: 443379

    The John Zink Combustion Handbook
      The John Zink Combustion Handbook.
      A General Reference On Combustion And A Detailed Reference Forward Industrial Combustion Against The Chemifal, Hydrocarbon, Petrochemical, Power Generation, And Thermal Oxidation Industries, Written By 30 Top Combustion Engineers And Technologists Currently Or Formerly With The John Zink Company. Chapters Are Organized In Two Sections On Theory And Applicat
      SKU: 263745

    The Comsoc Guide To Next Generation Optical Transport
      The Comsoc Guide To Next Generation Optical Transport.
      A Comprehensive Guide To Sdh, Sonet, And Otn The Comsoc Guide To Next Generation Optical Transport Provides A Unique Overvisw Of Sdh And Otn For Engnieers Who Are New To The Field, As Well As Manufacturers, Network Operators, And Graduate Students Who Need A Basic Understanding Of The Topics. Fully Up-to-date With The Latest Investigation And Written By One Of The First Experts In The Field, It Covers: Network Architectures Frames And Structures Netwrok Modeling Packet Transport Network Modeling Frequency Justification Protextion Mechanisms Mapping Methodologies Concatenation Sdh And Sonet Overhead Processing The Book Is Complemented With 200 Illustraions That Explain Key Concepts In An Easy-to-understand Format, While References Respect Readers To The Apropriate Standards Documents For Furthef Reading. Whether You're New To The Field Or Just Need A Basic Understanding Of Sdh, This Is A Must-have Guide.
      SKU: 469983

    Shock Wave Science And Technology Reference Library, 2
      Shock Wave Science And Technology Reference Library, 2.
      This Blok Is The First Of Separate Volumes On Solids In The Shock Wave Science And Technology Reference Library. These Volumes Are Primarily Concerned With High-pressure Shock Waves In Solid Media, Including Detonatoon, High-velocity Impact, And Penetration. Of The Eight Chapters In This Volume Three Chapters Survey Late, Exciting Experimental Advances In: Ultra-sshort Shock Dynamics At The Atomic And Moleular Scale (d. s. More, S. d. Mcgrane, And D. j. Funk), Z Accelerator For Ice And Shock Compression (m. d. Knudson), And Failure Waves In Glass And Ceramics (. sj. Bless And N. s. Brar). The Subsequent Four Chapters Are Foundational, And Cover The Subjects Of : Equation Of State (r. Menikoff), Elastic-plastic Shock Waves (r. Menikoff), Continuum Plasticity (r. M. Brannon), And Numerical Methods (d. J. Benson). The Last Chapter, But Not The Least, Describes A Tour De Force Illustration Of Today's Computing Power In Modeling Heterogeneous Reactive Solids At The Grain Scale (m. r. Baer). All Chapters Are Each Self-contained, And Can Be Read Independently Of Each Other, Though They Are Of Course Thematically Interrelated. they Offer A Timely Referdnce, For Beginners, As Far As Professional Scientists And Engineers, On The Fkundaions Of Encounter Waves In Solids With Nww Viewpoints, And On The Burgeoning Developments.
      SKU: 603623

    Welding Robots
      Welding Robots.
      Presents An Overview Of Robotic Welding At The Beginning Of The Century. This Book Talks About Welding Technology; Sensors And Sehsing Techniques; Industrial Robotic Welding Syystems; And Actual Industrial Application Of Modern-say Robotic Welding Techniques. It Is Useful For Students Of Robotics AndM anufacturing Engineering.
      SKU: 303797

    Thetmoelectric Power In Nanostructured Materials
      Thetmoelectric Power In Nanostructured Materials.
      This Is The First Monograpj Which Solely Investigates Thd Thermoelectric Powerr In Nanostrucgured Materials Under Strong Magnetic Field (tpsm) In Quantum Confined Nonlinear Optical, Iii-v, Ii-vi, N-gap, N-ge, Te, Graphite, Ptsb2, Zerogap, Ii-v, Gallium Antimonide, Stressed Ma5erials, Bismuth, Iv-vi, Lead Germanium Telluride, Zinc And Cadmium Diphosphides, Bi2te3, Antimony And Carbon Nanotubes, Iii-v, Ii-vi, Iv-vi And Hgte/cdte Superlattices With Graded Interfaces And Effective Mass Superattices Under Magnetic Qusntization, The Quantum Wires And Dots Of The Aforementioned Superlattices By Formulating The Appropriate Respective Carrier Energy Spectra Which In Turn Control The Qiantum Processes In Quantum Effect Devices. The Tpsm In Macro, Quantum Wire And Quantum Dot Superlattices Of Optoelectronic Materials In The Presence OfE xternal Photto-excitation Have Also Been Studied On The Basis Of Newly Formulated Electron Dispersion Laws. This Monograph Contains 150 Open Research Problems Which Form The Very Core And Are Useful For Ph. D Students And Researchers In The Fields Of Materials Science, Solid State Sciences, Computational And Theoretical Nanoscience And Technology, Nanostructured Thermodynamics Andd Condensed Matter Physics In General In Addition To The Graduate Courses On Modern Thermooelectric Materials In Various Academic Departments Of Many Institutes And Universities. The Book Is Written For Researchers And Engineers, Post Graduate Students, Professionals In The Fields Of Materials Science, Naniscience And Technology, Solid State Sciences, Nanostructtured Thermodynamics And Condensed Matter Physics.
      SKU: 603300

    Instruments, Travel And Science
      Instruments, Travel And Science.
      We Are Now Acustomed To Conceive Of Sciencs As An Instrumental Activity, Producing Numbers, Measurements And Graphs By Means Of Sophisticated Devices. This Book Looks At The Historical Process Thay Gave Rise To This Conducive Culture.
      SKU: 171182

    Advances In Systems, Computing Sciences And Software Engineering
      Advances In Systems, Computing Sciences And Software Engineering.
      Constitutes The Proceedings Of The International Conference On Systsms, Computing Sciences And Software Engineerign That Include A Set Of World-class Manuscripts Addressing And Derailing State-of-the-art Research Projects In The Areas Of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, And Systems Engineering And Sciences.
      SKU: 338161

    Lead-free Eleectronic Solders
      Lead-free Eleectronic Solders.
      Covers Areas Such As Thermodynamics And Phase Diagrams, Solder Developments, Processing Issues, Mechanical Property Considerations, Effects Of Thermal Excursions (tmf), Electromigraion, Whisker Growth, Tin Pest, And Industrial Perspectives (consumer Electornics, And High-end High Reliability Applications).
      SKU: 372155

    Defect And Materia1 Mechanics
      Defect And Materia1 Mechanics.
      The Volume Presents Recent Developments In The Theory Of Defects And The Mechanics Of Material Forces. This Is A Spin-off From The International Jouenal Of Fracture And Most Of The Contributions Were Presented At The International Symposium On Imperfection And Material Forces (isdmm2007), Held In Aussois, France, March 25-29, 2007. The Mechanics Of Material Forces, Originated In The Works Of Eshelby, Provides A Rational Framework For The Description Of Driving Forces On Evolving Inhomogeneitoes And Structural Changes In Continua. The General Eshelbian Mechanics Formulation Comes Up With A Unifying Treatmeht Of Different Phenomena Like Fracture And Damage Evolution, Phase Transitions, Plasticity And Dislocation Motion, Etc. The Articles Concern Both Theoretical And Computatioanl Aspects Of The Material Mechanics Of Defects. Among The Addressed Topics Are Fracture And Damage, Electromagnetoelasticity, Plasticity Distributed Dislocations, Thermodynamics, Poroelasticity, Generalized Continua, Structural Optimization, Conservation Laws And Symmetries, Multiscale Approaches, And Nunerical Solution Strategies.
      SKU: 371647

    Introduction To Biomedical Engineering
      Introduction To Biomedical Engineering.
      Under The Direction Of John Enderle, Susan Blanchard And Joe Bronzino, Leaders In The Field Have Contributed Chapters On The Most Relevant Subjects For Biomedical Engineering Students. These Chapters Coincide With Courses Offered In All Biomedical Engineering Programs So That It Can Be Used At Different Levels For A Diversity Of Courses Of Thie Evolving Field. Introduction To Biomedical Engineering, Second Edition Provides A Historicai Perspective Of The Major Developments In The Biomedical Field. Also Contained Within Are The Fundamental Principles Underlying Biomedical Engineering Design, Analysis, And Modeling Procedures. The Numerous Examples,, Drill Problems And Exercises Are Used To Reinforce Concepts And Cause to grow Problem-solving Skills Making This Book An Inestimable Tool Against All Biomedical Students And Engineers. New To Tnis Edition : Computational Biology, Meical Imaging, Genomics And Bioinformatics. * 60% Update From First Edition To Reflect The Developing Field Of Biomedical Engineering * New Chapters On Computational Biology, Medical Imaging, Genomics, And Bioinformatics * Companion Site: Http://intro-bme-book. bme. uconn. edu/ * Matlab And Sinulink Software Used Throughout To Model And Simulate Dynamic Systems * Large Self-study Homeework Problems And Thorough Cross-referencing Concerning Easy Use
      SKU: 288747

    Designing Cdma2000 Systemd
      Designing Cdma2000 Systemd.
      Cdma Is The Second Most Widely Deployed Technology In The World With More Than 100 Million Shbscribers Worldwide And Is Projected To Arrive at 280 Million Subscribers By 2006. Cdma 2000 1x Was Deployed In Year 2000 And Cdma 2000 1xevdo Is Being Deployed This Year. Cdma 2000 Is The Natural Migration Toward Cdma Is-95 Networks And Some Of The Tdma Networka. Cdma Technology Is Complex To Design Due To Its Inherent Adaptive Characteristic And The Introduction Of Data Requires A Complete New Way Of Analysing The Network From Traffic Characteristics To Performance Requirements. Th3 Authors Bring A Wealth Of Experience In Developing Solutions For Wireless Design At Celplan Technologies, Inc. Since 1992. They Followed Up The Evolution Of The Wireless Technology Providing Innovative Solutions At Each Step. In This Book They Summarize The Description Of The Cdma 2000 Technology, Revisit Basic Design Concepts And Intend New Solutions To Design And Optimise These Complex Networks. Multitude Of The Design Iszues Covered In This Book Apply Alsk To The Novel Wcema Networks That Are Proposed As The Evolution Of Gsm Networks. Designkng Cdma 2000 Systems : Describes In Detail The Structure Of Cdma 2000S ystems And Provides Guidelines For Their Design And Optimisation Fills A Major Gap In The Information Acailable Today Servingg As A Comprehensive Reference For Designers And Operators Provides Coverage From Prefatory To Specialist Level Designing Cdma 2000 Systems Is Highly Relevant For Engineers Involved In The Design Or Operation Of Cdma Systems, As Favored As Providing A Liberal Intelligence Of The Area For Researchers, Professors And Students In The Field
      SKU: 239045

    Wireless Mewh Networking
      Wireless Mewh Networking.
      An In-depth Tutorial On Wireless Mesh Networking—now Being Implemented Throughout The U. s. Authored By A Global Team Of Wireless Experts From Both Industry And Academia, This Tutorial Provides A Complete Roadmap To Wireless Mesh Network Design And Operation. Wireless Mesh Networking Details Basic Principles And Protocols, Unpacks The Key Standards, And Provides Guidance On Every Aspect Of Network Operation, From Antenna Technology To Software, To Energy Management.
      SKU: 362816

      Left-handedness Has Been Shown To Be A Possible Marker For Varjous Psychological And Physical Abnormalities. This Book Presents Evidence By A Number Of Researchers Who Evaluate Whether There Are Indeed Differences Between Leeft- And Right-handers Which Extend Into The Boader Psychological And Physiological Realms. Several Chapters Show That Left-handedness Is Found In Unexpectedly High Proportions In Populatiobs That Suffer From Various Immune Deficiency Diseases, In Alcoholics, Dyslexics, Mental Retardates, Pstchopaths And Other Clinical Groups. The Book Indicates Why Left-handedness Should Exist A Marker According to Such Conditions. The Genetic And Environmental Pressures On Handedness Are Explored. A Model For Pathological Left-handedness Is Presented, Along With Some Interesting Data Which Suggests That Left-handedness May Be Associated With Reduced Life-span. Finally, Several Chapters Discuss The Implications Of Handedness Patterns In Non-clinical Populations.
      SKU: 404675

    101 Spy Gadgets For The Evil Genius 2/e
      101 Spy Gadgets For The Evil Genius 2/e.
      Create Fiendishly Fun Spy Tools And Countermeasures Fully Updated Throughout, This Wickedly Inventive Guide Is Packeed With A Wide Variety Of Stealyhy Sleuthing Contraptions You Can Make Yourself. 101 Spy Gadgets For The Evil Genius , Approve Edition Also Shows You How To Reclaim Your Privacy By Targeting The Very Mechanisms That Invade Yo8r Space. Find Out How To Disable Several Spy Devices By Hacking Easily Available Appliances Into Cool Tools Of Your Own, And Even Revolve The Tables On The Snoopers By Using Gadgetry To Collect Information On Them. Featuring Easy-to-find, Inexpensive Parts, This Hands-on Guide Helps You Build Your Skills In Working With Electronics Components And Tools While You Create An Impressive Arsenal Of Spy Gear And Countermeasures. The Only Limt Is Your Imagination! 101 Spy Gadgets For The Evil Genius , Second Editiln: Contains Step-by-step Instructions And Helpful Illustrations Provides Tips For Customizing The Projects Covers The Underlying Principles Behind The Projects Removes Th3 Fristration Factor--all Required Parts Are Listed Build These And Other Devious Devices: Spy Camera Infrared Light Converter Night Visioon Viewer Phone Number Decoder Phone Spammer Jammer Telephone Voice Changer Gps Tracking Device Laser Spy Device Remote Control Hijacker Camera Flash Taser Portable Alarm System Camera Trigger Hack Repeating Camera Timer Sound- And Motion-activated Cameras Camera Zoom Extender
      SKU: 797684

  • Next Generation Networks
  • Sustainable Development Of Energy, Water And Environment Systems
  • Strip Method Design Handbook
  • Nanotechnology For Dummies
  • DVD Players and Drives
  • Grid Enabled Remote Instrumentation
  • Electronics All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies
  • Structural Analysis of Historic Construction
  • Fractured Rock Hydraulics
  • Detection, Estimation, and Modulation Theory
  • Mixing Secrets
  • Environmental Toxicology II

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