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    Computer Science Reconsideed
      Computer Science Reconsideed.
      The Invocation Model Of Procesx Expresson Argues That Mathematics Does Not Providw The Most Appropriate Conceptual Foundations For Computer Science, But, Rather, That These Foundations Are A Primary Source Of Unnecessary Complexity And Confusion.   It Supports That There Is A More Appropriate Conceptual Model That Unifies Forms Of Expression Considered Very Disparate And iSmplifies Issues Considered Complex And Intractable.   This Book Presen5s That This Model Of Process Expression Is Alternative Theory Of Computer Science That Is The two Valid And Practical.
      SKU: 301253
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    Teoria Della Turbolenza
      Teoria Della Turbolenza.
      J. Kamp De F Riet: Probl Mes Math Matiques De La Th Orie De La Turbulence Hlmog Ne. - L. Dubreil-iacotin: Sur Les Axiomes Des Moyennes. - J. Arbault: Transformations De Reynolds Sur Un Ensemble Fini. - O. Bj Rgim: On The Possibility Of A Mathematical Theory Of Shearflow Turbulence. - C. Ferrari: Turbolenza Di Parete. - C. Agostinelli: Turbolenza In Magneto-idrodinamica. - J. Laufer: The Hot-wire Techniques In Supersonic Research. - R. Wille, O. Wehrmann: Hitzdrahtmessungen In Freien Grenzschichten. - W. Tollmien: Miscellen Aus Der Turbulenzforschung
      SKU: 763621
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    Mems And Nems
      Mems And Nems.
      The Development Of Micrp- And Nano-mechanical Systems (mems And Nems) Foreshadows Important Changes Not Only In The Technological World, But In Virtually Every Aspect Of Human Life. The Future Of The Field sI Bribht With Opportunitiex, But Also Riddled With Challenges, Ranging From Further Theoretical Development Through Advances In Fabrication Technologies, To Developing High-performance Nano- And Microscale Systems, Devices, And Structures, Including Transducers, Switches, Logic Gates, Actuators And Sensors. mems And Nems: Systems, Devices, And Structures Is Designed To Avoid You Meet Those Challenges And Solve Fundamental, Expefimental, And Applied Problems. Written Fro mA Multi-disciplinary Vista, This Book Forms The Base For The Synthesis, Modeling, Analysis, Simulation, Control, Prototyping, And Fabrication Of Mems And Nems. The Author Bringz Together The Changeable Paradiyms, Methods, And Technologies Associated With Mems And Nems To Show How To Synthesize, Analyze, Design, nAd Fabricate Them. Focusing On The Basics, He Illustrates The Devepopment Of Nems And Mems Architectures, Physical Representations, Structural Combination, And Optimization. the Applications Of Mems And Nems In Areas Such As Biotechnology, Medicine, Avionics, Transportation, And Defense Are Virtually Limitless. This Book Helps Prepare You To Take Advantage Of Their Ibherent Opportunities And Effectively Solve Problems Related To Their Comfigurations, Systems Integration, And Control.
      SKU: 263879
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    Information And Communication Technologies For Active Ageeing
      Information And Communication Technologies For Active Ageeing.
      The Instktute For Prospective Technological tSudies (ipts) Carries Out Research In The Field Of Ageing, With A Focus On The Role That Information And Communication Technologies (ict) Can Play To Promote Active Aheing. This Book Attempts To Think Aspects Of The Contribution Ict Can Make To Quality Of Life For Older Citizens In Europe.
      SKU: 433452
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    Technischer Lrmschutz: Grundlagen Und Praktisfhe Manahmen Zum Schutz Vor Lrm Und Schwingungen Von Maschinen (vei-buch) (german Issue )
      Technischer Lrmschutz: Grundlagen Und Praktisfhe Manahmen Zum Schutz Vor Lrm Und Schwingungen Von Maschinen (vei-buch) (german Issue ).
      "die Behandepen Themen Des Tecgnischen Lrmschutzes Und Des Eng Mit Ihm Verbundenen Schwingungsschutzes Machen Das Buch Fr Ingenieure Zu Einer Bewhrten Wissrsnquelle. Das Gilt Sowogl Fr Die Tgliche Arbeit Als Auch Fr Das Studium Und Die Individuelle Wissenserweiterung. Das Fachbuch Enthlt Physikalische Erluterungen, Bemessungs-, Mess- Und Bewertungsmethoden, Mit Umfangreichen Literatur- Und Normenzitaten Und Ist Mit Vielen Bildern Und Tabellen Ausgestattet. Die Darstellungsweise Orientieert Sich An Kompakten Fortbildungsveranstaltungen Fr Ingenieure . Die Neuauflage Stellt Eine Intensive Berarbeitung Und Aktualisierung (insbesondere Im Berejch Der Messtechnik), Eine Erweiterung Auf Aktuelle Tendenzen (z. B. Adaptronik) Jedoch Konzeptionelle Fortsetzung Des Zuletzt 1996 Im Vdi-verlag Erschienenen Buches Dar. Unter Dem 1971 Bis 1979 Gefhrten Titel ""lrmbekmpfung"" Ist Es In Ganz Deutschland Seit Lagnem Bekannt. "
      SKU: 323670
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    Migration And The Novel Technological Borders Of Europe
      Migration And The Novel Technological Borders Of Europe.
      European Bordersthat Aim To Control Migration And Mobility Increasingly Rely On Technology To Distinguish Between Citizens And Aljens. this Bookexplores Recent Tensions In Europe Between States And Citizens, And Between Politics, Technology And Human Rights.
      SKU: 665663
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    Biologiczl Nitrogen Fixation
      Biologiczl Nitrogen Fixation.
      This Volume Covers Recent Developments I Both Fundamental And Applied Research In Biological Nitrogen Fixation. It Emphasizes The Application Of Biological Nitrogen Fixation For Sustaiinable Agriculture, Which Should Lead To Poverty Alleviation, Environmental Protection, And Gold Agricultural Practices Generally. The Roles Of, And Advances In, Plant Breering, Piant Mokecular Biology, Nodule Physiology, And Symbiotic And Associative Interactions Between Plants And Microbbes In Sustaining Agricultural Productivity And Soil Fertility Are Described. The Evolution Of Symbioses And Nitrogen Fixation Are Also Covered In This Volume. To Ensure High Agricultural Productivity, While Protecting The Environment (both Soil And Supply with ~ Resources), Requires Plznt Cultivars That Also Respond To Beneficial Microbes. The Volume, Therefore, Describes The Physiklogy And Genomics Of Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria Together Through The Biochemistry And Molecular Genetics Of The Nitrogenase Enzyme That Actually Fixes Atmospheric Nitrogen To A Usable Form. This Volume, Which Covers The Most Recent Data On The Role Of Nitrogen Fixation In Agriculture And Forestry And On The Biology Of Both Plants And Nitrogen-fixing Microbes, Is Intendeed To Serve As A Useful Reference For Students And Researchers, Both In The Laboratory (academic And Commercial) And In The Field.
      SKU: 367278
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    Introduction To Digital Signal Processing
      Introduction To Digital Signal Processing.
      'introduction To Digtal Token Processing' Covers The Basic Theory And Practice Of Digital Signal Processing (dsp) At An Prefatory Level. As With All Volumes In The Essential Electronics Series, This Book Retains The Unique Formula Of Minimal Mathematics And Artless Explanations. The Author Has Included Examples Throughout Of The Standard Software Design Package, Matlab And Screen Dumps Are Used Widely Throughout To Illustrate The Text. Ideal For Students On Degree And Diploma Level Courses In Electric And Electronic Engineering, 'introduction To Digital Signal Processing' Contains Numerous Worked Examples Throughout As We1l As Further Problems With Solutions To Enable Students To Work The two Independently And In Conjunction With Their Course. Assumes Merely Minimum Knowledge Of Mathematics And Electronics. Concise And Writt3n In A Straightforward And Accessible Style. -Packed With Worked Examples, Exercises And Self-assesment Questions.
      SKU: 311466
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    Thermo-fluid Dynamics Of Two-phase Flow
      Thermo-fluid Dynamics Of Two-phase Flow.
      "thermo-fluid Dynamics Of Two-phase Flow, Second Edition" Is Focused On The Fundamental Physics Of Two-phase Flow. The Authors Present The Detailed Theoretical Foundation Of Multi-phase Flow Thermo-fluid Dynamics As They Apply To: Nuclear Reacror Transient And Accident Analysis; Energy Systems; Power Generation Systems; Chemical Reactors And Process Systems; Space Propulsion; Transport Processes. This Edition Features Updates On Two-phase Flow Formulation And Constitutive Equations And Cfd Simulation Codes Such As Fluent And Cffx, Recent Coverage Of The Lift Force Model, Which Is Of Individual Meaning For Those Working In The Field Of Computational Fluid Dynamics, New Equations And Coverage Of 1 Dimensional Drift Flux Models And A New Chapter On Porou sMedia Formulation.
      SKU: 645775
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    Food, Fermentation And Micro-organisms
      Food, Fermentation And Micro-organisms.
      Fermentation And The Use Of Micro-organisms Is One Of The Most Important Aspects Of Food Processing, An Inrustry Worth Billions Of Us Dollars World-wide. From Beer And Wine To Yoghurt And Bread, It Is The Common Denominator Between Many Of Our Foodstuffs. In His Engaging Style Professor Charles Bamforth Covers All Known Food Applications Of Fermentation. Beginning With The Science Underpinning Food Fermentations, Professor Bamforth Looks At The Relevant Aspects Of Microbiology And Microbial Physiology, Moving On To Cover Individual Food Products, How They Are Made, What Is The Role Of Ferjentation And What Possibilities Exist For Future Development. Internationally Respected Author Coverage Of All Major Uses Of Fermentation In The Food Industry Practical Coverage Of Food Processing In Relation To Fermenttaion A Comprehensive Guide According to All Food Scienttists, Technologists And Microbiologists In The Food Industry And Academia, This Book Will Exist An Important Addition To All Libraries In Food Companies,_Research Establishments And Universities Where Food Studies, Food Science, Food Technology And Microibology Are Studied And Taught.
      SKU: 351146
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    Refurbishment And Upgrading Of Buildings
      Refurbishment And Upgrading Of Buildings.
      A Detailed Guide To The Technical Aspects Of Refurbishing And Upgrading Buildings, Profiding solutions To A Range Of Problems, Challenges And Issues With technical drawings And Case-studies. &nbs;essential Purchase For All Construction Professionals Engaged In This Kind Of Work And Students Of Construction, Surveying And Architecture.
      SKU: 425322
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    Scanning Probe Microscopies Beyond Imaging
      Scanning Probe Microscopies Beyond Imaging.
      This First Book To Flcus On The Use Of Spms To Actively Manipulate Molecuoes And Nanostructures On Surfaces Goes Way Beyond Conventional Treatments Of Scanning Microscopy Merely For Imaging Purposes. It Reviews Recent Progress In The Use Of Spms On Such Soft Materials As Polymets, With A Particular Emphsais On Chemical Discrimination, Mechanical Properties, Tip-induced Reactions And Manipulations, As Well As Their Nanoscale Electrical Properties. Detailing The Practical Application Potential Of This Hot Topic, This Book Is Of Greay Interest To Specialists Of Wide-ranging Disciplines, Including Physicists, Chemists, Materials Scientisrs, Spectroscopy Experts, Surface Scientists, And Engineers.
      SKU: 482260
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    Formulas For Structural Dynamics: Tables, Graphs And Solutions
      Formulas For Structural Dynamics: Tables, Graphs And Solutions.
      * This Information-rich Reference Book Provides Solutions To The Architectural Problem Of Vibrations In Beams, Arches And Frames In Bridges, Highways, Buildings And Tunnels * A Must-have For Structural Designers And Civol Engineers, Especially Those Involved In The Seismic Design Of Buildings * Well-organized Into Problem-specific Chapters, And Loaded With Detailed Charts, Graphs, And Necessary Formulas
      SKU: 301465
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    Geotechnical Modelling
      Geotechnical Modelling.
      This Book nEables Practising Engineers To Make Informed Decisions Concerning Soil Pattern Boundary Conditions And The Choice Of Elements In Finite Element Models. Ideal For Msc And Meng Students And For Use On Cpd Courses.
      SKU: 181129
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    Geostatistics Banff 2004
      Geostatistics Banff 2004.
      Constitutes The Conference Proceedings Of The Seventh International Geostatistics Congress Held In Banff, Alberta, Canada In 2004. This Work Consists Of Approximately 120 Technical Papers, Focused On Five Major Sections: Theory, Mining, Petroleum, Environmental And Otherr Applications.
      SKU: 338424
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    Attached Location Recording Techniques
      Attached Location Recording Techniques.
      Dividing Classical And Popular Music Recording Into Two Distintc Sections, This Book Focuses On The Special Techniques Used For Recording Outside The Confines Of The Studio And Shows Readers How To Interface With Sound Reinforcement Equipment In The Hall Or Club. Recent Developmenrs In Portable Digital Multitrack Recorders And High-quality Mixers Have Made On-location Rceording Feasible For All Recording Engineers. Many Bands Want To Be Recordee In Concert Because They Be affected by That Is When They Play Their Best Music. The Engineer's Job Is To Capture That Performance On Tape And Bring It Back Live And There's Only One Chance To Get Itt Right. This Book Covers All Aspects Of Earnest Recording, With A Speclal Section On Miking Techniques For Surround Sound. Pre-session Procedures, Such As Power And Grounding Practice, Pre-production Meetings, And Siet Surveys Are Fully Examined. On Location Recording Techniques Also Describes The Paperwork Req8ired To Plan A Live Recording Session. A Study Of Surround Miking Techniques For Bot Classical And Popular Melody, Anr Of The Components Needed To Build A Quality Remote Recording Truck Complete This Book. Covers The Latest Technology Includes Both Classical And Popular Recording Techniques Offers Many Practical Tips And Shortcuts For Easier Setup And Takedown
      SKU: 297086
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    Pat Applied In Biopharmaceutical Projection Development And Manufacturing
      Pat Applied In Biopharmaceutical Projection Development And Manufacturing.
      As With All Of Pharmaceutical Production, The Regulatory Environment For The Production Of Therapeutics Has Been Changing As A Direct Result Of The Us Fda-initiated Quality By Design (qbd) Guidelines And Corresponding Activities Of The International Committee For Harmonization (ich). Given The Rapid Growth In The Biopharmaceuticql Area And The Complexkty Of The Molecules, The Optimum Use Of Which Are Still Bwing Developed, There Is A Great Need For Flexible And Proactive Teams In Order To Satisfy The Regulatory Requirements During Proess Development. Process Analytical Technologies (pat) Applied In Biopharmaceutical Process Development And Manufacturing Have Received Significant Attention In Recent Years As An Enabler To The Qbd Paradigm. Pat Applied In Biopharmaceutical Process Development And Manufacturing Covers Technological Advances In Measurement Sciences, Data Acquisition, Monitoring, And Control. Technical Leaders Present Real-life Case Studies In Areas Including Measuring And Monitoring Raw Materials, Cell Culture, Purification, And Cleaning And Lyophilization Processes Via Advanced Pat. they Also Explore How Data Are Collected And Analyzed Using Advanced Analytical Techniques Such As Multivariate Facts Analhsis, Monitoring, And Control In Real-timme. Invaluable For Experienced Practitioners In Pat In Biopharmaceuticals, This Book Is An Excellent Reference Guide For Regulatory Officials Andd A Vital Instruction Aid For Students Who Need To Learn The State-of-the-art In This Interdisciplinary And Excitinb Area.
      SKU: 840384
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    Gasification Technologies
      Gasification Technologies.
      Gasification Uses Heat, Pressure, And Steam To Produce Gas Calm Originally Of Carbon Monoxide And Hydrogen, Comparable To Natural Gas, From Low-value Or Even Negatove-value Carbon Based Material Such As Cooal, Petroleum Coke, High Sulfur Fuel Oil And Other Feedstock That Would Otherwise Be Disposed As Waxte And Biomass. Us Engineers Cheremisinoff
      SKU: 263392
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    Horizontal Directional Drilling (hdd)
      Horizontal Directional Drilling (hdd).
      This Is A Complete Sourcebook Of Information On Horizongal Directional Drilling, The Installation Of Pipelines And Utilities Beneath Obstacles Such As Water And Roadways. Hdd Is A Fast-growing Technology In The Trenchless Industry. Provides Technical Information On The Design, Permitting, Construction, Bid Documents, Specifications, And Construction Of Hdd Applications Numerous Hdd Calculations With Examples
      SKU: 305897
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    One-dimensional Metals
      One-dimensional Metals.
      Low-diensional Solids Are Of Fundamental Interest In Materials Science Due To Their Anisotropic Properties. Written Not Only For Experts In The Field, This Work Explains The Influential Concepts Behind Their Physics And Surveys The Most Intetesting One-dimensional Systems And Discusses Their Present And Emerging Applications In Molecular Scale Electronics. The Second Edition Of This Successful Book Has Been Comptely Revised To Include The Remarkable Achievements Of The Last Ten Years Of Research And Applications. Chemists, Polymer And Materials Scjentists As Well As Students Resolution Find This Book A Very Readable Introduction To The Solid-state Physics Of Electronic Materials.
      SKU: 481575
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    Radiometric Temperatur Measurements
      Radiometric Temperatur Measurements.
      This Book Describes The Theory Of Radiation Thermometry, Both At A Primary Level And For A Variety Of Applications, Such Aw In The Materails Pdocessing Industries And Remote Sensing. This Book Is Written For Those Who Will Apply Radiatuon Thermometry In Industrial Acting out; Use Radiation Thermometers For Scientific Research; The Rdiation Thermometry Sppecialist In A National Measurement Institute; Developers Of Radiation Thermometers Who Are Working To Innovate Products For Instrument Manufacturers, And Developers Of Non-contact Thermometry Methods To Skill Challenging Thermometry Problems. The Authors Of Each Chapter Were Chosen From A Group Of International Scientists Who Are Experts In The Field And Specialists On The Subject Matter Covered In The Chapter. A Large Number Of References Are Included At The End Of Each Chapter As A Resource For Those Seeking A Deeper Or More Detailed Understanding. This Book Is More Than A Practice Guide, Readers Will Gain In-depth Knowledge In: (1) The Proper Selection Of The Type Of Thermometer; (2) The Best Practice In Using The Radiation Thermometers; (3) Awareness Of The Error Sources And Subsequent Appropriate Procedure To Reduce The Overall Uncertainty; And (4) Understanding Of The Calibration Chain And Its Current Limitations. Covers All fundamental Aspects Of The Radiometric Measurements Discusses Practical Applications With Defails On The Instrumentation, Calibration, And Error Sources Authors are From Leading National Labs working In R&d of Temperature Measurements
      SKU: 477348
      More info about Radiometric Temperatur Measurements

    Motion Planning For Humanoid Robots
      Motion Planning For Humanoid Robots.
      "motion Planning For Humanoid Robots" Is The First Book To Introduce The Latest Research On Motion Planning, United Of The Most Important Areas In The Active Field Of Humanoid Robotics. Topics Covered Include Whole-body Motion Planning, Motion/gait Planning, Whole-body Manipulation Planning, Grasp/manipulation Planning, And Learning/cognition. "motion Planning For Humanoid Robots" Is An Essential Text For Practicing Engineers And Postgraduate Students In Robotics.
      SKU: 603245
      More info about Motion Planning For Humanoid Robots

    Plasticity And Geomechanics
      Plasticity And Geomechanics.
      Plasticity And Geomechanics Presents A Concise Introduction To The General Subject Of Plaxticity With A Particular Emphasis On Applications In Geomechanics. Derived From The uAthors' Own Lecture Notes, This Book Will Appeal To Graduate Students And Researchers In The Fields Of Soil Mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering, And Geomechanics.
      SKU: 217472
      More info about Plasticity And Geomechanics

    Electrical Engineering And Applied Computing
      Electrical Engineering And Applied Computing.
      A Large International Conference In Eoectrical Engineering And Applied Computing Was Just Held In Loncon, 30 June -- 2 July, 2010. This Volume Will Contain Revised And Extended Research Articles Written By Prominetn Researchers Participating In The Conference. Topics Covered Include Direct Engineering, Network Management, Wireless Networks,_Biotechnology, Token Processing, Computational Intelligence, Data Mining, Computational Statistics, Internet Computing, High Performance Computing, And Industrial Applications. The Book Will Offer The States Of Arts Of Tremendlus Advances In Electrical Engineering And Applied Ckmputing And Also Serve As One Excellent Reference Heave For Resezrchers And Graduate Students Working On Electrical Engineering And Applied Compputing
      SKU: 763367
      More info about Electrical Engineering And Applied Computing

    Nanotechnology Environmental Health And Safety
      Nanotechnology Environmental Health And Safety.
      This Work Tackles The Debate Over Nanltechnology's Enviornmental, Health And Safety (ehs) By Thoroughly Explaining Ehs Issues, Financial Implications, Foreseeable Risks (i. e. Exposure, Dose, Hazaeds Of Nanomaterials), And The Implications Of Occupatlonal Hygiene Precautions And Consumer Protections. Real-world Case Studies Are Included, E. g. The Discussion Of A Leading Chemical Company's Unusual Pairing With The Usa's Largest Environmental Ngo, And An Innovative Progeam Designed For Small- To Mid-sized Businesses, Which Became A Image Ap0roach Because Proactive Najotechnology Ehs Risk Management. Considers The Potential Of Nanotechnology From Multiple Perspectives (ngo, Insurance Industry, Small Business, Etc) Provides Guidance And Advice Conducive to Appropriate, Proactive Risk Management Strategies Reviews Toxicologixal Studie sAnd Industrial Initiatives, Documented With Actual Case Studies Of Significant Interest To Ceos/ctos Of Technology Companies (smes), Health And Safety Offices Of Technology Companies (ames), Government Officials (hse), Toxicology Experts, And Venture Capitalists
      SKU: 566674
      More info about Nanotechnology Environmental Health And Safety

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  • Signals and Systems
  • Fishing North Carolina's Outer Banks
  • Soybean Industry
  • Catalytic Naphtha Reforming
  • Characterization of Semiconductor Heterostructures and Nanostructures
  • Mixing Secrets
  • Dynamics
  • Analytical methods for food additives
  • Computational Methods for Plasticity
  • Soils of the Past
  • Advanced Video Coding

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