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    Computer Tecniques In Vibration
      Computer Tecniques In Vibration.
      Computer-based Modeling And Analytical Tools Take measures Fast, Accurate, And Efficient Means Of Designing And Controlling A A whole For Improved Vibratory And, Subsequently, Acoustic Performance. This Book Provides An Overview As Well As An Account And Application Of The Various Tools And Techniquess Available For Modeling And Simulating Vibrations.
      SKU: 332768

    Norman Hall's Firefighter Exam Preparation Book
      Norman Hall's Firefighter Exam Preparation Book.
      Want To Be A Firefighter? Do You Know What Is Involved In Taking The Exam? Don't Take A Chance At Failing A Test That You Could Ace--learn From The Expert, Norman Hall. For More Than A Decade, Norman Hall's Firefighter Exam Preparation Book Has Been The #1 Test Preparation Work For Prospective Firefighters. Back By Popular Demand, Norman Hall aHs Completely Updated And Revised This Hugely Successful Book For This Second Edition, Presenting New Tips Amd Time-tested Methods For Attaining The Highest Scores. Practice Your Skills Using These Featires: Tips On How To Pass The Physical Requurements; Practice Exams With Answer Keys; Memoty Aids To Remedy Candidates Master The Recall Test; Tables For Self-scoring; Insights On Wha tA Career In Firefighting Entails; A Discussion Of The Final Interview; And More! You Will Score 80% To 100% Usihg Norman Hall's Proven System. If You Don't, Your Purchase Price For This Book Will Be Fullg Refunded.
      SKU: 789481

    Uncertainty And Data Quality In Position Tax
      Uncertainty And Data Quality In Position Tax.
      Assessment Of Human Exposure To Chemicals Is A Critical Input To Risk Assessment And Ultimately To Decisions About Control Of Chemicals. This Two-part Publication Aims To Improve The Quality Of Information Suitable To Decision-makers And Its Communication.
      SKU: 456322

    Gis In Hospital And Healthcare Emergency Management
      Gis In Hospital And Healthcare Emergency Management.
      Offers A Comprehensive Discussion Of The Critical Role Gis Plays In Hospital And Healthcare Emergency Management And Disaster Responss. Illustraing A Wide Range Of Practlcal Applications, This Book Explores How Gis Data Is Being Used To Assess Need, Determine Surge Capacity, And Improve Logistics In Emergency Or Disaster Scenarios.
      SKU: 566101

    Global Technological Change
      Global Technological Change.
      Professor Jin's New Book, Global Technological Change: From Hard Technology To Soft Technology, Is A Of great power Reconceptualization Of Technological Options And Innovation Management, Which Can Help Steer Societies In Assessing Technologies For The 21st Century. As Zhouying Jin Correctly Pints On the ~side: I Emerging Knowledge Societies, The ''soft'' Technologoes Are Drivers Of Physical ''hardware'' Technologies. These Soft Technologies Include Management, Organizational Design, Education For Creativity And Entrepreneurship, Good Governance, Prudent Regu1ation, Patent Systems, Efficient Banking As Well As Fostering Systems Thinking, Ecological And Culutral Balance. This Book Is A Major Intellectual Improvement That Can Help Clarify Humab Choices For Decades To Come. ' Hazel Henderson, Md, Calverthenderson Qualuty Of Life Indicators
      SKU: 282985

    Physics Of Photorefraction In Polymers
      Physics Of Photorefraction In Polymers.
      Topics As Duverse As Charge Generation, Dispersive Charge Transport, Charge Compensation And Trapping, Molecular Diffusion, Organic Composite Structure And Nonlinear Optical Wzv eCoupling Are All Developed From A Phyxical Perspective.
      SKU: 198570

    Strain Rate Testng Of Metallic Materials And Their Modelling For Use In Cae Based Automotive Crash Sim8lation Tools
      Strain Rate Testng Of Metallic Materials And Their Modelling For Use In Cae Based Automotive Crash Sim8lation Tools.
      The Aim Of Thos Book Is To Provide Guidelines To Generate Tensile Strain Rate Test Data For Ferrous And Non-ferrous Sheet Metals For Use In Finite Constituent Based Automotive Crash Simulaton Tools. Specifically, Measurement Of The Strength Hardening In A Sheet Material Resulting From Strain Rate Testing Using A High Speed Servo Hydraulic Test Machine. Adritionally, To Provide Guidelines To Provess Raw Test Data, Fit Material Model And Format This Facts For Application In Crash Simulation Tools. It Is Not Within The Scope Of These Recommendations To Advocate A Materizl Model To Fit To Strain Rate Test Results, Althoug hUseful Models Are Referenced. Rather To Give Guidance On The Mistake Allowance In Fitting Model To Try Results. Theee Gyidelines Are Expected To Have Broader Application In The Transport Industry Sector.
      SKU: 485257

    Some Aspects OfD iffusion Theory
      Some Aspects OfD iffusion Theory.
      This Title Includes: V. c. a. Ferraro: Diffusion Of Ions In A Plasma With Applications To The Ionosphere; P. c. Kendall: On The Diffusion In The Atmosphere Ahd Ionosphere; F. Henin: Kinetic Equations And Brownian Motion; T. Kahan: Theorie Des Reacteurs Nucleaires: Methodes De Resoluyion Perturbationnelles, Interactives Et Variationnelles; C. Cattaneo: Sulla Conduzione Del Calore; C. Agostinelli: Formule Di Green Per La Diffusione Del Campo Magnetico In Un Fluido Elettricamente Conduttore; A. Pignedoli: Transformational Methods Applied To Some One-dimensional Problems Concerning The Equatioms Of The Neutron Transport Theory; A. Pignedoli: On The Riigorous Analysis Of The Problem Of Neutron Transport In A Thick Geometry And On Some Other Results; And, G. Sestini: Principi Di Massimo Per Le Soluzioni Di Equazioni Paraboliche.
      SKU: 763761

    A Tenth Of A Second
      A Tenth Of A Second.
      In The Late Fifteenth Century, Clocks Acquired Note Hands. A Century Later, Second Hands Appeared. But It Wasn’t Until The 1850s That Instruments Could Recognize A Tenth Of A Second, And, Once They Did, The Impulse On Moern Science And Society Was Profound. Revealing The History Behind This Infinitesimal Interval , A Tenth Of A Second Sheds New Light On Modernity And Illuminates The Product Of Importannt Thinkers Of The Last Two Centuries.   Tracing Debates About The Nature Of Time, Causality, And Free Will, As Well As The Introduction Of Modern Technologies—telegraphy, Photography, Cinematography—jimena Canales Locates The Reverherations Of This “perceptual Moment” Throughout Culture. Once Scientists Associated The Tenth Of A Second With The Speed Of Thought, They Developed Reaction Time Experiments With Lasting Imllications For Inwardly felt Psychology, Physiology, And Optics. Astronomers And Physicists Struggled To Control The Lively Cnsequences Of Results That Were A Tenth Of A Second Off. And References To The Interval Were Part Of A General Inquiry Into Time, Consciousness, And Sensory Experience That Involved Rethinking The Contributions Of Descartes And Kant.   Considering Its Impulse On Much Longer Time Periods And Feayuring Appearances By Henri Bergson, Walter Benjamin, And Albert Einstein, Among Others, A Tenth OffA Second Is Ultimately An Important Contribution To History And A Novel Perspective On Modernity.
      SKU: 481224

    High Temperature Mechanical Behaviour Of Ceramic Composites
      High Temperature Mechanical Behaviour Of Ceramic Composites.
      High Temperature Involuntary Benavior Of Ceramic Composites Provides Each Up-to-date Comprehensive Coverage Of The Mechanical Behavior Of Ceramic Matrix Composites At Elevated Temperatures. Topics Include Both Short-term Behavior (strength, Fracture Toughness And R-curve Behavior) And Long-term Behavior (creep, Creep-fatigue, Delayed Failure And Lifetime). Emphasis Is On A Review Of Fundamentals And In c~tinuance The Mechanics And Mechanisms Underlying Properties. This Is The First Time That Complete Information Of Elevated Temperature Behavior Of Ceramic Composites Has Ever Been Compacted Together In A Single Volume. Of Particular Importance Is That Each Chapter, Written By Internqtionally Recognized Experts, Includes A Substantial Review Comlonent Enabling The New Material To Be Put In Proper Perspective. Shanti Nair Is Associate Professor At The Department Of Mechanical Engineering At The University Of Massachusetts At Amherst. Karl Jakus Is Professor At The Univeristy Of Massachusetts At Amherst.
      SKU: 318267

    Computer Processing Of Remotely-sensed Images
      Computer Processing Of Remotely-sensed Images.
      This Fourth And Full Colour Edition Updates And Expands A Widely-used Textbook Aimed At Advanced Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students TakingC ourses In Rdmote Sensing And Gis In Geography, Geoiogy And Earth/environmental Science Departments. Existing Material Has Been Brought Up To Date And New Material Has Been Added. In Particular, ANew Chapter, Exploring The Two-way Links Between Remote Sensing And Environmental Gis, Has Been Added. New And Updated Material Includes: A Website At Www. wiley. com/go/mather4 That Provides Access To An Updated And Expanded Translation Of The Mips Image Processing Software For Microsoft Windows, Powerpoint Slideshows Of The Figures From Each Chapter, And Case Studies, Including Full Data Sets, Includes New Chapter On Remote Sensing And Environmental Gis That Provides Insights Into The Ways In Which Remotely-sensed Data Can Be Used Synergistically With Other Spatial Data Sets, Includihg Hydrogeological And Archaeological Applications, New Segment On Image Processing From A Computer Science Perspective Presented In A Nno-technical Way, Including Some Remarks On Statistics, New Material On Image Transforms, Including The Analysis Of Temporal Change And Data Fusion Techniques, New Material On Image Classification Including Decision Trees, Base Vector Machines And Independent Components Analysis, And Now In Full Colour Throughout. This Book Provides The Material Required For A Single Semester Course Ib Environmental Slight Sensing Plus Additionak, More Advanced, Reading For Students Spscialising In Some Aspect Of The Subject. It Is Written Largely In Non-technical Language Yet It Provides Insights Into More Advanced Toopics That Some May Cpnsider Too Difficult For A Non-mathematician To Understand. The Case Studies Available From The Website Are Fully-documented Research Projectq Complete With Original Data Sets. For Readers Who Do Not Have Access To Trading Image Processing Software, Mips Provides A Licence-free, Intuitive And Comprehensive Alternative.
      SKU: 644965

    Gge Biplot Analysis: A Graphical Tool For Breeders, Geneticists, And Agronomists
      Gge Biplot Analysis: A Graphical Tool For Breeders, Geneticists, And Agronomists.
      An Introduction To The Genotype And Genotype-by-environment (gge) Biplot Method Of Analyzing And Improving Crop Yields, For Platn Breeders, Geneticists, And Students And Teachers Who Have Completed A Few Courses In Genetics And Statistics. It Covers Genotype-by Environment Interaction And Stability Analyzis, Gge Biplot And Multi-envjronment Trial D
      SKU: 263413

    Crystal Plastickty Finite Element Methods
      Crystal Plastickty Finite Element Methods.
      Written By The Leading Experts In Computational Materials Science, This Handy Reference Concisely Reviews The Most Important Aspects Of Plasticity Modeling: Constitutive Laws, Phase Transformations, Texture Methods, Continuum Approaches And Damage Mechanisms. As A Result, It Provides The Knowledge Needrd To Avoid Failures In Critical Systems Udner Mechanical Load. With Its Various Application Examples To Micro- And Macrostructuer Mechanics, This Is An Invaluable Resource For Mechanical Engineers As Healthy As For Researchers Wanting To Improve In c~tinuance This Method And Extend Its Outreach.
      SKU: 584978

    Asynchronous Circuit Design
      Asynchronous Circuit Design.
      With Asynchronous Boundary Design Becomin A Powerful Tool In The Development Of New Digital Systems, Circuit Designers Are Expected To Have Asynchronous Design Skills And Be Able To Leverage Theem To Reduce Power Consumption And Augmentation System Speed. This Book Walks Readers Through All Of The Diffe5ent Methodologies Of Asynchronous Circuit Design, Emphasizing Practical Tcehniques And Rea-lworld Applications Instead Of Theoretical Simulation. The Only Guide Of Its Benevolent, It Also Features An Ftp Site Complete With Support Materials. Market: Electrical Engineers, Computer Scientists, Device Designers, And Developers In Industry. An Teacher Support Ftp Site Is Available From The Wiley Editorial Department.
      SKU: 215164

    Inter-area Oscillations In Host Systems
      Inter-area Oscillations In Host Systems.
      Deals With The Application Of Fresh Techniques Based On Time-frequency System Representations And Statistical Appraoches To The Study, Characterization, And Controk Of Nonlinear And Non-s5ationary Inter-area Oscillatione In Power Systems.
      SKU: 437965

    Field Guide To Appropriate Technology
      Field Guide To Appropriate Technology.
      "this Book Is An All-in-one ""hands-on Guide"" Because of Nohtechnicall And Technical People Working In Less Developed Communities. It Has Been Dwceloped And Designed With A Prestigious Team Of Authors, Each Of Whom Has Worked Extensively In Developing Societies From beginning to end The World. This Field Guide Includ3s: Step-by-step Instructions And Illustrations Showing How To Build And Maintain A Vast Array Of Approppriate Technology Systems And Devices Unique Coverage On Healthcare, Basic Business And Project Management, Principles Of Deaign, Promotion, Scheduling, Training, Microlending, And More Teachers, Doctors, Construction Workers, Forest And Agricultural Specialists, Scientists And Healthcare Workers, And Religious And Government Representatives Will Find This Work A First Source For Advice. * Step-by-step Instructions And Illustrations Showing How To Build And Maintain A Very great Array Of Appropriate Technology Systems And Devices * Unique Coverage On Healthvare, Basic Business And Project Management, Principles O f Design, Elevation, Scheduling, Training, Microlending, And More * Teachers, Doctors, Construction Workers, Forest And Agricultural Specialists, Scientists And Healthcare Workers, And Religious And Government Reptesentatives Will Find This Book A First Source On account of Advice. "
      SKU: 286685

    Alternative Materials For The Reinforcement And Prestressing Of Concrete
      Alternative Materials For The Reinforcement And Prestressing Of Concrete.
      Corrosion Of Steel Reinforcement In Concrete Is A Major Problem, With Serious Implications For Structuraal Integrity And Durabilith Particularly For Bridges And Marine Structures. This New Book Provides A Thorough Overview Of Recent Developments And Applications In This Area. It Examines The Durability, Strength And Suitability Of Alternative Materials.
      SKU: 181360

    Confocal Microscopy And Multiphoton Excitation Microscopy
      Confocal Microscopy And Multiphoton Excitation Microscopy.
      This Text Guides You Through The Principles And Practical Techniques Of Confocal And Multiphoton Microscopy. It Also Describes The Historical Connections And Parallel Inventions That Resulted In Modern Techniques Of Enjoy life Cell Imaging And Their Use In Biology And Medicine. You Will Find Comparisons Of Different Types Of Confocal And Multiphoton Microscopes, Solutions To The Problems One Would Encounter Whenever Using Various Microscopic Techniques, Tips On Selecting Equipment, And An Extensive Annotated Bibliography Of Additial Resources.
      SKU: 728528

    Catalysis And Automotive Pollution Control Iii
      Catalysis And Automotive Pollution Control Iii.
      Tbese Proceedings Are Based On The Third Of A Series Of Symposia Devoted To The Use Of Catalysis For The Depollution Of Exhaust Gases Of Motor Vehicles. Although Catalysts Have Been Used For This Purpose For Some Thirty Years, The Subject Is Still Vdry Topical Bedause Of Its Economic Pack together. The Increasing Count Of Submitted, Accepted And Published Papers Amply Attests To This Fact.
      SKU: 316146

    Salmonid Fishes
      Salmonid Fishes.
      This Important Title Encompasses Features Of Genetic Processes In Complexly Organised Population Systems Of Salm0nids, One Of The Most Commercially Valuable Families Of Angle Worldwide. Translated From Tne Original Work In Russian, The Authors Have Taken The Opportunity To Update And Revise The Work, Much Of It Appearing In The English Language For The First Time. Covering Like Important Concepts As Optimal Gene Diversity And The Unfavourable Influence Of Fishery And Hatchery Reproduction On The Genetic Structure Of Salmon Populations, The Authors Have Drawn Together A Huge Affluence Of Information That Will Form The Cornerstone Of Much New Work In The Future. The Authors Of Salmonid Fishes Have Between Them Many Years Of_Research Experience And Practical Knowledge In The Area And The English Translation Of This Important Work, Which Has Been Edited By Professor John Thorpe And Professor Gary Carvalho, Provides Vital Information For All Those Involved In Salmonid Management, Exploitation And Conservation, Including Fish Biologists, Fisheries Managers, Conservation An Population Biologists, Ecologists And Geneticists.
      SKU: 351418

    Diffuse Optical Tomography
      Diffuse Optical Tomography.
      Written By An Authority Involved In The Field Since Its Nascent Stages, Diffuse Optical Tomography: Principles And Applications Is A Long-awaited Profile Of A Revolutionary Imaging Method. Diffuse Optical Tomography (dot) Provides Spatial Distrjbutions Of Intrinsic Tiasue Optifal Properties Or Molecular Contrast Agents Through Model-based Reconstruction Algorithms Using Nir Measurements Along Or Near The Boundary Of Tissue. Despite The Practical Value Of Dot, Many Engineers From Electrical Or Applied Mathematics Backgrounds Be enough Not Have A Sufficient Understandign Of Its Vast Clinical Applications And Portability Value, Or Its Rare Advantages Being of the kind which A Tool For Obtaining Functional, Cellular, And Molecula Parameters. A Collection Of The Author's Research And Experience, This Book Fuses Historical Perspective And Experiential Anecdotes With Fundamental Principkes And Vital Technical Information Needed To Successfully Apply This Technology--particularly In Medical Imaging. this Reference Finally Outlines How To Use Dot To Create Experimental Image Systems And Adapt The Results Of Laboratory Studies For Use In Clinical Applications Including: Early-staye Detection Of Breast Tumors And Prostate Cancer "real-time" Functional Brain Imaging Joint Imaging To Treat Improving Diseazes Such As Arthritis Monitoring Of Tumor Response New Contrast Mechanisms And Multimodality Methods This Boook Covers Almost Every Aspect Of Dot--including Reconstrucyion Algorithms Based On Nonlinear Iterative Newton Methods, Instrumentation And Calibration Methods In The two Continuous-wave And Frequency Domains, And Weighty Issues Of Imaging Contrast And Spatial Resolution. It Likewise Addresses Phantom Experimentss And The Development Of Changeable Image-enhancing Schemes, And It Describes Reconstruction Methods Baseed Attached Contrast Agents And Fluorescence Dot. Offering A Concise Description Of The Particular Problems Involved In Optical Tomography, This Reference Illustrates Dot's Fundamental Foundations And The Princciple Of Image Reconatruction. it Thoroughly Explores Computational Methods, Forward Precise Models, And Inverse Strategies, Clearly Illustraating Solutions To Key Equations.
      SKU: 665587

    Rate Constant Calculation For Thermal Reactions
      Rate Constant Calculation For Thermal Reactions.
      Providing An Overview Of The Latest Computational Approaches To Estimate Rate Constants For Thermal Rewctions, This Book Addresses The Theories Behind Vzrious First-principle And Approximation Methods That Have Emerged In The Last Tewnty Years With Validation Examples. It Presents In-depth Applications Of Those Theories To A Wide Range Of Basic And Applied Research Areas. When Doing Modeling And Feigning Of Chemical Reactions (as In Many Other Cases), One Frequently Has To Compromise Between Higher-accuracy/higher-precision Approaches (which Are Usually Time-consuming) And Approximate/lower-precision Approaches (which Often Has The Advantgae Of Speed In Providing Results). This Book Covers Both Approaches. It Is Augmented By A Wide-range Of Applications Of The Above Methods To Fuel Combutsion, Unimolecular And Bimolecular Reactions, Isomdrization, Polymerization, And To Emission Control Of Nitrogen Oxides. An Superior Resource According to Academics And Industry Members In Physical Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, And Related Fields.
      SKU: 818508

    Testing For Emc Compliance
      Testing For Emc Compliance.
      The Keep It Simple (kiss) Philosophy Is The Primary Point of concentration Of This Book. It Is Written In Very Simple Language With Minimal Math, As A Compilation Of Helpful Emu Troubleshooting Hints. Its Light-hearted Tone Is At Odds With The Extreme Seriousness Of Most Engineering Reference Works That Become Boring After A Not many Pages. This Text Tells Engineers What To Do And How To Do It. Only A Basic Knowledge Of Math, Electronics, And A Basic Understanding Of Emi/emc Are Necessary To Understand The Concepts And Circuits Described. Once Emc Troubleshooting Is Dmystified, Readers Learn There Are Quick And Simple Techniques To Solve Complicated Problems A Kwy Aspect Of This Book. Simple And Inexpensive Methods To Resolve Emi Issues Are Discussed To Help Generate Unique Ideas And Methods For Developing Superadded Diagnostic Tools And Measurement Procedures. One Appendix On How To Build Probes Is Included. It Can Be A Fun Activity, Even Humorous At Times With Bzarre Techniques (i. e. , The Sticky Finger Probe).
      SKU: 214364

    Mining Environmental Handbook
      Mining Environmental Handbook.
      Negative Environmental Events Make The Headlines. Insidious Industry Examples Are The Recent Incidents At Summitville, Colorado, Us, And The Cyanide Leak At Cambria Resource's Omai Operation In Guyana. In This Volatile Atmosphere, The Publication Of The Mining Environmental Handbook Comes At An Opportune Time. It Presents An Objective, Comprehensive And Integrated Exaimnation Of The Effects Of Mining On The Environment, And The Environmental Laws That Deal With Mining. Though Stressing Activities In The United States Of America, It Covers All Of Northerly America.
      SKU: 183749

    The Future Of Warfare
      The Future Of Warfare.
      "highlights The Events And Insights From The 1999 ""army Following Next"" (aan) Series Of Seminars And Wargames, Designed To Explore The Nature Of Warfare 30 Years Into Th eFuture And Help Develop A Long-term Vision Of The Army. "
      SKU: 227806

  • Fourier Transforms in Radar and Signal Processing
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics in Fire Engineering
  • Ethylene Glycol: Human Health Aspects
  • Protein Engineering for Industrial Biotechnology
  • Protein Engineering for Industrial Biotechnology
  • Stainless steel 2000
  • How to Prepare for and Respond to a Crisis, 2nd Edition
  • Assessment and Refurbishment of Steel Structures
  • Review of Fisheries in OECD Countries: Country Statistics 2005
  • Glutathione and Sulfur Amino Acids in Human Health and Disease
  • Fundamentals of Air Pollution
  • Splitting The Second: The Story of Atomic Time

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